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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 2, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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as you are going to feel those winds traveling this morning even into this afternoon 50's for current temperatures. it's actually been a really mild start. i keep the jackets on hand, though, because with that wind, it does have a brisk feel to it. we've got rain. harvey standing by upstairs. she's got a beautiful look behind her and hopefully just as beautiful on the roads. yeah, exactly, john. you know, we've been keeping a close eye on our bridges, the bay bridge in the antioch bridge. those are the bridges were seen. the most wind gust across this morning to you definitely want to take your time as you're traveling. >> heading into the city right now to that fremont street exit will be a little under 15 minutes for your drive at this hour. let's head over and check out the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. look at that. a nice 14 minute commute for you. there. heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell there. very quiet at t is hour. about 9 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute drive darya. back to you. thank you, ray. let's get back to our
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team coverage of the wind. you can see it with double yesterday. this is in san francisco and this is actually this morning because sarah stinson went outside and you can even hear. gus blowing the trees. yeah. there was a stiff wind in the north bay 2. now, here's yesterday blowing through marion county and we told you that in the north especially the upper elevations. we'd see that wind really whipping and it's going to continue through tomorrow morning. as john was saying, it's not fire season. the boat marin county's fire department. they are treating this seriously. there are crews are ready and position to tackle anything that comes their way. >> even though you know, we're we're in the winter season. we just haven't had the rain that we would normally be getting months. our last trains been over a month ago. so our fuel conditions are prime for a wind event like this actually have a fire that could spread. and just like we saw monterey to fire, you know, put 1000 acres down and one nights over
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we're taking the jurors. >> yeah, they want to make sure that nothing sparks. that's why they're telling you don't let new fires as a burn ban in marin county and then also the fire department asking people to avoid certain areas like the mountain watershed until the end of the week. take a look at what happened in san jose. the wind down and have this trait. >> 2 kids had to go to the hospital. this is in lost sales park yesterday afternoon. the 2 kids were struck with this big giant briley. half a tree. just cheer right off from the when it just weekend. and i guess to that point that came crashing down. good thing. the kids have minor injuries. they're going to be ok, new this morning. cal fire says the fire burning near big sur in monterey county is now 100% contained. it burned 687 acres. luckily nobody was hurt and it was only one structure that was destroyed. investigators say it started as a prescribed burn intended to clear dry brush. but it was
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weekend on that got out of control again because the winds gusted, you know, and that's what we're being so careful about today through tomorrow morning. now let's get a covid big story in the east bay health officials in alameda county say the worst of the omicron covid surge is behind them and that's some good news conference. camila barco live with an update. hi, camilla. >> good morning, darcy get exactly what alameda county's health officer nicholas moss is staying. the county may be past the peak of the omicron surge, but that doesn't mean alameda county is out of the woods just yet. according to mosque case rates and hospitalizations are falling. he says case rates are going down more slowly. then he went up. alameda county saw its peak of daily covid cases on january 10th. it was at 266.7 back then. that's 4 to january 25th when that number dropped to 146 at the good side. but loss as case rates are still
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high. more than 400 people are in the hospital with covid and dash. 4 shows that case rates hospitalizations and intensive care cases. all pete in january, but was case rates says that people might see covid restrictions ease like indoor masking. however, he says that those face coverings are going continue to be important, especially when you're sick. and health experts continue to push for the vaccines as they say, it's the best tool to protect yourself against covid. now, says that alameda county has not seen its healthcare system overwhelmed like other places where there's a lower vaccination rates. 81.4% of the population in alameda county is vaccinated but are out. the question is that we've been asking ourselves for the past 2 years when its covid going to be over says that life probably won't
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return to how it was before the pandemic even started. but he says that we're getting closer to this new normal. so maybe less less masking less of these covid restrictions for just have to see. now back to you. i just yeah, we have to stop asking. are there yet? are there yet are area just. >> wait it out. thank you. camila 9, 0, 5, right now we do have breaking news this just in in san jose. >> another pedestrian was struck and killed. this happened with a garbage truck that ran into the person in the 400 block fontanella court. that's the 8th pedestrian to die this year in san jose on the streets so dangerous covers will tran just covering another pedestrian situation now and now and now this one will what's going on the latest fatality happened in a residential area. investigators are still on the scene. they have shut this down. the garbage truck is still on scene.
