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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 2, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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elevations of the north bay. if you're traveling long 80, you're going to notice a stronger gust of the car. keane is as well. bridges and mountain passes. also going to be some seeing some of those stronger gusts today. now 40's and 50's for our current temps, not the coldest mornings. that's for sure. we don't have any 30's on the map. you can actually think the winds for that that an couples, that cold layer that typically is seen during morning hours and keeps conditions pretty mild. so that's why we're actually feeling all right. right now, as far as temperatures go reyna. john, thanks for can we have a couple of delays out there this morning? this is a long 6.80, if you're traveling. so. >> southbound just south of vargas wrote, that's in fremont. and then we have another one. we're going show you that one a little further down in seminole. so north 1000 say south of 84 east. so those 2 accidents and delays are there this morning. but as you're traveling into the city, it's only a 10 minute drive to make it to that fremont street exit from the maze san mateo bridge about 12
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minutes heading across towards the peninsula. and let's look at one. 0, one in the south bay, as you're traveling, 85 to menlo park 30 minutes. no issues along 2.80, or 17 at this hour. darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. 6 o'clock right now and take a look at this. the strong winds we've been talking about blowing through marion county. this was yesterday and that high wind advisory is going to be with us through tomorrow morning. yeah, i'm not going away anytime soon. and for good reason, too. >> not only is it making it a little dangerous with those trees, but also picking up the fire danger to affect up in marin county. they're taking it serious. they have crews positioned ready to jump on anything that may pop up. >> even though you know, we're we're in the winter season. we just haven't had the rain that we would normally be getting months. our last trains been over a month ago. so our fuel conditions are prime for a wind event like this, that actually have a fire that could spread. and just like we
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saw monterey to fire, you know, put 1000 acres down and one nights over we're taking it seriously. >> yeah, they're ready to roll. just in case was what you want. they're on high alert through tomorrow. and also this is prompting a burn ban in marion county. the fire department has also asking you to avoid certain areas like the mount tam watershed until we get past this. this with the area later this week and also look up to be careful when the branches are swaying like that. sometimes they come down and that was the case here. >> this was down in san jose where we had a tree branch come down and you can see those pretty big one to 2 kids were hurt when it came down. they had to go to the hospital. that should be okay. the only had minor injuries, but as a result, they had to close this park there all in all, you know, it could be worse, but obviously want to be very careful. that's why they do have some parks closed until this wind event is over and they get a chance to go in there. just double check all the tree branches. make sure nothing's threatening to come down on anybody who's going to be out for a hike.
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>> and yeah, that looks like a lightning strike level tree lot off in the east bay health officials in alameda county say the worst of the omicron covid surge is behind us. let's hope that's true. crawford's going to bark has been following the story. >> joining us now live with that update. good morning, kayla. >> good morning, guys. yeah, county's health officer said that the county may be past the peak of the omicron surge, but that doesn't mean alameda counties. alameda county is out of the woods yet according to mosque case, rates and hospitalizations are falling and he says case rates are going down. we're slowly. then they went up. so, for example, alameda county saw its peak ideally covid cases on january 10. it was at 266.7 cases. then that's 4 to january. 25th when that number dropped to 146. now, that's a good sign, says that case rates are still high. more than 400 people are in the hospital with coronavirus and about 74
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people are in the icu county's dashboard shows that case rates hospitalizations and intensive care cases. all pete in january now is case rates says that people might see covid restrictions. ease li indoor masking. however, he says that face coverings are going to continue to be important, especially when you're 6 sic excuse me, health experts continue to push for the vaccine, says the best way to protect yourself against covid says that out the county has not seen its health care system overwhelmed like other places where there's lower vaccination rates in alameda county, 81.4% of the population is vaccinated. now darya james have been talking about this for the last 2 years when his covid going to end. when are we going to go back to reality? the county health officer in alameda says that we probably won't go back to how we were doing before the pandemic. but he says that
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we are getting closer to what we've been calling the new normal. so we just have to see how other counties besides allogeneic is in the coming weeks for now. back to you bag to to reality thank very much. that's ring in. >> the woman okay. 6, 0, 5 right now. >> all right. now let's get to some other news here. actually, it's going to a lot easier to get a free covid pcr test in san mateo county. now that the county has partnered with carbon health, they're working together to make 2000 free tests available each day at the san mateo event center to walk a clinic so you don't have to make an appointment. they'll be open tuesdays through sundays from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon and results from these tests. come back within 48 hours. so there you go. >> pfizer has rough. it officially requested from the fda to get emergency use authorization for their %fizer covid vaccine for really little kids under the age of 5 are the only ones who right now can't get the shots.
