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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 4, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news that breaking news. another life has been lost to gun violence on interstate 80 in oakland. the highway patrol says someone was shot and killed early tonight and all northbound lanes near downtown oakland remain closed. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm palmore chp just released new information on the shooting about 10 minutes ago. the agency says officers responded to a crash on northbound interstate 8.80, north of oak street at 05:15am, tonight. >> when they arrived on scene, officers determine a male driver had been shot. the driver then veered his car to the right, struck a guardrail and came to a stop. he was
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pronounced dead at the scene. there were no other passengers in the car in for almost 5 hours now. the northbound lanes of interstate 80 have remain closed. >> while officers investigate the scene, you can see the traffic. there's nobody coming through northbound. the southbound lanes are moving but northbound traffic is being turned off at the oak street exit. that's right. near lake merritt. there is still no word on when the northbound lanes will reopen. unfortunately, acts of gun violence such as this on bay area. freeways is nothing new. but in recent months it appears they grow more deadly on november 6.23. month-old jasper. wu was struck by a stray bullet while his mother was driving home to fremont on interstate 80. he was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead a month ago today in alameda county sheriff's recruit was killed in a freeway shooting. 28 year-old david. the wind was driving home from his work at the academy when someone shot into his vehicle near the bay bridge toll plaza. the win was
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an alameda county sheriff's deputy recruit and would have officially started his career as a deputy today, the sheriff's department named him an honorary deputy for the first time in its history. the highway patrol's and is investigating both of those incidents as of tonight, no arrests have been made in either case and there's no information on suspects. >> the alameda county sheriff's office has been calling for surveillance cameras on freeways for weeks now following this latest fatal shooting lieutenant ray kelly with the sheriff's office telling us in a statement, quote, we do support freeway cameras in alameda county. we hope our elected officials and community leaders will invest in technology for public safety. the sheriff's office made a similar statement last month following that shooting involving the sheriff's cadet david, when saying then it was time to take action before someone else was killed in a car to car shooting. earlier tonight on kron 4 news at 9. we talked with oakland city council member dan call.
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here's some of what he had to say about the issue. >> surveillance cameras freeways would be responsibility of the state. that's that's completely chp jurisdiction. and if they want to do in cameras are of a nature where they could actually help solve violent crimes. all the investigations for violent crimes open to getting that shot. we have to try something. i don't think surveillance cameras on freeways are going to be answer to solving all shootings or the violent crimes that may happen on freeways. but if they could be one of the and it's worth a try, let's let's see dried out and see how it works. if it helps great, if not, then what will stop it? >> surveillance cameras have proved useful in solving crimes before, although it was not on the freeway. cameras did help track down the suspects in the shooting death of kevin nishita, a former security guard who was fatally shot while protecting one of our reporters. >> stay with kron. 4 on the
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air and online as we continue to follow this latest freeway shooting, you can always get the latest details on our website. kron 4 dot com. other news tonight, the family of a man arrested in the assault of a forty-niners fan is so 5 stadium is speaking out. >> revealing new details about what happened that night. the suspect's cousin says that he was there when the altercation happened. everyone had been inside enjoying the game when things changed in an instant. rick chambers has the story from l a. >> it looked like a tailgate party to me. >> inglewood mayor describing what surveillance video shows so 5 parking lot when daniel luna was injured last sunday during a scuffle with the rams forty-niners game. 33 year-old brian cifuentes has been charged with assaulting luna. >> i was there and the tailgating with my >> this meant the suspect's cousin says they were, in fact, tailgating that day. they couldn't afford to get into the game. so they got a parking pass and brought a tv
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and some lounge chairs and it wasn't long before luna, a 40 year-old restaurant tour and forty-niners fan from oakland approach them for pushing me. >> and intoxicating. he was like. forcing himself on people that he couldn't stand by himself at checking making you know, like that grab inning, we walking together way. mister dunn and it didn't want to go. chris claims the cifuentes group, a mixture of forty-niners and rams fans. >> asked other people nearby if they knew luna and could take him away, they didn't. and when the niners scored early, chris says luna became aggressive toward his cousin. he struck him from the back in. know what's happening in the it came from behind win. so he got up and >> he defended himself. you get tax can get that pick all. it can do so especially when
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you get your why. you have to. that and let you all that defense came in the shape of a push back in a punch to lose face. >> which caused him to fall back and hit his head on the pavement. >> there were other fans in that group and at least one person in the short clip that i saw, which is only a minute and a half that down tried to turn him on this site. >> chris claims he is that man in the video injury on the set of the can. put him sideways. and then i want to keep at where everything that had inning. >> where planes are hand and night and we hope that you fully recovers. no one ever want anything at this team to have its around have a good 10 and we're anything. >> again, that was rick chambers reporting for us tonight. oakland police say shooting at a spa near oakland's lake merritt is now being investigated. get investigated, rather has attempted murder and suicide.
