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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. >> now at 9 new developments in the search for a missing oakley woman. the new clues retrieved by investigators who were executing a search warrant tonight. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. tomorrow marks one week since alexis. gabe was last seen and today investigators searched the last place. she was likely spotted before her disappearance. >> kron four's jonathan mccall has new video and details on the investigation. >> tuesday afternoon, antioch police removed several large bag from this home on been tree way as part of a search warrant execution. the home is believed to belong to the ex-boyfriend of 24 year-old alexis game. it was also the last place she was reportedly seen.
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>> a statement was made by her ex-boyfriend that she was at his house until 09:00pm on wednesday night. and after that, she did not return home. yes, the police have questioned him a more than once and have taken his statement. we are not in contact with so we don't know any other information regarding the ex boyfriend among some of the items removed by investigators from that home on tuesday was a vacuum cleaner. >> investigators hope the items can provide answers on where they can find. gabe, who was last seen on wednesday, the very next day her car found abandoned with the keys. still inside of the ignition says the police are looking into. >> the person who dropped off her car. and they're looking into digital imagery from
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surrounding cameras in the ex boyfriend's neighborhood and and the location her car was found. >> in the following days since alexa says disappearance search teams have combed parts of contra costa county putting up flyers and looking for any clues of where she could be. a lexus is described as an asian woman standing 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighing about 100, 70 pounds. she was last seen wearing a white tank top, a silver and black hooded sweatshirt, black pants in green and white shoes. hopefully police say that funding alexa's is their top priority. so far the department has not publicly named a suspect or a person of interest in the canyons. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> one woman is dead and a man critically wounded after a shooting near oakland's lake merritt neighborhood. it happened about 10 o'clock this morning inside the a spa on grand avenue. oakland police arrived on the scene and found the 2 victims but no sign of
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the shooter. officials believe the shooting was not random and that the 2 victims were targeted. investigators did not release information on possible suspects or a motive for the shooting. but anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police new at 9. an oakland man has entered a plea deal with alan alameda county prosecutors at may send him to prison for at least 50 years for killing hayward. police sergeant scott longer. marcus strawder was 21 years old when he shot longer during a traffic stop. he was convicted of first-degree murder for the shooting in july of 2015. in his plea, estrada admitted to using the gun that killed longer. he's expected to be sentenced on march 18th longer was the father of 2 daughters and was on the police force for 15 years when he was killed. a big announcement from pfizer today. the company has officially requested the fda grants emergency authorization use of its vaccine for children under the age of 5. there are roughly 19 million children across the u.s. who
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still cannot get the shot. federal regulators are expected to look over the data and could approve pfizer's two-dose vaccine by the end of the month. early data suggested 2 doses is safe and produces an immune response. but the company is also testing a 3rd dose three-dose regimen as well. i think we need to be thinking about these vaccinations have going forward. >> in general is a three-dose series said obviously the 2 dose you know, was insufficient against the omicron variant. >> company has not released any safety concerns with 3 doses and children under 5 years old, according to the cdc, hospitalization rates for that age group are increasing nationwide. >> so there could be another new covid vaccine available in the united states. drugmaker novavax is asking the fda for emergency use authorization for its new protein-based vaccine. the company says clinical trial show the vaccine is about 90%
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effective. it is made using small laboratory built pieces of the coronavirus which it's a more traditional approach for vaccine development and because it is protein base, people who cannot get the current mrna shots would be eligible for this one. the vaccine is administered as 2 doses. 3 weeks apart. if fda does give novavax the green light, the company says the first 100 million doses will be ready to ship immediately. some good news out of alameda county. health officials are saying that the worst of the omicron surge may be over the daily covid case rate pizza at 266 cases back on january. 10th and the peak number of hospitalizations was 450. that was on january. 27th as according to county health officer doctor nicolas mas, who also says while the case weight and the hospitalization rates are falling, they're still high. there will likely be more surges in the future
