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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  February 7, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> we're big news out of sacramento today. we told you about the state's indoor mask mandate getting lifted on february. 15th. lawmakers also voted today to renew the state's covid-19 sick pay kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains puts pushed back to this bill that it's receiving from both business owners and from some lawmakers to. >> california lawmakers monday approved a mandate requiring employers in california to again provide covid-19 sick pay for workers. today's vote
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on this bill is one of the social and moral consciousness because covid-19, it's truly a life or death issue. workers will be entitled to 40 hours of extra sick pay for reasons related to the virus, including isolation vaccine and booster appointments and caring for sick family members. the paid leave is retroactive back to january 1st of this year and expires at the end of september. small businesses with less than 26 employees are exempt. but this round of paid covid-19 sick time is different because businesses and employers will have to shoulder the costs even as the state is set to see at least a 45 billion dollar surplus this year is an unnecessary burden. when we have the capability step in. >> lawmakers noted last year federal tax credits helped offset the cost. the legislative analyst's told lawmakers monday that total could be between 500 million to 1.4 billion dollars total for businesses across the state. you are a restaurant. >> struggling with that workforce issues. if you are a nonprofit, a homeless shelter, for example,
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>> the are now going curtis, significant amount of cost with no ability to absorb it ahead of monday's vote, several business groups sent a letter to the legislature saying they're opposed in part because of the burdensome cost added regulations and inconsistent with cdc something member phil ting said the legislature would try to work on tax credits and grants for businesses as it prepares the state budget for june. something that we continue talk about. have you even seen any formal plan to do that? i haven't seen any details. this is a conversation is beginning it needs to the legislation now waits for governor newsome signature. >> that state capitol ashley zavala kron. 4 news starting next week. it will be optional for students in berlin games, a school district to wear masks outside. the decision was made as the rate of spread in san mateo county remains high. but >> the overall number of cases continues to drop quickly. this change will apply to both students and adults. it is important to know this is only
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a change for outdoor areas. indoor masking is still required and the district staff says they are monitoring conditions in the community and if they need to change things again, they will parents. we talked to said that they're glad to see things loosen up a bit. >> good idea get the kids out in the sunshine. make that eye contact. now the kids pick up all the cues from facial expressions of that time to get back to that and get them mainstream. >> the district has also announced that it is going to allow volunteers to return indoors at the school starting on march, the 7th, although they will need to show proof of vaccination for covid on the east coast. 2 states will and the school mask mandates next month. new jersey governor phil murphy's office says students and school officials will be allowed to unmask starting the second week of march. delaware governor john carney announced that that stays universal indoor mask mandate will. and this friday with the school mask mandates expiring at the end of march. both governors
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say their decisions are being made because of the declining case numbers. license plate readers are coming to an east bay city, no known for being relatively crime. free. >> alameda's chief of police says the technology will help officers stopped the people who are committing crimes as opposed to those who are not kron four's. haaziq has the story. >> the alameda police department currently has license plate reader technology in use on a limited amount of patrol vehicles. alameda will be automated license plate readers. 2 fixed locations throughout the city, including the webster street to park street bridge, fruitvale bridge high street bridge, doolittle bay favre bridge and the ron colin parkway. we have an opportunity to access technology that helps us focus on the correct vehicle rather than similar vehicles. eliminating stops of vehicles that were not used in crimes is one of the key reasons that chief the shot, joel, she recommended that the city
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council move forward with the fixed license plate readers and well intentioned stops could result in. >> that footprint that i'm not trying to put on this community in time. we stop somebody that's intrusive. and any time we stop the wrong person that's offensive. and so here i have technology that is going to that we can. we can leverage to identify the specific vehicle. i think we have a lot of data, whether it's looking at our neighboring cities are at all. the studies have been done around license plate readers to show that they're not going to have an effect on bringing crime rates down. alameda city council member john knox white is one of the 2 council members that voted against the technology. while i support the license plate readers themselves. i was one of council members really push to make sure that the city council's 100 ops 2 very clear policies about their use ahead of time. and this is mass we will be capturing every single license plate and holding in the database. >> for everybody who comes in and out of in city. chief joe, she is proposing a reduction
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to retaining the information from the current 6 months duration to 90 days. the chiefs outlook on letting the federal government access the data. >> i'm not going to have this technology used for the purposes of immigration enforcement. alameda city officials estimate the fixed license plate readers will be up and running by the end of the year or early 2023. has it made you cry for news? >> let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live look tonight at the golden gate bridge. dry and no fog. yeah, you can see it, but it's been kind of hazy out there, lawrence, to share some bad air out there. yeah, you know, they're calling up in the best and that's because we haven't any rain have a new storms to really mix things up in the atmosphere. so it gets a very stagnant. and there you go. you've got colors out there right now. you see on the horizon love that caused by some of the plumes building up in the atmosphere making for a beautiful sunset. but yeah, it's a little stale and parts as you can moderate amounts includes again in the north
