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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 3, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. here it is. 04:00am on this thursday morning as we take a quick live look outside. you can see the golden gate bridge behind me looking pretty nice as we wake up this morning. and i believe if i overheard correctly, i heard john mumbling as he was looking at his computer did the wind advisory get canceled early? there j. alright, they were supposed to be in effect for a few more hours, but yet indeed getting canceled early this morning. and we are seeing a much calmer start to this morning than we did yesterday. looking outside to coit tower. you can see pretty bright out there, not talking the foggiest nor the windiest of
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mornings. hey, that's kind of a winner to start your thursday. it is still breezy for pockets up around atlas, peak in vacaville. but look how much calmer for the rest of the bay area. definitely a nice change of pace. we're going to keep this calmer weather around 4 today into the weekend into the start of next week. visibility is good, too. so really all you're factors are lighting up. it is a colder morning, though, yesterday. most of us avoid the 30's. not so much this morning. morgan hill, san jose fremont dublin conquered as well as up into the north bay down into the 30's, everyone's above freezing at the moment. but dublin, you're getting kind of close down to 34 degrees later on today. daytime highs actually a little warmer than yesterday's. a few more 60's on the map in just a little bit calmer. so good one to getting out there, enjoying all that sunshine right now. >> john, and i'm enjoying the light commute for a lot of you that are leaving the house right now at this hour. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city this morning, no major accidents. delays are hazards. so we're
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off to a good start. 7 minute drive as you're traveling from the maze. 2, that fremont street exit. and as you're heading also on 5, 80 88 see a few construction cones. the air, but not slowing traffic down there heading across towards the peninsula, 90 to westbound 13 minutes. if you're traveling at a richmond towards sandra fell about 8 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 21 minutes. james, back to you. rain a thank you very much. it is 4 '02 and to the headlines now. an investigation is underway after police say a forty-niners fan was found beaten and badly injured in the parking lot of sofi stadium. >> during sunday's nfc championship game against the rams. that bay area man is in a coma right now as police try to find who attacked him. we have pedro rivera with the story. >> inglewood police are working to find who injured a niners fan prior to sunday's nfc championship game in goa. police confirmed 40 year-old daniel luna came to so fi stadium on sunday alone to see his hometown team play against the los angeles rams. police
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tell us that around 4 '05, just about a half hour into the game, they received the call about a man found in parking lot l needing to be transported to the hospital. he will later be identified as luna doctors at harbor ucl, a medical center determine luhnow was the victim of an assault. lieutenant jeffrey meeks tells me luna suffered trauma to his face and upper body injury so bad he will be placed in a medically induced coma when the 40 year-old arrived at the hospital, he was wearing a forty-niners jersey and black pants. his wallet and cell phone still on him. leading police to believe this wasn't a robbery attempt despite where he was founded, what he was wearing, they would not say if he was targeted for being a forty-niners fan. back in oakland. luna is the owner and chef of a restaurant. which specializes in peruvian fusion with less than 2 weeks ago. so fi stadium and law enforcement agencies in the area have been working to keep fans safe for super bowl sunday. our primary goal. >> as for the community feel safe, relax and enjoy the
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game. >> the rivalry between socal in north cal sports fans is not new. the fighting took a turn for the worse in 2000, 11 at dodger stadium when 2 men brutally beat a giants fan. bryan stow leaving him with brain damage. those 2 men received prison sentences. >> well, as pedro rivera reporting this morning, police are working right now is stadium security to try and solve this case. we're going to keep you updated right here on air and on our website. kron 4 dot com. now to the latest on the growing feud between this after police department and the district attorney's office police chief bill scott is terminating an agreement that allowed the da's office to investigate incidents involving police officers that resulted in serious injury. prof are tailored sack explains what went sour in that relationship. >> it stated in the letter this is about essence of the animal you itself and what eu is supposed to stand for. san francisco police chief bill scott spoke out at wednesday's police commission meeting
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regarding this letter that he sent a district attorney chesa boudin. >> in the letter, chief scott says he's terminating the memorandum of understanding or agreement between the department and da's office that allows the da's office to investigate police shootings, in-custody deaths and use of force incidents. chief scott cites recent court testimony revealing that the da's office withheld evidence in investigations as the reason for his decision spirit of year. when i was in most of the meetings with the former da and the current da. and is that this variant of you? >> is fairness, transparency, cooperation and an agreement that works for all concerned parties. >> including the police officers, the d a >> has once again showed his explicit bias towards police officers and crime victims in general you know, appears that was the catalyst for that shooting. what he did president of the san francisco
