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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 9, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us aren't you glad you woke up? how about that? >> ecstatic. so i will cut its a good day already, james, any day that i can wake up and be here with you guys. it's already off to a good start. all right. and wake up, it's only going to get better and better out their son lies and warm temperatures if you like that sort of thing. but i think, john, i know we've been talking about why so much today. yeah, way right here. as far as the weather goes, look at this half moon bay. absolutely beautiful. under the sunshine. >> you wouldn't believe it's in the mid 60's out there right now. but the coast is definitely our warmest spots currently and about to be well into the 70's later on today. now we do have an offshore wind crystal clear skies starting the morning with quite the range of temperatures. not all of us are in the 60's really only the coastline, actually dublin, napa, fairfield petaluma and santa rosa. on the other hand, our only in
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the 30's. so don't forget the jackets this morning. oakland, san francisco, a bit more mild than that in the low 50's later today. jackets not needed. get out there at the shorts, the t shirts and the sunscreen. plain water to is today and tomorrow about to be the warmest of the forecast john, thanks for that. so i always keep my water bottles handy because of the conditions out there. >> hey, we're busy out there on our roadways. we have an accident. this is an oakland. so southbound 8.80, south of 29th avenue international boulevard will be a good alternate to try to get around that because it's still pretty slow, long, 5, 80 13 as well heading into the city right now, maze that fremont street exit. we've been busy all morning because of an early morning hazard. 19 minutes for your drive. there as you're heading across towards the peninsula since 18 minutes, we do have an accident along one. 0, one southbound at 92 east. that's in san mateo. so we're seeing delays just adjacent there. and that's slowing things down along the san mateo bridge. and leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute as you
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travel tolls to one o one. 12 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you, ray 8, 0 one. and breaking news this morning. the oakland school board decided they will close. several schools in the next years. i guess is still up for debate, though, because those against it aren't giving up. no, yeah. clearly not happy with this early morning decision cropper sarah stinson has been following all of it. >> joining us now live with the sarah. >> it was a very contentious meeting in that ended with people threatening to sue the school district. even one a board director himself saying that the way it all went down after 8 street hours of people expressing their opinions against this, the board continued to move forward with closing nearly a dozen schools in the next 2 school years. we'll show you exactly what happened last night and what the vote entails. take a look at your screen. the left side
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of your screen shows you what's happening within this school year. you can see that is for schools either closing or merging by the end of this school year community day school and parker elementary will schools will close down. rise will be merging with the new highland l of our la and hillcrest elementary school will limit its 6th through 8th grades and then on the right side, you can see the 5 schools closing by the next school year in the last 4 weeks. there's been protests, rallies, even a hunger strike by to school staff members. >> however, the district says it's closing the schools in order to deal with an expected budget deficit caused mostly by a decline in enrollment during the pandemic. the district says 35% of its schools are enrolled at below sustainable levels. more than 1000 people watch this meeting on zoom and hundreds voice. their opinions during public comment, including young elementary students asking the
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board not to close their schools. >> leo chris middle school should close because like it's one big community are just heard a lot for it to take it apart. closing down schools. >> you you got to just planes, kids and students in guardians seeing rainy night educational. yes, everybody else at the education. it's not right our schools to be closed down. way of on the other schools. >> we claims us time to be students first and i don't see how closing down schools, especially of our impacted students. you see the guy kindergartners on here interested in on here saying how much they love school and beyond closing down, especially right now during the midst of the pandemic. people out of work. they said you got single families with multiple children by closing down. the schools will no longer have accessible education. >> even after the students
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plea, the vote passed narrowly. but city leaders have also been divided on this. the mayor in favor of the closure. the vice mayor against the consolidation proposal today, there's a press conference with several city leaders, including the vice mayor. they're the ones that have called on governor newsom to get involved in this and to prevent the school. so closing, they seem to have an update. is that the 2 this afternoon, then the board, the school board that just voted this morning will also meet again today this afternoon for a regular meeting. this must be some student representation there to voice their concerns, stuff. this is a seems far from over. it's definitely a heated topic. i mean, the meeting ended with people threatening to do where this goes from here. we will continue to follow. i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to you. like wondering what the other side, what their cards are. so you say they got get the state involved.
