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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9, another deadly freeway shooting, all northbound lanes of interstate 80 in oakland have been closed. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we first brought you this story as breaking news on kron. 4 news at 8. police say the shooting happened about 5.45. this evening. they have not yet released specific details about the shooting. >> you're looking at video now just into our newsroom of the scene. one police car is still on location. it looks like other emergency vehicles out there as well. the northbound lanes are still closed. no cars are traveling on that side. but the southbound traffic is looking pretty normal. so far, police have not released details on the shooting, but sources did confirm with cloud for at least one person has died.
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there is no word on when the freeway could reopen again. this is northbound, 80 traffic. there's being forced off the freeway at the oak street exit. we've learned that a press release with additional details, a suspect sometime soon from cal. what a california highway patrol stay with kron 4, both on air and online for the latest details on this this latest shooting comes after a month after an alameda county sheriff's recruit was killed in a freeway shooting. >> near the bay bridge toll plaza. 28 year-old david. the wind was driving home from work from his training on january 4th, when someone shot into his car near the toll plaza, the wind was just a month away from starting his career as an alameda county sheriff's deputy. investigators are still looking for the suspect and trying to determine what led up to that shooting. >> as the chp investigation into this latest shooting continues. the sheriff's office is calling for
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surveillance cameras on freeways in alameda county to help solve these crimes. lieutenant ray kelly telling us tonight, quote, we do support freeway cameras in alameda county. we hope our elected officials and community leaders will invest in technology for public safety. the sheriff's office made a similar statement last month following the shooting that killed sheriff's cadet david nguyen saying then it was time to take action before someone else was killed in a car to car shooting. all right. now back to the actual shooting that investigation is underway right now. many oakland city leaders. >> say they're very concerned about these ongoing freeway shootings. and joining us to talk more about this deadly incident and the broader issue, oakland city council member dan called, thank you so much for your time this evening. do you have any information you can share with us about tonight's incident? >> i we don't get this jurisdictions. so city of oakland on has limited information other other than that, we can confirm it was a fatal shooting on e.
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>> one of the big issues that has come up we just talked about police asking for surveillance cameras on freeways. of course, there's different jurisdictions that that freeways travel through, but within the city limits of oakland where you represent constituents, what are your thoughts on having surveillance cameras on the freeways? >> surveillance cameras 3 ways that would be responsibility of the state. that's that's completely chp jurisdiction. and if they want to do in and then the cameras are of a nature where they could actually help solve a violent crimes. all the investigations for violent crimes. open to getting that shot. we have to try something. i don't think surveillance cameras on freeways are going to be answer to solving all shootings or the violent crimes that may happen on freeways. but if they could be one of the and it's worth a try, let's let's see. it tried out and see how it works and helps great. if not, then what will stop. we do know that in
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the incident that left a a kron, 4 security guard killed that happened on the streets of the city of oakland. and as for camera, was there. >> and police credit the camera with identifying a vehicle that was associated with the crime which ultimately led to the arrests of some suspects involved in that case in that case is still pending. so that's one example of how they could work. >> for and they're they're they're many private businesses, as well as television cameras. of course, that do get footage that happened to i come across a climbs in progress. and when that happens, opd or our police department and other other jurisdictions as well, take advantage of that. and that helps with the investigations. it's critical that we have enough information and evidence to investigate violent crimes thoroughly and successfully and hold people accountable. if you have enough evidence to do so. so whatever we can do to make sure we investigate these crimes fully in sand early with appropriate evidence, i'm all in favor doing that. so other counties in the bay area are using
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these kinds of cameras on the freeways. you, as you mentioned, this is a state and chp issue. but >> is this something that you would push the state and push the chp in terms of trying to get the money an allocation of for those cameras. and you said this is not. >> the answer. what are the other answers that you think would help in this kind of situation? >> first it if the state the state has plenty of money right now. so if they want put surveillance cameras on key locations on the state's highways where they think it's most helpful, they could do so. and they don't. even myers, les body else is urging to do it. they could. they could certainly have the we have the money in the chp interest to do that. i had no objection to that. it works great. that doesn't work. that will take the cameras down and do something else. but we need to look at both the short and long-term comprehensive approach. we need to have massive investments in rehabilitation throughout every single state prison in our state. if we're going to be serious about reducing violent crime in the long