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roughly 19 million children across the u.s. who are unable at this point. they will be when it gets approval. federal regulators are expected to look over the data and they could approve pfizer's 2 dose vaccine for the little kids by the end of the month. pfizer's early data suggests that 2 doses is safe and produces an immune response. the company, however, is also testing a three-dose regimen. >> i think we need to be thinking about these vaccinations kind of going forward in general is a three-dose series set. obviously the 2 toasted, you know, was insufficient against the omicron variant. and the company has not released any safety concerns with the 3 doses and kill kids who are under 5 years old. >> data from the cdc shows hospitalization rate for that age group right now are on the rise. >> well, there could soon be another new covid vaccine available in the u.s. drugmaker novavax is asking the fda now for emergency use authorization for its new protein based vaccine. the
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company says the clinical trials conducted so far pretty positive about 90% effective. and it's made using small laboratory built pieces of the coronavirus, which is kind of how traditional vaccines are developed and because it is protein based people who at the moment can't. really use the m a mrna shots because they react to it. they would be eligible for this protein based on. so it's more suited for them. the vaccine is administered in 2 doses about 3 weeks apart. and if the fda does give novavax a green light, the company says they're already prepared to deliver their first 100 million doses immediately. now some breaking news overnight. a san jose man is expected to survive after being stabbed. it happened on west santa clara street last night. police say the victim have life threatening wounds when they found him. %o they rushed him to the hospital. so far, no arrests, but maybe we'll keep you updated as we learn more in the south bay. san jose has had 7 pedestrian deaths so far this year. and we're just starting the month of february lot more than
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we've seen in years. past will tran live in san jose. with more on that, i will. >> the disturbing thing, james and areas if they keep this pace up, they're not only going to match last year's number. there shattered. i mean, 10 so far as far as traffic fatalities, 7 involving pedestrians. by the time it's should be into triple digits. and that is why they are warning drivers out there until they take measures. it is up to drivers to keep their eyes peeled because most of these collisions have happened in the overnight hours when it is very dark and visibility, obviously not as good as in broad daylight. now, this latest victim actually was hit back on january 23rd at new hall and the alameda. so it's not too far from the san jose police department. this time this person was a man was in the crosswalk at the time at about 4.40, in the morning. the driver actually stopped momentarily. so it appear that
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the driver realize what happened but kept going. so they're still searching for that driver as far as the other collisions that have happened? well, i can tell you that all most of them have involved the homeless. >> and they have been outside the crosswalk. them know that she blaming the homeless, rainy thing. they're just saying this is a fact in this particular case and all the other cases. also, it seems like in the overnight hours and then those cases that were not in the crosswalk. often times when the collision took place, they are still searching for many people, including the driver that hit that man back on january 23rd. so there's still an investigation in that particular case while they investigate, they're also looking into ideas on how to make the roads safer in san jose. that's according to the police department. >> way ahead of the pace in terms of traffic fatalities for this time last year, i believe one word to april when
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we have this many traffic fatalities, one pedestrian death in our city is one too many. and we're at 7 for the month of january. a lot of variables in this equation, how we're going to fix this. we're talking, you know, the department of transportation. different things that we can do to kind of mitigate what's been happening. lee? >> so james duryea, this man was hit on january. 23rd died from his injuries on january 20th. just to give you some texture, some context of all of this. they do not reach 10 traffic fatalities until april of last year. they had 60 altogether. so i again at this current pace, guys, they are looking at possibly well over triple digits by the time it is over. and that's why they're telling us we are the front first line of defense to be careful while we're driving in the overnight hours, especially back to you. all right. thank you. will. >> it's 6.10, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. 2
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people shot. >> at a spa in oakland. we'll take a look at what police say happened. and president biden promising to nominate a black woman to the u.s. supreme court will tell you what one lawmaker says that's discriminatory. and we are looking at conditions outside this morning that are nice and clear, but it is definitely still windy as it will be through the day today. >> your forecast is ahead. >> and it's early, but we're already seeing some delays out there along our highways. we'll have a look at that your drive times. once we get back from break.
