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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 15, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm daria and i'm james fletcher. start off this morning with the brightening sky behind you, daryn is looking pretty good. colors are coming out. i see that and almost a full moon, john, if it was, you'd see me just a silhouette on my broom. but 2 more days, 2 more days. so today really, really close to 95% full tomorrow, right on the cusp 98%. >> and then we'll get to that full moon on thursday. so keep a close eye. and aria between here and there we are seeing nice bright skies now that the sun has risen and we're going to see sunshine throughout the course of the day today. dole, let it be an excuse to get out
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there with the shorts and t-shirts like you had been under the sun. now we are going to have some winds present from the northwest through the day and some cooler air cool enough that there's actually some snowfall up in the sierra nevada first time in a while for them, it's only a few inches of snow accumulating today, but a nice change from the dry weather. we have been no snow here in the bay, although it does feel wintry again, livermore, dublin, napa, petaluma all in the 30's napa year, only one degree above freezing right now. well, oakland at 45 alameda. little more mild. 48 degrees talking this cooler forecast. still to come, tom, thank you for that. it looks like we pretty much have high winds across several of our bridges, the antioch benicia martinez. >> bay bridge and also the san mateo bridge, which is why we're seeing the drive times along the bay bridge going up. 17 minutes as you're traveling into the city may so that fremont street exit, we do have an accident. that's an oakland southbound 8.80, north of high street. one lane there block. but we're seeing delays. i would say 5.80, a good alternate. if you're trying to get around their
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reach, the bridge, san mateo bridge, high winds. there are about 14 minutes, though, for your drive as you're traveling out of richmond heading across towards center fell. you're looking at a 12 minute drive and we'll leave you with a look at one. 0 one. 85 to menlo park. 35 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot right? >> all right. now to our top story this morning at 7, 0, 2, san francisco district attorney jason protein is criticizing the city's police department for its use of dna from rape victims to try and connect them 2 other crimes that they may be suspected of being a part of. and sarah stinson has been following this for us look at the latest on the set. >> what's the idea, sarah? because somebody comes forward and they're an alleged victim, they certainly don't want to suddenly be a suspect in something. >> exactly. i think that's the biggest problem as a district attorney chesa boudin has and also now senator state senator scott wiener. how huge problems with this? because
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victims come forward and it's hard for them to even do that. and sometimes they don't. and so they're worried that if they think they could be called a suspect in another case, well, they're not going to come forward at all. that is what's being called into question right now. boudin is accusing the police department of, you know, taking dna from a victim's rape kit and then using that as a link between her and another crime. >> this is obviously all being investigated. we're going to learn more about this morning, but during assault investigations, victims voluntarily submit this type of dna to help find the person who raped or assaulted them. boudin says it's violent and dehumanizing to use this data base to then accused the victim of other crimes. rape kits are extremely helpful in solving cases. so the fear is that victims will be less likely to cooperate. police chief bill scott has responded to these allegations saying police are reviewing the
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matter, but the department's existing dna policies are within state and national laws. chief scott says if these allegations are true, he is committed to ending this practice. >> the police chief says there is a possibility that the suspect in this case may have been identified through a dna hit in a non victim dna database. the allegations raised by boudin are coming both his office and the police department are working on a memorandum of how the 2 agencies worked to investigate. police use of force incidents, prudent says whatever disagreements they have. this practice needs to be addressed and so far police chief bill scott, you saying he agrees that no matter what else are dealing with this practice should and if it even being done, so they're investigating and they should have an update for everyone this morning. at 10, 30, there's a press conference. and if you're interested in the story like we are in tune into our 24 7 app kron on. we'll have it live for you at 10, 30 for now. sara stinson