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term, we know that most people who commit violent crimes are people who have committed violent crimes before that there there. there it was. that that's the challenge it. and we also know that many of the programs in some of state prisons are successful in reducing recidivism. but when people get out of prison as they have every right to do and go back to their their own cities where they were from as as a as they should be back with the family. and we want to make sure that people have the services both within prison and they come out of prison. so they're less likely to get back into the world. the crime we their success. we've seen success in that regard. we're just not spending enough investing enough in those programs than a farce, a prisons and jails to make an overall successful. that is absolutely critical. at the same time we have to investigate violent crimes and we catch people ith enough evidence. we have to hold them accountable so and get off the street. so they're not going to commit these crimes and for people all. so it's not an either or approach with take a long-term immediate term and short term approach to
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reducing crime and involves many, many things. and we need to make sure we have the appropriate investments. do all those talking about investment. so the governor just said he has 45 billion dollars and he's trying to figure out how to spend it. >> is this one way to spend it? is that enough? that's a lot of money. >> it is. we could certainly use more funding in oakland to help with our homeless population. help housing for homeless population and to provide additional funding for protection strategies. and alameda county certainly could use additional funding to help with violence, prevention and reentry. and certainly support their efforts to get more money. so it government looking for some work productive does then some of those state funds on reducing violence and helping our homeless. oakland-alameda county is first in line. >> counselor, we're we're out of time, but i do want ask you quickly, your overall concerned as we're now seeing the frequency of these freeway shootings, even though again, is the chp jurisdictional issue. but we're seeing more of this kind of behavior. what is your overall concerned as a
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city leader leaders are mobilized to deuce to take some of the steps that you're talking about. >> yeah, i notice an increase in these a visible increase in freeway related even before covid is it's nothing. it's not brand. it was 3 or 4 years old. it happened for its not always, but it's gone up in the past 3 or 4 years. i'm not sure why. i don't know if whether it's in richmond of delay our opening wherever. i don't know if rivalries are working their way from the streets up to the freeways, i don't know. has nothing to do with that out of its road rage. i'm not sure. but we need to find out and should do what it can to investigate these crimes. the serious violent shootings and local jurisdictions like other police departments the to help with those investigations. if we have information to do so and we are available to work together with them if they want to work with us. >> oakland city councilman dan kalb. a lot of people definitely share that frustration and there are counting on people like you, our political leaders speak
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for the rest of us who really getting tired of this senseless violence out there where you can't ehen drive from point a to point b without risking your life. councilman, thanks for your time. we appreciate. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> all the bank was canceled, even those that were below 50 people, not because they illegal, but the health order people were scared. they were frightened. >> you know, week sonoma county's ban on large gatherings will expire. the measure first went into effect early last month. it asked people not to gather outside with more than 100 people and no more than 50 people inside. but now sonoma county's health officials there saying that they can drop the restriction because of a drop in covid case rates. >> kron four's gayle ong has the details. >> in january of a $65,000 in bank which that $65,000. gerard, shaikh co-owner of sally tomatoes and events and boehner park lost after sonoma
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county issued a health order banning large gatherings indoors, all the bank, which canceled even those that were below 50 people. not because they illegal. >> but the health order people were scared. they were frightened. >> judy che, one of dozens of business owners trying to make up for lost time. the health mandate is set to expire on february. 11th county health officers credit strict health orders in helping reduce county's covid case rate. claudia vecchio ceo of sonoma county tourism sent a survey to about 3,000 local businesses asking about the impact of the county's health order of those 60 respondents. we did find that the the immediate impact was somewhat north of 6 million dollars. and that really represents. >> business lost as it relates to groups that already booked and had to cancel. i and other people who have canceled in the future. but because of that order to noma county, he lth officials loosened the health order last month due to declining covid cases.