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>> 6.13, you know, we don't blurs gobblers, dollars. whatever. punxsutawney phil, where operators, we don't need a groundhog, we've got the ground stick. we get the stick to put the and the 6 says, well yeah, we're doing great above average, actually. but now that the cave. >> re from that from that first official snow survey looks like we are just slightly under the snow totals. we're just updated by the department of water resources and a show that the snowpack is only now 92% of normal for this moment in the months. but state is not as cute down the fpeld, but it is a lot more accurate. you do. okay. so handling us right? because john, we're actually talking about phil. the groundhog. >> and they said he's you said he's only 40% accurate. yeah.
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>> 40% accurate. and that's from the national weather service there like cautious about phil. right? but maybe like like they said in our little life hit with them. it's the human interpretation of fill that could be moves his nose the wrong way or something. you know, the stick is pretty accurate, though. and unfortunately, so that means that we have lost a lot of snowpack in the sierra after such a dry january. so at the start of january, we're sitting at a nice and healthy, 150% of average. that was really nice. now, a few dry weeks have dropped us below that 100% mark. now on a typical year, we'd be like, alright, we're hanging out close to average. this is ok, but we were doing so well in december and everyone was so optimistic that this is a little bit discouraging to see how much snow pack we have lost after such a dry and mild january, hoping things turn around here within the next 10 days because, well, at least for the next 7 to 10 days, things are definitely not going to be offering up any
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new snow or rain for the bay area. for that matter, skies will remain clear and dry conditions out there going to continue on this dry trend for future with this high-pressure ridge to our west, continuing to shoot the jet stream to our north. it does dip down and give the rest of the country that winter weather we've been missing out on. but our winters break continues. that same high and low were caught in the middle of it and that's resulted in this very strong wind from the north and northeast that has pushed through the bay yesterday and will continue to today. windiest conditions will remain in the north bay mountains gusting into a 40 to 50 miles per hour range. a little calmer by comparison near the bayshore in the south bay, but a fairly breezy day for all of us and if you remember getting outside yesterday, especially on a hike in the east bay or north bay hills, you definitely felt that wind now the north bay mountains or windiest spots and then that deep orange, those are high wind warnings remaining through tomorrow morning, golden hues being wind advisories also remaining through tomorrow morning
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across the bay area. as far as temperatures go today, we will be mostly back into the low 60's comparable to yesterday. pretty similar feel it's windy, clear. and on the cooler side yet again. so just make sure to keep those jackets close by not just this morning, but into the afternoon, san jose at 61 today, fremont hayward at 60 degrees. some 50's for inland valleys. oakland, you'll be at 62 degrees. one of the most mild spots along with toledo and pony show. looking ahead of next 7 days. temperatures gradually trend upward and by the start of next week, actually nearing 70 degrees. so even though punxsutawney phil says winter 6 more weeks of it doesn't look like this next week is going to be bringing any wintry weather to california hoping that comes true here by the middle of the month. reyna. john, thanks for that. all right. if you're hitting the roads this morning, we do have some delays to tell you about >> this so traveling along 6, a tz are on the southbound and northbound side. both have 2
6:18 am
separate southbound 6.80, south of a dry day wrote their tunnel and then a little further down northbound 6, a south of 84 east. i say if you're trying to get a lot of these delays, you could go around and take 84 to try to avoid that or you're just going to be stuck in some traffic traveling into the city right now. the metering lights are on 11 minutes heading to that free must exit from the maze san mateo bridge about 13 minutes. 92 westbound for you there in the south bay, one. 0 one. 85 to menlo park. 20 minutes and then 17 it to 80. i don't see any to delays are hazards there as you're traveling along highway 4, antioch, one, 60 to conquer to 42. about 20 minutes starting james, back to you. thank you very much. rain is 6.18. is the time state lawmakers are taking a closer look at california's recall process and >> whether it should be changed. critics are calling it costly, overused and well recently it's become weaponized against elected officials at every level of government. in a hearing,
6:19 am
