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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 2, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight. an unsettling crime at so fi stadium. authorities in los angeles county telling kron 4 the forty-niners fan was apparently beaten into a coma during last weekend's nfc championship game. that's where we begin tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we are also learning that fan is a bay area resident force lso. the money has been following this story. she's live in our newsroom with the very latest. l a. >> kevin can some really despairing news tonight as we have learned that that forty-niners fan flew down to enjoy the game. >> and he's down the hospital fighting for his life. these are pictures of 40 year-old daniel luna. firefighters in inglewood say that they found him lying on the ground. the so fi stadium parking lot at around 4 o'clock sunday during the championship game against the rams. he was wearing a forty-niners jersey at the time and was attacked and severely injured. but it's not
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clear if he was targeted for being a fan. the harbor ucl a medical center hospital's emergency room called police because of his injuries. and they're now trying to figure out and piece together what exactly happened and who might have hurt him. and as you mentioned, he is in a coma. luna's believed to be the owner of a peruvian fusion restaurant in oakland over on piedmont. the website says that they're temporarily closed the la times reports that luna's wife wa at the hospital with him and that a friend said that luna still had his watch wallet and phone when he was taken to the hospital. so he doesn't think that this was a targeted robbery, but police could not confirm that again. it's also still uncertain whether he might have been targeted for being a forty-niners fan as there's no evidence of that at this time. and inglewood police are working with stadium security to try to solve this case. pam and ken. >> all right, allen, thank you for that, too. will stay on top of that story. now to the latest on a growing feud between the san francisco police department and the district attorney's office
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police chief bill scott is terminating an agreement that allowed the da's office to investigate incidents involving police officers that result in serious injuries to sky is ending that pact, which is known as the memorandum of understanding after testimonies in court said that the district attorney's office purposely withheld evidence in investigations while for sale of the sacking has the latest. >> as is stated in the letter, this is about the essence of the animal you itself and what eu is supposed to stand for. san francisco police chief bill scott spoke out at wednesday's police commission meeting regarding this letter that he sent a district attorney chesa boudin. >> in the letter, chief scott says he's terminating the memorandum of understanding or agreement between the department and da's office that allows the da's office to investigate police shootings, in-custody deaths and use of force incidents. chief scott cites recent court testimony revealing that the da's office withheld evidence in
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investigations as the reason for his decision spirit of year. when i was in most of the meetings with the former da and the current da. and is that the spirit of you? >> is fairness, transparency, cooperation and an agreement that works for all concerned parties. >> including the police officers, the d a >> has once again showed his explicit bias towards police officers and crime victims in general you know, appears that was the catalyst for that shooting. what he did president of the san francisco police officers association, tony montoya says. >> some investigations will now fall back on sfpd and other partner agencies upon the cancellation of that agreement, which will take effect in 15 days. meanwhile, she's a blue jeans office responded to this decision in a statement on wednesday, writing in part, quote, since you between our office, an sfpd went into effect. our office has made enormous progress towards reducing police violence against san
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franciscans and particularly people of color. it is disappointing, but no coincidence sfpd chose to withdraw from this agreement during the first-ever trial against an on-duty san francisco police officer for an unlawful beating as as decision comes a week after an sfpd fatal police shooting which police falsely characterize the descendant as being in possession of a firearm and weeks after criminal case was dismissed after officer excessive force came to light. however, chief scott says this decision has nothing to do with oversight and everything to do with a process that is fair. he says he's now working to find alternatives for independent investigations. also has been in the letter reached out to the state attorney general. >> for guidance on how we can get through this with the appropriate independent oversight. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> to the east bay now where oakland police have identified a teen and a young man killed in a hit and run. the crash