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>> but nothing changed for the larger tourism community. they says the county's public health officer have been guiding local businesses to operate safely. but it's not just the loss in business that's challenging due to shea says trying to help employees survive. these are people who are. >> are working 2 jobs and there's no relief. there is no, you know, there is no extra bonus, you know, for, you know, for unemployment and you know, we had a little one position. the hope is that this latest round of health orders that slow down progress will kind of get cleaned up over this spring and summer. robert isler, professor of economics at sonoma state university says it's going to be all about the dollars spent. so one of the things the trouble she's very concerned about. >> if there's a threat of this happening again, will people book as many weddings with a book as many events will be because many conferences and those are relatively large ticket items in terms of filling hotel rooms, filling restaurants, ordering catering
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and having sort of this, you know, ripple effect. >> among a bunch of different industries when one event takes place. in the meantime, businesses are looking forward to next week's expiration date. we have valentine's day thankfully coming after this health mandate. >> lipson. i think that's going to be good weekend in sonoma county. what better place to spend valentine's day then? >> a lovely winery. >> gayle ong kron. 4 news. so all things loosen up in the north and the south bay, a different story. san jose's new covid vaccine requirements for people attending events at city owned buildings such as the s ap center. >> those are now in effect. you need to be fully vaccinated and have your booster shot. if you want to attend any indoor event with 50 or more people. councilmember dev davis says people can show proof of a negative covid test instead of their up to date vaccine card events at the s ap center. test must be taken a day within the event. if it's an antigen test, we're 2 days. if it's a pcr test. davis says this flexibility allows people
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to still enjoy their events. >> and that's why that the greater flexibility of allowing a negative test. >> allows for greater freedom for people to be able to. go out and do fun. things like catching sharks game. but it also makes it makes it more likely that we're able to slow the spread of the virus. >> the city of san jose is the first city in california to implement such a mandate. yes, ap center is providing free covid testing for people attending events there. this provides people a chance to get tested at the center instead of searching for a testing site. >> the cdc has voted unanimously to recommend the use of moderna's covid vaccine. the decision comes after tens of millions of american adults have already received the shot under the emergency use authorization moderna received full approval from the fda earlier this week. currently, the vaccine is only available to 1dults in the united states to the east bay. now, you will no longer
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have to prove you are vaccinated against covid to enter restaurants and gyms in contra costa county health officials have made the announcement. they said that they cited an 80% vaccination rate in that county. also, 48% of eligible people in contra costa county have received their booster shots. county officials say the omicron surge has also likely pete and hospitalizations have started to decline. >> this is really about public indoor spaces and then just want to make it clear. it's still a best practice. but we no longer think that the requirement it is we do think that many businesses will look at this and choose to continue to verify vaccine status because many of their customers or workers will feel safer. >> health care workers and places like nursing homes or mega events of 500 or more, people will still have to follow the vaccine verification. now to an update on the bay area. forty-niners fan is in a coma after a fight
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at the forty-niners game last weekend. a los angeles man is now out on bail, accused of pushing and punching daniel luna. the suspect from that incident at sunday's nfc championship game at so fi and inglewood turned himself in tonight. friends and family of both the suspect and the victim are talking about the brief altercation that has changed all of their lives forever. kron four's justine waltman has tonight's update. >> he bonded out at 01:00am this morning on $30,000 bail. >> englewood police have arrested this man. 33 year-old brian cifuentes in connection with sunday's assault on daniel luna outside of the nfc championship game at so fi stadium. and mayer says blurry 90 seconds. surveillance video helped police track down the suspect who turned himself in the mayor. maps out what happened in the parking lot during the tailgate, but is careful not to call the conflict an issue between forty-niners and rams fans. it
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looks like it began when luna wearing a white jersey pushes to flint s wearing a yellow jersey. the individual, white jersey. pushes. >> the individual yellow jersey and he falls over backward, didn't fall to the ground. the individual, the yellow jersey. pushes. the individual, white jersey and then strikes him once. it appears in the face area. the individual, the white jersey falls backwards, hits his head on the pavement doesn't move after that. luna is the chef and owner of a restaurant in oakland. >> one of his longtime friend says luna is not the type to cause trouble or pick a fight. >> you will >> there's also shaken one of the suspects. cousin seem to be that it was self-defense.