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police officers association, tony montoya says. >> some investigations will now fall back on sfpd in other partner agencies upon the cancellation of that agreement, which will take effect in 15 days. meanwhile, cheesy buildings office responded to this decision in a statement on wednesday, writing in part, quote, since you between our office and sfpd went into effect. our office has made enormous progress towards reducing police violence against san franciscans and particularly people of color. it is disappointing, but no coincidence sfpd chose to withdraw from this agreement during the first-ever trial against an on-duty san francisco police officer for an unlawful beating. us is p's decision comes a week after an sfpd fatal police shooting which police falsely characterize the deseeded as being in possession of a firearm and weeks after a criminal case was dismissed after officer excessive force came to light. however, chief scott says this decision has nothing to do with oversight and everything to do with a process that is fair. he says
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he's now working to find alternatives for independent investigations. also has been in the letter reached out to the state attorney general for guidance on. >> how we can get through this with the appropriate independent oversight. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> to the east bay now where oakland police have identified a teen at a young man killed in a hit and run. that crash happened tuesday night on international boulevard and 78th avenue in east oakland. officers found 17 year-old herrera miranda and 26 year-old leroy rodriguez. they had severe injuries. paramedic stepped in to help, but both ended up dying at the scene. this is video from the citizens app. 3 cars were involved in that crash and police arrested one of the drivers not clear if drugs or alcohol played a role in that crash. san jose police are investigating now after a recycling truck hit and killed a woman. well, she was actually taking her trash cans out to the curb. this happened shortly before 8 o'clock
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wednesday morning on court. authorities say that she walked towards the front of the truck in the driver's blind spot when she was hit, she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say the truck driver is cooperating. there were no signs of impairment, but this is now the 10th fatal collision reported in san jose so far this year. a new project to house people who are homeless is moving forward in san francisco, a committee within the city's board of supervisors approved a new 250 bed shelter right near the tenderloin kron four's dan sore now reporting on the concerns that some levy city leaders had with the shelters, location. >> the delaying of a decision over a new homeless shelter in lower hill has ended a vacant hostile building at 7.11, post street in san francisco is likely the new location for the shelter support are creating more shelter space. and this is a big step forward. 200, 50 beds is significant. >> san francisco shuts off. it is a member of the budget
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committee which approved the project moving forward. there was a delay before getting to this vote because of community concerns over security and shelter rules. believes most of those worries have been addressed. >> there will be 24 hour security and services on site. i think a lot of progress is made. the past month was worthwhile and i think we're moving for the much better plan. the push to house the city's homeless has intensified recently. >> in december, mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in san francisco's troubled tenderloin district. and after months of backlash, another plan to house the homeless and the japantown hotel fell apart in october. stop. it says the board is working to act aggressively to house the homeless. this new plan also includes the city buying the building instead of leasing it. this provides you know, use over the next 2 years. >> but then there could be future uses at the site. the full board of supervisors are set to vote on the project next tuesday reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron. 4
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news. >> san francisco's board of supervisors also unanimously voted to buy the gotham hotel right near city hall so that it can't can be converted into permanent supportive housing. the hotel will provide up to 114 units for people exiting homelessness. the purchase will cost the city, though. nearly 26 million dollars. well, just 2 weeks after a federal judge deemed pacific gas and electric a, quote, menace. the state agency now has issued a utility, a safety certification, which means utility company is now allowed to try and recover. wildfire costs from u.s. rate pairs or from the state's wildfire fund. california's office of energy infrastructure safety says that pg e has, quote, taken all possible steps to prevent its equipment for causing wildfires. but not everybody agrees with that assessment. >> it is mind boggling. >> that pga me can be considered a safe company continues to start wildfires
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like the big dixie fire jeff last year. unfortunately, it's ugly, but it's required if pg e is going to continue to exist. >> as a commercial enterprise. >> legal experts say that by granting this certificate pg e is allowed to stay in business, which is ultimately what the state legislature wants. the company issued a statement saying it was pleased with the decision and we'll continue to deliver on its promise that catastrophic wildfires will stop. happening today. bay area law enforcement agencies will be coming together for a 5 k memorial run to honor. david know when the alameda county sheriff's cadet. >> killed last month right near the bay bridge toll plaza, the 5 k run and 2 mile walk will start at 9 o'clock this morning in dublin. organizers say the group will be meeting at the alameda county sheriff's office regional training center. that's on medigen road. if you want to participate, you just have to provide proof of a covid vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours of the run. we'll take a
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break here as we're approaching for 12 in the morning. >> coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, 8 schools could close in oakland by some members of the school community say that they would rather start and see that happen. and the white house announcing plans to deploy thousands of american troops to europe. after the break, we'll tell you how they're hoping to move. that move will help protect ukraine from a potential russian invasion.