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happened last night on international boulevard and 78th avenue in east oakland. officers found 17 year-old herrera miranda. and 26 year-old leroy rodriguez with severe injuries. paramedic stepped in to try and help, but both of them died at the scene. this is video from the citizen app. 3 cars were involved in the crash and police arrested. one of the drivers is not clear if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. san jose police are investigating after a recycling truck hit and killed a woman while she was taking out her trash cans. it happened shortly before 8 o'clock this fontanella court authorities say she walked toward the front of the truck and the driver's blind spot when she was hit. she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say the truck driver is cooperating. there were no signs of impairment. this is the 10th fatal collision involving a pedestrian in san jose. so far this year. >> other news tonight,
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developing news petaluma police say they're investigating a covid testing sites that may have been operating illegally. police say they received a number of reports last month questioning the legitimacy of a pop-up testing site on north mcdowell boulevard near casey park in petaluma valley hospital officers determined the testing site had the proper documents and appeared to be operated by crestview clinical laboratory. however, crestview later alerted petaluma police said it was not operating a testing site. there. when officers returned to the site, the pop up had been removed. >> california's covid indoor mask mandate is set to expire in about 2 weeks. but contra costa county health officials say their mask mandate may last beyond that date. the county says it needs to meet 3 metrics in order to lift the mask mandate there first. it needs to be in the cdc's moderate or yellow tier for at least 3 weeks. as of now contra costa county has been in the red for 35 consecutive
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days. second, there must be fewer than 75 covid hospitalizations. currently, there are 263 and 3rd, either 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated or 8 weeks must have passed since vaccine. eligibility opened up to 5 through 11 year-old that happened more than 3 months ago. so as it stands, hospitalizations will drive the county public health decision on what happens in 2 weeks. >> we have had hospitals report that there a protein and one at 90% of their icu capacity. some systems deferring elective surgeries still. so we're still not there where we want to be. >> for the health care system is. >> the good news is the number of new covid cases in contra. costa county is down. 34 1% over the past week. >> an alarming new study suggests people with covid are likely still contagious after day 5 of isolation. that is in
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contrast with the cdc's guidelines that called for just 5 days of isolation. if you test positive kron four's gayle ong has details and reaction from local health experts. >> the cdc knew and that we all knew that this wasn't going to be perfect. if you said 5 days, if you say 10 days, it's not perfect. there still will be a small, very small percentage of people who still potentially be contagious after 10 days. so you can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good here. doctor john swartzberg uc berkeley, infectious disease expert referring to a recent study posted in preprint. >> not yet peer reviewed suggest people with covid-19 are likely still contagious. regardless of symptoms status after day 5 of isolation, doctors forsberg not surprised by the data. >> if you have a positive rapid test. after day 5, even if your symptoms are gone, you're still contagious. and you need to do everything you can to prevent spreading that virus to other people. ideally, it would be staying in isolation. that's what the
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studies showed about health care workers. interesting thing about this study is that it's looking at how long basically the rapid antigen test is positive. that pink line stays positive. but that isn't actually the best measure of fire. a low doctor. monica gandhi, ucsf, infectious disease doctor supports the cdc's five-day guidelines. >> and says covid tests are not perfect your app and you can stay positive. but it doesn't mean that you're virus is on it's just picking up. so the problem is with reporting from these rapid antigen tests without doing coach is that you can look like you positive and you may not be both health experts acknowledge data is always changing. pcr can do a little bit of our senior knows it can stay positive for 90 days and the rapid antigen tests do not. tell because they don't culture the virus. so we have limitations but