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and that means covid vaccination and testing will continue to be public health priorities. today. san francisco loosened but did not remove its indoor mask mandate. it only applies to certain settings such as gyms or offices and not everyone is being allowed to take their mask off. only people whose vaccinations are up to date can unmask meaning people who are either boosted or not yet eligible for a booster. so if you are fully vaccinated. >> but you haven't gotten the booster. you'll still need to keep wearing your mask. officials are leaving the enforcement of these new rules up to each individual business. >> they're kind of an armed charted it seems like everything going up to this moment was clear. we understood what to do as a business now it's like seems like these on health orders like a big word salad and we just can't person out. >> a low covid cases are declining in the city. experts say people with underlying health conditions or who are otherwise vulnerable to the virus should still consider
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masking up when indoors. starting today, santa clara county workers and high-risk settings can no longer continue to work if they are not fully vaccinated with a shot, the county issued the health order back in december in response to the surge in those omicron cases, it applies to workers in places such as hospitals and jails as well as firefighters. a spokesperson for the san jose fire department says it. they do not expect staffing shortages because of this mandate. and in the north bay, sonoma county has issued a similar boost or mandate for certain workers. it applies to school employees, firefighters, emergency medical workers, police officers, pharmacy and dental office workers as well as temporary disaster shelter operators, workers who are unvaccinated or are not yet eligible to get the booster must test for the virus, at least twice a week until they meet the required vaccinations is now much easier to get a free covid pcr test in san mateo county. the county has
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partnered with carbon health to offer up to 2000 free tests a day at the san mateo event center. it's a walk-up testing site that will be open tuesdays through sundays from 08:00am to 04:00pm results are expected to be available within 48 hours. coronavirus coverage continues online. you can head to our website kron 4 dot com for the latest information on pfizer's vaccine for children as well as boost or mandate and covid testing availability throughout the bay area. >> happening now, strong winds are posing a dangerous around bay area. there is a high wind warning in effect across many north bay cities. kron 4 hacking visited marin county tonight. she joins us now live from the north panoramic neighborhood in mill valley. taylor, how are things holding up out there? >> well, can it certainly windy and cold up here earlier today, though, that wind was howling on and off for several hours, as you can imagine, that's a concern for neighbors over here. and of course, for the fire department even
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though we're not in fire season. the bryan county fire department says that they are taking this wind event extremely serious, especially after seeing that wildfire that broke out in monterey county just a couple of weeks ago. >> strong winds continue to rip through marion county on tuesday, sending chills to some neighbors living near the peaks of mill valley. awfully windy. and it's been dry for four-plus weeks >> i'd like it to be a lot better. this time of the year. we had quite a bit of rainfall, we should have considerably more by now. i'm starting to get concerned about fire again. we'll jump in lives north of the panoramic neighborhood. and while he's used to wind events like this, trees and branches and power lines and yeah, the usual, he says the weather seems to get more extreme each year. let's say for 10 years and i've seen the wetter. >> yeah. more erratic over the past 10 years. well, it isn't.
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fire season. marin county fire department says they're also taking these winds seriously and making sure crews are well positioned to tackle any hurdles that may come their way, even though you know, we're we're in the winter season. >> we just haven't had the rain that we would normally be getting under month's our last trains been over a month ago. so our fuel conditions are prime for a wind event like this actually have a fire that could spread. and just like we saw monterey to fire, you know, put 1000 acres down and one nights over >> we're taking in terms of the strong winds are expected to last through thursday prompting a burn ban here in marin county. >> battalion chief bret mctigue also asks that people avoid certain areas until later this week on people to avoid trails just get to thursday and friday. and just we might have some tree limbs dropped down. so >> in the mountain cam watershed, revising out of the watershed and just an open trails that i don't have tree cover. canopies.