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it happened tuesday morning at the coombe a spa. police say a woman who was a spa employee shot in oakland man and then shot herself. she died later at a hospital while he remains in critical condition. police say there are no other suspects. >> developing tonight, police have determined a 54 year-old milpitas woman who had been missing for several days was in fact, murdered. officers dug up her body in her neighbor's backyard. 34 year-old micah james don't let was booked into the santa clara county jail on homicide charges. on monday, police received a phone call requesting a welfare check at the victim's home the next day as part of their investigation. officers say they found evidence near the victim's home leading them to believe there had been a violent crime. neighbors told officers they did hear screaming in the area early saturday morning, but they didn't report it right away. the victim's identity is not being released. troubling new
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video tonight of a man being robbed in front of his home in san leandro. the victim was apparently targeted after leaving oakland's chinatown kron four's. dan thorn has that story. >> cell phone video from wednesday shows 3 men attacking the victim outside of their san leandro the man is heard pleading that he will give up what they want, but the thieves continue their ambush as clay. >> this to unfortunately, you know, this this is not the only incident. karl chan, the president of oakland's chinatown, chamber of commerce, says the victim was followed from chinatown to his home in san leandro. >> this type of targeting is something chan says he's seeing more and more is they do because, you know, it's too many times >> and and it's impacting our many, many residents for a the women and also the
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>> in the video, the struggle is seen going out of you, but the victim can still be heard. the trio was stealing the man's expensive wristwatch. and after taking it, they escaped in a silver car. the man left on the ground calling for help. san leandro police have put out robbery prevention tips, including being aware of your surroundings and reporting suspicious behavior. chan is hoping when these types of crimes involved criminals from one community following people to another community that the police department's continue to work people should be held accountable. >> you know, must be consequences. you know, many crotch. >> reporting in san leandro, dan thorn kron. 4 news. police in san francisco are investigating after they say a man was shot while trying to stop 2 other men from breaking into his car. it happened just after 9 o'clock last night at the corner of 9th. >> and howard, that's near the civic center, bart station. police say the victim was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. anyone
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who has information is asked to contact san francisco police now to our coronavirus coverage and the big news today out of the east bay. you will no longer have to prove you are vaccinated against covid in order to enter restaurants and gyms in contra costa county. >> health officials made that announcement today citing an 80% vaccination rate in the county and 48% of eligible people in contra costa county have received their covid booster. they also say the omicron surge has likely peaked in contra costa county and hospitalizations are beginning to drop. >> it's still a best practice, but we no longer think that the requirement it is we do think that many businesses will look at this and choose to continue to verify vaccine status because many of their customers or workers will feel safer. >> the change does not apply, however, to places like health care facilities, nursing homes or mega events with 500 or
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more people. meantime, san jose's covid booster mandate that all city on venues took effect today. anyone attending or working an event hosted at venues such as the s ap center where the convention center must show proof of a booster shot. if you are fully vaccinated but not yet eligible for the booster, you can show a negative covid test, but it must have been taken a day within the event. if it's an antigen test, we're 2 days of its a pcr test. there is free covid testing available at the sep center. san jose is the first city in california to implement a booster mandate. sonoma county's ban on large gatherings is set to expire next week. but the tourism industry is still struggling from lost revenue. kron four's gayle ong has the story. in january of a $65,000 and banquets that $65,000. gerard shaikh co-owner of sally tomatoes and events and boehner park. >> lost after sonoma county issued a health order banning
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large gatherings indoors, all the bank, which canceled even those that were below 50 people. not because they illegal. >> but the health order people were scared. they were frightened. >> judy che, one of dozens of business owners trying to make up for lost time. the health mandate is set to expire on february. 11th county health officers credit strict health orders in helping reduce county's covid case rate. claudia vecchio ceo of sonoma county tourism sent a survey to about 3,000 local businesses asking about the impact of the county's health order of those 60 respondents. we did find that the the immediate impact was somewhat north of 6 million dollars. and that really represents. >> business lost as it relates to groups that already booked and had to cancel. i and other people who have canceled in the future. but because of that order to noma county, health officials loosened the health order last month due to declining covid cases.