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take the test in a perfect world. we actually culture of the virus with those 2 parents anxious. that's too hard to do. so imperfect test. i think 5 bases put it. have several friends who have had. >> covid like all of us. if you have friends or ourselves to get covid many of continue to test positive after day 5, some after day 10 and i've told the ball. if you're testing caused by the rapid test, you have to consider yourself still contagious. >> gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> temporary rule in california that allowed many health care workers to remain on the job, even if they tested positive for covid has expired. the state department of health says with covid cases and hospitalizations declining. the guidance is no longer needed. the order was order was deemed necessary to address staffing shortages. many healthcare woskers protested feeling strongly that it put even more people at risk. those who were allowed to keep working must have been asymptomatic and wear an n 95 mask. officials
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warned that some hospitals are still strained. >> now to our 4 zone forecast. we take a live look outside looking out over san francisco tonight in just the past half hour, the national weather service canceled as wind advisories across the bay area for chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow brings us up to date on what's happening out there. find those winds really start to calm down. still blustery over the mountain tops. >> mount diablo still gusting over 30 miles an hour there. but the offshore winds about the dry air into the bay area. the winds subsiding, but not before leave behind some very strong gusts over the past. 24 hours, almost 60 mile an hour gust, the mount diablo mission peak in the san jose area. almost 57 miles an hour. healdsburg hills. 56 mile an hour gusts. 36 mile an hour gust in the san francisco. 33 in pacifica and 29 in san jose. you probably have similar gusts in your neighborhoods around the bay area. that being said, it's that offshore wind that also fanned these temperatures are brought them up. the 67
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degrees today. it's santa rosa. 62 in concord. 64 in livermore. 63 degrees in san jose. 64 in oakland and 61 in san francisco. all those numbers above the average. now, though, the good news is you're starting to see some areas show some calming conditions over these past couple of hours here and overnight time. that's what's going to continue see those winds really received overnight tonight is tomorrow morning. still other parts of the state looking at some gusty winds. you head up over the mountain tops and still some blustery conditions up there right now. so something to watch out for. if you're driving a high-profile vehicle, you travel on up across some of the bridges and over the bridges you're likely to see some strong gusty winds in the forecast, though, we've got high pressure that's along the coastline. you can see this little weak system diving over the top of it. that's going bring some clouds, the bay area for tomorrow going kind of sweep on by, especially as we head toward the middle of the day in the afternoon. so we'll still be breezy at times for tomorrow, but not by much, especially not compared to today, but we'll find some mix of sunshine and some high clouds up above. and temperatures
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still running a little bit above the average for this time of year. highs will be in the 50's and the 60's around the bay area. probably mid 60's in the warmer spots. still looking for some raindrops still can't find any. it looks like just a few more clouds coming our way as we head into saturday. the temperatures, though, will likely warm up high pressure building back in again. and we could be talking about some 70's popping up by the middle of next week. thank you us. take a look at this. oakland firefighters rushing to respond to an apartment fire is really involved there. this happened earlier today on. >> 65th avenue just south of international boulevard. firefighters have not said what caused the fire and we don't know if anyone was injured. >> a new project to house people who are homeless is moving forward. in san francisco, a committee within the city's board of supervisors approved a new 250 bed shelter near the tenderloin today. kron four's dan thorn reports on the concerns some city leaders had with the shelters location. >> the delaying of a decision
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over a new homeless shelter in lower hill has ended a vacant hostile building at 7.11, post street in san francisco is likely the new location for the shelter. i'm supporter of creating more shelter space and this is a big step forward. 200, 50 beds is a significant. >> san francisco shuts off. it is a member of the budget committee which approved the project moving forward. there was a delay before getting to this vote because of community concerns over security and shelter rules. >> believes most of those worries have been addressed. >> there will be 24 hour security and services on site. i think a lot of progress is made. the past month was worthwhile. and i think we're moving for the much better .lan. the push to house the city's homeless has intensified recently. >> in december, mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in san francisco's troubled tenderloin district. and after months of backlash, another plan to house the homeless japantown hotel fell apart in october. stop. it