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>> get courts involved. and then what happens to the hunger strike people? what are they doing? you know? >> he still never heard back from them. and, you know, reporting from home. i love too yesterday and driven over to the protests and been there myself because they were there. and i heard on other, you knows sources that they are just not feeling well at all. i don't know if they're going to continue the hunger strike. they're done now. want to see guys very, very intense. >> thanks all 8, 0, 6, is the time for another big story out of south as the fact that santa clara county's planning on giving an update regarding their indoor mask mandate in less than 30 minutes from right now. so we're watching that carefully. this all comes as the state has already announced. it's going to be lifting its mask mandate come next tuesday, marin county saw a county. they say they're going to go along with that very same guidance other counties, though they're still evaluating whether they'll loosen their mask restrictions or not. a local infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says that not every
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county, obviously you seeing the same numbers in terms of infections and hospitalizations. so everybody's going to be on their own timeline when it comes to lifting these restrictions. so we'll be waiting game for the eventuality that the cdc, the state and local counties kind of all come into line with each other. >> so you can full of people from sort of like upset and confused. but i think what will happen over time just take some time for all these 3 bodies to come in alignment. it's the hesitation makes a lot of sense to me because not all the regions in california, the scene. >> yeah. looking ahead, governor newsom says the state is preparing right now for the day when the coronavirus will be nothing more than an endemic, which is basically like the flu. it's with us and comes and goes each year. >> well, and the meantime, we've got to deal with it. and the contra costa county is doing just that. every county is looking at their guidelines. think about how to update them. and then also thinking about vaccines as well. and the booster. >> still encouraging people to
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get that all a very important booster shot. kron four's camila barco actually live with more on what contra costa county is doing. good morning. camila. >> james, they're doing just that. they're focusing on getting more people to get their booster shot. but right now contra costa county is moving in the right direction or covid cases are down. the rd left. it's a mandate and he also reached a milestone with their vaccination numbers. according to county health officials, the average case number per day, it's 47% down from last week and they've also seen a 15% reduction and hospitalizations. as of last week, 80% of the total eligible population in the county is fully vaccinated. and the new health officer says contra costa lifted its health order for gyms and restaurants because of its excess with vaccinations. previously gyms and restaurants were required to verify. customers were fully vaccinated before stepping inside their business. now the
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county says. and that that's not necessary anymore. but businesses can continue to do so if they wish. so right now, the health officer says they're focusing on getting people boosted. and according to him, less than 50% of people have received their booster shot. so they would like to see more people get that additional doses. but right now, contra costa, it looks like it might be lifting its indoor mask mandate on february 15. of course, that goes for that's a native people and unvaccinated people must continue to wear them when they're indoors. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. camila 8, 0, 9, right now. and the rules are changing as well when it comes to covid. if you want to go to tourists no longer required to get the booster shot, which is probably going to open up a lot more travel. kron four's will tran standing by with the latest from sfo. >> good news. if you're planning a spring vacation or
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summer vacation to hawaii, you don't have to be boosted. the governor scrap the plants. it was set to go into effect possibly as early as february 18th making hawaii the first state in the country to require visitors to be boosted. but the governor scrapped that plan. but there are still requirements in place, including you have to test negative for covid-19, 3 days from your flight or you have to be vaccinated before you board your plane, if not, that means once you land on the island, you will have to be quarantine for 5 days. hawaii, the strict this place in the country as far as requirements when they reopen their borders on october of 2020, many other countries already requiring booster shots. but the governor says he's not going to do that. now because the vaccination rates in hawaii are looking very good. 3 out of 4 people in hawaii have already at least gotten their first vaccine shot. and one out of 3 people.