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>> but nothing changed for the larger tourism community. they says the county's public health officer have been guiding local businesses to operate safely. but it's not just the loss in business that's challenging judicious as trying to help employees survive. these are people who are. >> are working 2 jobs and there's no relief. and and there is no, you know, there is no extra bonus, you know, for, you know, for unemployment and, you know, we have a little one position. the hope is that this latest round of health orders that slow down progress will kind of get cleaned up over this spring and summer. robert isler, professor of economics at sonoma state university says it's going to be all about the dollars spent. so one of the things the trouble she's very concerned about. >> if there's a threat of this happening again, will people book as many weddings with a book as many events will be because many conferences and those are relatively large ticket items in terms of filling hotel rooms, filling restaurants, ordering catering and having sort of this, you know, ripple effect.
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>> among a bunch of different industries when one event takes place. in the meantime, businesses are looking forward to next week's expiration date. we have valentine's day thankfully coming after those health mandate. >> lipson, i think that's going to be good weekend in county. what better place to spend valentine's day a lovely winery. >> gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> we now have to fully approved covid vaccine. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky has signed off on a recommendation to approve the moderna vaccine for all adults. the shot received full approval from the fda earlier this week. more than 200 million doses of the moderna vaccine have been administered in the u.s. the pfizer vaccine was approved for people 16 and older. last august. the cdc unveiling a new wastewater tracking system. it gives communities across the nation and early warning of rising covid infections in their area. >> water samples typically turn positive for covid 4 to 6
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days before cases in any region actually start to climb data on the public dashboard show the number of sites that have detective covid in the wastewater over the last 15 days. about 80% of households are connected to sewer systems. and experts say between 40 and 80% of people said the genetic material from the virus, whether or not they experience any symptoms from the virus. the data is available now on the cdc's website. and this just into our newsroom. an update to our top story tonight. all northbound lanes have been cleared to open along interstate 8.80, northbound. those lanes have been shut down for nearly 5 hours while the chp investigated the fatal freeway shooting. we reported on officials say the same has been clear. traffic is moving once again. however, no new information has been released on the victim nor the suspects involved in the original incident. time now for a weather check as we take you outside and look at the bucky
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ball outside the on the embarcadero and things always seem to look a little bit nicer on a friday night for change. into meteorologists rebecca standing by for large tonight and joins us with a look ahead to the weekend. yeah, it's been a perfect friday afternoon weather wise. we had a really nice mild afternoon with sunshine and >> really good temperatures in the 60's. the weekend looks much of the same with a little bit of a warm-up as we get into sunday. >> outside right now, a nice shots overlooking our east bay's own. and it's a pretty clear out there. we can see all the way across the bay into san francisco overnight lows, 30's and 40's. we're going to have a light breeze across the bay area that you're going to be feeling over the next couple of days tomorrow, similar story, dry and mild. some cloud cover, though, but still a lot of sunshine to enjoy temperatures within the low to mid 60's. and then the bump up begins on sunday. we're going to be seeing the high pressure system really start to ramp up bring us some mid to even upper 60's and getting close
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to that 70 degree mark on sunday and some of our warmer spots. and yes, it's all thanks to the high pressure continues to build. and like i said, it's going to even pack more of a punch as we get into sunday. and then as we get towards the next week, a lot of warm weather is on the horizon for the bay area. a lot of dry weather as well and sunshine that we do need. the rain will try to enjoy what we can. so hopefully you can go outside and make some outdoor plans like those mentioned. yes, so we will have some breezy conditions. the north bay. we will start to see some high winds develop a little bit with the gusts in the 20's in some spots and some are higher elevations, elevations, rather like atlas peak. also vacaville, getting close to anywhere from that 15 to 20 mile an hour mark and but really across the entire bay area, you're going to feel a little bit of a breeze looking ahead. like i was mentioning, the temperatures going to just keep bumping up as we get through the next day in the next day and a look at that upper 60's. we may even see
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some 70's as we get into monday and some are warmer spots. a break it all down. coming up a little bit later. back to the news. ken. >> thank you, rebecca. new at 10, 3 teenagers in modesto were killed in a horrific high-speed crash involving a big rig. some viewers may find this video difficult to watch. home security video captured the devastating moment of impact. this is tuesday afternoon. police say the driver of a silver sedan blew through 2 red lights at high speeds at the second red lights. the driver of the semi truck either didn't see the car or have time to stop and crashed into it. the victims were 15, 16 17 year-old boys. a 16 year-old boy sitting in the back seat is expected to survive the driver of the silver sedan. a 20 year-old man has been arrested and he's facing several charges. >> a second federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the city of alameda and the officers involved in the death of 26 year-old mario gonzalez. this time on behalf of gonzales, his mother, the