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says the board is working to act aggressively to house the homeless. this new plan also includes the city buying the building instead of leasing it. this provides you know, use over the next 2 years. >> but then there could be future uses at the site. the full board of supervisors are set to vote on the project next tuesday reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> last night, san francisco's board of supervisors unanimously voted to buy the gotham hotel near city hall so it can be converted into permanent supportive housing. the hotel will provide up to 114 units for people who are leaving homelessness. the purchase will cost the city. almost 26 million dollars. >> just 2 weeks after a federal judge deemed pacific gas and electric a, quote, menace. a state agency has issued the utility a safety certification. that means the utility company is now allowed to try and recover wildfire money from his rate payers or from the state's wildfire
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fund. california's office of emergency infrastructure safety says pg and e has, quote, taken all possible steps to prevent its equipment from causing wildfires. but not everybody agrees with that assessment. >> it is mind boggling. >> that pga me can be considered a safe company continues to start wildfires. like the big dixie fire jeff last year. unfortunately, it's ugly, but it's required if pg is going to continue to exist. >> as a commercial enterprise. >> legal experts say by granting this certificate pg and e is allowed to stay in business, which is ultimately what the state legislature wants. the company issued a statement saying is pleased with the decision and will continue to look to deliver on his promise that catastrophic wildfires will stop. >> happening tomorrow, bay area law enforcement agencies will come together for a 5 k
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memorial run to honor david, the wind, the alameda county sheriff's cadet who was killed last month near the bay bridge toll plaza, the 5 k run and 2 mile walk will start tomorrow morning at 09:00am in dublin. organizers say the group will meet at the alameda county sheriff's office regional training center. that's on madigan road. if you'd like to participate, you have to provide proof of a covid vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours of the right. >> in new york city, 4 people have been charged in the overdose. death of actor michael k williams, according to the official autopsy report, william suffered acute intoxication from 2 types of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine. the 54 year-old star best known for his role as omar little on the wire was found dead in his brooklyn apartment back in september. police say the suspects were members of a drug crew which sold cocaine that was laced with deadly fentanyl. surveillance pictures show one of the
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suspects completing a hand to hand drug sale with williams the day before he died. a shakeup at the top of cnn. the network's chief has resigned over an office romance. jeff zucker says he entered a romantic relationship with allison goalless, a woman he has worked with at cnn for more than 2 decades. he says the relationship recently evolved, but he admits he did not disclose that fact as is required by cnn employment rules in a memo, second said that he was wrong for not doing so and therefore is resigning. goalless will stay with the company. >> a day after filing a lawsuit against the nfl and 3 teams alleging racism over their hiring practices. former miami dolphins head coach brian flores is now going public. he appeared on espn's get up this morning sharing why he felt compelled to sue the league. >> we need i know many very capable black coaches and they deserve an opportunity, a real opportunity, not rooney rule
9:20 pm
opportunity where boxes checked. we need to change the hearts and minds of the people making those decisions. >> the nfl has responded to the allegations saying flores's claims are without merit. adding, quote, diversity is core to everything we do besides the allegations of racism. flores also accuses dolphins owner stephen ross of trying to $100,000 per loss to lose games in order to improve the team's draft position for us as that happened back in 2019, which would have been about same time. the dolphins owner invested in a sports gambling company. as of now, ross has not commented on those allegations. coming up on kron, 4 news at 9. get the shot or get out. the big announcement from the u.s. army regarding soldiers who are still refusing to get vaccinated. plus, a big boost from president biden in the fight against cancer. >> the new effort he says that could save 10's of thousands of lives. this is a ponderosa pine log. the burn marks or
9:21 pm
here. i mean, that's just blocked. walk. from the fire. also turning wildfire debris into dollars. how the effort to remove countless burned and damaged trees could change the lumber industry for years to come. up next, man opening up about their mental health sent the barbershop. we're going hear from the train to barbers turn therapist as we kick off black history month here at black history month here at kron 4. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs.