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>> and a supervisor is here trying to find out for himself exactly what happened to his worker. >> we do know you can see there are police officers looking at the truck right now. this is a dead-end street. so it looked like the truck went down. there came back and struck this person. we don't know whether it's a male or female. any description about this person? this is a residential area. so perhaps it could even involve a child. but we do know it is shut down for quite some time as investigators are here trying to find out exactly what happened. it appears early on that speed may not have been a factor because the garbage truck was going from house to house to house to pick up the garbage and recyclables when something happened. you can see there's yellow tarp out there. but i'm told that the body was taken away from the scene. unfortunately, the collision so horrific that the person died on the scene. that person's name not be released to the public at this time.
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this is an ongoing problem in san jose when we went to bed last night and we woke up this morning, 7 fatalities in san jose. unfortunately in the morning hours now it's 8 to 11 collisions altogether this year. and this is a horrible pace because all last year we were talking about 60 for 2021. so the way it's going now we could be into triple digits. this is an area off, obviously because it's residential. there are no crosswalks here. nothing that allows people to go from one side to the other with clear markers. but you can see that person appeared to be hit on the right side or excuse me, the left side of your screen and it looks like right next to a home. so we're not exactly sure the circumstances, maybe this person was going out trying to drop off some extra garbage before the truck came out. that's all on the table. and that's why investigators are here. nobody is coming and going as far as the parties
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involved until they get to the bottom of this. but unfortunately, one more pedestrian fatality in the city of san jose trying desperately to bring that number down because at this current pace, it will surpass 60 in the next couple of months and they didn't get to 60 until the end of the entire year of last year. >> back to you all horrible saying thank you for the also in san jose, a san jose man is expected to survive, but he was stabbed on west santa clara street last night. he has life-threatening injuries. he's in the hospital right now. so far, no arrests have been made. breaking news this morning, cnn president jeff zucker has abruptly resigned after disclosing a relationship with a co worker. the executive said he failed to disclose the relationship in the wake of the company's
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investigation into chris cuomo who was fired late last year after allegations of harassment. in a statement it you can zucker said that he wished that his tenure had ended differently than this. he has been with cnn for the past 9 years. it's 9 o 9. and still ahead, 2 people shot in oakland at a spa. >> we'll have more on what police say happened there. and police are looking for clues into the disappearance of a bay area woman. and now they have some evidence from a home that they're going over. >> and still very windy out there. that's the way we're going to stay today. all that sunshine overhead and low 60's will feel a little bit cool because of those winds. i'm talking die down and what to expect for the rest of the forecast ahead.
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i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> 9.12, time right now. and i would like to get out and do a little hike. i i usually don't let the wet weather stop me. some not to let the winds stop me is going to be cold combined with the wind or is it a warm wind? what would you say? it's a just cool enough to keep the jacket with but i wouldn't call it necessarily a cold day. i get to windbreaker. pick windbreaker. >> if you're at the coastline,
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it's beautiful out there, but very windy as well. so just make sure that you're prepared and ready to go with the for those conditions that are very windy and kind of cool with that wind breaker. skies are clear and dry. something we've been seeing so much of lately. we've had a very dry january behind us in this first week of february. looks to solidly be continuing that we just said early to snow survey and that is showing a drop from the start of the month of about 150% of snowpack average up in the sierra nevada to now around 90%, which is good. but compared to that, 150%. it's about a 60% loss right there over just one month. you don't want to continue to see us losing that much momentum. if we do work our way through a dry february, we need to turn things around right now that high pressure ridge to our west as ensuring that doesn't happen and with the low to our east, we're looking at a very strong pressure gradient through the bay. and if anything, that's only resulting in a very dry wind pushing through the bay humidity falling as low as 10