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the case. >> my patient was station way with that should come to that. and just like just like anybody you get tax can get that pick all. if anderson, especially when you're with your wife, while there is disagreement from people who know the suspect and the victim on how this issue started. >> they do agree that a 5 second fight had devastating results. una remains hospitalized in a medically induced coma. the mayor says his condition has not gotten better for worse. next up, englewood police will present their case to the district attorney and the da will then decide whether or not to charge the suspect. i'm justine waldman, kron. 4 news. meanwhile, as it pertains to the super bowl, several federal agencies are joining law enforcement to increase security around so far stadium ahead of the big game. the >> inglewood police department is ultimately in charge of security, but the department is getting a lot of help from
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the u.s. secret service and from the faa, along with the u.s. customs and border protection agency. so far, stadium has also received cargo scanning trucks used at the port of long beach to x way, incoming supplies and vehicles, which entered the site new at 9 o'clock. tonight, some troubling video from the east bay capturing a man being robbed in front of his own home. the victim was apparently targeted after leaving oakland's chinatown kron four's. dan thorn has the story from san leandro. >> cell phone video from wednesday shows 3 men attacking the victim outside of their san leandro the man is heard pleading that he will give up what they want, but the thieves continue their ambush as clay. >> this to unfortunately, you know, this this is not the only incident. karl chan, the president of oakland's chinatown, chamber of commerce, says the victim was followed from chinatown to his home in san leandro. this type
9:19 pm
of targeting is something chan says he's seeing more and more is that they do because, you know, is too many times >> and and it's impacting our many, many residents for a mostly on and also the >> in the video, the struggle is seen going out of you, but the victim can still be heard. the trio was stealing the man's expensive wristwatch. and after taking it, they escaped in a silver car. the man left on the ground calling for help. san leandro police have put out robbery prevention tips, including being aware of your surroundings and reporting suspicious behavior. chan is hoping when these types of crimes involved criminals from one community following people to another community that the police department's continue to work together, people should be held accountable. >> you know, must be consequences. you know, many
9:20 pm
crotch. >> reporting in san leandro, dan thorn kron. 4 news milpitas man is now in jail after police say he killed a woman and then buried her in a backyard on monday. police say they got a call. >> asking for a welfare check at the woman's home. as the investigation continued, police gathered evidence near the victim's home leading them to believe there was a violent crime. neighbors told police they heard screaming in the area early saturday morning, but did not report it right away. police arrested 34 year-old micah james double it on wednesday and dug up the woman's body in the suspects backyard yesterday. dublin is now in the santa clara county jail on homicide charges. the victim's identity has not been released as of yet. >> san francisco police are looking for 2 men responsible for shooting that left. one man injured. it happened just before 9.30, last night near 9th and howard street. the victim was reportedly trying to stop the suspects as they were breaking into his car when he was shot. the victim
9:21 pm
is recovering in the hospital tonight. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police to the north bay allay police investigating the fatal shooting of an 18 year-old. it happened late last night near glencoe waterfront park. the victim was transferred to a hospital but did not survive the gunshot wounds. police say this case is also under investigation. they've not released information on the victim. this is the laos first homicide of the year. a scare at the tesla factory in fremont after a 2 alarm fire broke out earlier this afternoon. that fire has since been contained and authorities say it ignited outside the factory kron four's. rob nesbitt has more. >> the fire was put out quickly on the scene has since been cleared here at tesla. the fremont fire department says it was a large pile of packing materials that went up in flames. here are pictures right after the fire was put out packing materials such as pallets in cardboard boxes caught on fire. the fremont fire department says that crews were working for hours after separating the
9:22 pm
smoldering materials. they say that no one was injured during the fire and operations continued as normal inside the tesla factory. no evacuations were required. this is not the first fire at this location. 2 people were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation back in december after a fire broke out in a boiler room on the 3rd floor of the electric carmaker's administrative building. officials reported the filters for the heating ventilation and air-conditioning system caught fire because of friday's fire is still under investigation in fremont. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news coming up, a bold statement from former vice president mike pence. >> why he calls former president trump wrong. >> a verdict has been reason the fraud and theft case against attorney michael avenatti. details on the money stolen from actor. so daniels. >> and a live look outside right at the embarcadero, exploratorium right here in san francisco, a mild to warm weekend expected with lots of sunshine in the big, warm up next week. my full forecast next week. my full forecast