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reporting live. we'll send it back to you in studio. thanks a lot. sarah. >> it is 7, 0, 4, san francisco voters will be deciding today whether to recall 3 school board members, the board members in question include billboard president gabriela lopez commissioner alison collins and school board. vice president. obama liga the board has been under fire for its handling of the covid-19 pandemic and 4 recommending the renaming of schools and other matters that have annoyed parents. opponents of the recall, though, say this is a poor use of taxpayer money. it's a waste. mayor london breed. so she supports the recall. in fact, she says if they are remove that she has some temporary placements in mind. polling locations open at 7 mail in ballots. don't forget new be postmarked by at least 8 o'clock tonight. >> all right. let's get to beijing's. and if the curling is under way, yeah, or maybe just wrapped up. i think i saw some some headlines on andrew
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are joining us live from beijing. we know the men's team was competing. head of that will turn out. so it went from great to not so great games. earlier today. we talked about it just a few minutes ago. >> team usa beat switzerland and that was really g od because obviously you've got up get to the top 4 in order to make it into the playoffs. but aftey beating switzerland, the u.s. lost to italy 10 to 4 and so team usa can still get in the playoff. but now guys no longer in control of its own destiny. denmark is up next. got a wind got to get some help. but the gold medal is still there. it's just they can't reach it on the run. they need some help. >> okay. okay. what do they go for that one with that when when is the next to match game? whatever you call that quidditch, when is the next one? >> you know, it. it actually is incredibly confusing, daria. so that's going to take place for you guys tomorrow
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and for me tomorrow as well. but hey, i'm going to be ahead of you guys at that time. so i believe it's on thursday for me and wednesday for you guys. okay. call it a game. but what's interesting is in baseball, right? you have innings give innings all those ends in curling. so if you say second inning, 3rd inning, 4th inning in baseball rolling, it's an end second and 3rd and 4th and etcetera. well, that's just a little or no rules. but it was fun to watch. why would you call it and what it the that's ridiculous is what makes curling so fascinating to because they knew that dorian would ask about it and they want to confuse you. that's why it's just wrong. it's just and i never know what's offsides i got i hope they don't have an offsides rule in with the tigers getting, oh, wait a minute. can we go to our own bay area competitor? because >> even though she wasn't competing for us. she's from here, which is great for team trying to write. she's they're representing. well, actually, there is a bay area competitor
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in figure skating alyssa, lou, who was actually born in the fresno area. so, john knows a little bit about this. she was born in clovis, california. >> but she grew up in richmond. she did compete for team usa on the though she is currently not in a position to metal k camilla valley. ava, who is, of course, being involved in all of this scandal. this doping situation. she is currently in first place after the short program as expected she most likely will win gold on thursday as expected. and then there will be a medal ceremony. but you're talking about eileen which in freestyle, what was it was free ski style earlier today. did you guys watch this? they go down backwards on skis like and then do jumps and spins and then land sideways. it is incredible. the have let us if you get a chance to watch it, take a look. but yeah, eileen, gu born in san francisco competing for china because it's her mother's home country. she wins gold in that event earlier today. so she arm-side. she won silver in that event earlier today. she has a gold medal from began
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earlier in the games and she's going for a 3rd medal in halfpipe in a couple of days. but all of those medals will be for china, not for team usa out. well, that's okay at still some a lot local athlete >> a metal there in the olympics and we cut it still quite an accomplishment. eileen, gu, awesome. thanks for the update. andrew. thanks for staying >> and we'll chat with andrew again tomorrow. all right, 7, 0, 9, is a time right now. speaking of tomorrow, mask off, day member will still ahead. you still got to keep the mask on in california. schools. >> so we're going to have the ins and outs of to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. and aaa says we're going to see higher even the higher gas prices and the coming days. how much is it going to hurt when you fill er up at the pump? >> and it is a beautiful morning. it is brisk, though. so as you venture outside to enjoy that sunshine, we've already got just make sure you get the layers on daytime highs today. stay cool in the