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to 15%. and we actually do have reports of a new wildfire burning this morning on the big sur coastline. that's not something you want to see when we're talking winds as breezy as they are 50 mile per hour. wind gusts at the peaks of the north bay mountains. and even though comparatively calmer along the bay shore, it is also very windy there. those deep orange shoes in the north bay. those are our high wind warnings were winds are the most excessive. and then we're also looking at those golden areas on the map being wind advisories, all in effect through the middle of the morning tomorrow. now today's daytime high school 50's and 60's for your temperatures. it is going to be just cool enough for those wind breakers for those light jackets, especially when you pair these cooler temperatures with those stronger winds that we do have south bay temperatures today still mostly reaching the low 60's. it will be a range of upper 50's to low 60's across the east bay. our warmest spots today. that will be oakland valais hope asia. petaluma and santa are felt all at 62 degrees now
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tomorrow, right around the same temperature wise. but we start to see winds coming down. this sets us up for a beautiful weekend friday saturday and sunday. pretty good amount of sunshine highs in the mid 60's and look at where will be into the start of next week monday and tuesday, highs in the upper 60's to low 70's, lots of sun. no rain just yet reyna, john. they even that we're talking about those gusty conditions. they are still out there, especially across. >> the bay bridge this morning behind me. also the antioch bridge as well as you're heading into the city to that fremont street exit from the maze. look at the traffic there. a little under 60 minutes as you're traveling there this morning, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 14 minutes. if you're commuting there, let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge traveling out of richmond across towards san rafale. nice and live for us. a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge as you're heading for. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for your drive. daria, back to you. time to talk
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winners and losers with our financial expert rob black eye, robbie. >> hey, good morning. well, good morning to you. i know you're going to you know, stocks and tech rolled in with that. why do i need out of this world internet speeds? >> and there are some parts that don't get cell phone service. but i do get internet so i don't need it. let's say you're living up in the mountains or you're doing a ski instruction, cap or zip line in hawaii, up on the mountains and volcanoes. let's say you're on a cruise boat or airplane are stuck on an island somewhere, right? lighting it. >> the nature. so you cannot ski and not be in the mountains and and be on your phone or whatever. and a lot of americans live in the rural areas, right? home office stuff. yes. so it's starlink is what we're talking about. elon musk's internet service. it has been watching over the years. they just announced a massive upgrade to faster internet speeds. but get this
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at $500 a month to get better customer service. everyone hates tesla's customer service in large part because they've expanded fast cars and in and satellite services. but 500 bucks a month, 400, 50 megabits. so download speed up to 500 is lovely. if you're in need it by steve. a yeah, i think, gosh, i have sand. that's a steep price. way to all kids. let's get back to check in and out of it in and stocks. what's going on there? >> google's announced a 20 for one stock split, had a great quarter. the rally in the stock 10% at times this morning. something that concerns me is apple. microsoft great corners. in early rally, the market. so i'm expecting for a little bit more weakness in 2022. and months ahead. but google's going to 21 for one stocks. but in theory that could be added to the dow jones industrial average, you know, just an old index of american companies that they can add companies too late. you know, microsoft, if the big move apple, if the big move, google's had a big move, but
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it's nice to see. it's nice to see the company's or backyard grow up and become, you know, jet companies around the dow jones industrial average from little baby companies to legit contenders. >> okay. what about i don't see any business not being affected by omicron. but your story today is that starbucks has taken a hit. >> it's kind of microcosm. the restaurant they've got employees who are getting covid omicron. so they're getting 5 days paid off. starbucks is doing the right thing by making covid days off with as many perks as possible to retain their employees. but on top of it, they're having problems getting ingredients. the shipping of the ingredients is a promise pay more for shipping their pain. morphing gradients to pay more for days off food costs, labor costs. those are inflationary negatives for wall street. not a lot of people here feel bad for coffee that made a billion and one 100 million dollars in the last 9 days. income up. 29% year-over-year sales up 19%. but again, they're