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well, they've already been boosted. but the bottom line is everything else is still in place. if you are probably booking tickets as you're watching this, you might want to jump all over it because with teis lack of requirement, it will not be in place. it's probably a good chance. those ticket prices will increase. >> 8.11 right now. and still speaking of prices increasing, yeah. >> everything's going up food, especially if you've been to the grocery store lately. we'll take a peek at why it's costing you more. and court documents giving us more details about what happened before the shots were fired fatally on bay area freeways. >> and here's another look at that stuff out. what you just saw moment ago doesn't look like there's anything out there that would be holding out from a flight out of the bay area. would you want to leave, though, on a day like this? daytime highs in the mid to upper 70's, beautiful sunshine overhead. but is it too? your forecast ahead.
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>> no such thing as too nice. a real traffic. not very nice at this hour. we have several actions tell you about an east bay and along the peninsula will have a look at that. once we get back.
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>> 8.14, is the time. good morning, everybody. yeah, good
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wake up. it's going to be a gorgeous day out there. james, you can get outside. probably. yeah. probably you to work a right to my ideal temperature right there. 76 77 degrees. john, you know, we haven't been bothering james about, you know, have you been to the gym? i've driven past a last few. it was a whole new and me. when did that start get back. get back. >> though. i think he could be of the hook today. just a few. as long as he gets a outside like, and you guys searcy walking is the best thing you can do. i don't even want to harp on you about like. >> an official workout. if you walk like for your whole life. yeah, from a kid to you know, when you're 80, just that little do it. i'll do that today. okay, john, good the car. couple it's beautiful out there for sure. a walk across the golden gate bridge would be perfect today. >> it is going to be breezy along our bridges and mountain
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passes. so be mindful of that. but temperatures will be warm enough that i think that's going to bother you too much. nothing really brisk about it. we are going to see some more hazy sunshine today that high pressure ridge, the same one that's been keeping us dry. also creates a cap right above the bay area. so it does trap a lot of those pollutants that we put up during our morning commute with us. so that's why it's been so hazy. high pressure ridge is going to stay in place to. that's going to keep us warm and dry really, for the foreseeable future. the very warmest of conditions today and tomorrow, though, in during this time today and tomorrow, both will both see ample sunshine, not a lot of cloud cover scooting overhead. so not a lot to be blocking out the full force of that sun. offshore winds are also going to help to warm us, especially noteworthy in the north bay mountains and near the coastline. those winds have already warm things up near the coastline this morning where we've started off the morning in the 60's right along the shoreline. and temperatures today in golden gate park up to 74 degrees. you're going to see a lot of people out there today. daly,
8:17 am
city, 75 half moon bay. 76. absolutely gorgeous. daytime highs along the bayshore pretty comparable with that in the low to mid 70's, mostly the santa clara valley up to 75 in santa clara in cupertino. well, mid 70's from fremont hayward and also at 75 from oakland, berkeley richmond are very warm spots, though. let's further north snow monday on bill at 78 and santa rosa. the big winner today nearing 80 just one degree shy of 80 degrees tomorrow. i think you could get there and likely to see some records broken both today and tomorrow, especially for the north bay. now, friday, saturday and sunday are still going to be warm. but quite as warm as today and tomorrow will be still solid. mid 70's, though, monday for valentine's day. we do cool into the 60's where we should spend next week for most areas. so not quite as warm into next week, but certainly still looking dry reyna. john, thank you for that. the suggestions sound great. a walk across the golden gate around the lake, although some like good things.