california secretary of state shirley weber suggested maybe shortening the recall ballot to just a single yes or no question. maybe eliminating question to altogether, which asks voters then to pick a replacement candidate. >> is this something that needs to be called circumstances it's become just does this person better than the other? 43? >> yeah. weber also suggested the state lawmakers consider raising the standards to recall a governor extending the timeframe to have a recall and limiting the number of attempts to recall someone no action was actually taken it yesterday's hearing. but state lawmakers have more than 2 weeks to file their proposals. any changes, though, will ultimately up be up to the voters to decide. >> it's 6.19, and president biden is trying to win over republicans for his pick to the u.s. supreme court. he's trying to replace retiring justice steven briar. yeah. reshad hudson joining us from dc with the very latest on the progress so far. good morning were shot. good morning, james
6:20 am
and darya. president biden met with the top 2 senators on the judiciary committee, the committee that will hold hearings for his eventual nominee. >> but the big question remains, who will that person be? >> selecting the justices, one of the president's most serious responsibilities. >> president joe biden told democratic senator durbin and republican senator chuck grassley, the 2 highest-ranking members on the senate judiciary committee. what he is looking for in a supreme court justice. >> candidate character the qualities judge terms to be curry is focus peace. expect. >> the white house is considering several names to replace retiring justice steven briar. but it's the president's promise to nominate the first black woman to the high court that's being criticized by republicans like texas senator ted cruz, racial discrimination is wrong. period. full stop. one of the
6:21 am
most depressing things about democrats today. they're very comfortable discriminating based on race. the white house pushed back against the criticism the president is discriminating. take senator cruz himself. >> he had no objection to donald trump promising he nominated women in 2020, repeat, no objection at all. >> and president biden says he will name his selection for the supreme court by the end of the month reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. all right. thank you very much for shot it. 6.21 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news police are looking for clues to help them find a missing bay area woman. we'll see where they got some evidence.
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>> 6.24, let's talk more. tommy, tommy, tommy, tom brady. yeah. as we reported yesterday, he officially retired in this morning. we're actually hearing from the people who coached him as he grew up locally here in san mateo, some people may not realize it may be forgotten is very and hometown hero. what sarah high, where he stood out early as a star athlete kron four's rob nesbitt, talk to some of his former coaches and teachers. >> tom brady has plenty of nicknames. but here at serra high school, he was referred to as touch down tommy. they're pretty proud here of the quarterbacks accomplishments and show nothing but support of his decision to retire. tom brady
6:25 am
made plays like this often throwing 624 passing touchdowns in his 22 year career in the nfl. 2 decades with the new england patriots and 2 years with tampa bay earning 7 super bowl championships always answering no to questions about calling it quits. ever coming back. we're coming. know that until tuesday morning when number 12 officially announced his retirement on instagram. the social media post came as somewhat of a surprise to mike the delhi who coach brady in summer league baseball at serra high school. we've always expected like when he wins the super bowl. that is going to walk off on this grand stage. but to his credit, he did it on his own terms from the hall of fame walls to the football stadium named after the brady family. >> sarah high school has a lot of pride in what tom brady has accomplished since graduating in 1995. really fantastic to see his tremendous growth and his commitment to the sport and into his community. earning admiration from his former teachers and coaches, but also from current students. you can look at number 12 success story and
6:26 am
see their own possibilities for the future that they know the path wasn't easy, that he worked extremely hard to get to where he is. and i think that, you know, makes him such a role model for for the students here at sarah, knowing that they can do the same thing, if that's what they desire. there's been a lot of speculation about what's next for brady. those i spoke to tuesday say they're not sure professionally but know that personally want to enjoy time with his family. >> from his wife and kids to his parents who still live in the area in san mateo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> 2 staff members with the oakland unified school district are now on strike. students are walking out of the classroom. all of them in protest of the possibility of school closures on live with all the details coming up.