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>> ok, so we're back here at 7.12. got to keep you updated on the drought. as we know. it's been what 40 days now and we haven't had any significant rain in the bay area and almost the entire state is still in either moderate or severe drought categories, which is pretty alarming because we we look to december january and february, as you know, usually are our wettest months of the rainy season. well, certainly not playing out aside from december january and february of turned out to be busts. and this midwinter dry spell puts us right now as the 4th driest on the national weather service records that go back 173 year. so we're in a bad way when it comes to the when october with december really didn't do much. it was great at the time, but it it's not lasting as long as we'd like it to. and it looks like we're going to stay dry for a while. >> because of those 2 wet months for the water year right now around the bay area. for the most part we're anywhere between about 80% of normal to right around 100% of normal. that band, it's about
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to get ripped off. and we're looking like we're going to start seeing those drought impacts again as we go into the summer. >> and so he says be ready for maybe an early start to the wildfire season. what we've seen before, like we've talked about last week, start prepping that defensible space and all it said here in february, we're talking about getting ready. but, you know, some is better, not an, you know, better the kick in the pants. look, we get snow and just like john, you had said this is a live here. >> as we look at tahoe. you were like, okay, it's not going to be significant enough to. >> even for skiing, probably. but a dusting is a dusting inch is better than nothing is absolutely nothing. it's nothing like that december. even october snowfall that we had where we were all the but hey, i believe we said gnarly now are like, we're using a lot of cool words to describe. they were out, you but i know it's just a little. it's a little something. super welcome, though. as you guys mentioned, we really, really
7:15 am
do need it. we started january after that. really nice december with around 150% of average snowpack. now after so many dry days behind us, a dry january dry february, thus far, that snow pack has fallen dramatically. so seeing that snow up there is super super welcome news. but we do need more than just a dusting or a few inches of it. we need multiple feet of it to the back up to where we've got to be. and as of right now, that's not looking likely even though this year's getting snowfall. we're just getting sunshine here in the bay area. that system that is bringing that wintry weather to parts of the west, like the great basin in the central rockies and the sierra nevada skirting just too far east of us. so we're tapping into windy and cool weather, but we're not going to be getting any rainfall from this. there's your snowfall showing up in future cast, right? you're hanging out through the middle of the afternoon before really tapering off beyond that point bay area were set to remain dry today through the remainder of this week. and daytime highs will begin to
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climb a little bit towards thursday. friday and saturday are most mild days after that. we do see another system that will drop into the region. but a familiar track here, looking at another low, that skirts just east of the bay area. that means some snow likely for the syrian about as we move into monday and tuesday. but chances of rainfall looking minimal here in the bay so could continue the strike trend well into next week, too. now, as far as winds go out of the northwest winds gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour. at times today. that is going to make those 60's 50's that we're seeing for daytime highs feel even a little bit cooler. upper 50's for many of our coastal spots and then looking at low to mid 60's across both the bayshore as well as our inland areas saying carlos foster city, redwood city each at 62 for your highs today, south bay temperatures in the low 60's with san jose at 62 free might union city right there as well. as for oakland, you're nice and mild. 64
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degrees, lighter wind and the rest of the bay area. just get the jackets on. and vallejo actually a warm spot today at 65 degrees. now your next 7 days, temperatures will be cole liming slowly towards the start of the weekend. friday, an i-70 degrees to get your weekend started on the comfy know and then by sunday, temperatures falling into the low 60's. again as that storm system approaches resulting in snowfall in the sierra by monday. just a few clouds and cooler temperatures likely for us. reyna. john, thank you for comfy conditions out there, but definitely bring your jacket for most of the day. we have high winds and so that slowing things down across several of our bridges like >> the bay bridge, they turn the metering lights on because of the high winds trying to slow folks down. 19 minutes as you're traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit. we have an accident. this is an oakland southbound 8.80, north of high street. and so one lane is blocked. you are seeing delays along. 88 say 5.80, all in the clear. if you want to go and hop on that san mateo bridge, they also have a
7:18 am