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>> hey, bill, what's not the best dessert traffic? right now? we have a couple of accidents out there to tell you about here in oakland. southbound 80 south of 29th avenue, an accident seen delays international boulevard would be good alternate because as you can see, 5 80's pretty backed up as well. out here in berkeley, 80 westbound east of gilman street and that commute crockett down towards the maze already pretty backed up. looks like it's about a 38 minute drive. if you're traveling down and in san mateo, southbound one, 0 one at 92 east. we have an accident. so we're seeing delays along one. 0 one and a few of them branching over on to the san mateo bridge as you're traveling into the city makes that pretty much the exit. 60 minutes for you. there heading across towards the peninsula about 15 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot, 18. and before you come, you got to er up. a gas prices are going up up up. triple a expects the prices to keep going up because the summer there's a bunch reasons. but right now it's 4 bucks. 68 a gallon. that's the
8:19 am
average throughout california course. the bay area. we always win. yea were more expensive. 3.55, is the national average. can you even imagine? look at our prices. >> and when you get the supreme, yeah, 5.19 a gallon. so you've got the summer blend and that's what they say. tensions over ukraine. so that has to and then oil production concerns all driving up. >> prices and taking a look around the bay at some of the counties and their averages. napa county for 87, you'll save $0.2 if you cross the border going to san francisco. if you go over to solano county for 64, so looks like they've got, quote, the cheapest, right? she least expensive gas in solano county contra costa county for 72. and again, this is all much more if you need the supreme which a lot of the new cars do just gas either you probably noticed the grocery store that the price of everything you put in your cart. >> is also going up to a new report from goldman sachs says that prices they're going to keep going up that are going up by as much as 6%. and yeah,
8:20 am
shoppers we talked to in mill valley say that they're well. they're shocked at how much it's gone up here in the past year, but they're really not surprised. it's going to keep going that way. professor of agricultural economics at uc davis danielson or he explains some of the reasons for these price hikes and where we're likely seeing them. >> not prices are likely to be higher this coming year, partly because a milk prices for sort of international supply and demand. recent smoke prices are likely to be higher at the farm level. that's going to drive them higher to supermarket level. a meat prices have already been higher quite a bit higher over the last year, too. and so i don't see them going up a lot more. but you know, things can happen. the weather has a lot to do with it. >> yeah. since the start of the pandemic, food costs have increased about 11%. making it harder for working families to catch up because wages in that same period of either been stagnant where they've actually gone down.
8:21 am
>> it's 8.20, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. coming up, one snowboarder winds. >> her first gold medal of her career and 3 americans are going to the halfpipe finals will have the latest from beijing.
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>> well, team usa wins its first gold medal in the 2022 winter olympics and a legal issue apparently is holding up the medal ceremony for team figure skating. we have matt barnes live from beijing. >> happy wednesday from beijing where there is plenty of drama on the slopes and off the ice. we start with the usa. its first gold medal coming from 5 time olympian lindsey jacobellis in the women's snowboard cross. it's her first career gold and second overall medal team usa stars chloe kim and shaun white were in action and snowboard halfpipe qualifying. it was easy for kim finish with the top score after a great first run. it was a bit hairy for white, though, who needed to land his second run to qualify after falling on his first. what will be joining the halfpipe final by 2 other americans. the news not as good from a killer shiffrin who for the second time in these games did not finish a race this time in the slalom. she is scheduled to compete in 3 more events. the news for figure skating where the ioc spokesman said there is a legal issue that is
8:25 am
holding up the official medal ceremony for the team event. news reports suggest that an issue with the russian team which finished in gold medal position and coming up in prime time, nathan chen looks to finish off his gold medal destiny with the men's free skate. that's off of a wild wednesday reporting from beijing. i'm matt barnes. >> and meantime, olympic athletes are competing on artificial snow this year, which is raising some questions about the future of the winter games. olympic officials say that it's a problem of sustainability and supply. artificial snow was first used as a supplement in the 1980, winter olympics. and since then, >> it's been more prevalent using a fake snow, as they say, are manufactured climate change, they say is one of the reasons >> where we're facing a problem with like where we can host the olympics there saying that. >> the opportunities and and chances of being able to host without artificial snow. going
8:26 am