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$2000 claims of the officers illegally and unjustifiably restrained her son at a park in alameda last april. she has the officers failed to de-escalate a situation in which gonzales was not a threat in december. the alameda county coroner's office ruled mario's death a homicide stating that drugs and the officer's restraint contributed to his passing. a separate lawsuit has already been filed on behalf of mario's 5 year-old son mario junior. >> there is no disconnect between the family. in fact, you the family, unfortunately, is united in grief in outrage that their loved one has been taken from them. this is just purely a legal vehicle to present the claims of the mother. >> the lawsuit is seeking money to cover financial and emotional damage caused by her son's death. in a statement the city of alameda confirmed it has received the federal complaint adding, quote, the loss of mario gonzalez. his
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life was indeed tragic and the city will vigorously defend itself. is former police chief and the navy officers against all allegations. >> minneapolis police under scrutiny again after a no knock warrant ended in the shooting death of 22 year-old amir lock tonight. lots of parents are addressing the officers actions and demanding justice for their son. reporter forte has the very latest on this developing story. >> unrest in minneapolis tonight. a mere locks family speaking out for the first time following the release of bodycam footage. 22 year-old being gunned down by a minneapolis police officer early wednesday a no knock raid his model t s i will make it is always the side of this moment. yes, i want to us.
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>> every day. out of the day, 365 days. so make sure you are current lot. yes, just it's you know, s a key yes, it into pd just. >> my didn't deserve it to city. releasing the video last night. we want to warn you, it's disturbing in it. you see swat officers used key to enter the apartment. >> officers approached sleep on a couch and are blank shower and shining a bright light at him. >> a gun is seen unlocks hand for the video. it's unclear if it was put it towards officers and we don't hear officers order him to drop it. then almost immediately an officer now identified as mark and start entry. gunfire happened in less than 10 seconds. hannah has been placed on administrative leave. he joined the force in 2015. the shooting is now under investigation by the county
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attorney's office. the minnesota attorney general's office and the state bureau of criminal apprehension at the center of this case, the issue of no knock warrants brought to a national stage recently in the shooting death breonna taylor, minnesota, where one of the cities that play the breonna taylor. >> and lee anne. unnecessarily and unconstitutional and kentucky. that they we're going to stop going on about they were going on policy. >> but yet. this happened to a mere law. >> now, fort reporting tonight, protests are expected in minneapolis this weekend. still ahead tonight, a dramatic scene at the tesla factory in fremont with authorities say triggered a fire that shut down production. plus, former vice
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president mike pence sharing harsh words for his former commander-in-chief. what he is saying about donald trump's attempts to overthrow the 2020 election after the break. how you can help a local school raise money for valentine's raise money for valentine's day. care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
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>> the fire started outside the tesla plant in fremont this afternoon. firefighters say the flames erupted from pallets of cardboard debris. the fire forced tesla to halt all production. no injuries were reported and no
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evacuations were ordered. the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> a bay area nonprofit has been teaching children and teenagers, poetry in local schools and online for years. and the group made sure to continue to provide this creative outlet, especially through the pandemic as kron four's ella sogomonian tells us a group is raising money in a festive way for valentine's day trying to keep their work going strong. >> slam poetry. 3 minutes and 10 seconds to express yourself in a fashion that fuses poetry, storytelling and theater bay area, creative is a nonprofit that has been teaching this creative outlet to people of all ages for nearly 15 years. the executive director believes that our youth are more ready to take on tough conversations than you might think. >> and there's so many battles that you have to face outside of those of yourself. what this program really does is
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gives you some of the tools so that at least you're you can be more sure of who you are. >> poetry, teachers use games as a way of learning and the use art form to encourage kids and teens to find their voice and deliver their feelings face to face one. such student from richmond high named jamie williams is now professional poet and teacher artist himself. whether invited into classrooms and after-school programs are interacting online during the pandemic there. poets have worked with students from the east bay to san mateo counties and are looking to expand out of the mouth. it just kills me so only to be able to be in this classroom space that so often isn't a community. so often these students working individually being told what to do being told they're not behaving correctly being told me to calm down, you know, and we 2 workshops. there is still an element of focus and it can't be chaos and pandemonium in the classroom, though we do focus on a play based curriculum that is as high energy as we can bring.