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>> former vice president mike pence came out today with his strongest rebuke of former president trump's attempt to overturn the election during a speech at the federalist society, pence said trump was wrong to say as vice president pence had the power to not certify the vote. pence said he had no right to do that. this review comes as mister trump admitted over the
9:26 pm
weekend he wanted pence to overturn the election results. pence blasted trump's request today saying there's almost no idea more an american, unquote, and he described the january 6 riots as a dark day in u.s. history. >> attorney michael avenatti has been convicted of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for stealing almost $300,000 from adult film star stormy daniels. the money was supposed to be payment for writing a book about daniels alleged affair with former president trump. prosecutors say avenatti used an account he controlled without her knowledge avenatti acted as his own attorney and says he's, quote, very disappointed by the verdict. he's been ordered to surrender to u.s.. marshals in california on monday. it's also set to serve a 30 month prison sentence in a twenty-twenty extortion case involving nike. >> coming up, a no knock warrant and is in an explosion of violence. minneapolis police back in the national
9:27 pm
spotlight. another black man shot and killed the calls now 2 and no knock warrants. plus, mario gonzalez, his mother has filed a second federal civil wsuit against the city of alameda and the officers involved in the death of the 26 year-old. we're going hear from her attorney and how they plan to win t
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♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free. free to zoom without a meeting request. free to enjoy savory bites, and stunning sights. and free to reunite with old friends...and new. it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the city of alameda and the officers
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involved in the death of 26 year-old mario gonzalez. this time on behalf of gonzalez's mother, gonzales was killed during a struggle with police. last year, which the alameda county coroner's office has ruled a homicide. >> well, forcefully to gold talked with the attorney whose firm filed a lawsuit. >> the purpose is off lawsuit is to hold the police officers as well as the city responsible for young man whose life was taken from him far too soon on thursday, even our knowledge, the mother of 26 year-old gonzalez filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former interim alameda police chief randy fenn. >> the 3 officers involved in her son's death in the city of alameda. she claims the officers illegally and unjustifiably restraint, a confused and disoriented gonzalez at a park in alameda last april, adding that the officers failed to de escalate a situation during which gonzalez was not a threat. the lawsuit is seeking money to
9:31 pm
cover financial and emotional damage caused by mario's death. civil rights attorney adante pointer places representing our knowledge. apparent under federal law is entitled to bring a lawsuit for the loss of their in december. the alameda county coroner's office ruled mario's death a homicide stating that drugs and the officer's restraint contributed to his passing shortly after through a different law firm, the gonzalez family filed the first federal civil rights lawsuit against the same defendants listed in this latest lawsuit on behalf of mario's 5 year-old son mario junior. the family, unfortunately is united in grief in outrage that their loved one has been taken from them. >> this is just purely a legal vehicle. >> to present the claims of the mother in a statement, the city of alameda confirms it received the federal complaint, adding, quote, the loss of mario gonzalez is life was indeed tragic and the city will vigorously defend itself. its former police chief and
9:32 pm
the named officers against all allegations will be more lawsuits. >> we don't anticipate any more losses for the death of all. it was all as the city of alameda confirms the officers involved remain on paid administrative leave. >> the alameda county district attorney's office says it is still investigating the matter and has not made a decision on whether or not to file criminal charges against the officers. police kron 4 news. >> minneapolis police officers under scrutiny again after executing a no knock warrant and a homicide investigation that ended with the shooting and killing of 22 year-old amir lock. police say he was not named in any of their search warrants before the entry and attorneys for the man's family say he was in legal possession of his
9:33 pm
firearm. minnesota attorney general keith ellison has been asked to review the case for possible charges. ellison's office led prosecutions of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin in george floyd's killing and the shooting of black motorist daunte a right. brianna taylor died in a botched no knock warrant in 2020, which led to a call for an end to such warrants. >> lift every voice and saying which is also known as the black national anthem could become an official national him. democrats on capitol hill have introduced a bill to create a special designation for the historic him which dates back over a century. it would not replace the national at the home. but supporters say the song deserves a special place in american history, written in 1900 to commemorate abraham lincoln's birthday. the lyrics were later set to music. some lawmakers call the song not only a symbol of black pride and perseverance but of the resilience of the american democracy.