away because of climate change and the like is a problem. so will this is something that there have to look at as we look for future places for future olympics to be held. it's 8.25 right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news next. a man arrested. >> for hitting a forty-niners fan is claiming self-defense. his lawyer says we still don't know the full story will have the latest. we've got our vision... ...and so much to choose from. but with free in-store design services our budget and our time are well spent. at floor and decor, with a wide selection of products
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>> 20 right now and we're looking at the weather and lots of sunshine for as far as john's. i can see. yes, it looks brilliant behind. if you're out at the beach, john and i have my contacts into. so that's saying something >> it is definitely going to be it day at the beach today. already is. it's in the 60's out there. half moon bay. i'm surprised there's not more people walking around. i've seen lots of people on these cold mornings, but maybe ever just saving it for the 70's a little bit later on today. absolutely. beautiful skies. nice and a fog free for most of us this morning. that is until you head to the central valley little distant to the fog out there. now temperatures are in a range of 60's, a half moon bay, pacific and bodega bay. as we noted, but look at how cold it still is inland. santa rosa petaluma and napa only in the 30's. still, i definitely recommend the jackets for a few more hours this afternoon, though, it's the shorts. it's the t
8:30 am
shirts. it's the sunscreen. it may be a little drive out to the coastline reyna. john, thank you for that. all of those great ideas for if you're hitting the road. >> along the peninsula may be in san mateo. we do have a hot spot there. southbound one. 0 one at 92 east. so that means 2 lanes are blocked on the left-hand side. there. i would say 2.80, a good alternate because you're going to be stuck in some delays. if you're traveling along one, 0, one good news is no issues across the san mateo bridge. so 8.80, to one o one. still a 40 minute drive the bay bridge maze that fremont street x about 14 minutes here in oakland. you got another accident. southbound 8.80, south of 29th avenue. a good alternate for that international boulevard. he's 5 80's also pretty backed up with delays. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 8.30, and a big story this morning in the east today, the man accused of killing former berkeley basketball legend gene ransom is due in court. and the suspect in this case charged with murder kron four's trees. just toss your
8:31 am
has more on what led to that shooting. >> and court documents obtained by kron 4 news investigators alleged this man won and how garcia drove won and how garcia drove alongside gen partially in the lane and on the shoulder of interstate 80 this past friday night. then as he was in this dangerous position, detectives say that garcia pulled out a gun and fired at ransom after the shot was fired. ransom then lost control of his black honda civic crossed over the lanes and collided with a cement wall. garcia flood in his black lexus and was later arrested on saturday. now on tuesday, the alameda county district attorney's office announcing that they are filing 2 counts against garcia. those charges, murder and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle if convicted of first-degree murder garcia could be facing anywhere from 25 years to life. court documents also revealing that
8:32 am
they are looking at several special circumstances in this case such as the use of a firearm to commit a crime that could add up to additional time in prison. if garcia is convicted. garcia is set to make his first appearance wednesday morning. as for motive, that is still under investigation. friends tell kron 4 news that they are in disbelief about what has occurred. they say ransom was on his way to pick up his girlfriend before work and that this should never have happened. theresa stasi of kron, 4 news. >> 8.32 is the time and the city of san jose has now recorded its first homicide of the year. a man was stabbed in the 1600 block of tully road yesterday afternoon when the police got there, he was alive that he later died. we haven't had any update yet on. >> attack or suspect police are still in investigating and looking for leads.
8:33 am
>> in the east bay, a woman was killed in antioch after someone fired shots at the car that she was riding in. it happened yesterday night on canada valley road right near pinnacle. way. police say the woman was shot in the back. she was taken to a local hospital but died from her injuries. the driver wasn't hurt and police are still looking for the shooter this morning. we have new developments in the attack of a forty-niners fan outside sofi stadium in los angeles last month. the man arrested for that attack of 40 niner fan daniel luna, who you see there on the left is brian cifuentes. the photograph on the right. he says it was all in self-defense and his attorney goes on to say that we still don't know the full story about what happened there in the parking lot. >> my client been portrayed as a person who assaulted mister luna and then left them there as it does happen in some dark alley. this happened in a very, very full. open parking lot where everyone was tailgating getting ready for the game. so i really kind of
8:34 am