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>> so this valentine's day, people who make a contribution to the nonprofit. >> on bay area, creative dot org can request to get a poem from a student in return that they consent to their valentine. the goal is to one day combined grants and donations to hire poets full-time. to keep this program going on one side love seiving the community and everything that comes out of that. >> on the other side, we love paying artists. if i can give an artist day job that they can to their art every single day. >> that's that's success right there. that's model. we made it right there. >> in san francisco, i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 news next at 10 honoring black history by taking a look at how black churches are a place of comfort for the african-american community, especially through the pandemic. plus, a couple and their dog spent 57 days trapped in their cabin surrounded by heavy snow in the sierra. >> how they were finally
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rescued. >> and we're expecting a warm up around the bay area. temperatures going to get into the 70's. how long is this going to last? all have the answers in my 10 coming up. >> and was it legitimate political discourse? look at the pictures how the republican national committee is punishing the gop lawmakers investigating the january 6 attack on th when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> now to a big story and what is perhaps the strongest rejection yet of the false election claims that have clouded political discourse following the january 6 riot today, former vice president mike pence flatly rejected donald trump's repeated claims that pence could have overturned the 2020 election. >> our this week. the president trump said i have the right to overturn the election. president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election and frankly, there's no idea more on america. >> and the notion that any one person could choose the american president. >> pence has been largely quiet about the events of january, the 6th, even though he was targeted by much of the crowd. but former president trump has increasingly blamed his former vp for failing to stop joe biden from taking office. you may recall at one point the rioters could be heard chanting, hang mike
10:33 pm
pence. pence has long maintained the vice president of the united states has no authority to reject or return electoral votes. meantime, the republican national committee voted today to condemn to republicans for serving on the house committee. that's investigating the january 6 riot. >> the party says representatives liz cheney and adam just kinzinger have been, quote, destructive to the institution of the u.s. house of representatives. the republican party and our republic. the gop also says the 2 were participating in the persecution of citizens who, quote, engaged in legitimate political discourse on january 6 describing the rioters, almost 800 people have been charged with crimes related to that riot on capitol hill. >> other news attorney michael avenatti has been convicted of defrauding adult film actress stormy daniels. prosecutors say the disgraced celebrity lawyer swindle $300,000. daniels was old for a book deal. she landed was found
10:34 pm
guilty of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft the lawyer represented daniels after she claimed to have had a one-time encounter with former president trump years ago of a 90 says he will appeal his conviction. take a look at this. police in texas say an icy crash caused massive traffic jam on interstate 10. many people say that they were trapped in their cars for more than 12 hours. aerial video out of san antonio showing a miles long line of cars and trucks. temperatures will drop in the teens again tonight. problems again expected for people on the road there. people in several states are still coping with the aftermath of that big winter storm that hit a huge portion of the country this week. >> hundreds of thousands of people remain without power and they're trying to dig themselves out of a lot of snow right now. the storm is causing a mess across the northeast today. also marks the 3rd day in a row of mass
10:35 pm
flight cancellations noon today. more than 3,000 flights leaving entering or traveling between the u.s. had been canceled. let's get more on the storm now from our meteorologists, rebecca strom, it's a mess out there. yeah, really is can. and it's still causing a mess. so you can see it's stretching from the florida panhandle up the eastern seaboard all the way into new england. it is beginning to move offshore but still causing some issues. >> in fact, a snowfall and ice accumulation so far just in a 24 hour period, anywhere from 4 inches up to 17 in some spots as this. so winter storm pushes off shore. it's going to leave these areas with below freezing temperatures. in fact, possibly a record breaking lows over the weekend. so we will keep an eye on that a little bit closer to home and nothing but some mostly clear skies here. the golden gate bridge, a nice shot of it and it is friday. it is going to be really nice as you get into the 1st half of your weekend, another mild afternoon on tap. very similar to what we saw today. 50's and