9:34 pm
>> to ensure that our nation, the ever mindful of that people's role in the development of our has taught us angle, saw hole. >> that the president has >> congressman cliburn also says he believes there is enough bipartisan support to pass the plan in the house. >> here in the bay area, nonprofit has been teaching children and teenagers, poetry in local schools and online for years. they made sure to continue to provide the creative outlet, especially during the pandemic for zell is sogomonian reports. the group is raising money in a cute way for valentine's day to keep their work going strong. >> slam poetry. 3 minutes and 10 seconds to express yourself in a fashion that fuses poetry, storytelling and theater bay area, creative is a nonprofit that has been teaching this creative outlet to people of all ages for nearly 15 years. the executive
9:35 pm
director believes that our youth are more ready to take on tough conversations than you might think. >> and there's so many battles that you have to face outside of those of yourself. what this program really does is gives you some of the tools so that at least you're you can be more sure of who you are. >> poetry, teachers use games as a way of learning and the use art form to encourage kids and teens to find their voice and deliver their feelings face to face one. such student from richmond high named jamie williams is now professional poet and teacher artist himself. whether invited into classrooms and after-school programs are interacting online during the pandemic there. poets have worked with students from the east bay to san mateo counties and are looking to expand out of the month. it just kills me so only to be able to be in this classroom space that so often isn't a community. so often these students working
9:36 pm
individually being told what to do being told they're not behaving correctly being told me to calm down, you know, and we 2 workshops. there is still an element focus and it can't be chaos and pandemonium in the classroom, though we do focus on a play based curriculum that is as high energy as we can bring. >> so this valentine's day, people who make a contribution to the nonprofit on bay area, creative dot org can request to get a poem from a student in return that they consent to theis valentine. the goal is to one day combined grants and donations to hire poets full-time. to keep this program going on one side love serving the community and everything that comes out of that. >> on the other side, we love paying artists. if i can give an artist day job that they can to their art every single day. >> that's that's success right there. that's model. we made it right there. >> in san francisco, i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 still ahead
9:37 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's a family affair down in santa clara. the forty-niners are adding a new
9:40 pm
face to their staff was quite familiar with head coach kyle shanahan. several outlets are reporting that former chargers coach anthony lynn is joining the niners as an assistant lin played running back for the denver broncos under mike shanahan. kyle shanahan's father from 1997 to 99. kyle shanahan was a ball boy for the team. back then lin recently was dismissed from his role as the lions offensive coordinator. he's expected to be named as assistant head coach for the forty-niners working with the offense when reportedly has not yet signed a contract, though. with less than 2 weeks to go until spring training as supposed to get underway. major league baseball, the players association of hit another major road block in negotiations. the players union just rejected the mlb's proposal to bring in a federal mediator to help the lockout began on december. second, when the 2 sides failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. a cba out once conditions of employment salaries and much more players. association leaders say they're turning down the request for a mediator because the mlb has not attempted good faith
9:41 pm
negotiations. union leaders say what they offered is fair to both sides. this latest all means spring training will more than likely be too late. on to round 2 of the atnt pro am from beautiful pebble beach. check out the waves just picturesque. as for the slabs off on barrow, also known as carlton from the fresh prince sinks, the birdie putt here 12 and around for him tied 9th amongst the amateurs. as for the pros, it was all about seamus power. he golfed an 8 under 64 to take a commanding five-stroke lead going into the weekend. he is at 16 under for the tournament. >> finally, this is a fun one. you've got to see this. >> raiders quarterback derek carr in the house making an appearance at the nhl skills competition. the league's all-star week is being held right now in las vegas car, getting the crowd revved up for sure. now he tossed a football to chicago blackhawks, alex to prank it
9:42 pm
who, by the way, was in costume doing his best. zach elfin not just from the hangover. he puts the football the back of the net. you just saw this was the breakaway challenge to break. it didn't win the competition. he should deserve some style or create creativity. point something carr was obviously having a good time taking part regardless the only shark competing meyer was eliminated early in the hardest shot competition the nhl all-star game is taking place on saturday. that's all we've got saturday. that's all we've got oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business
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>> new at 9 it has been. >> almost 6 months now since the count or fire destroyed hundreds of homes in grizzly flats cents off highway 50 in the sierra. at one point, the fire was heading straight for pollack. pines sets a town of about 7,000 people. but it never made it there as part of our weeklong series on wildfires. dennis shanahan shows us how the community prepared. >> and how that preparation paid off their example, providing some important lessons. as we all look ahead to the summer. >> breaking news out of el dorado county tonight where the caldor fire is still burning out of control. >> from an overlook off highway 50 residents of pollack, pines watched helplessly last august as the caldor fire came within a couple miles of their evacuated town. everybody just all at the same time tried to get trying to get out.