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>> now, despite the strong winds, we did see some people out here hiking and biking earlier today. again, marin county fire department says that people should avoid those trails, especially those ones with heavy trees or any brush nearby. for now, we're live in mill valley. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. taylor, thank you for that. take a look at these images from san jose. these are pictures where a downed tree. >> sent to children to the hospital happened. it wasp a sales, a park in south san jose. this afternoon. firefighters say the 2 children were struck by the tree were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. that's the good news. let's get the latest now on the winds out there from our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, those gusty in spots again. start to see some of the mountain tops 30 40 mile an hour gusts. but even down below, we've seen some blustery conditions clears can be up toward the golden gate bridge in. yeah. high pressure. really the dominant feature since that first week in january has taken really obstructing any chance of rain making its way into the bay area. said those storms
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extremely northward and that jet stream continue to dive and all that air, that dry air settling in it will make for some breezy conditions down below. but over the mountain tops, it's going to be very gusty overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. so we've got high wind advisory going up for much of the bay area. you can see that shaded in brown along the coastline. the peninsula in the san francisco, also parts of the east bay. there is shade in the dark brown. that's where high wind warning is in effect as we're seeing some very gusty winds up there, expecting maybe 50, 60, maybe the occasional 70 mile an hour gust across some of the mountain tops there. so extremely gusty winds developing overnight tonight. you can see some of the winds out there right now. 36 mile an hour gust toward near beach c 26 corte madera 27 san quentin. let's take you around the bay. these winds continue to howl in spots, not as strong as some of the mountain tops, but even some of the urban areas you can see outfield checking in with some 20 plus mile an hour winds, american canyon almost a 30 as you make your just across to the side of the bay into crocodile sobriety. those
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winds gusting of 20 plus miles an hour and so about 38 to 39 miles an hour. marauder right now. and it's all around the bay area except right inside the bay are a little more wind sheltered and that's keeping you from seeing some of those extreme winds. but even there it is blustery from time to time. and that's we're going to see overnight tonight. just some strong gusty winds think it's going to testify overnight. models are picking up on that, too. as high pressure and that low pressure system to our east, a pressure gradient kind of tightens up a bit that is going to lead to some very strong gusty winds. you see that kind of ramping up throughout the night. you start to see 30, 40 plus mile an hour gust across the mountain tops. you see how they are shaded in purple there into the east bay. also on the coastal range is especially over 1000 feet or so. that's when you see the strongest winds around the bay area. looks like things are going stay gusty right through about thursday. thank you, lawrence. >> ucl a canceled all in-person classes today because of online threats of a mass shooting possibly posted by a former lecturer students say the former philosophy
9:15 pm
researcher identified as matthew harris posted a video from the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas as well as clips from a movie based on the mass killing at columbine high school. this morning, colorado law enforcement confirmed that the person who made the threat is now in custody, but they did not confirm whether it was harris. >> something like this. how much does it rattled entire campus community? i think it did come out and you can see today like there's not a lot of people outside. i think that's a reason as well. along with that, it's we just kind of like our guards up a little bit more than usual. >> harris had previously been placed on leave after allegations that he sent a video with pornographic content to a student. at least 13 historically black colleges and universities have received bomb threats on this first day of black history month causing cancellations and lockdowns among the affected campuses. howard university in jackson state. it is not clear of any of the threats are connected or who made them all of the
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affected campuses did receive an all-clear after an extensive search for explosives by law enforcement. also today, a gunman shot and killed 2 campus police officers at a private college in virginia during a campus wide lockdown. >> bridgewater college tweeted a warning of a shooter on campus and urged students to shelter in place. the 2 officers were responding to reports of a suspicious man when the 27 year-old suspect opened fire officers, jj jefferson and john paynter died at the scene. the alleged shooter, alexander wyatt campbell was arrested off campus and treated for a gunshot wound. he is being held without bail on 2 counts of capital murder. in sacramento, the man accused of planning pipe bombs that exploded in at least 2 vehicles made his first court appearance today. 23 year-old cody wigs faces multiple felony charges while the use of a pipe bomb may sound disturbing. experts say as far as explosives co it's not that unusual.
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>> and the reason it's the most common, it's a the components are readily available they're not that expensive to a piece of pipe in cap and explosive powder and in the hobby fuse. >> the good news is nobody was hurt in the explosions. the motive in all of this is still not clear. >> former trump white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany was turned has turned over text messages to the house committee that is investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol mcenany worked at the white house before and after the insurrection. she was subpoenaed by the committee late last year. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 9. a recall alert affecting thousands of tesla owners. the automaker putting the brakes on a feature that u.s. regulators say is not safe. plus burned trees, damaged buildings, no gas station. those are just some of the lingering effects of the dixie fire that those effects left on the town of greenville. 6
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months later, how that community is persevere and perhaps the best quarterback in nfl history as strong as last pass. tom brady officially calling it quits, walking away from the game. household teachers from the peninsula remembering him. that's coming up next.