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limited availability
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. history month, we want to shine a spotlight on mental health and the black community. a major hospital in arkansas just got a multimillion-dollar grant to go into barbershops in to talk to black men about their emotional well-being. donna terrell explains. >> it's day at the barbershop, but here a sharp line or comes with much more than through a program called the confess project licensed barbers. and 22 mental health champions for less likely to see therapist. barbershop is for us after command and one of our safe places. and it's in the barber's clients. get a fresh >> going with mental healing in a lot of places. even maybe it were poor. sometimes even at i might feel uncomfortable
9:25 pm
to express myself in certain ways. and so when i come to the barber shop. >> i can relax. and just talk about pretty much anything. >> parts not been fighting depression and anxiety for about 15 years. that the big station at stack threes in the house right now, radio personality houston stackhouse speaks openly about mental health. just try to stay positive side try to keep pushing. >> so we all got to do. he too, finds support through his barber. by the confess project may become and just relax and >> let everything just goes. that's on. the runs. a lose little rock, arkansas and our an organization called the confess project organization founder an arkansas native lorenzo. lewis had his own mental health issues. it started with just my my own depression and really has evolved becoming. >> a national movement, movement of more than 1000 barbers in 15 states trained help to listen detect problems
9:26 pm
and died. clients to professional help if needed. our barbara is a period of events and specials. i like to call it. the average is on the front line and they really support someone to a conversation was can really lead to true impact. and it's quality of life change. >> it's tough getting black men, though, to the therapist, right? it is absolutely according to the u.s. department of health and human services in 2000, 19 suicide was the second-leading cause of death for african-americans between the ages of 15 24 and suicide for black men was 4 times higher. then for black hi one because it has been a barber since 1998. with the help of the confess project and other mental health he has more than barber tools to provide hope and resources and he's not afraid to ask tough questions. do we have reached out for help that we have or, you are you open? so you'll ask them? yeah, i'll ask point blank how many actually say yes, i have. yes, i have
9:27 pm
several. i have several. he tells me one of his clients was admitted to a mental health facility. >> after he convinced him to get help. that >> the also moment because felt like. he was at his breaking point. felt like he was about. to just give up on life resistance to mental health treatment connected to gill, a lot of that would pertain to a black man is. >> but many have so much of the stoicism. a little too strong and powerful. it's only when you not think we break through and understand this is about getting our power and getting the control of our lives. >> and can leave a positive effect on an entire family just by spending hours. so getting shaped and brushed off. >> in little rock, arkansas. all right. thank you, donna terrell reporting. >> and we hope you join kron 4 as we commemorate black history month. that will host our 30 minute special honoring black history. mind body soul.
9:28 pm
it airs thursday, february 24th at 6.30, in the evening. looking forward to that next at 9 it was dead even before arriving on the state assembly floor. the san jose lawmaker reveals why he killed his own proposal for a, you know, universal health care system in california. >> plus, could more money be heading our way? the push to turn the state's budget surplus into stimulus checks for all california and the white house announces plans to deploy thousands of american troops to europe. >> after the break, how they're hoping the move will prevent a russian invasion.
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the pentagon is sending 3,000 additional u.s. troops to help nato protect ukraine from a possible russian invasion. 2000 will be sent from north carolina to poland. another 1000 already in germany will move to romania. >> both countries share a large border with ukraine. the pentagon says russian president vladimir putin still hasn't made a decision on whether or not to invade ukraine, but russia is already calling u.s. movement destructive. they say it will only fuel military tensions. that's why the pentagon is stressing it's a temporary deployment. the additional troops are only meant to discourage any russian aggression, not to fight. it's important that we send a strong signal to mister putin and frankly to the world that nato matters to the united states. it made it matters to our allies and we have.
9:32 pm
>> ai and cloud article 5 commitments to attack on. one is an attack on all the still growing number of russian troops at ukraine's borders. now more than 100,000. >> 8500 american troops are still on high alert for possible deployment. >> the u.s. army has announced that it will be discharging soldiers who refuse the covid this applies to soldiers, active duty reserves and cadets unless they have approved or pending exemptions. this comes after the pentagon instituted a vaccine mandate for all service members last august. army officials say as of last week, at least 97% of active duty soldiers are at least partially vaccinated against covid. the marine corps, the air force and the navy have already discharged active duty entry level personnel who refuse the shots. members of the u.s. military are already required to receive at least 17 different vaccines in order to even be in the military.