sign they are talking about the high winds. just a 14 minute commute as you're heading across towards the peninsula, out of richmond towards center felt holes to one o one about 14 minutes for your drive along highway 4. if you're heading from any acts, one 60 to concord's to 40 to about 40 minutes and in the south bay. 85 to menlo park. now about a 40 minute drive for you there. daria, back to you. thank you, ray 7.18, for your money this morning. childcare costs are out of pace with inflation and january saw a spike in foreclosure filings. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. hi, that's right. so foreclosures on homes in the u.s. surged in january after the pandemic moratorium expired. >> now realtytrac says they still remain below pre-covid levels. however, a foreclosure filings like default notices scheduled auctions, bank repossessions jumped 29% in january compared to december. well, the average annual
7:19 am
daycare costs for infants now exceeds in-state college tuition. child care aware, says day care for babies at an average of 12,000, $300 a year. it's estimated 16,000 childcare providers shut down during the pandemic. now the report found that california had about 750,000 childcare spaces and doordash will bump up its fees. onslow mcdonald's fees will go up on those orders. keep delivery. people waiting. so mcdonald's franchise owners say they're having trouble filling all of the orders with the labor shortage. electric vehicle has dominated sunday's super bowl. the startup whole star feature the polestar 2, gm had a bunch of brands on there. there's bmw key and nissan toyota. well, millions were spent on those evie has only 9% of total global passenger car sales are electric vehicles at this moment live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back and they're all here in california. >> so looking to the future,
7:20 am
right? we all right, future. alright, follow us. jane, thank thanks. >> 7.19, the time. also for your money this morning, california is inching towards the highest gas prices. the state has ever seen. aaa saying crude oil prices have increased by $30 per barrel since august and doesn't look like it's going to be going down any time soon. all that's going to pass to you at the pumps to triple a says if you're hoping to see prices go down before the summer surge. stop stop getting yourself. >> if any believes going to happen, doesn't look like it will happen till at least the end of this year. unfortunately, for many voters here in the united states, we don't anticipate paying less than $3 for much of this year. yeah. and for us here in the golden state, that means the average will likely stay well above $4 a gallon. >> like he said till the end of the year. so here's a look at where averages stand right now across the bay area. san francisco about 4.86. you're tied at oakland, san jose for 77. sandra fell for 84 for a
7:21 am
gallon of regular gas. it is 7.20. we'll take a break. but coming up on the kron, 4 morning news retail thefts on the rise across the bay area. but we'll tell you what experts say could be driving. >> the driving force behind these brazen crimes will be right back. prep your home for spring with the home sale! get 25% off bedding. bath towels for just $9.99. and up to 40% off home decor!
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>> 7.23 and smash-and-grab robberies have been a huge problem in the bay area. san francisco, oakland, all kinds of places around the state and nationwide, new york la and san francisco are among the hardest hit areas for this type of crime where people run in, for example, and jewelry stores and just smashed and grab the average store or company is losing about $7,500 per robbery. and that was in 2020 the year before. that was $800. so big difference in fresno. recently, 15 people went hammers, stole a bunch of stuff from a jewelry store. we've seen a mob robs in the bay area that were similar. one loss prevention expert says that it's very easy to sell the stuff because of online shopping. >> more people shopping online in my opinion probably the
7:25 am
biggest driver because there's more demand for product online and that is an outlet where a lot of the stolen product ends up. >> and what kind of products are you seeing online that are hot designer clothing and purses are among the top things. also things like, you know, home stuff, laundry detergent and everything that you might see in the drugstore and pharmacy allergy medicines. those are quick and easy to steal. an easy to download online. >> a bay area lawmaker is trying to save the world's rain forests by holding california companies accountable for their part in forest deforestation. so agriculture businesses are often blamed for this tropical deforestation. we're seeing across the world. so to hold companies accountable. san jose assemblyman has reintroduced the california deforestation free procurement act from 1979. if it's passed, all california state contracts that produce products that put rain forced risk would have to show evidence that their operations are not linked to
7:26 am
forest destruction. a version of the bill was vetoed by governor newsome last year will. so we'll see how far this a new version goes. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. police are hoping a new program will help stop catalytic converter thefts. we'll tell you how it works. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks.