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bay and also the south bay going to be hazy there. a good air quality expected on the coast and the east bay for tomorrow. scanning the skies looking for rain. unfortunately, just kick it to go in here right now. you've got some patchy. fog trying to move in along the coastline. you miss a couple patches overnight tonight. not going to be much. and i think as we go through the day tomorrow, more of an offshore wind is going to kick in. but right now, just enough of an onshore breeze to possibly bring fog down along the county coastline. you could see some fog there otherwise going stay nice and clear. and then tomorrow, high pressure really kind of takes over. so here this ridge builds again. you see the storms up to the north. you see the frontal systems here. those are going to track well over the north with the jet stream. and that means as this ridge begins to settle in for tomorrow. all of a sudden we start to see more of that northerly and that north easterly component to the wind that is that offshore flow. and then you get that offshore flow going. we can see some amazing temperatures around the bay area will be a lot warmer tomorrow. and i think as we head toward the middle of week, we're talking maybe some of these numbers getting near record breaking levels. a chilly morning,
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though, early on to see temperatures in the 40's getting up at 06:00am by the middle of the day. you'll find plenty of sunshine in a very mild temperatures. a nice day to get out there and go for a walk and enjoy that sunshine and then as we head toward the afternoon, those temperatures moving up in the mid 70's, the warmer spots inland. you see a lot of 70's inside the bay. just a little cooler, but nice even along the coastline with temperatures there in the 60's. >> lawrence, thank you for that ahead. as we go to break, we want to remind you to join kron 4 as we celebrate black history month. how host our 30 minute special honoring black history, mind body soul. it airs thursday, february 24th at 06:30pm. we'll be right back.
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>> time for you to meet the pancake man. he lives in the city's mission district. he's hosting a party this weekend. curtis kimball says that he was looking to make some friends and meet his neighbors. so last week he put up fliers inviting people to join him for a pancake party. the turnout was better than hoped. he ended up making more than 100 pancakes and meeting dozens of neighbors who were also looking to connect. in fact, it went so well. he is planning another for this weekend and says he's heard from people all across the country who want to do their own. >> i've had a lot of people watching from all over the country to reach out to me over the past few saying they want to do it themselves and i'm highly highly encouraging anyone who wants to do this wherever you are just make a
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case for your it's a really cool experience in a few if you need help or if you need someone to help, you get up the courage to do it. you can connect with me online or email pancakes with friends g mail dot com. >> the next pancake party in the city is set for saturday. the 12th from 9 to 11:00am. you can find the pancake man on alabama street between cesar chavez and he says he'll be making regular chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes and maybe bananas, foster. currently still contemplating that one. coming up next in sports, which stanford star was named player of the week for the second week in a row. >> details on that. plus, an update on the warriors and thunder game. sports director jason dumas has that and more jason dumas has that and more coming up.
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>> well, on. that. don't know >> let's go back and you don't seem happy. >> this cad definitely letting her owner know she is not happy with these wintery conditions. the owner of cocoa, the cat shared this video on instagram showing her kick the snow off or pause and he's seen at the fresh powder. we don't know exactly where this is, but with so much snow in much of the nation right
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now, it could be probably cats all over the east coast and having the same reaction. coco's owner says that they've never seen their cat so mad before and on a leash to cats don't seem to be particularly fond one last check of the weather this hour. here's a live look downtown san francisco. >> and lawrence is standing by with the forecast. that includes some amazingly warm temperatures. yeah, it really is going to be something else these next few days. if you've been looking for some spectacular weather is going to be the nice weather we've seen in quite some time. no rain right now. the forecast dry as can be out clear skies all the way the coastline. right now, though, there's a hint, some patchy fog just off the coast. high pressure still in control here. the jet stream staying way to the north. now and those storm just continue to write over that top of that ridge storm after storm leaving us high and dry now for 33 straight days. no rain in the bay area. all right. here it is. as we head toward tomorrow, those those winds begin to come off shore again, that will clear out your skies, real lots of
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sunshine. that's that downslope wind that is that sinking air. that means we're talking about some nice warm temperatures all around overnight. yeah, we may see a couple of patches of fog along the coastline. now the model showing you some fog by 09:00am. and then as we head toward the afternoon, a little more of a northerly component to the wind that blows the clouds away and bring some sunshine. some very nice weather outside. temperatures going to break down like this. nearly 70 degrees in san francisco tomorrow about 68 in daly city. 66 in half moon bay. 68 in millbrae. 68 in burlingame. then we start cranking out the 70's and sam, a about 74 in san carlos. 70 in 75 degrees in santa clara. 73 in san jose. the east bay filled with plenty of 70's inland. 71 in snow. 73 for our friends in fremont 70 in hayward, 72 in orinda. 75 possibly in concord, 70 in hercules 70 of little 71 in benicia. yeah. these are some kind of numbers likely looking at some record breaking temperatures as we head toward the next few days would be surprised if some of these numbers actually spike by
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wednesday or so. and we could be talking about some 80's. now, the winds will be breezy over the mountain tops, especially. have to watch out for that. but i think the winds going get a little gusty as we head in a wednesday night and thursday with that offshore. when those winds turn back more on shore breeze cooling down the temperatures just slightly over the weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors haven't played since thursday, but they finally got back on the court tonight laid one of a quick two-game road trip. they're out in okc, taking on the thunder. and right now, the 3rd quarter just ended. the warriors up comfortably. 85 to 72 andrew wiggins leading the way with 15 points got thing coming to the rookie has 14 off the bench coming to have been growing up before our eyes. he's gotten more opportunities as otto porter junior and draymond green have been dealing with some injuries. even andre iguodala. but porter and andre are back tonight. draymond still out.