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getting hit by omicron telling us all of us are probably getting hit by omicron in january and february, the first 2 months of the year after we got together expect a lump the economy. and if you're looking for a stock market, all-time highs, i just don't see those pieces fall into place in the short term, ok, i do. i do see an urgent need for the internet and good speed. if you're going to be streaming olympics. >> and they're starting friday. i admit i like the luge. >> i >> tour in there? that does say like shot down lot like out of a gun. it's amazing. >> doctor freud is calling you to his i don't know what the nordic cross nordic combined as i've never understood it. it's interesting that we're talking on peacock, which is basically comcast answer towards streaming. it's it's just. they've got 9 million subscribers, hbo max, a 74 million per month. plus, s 47 million. so they're not even close to number 3. number 4 behind disney and netflix, obviously, this is a big
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chance for them to try to grab eyeballs. unfortunately, omicron's not playing along nhl, the most recognized players of the winter olympics all stayed at home. the broadcasters are broadcasting from home. so can see katie kirchen wandering the streets of china going. this is a lot of weight, spectacular topic. so some of the nostalgia just won't be rating wise summer games are down. 42 1% from the previous summer games in the last winter olympics are down 17%. so i think this could be a big loser. watch, you know, of my kids. and it's going to be a use. own i are you have it now will be here all day taking blame or credit for that was kevin. >> and use what do you like the like the winter in the winter competition? what do you watch? >> you know, might at this goes but i think women's hockey is as a really competitive. really like seeing the united states, canada go at it. and there's just something about, you know. that game hockey. one of
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the ultimate team sport. i grew up loving soccer and hockey is, you know, soccer on ice, so to speak. so all right, pay attention to women's hockey, but the men from college. just not interesting to me now now. all right. and it sounds like you like the summer games to sell those to come around next. >> thank you, rob. and have a question for rob. you can reach him an email or twitter or facebook will be right back. 9.23, let's talk
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basketball. the warriors on a roll. and even without the big stars, gold state found a way to win last night, 7th game in a row. you know, like i said, they were hobbled against the san antonio spurs because they did not have steph curry. andrew wiggins is out. was a no klay thompson didn't play warriors guard jordan tool came through, scored through 31 points last night and then they had 2 bench players come off of chip in 41 points combined. steph is live with it is gray pantsuit tracksuit colleges can tour the newer. 17 point hole, though they have in the 2nd half and still came back for the win one. 24 1.20, coach kerr says was touch and go, but they did >> what a game. what a to to dig ourselves out of that hole and 2 to see all of our young guys competing the way they in our 2, 2, rookies coming through in a big way.
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>> fantastic. and the warriors fans lo wild tomorrow night will be at home hosting the sacramento kings tip off at 07:00pm. >> in santa clara, the forty-niners are spending the week doing their exit interviews in cleaning out their lockers. >> the biggest question mark is what happens to quarterback jimmy g we know that rookie trey lance is just chomping at the bit. head coach kyle shanahan quiet about the future. >> jimmy, it's hard to, you know, put all the scenarios in play right now. but i think those things will work themselves out. i've had a great time here the niners organization with the everything has been awesome, but some ups and downs, obviously. but i yeah, i mean, i could. we'll see what happens. i guess. >> that means talking talking like a guy who's, you know, ready to go if he has to. wants to go to a team. that's hungry. he hopes if he has to go. we'll keep you updated on the offseason season moves right here on the kron. 4 morning news.
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>> staff members with oakland unified school district on a hunger strike. meanwhile, students are walking out of the classroom. all to say that no schools should be shut down and got all the details coming up in a live report.
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>> 9.20 is the time and we're trying to get you through a windy morning and we have another one tomorrow on tap. so worse, better tomorrow, anything. yeah. winds i think tomorrow should be a little better. so breezy, though, for sure. as you mentioned. >> today, though, the very, very windy one all the way through the day, too. so this morning this afternoon, this evening tonight, going to be a little bit rough as you're traveling across bridges and mountain passes, especially as you encounter those stronger gusts in those areas. this is your look outside. if you didn't know it was windy and think, oh, my gosh, it's a beautiful day and then you get out there and your hats down the streets. you can see that we do have orange areas in the north bay. these are your high wind warnings in the upper elevations, north bay mountains, winds well above 50 miles per hour. for your peak, u.s. even are calmer areas like the bayshore in the south bay looking at some breezy conditions as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour. gusts. so it is definitely the north bay that seeing the highest potential of any downed a breeze like branches or power lines or just hard travels above those mountain passes.