9:33 pm
president biden today relaunched an effort to dramatically cut cancer deaths over the next quarter century. it's called. >> the moonshot initiative and was originally launched in the last year of the obama administration. it's not to cut cancer deaths in half over a quarter century. then vice president biden was put in charge of that. for fizzled out after biden announced he would not run for president in 2016. now he says he's optimistic about its goals. >> congress this year. this is they can tell you one of the truly bipartisan issues, united states congress. >> the initiative is a personal one for the president. he lost his son beau to cancer in 2015 as part of the effort. the president says cancer screenings have to get back on track. tonight we're hearing from the author of a controversial single payer health care proposal after he decided not to bring up that bill for a vote on monday, ab 1400 died in the
9:34 pm
state assembly when san jose some decided not to bring it to a floor vote. he says the first discussion surrounding whether or not the bill should be brought to a vote happened on monday morning. the eventual decision to not move forward prompted criticism from assembly speaker anthony randon and the california nurses association. cholera says he killed the bill in order to protect the viability of the proposal. moving forward. >> it's about the policy. i think it i think by not. holding a vote that in which we're going, was dramatically by as much a 2 to one margin we we saved the policy and the chance for getting past even as soon as next year by holding a vote where it gets demolished on the floor in terms of the vote count. i think it sets back the cause. >> collaros vowing to continue to fight for single payer health care. you can watch the full conversation. it's on inside california politics. it airs sunday morning at 6.30,
9:35 pm
right here on kron. 4. >> california is sitting out a 45 billion dollars surplus. and that has some lawmakers thinking about another round of golden state stimulus checks to california residents. they argue with that kind of money, each california and could get about $1100 or more than $4,000 for a family of 4. governor newsome did not include stimulus payments in his proposed state budget last month. but when he was asked he did not rule out sending more payments to residents. still ahead tonight, too much fallen timber left over from the dixie count or another wildfires. >> the damage trees litter the landscape and why getting rid of them is such a challenge. >> and dry weather around the bay area. the wind started to calm down, trying to track some rain. look, long-range forecast when we come back. >> and coming up as fours with it, looking like jimmy garoppolo will not return to the forty-niners next season. the big question concerning the team is trey lance ready?
9:36 pm
sports director jason dumas has kyle shanahan and john lynch's answers. coming up.
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9:38 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> yesterday we heard from the man of the hour, jimmy g that might not be the appropriate term sense. he's essentially a lame duck in the quarterback room in san francisco. but everything does appear to be pointing to trey lance being the next qb one for the san
9:39 pm
francisco forty-niners. they had to give up 2 first-round picks. plus a third-rounder just to get him with that kind of investment. coupled with jimmy g's, 27 million dollar cap hit. if they keep them, the writing is kind of on the wall. lance started 2 games this season with mixed results when jimmy was injured. but we also have flashes and we know he is using with potential. he threw 5 touchdown passes and rushed for another one. he did also for 2 picks head coach kyle shanahan and gm john lynch. they were asked what gives them the confidence that lance is ready to be the guy. >> we have the ability we saw you know, we know is that a different level? we know they are very limited. amount he got to play, especially the u.s. last year covid. so you've got to go off what you see on tape that we've been in the personally did have ear for all year. i feel stronger about that. he's got the ability it's got the mind to do but it is the type of
9:40 pm
person who can handle stuff that goes with that. i saw that competitive greatness that you look for and people are going to your organization. and so even though we brief, it was a sad. and so it gives me a lot of belief that it that it's there and he's exactly what we thought he would. >> he was when we picked him in and we're really excited about that. >> the washington football team has finally come up with a nickname after 2 full years of contemplation. they will now be called the commanders. there will be a big w on the helmet. can't be for winning team president jason wright said that the name commanders can kerry the rich legacy of this team, a championship legacy. it's got the weight and heft of something befitting 90 year franchise. nice. the oakland roots is where our soccer team is ready to compete for a usl championship title in 2022. under new coach winder era. the roofs just kicked off pre
9:41 pm
season this week. they train at the raiders former practice facility out there and alameda. the team is looking to build off the late season push of last year. they're coming off of the western conference semifinal run. herrera says he wants to build a culture of family. and most importantly, to be a club. the city of oakland can be proud of the team's home opener is on march. 26 at laney college. >> we have 24 guys that wake up every single day just on super excited. super happy and proud to represent the city of oakland. we have 24 if they get the mandate by every single day in order push themselves on and off the field. i can guarantee that the reverse and the city of oakland with a lot of pride on the and mostly just being competitive coming into work every single day and and working hard and pushing each other being a good person being a good teammate >> is what i think is is going to take this group of guys
9:42 pm
along with the coaching really far. >> all right. you look at sports, we'll be right back after a quick break.