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>> tom brady announced the end of his nfl career today. the tampa bay buccaneers
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quarterback posted on instagram that after 22 seasons in the league, he is officially calling it quits. brady, of course, grew up in san mateo and he attended sarah high school where he stood out. also has a star athlete kron four's rob nesbitt, talk to some of his former coaches and teachers about his incredible career. tom brady has plenty of nicknames. but here at serra high school, he was referred to as touch down tommy. they're pretty proud here of the quarterbacks accomplishments and show nothing but support of his decision to retire. >> tom brady made plays like this often throwing 624 passing touchdowns in his 22 year career in the nfl. 2 decades with the new england patriots and 2 years with tampa bay earning 7 super bowl championships always answering no to questions about calling it quits. never coming back. >> we're coming. know that. >> until tuesday morning. but number 12 officially announced his retirement on instagram. the social media post came as somewhat of a surprise to mike the delhi who coach brady in
9:22 pm
summer league baseball at serra high school. we've always expected like when he wins the super bowl. that is going to walk off on this grand stage. but to his credit, he did it on his own terms from the hall of fame walls to the football stadium named after the brady family. sarah high school has a lot of pride in what tom brady has accomplished since graduating in 1995. really fantastic to see his tremendous growth and his commitment to the sport and into his community. earning admiration from his former teachers and coaches, but also from current students who can look at number 12 success story and see their own possibilities for the future that they know the path wasn't easy, that he worked extremely hard to get to where he is. and i think that, you know, makes him such a role model for for the students here at sarah, knowing that they can do the same thing, if that's what they desire. there's been a lot of speculation about what's next for brady. those i spoke to tuesday say they're not sure professionally but know that personally. i want to enjoy time with his family. >> from his wife and kids to his parents who still live in the area in san mateo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> it is the first of
9:23 pm
february, which it is officially the lunar new year. this is video from the kick off celebrations in san francisco today. this year. millions of people are welcoming in the year of the tiger, which in the chinese zodiac as a symbol of strength, bravery and rebellion. city leaders say after a few tough years for the asian american community, the year of the tiger is a sign of new beginnings. our community has struggle during this pandemic. >> during this recession, during anti-asian 8. but we are here because the sun is shining the tires dinner or chinatown is coming back and the chinese community is going to continue to thrive. >> celebrations everywhere will be a bit smaller this year because of the covid restrictions. the chinese new year parade in san francisco, though, will be held on february. the 19th tickets are now available. so get your ticket while they last. it is not the start to the lunar new year they were hoping for. but there is some good news for
9:24 pm
the owners of size vietnamese restaurant in san francisco's financial district on sunday reported that the business said been told by its landlord and had to vacate the building and 30 days the restaurant's been in business for 37 years. the owner says their lease is set to expire on february 20th. but until just a few days ago, they were under the impression that the building's owner was going to renew that lease supervisor. aaron peskin caught wind of our report and has since been in touch with the family. as ken says, he plans to nominate size vietnamese restaurant to the city's legacy business registry doing that would provide extra grants and protections for the restaurant next at 9 speculation around president biden's potential picks for the u.s. supreme court. >> which lawmakers are now weighing in on the nomination process. plus, reconsidering the recall process in california. what state leaders say should not be on the ballot and the bay area's irish community hit hard after a man is fatally wounded.
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tonight about a man killed in a hit and run in san francisco. 38 year-old barry mcgrath was riding in an uber. >> when the vehicle struck by another vehicle and he did not survive. kron four's. dan thorn talked with friends who reflected on his outgoing personality and his importance to the local irish community.