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but the young and 14 points off the bench continuing. he's fine. rookie season. now the college ranks. stanford sophomore cameron bring has been named the pac 12 player of the week for the second straight weekend. 4th time this season bring came off a big game last night in a victory over usc. she had a career-high. 26 points to go along. well, 14 rebounds. you've grown up before our eyes. it was her conference leading 8th double double this season. she's averaging 21.5 points and 11 rebounds per game. and she's the first back-to-back pac, 12 player of the week since oregon's sabrina ionescu did so in january of 2020 stanford back in action on wednesday. they're hosting oregon state. some nfl news, former raiders interim head coach rich bisaccia has been hired by the green bay packers as the new special teams coordinator, the packers special teams unit was rank the worst in football.
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and just 2 weeks ago, they fired their special teams coordinator murray's during and after the loss to the forty-niners in the divisional game. we remember jordan willis is blocked, punt that basically won the game for san francisco. the stock is coaching experience brings credibility to a struggling unit looking to turn it around next season. many in vegas wanted him to remain head coach of the raiders and have that interim tag stripped. but as we know, mark davis, he rocks to the beat of his own drum set. he hired josh mcdaniels. so we'll see how that all works out. we'll have those for warriors highlights. once that game goes final and the 8 o'clock hour. but for now, that's all i have for sports. back to you. more news after the break. i'm
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most essential part of the romantic holiday here in california. those conversation hearts with all of those sweet messages on them are the most popular overall, the most popular valentine's day, candy in the united states is the classic heart shape boxes of chocolates. they took the top spot in 17 states. valentine themed m and are also very popular. topping the list in 12 states. they just met for the first time. but the knoxville zoo's newest residents seem to really like each other. you're too male north american river. otters day, we arrived this week. >> one year old pass kyle is from chicago and 9 month-old clayton is from oregon. they just met this week. but you'd never know it. the to basically become inseparable. they've been running around the zoo together having a lot of fun. so it looks like the beginning of a very good friendships at the line. and casa blanca, something like that. they are not house cats, but tigers can still enjoy
6:55 pm
their toys. this is from the san antonio zoo. tiger spotted playing with her favorite ball. she pretended the ball was praying and pounced on it like she would do in the wild. but unlike house cats, this one might not be ready to pet any time soon. and more and more americans seem to be growing to love margarita sales show tequila could soon pass vodka as america's favorite alcohol tequila. and miss kyle where the second fastest growing liquors last year. pretty mixed cocktails for number one in growing sales, the distilled spirits council says of the u.s. a high in tequila zar. one big reason why this trend is happening with these premade cocktails. >> a new study revealing what it says are the safest small cities in america. 2 in the top. 25 are here in california. one of them in the bay area. the website which is called money geek looked at crime numbers by checking the cost of crime and small cities nationwide in the number. 25
6:56 pm
spot danville, according to money geek the number one smallest town is buffalo grove, illinois. and that's the smallest safe town, i should say. rancho santa margarita in southern california ranks 20th. the report says the average u.s. city saw a 15% increase in the costs of crime from the year 2000, 19 to 2000, 20 san ramon in los gatos also scored well for safety. and finally tonight, 2 twins from bakersfield are running into some problems with facebook due to their identical appearance. >> it all started when 33 year-old natalie wilkins facebook account was hacked after attempting to restore her account. facebook disabled it facebook then also disabled a count of her twin sisters. stephanie castillo, after providing proof of their identities, stephanie had her account restore while natalie relies on social media to connect with their clients is waiting to find out what happens last year. u.s. consumers lost 700, 70 million
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