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>> 7.28. right now. and we're looking at the weather first. we were complaining about the heat that we can one of the effect. yeah. a little chilly this morning, john. 10th in the league that heat that we love you. but at the same time in the back of our heads, really, we should love this so much. it's gone now. so it does feel a little bit more like winter for sure. unfortunately, we've got the winter feel we don't have the winter precipitation. joining us again. >> unless you're up in the sierra nevada, in which case they're getting some snow, some much needed snow. it's not just cool. it is also windy, which is going make for a brisk feel today. there's your snow in the sierra for us. it's just sunshine. so we cool. sunny days ahead right now, fremont and dublin. 38 degrees. alameda sitting at 48 while napa just a degree above freezing. so we're definitely on the cool side this morning. but under the up and keep those jackets through the afternoon. john, thanks for
7:30 am
that. he had cool and windy conditions as well. that's why we're seeing a lot of delays along some of our bridges. >> let's go straight to this accident we've been following along 8.80, in oakland, southbound. that's nor the high street there. you can still see we're seeing delays from that 5.80, definitely good alternate for you. there. the bay bridge, 18 minutes, macy, that freeman street exit, not because of any accidents, but because of the high winds. san mateo bridge, 14 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. and let's check out. 24, if you're traveling along a creek to 5, 80 12 minutes, we'll leave you with a look at 6.80, dublin to fremont about 17 minutes to 2.62 darya. james, back to you. thank you, ray 7.30, right now and a big story that we're following tonight at midnight, california loses the masks indoors. the mandate is gone. as long as you're fully vaccinated. but in the bay area, there's an exception. santa clara county is not lifting its indoor mask mandate quite yet. everybody else is. and again, that's
7:31 am
only for those who are fully vaccinated. if you're not fully vaccinated, supposed to keep the mask on indoors and you also have to wear it. if you're riding public transit or you're going into health care facilities. and that doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not. and you need to wear masks in schools across california. they are not lifting that mandate quite yet. know. >> but everyone agrees or not it for one degrees, i should say with how the school mask decision may progress here in the state kron four's will tran is actually tracking that for us. joining us live with the story this morning. well, >> school is about to in front of an elementary school in san mateo county. and i have my mask on and i will not be alone because the kids will be wearing their masks today tomorrow and at least through february 28th. the state says yes, other places you don't have to wear your mask. but if you're as student inside the classrooms, you will have to continue wearing it. despite them not saying anything like
7:32 am
there's a benchmark. we want to hit before we allow you to take off your mask. so it's still kind of a. they get out there. and that's frustrating. a lot of parents out there. but there are some community members, the doctors there saying keep the mask on because they feel it is safe, especially for the kids and the teachers. speaking of a teacher here is amy. i caught her before she came into the classrooms. you know all about the masks. that's your life. now. what do you think it for up to you and you are running the world? would you wear your mask and have your kids wear the mask or not? i think number one, there's spots of a lady of making that decision would be way too much for me. so i'll pass and be the teacher. >> i've always been a rule follower and my i teach second and 3rd grade here at mckinley and yesterday students were allowed to take their masks off outside. i saw a rarely i saw not too many students that decided to take their masks on whether that was up to their parents are i'm not sure all
7:33 am
keep wearing my just to be on the safe side. and i don't have a definite answer for you. i'm kind of just going with the flow. okay. so >> you're the first lying. you see the kids. you see fellow teachers. do you see lot of parents out there saying this is cruel? it's getting in the way of their breathing. they're thinking everything based on what your observation and opinion is your opinion, do you think these get in the way? >> it definitely doesn't get in the way of the students i have some students who wear glasses. their glasses get fogged ad i can see some discomfort and sam annoyances about it. but as far as it getting in the way of their are interacting with each other, i can still tell that they're so i would now. thank you so much, amy. don't go anywhere because i don't need to borrow her jacket. look at this. it is called she's basically walking around with a sleeping bag. >> i wear my mask anything to cover up more of my body