9:28 pm
>> the death of 38 year-old barry mcgrath is hitting the bay area's irish community hard. his passing leaving a big hole at san francisco's american gaelic athletic association where he was a hurler and chairman. that's terrible. and, you know, everyone's in shock here and >> there's a no paid a big part of the irish community san francisco. connor mccarthy was berries teammate. he says barry was a big help to anyone, especially those who had immigrated to the bay area from ireland. >> mccarthy found their shared experiences and love for hurling comforting. now he's really open. outgoing you know, is the first in the group to, you know, reach out and shake someone's hand and introduced himself and >> get to know people. a memorial has been set up on the corner of 40th avenue and lincoln street in san francisco. >> barry was a passenger in an uber there saturday night when police say someone driving a stolen audi smashed into the uber. the driver of the stolen car ran off. barry later died
9:29 pm
at the hospital. the saint joseph's hurling club is asking people to keep barry's family in their thoughts and prayers were putting more focus, not as opposed to. >> but obviously it would nice if they did figure out what happened hopefully prevent something like that happen again. >> so far, no arrests in the case have been made reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> a man who was shot who was struck by a car in a hit and run last month has now died from his injuries. that's according to san jose police. they say on january 23rd, 37 year-old travis of santa clara was walking in the area of the alameda and newhall street when he was hit by a van. police say he was walking in a marked crosswalk. the van fled the scene and is still missing. man was taken to a local hospital where he died 5 days later. this is the 7th pedestrian death and 10th overall traffic deaths in san jose this year. tesla is recalling more than 50,000
9:30 pm
vehicles because of an autopilot feature that allows drivers to run. stop signs, according to documents from us safety regulators, tesla's rolling stop mode. lets cars travel through stop signs at almost 6 miles an hour. tesla says it's not aware of any crashes caused by the rolling stop feature so far and over the air from where fix is expected to be sent out early this month and covers multiple models from 2016 to 2022. president biden talking with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell today about filling supreme court justice steven briar seat after his retirement, their meeting came as the white house reaches out to republicans while the president decides who he will nominate our washington correspondent hannah brandt has the latest. president biden is reaching across the aisle and i want to price of sense. >> well, as consent we can arrive. who the nominee should be. democrats could confirm a nominee without the help of republicans. if they stay
9:31 pm
united. >> but support from moderates like senator joe mansion isn't guarantee. i look forward to the judiciary morning through their complete a vetting process. some republicans like senator ted cruz are already critical of president biden's promise to nominate a black woman. one of the most depressing things about democrats today. they're very comfortable discriminating based on race. but senate majority leader chuck schumer says putting a black woman on the court is long overdue to make sure that our courts and especially the supreme court. better reflect our country's diversity regardless of who the president picks. senator john kennedy says the new justice needs to stay out of politics. i'm not going vote for a justice. who's going to try to rewrite? >> the constitution every other thursday to advance a local agenda. others like senator chuck grassley say it's too early to say how they'll vote. the president makes a nomination. that's his privilege. and won't have any comment until i see would
9:32 pm
nominate. the president has said he plans to nominate someone by the end of this month and he reiterated that timeline when talking about the process on tuesday. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> talks resume today over the crisis at the ukrainian border. the u.s. and nato allies are still hoping for a diplomatic breakthrough with russia for the first time in weeks, russian president vladimir putin is publicly addressing the issue. he claims the u.s. and nato failed to meet his security demands, which includes stopping the alliance from expanding poland and canada are vowing to support ukraine in case and ahead of a russian invasion. british prime minister boris johnson met was the ukrainian president today. >> we are keen to engage of course we are. but we have the sanctions ready. we're providing military support. >> the biden administration is expected to brief congress this week on the situation in russia as lawmakers consider a
9:33 pm
