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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  February 2, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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shooting at oxford high school in michigan where 4 people were killed and 7 others injured. >> if there's a credible threat, if you're aware of a credible threat. j% >> you must investigate it. didn't. and so if you're notified, if you realize if their suspicions that there's a credible threat. >> search that locker search stepback that finally got. >> in the event of a threat or perceived threat of a mass shooting incident. the bill proposes the following require parents or guardians to act on registering a student to disclose whether any firearms are in the students home require schools to immediately report a credible, violent threat to law enforcement. authorities and school leaders. and in consultation with law enforcement must search students on campus property for possible firearms. the senator hopes to have that bill on governor newsom's desk by august.
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classes resumed at ucl a today one day after a former lecture was arrested. >> accused of making violent threats against the campus. 31 year-old matthew harris taken into custody at his apartment yesterday in boulder, colorado. after a 3 hour standoff. court documents say his threats were made online against the school in an 800 page manifesto. police say he made thousands of references to violence the manifest so manifesto also allegedly talked about a schoolyard massacre in boulder months before the threats against u c l a harris was the subject of a restraining order after he's accused of sending threatening messages to a uc irvine professor. >> today, barr reopen the powell street station bathroom. they had been closed for more than 20 years. officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning restrooms at 10 of bart's underground stations have been closed since 9.11, because of
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safety concerns. bart says the bathrooms are the first to reopen as part of an effort to prioritize the needs of riders. they say the bathrooms will look similar to the ones that you see an airport. bart says that they're going to reopen those bathrooms at the 9th team street station in downtown oakland little later on this month. >> and this just in to the kron 4 news room. the san francisco police department is looking to end in agreement with the district attorney's office regarding investigations involving officers. they reached a deal last july to let the da's office lead independent investigations into officer-involved shootings in custody. deaths and use of force incidents resulting in serious injuries. the cda buddy there. but according to the police chief bill scott in san francisco, an investigator from the da's office recently testified that she was told to withhold evidence in a case that resulted in assault charges against an officer and now chief scott wants to terminate the agreement with
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dha. somebody office and the da's office has just responded saying in part, quote, it is disappointing but no coincidence sfpd chose to withdraw from this agreement during the first ever trial against an on duty. san francisco police officer for an unlawful beating san franciscans deserve to be safe, including from unwanted police violence and quote, kron 4 taylor bisacky is speaking to the police officers association about this development and she will have more coming up tonight on kron. 4 news in prime time, vicki. we'll certainly keep you posted on this developing story. thank you. grant to national news tonight. a massive storm is set to blast a huge swath of the country with winter weather. >> right now, 90 million people are under winter weather alerts the system expected to stretch more than 2000 miles from the rockies, all the way to new england.
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already that storm has brought a half a foot of snow to denver and chicago is expected to have the biggest impact in the south where ice storms may bring cities like dallas and memphis to a standstill. want to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with the very latest. what a huge this thing is massive. this all the way from the colorado area in denver and all the way down in the dallas and all the way up in the great lakes. and we're already starting to see it put itself together here. now you can see the areas shaded. >> in the purple. that is where we're seeing that wintry mix where you get the sleep and you get a little ice storms start to form now. snow obviously going to be a big part of that. we've got some extremely cold air on the backside of it out in front of it, though. you get that nice, warm, moist air coming up on the gulf. so in between, that's where the storm system is meeting. the here's latest forecast. see that stormy weather and that sleet making its way the ice storms across parts of the east and they'll continue to be an issue. we're talking not just a small ice storm. we're talking maybe an inch, maybe 2 inches of ice
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that could form on some of the trees bringing down the power lines really just paralyzing the area, making it a mask over the next 24 to 36. even 48 hours. so this is going to be some kind of storm that is working its way across the country. in fact, a very cold temperatures. look at those numbers for highs for tomorrow. 23 for a high all the way down in the 37 in nashville, 15 in kansas city. 22 degrees in chicago and only 7 degrees in des moines. -1 in minneapolis. so extremely cold weather. extremely dangerous weather out there. well, out west, we've got that big dome of high pressure and you've got clear skies. you've got offshore wind. you've got no threat of rain or freezing conditions. it's overnight lows will get a little bit on the cold side of yeah. these winds are the biggest story out west right now. the offshore flow continuing tonight. but even that will begin to subside. i think as we head through the night tomorrow, i think tomorrow will be done with the advisories for that win. but tonight, again, another
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blustery night around the bay area. but overall looks like things are going to start shape up pretty nicely by tomorrow afternoon. we will see some clouds out there and temperatures running up in the mid 60's. but right now we've been looking for a draw for just about a month now. and so far we able to find any the next 7 days looks to be the same case. we're going to see dry weather. maybe temperatures moving in the 70's as we head toward the middle of next week. thanks, laura. it's coming up in sports with it looking very much like jimmy garoppolo will not be with the forty-niners next year. >> the big question concerning this team. is the young guy, trey lance, ready to take the reins as the starting qb sports director jason dumas says kyle shanahan's and john lynch's answers to that coming up. plus, a new survey shows people aren't really high jenik during the pandemic. the daily task that many folks are
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plan to fully around the bay area, but could rosemary? >> help fight covid new study from the scripps research institute shows that. arsenic acid a substance in the popular herb may block the spike protein of the coronavirus for penetrating the body's receptor protein. covid uses the receptor protein to enter human cells.