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>> 6.29 right now. well, if you are pictures outside this wind is good. you know, you kind of get that wind machine look going, i suppose, unless you're trying to take pictures of trees and then. with those a bit of problem, trees with branches coming down. we'll talk about that later on in the morning, right? how long is this going to last on the win? so we're about halfway through it. today is going to be a solidly another windy day. and we start to see those wind advisories expiring tomorrow morning. so after that will be in the clear we saw another cell day of windy conditions for the bayshore
6:30 am
that will be calmer than other areas. once you head up into the east bay hills valleys, as well as the north bay. that's where you start to see these advisories again in the gold hughes and up in the north bay, where you see that orange, those are high wind warnings were going to our strongest wind gusts, which is you can see the north bay. he's already in the midst of 40 to 50 mile per hour gusts this morning. watch your travel on 80 this morning. our bridges as well as our upper elevation mountain passes. all these areas are going to see our strongest of gas. if you are carrying a load and have a high-profile vehicle, you're especially going to feel the effect of those stronger gusts as you're driving around 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. it's a mild morning. you can actually think the wind for that helping to keep conditions from dropping to a down into the 30's like we see on our still are calmer. mornings will be talking about what to expect after these winds die down in the rest of your forecast. first, though, on over to rain out with a look at the roads, are we holding up? all you know what? we are making our way through this morning. it doesn't mean we don't have issues, though, but
6:31 am
it's still a good day thus far. let's go ahead and get a look at our traffic out there on this wednesday morning. hayward, a traffic collision popping up southbound 6.80, north of west a street. so we are starting to see a slight delay as you're traveling along 8.80, this morning. >> let's get a look at the bay bridge. you're heading into the city right now. meteor lights on. still a 12 minute drive heading to that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking at a solid 30 minute commute. 92 westbound for you there and out of richmond heading across to war center fell about 8 minutes. james, back to you. thank you. 6.31, big story in the east bay to oakland. teachers are going on a hunger strike to keep possible school closures from happening. yeah. this comes ahead of a vote on those closures. it set for next week. >> kron 4, sarah stinson live with the message from those teachers taking part in this era. >> that's right. it's a choir
6:32 am
teacher and it is a staff member at west lake middle school. the 2 are currently on a hunger strike right now fighting in standing up against the consideration to close oakland schools. there's even a rally that we just found out about. it's going to happen this saturday with parents and students and staff members standing up against this. people are most angry that the consideration of schools being closed are predominantly in black communities. so they say that this is very unfair and could hurt oakland tremendously. the choir teacher on a hunger strike, andre shea. he also leads the schools, gender and sexuality alliance. he says he's willing to die for this. cause him and another middle school, a staff it's actually the community school program manager. they're doing this trick together. there might be more teachers joining trying to confirm that students from west lake middle school also walked out of their classes yesterday in solidarity against the closure of oakland
6:33 am
schools. there was a huge turn out during the board meeting monday night with students, staff and parents speaking out against this. there's a presentation with the board discussion and then open comments from the public. no vote was made. the district is considering shutting down 8 schools. you can see a list of them on your screen. again, people saying that the school are predominantly in black communities and they also are considering merging for schools. the district claims the decline in enrollment and attendance is causing the school district face a major deficit next school year and to combat this. the recommendation is to consolidate now west lake middle school that that is on the list to be mesged. listen to the choir director explained to the board why he's willing to starve himself for this. >> and they say that all is fair in love and war. so on the first day of black history month, which is tomorrow, february 1st, i will begin a hunger strike with my fellow
6:34 am
war eagle. a again, school closures and mergers which will not end until the board decides to find another way and stop closing and merging our schools. since i'm an educator and i know that there isn't much research on starvation. i invite any scientist to do research during this process. however. i die. i want the board to know that my death was at your hands. >> now the oakland school board is supposed to vote on this on february. 8th to know that it's 6 days away and the staff members are on strike right now. so you can only imagine how the board must be feeling. i've reached out to several board members to get their response on this have also reached out to the superintendent reached out to those 2 staff members on strike. so hopefully we can get the full story on this this morning. but for now, going back to that rally that has been planned, it's going
6:35 am
to be this saturday at 10 o'clock in the morning at prescott school. and i'm sure it's going to be packed with people voicing their opinion on this. this is a very, very passionate conversation. it's a very intense one in oakland. so we'll continue to cover that for now. we'll send it back to you in the studio. thanks a lot. sarah. >> a lot of questions are still there after a man and a woman were shot inside of a spa near lake merritt. the woman didn't survive. this was around 10 o'clock tuesday morning on grand avenue when the shooting happened. police got there. this was the coombe, a spa. they found the 2 victims. no sign of the shooter. crawford says it may talk with witnesses and has the latest. now on the investigation. >> a deadly shooting. >> killing a woman and critically wounding a man tuesday at around 10:00am here inside, become a spa on grand avenue in oakland's lake merritt district. oakland police received a call about a shooting in progress inside
6:36 am
the spa arrived on the scene and found the 2 victims. but no sign of the shooter. >> it just makes me feel that an uncomfortable. i spoke by phone to a woman who was working in the area around the time the shooting occurred who says she is emotionally upset by the incident asked not to reveal her identity. i just saddened by what happened so close to home. and just a busy area that this could occur. raj, a light so early in the morning with so many people out and about. oakland police investigators say that they believe that the shooting was not random. it appears the 2 victims inside the cult based bob were targeted. >> both victims were transported to a local hospital. we're unfortunately one succumb to their injuries and the other is listed in critical condition. the woman that i spoke with told me that she would never think that something so violent. what happened inside there? it looks nice from the outside of never i've never been inside. think it looks nice. >> i think that there's been a lot of more of carjackings.