sanctions bill that they hope will deter russia from invading ukraine. >> still ahead tonight, a wildfire destroys world. northern california town 6 months later, how the small community of greenville is rebuilding and staying strong. one day at a time. >> and we're waiting for and hoping that the rain returns soon and love to see some snow too. but will we will talk about that coming up next. and as sports will have more on the career of tom brady and we're going hear from one of his high school teammates. plus the niners look ahead to next season. sports director jason dumas has that and more coming up.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. sports. >> the hometown kid is officially sailing off into the sunset after a little drama and back and forth over the weekend, tom brady took to social media today and announced his retirement from the nfl after 22 seasons in an instagram post, brady said i have always believed the sport proposition 100% competitive commitment. there. we won't succeed and excesses. what i love so much about our game. he went on to say this is difficult for me to write. but here goes, i'm not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. i have loved my nfl career in now. it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. brady
9:37 pm
retires of the most accomplished quarterback of all time. he won 7 super bowls and every major quarterback record and the cool thing about all that it started right here in the bay area. his friends and teammates back when he starred at serra high school in san mateo have all been locked in on his journey and his retirement. well, it's bittersweet. >> every year, you know, they're saying it's his last year. so then when tommy didn't come out and say that he's going to be retired right away. you know, i was holding on to hope just like everyone else. i would love to just see him play one more year, you know, selfishly but i think it's it's time he's given enough and it's time for him to spend time with his family and his kids are getting older. you know, he's accomplished everything. anything you hold so many records. he's given so much of the game. so i'm happy for him that, you know, now. it's time for him to go relax and just hang out and coaster rica and go do whatever he wants to do. >> over in santa clara kyle
9:38 pm
shanahan and john lynch continue to put the finishing touches. what was a roller coaster season and the biggest question mark heading into the offseason is what happens with jimmy garoppolo. some may say is an easy decision to move on from jimmy g and hand over the reins to trey lance, which is makes a lot of sense. you did give up 2 first-round picks to acquire him. but kyle shanahan and john ynch. they were both noncommittal as it pertains to the quarterback position next year. they don't appear to be ready to say publicly at least what their specific plans are even it may seem obvious to the outside world. on the other hand, jimmy garoppolo, it was a little more forthcoming. it's hard to, you know, put all the scenarios in play right now. but i think those things will work themselves out. >> i've had a great time here the niners organization with the everything has been awesome, but some ups and downs, obviously. but i yeah, i mean, i could. we'll see what happens. i guess. >> let's go down to texas. does in san antonio on game 2
9:39 pm
of a back-to-back steph wiggins, porter junior, draymond and company all out tonight. 3rd quarter, lonnie walker. >> he lays it in to give the spurs a 17 point lead. seems all but over for golden state that they slowly clawed their way back. gary pain with the steal. you have 5 of those and 17 minutes. nothing finishes on the other end sick when mill take 19 off the bench. 6 point game late in the 4th is time now. chris chiozza gets it out to damian lee. give me all 3 of those. look at loves the golden state. come all the way back to take the lead under a minute to go now spurred back up by one. a scrum ends up with jordan poole having in the corner. that's the dagger. staff with 2 little motion in his grave. the lord the warriors win one. 24 1.20, all the way back from 17 after the games. steve kerr loud. it. he's young guns
9:40 pm
performance. what a game. what a >> to to dig ourselves out of that hole and 2 to see all of our young guys competing the way they in our 2, 2, rookies coming through in a big way. >> to the ice, the sharks taking on tampa bay in their final game before the all-star break. let's pick it up in overtime. victor hedman scored. easy goal right there. tampa bay escapes in their own place with a win sharks fall 3 to 2 in overtime. now they go to the all-star break, slashed winter olympics this year due to covid concerns.
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i prefer you didn't. xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> only a month and a half ago, california snowpack was way above average. that was thanks to those records storms during the fall and early winter seems so long ago now. but today data released from the second official philip snow survey of the season make clear. we need a lot more snow. snow totals updated today by the state department of water resources show the amount of water in the sierra nevada mountain snowpack is at 92% of what is normal for this date. most of california is now in what's called severe drought. that's according to us. drought monitor. only a small part of the state is now classified as being in the more serious extreme drought.