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i don't want that. the study also showed that the compound is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help treat other elements like all timers and dementia. the findings are preliminary at this point. still, though, the study's authors conclude that the car snake acid likely offers useful antiviral properties all while remaining totally safe. and relatively an reactive cameras meet karnow beautiful smell, too. a new survey reveals that people are brushing her teeth a lot less during covid. yeah. 2000 adults in the uk were polled and found that one in 5. >> just aren't brushing their teeth to time today. as recommended by it, dennis. and more than quarter of those admitted that they don't floss either. no surprise there. a separate survey poll that you k dentist 82% of them say that they saw a deterioration in their patients, oral health during the pandemic with tooth ache. and severe plaque
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>> but as we honor black history month, we want to shine a spotlight on mental health in the black a major hospital in arkansas just got a multimillion-dollar grant to go into barbershops and talk to black man about their
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emotional well-being. donna terrell explains. >> it's day at the barbershop. but here a sharp line or comes with much more than through a program called the confess project licensed barbers and 22 mental health champions for less likely to see therapist. barbershop is for us after command and one of our safe places. and it's in the barber's chair. the clients get a fresh >> going with mental healing in a lot of places. even maybe it were poor. sometimes even at i might feel uncomfortable to express myself in certain ways. and so when i come to the barber shop. >> i can relax. and just talking about pretty much anything. >> parts not been fighting depression and anxiety for about 15 years. that the big
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station at stack threes in the house right now, radio personality houston stackhouse speaks openly about mental health. just try to stay positive. started try to keep pushing. >> so we all got to do. he too, finds support through his barber by the confess project may become and just relax and just let everything just goes. that's on the runs. a lose. >> little rock, arkansas and our an organization called the confess project organization founder an arkansas native lorenzo. lewis had his own mental health issues. it started with just my my own depression and really has evolved becoming. >> a national movement, movement of more than 1000 barbers in 15 states trained help to listen detect problems and died. clients to professional help if needed. our barbara is a period of events and specials. i like to call it. the average is on the front line and they really supported someone to a conversation was can really lead to true impact. and it's quality of life change. >> it's tough getting black men, though, to the therapist,
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right? it is absolutely according to the u.s. department of health and human services in 2000, 19 suicide was the second-leading cause of death for african-americans between the ages of 15 24 and suicide for black men was 4 times higher. then for black hi one because it has been a barber since 1998. with the help of the confess project and other mental health he has more than barber tools to provide hope and resources and he's not afraid to ask tough questions. do we have reached out for help that we have or, you are you open? so you'll ask them? yeah, i'll ask point blank how many actually say yes, i have. yes, i have several. i have several. he tells me one of his clients was admitted to a mental health facility. >> after he convinced him to get help. that >> the also moment because i felt like. he was at his breaking point. felt like he was about. to just give up on
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life resistance to mental health treatment connected to gill, a lot of that would pertain to a black man is. >> but many have so much stoicism. a little too strong and powerful. it's only when you not think we break through and understand this is about us getting our power and getting the control of our lives. >> and can lead positive effect on the entire family just by spending hours. so getting shaped and brushed off. >> in little rock, arkansas. all right. thank you, donna terrell and join kron four's. we commemorate black history month. our pam moore will host our 30 minute special honoring plaque history. mind body and soul. it airs thursday, february 24th at 6.30, pm. our weather time now as we take a peek outside from the crowd for studios. the cameras pointed tonight. >> at coit tower in san francisco, our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to talk the wind is a
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dying down yet. >> you know, you guys are probably wake up in the morning. first thing you do is grab your coffee. i'm running for the computer models looking for rain each day. >> i'm getting on. they're looking to see if we can find anything. of course, we've had those offshore winds very much more typical of what we get in fall. but when you don't get the rain and you get high pressure, this is what we get. so here's a look at the long range models and you can see the arc of that ridge of high pressure sending any chance of rain up in pacific northwest. for now, we do have a weak system off the coastline. here comes and there it goes, falling apart. only followed by yet another one. these storm systems rolling up in the pacific northwest and canada. but by the time they get here, they just run of that ridge of high pressure become broken. upper left a few high clouds and a lot of times we get those gusty offshore winds developing behind that. so i think we're going to see that play in the near future here in probably a little bit in the extended range as well as you can see well into next week. in fact, as we head into the following weekend, keeping things high and dry, still that big dome of high pressure overhead and