10:36 pm
60's throughout san francisco downtown. 62, a 61 degrees in golden gate park. we're looking at a low 60's the peninsula here along the coast over not a 61 half moon bay, sunshine and 64 degrees. and those mild conditions continue from san bruno into millbrae. 61 and there. and 63 in burlingame, 64 san carlos. 64 in palo alto. if you're going to be in woodside, a high of 63 expected your south. his own looks like this a little bit. so warmer bump up in temperatures. but again, similar to what we saw today, a high of 66 in downtown san jose. 65 in santa clara livermore. 62 degrees there in pleasanton along the east bay shoreline. 64 for hayward and union city downtown oakland. you'll be at a high of 63 tomorrow. walnut creek. 64. and then a little bit warmer as we move into fairfield, a 68 degrees, upper 60's in vacaville tomorrow. 66 in youngsville. if you're going
10:37 pm
to be heading to wine country, napa, you'll be at a high of 66. and as 64 in nevado and san anselmo and 50's at the coast in some beach. 57 and 56 in point rays. here's my 10 10. you can the bump up in temperatures. we're going see a warm up pretty over the next week and even into next weekend. lots of sunshine to enjoy. and those the temperatures really study all the way through this week into next week. some cloud cover, though, that we're going to start to see friday saturday and sunday, but to no rain in the forecast, unfortunately. and then it's going to be real chilly during the overnight. we're looking at lows back into the 30's and 40's. that's a look at the weather. back to the news. can't. >> thank you, rebecca. talk about a story of survival. a couple of been trapped by heavy snow inside their sierra nevada cabin for almost 2 months has finally been rescued. they've been stuck indoors since december 6th after down trees and heavy snow kept them locked in until
10:38 pm
now. emergency crews have been unable to reach them because of blocked roads in the cabins, remote location, a chp helicopter was finally able to reach the couple after they requested help because they are running out of food, actually had to hike to an area where they could get cell phone reception. the couple and their dog. we're told it was a were flown to a safe location and all appear to be doing well. >> kron 4 is honoring black history month. the black community has been hit hard by the pandemic, but many have found comfort getting through by attending church. >> elliott davis has a closer look at how black churches meet the needs in african american communities nationwide. >> african american churches all across america. people come for help during this pandemic dealing with mental stress, struggling with the body's physical needs and to
10:39 pm
spiritually, strengthen them to withstand the terrible losses brought on by covid god. we pray for our families that are grieving. we pray for those that are in hospital rooms. reverend charles nurses, pastor of saint james in church. he's also president of the st. louis metropolitan coalition. what made the black church able to field his rule? >> firms presence. >> the fact they care, we've been there. we've already had relationship and you really can't speak to people on a soul level without having a significant relationship. there. >> another church with that same relationship is fate. miracle temple. they too had to make quick changes in the pandemic to keep up with the needs of a hurting community, smaller praise and worship groups have taken the place. a
10:40 pm
big choirs because of covid protocols. there are stringent covid checks just to get in the church. >> smaller crowds attend because of covid social distancing. bless the offering that again today, more online and live streaming at churches like this that was shut down to in person services. bishop larry baylor admits a few unwanted drawbacks. now people are so used to stand at almost that the with a cappuccino in there. and with that with tom izzo watch of the service and get back in i've done so many funerals over the last roughly 2 years. it has been incredible. first of all, the church deals with the spiritual aspect of people now because you a pastor, you deal with the mental aspect of people and then is our responsibility as well to make sure that everybody has food. >> make sure everybody has a roof over their how important is a church been for you in this has very instrumental in my part-time governor. just
10:41 pm
give me in dorrance. even political leaders like. >> this mayor from vinita park, missouri, agrees. i think the black turns been a pillow. this community. we need it. the testing. >> it was behind us. we needed the vaccine. they were behind us. so the is the most trusted institution in the african american community. and with all the unknowns of covid trust is in high demand >> community hit hard by covid a community where people need some place to come where they knew they'd be searched. my. >> and >> in st. louis, elliott, people. >> today would have been rosa parks 100 and 9th birthday, the civil rights activists and icon is best remembered for her role in the bus boycott in montgomery, alabama parks
10:42 pm