9:44 pm
unfortunately, though, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says there is no rain or snow in the forecast. yeah, it's just a tremendous season member. we have that atmospheric river way back in october. we have as much as 9 inches of rain in san francisco. >> then we dry out after to see that incredible december again. and that's when some of the snow mount starting out the beginning, december there in the 10 to 14% rain by the time. and the end of december, we're looking at 200% of normal. and now we dried out again. and so now we watch those numbers fall back quite a bit. now, 90% of normal in the northern sierra nevada. as far as snowfall is concerned, 90% of normal also in the central and 95% of normal. now in the southern sierra nevada. but unfortunately, we just are not generating any storms. and this has been the case since that last week, the end of last week in january. that's last time we had any measurable rain in the bay area. well, things have changed quite a bit. you can see that ridge has become what looks like almost a semi permanent feature for the
9:45 pm
season so far, at least the first the year and that ridge continues. and so you see storms roll over the top of that ridge. we're going to see one roller for tomorrow. and so the winds are going to pick up and be blustery outside as we get thursday. we're going to see few more clouds coming our way as a weak system slides through only to watch that ridge building again. and there you go. we get through sunday to see that next front kind of dives through, unfortunately getting just chewed up by that ridge of high pressure. leave behind lots of sunshine, but no rain drops. and then we get into the following week. there we go. the following monday. still yet another system comes by runs up to 7 northwest were left high and dry as the jet stream is too far to the north. until that just are really takes a nosedive. we're going to keep things dry. not this week ahead, but in the next week and probably the following weekend, maybe the middle of february is looking some long range models and some are starting to maybe pain to something around the 16th of the month has a long way to go between now and then. so high pressure sitting over head now. and that really
9:46 pm
is the dominant feature here. and it has meant for quite some tile. these storms as they roll through, they'll start to generate some wind as high pressure starts to build in behind those systems that dropped by. that's where we're getting the win. we're going to see those windy conditions again overnight tonight. so it's going to be blustery. we're already seeing some of those winds picking up now, pretty down below with some occasional gusts of 25, maybe some 30 mile an hour gust of the mountain tops. that's we're going to see all that gusty winds as high as 70 mile an hour gust temperatures today, mainly in the 60's. i think we're back there again tomorrow afternoon. but it's going to be cold. start to the day. remember this air coming in is very dry. so temperatures down near freezing overnight tonight by the afternoon. tomorrow we're up in the 50's and the 60's. thank you. new at 9 tonight. we continue our in-depth weeklong look at the lasting effects of the dixie and the counter or wildfires. and the lessons learned for this year. >> despite losing their downtown 6 months ago, people living in greenville say it still feels like home. dennis shanahan shows us what is
9:47 pm
holding greenville together. even while most of the buildings are in ruins. it's cold in greenville. this time of year. there's even snow on the ground. >> but almost everything else you see along crescent street reminds you of one thing. in a single day. 6 months ago, the dixie fire crush to this beautiful timber town. many of the remains of the once proud historic buildings are still awaiting demolition. we're really making good progress. and then the snows game we spoke with plumas county supervisor kevin goss over video chat while he was on a much needed vacation. >> the fire in the recovery of his community have consumed his thoughts and energy ever since that fateful day last august. >> he says the timeline for cleanup and reconstruction is largely in the hands of the state office of emergency services and the weather. >> now are picking back up again and they're picking it up at a rather. it's.