begs the question as to what happened. and who saw what. >> well, inglewood mayor came forward with descriptions of some surveillance video which he says shows luna punching some 20's 0st and then stuff when taste punching luna in the face, which caused him to fall backwards and hit his head on the pavement. lou has been in a medically induced coma ever since. and the da has yet to announce that they're going to be filing any charges yet against some point. this. >> in the east bay, friends and family of a missing oakley woman came together to expand the effort to search for her. 24 year-old alexis gabe has been missing for nearly 2 weeks. she was last seen on january. 26 visiting an ex-boyfriend in antioch. she did not return home that night. but the next day her car was found abandoned. oakley police are calling the disappearance suspicious and now the search effort is getting help from the polly klass foundation. and as you
8:35 am
can see, their billboards and signs that have gone up all over town and along highway 4, 6, ad. >> her family is so so appreciative her parents, you really haven't seen that this is huge. amount of support that they've received is amazing. and we just really want to say thank you. thank you. thank you. >> oakley police are leading in the investigation, but they haven't given us any more information that they may have. gabe's family and friends are pledging to keep up their search efforts. >> well, livermore police right now are asking for the public's help in finding a woman who they say has been missing since october. this is 37 year-old amy pet cat who also goes by the name. amy adams. police say she's been missing since october 16th when she had an argument with a relative officers say that she left that relative's home without her phone or belongings. her car was eventually found about 6 miles east of tesla road. amy stands 5 feet, 2 inches tall was about 100, 15 pounds. she does
8:36 am
have a scar over her left eyebrow. if you know where she is or any information that might help police. now. an update now to a story about that missing fishermen out at near beach. the search, unfortunately, has been suspended tuesday morning. search teams were out there looking at the coastline just north of near beach. but unfortunately, they were unable to find any trace of the missing man. and yesterday afternoon they decided to call off the search monday around one 30's when 3 men in all all of the cousins were fishing and hiking on the rocks below the mere beach. look out when a large wave came upon them, knock them over and pulled them out to sea. 2 of them tried to save the 3rd cousin, but they could not the 2 surviving. cousins were rescued by chp helicopter. >> it's a 36. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the child tax credit is not going to around much longer. why lawmakers say if you want to get in on it, you better file your taxes. and james
8:37 am
weisman get a chance to scrimmage for the first time since he hurt his knee. we're going to see how he did. >> lots of sunshine already across the bay area that we didn't see any fog this morning. and at the coast, we started the morning in the 60's low 30's hanging on inland. so don't forget the jackets just yet later on today, one of our warmest days of the forecast. i've got the breakdown of how warm it will get where you're at. still to come. >> and a warm morning and a very hot you. we have a hot spot to tell you about. and a few other issues will have a look at that. once we come back from break.
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>> 8.39 and democratic lawmakers are urging american families file your taxes as soon as you can to receive the 2nd half of payments from the expanded child tax credit because that credit is not being extended beyond this. after west virginia senator joe manchin said he would not support the build back better bill saying that aren't enough restrictions as to who can get the money almost all other democrats argue that the expanded tax credit has been projected to cut child poverty nearly in half. and we'll tremendously benefit millions of parents. >> what what's the cost to our country of not investing and the well-being of our children? removing the stress and strain for families. that
8:41 am
cost is incalculable. >> democratic lawmakers say the biden administration's expanded child tax credit represents the biggest tax cut for low and middle income families in modern american history. 8.40 is the time and we'll be right back. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! what? who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds.
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time right pretty southern california. i mean, we think it's nice. and, you know, sunny and warm, i would call 87 degrees hot. well, yeah, that's for the super bowl. yeah. that's the forecast high for super bowl sunday. john was talking about how it's going to be. >> potentially record-setting. and if that is the case, then, yeah, that be the hottest super bowl that they've ever played last time was actually there at memorial coliseum in 1973, was only 84. the only it was 84 degrees. then and this could beat that if they get up to 87 today of color tv is back then. and it was just coming >> but yeah, it's and john don't that dial the dial one i don't remember that. i do. remember my grandparents having an old black and white tv and yes, a candid all yet soon in the fields of a country >> well, all the warm super bowls in history of either been played in southern
8:45 am