famously refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man on december. the first 1955, a brave action in the segregated south. it ignited the bus boycott which have been targeting legally sanctioned racial discrimination and public transit parks is often remembered as the first lady of civil rights and the mother of the freedom movement. there will be a handful of local events celebrating black history month. some will be held. virtually others will be in person. >> in napa, the city's 5th annual black history month event happens on zoom on saturday. $25 tickets by a soul food meal to go and wine donated by a black owned winery on valentine's day parade is planned at the new parish in downtown oakland. and in san francisco blues performances planned by martin luther mccoy for february, 26th, we have a full list of all the events on our website. kron 4 dot com. just look for the black history month section under the news tab. >> and we hope you join us as
10:43 pm
we commemorate black history month host our 30 minute special honoring black history, mind body soul. it airs thursday, february 24th at 6.30. >> coming up next in sports writer back raiders quarterback derek carr takes part in something a little bit outside. his expertise is at the national hockey league skills. competition kylen mills. we'll explain. >> and a dazzling display overseas after the break. a look at the opening ceremony marking the official start of marking the official start of the beijing winter olympics. and now most admired alum. get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. (giggling) man: you know her. you love her. ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs.
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>> the beijing 2022 winter olympics kicks off with the opening ceremony money at the beijing national stadium today. it is the first venue to ever host an olympics opening ceremony twice. that's because beijing is now the first city to host both the summer and winter olympic games. the games will run until february. 20th reporter matt barnes has highlights from the opening ceremony. >> 14 years after hosting one of the most epic opening ceremonies ever. beijing the world once again inside the iconic bird's nest russian president vladimir putin among the foreign dignitaries on hand a number of countries including the united states, decided to boycott these games diplomatically by not sending a representative to china much
10:47 pm
like 2000, 8, plenty of fireworks and flair in the opening ceremony with technology taking center stage the and led floor. the parade of nations coming soon after with 91 countries entering the national stadium, including the united states. 177 athlete, strong of the 200. 24 overall led by flagbearers john schuster and brittany bowe, the theme of the ceremony was one of togetherness and the environment. something olympic organizers have emphasized with their slogan together for a shared future. and then the moment the world has been waiting for the lighting of the olympic torch. this time done by 2 athletes, one of which a member of the week or community a somewhat controversial decision considering china has been accused of crimes against humanity against a weaker population. china has denied all allegations the flame ultimately being lifted to the air inside a snowflake marking the end to a dazzling display on a chilly chinese night. and with that, the beijing winter
10:48 pm
olympics are officially open and what a sight it was. reporting in beijing and that parts. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it's a family affair down in santa clara. the forty-niners are adding a new face to their coaching staff. he's quite familiar with head coach kyle shanahan. several outlets are reporting that former chargers coach anthony lynn is joining the niners as an assistant lin played running back for the denver broncos owner mike shanahan. kyle shanahan's father from 1997. to 99. truly, truly a family affair. by the way, kyle was a ball boy back then. lin recently was dismissed from his role as lions offensive coordinator. he's expected to be named an assistant head coach for the forty-niners line reportedly has not yet signed a contract. with less than 2 weeks to go until spring training is supposed to take place. major league baseball, the players association of hit another major roadblock in their negotiations. the players
10:49 pm
union just rejected the mlb's proposal to bring in a federal mediator to help lockout began on december. second, when the 2 sides failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, a cba outlines conditions of employment salaries and much more players. association leaders say they're turning down the request for a mediator because the mlb has not attempted a good faith negotiations. union leaders say what they offered is fair to both sides. latest all means spring training will most likely be delayed as far as opening day. that could be in danger. the cow women taking on usc. let's go to some hoops. the bears fabulous freshman jayda curry. yes, she wears number 30, just like that. other curry, you know, like i think stephens first name. she scored 19 of her team high. 21 points in the 2nd half highlighted by the steel and spectacular coast to coast to freight. there's tied up with 4 seconds left. lonnie mcintosh, curry was our defensive curry. there we go. that was the coast to coast. came down. let's get you all caught up down to the wire, a