9:48 pm
>> one of the first things to rise up after the fire was something not made of construction materials but human materials. a volunteer community group called the dixie fire collaborative is helping organize recovery efforts. many people still live here in holmes left untouched by the flames. we found their collective spirit to be stronger than any building could ever be. people just need to understand that we're still in a state shock. and we're we're trying to recover. jennifer miller is a nurse considering coming out of retirement to help her community. >> getting the medical care back and so we don't have to go someplace else. >> greenville's medical offices burned in the fire and the roads in and out of town are subject to very long delays. while crews remove burned trees and repair damage from rock slides caused by december rains. >> it's been kept. but, you know, we're all grateful to be alive. >> despite the devastation that surrounds them, some residents tell us greenville,
9:49 pm
still feels like home. >> absolutely. i would never leave here all die and my property and i have no intention of ever going anyplace else. i love this place. this is definitely home. you know, those of us that have stuck around after all the devastation we are riding through the thick of it so we can stay because this is home. >> outside the evergreen grocery store chanel mueller was camera shy but focused in her loyalty to greeneville. there is. >> no other community like this. the people are so kind hearted, so thoughtful, really rally together. >> through all of this and we do. you got to see can stake. this is home. >> this grocery store which survived the fire is also where you'll find members of the cleanup crews. their faces covered in ash after a long day in the rubble. some of them live in paradise. so they understand what it's like to lose your town to a wildfire,
9:50 pm
taking the pieces back together. and that's all you can really do. we're going >> do a good job in when we leave. hopefully everybody to start rebuilding. now it feels like everybody is working to the common. >> and and the means and everything of making green dot a town again. yeah, this is their town. they're not leave >> though, get a bat. it will be here. >> really actually believes thankful that as a news crew are following 6 months later because just really crucial to be out stay on the map. we have to be on the map and that's a small community. not. >> also great. a small community with a big task. still ahead in greenville, dennis shanahan. >> in a major milestone construction is nearly completed on a gas station in greenville. the residents have been driving nearly 90 minutes just to get fuel since the
9:51 pm
fires tomorrow night on kron. 4 news at 9.10 too much fallen. timber left over from the dixie, the caldor or and other wildfires will take you to a place where these burned and damaged trees litter the landscape. >> find out why getting rid of them is such a challenge and how they might be forcing an entire industry to evolve. >> the state assembly has approved a bill that would bring tax relief to wildfire survivors ab 12, 49 would allow wildfire victims. >> to be exempt from paying state taxes on settlement payments made out of pg and e's fire victims. trust that trust was created to compensate victims of the butte north bay and campfires. the bill will be next heard by a senate committee in march state lawmakers are taking a close look at california's recall process and whether or not it should be changed. critics say the recall is costly overused and has recently become weaponized against elected officials said every level of government in a
9:52 pm
hearing today, california secretary of state shirley weber suggested shortening the recall ballot to just a single yes or no question. eliminating question to which asks voters to pick a replacement candidate. people not evacuating. is this something that needs to be called circumstances? it's always company's business person better than the other. 43. >> weber also suggested state lawmakers consider raising the standards to recall a governor extending the timeframe to have a recall and limiting the number of attempts to recall somebody. no action was taken at today's hearing. but state lawmakers have more than 2 weeks to file new proposals. any changes will ultimately be in the hands of voters. >> next at 9, it could happen in a flash. the end of an era of human space exploration. why nasa wants to destroy the
9:53 pm
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9:56 pm
inferior race. she issued an apology hours later saying that she was sorry for any hurt she may have caused. but late tonight, the president of abc news issued a statement saying that will be would be suspended for 2 weeks so she can, quote, reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. nasa has revealed its plans for the international space station once it's retired. the space agency says the orbiting lab will end its run in january 2031. when it reaches the end of its safe and usable life. at that point, nasa plans to destroy it by plummeting the space station into the ocean in one of the most remote places on earth. also known as a spacecraft cemetery. it's an uninhabited area of the south pacific ocean called point all right. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, but our primetime can coverage continues to the top of the hour. strong wind gusts expected throughout the night across the bay area. >> we haven't seen a drop of
9:57 pm
rain in weeks. we'll have a live report on the concerns firefighters are sharing plus changes to mask mandates in san francisco while other parts of the bay area and new restrictions. what you need to know about the new covid protocols taking effect today. protocols taking effect today. the news at 10 is next. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
10:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news. >> it's been dry for four-plus weeks now that like it to be a lot better this time of the year. >> now it and the strong wind gusts raising fear among some neighborhoods tonight. what authorities want know about the danger they pose. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i pale more. there is a high wind warning in effect across many north bay cities tonight. well, for say that the second visited marin county, she joins us live now from the north panoramic neighborhood in mill valley. >> taylor, how are the conditions tonight? >> well, as you can see him, that wind is still going pretty strong just by my hair. it's been howling on and off for hours. of course, that raises concerns for neighbors here and the fire department here behind me. you know, marin county fire says that, of course, you know, we're not in fire season, but this does again raise concerns, especially after we saw what happened over in monterey county. just a couple of weeks


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