9:46 pm
>> firefighters say at this point they have no containment. sherry son, brother and your neighbors had reason to be afraid at that time. the fire had just destroyed hundreds of homes nearby in grizzly flats. >> but the flames never reached pollack, pines evidence that a project years in the making did exactly what it was designed to do. the fire really had stopped its progression here. we met up with mark egbert in a forest just south of pollack, pines near slight part and the district manager for the eldorado in the georgetown divide resource conservation districts. the resource conservation district advise, landowners and public agencies bringing all parties to the table. leadership from cal fire in the forest service and other entities likes here, pacific industries, eldorado irrigation district. the county of eldorado. >> i'm really came together, sat down at a table and said how are we going to align our priorities, how we're going to share resources and how we're going to get some tangible work done on the ground because we can't afford to keep losing these
9:47 pm
>> with the help of state and federal grants, they put together a plan called fire, adapted 50 working to make the communities along highway 50 more resistant to wildfires over the last few years. they did out 10,000 acres of forest trees grow every day. and if you don't you're going to have too much fuel. my son's forrester. jim davies is a contractor on this project enforced really go. it's called the fuels treatment. so what we did we came in, we took out the smaller trees to claim a lazy trees and left the larger trees. so that helps increase the force resiliency to >> drought. climate change effects of wildfire and other things that affect the overall health and condition of the forced. >> this is where the fire adapted 50 project was put to
9:48 pm
the test during the caldor fire fire fighting crews from calfire news for service knew the fired up to 50 project. darien footprint was here. so that enabled firefighting crews to access the area and put a firefighting tools such as back burning on the ground here. >> and that back burning operation is what actually intercepted with the fire itself. this is an area of untreated forest, densely wooded, combustible material, these low hanging branches. these are the latter. feels fire can race up to the top of the trees in an area like this. >> this is an area that's been thinned much less combustible material here. you can see the fire scorched these trees, but it did not get up into the canopy the same stadium had been left like that piece across the property line there. it would have torched all these trees and burn them to death that this be black skeletons left here. >> if you want a mormon emigrant trail, you'll see miles and miles and miles of flexibility. >> there's no way you could
9:49 pm
put firefighting crews in there. all right, to stop the fire. so these strategically placed feels treatments are positioned in a way where they're jason's communities adjacent to values like the water infrastructure systems that we have here. and it gives us a chance then to come up to it and and headed off. >> diana swartz is a cal fire public information officer actually quite proud of this. this project of the fired up to 50. it's the balance, right? we don't want to take out too much. we don't take out too little. and of course, for cal fire having this will break is is just such an advantage for us. as we saw. >> with the caldor fire. >> i think this did make a difference. yeah, those firefighting crews are actually to be able to make a stand stand that left. pollack, pines. standing strong. you know, the roanoke county, dennis shanahan. >> and tomorrow night, the debate over whether bird community should be rebuilt or be left alone with so many fire damaged areas still in
9:50 pm
the potential path of future wildfires. some people think rebuilding is a bad idea and a waste of money. it is a tough topic for many people to consider. that is the final report in our in-depth series on wildfires. well, where it's not summer yet. let's take a look outside and see how things are shaping up with the weather in the bay area. yeah, we're talking about wildfires. rebecca strom us here in the lords tonight. and it's still so dry, isn't it? >> it's really dry, guys. we haven't seen a legitimate amount of rain where we've actually been able to record it almost a month ago, january 7th was the last time of the bay area got rainfall. so we are long overdue. we definitely need it. but it looks like we're not going to get about towards of the middle of the month or at least out to the middle of the month. it looks like it's going to be dry through a valentine's day. unfortunately, let's try to enjoy the sunshine and then there hope the best that we will get some of that wet weather soon. the golden gate bridge right now, a nice clear overlooking it and we can make out the deck. just perfect