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even 80's been excessively windy all morning long. so if you're carrying a light load, have a high-profile vehicle, you're definitely going to feel every one of those gusts 50's for current temperatures. maybe a very windy morning, but it hasn't been the coldest mornings. keep the light jacket. the windbreaker on hand will come in handy today. >> john, and hopefully they're bringing a light jacket. but there also given leaving a little extra to give yourself more time out there because it is gusty our on our highways, in our bridges, the bay bridge in the antioch bridge. definitely see those high winds as you're heading into the city right now to that under about 16 minutes for e your drive as you're making it from the maze to that fremont street exit. no major hazards along 5, 80 80. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14. so traffic moving along there pretty nicely. let's get a look as you're heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge as you're looking at, 37 to the tolls about 20
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minutes there. daria, back to you. thanks a lot. ray 9.30, in a big story in the east bay to oakland, teachers are making the possible school case of life and death. this comes ahead of a vote on what to do about the schools next week. kron 4, sarah stinson. this is very unusual for these teachers to actually go on a hunger strike. >> 2 staff members at west lake middle school. they're willing to starve themselves to send a message to the school board. that school should not be closed in oakland. they are on a hunger strike right now as many people are having breakfast getting their days going. they are abstaining from food >> and they're hoping to send a message loud and clear to the school board. now, parents and students and staff. they're also gathering on saturday for a rally. people say they're most angry. the schools being considered a close are predominantly in
9:32 am
black communities. the choir teacher on a hunger strike from west lake middle school on jason shay. he also is leading the schools, gender and sexuality alliance. he's willing to die for this cause and he's doing this with the middle schools, community schools, program manager, the new district. together, there might be more teachers joining students from west lake middle school also walked out of the classroom yesterday in solidarity with the same cause against the closure of oakland schools. the outrage really sparked during the board's meeting monday night with students, staff and parents speaking out. there was a presentation about the plan to consider school closing and discussion and open comment. no vote was made. district is considering shutting down. 8 schools can see the list of them on your screen and merging for schools. the district claims a decline in enrollment is causing the school district to face and over 12 million dollars deficit next school year and about this problem. the recommendation is to
9:33 am
consolidate before that next school year. so that was middle school choir director. he explained to the board very wholeheartedly why he's willing to starve himself for the cause. >> and they see that all's fair in love and war. so on the first day of black history month, which ps tomorrow, february 1st, i will begin a hunger strike with my fellow were equal. a again, school closures and mergers which will not end until the board decides to find another way and stop closing and merging our schools. since i'm an educator and i know that there isn't much research on starvation. i invite any scientist to do research during this process. however. i die. i want the board to know that my death was at your hands. >> so very intense statement made at that meeting. and speaking of statements, i just heard back from the school district to the board president. he said, quote, the district cares deeply about
9:34 am
the health and well-being of our staff and hopes that any staff member who is considering a hunger strike explores other means to protest that don't involve harming themselves. we know that our students, staff and families all agree that we need to district of thriving schools yet. not everyone necessarily agrees on how best to get there. gary. he continues to say the difficult decision on consolidating the schools for this board of education will be on february 8th. so looks like they are still planning to vote on february 8th, knowing this hunger strike is going on. they they said their opinions. they're hoping that people really do avoid any type of protest that would harm their wealth, health and well-being. so that's the response. i just got that email. while i was reporting. so very intense situation that rally again, it's going to be on saturday at prescott school at 10 in the morning. darya back to you. ok? we'll see what happens. thanks a lot, sarah.
9:35 am
9.34 and the east bay one woman died and a man is critically injured in a shooting. >> that happened in the lake merritt neighborhood in oakland around 10 o'clock yesterday morning. it was in the spa on grand avenue that somebody opened fire on these 2 people. police when they got there, they found the 2 victims and no sign of the shooter and they believe it was targeted. they think that whoever was was gunning for these they have not released any possible suspects or a motive for the shooting. if you have any info contact the oakland police. new developments in the search for missing oakley woman. her name is alexis. gabe, an antioch police searched the home of her ex-boyfriend. and as you can see, they took out some evidence. we believe that there's a vacuum cleaner that they're looking at now. several other large bags that they took away as evidence was last seen at her ex's home on brent tree. way last wednesday night at 09:00pm and the next day police found her car. it
9:36 am
was abandoned with the keys. still in the ignition. investigators are hoping that the items they collected, we'll help them find her. police are looking into. >> the person who dropped off her car. and they're looking into digital imagery from surrounding cameras in the ex boyfriend's neighborhood and and the location her car was found. >> and that you can see they're putting flyers up all over town and friends are looking for her. she is 5, 7, and weighs 170. she was last seen wearing a white tank top, a silver and black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and green and white shoes. it's 9, 36. and in oakland man has entered a plea deal with alameda county prosecutors that might send to prison for at least 50 years. for killing hayward police sergeant scott longer. marcus trot out was
9:37 am
just 21 years old when he shot longer during a traffic stop. he was convicted of first-degree murder for that shooting in july of 2015 in the plea, estrada admits to using the gun that killed longer and is expected to be sentenced. now on march 18th longer was the father of 2 daughters and was on the police force for 15 years. it's 9, 3, 7, and we're learning more about a man who died in a hit and run in san francisco. the crash was at the corner of 46 avenue and lincoln street over the weekend. it was saturday night. 38 year-old barry mcgrath was a passenger in an uber when the uber was struck by a stolen car and then the driver of the stolen car took off running and mcgrath was taken to the hospital where he ended up dying. he was the chair of san francisco's gaelic athletic association. it's 9.37. and still ahead.