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>> we are back for 14 is the time we've got another live look out here this morning. our camera high atop sutro looking down over san francisco. great looking shot here. let's find out from john just how chilly it is as you step out the door this morning on this thursday. good morning, john. yeah, all the gorgeous shots this morning, james from suits shirts hour looking at financial district to the golden gate bridge. all of it looking nice and clear and a little less wobbly than yesterday because that's church tower camera was swaying in the wind. definitely a calmer start, but a colder start. a lot of us are kicking things off only in the 30's this morning, including the inland east bay, the north bay and portions of the south bay. today, you are going to see a few high passing clouds but skies. otherwise we're going to remain pretty clear indefinitely on the brighter side of things. and really the cherry on top in today as the calmer conditions, windier conditions have shifted out of the region now. so even though we will still have a few breezy spots up in the north bay mountains, most of us across the bay area today are
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actually in for quite the calm. what with wind advisories and high wind warnings expiring just a few hours earlier than expected. that means that we're out of that territory. now back to what should be a comfortable and yet another dry bay area day. today's daytime highs will be a bit warmer than they have been. you're about to notice a few more 60's on your 4 zone forecast. daytime highs climbing into the low 60's for the most part. so not a huge change, but one to 2 degrees warmer than yesterday, campbell. up to 64 livermore. pleasanton sunol right at 60 degrees, oakland and berkeley. each at 61 north bay. temperatures going to feel a little bit better under those calmer winds today still breezy and your mountain passes up north. but looking a whole lot nicer tomorrow, a warm up begins. and by saturday and sunday, we're in the mid 60's next week. highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. and i know the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but this week ahead is not one of them. we're looking at dry and mild conditions all
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the way through reyna. >> johnny, my grandmother called me about that. groundhog was like we're going to be cold for the next couple of better bring your jacket and always just leave a little earlier. give yourself more time right now. don't see any major hazards or delays out there on our highways or bridges as you're heading from the east bay into the city right now, it will take you about 7 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes as you're hopping on 92 westbound across towards the peninsula out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell about an 8 minute drive for you. there. and let's check out the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a little under 20 minutes. james, back to you. very good. thank you. for your health this morning. president biden has relaunched an effort to dramatically cut cancer deaths over the next quarter century. >> it's called the moonshot initiative and it was originally launched in the last year of the obama administration. it sought to cut cancer deaths in half over a quarter century. then vice
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president biden was put in charge. but the effort kind of fizzled out after biden announced that he wouldn't run for president in 2016. well, now he says he's optimistic about its goals. >> congress this year. this is they can tell you one of the truly bipartisan issues, united states congress. >> the initiative is a personal one for the president. he lost his son beau to cancer back in 2015 as part of the effprt. he says cancer screenings have to get back on track. well, the u.s. army has announced that it will begin discharging soldiers now who refuse to get the covid vaccine. and this applies to soldiers. active duty reserve and cadets unless they have approved or pending exemptions. this comes after the pentagon instituted a vaccine mandate for all service members last august. army officials say that as of last week, at least 97% of active duty soldiers are at least partially vaccinated against covid. the marine corps air force and navy have already discharged active duty
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troops or entry level personnel who've refused the shots. 17 vaccines are already required to be in the u.s. military. so the covid ones are just the latest few. president joe biden has ordered the u.s. military to send more forces to europe. now in response to russian troop buildups along the border with ukraine. we've got hudson once again joining us live from dc with the very latest on all of this. good morning were shot. james. the pentagon says it is deploying 3,000 troops in eastern europe. >> at the request of nato allies concerned russia will invade ukraine. these movements are unmistakable signals to the world that we stand ready to reassure our nato allies and it turned and defend against any aggression. >> the pentagon says 2000 soldiers will be leaving from fort bragg in north carolina, headed to germany and poland. another 1000 troops will be moving from germany to romania. these are not