california or miami. so that's saying something right there. now the game starts at 03:30pm. we are expecting some mid to upper 80's during especially kickoff time at the game. >> the big question is will it set that record beating the former la super bowl? because that remains to be seen. but, you know, either way it's going to be warm out there just like it is today here in the bay area, golden gate bridge looks absolutely beautiful. crystal clear skies. beautiful day out there. you will notice some haze on the horizon. again, a lot like we've been seeing lately. that's the high pressure ridge creating a capping inversion right over the bay. a lot of air pollutants just getting trapped right here with us. that does make for some moderate air quality for us. and you may notice it. you have respiratory sensitivities. skies will remain clear really through the remainder of this forecast for the rest of the week today. and tomorrow being are very warmest of days as daytime highs climb under these crystal clear skies well into the upper 70's, especially for the north bay in the interior of the state. likely even a few low 80's for
8:46 am
the interior, maybe even for the north bay come tomorrow, which will be our for the bay area. now, the north bay and the coast, you have some of our strongest of winds. half moon bay been especially windy morning. those same winds have helped to make for a warm morning at the coastline and will also contribute to the warm feel that the rest of the day brings the rest of the bay area. it's a combination of these dry, warm, offshore winds, high pressure ridge that's really resulting in temperatures spiking as warm as they will be near record breaking 70's and mid 70's that that for a lot of our coastal areas, a couple of holdouts in the upper 60's. but most of us are well into the 70's today saying carlos at 74 degrees, we've got santa clara and cupertino. each of 75 east bay temperatures range from the low 70's further inland to them in the mid 70's right along the bay shore cast for valley, oakland, berkeley and richmond. all at 75 and are very warmest spots. sonoma john bill at 78 in santa rosa at 79 degrees today. tomorrow
8:47 am
will be just as hot if not hotter than today. maybe even a couple of 80's in there. mid 70's come the weekend for most of us are really pleasant weekend next week does get a little bit cooler. but still staying dry as we likely will all the way through the following weekend after that, too. the strike trends not ideal, considering the state's drought, but it is enjoyable john, the you for that. all right. so we we talked about the traffic we've been seeing out there in the hot spot in san mateo that still there. if you're traveling along one, 0, one. >> southbound just at 92 east. traffic collision is there. so we are seeing delays along one. 0, one and 92. however, good news is we're not seeing any major delays across the san mateo bridge. a look at that. it's under 14 minutes, 8.80, to one. 0 one. as you're traveling there, the bay bridge maze that fremont street exit a little under 15 minutes. we have a traffic hazard. this popping up northbound 80 south of 5th avenue. so that earlier accident we had the air. that's clear. now we have a traffic hazard. so we're
8:48 am
seeing residual delays from that. another traffic collision of and conquer southbound 6.80, north willow pass road. it's also pretty slow along highway 4 as well and crockett down as you're traveling towards the maze. about 27 minutes for your drive. tara james, back to you. thank you. ray. all right. lets talk warriors james wiseman, participating in contact drills for the first time since injuring his knee. so it's nice to see him out on the court and rookie jonathan >> is carving out a new role for himself with the warriors kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has it all for us. and today, sports. well, we've gotten the most encouraging news regarding james wiseman in the 10 months since he got meniscus surgery. >> he had his first contact practice according to the athletic's anthony slater. it was a controlled 3 on 3 game. this was earlier in utah up to this point. wiseman's knee hasn't reacted to contact the way the team had hoped. that's why he got that knee scoped out a few weeks ago. but this
8:49 am
well, it's a good sign in the hope is that white men can get back to be able to contribute to this team down the stretch in into the playoffs. the expectations will be intentionally low, but there's still belief that he can help this team this year in some way. that would be great. now, one guy who has been doing more of his fair share to help lately rookie think amanda jk has been on fire is averaging 18 5 in 3 games in february. he has stepped up and played a key role in the absence of guys like draymond green, andre iguodala and otto porter junior. he even played a lot of spot center duty. now it seems realistic that camenga will have a role for the rest of the season and into the playoffs. we didn't know that earlier if he would be able to contribute this much this year after the game on monday, klay thompson talked about coming this progression. >> he's so good around the rim. he's really good in the post. his jump shot of a fluid. and it is no, no. i
8:50 am
mean, like you to be 19 and thank you pack. it does. it's a travesty is not in the. rookie softball game. that just doesn't. that doesn't make any sense. i don't know what the nba was looking for an hour. college hoops now. second 22nd, i'm sorry ranks saint mary's. >> taking on santa clara, nice local matchup, 2nd, half santa clara, up by 7 county coos lays it in 5 point game. he had 16 off the bench later on 4.0, broncos lead pj pipes. that's a plus in a nice floater to with the right had 21 santa clara upset saint mary. 77 to 72. >> it's their first win over a ranked opponent since november of 2000, 4, we have a floor storming. they defeated 4th ranked unc back there. and 72 wow, good win for you for santa clara, i should say. now usc anyway, stanford cardinal.