9:38 am
>> how men are finding support at barber shops. and barbers are helping their clients with their mental health. >> and today may be sunny, but it is very windy. just one look at those flags at the bottom of the screen. and you can see the wind pushing through financial district low 60's to upper 50's for highs later on today. it's going to be a cool and windy one. your forecast ahead.
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>> it's 9.40 and state lawmakers are close to a will that take close look at california's recall process. they are taking a look at whether she change it or not, because critics say that the recall process is costly and overused and even weaponized against election officials had every a stage of government in a hearing. california's secretary of state shirley weber suggested shortening the recall ballot to just a single yes or no question. eliminating question 2 is yes, voters to pick a replacement candidate. >> is this something needs to standards to recall a governor extending the timeframe for the recall and limiting the number of attempts that you can recall somebody no action
9:42 am
was taken in yesterday's hearing. but state lawmakers have 2 more weeks now to file new proposals and any changes will ultimately those changes will be in the hands of the voters. it's 9.41. and we'll be right back.
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oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> 9.44 can't wait to get out there and enjoy the weather. i
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noticed another ponytail day. >> john and i the rock and yeah. the ponytail, all this hair. was just ready for the has you know what, whatever you do it outside. make sure you are ready for those winds. the ponytail, the windbreaker, the light jacket is going to come in handy and if you're driving across the bridges, are mountain passes, be mindful of those stronger gusts. golden gate bridge looks beautiful. but i know those drivers are feeling those winds as they make that crossing. we are going to be seeing clear skies well, throughout the course of the day today. that's not something that's going to change here. we're staying dry for the foreseeable future. this forecast and with their latest snow report being released showing that we've lost a good amount of our snowpack in the sierrn just over this dry january. we just finished up from around 150% of average. the start of the month to about 90% of average. we don't want to keep that dry momentum going for right now. it is going to stay with us, though. high pressure to our west low to our east. we're in
9:46 am
the middle. and because of these 2 factors, we're seeing a very strong northerly northeasterly wind into the bay. very dry winds to the last time we saw winds like this. a couple weekends back is when we have that fast-spreading wildfire in big sur. so fire danger is high because of this. north bay mountains, seeing the strongest of winds in they're lit up in orange, high wind warnings for elevations above 2000 feet in the north bay, much of the rest of the bay area under similar wind advisories. now, today's daytime highs not much different than yesterday as we're we're back into the upper 50's to low 60's burlingame in south san francisco at 61 degrees. each saying carlos, an eye. 62, you're tied for one of our warmer spots in the bay today. joining you is areas like oakland valais. whoa on over towards benicia petaluma and santa fell all at 62 degrees. that's the warmest we're getting today, but not the warmest we're getting in the rest of this forecast. temperatures will gradually increase for the remainder of the forecast and with winds coming down tomorrow. the rest
9:47 am
of the forecast looks really nice. friday, saturday and sunday, mid 60's, lots of sunshine and monday and tuesday to start the first full week of february. we're looking especially nice highs near 70 and sunny would love to see the rain. just not yet reyna. tom, thank you for that. like daria said it is a ponytail day because we're still seeing those wind gusts behind us. >> we do have an accident out there. this is out in san carlos. so southbound one, 0, one at holly street. we're seeing just a slight delay. so not much of a backup, the air, but 2.80, always a good alternate. if you're trying to get around that heading into the city right now, about 13 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling there, there is a traffic collision on the eastbound side of the bridge. there near the treasure island exit that as you're heading out of the city across towards the east bay, san mateo bridge, about 13 minutes, 92 westbound there traveling highway for look at that 14 minutes as you're heading for one 62 to 42 and let's get a look at one. 0, one in the
9:48 am
south bay. 85 in menlo park. as you're traveling there. no major issues. 17 to 80. i'm not see no major delays. daria, back to you. thanks a lot, right, 9.47. and we want to shine a spotlight on mental health and the black community. a are a major hospital in arkansas. just got a multimillion-dollar grant to go into barbershops and talk to black men about their emotional well-being. donna terrell explains. >> it's day at the barbershop. but here a sharp line or comes with much more than through a program called the confess project licensed barbers and 22 mental health champions for less likely to see therapist. barbershop is for us after the man and one of our safe places. and it's in the barber's chair. the clients get a fresh >> going with mental healing in a lot of places. even maybe