7:34 am
because it's cold. the state says they'll revisit this on february 28th and we'll see how it goes. but the bottom line is you me and i'm sure you speak for a lot of teachers, right? they probably follow the rules following the rules being a good person and not bullying people. always a good idea. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> it is 7.34. california could mandate that all businesses require their employees and independent contractors to get vaccinated. oakland assemblywoman buffy wicks introduced the legislation it would allow exemptions for medical and religious reasons only. so if you're hoping that maybe a negative test would get you out of the vaccine requirement. no, not with this bill, which says the measure is supposed to give businesses a uniform clear way to operate as the virus continues to circulate. alright, turning our attention now to the east bay uc berkeley is appealing a lower court's ruling and they want to take it to the supreme court. that's because the ruling would affect the university's enrollment numbers for the 2022. 23 academic school year. this all
7:35 am
comes as part of a lawsuit that was brought on by a group of berkeley neighbors that were ca campus development project. and that ruling required the university to freeze its enrollment at the current 43,300. 47 students. well, that was the enrollment levels. the university last year during the pandemic when enrollment was uncharacteristically low and uc berkeley says forcing them to match that enrollment level in the upcoming school year would reduce the number of undergraduates they can except by a 3rd. >> we have breaking news from overnight. the city of san jose investigating. now the city's fifteens traffic fatality. >> so far this year, a fatal solo motorcycle crash. it just happened early this morning between the santa must express way in pain avenue. first responders got there and the victim was transported to the hospital. >> but died. and san jose police are cracking down on catalytic converter thefts that are happening. the department just announced a new program called touch and
7:36 am
protect to deter catalytic converters thefts. the department has teamed up with 3 auto dealerships and what they used a the license plate on to the part that kelly converter and then they paint them with some look at that identifying symbols. the goal is to deter thieves and stop the resale of the catalytic converters. police are hoping this program catches on with other dealerships and other cities. >> and yeah, we are hopeful that that other foundations and other police departments will pick this up and spread it more broadly. i think the more determined we get, the less likely this will really continue to proliferate as a crime. >> pretty popular san jose. this it dealers are say it's a wait list for this program for more information. you can just go to kron 4 dot com. we've got a link right on there. basically, like getting your car tattooed basically. yeah. now. >> all right, 7.36 is the time we're going. take a quick break. still ahead, a man's
7:37 am
untimely drowning is prompting warnings about sneaker waves will tell you what the coast guard says. really need to be on the lookout for an nfl legend, john, that memorialized in oakland. we'll take a closer look at the impact he had and what fans had to say. he came out to the ceremony. plus the warriors suffering a loss to the clippers. unfortunately, head coach steve kerr talked a bit more about the problems he's seen with the team's defense. >> and today going to be a beautiful one is for sunshine. goes cooler temperatures and winds, though, mean, as you venture out, enjoy it with a sweater or light jacket on your forecast is to come. >> and we started off with high winds across the bay bridge. now we have an accident. 80 westbound there just to the east to west grand avenue. so we are seeing additional drive times go up. we'll have a look at that and other commute times. once we get back from break.
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>> we're back at 7.40. a memorial is being organized now by the fiance of a man who drowned at merry beach last week. jose padilla is body was recovered last friday. that's 3 days after a sneaker wave pulled him out to sea. it happened while he was fishing on the rocks with some family members. the agency who conducted the rescue and recovery efforts are warning the public now about the dangers of sneaker waves.