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. tonight at 9, the destruction left behind by the dixie cowed or another recent wildfires in california includes more than just damage homes and >> charred land, countless damage. trees also remain as does the challenge of what to do with them tonight, we continue our in-depth series
9:45 pm
on wildfires with a look at the lasting effects of too much timber as eric rucker shows us, this could change the lumber industry. it ripped through 5 counties. it's been nearly 2 weeks as the dixie fire started destroying over 1000 structures. it's not just the fire trucks in front of the store protecting it claiming one life. the dixie fire has now burned through 914,000 acres. and when the flames were finally fully extinguished. >> the dixie fire would go down as the second largest fire in california history burning nearly 1 million acres. this is a ponderosa pine log. >> the burn marks or here. i mean, that's just blocked. from the fire. >> the destruction from the dixie fire includes countless trees. we have trees that were in the order of 582 years old. some already destined to end up here burned 54,000, 400 of
9:46 pm
those 95,000 acres that we operate. neal fisher is the western resource manager for the collins pine company in chester in plumas county, about 10% of the land burned in the dixie fire belongs to his company. if you turn the camera around, you can see a lot of lumber stocked on what we call or log roll out that's normally a place where we unload large trucks. we currently are storing lumber that has not been dried yet. in our drawing systems because we have so daryn, much now it's a race to get the burned trees. out of the forest. we have to move quickly. we have a range of time where and we think between. >> say 9 and maybe 30 months of time. we have to get all that long taken care of before. we think it will be too far deteriorated to be recoverable as an economic asset. >> collins produces about 90 million board feet of lumber a year. this year
9:47 pm
showing us the inner workings of the operations although. just down the road. >> this we're something very unique is taking place. in this particular area about 4 miles south of the town of chester. you can see it was hit very hard by the dixie fire. a lot of the trees. >> already cut down in the thin force we see behind this eventually will all be gone. but that is when they're reforestation efforts begin. and when it comes to this particular area and for this particular company, the future is pretty promising. it's also pretty exciting because something like this is really never been done before on this type of scale. >> that's because unlike traditional forest management, when it's time to replant trees here, the land will be a blank canvas, offering up a chance to try something new, something that may change how this kind of work is done for decades to come here and
9:48 pm
elsewhere, rehabilitating the forest and involves preparing it for those seedlings. but also involves the planning around what's pieces of trees you're going to plant and at what densities so that you ensure that those trees can grow freely in the future. a recent study out of uc davis concludes that in order to help protect forests against fires and make them more resilient. >> the forests in some cases should be reduced by as much as 80%. historical data shows the southern and central sierra nevada, along with the sequoyah and stannis last national forests. >> so their respective forest densities increase 67 fold from 1911. it's a 2011 with less trees in a forested area. there's less competition for water that planning component needs to take into consideration what we know to be in current climate change and what we know. the temperature regimes are doing. and so we're planning ahead for that. we're looking replanting was species that we know are are more tolerant to
9:49 pm
high temperatures that more tar to less water being available. the dixie fire has changed many lives. >> they may also have helped change an entire industry as well in plumas county. eric rucker. >> tomorrow night on kron, 4 news at 9.10. the important action being taken right now to reduce the risk in the next wildfire season will take you into the farce and show you the mitigation efforts underway all winter long, including purposely setting fires like they're doing in this video. i'm about to do in order to protect all of us. and this happened just a few days ago. >> we have some breaking news to tell you about out of oroville in butte county, where a shooting has injured a number of people. authorities say someone opened fire just before 8 o'clock tonight. as of right now, at least 5 people have been shot. that is according to reports out of
9:50 pm
butte county. but officials say there could be more victims. a suspect was taken into custody at a nearby walmart. this is still an active investigation. we'll continue to monitor the information. we'll bring you the latest as soon as it comes into us. >> all right. let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live look outside tonight at sfo. it looks like anybody wants to see rain. they're going to have to fly and go somewhere yeah, lawrence, it's been a long time, hasn't. yeah. the parts of the country really suffering. there's a major storm. >> happening in the other parts of the country. but we've got a dominant ridge here on our half. and that is bringing us the dry weather. so, yeah, it's been the beginning of january since we've had rain so push playing repeat, we've got that dry weather sitting here now that doesn't want to go away anytime soon. high pressure overhead. you see the arc of that ridge. occasionally storms roll over the top of that ridge. yeah, unfortunately for us see some passing clouds from those systems the next couple days. but keeping you dry. in fact, we get the weekend. there you