9:51 pm
right now. tonight, lows will be in the 30's and 40's a light breeze in the air tomorrow. yes, another dry and mild afternoon on tap some cloud cover that you will be waking up to we're going to see temperatures from the low to mid 60's tomorrow and then sunday is going to be a little bit of a warm-up. we're going to see temperatures bump up by a few degrees. we could see a mid to even upper 60's in some spots with a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy. so head outside. if you can just be aware of the air quality, we did have a mixture of good to moderate levels today. it's going remain pretty much the same as we get into tomorrow. so if you are sensitive, just be careful. want to see indoors during some of the peak hours. our satellite imaging no rain because the high pressure system continues to just dominate the bay area. it's keeping all of the storm systems away from us. and we're just seeing a whole lot of sunshine and temperatures going to be a getting above normal averages for this time of year. and yes, no rain. our
9:52 pm
long range of forecasts showing it's going to be very dry. all the wet weather is going to steer clear. the bay area and remain far north. the like in though washington's and oregon folks will see a couple of rounds of us. some light wet weather there. and even the possibility of some snowfall throughout parts of idaho. but we're going to stay nice and dry all the way through next week so far. and even beyond that, temperatures tomorrow, very similar to what we felt today. 60's across the board, very evenly spread. 66 in a san jose tomorrow with sunshine. 64 in fremont 62. if you're going to be in san francisco, we're looking at a low to mid 60's across your north bay zone. looking i-70 around the bay forecast. you can see the warm up as we get so day is huge day. a building, especially as we get in the middle of next week. those 70's are going remain strong all the way through friday with a lot of sunshine to enjoy and still chilly during the overnights. more new
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> kron four's honoring black history month and here in the bay area, there will be a handful of local events to celebrate in the month of february. some of the events are online and some in-person in the napa valley. the city's 5th annual black history month event happens on zoom on saturday. $25 tickets by a soul food meal to go and wine and donated by a black owned winery in oakland, february
9:56 pm
14th. valentine's day parade is set for the new parish in downtown oakland and in the city and san francisco blues performances planned by martin luther mccoy for february. 26th. we have details on our website. just click the black history month tab at kron 4 dot com. >> and join kron four's. we commemorate black history month. that will hoso a 30 minute special honoring black history, mind body and soul. it airs thursday february 24th at 6.30, in the evening. scammers using social media to defraud consumers. and last year they made a big call doing at the federal trade commission says in 2021 770 million dollars was lost on line scams. the ftc says most of these start as and sort direct messages for investment opportunities or romantic scams. the other common scams include advertisements for online shopping deals. the ftc says
9:57 pm
they saw double the number of complaints about social media scams in 2021 than they did in 2020. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, including new details about what happened in the parking lot of so fi stadium tonight, a forty-niners fan, a bay area restaurant owner was knocked to the ground with family. members of the suspects say they witnessed that day. plus of the second time this year, a person has been shot and killed along interstate 80 in oakland. the breaking new details from the chp just into our newsroom. our newsroom. >> the news at 10 is next. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs?
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news that breaking news. another life has been lost to gun violence on interstate 80 in oakland. the highway patrol says someone was shot and killed early tonight and all northbound lanes near downtown oakland remain closed. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm palmore chp just released new information on the shooting about 10 minutes ago. the agency says officers responded to a crash on northbound interstate 8.80, north of oak street at 05:15am, tonight. >> when they arrived on scene, officers determine a male driver had been shot. the driver then veered his car to the right, struck a guardrail and came to a stop.


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