6:37 am
and i believe there is a shooting not too long ago. was somebody trying to preveet a car break-in? and so this is like is going on here? >> opd investigators released no information on possible suspects and no information on any possible motives for the shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact the oakland police. has it made you cry on for news? >> it's 6.37, and there are new developments in the search for a missing oakley woman. her name is alexis gave the we've told you about this. antioch. police searched the home of her ex-boyfriend. take a look. our cameras were there as they confiscated a vacuum cleaner. in the bag, took away several bags, actually big bags of evidence. gabe was last seen at her ex's home on brent tree. way. last wednesday at 09:00pm. and the next day police found her car abandoned with the keys still in the ignition. investigators
6:38 am
are hoping that the items they collected will help lead them to her. the police are looking into. >> the person who dropped off her car. and they're looking into digital imagery from surrounding cameras in the ex boyfriend's neighborhood and and the location her car was found. >> and can see that they're the missing posters are up and her photo has been posted around she was 5 foot sarah, 5 foot 7. that's how tall she is. she was 100, 70 pounds and the last time she was seen she was wearing a white tank. top, a silver and black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and green and white shoes. if you have any information about her whereabouts, call the oakley police. >> well, an oakland man has entered a plea deal with alameda county prosecutors that may send him to prison for at least 50 years for the killing of hayward police
6:39 am
sergeant scott longer, marcus tried. it was just 21 years old when he shot longer during a traffic stop. he was convicted of first-degree murder for that shooting in july of 2015. his plea deal now with it, try to admit to using the gun that killed longer. and so he's expected to be sentenced on march 18th longer was a father of 2 daughters. it was on the police force for 15 years when he was killed. >> we're learning more about a man who was killed in a hit and run in san francisco. the crash was at the corner of 46 avenue and lincoln street over the weekend with saturday night when 38 year-old barry mcgrath was riding in an uber, he was a passenger when that uber was struck by a stolen car. the driver of the stolen car ran off. and then mcgrath died at the hospital. mcgrath was the chair of san francisco's gaelic athletic association. and he's death dealt a big blow to the various irish community. >> everyone's in shock here
6:40 am
and there's a no paid a big part of the irish community san francisco, you know, is the first in the group to, you know, reach out and shake someone's hand and introduced himself and get to know people were putting more focus as opposed to yes, but obviously would be be nice if they did figure out what happened hopefully prevent something like that happen again. >> and they're investigating. but so far they have not made an arrest. >> well, tesla is sending a software update over 50,000 vehicles because of an autopilot feature that allows drivers to roll through stop signs at slow speeds. according to documents from the u.s. safety regulators, tesla is rolling stop mode. lets cars travel through stop signs at about 6 miles per hour. if it detects no other vehicles or pedestrians in the area. tesla says it's not aware of any crashes that have caused by this feature, but the remove it nonetheless, it will be an over the air firmware update expected to be sent out earlier this month or early next month. it will
6:41 am
affect the models from 2016 to 2020 owners have to do nothing. the software will just arrive at your car. >> james user old cars, right? the 2020's, you have the 2022. is yours. 22 or 20? one? what does it? i just got out use of fancy. you know that that doesn't apply to you. you get the new one all right, 6.41. he still modest start new this morning after 2 years of anticipation. we now have a name for the washington football team. yes. so the nfl team will now be called the washington. >> commanders. yes, sir. as a field. okay. as formal i don't know. but you know, people thought calling it the washington football team felt where is a mouthful? yeah. and that replaced the washington which many felt was offensive to native americans. so they said, ok, we'll search for new name and the is i that's a
6:42 am