10:50 pm
winning. but wow, that was a game winning bucket from the corner with what a game winner was. cal with the big walks away with this one with a w 60 to 59. the final score. they stand a light to take on ucl a on sunday. >> round 2 of the 18th tee program from beautiful pebble beach. just beautiful right there. as for the slabs, alfonso ribeiro, carlton also known as the fresh prince or from the fresh prince rather. that was a thing of beauty as well. the birdie putt there, 12 and around for him tied for 9th amongst amateurs. as for the pros, it was all about seamus power. the call to 8 under 64 to take a commanding five-stroke lead going into the weekend. he's at 16 under for that finally my favorite story of the night. here we go. raiders quarterback derek carr making appearance of the nhl skills competition riling up the crowd, getting everyone excited. the league's all-star week is being held in las vegas right now. car tossed a
10:51 pm
football to the chicago blackhawks. alex debrincat. watch this. i don't know what is going on here. by the way to break, it was in costume doing his best sack alpha, knock us from the hangover. he puts the football the back of the net. this was the breakaway challenge. by the way to break. it didn't win the competition. he didn't deserve some creativity points, though, car obviously having some fun taking part. the only sure competing timo meier was eliminated early in the hardest shot competition. the nhl all-star game is taking place tomorrow. that's all we've got for sports kr
10:52 pm
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welcome back to the kron. 4 evening news. i'm rebecca strom in for lawrence karnow on this nice clear, mostly clear. >> friday taking a live look outside right now. the bay bridge toll plaza approach here. we're going to be seeing overnight lows in the 30's and 40's. it's going to chilly once again. a light breeze throughout the bay area. tomorrow, though things are going to get nice and mild. very similar to what we saw of this afternoon. some cloud cover for your saturday, but lowes to mid 60's. that's we're expecting for the daytime highs sunday. a little bit warmer. we could be seeing those mid to upper 60's as a warm-up trend officially on sunday as high pressure continues to build and strengthen over much of california. and of course, that is keeping the rain away from the bay area. futurecast for showing us a no rain in
10:55 pm
the forecast for the next week or 2. it's going to remain dry here. and it's all because of this high pressure, this ridge that won't go away. it's going to be quite stubborn for us. and though we're going to be enjoying some sunshine, time, for now, if you can make plans to go outside, definitely do so is going to be gorgeous around the bay area for the next week. and, yes, a little bit breezy like i was mentioning, we're going to see gusts in the 20's really just in the north bay developing a little bit. but to the entire bay area is going to be a little bit breezy calm at times, you're going to feel over the next few days. it's probably feel nice, though, especially as it starts to warm up. looking ahead. look my tenant 10. you can see temperatures only going to continue to rise as we get to through this weekend and into next week. we're going to see upper 60's monday and tuesday on average and then lots of 70's that we're going to be through the remainder of the week starting about wednesday. that's we're going to really start to see
10:56 pm
those a nice warm temperatures inland. it is definitely going to be a nice and toasty there. a cloud cover will start to roll in as we get towards the next weekend. but still, it is going to be a pretty much a dry forecast in just a make sure that you bundle up tonight, though, those chilly evenings going to get down to the 30's and 40's once again. ken pam. >> all right. thank well, here's some news. scammers are using social media to defraud consumers last year. they made a big call doing it. the federal trade commission says in 2021 770 million dollars was lost to online scams. most of the start off as ads or direct messages for investment opportunities or romantic scams. the other common scams include advertisements for online shopping deals. the ftc says that they saw double the number of complaints about social media scams in 2021. then they did in 2020 met is rolling out a personal boundary feature to its
10:57 pm
horizon worlds. another virtual experiences in response to issues of >> harassment in virtual reality. he's come just 2 months after horizon worlds open to the public. a beta user claims she had been verbally and sexually harassed by other male users. another user complained or avatar had been groped by a stranger in an online post. she says there was a lack of moderation tools and accountability on behalf of facebook to stop harassment in their vr world. that's going to wrap it up for us for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock have a great weekend. everybody. good night.
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