9:51 pm
go. saturday as we head toward 11, 30 at night, a nice dry conditions, probably an offshore wind kicking in another front comes by as we head into monday, only those begin to die as it moves on through, in fact, all the way into the following weekend that ridge is kind of wants to sit around. in fact, we're going to likely see the amplify, i think in the next week we could be talking about some temperatures in the 70's. so going to a long time here. still before we talk about rain outside now we're seeing some changes on the pad and the winds have calmed down quite a bit. the advisories all down now for when temperatures right now in the 40's and the 50's. it will get cold in spa side. we've got that dry air in place. the winds are going to calm down and then as we head through the day tomorrow, some clouds begin to move in as we head through the day in the afternoon said nice rule in the atmospheres that week low comes through. that's going bring some more clouds in our skies. unfortunately, no rain associated with that. then after that, back to some sunshine, more high clouds as we get into friday. all right. temperature wise numbers going to come down just a few degrees in san francisco, mainly in the 50's there that
9:52 pm
offshore wind is going to break down more of an onshore breeze near the coastline. 64 degrees in redwood city, the south bay enjoying temperatures up in the mid 60's. many spots with filtered sunshine into the afternoon. 64 degrees in walnut creek. 61 in hercules about 66 degrees in fairfield. 64 vacaville and about 62 in mill valley and more sunshine on the way for friday. a few more clouds coming our way with another weak system. but staying dry on saturday. and there your temperatures moving up into the 70's, possibly for the middle of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. next at 9, when toddlers meet technology, a 3 year-old boy uses an old apple watch to make an ill-advised call to 911.
9:53 pm
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it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. >> take the phone like to talk to her. >> a 911 call unlike anything. - a michigan police dispatcher had ever heard. on the other end of the phone, a 3 year-old boy sitting inside his crib. landon hendrix was allowed to play with an old apple watches. parents thought no longer made calls while they were wrong. when the call was made, a baby monitor was triggered by the sound and that's when the parents discovered it. their little son had just called the police. >> was happening? i was like freaking you know, obviously that's like, oh, my god. i can't believe people. 9, going
9:56 pm
on >> and what are they on the way here? haha. >> the call lasted 7 minutes. and no, the police did not knock on their door. as for the apple watch, it's now an airplane mode. so no more calls to the dispatcher or anyone else. a photographer's nature shoot. a north carolina turned into an episode of the x files after he captured images. he just could not identify with snyder was taking time lapse images of the night sky when he noticed 2 streaking red lights and his pictures. >> he says he's photographed planes in time lapse several times, but none ever behave like these red streaks. snyder, thanks that they are either military aircraft of some sort or something else. i guess the truth is out there somewhere. they're alien what it is, they're aliens. all right. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. but our primetime news coverage continues at the top of the
9:57 pm
hour, including a forty-niners fan severely beaten so fi stadium during last weekend's nfc championship game. that fans in the hospital tonight in a coma. the very latest. plus, the cdc taken to task again this time over its isolation guidelines. >> why a new study suggests the agency is not asking people to stay home long enough after testing positive for covid news at 10. coming up next.
9:58 pm
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight. an unsettling crime at so fi stadium. authorities in los angeles county telling kron 4 a forty-niners fan is in a medically induced coma. tonight after he was found beaten during last weekend's nfc championship game. that's where we begin tonight on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. we are also learning that fan is from the bay area. kron four's ella sogomonian in our newsroom. gathering information. she has the latest emerging details l a. >> we keep learning so much more and yet we still don't know what exactly led up to this. pam and ken. >> there was a forty-niners planned. he flew out like many others for this game over the weekend. but now he is unconscious and in a hospital in la county, 40 year-old daniel luna is believed to be the owner of a peruvian fusion restaurant in oakland on piedmont


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