rebrand are going to be there to say not going to run any native american imagery. they want to steer clear that. >> and so there you go. so i went and joins other major teams to recently who have a change names as well. right? the cleveland indians for one. all right. so there you have that. they're now the guardians. >> the guardian's the commanders, just one more step towards be more culturally sensitive. like it, i was thinking why are football teams and like the clouds, the rains that that fear in europe >> hazy at all right. i that's a good thing going to work. what about tom brady, tom brady, get you. >> that's right. he's retired officially. we'll have more on that coming up here as we take a look back at his accomplishments. the bay area son who went on to great things in the nfl. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. you don't like the cloud. how about the san francisco fog? does that like a good sports team that could have potential because at least that can be scary. sometimes you get john in the weather center morning, john and the wind, the san francisco wind because today there you go to san francisco are quite daunting today. if you look at flag right there, just push into the south from that wind that is pushing its way through the bay area. and the bayshore is actually one of her commerce pot. so that's saying something north bay already excessively windy this morning as the inland east bay
6:46 am
skies are beautiful and clear, as you can also see from bark and arrow shot. it's a beautiful mild morning. that wasn't for the wind. i think everyone will want to be out there. the high pressure to our west low to our east that's bringing winter to the rest of the country. this is resulting in the strong gradient which is kicking up this offshore wind that continues through the day today, north bay by far windy, a spot, especially the mountains, but inland east bay hills and valleys, as well as coastal areas will be looking at conditions, quite windy as well. even the bayshore 20 to 30 miles per hour gas. well in excess of 50 miles per hour in those areas in orange, in her upper elevations of the north head above 2000 feet. that's where winds will be the most substantial re of the highest fire risk as well as the highest potential the breeze making out on the roadways like branches and potential for downed power lines, too. now today's daytime highs, not a huge change from yesterday. we're keeping it in the upper 50's to low 60's. we are a little bit more mild than yesterday with a few more 60' on the map today. i would keep
6:47 am
those jackets on hand even into the height of the afternoon as temperatures will be cool enough paired with those winds that is going to feel brisk. oakland, one of her more mild spots along with allay in benicia as well. sandra fell all at 62 degrees today. looking ahead at our next 7 days, temperatures remain in the low 60's today tomorrow into the start of the weekend. after that, we start to climb, though, into the upper 60's and near 70 by the start of next week. tomorrow is when winds come down. so the weekend going to be beautiful, going to be really comfortable next week. going to be really comfortable, too. just hoping for some rainfall sooner than later as we continue this dry trend. reyna. tom, thanks for that. comfort is never a you know, john mentioned it. we're still seeing those windy conditions out there. >> so take it slow as you're traveling along the bay bridge or the antioch bridge as well. let's get a look at some of those delays out. there were seen accidents like in seminole northbound 6.80, south of 84 east. we had an earlier one on the southbound side of 6.80, but that has
6:48 am
been clear. now we're just looking at the one on the northbound side. so we are starting to see slight delays there out in hayward, southbound 8.80, north and west, a street, an accident. and so things are starting to slow down a bit as you're traveling along 80 through haber heading into the city right now. 14 minutes the meteor lights are on the traffic moving along there at a slow pace. and those high winds will slow down san mateo bridge about 14 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. and leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge about 10 minutes this morning for your drive. darren james, back to you. it's official tom brady out. >> brady making the official announcement in a heartfelt instagram post thanking fans thanking teammates, coaches. crawford sports director jason dumas takes a closer look at him. he's career his legacy and his bay area roots. >> after a little drama and back and forth over the weekend, tom brady took to
6:49 am
social media and announced his retirement from the nfl after 22 seasons in an instagram post, brady said i have always believed the sport of football is in all in proposition 100% competitive commitment. there. we won't succeed and success is what i love so much about our game. he went on to say this is difficult for me to write. but here goes, i'm not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. i have loved my nfl career in now. it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. brady retires of the most accomplished quarterback of all time. he won 7 super bowls and every major quarterback record and the cool thing about all that it started right here in the bay area, his friends and teammates back when he starred at serra high school in san mateo have all been locked in on his journey and his retirement. well, it's bittersweet. >> every year, you know,