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really some very nice temperatures now to go along with that. now we've got some gusty winds out there, wind advisories and high wind warnings are up for tonight across much of the bay area. it's tomorrow morning. then those winds will begin to subside. overall. looks like we're going to see a change in the pattern tomorrow as we're going to see a few more clouds begin to roll in by tomorrow morning, high clouds up above and then probably increasing by the afternoon as that swirl works its way through the bay area. so should be a beautiful sunset around the bay area for tomorrow. temperatures going to the 50's in the san francisco. you're talking about some 60's as you make your way inside the bay that 62 degrees in burlingame. 64 degrees in redwood city, comfortable numbers in the south bay, but staying pretty mild outside and looking very dry out there all around the bay area. that's the way it's going to sit. in fact, next week, we could be talking about some temperatures moving up into the 70's. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> yesterday we heard from the
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man of the hour, jimmy g that might not be the appropriate term sense. he's essentially the lame duck in the quarterback room now in san francisco. but everything does appear to be pointing to trey lance being the next qb one for the niners. they gave up 2 first-round picks. plus a third-rounder form with that kind of investment. coupled with jimmy g's 27 million dollars cap hit if they keep him. the writing is kind of on the wall. lance started 2 games this past season with mixed results. when garoppolo was injured. but we also the flashes he had just using with potential. he also appeared in 6 games, threw 5 touchdown passes and rushed for another one. he did throw 2 picks. head coach kyle shanahan and general manager john lynch were asked what gives them confidence that lance is ready to start next season. >> we have the ability we saw and we know that a different level. we know they are very
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limited. amount he got to play specially last year covid. so you've got to go off what you see on tape that we've been in the personnel. we did have ear for all year. i feel stronger about that. he's got the ability to do got the mind to do but it the type of person that could handle stuff that goes with us all that competitive greatness that you look for and people are going to be your organization. and so even though we brief, it and so gives me a lot of belief that it that it's there and he's exactly what we thought he would. >> he was when we picked him in and really excited about that. >> the washington football team has finally come up with a nickname after 2 years of contemplation, they will now be called the commanders. there will be a big w on the helmet team. president jason wright said that the main commanders can kerry the rich legacy of the team, a championship legacy? it's got the way in have to have something befitting a 90 year franchise. yeah. okay. the
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oakland roots soccer team is ready to compete for a usl championship title in 2022. under new head coach juan guerrero. the roots just kicked off pre season this week. they train that the raiders former facility in alameda, the team is looking to build off of last season's late push. they're coming off of a western conference semifinal run. guerra says he wants to build a culture of family and most importantly be a club of the city of oakland and that this city can be proud of the team's home opener is on march. 26 at laney college. >> we have 24 guys that wake up every single day just on super excited. super happy and proud to represent the city of oakland. we have 24 if they get the mandate players every single day in order push themselves on and off the field i can guarantee that the reverse and the city of oakland with a lot of pride on the and mostly just being
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competitive coming into work every single day and and working hard and pushing each other being a good person being a good teammate is what i think is is going to take group of guys along with the coaching really far. >> it will be an exciting season for them when he gets start up, guys. washington commanders, you a fan. jason? no, i think is really well, yeah, that that would stick with the mold of that franchise. the past what? yes, yes. you know. well, pretty well, yeah. 19. no, the trey lance there. it looks like it's upon us. and yeah, it definitely should. fans should be excited. he's shown a lot of promise and both him and jaime really handed that what could have been an awkward situation. they both handle it like pros in trey said jimmy will be one of his best friends for life. have people friends for life. have people on the
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>> we also need to recognize james retzer can take mask. >> want to do that. he's got the puck on the stick and then foot. wow. that's trick shot by a young columbus blue jackets fan. that's >> cooper denny. and this video is going viral after he's course that spinning shootout goal during
6:57 pm
intermission at the game there in front of thousands of fans at the nhl game. in addition to the video going all over the place now, cooper's goal landed a spot on sports centers. top 10. that is crescent. it looks like he practices that in front of the mirror just to get it just right. >> break near doesn't break the of the. all right. well, good good for him. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6. appreciate you being with us tonight. pam and ken will have come for news in primetime at 8, 9.10. be safe, everybody and have a good night tonight.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: suspected. >> you saw the news. >> announcer: reports of turmoil behind the scenes. then the birth of a baby on a plane. >> came early. >> announcer: the wife accused in a murder-for-hire plot. >> the target? her husband. >> did she really think she was going to get away with it? >> i believe she did. >> announcer: the fake photos on the phone a surprise when cops told her he was dead. >> oh, my god. >> announcer: michael jackson's children at the premiere of the musi


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