8:51 am
hosted the 12 ranked ucl a broke bruins 1st half stynford down 12 spencer jones. nice pump fake and lays it in that ties the game. 22 points for jones. but in the second, the bruins up by 13. nice steal and out to johnny the way off the glass that put them up 15. he had 23 points. stanford fall 79 to 70 ucl. le gets his first win at maples pavilion since february of 2015. todd gold in the u.s. done is hosting the portland pilots. they just beat the pilots in portland a few days ago, late in the 2nd half usf up by one jamari blue yea. nice stepback 17 for bu yea. under a minute to go. what a clutch. 3. put portland up by 4 points. a couple of free throws what i say. it usf loses a heartbreaker. 69 68. they host
8:52 am
pepperdine on thursday will be college hoops. scene is really heating up here in the bay area. >> pepperdine dallas went to pepperdine to june, but i didn't. i went okay. you instead. they're so similar. good for them. you know who is a professor at pepperdine for a >> rooney? rooney turned not really what our own kate rooney buehler, buehler. remember the actor who played the teacher, the adulation teacher uhler. he was a professor there. ben at pepperdine? >> look him up. kids look, look up, you know, rooney, you know, really. >> all fielder story playing the utah jazz tonight on the road. don't forget, tipoff is i think it's 7 o'clock. we'll be right back. think that movie holds up, ok? and, you know, you want to see for sure. don't miss our honoring black history. special hosted by pam moore february 24th at 6.30. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> 55 is the time. and still ahead in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news, oakland unified schools moving forward with school closures, a big blow to parents and teachers and students will tell you what's next for the district. plus, we have just learned the santa clara county will not
8:56 am
the lifting their indoor mask mandate next week. we'll have details on that coming up in a live report. meanwhile, contra costa county is turning its focus to vaccinations. why they want to see the county's most are shot numbers improve. most are shot numbers improve. we'll be right back. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability we've been cooking up this kitchen design for a while...
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>> from the area's local news
8:59 am
station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> hi, i'm darya and thank you for joining us. at 9 o'clock, the masks are coming off. >> it's one of the big stories we're talking about, you know, where you do and don't have to wear a mask anymore. but more and more we're seeing across the nation that they're going to be coming off, which means we're not going have those tan lines anymore. and it's really sunny out there. in them asked me and have them ask right? i know it's that mask. the of the yeah. beautiful day outside. i don't think a lot of people are going to be the gyms today because it's just a better option to maybe go take a run at the coastline. it's beautiful at half. moon bay. >> it's really windy those. there's a heads up or coastal areas and north bay mountains have been quite windy this morning. most of us have been seeing fog free conditions until you head out to the central valley. little to leave fog out there and temperatures are warming for the entirety of the bay area. now half moon bay, just 3 degrees shy of 70 right now.
9:00 am
santa rosa in fairfield are colder spots still in the low to mid 40's, but not wasting any time seeing that climb. oakland at 55 in alameda nearing 60 at 57. i'll be talking this potentially record-breaking afternoon. still to come and what else to expect in your forecast too? >> reyna, john, thank you for that. yesterday i did the gym and go walk outside. so today i think all start with outside first. hey, if you're traveling along san mateo in the last hour, we had a hot spot there that's been cleared. but residual delays are still there along one. 0, one. so southbound 1 one at 92 east. you're seeing delays there. 2.80. if you're going to try to get around that heading into the city, no issues. 14 minutes may so that fremont street exit also going pretty nice and light for us as you're heading across towards the peninsula at 14 minutes, a long 24 wannacry to 5, 80 15 minutes for your drive. and in the south bay one. 0 one. 85 to menlo park. 36 minutes. tara, back to you. thank you, ray. and it is nice to see people sm


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