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permanent moves. they are moves designed to respond to the current security environment. moreover. these forces are not going to fight in ukraine. north carolina, republican senator thom tillis supports the president's decision to send troops. >> this is a time where we have to show strength. putin only response to strength. just takes advantage of appeasement and he takes pause when he sees as project power. and that's exactly what we're doing. it is the first major movement of u.s. forces and the white house says it is still hoping for a diplomatic solution. >> even though there are no signs of de escalation. >> there's one aggressor here. that aggressor is russia they are the ones who have gathered tens of thousands of troops on the border. they are the ones who are threatening to invade a sovereign country. >> now the pentagon didn't give a timeline as to when those troops will be deployed to eastern europe. reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. alright, rashad, thank you very much. we'll take a break at 4.20, still
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ahead on the kron 4 morning news. more of it could be headed your way. the push to turn the state's budget surplus into stimulus checks for all californians. >> we'll have the full story just ahead. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> we're back at 4.23. we have an update right now on breaking news out of oroville,
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the butte county sheriff's office says that one person has died and several others were injured after shooting wednesday evening. now authorities say gunfire broke out at about 7.30, on board. a greyhound bus just outside of an am pm store. the suspect then ran off, but deputies were able to track him down to a nearby walmart. that's where they took him into custody. orville mayor truck rental says at least 5 people were shot. and again, one of those victims died. the suspect was taken to the butte county jail and has not yet been identified. new details are emerging now after the author of a controversial singer will payer health care proposal decided not to bring that bill up for a vote on monday. ab 1400 died in the assembly when democratic assembly member call red decided not to bring it to a vote on the floor. the decision to not move forward prompted criticism from assembly speaker anthony rendon and the california nurses association assembly member, cholera says that his decision was made in order to protect the viability of the proposal so that it can move
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forward at a later time. >> it's about the policy. i think it's i think by not. holding a vote that in which we're going, was dramatically by as much a 2 to one margin we we saved the policy and the chance for getting past even as soon as next year by holding a vote where it gets demolished on the floor in terms of the vote count. i think it sets back the cause. >> cholera is vowing, though, to continue to fight for single pair health care. and you can watch more of our conversation with him on inside california politics, which airs sunday mornings at 6.30, right here on kron. 4. a huge budget surplus has some lawmakers thinking about another round of payments to california residents. that surplus is sitting at about 45 billion dollars right now and state senator brian jones says that with that kind of money, each california could get upwards of $1100 or more than $4,000 for a family of 4
4:26 am
joan support sending rebates or what was considered the golden state's stimulus last year. >> for 2500 of its 1500, any amount that the state that we can convince the state, the governor and the democrats in the legislature to send back i think is a benefit to every californian. >> well, governor newsom didn't include those payments and his proposed state budget last month, but he hasn't ruled it out either saying it could happen. 4.26. the time. we'll be right back.
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must be magic. back. it is for 28. let's get back outside as we take a quick live look here from our well, this is just outside our studio. looking back across the bay bridge and you can see the flag barely moving big difference from yesterday when that thing which is whipping around. john, good morning. yeah, huge difference. another look at it. you can see that moving l big change from yesterday. as far as that goes, winds calming down and those advisories and warnings expiring a little bit sooner. >> a few hours earlier than they were anticipated to later this morning still a little bit breezy and pockets, but much calmer all across the region. skies are nice and clear to. so what's the catch here? well, it is definitely cold. morgan hill, san jose fremont double in concord up into the north bay, all sitting well down into the
4:30 am
30's 40's for bayshore cities in a few 50's near the coastline. to start your morning now as we move our way into the afternoon day time highs will push into the 60's. not a huge change from yesterday. as far as temperatures go. but with that sunshine and the calmer winds, it is going to feel pretty nice and mild. that's a look at your forecast how are the roads this early thursday? roads are nice. we're off to a great start. if you are traveling out there, i'm not tracking any hot spots at this hour. so that's always a good news. >> people heading on the road heading into the city right now about 8 minutes as you're traveling from the maze. 2, that fremont street exit san mateo across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes for your drive the air. let's get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge 8 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 18 for your drive. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain at. >> back to the news this morning. californians covid indoor mask mandate is set to expire in about 2 weeks. but contra


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