9:49 am
it were poor. sometimes even at i might feel uncomfortable to express myself in certain ways. and so when i come to the barber shop. >> i can relax. and just talk about pretty much anything. >> parts not been fighting depression and anxiety for about 15 years. that the big station at stack threes in a house right now. radio personality houston stackhouse speaks openly about mental health. just try to stay positive. start try to keep pushing. >> so we all got to do he to find support through his barber. by the confess becoming just relax and just let everything just goes. that's on the runs. a lose. >> little rock, arkansas and our an organization called the confess project organization founder an arkansas native lorenzo. lewis had his own mental health issues. it started with just my my own depression and really has evolved to the company. >> a national movement, movement of more than 1000
9:50 am
barbers in 15 states trained help to listen detect problems and died. clients to professional help if barbers, a period of events and specials. i like to call it. the average is on the front line and they really support someone to a conversation was can really lead to true impact. and it's quality of life change. >> it's tough getting black men, though, to the therapist, right? it is absolutely according to the u.s. department of health and human services in 2000, 19 suicide was the second-leading cause of death for african-americans between the ages of 15 24 and suicide from black men was 4 times higher. then for black hi one because it has been a barber since 1998. with the help of the confess project and other mental health he has more than barber tools to provide hope and resources and he's not afraid to ask tough questions. do we have reached out for help that we have or, you are you open? so you'll
9:51 am
ask them? yeah, i'll ask point blank how many actually say yes, i have. yes, i have several. i have several. he tells me one of his clients was admitted to a mental health facility. >> after he convinced him to get help. that >> the also moment because felt like. he was at his breaking point. felt like he was about. to just give up on life resistance to mental health treatment connected to same gill. a lot of that would pertain to a black man is. >> but many have so much stoicism. a little too strong and powerful. it's only when you not think we break through and understand this is about getting our power and getting the control of our lives. >> and can lead to positive effect on the entire family just by spending hours. so getting shaped and brushed off. >> in little rock, arkansas. all right. thank you, donna terrell reported. and if you'd like to see more are pam moore
9:52 am
is going to be hosting >> hour honoring black history special. it airs february 24th at 6.30. we'll be right back.
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>> almost over the morning, but they're never done on kron-on. theresa stasi is in the newsroom with a preview. hi theresa hyde r well. good morning, everyone. we're following some developing news out of the south bay involving the latest pedestrian crash. and that was what will tran was on this morning for you. we're going to be bringing you a news conference with some more information about that. also, president biden is talking about fighting cancer and stepping up plans to lower cancer rates in this country. we are going to have a live report on that to say the interviews and to get real time updates. a local national headlines. grab your phone, scan the code and will take us straight to the app store said the you can download kron on from free back to dr. thank you, theresa. well, we've been talking about the weather all morning the fact that we need some rain. >> and they just measured with a big stick and the data shows this is the second official snow survey. they've done this season. it shows that we need a lot more snow. good. we're good. early on. but now it
9:56 am
turns out that they say we are about 92% of and that means that we could use another storm if you trust pox that highfill. he says we're going to get more because we have 6 more weeks of winter. we are hoping you're right, punxsutawney. yeah. so that would be nice because i would like to salvage the ski to take a peek at the let's do it. you know, it was such a good december. daria, did you get up there on the earlier? yeah. when we got our first snow, yeah, i really enjoyed it now thinking can i skin march? maybe i know will open march. we still have wettest time of the year ahead of us, which is those early spring months. >> typically we have the march miracle. sometimes we'd love to have one of those happened. obviously january has not come through for us. february was up to a dry start. just one look at those next 7 days. and you can see that temperatures rising into the upper 60's, a 17 18. 0, i like this tuesday
9:57 am
you put 69 then like halfway through the morning, you what out 6 tonight again? yeah, you know what? either way there will be a 70 or 2 in the day. yeah, tuesday's that's sure. it just weird for this time of but get out and enjoy it because you can't control it. so have a great day. we'll see you back here.
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