6:50 am
they're saying it's his last year. so then when tommy didn't come out and say that he's going to be retired right away. you know, i was holding on to hope just like everyone else. i would love to see him play one more year, you know, selfishly but i think it's it's time he's given enough and it's time for him to spend time with his family and his kids are getting older. you know, he's accomplished everything. anything you hold so many records. he's given so much of the game. so i'm happy for him that, you know, now. it's time for him to go relax and just hang out and coaster rica and go do whatever he wants to do. >> over in santa clara kyle shanahan and john lynch continue to put the finishing touches. what was a roller coaster season and the biggest question mark heading into the offseason is what happens with jimmy garoppolo. some may say is an easy decision to move on from jimmy g and hand over the reins to trey lance, which is makes a lot of sense. you did give up 2 first-round picks to acquire him. but kyle shanahan and john lynch. they were both
6:51 am
noncommittal as it pertains to the quarterback position next year. they don't appear to be ready to say publicly at least what their specific plans are even it may seem obvious to the outside world. on the other hand, jimmy garoppolo, it was a little more forthcoming. it's hard to, you know, put all the scenarios in play right now. but i think those things will work themselves out. >> i've had a great time here the niners organization with the everything here has been awesome. but some ups and downs, obviously. but i yeah, i mean, i could. we'll see what happens. i guess. >> let's go down to texas. does in san antonio on game 2 of a back-to-back steph wiggins, porter junior, draymond and company all out tonight. 3rd quarter, lonnie walker. >> he lays it in to give the spurs a 17 point lead. seems all but over for golden state. but they slowly clawed their way back. gary pain with the steal. you have 5 of those in 17 minutes. nothing finishes on the other end sick when mill take 19 off the bench. 6
6:52 am
point game late in the 4th is time now. chris chiozza gets it out to damian lee. give me all 3 of those. look at loves the golden state. come all the way back to take the lead under a minute to go now spurred back up by one. a scrum ends up with jordan poole having in the corner. that's the dagger. staff with 2 little motion in his grave, the lord the warriors win one. 24 1.20, all the way back from 17 after the games. steve kerr loud. it. he's young guns, performance. what a game. what a >> to to dig ourselves out of that hole and 2 to see all of our young guys competing the way they in our 2, 2, rookies coming through in a big way. >> to the ice, the sharks taking on tampa bay in their final game before the all-star break. let's pick it up in overtime. victor hedman shoot score. easy goal right there.
6:53 am
tampa bay escapes in their own place with a win sharks fall 3 to 2 in overtime. now they go to the all-star break, slashed winter olympics break. although no nhl players in the winter olympics this year due to covid concerns. >> well, it was sports director jason dumas. so with the update, the warriors, by the way, playing the kings tomorrow, it will be home at the chase center with tip off at 7 o'clock. we'll see if they can win another one. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining in on this, too. to of 2022. kind of >> and it is groundhog day, too. so we found out this morning that punxsutawney phil did in fact, see his shadow. so we are anticipating 6 more weeks of wintry taken to the back as he is. always right. well, they say is always right for like pennsylvania, and they're getting storm. but for
7:00 am
us. >> maybe something later, china. we hope he's right. we we're hoping he's right. the rest of the country might be done with winter at this point. they don't want it anymore. but we want to get a kick back into gear because we're just dry things out these past few weeks and well, the next 7 days are keeping that trend going. skies are beautiful and clear this morning and we are yet again windy. we still are in those wind gold high wind warnings in orange. those orange areas where you're going to see the especially strong winds in the north bay mountains, gusting in excess of 50 miles per hour. comparatively calm near the bayshore in the south bay. but still certainly breezy already very windy this morning. so watch that commute, especially if you're hauling a load over some bridges are mountain passes. that's where wind gusts are going to be very, very forceful 40's and 50's eor current temperatures, dublin in hayward, each at fifty-two degrees right now. san francisco, super mild. 55. so not our coldest mornings. it's the winds that are the catch right now. john, thank you for that. so if you are traveling this morning from the east bay, you're heading int


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