7:41 am
according to the u.s. coast guard, those kinds of waves are responsible for 17 deaths along california's coast last year. >> the pacific ocean waves are powerful. the waters turbulent cold and the coastline is rocky and jaggar it. it's very difficult to get out of the water once you're inside the water. >> spot that is not going impact my weight. so not near ginger rock areas where areas that are elevated that you have better platform with the pier that might be safer. the drowning victims family has raised about $6,000 so far on line for his memorial service and burial. >> if you'd like to learn more about that service, you can visit our website at kron 4 dot com. we'll take a break at 7.41.
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we used to think this was the best thing a plant could grow into. and then, we made this. introducing the new mcplant. made with the first plant-based patty worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. >> i just think it is almost presidents day. mattress sales for sales. i just was remembering. it's not. it's not. that is. but this coming monday, this coming monday are will this coming monday? yeah. maybe we'll have a raindrop or 2 to deal with. right? john has been hinting which by the way, president states was big ski weekend stuff, i'm for looking more likely than the that's actually been okay. >> so sunday night into monday
7:45 am
and tuesday, another round of snowfall possible for the sierra nevada. it's not going to be a huge snow maker, but enough to have some fresh powder on the slopes up there for the bay. area's james alluded to, maybe a drop of water, too. >> that's probably all we'd see if it does pan through a look outside this morning. we have a nice moderate breeze in san francisco right now today for san francisco and the rest of the bay area. it's just nice and clear. now we do have a passing storm system dropping right to our east which is bringing with it. some snow to the sierra as well as areas further east from there were just too far west to be tapping into anything other than some winds and some cooler temperatures because of it. there's your snow up in the sierra nevada today. that's going to be hanging out with us on until around mid-afternoon after which point begins to taper off as that low exits, the region skies will remain clear for the bay not just today, but really for the remainder of the week. ahead of us, temperatures begin to climb after today and by the start of the weekend on friday, we're looking at some highs in the low 70's. now sunday, temperatures begin to dip
7:46 am
again as our next system begins to drop in come presidents day on monday into tuesday. there you go. some snow in the sierra nevada, maybe a shower or 2 in the bay area, although or latest models are showing it looking a little bit more unlikely. so that low, much like this one that we're seeing right now going to be passing just too far to the east. we are at least cooler, but those brisk winds are going to make it feel even cooler yet. so daytime highs that are in the 50's to 60's today are going to feel a little bit on the cooler side is first feels like temperatures goes just a reminder to keep the sweater and a jacket around even into the afternoon. obviously been one into that during morning hours, even during our what a warmer weather foster city down to redwood city each at 62 for your highs today, south bay temperatures upper 50's to low 60's for you and for the east bay. that same range of numbers. pleasanton livermore, son only chat. 59. well, berkeley, richmond, oakland and san leandro at 64 our warm spot today that you 65 degrees and some 50's near the
7:47 am
coastline. looking ahead at next 7 days, temperatures do climb just a few degrees each and every day until friday. that will take us into the low 70's to start the weekend. your warmest of the weekend. we reversed course. temperatures begin to drop after that. and by sunday and monday were in the upper 50's to low 60's. a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle or 2 and some snow in the sierra. >> reyna, john, thank you for we've been watching the traffic building all morning along the bay bridge and originally was because of those high winds. still gusty conditions. but we do have an accident. 80 westbound just east of west grand. that's right. as you're getting on the bay bridge this morning. so you're seeing a 17 minute delay maze to that fremont street exit and those high winds of people are slowing down for as well. richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one. also an uptick in traffic. there about 14 minutes as you're making your way across on the south bay along one o one. 85 to menlo park as you're traveling about 57 minutes. there is a traffic hazard. one. 0, one southbound
7:48 am
north of 80 south and settles a and another traffic hazards. 6.80, north bound south east capitol expressway in san jose. so we are seeing a few disabled vehicle slowing things down along one on one and crockett down towards the maze. it will be about a 38 minute drive for you as you're traveling at this hour. darya james, back to you. thank you, ray 7.48. right now and warriors head coach steve kerr is not so happy. >> he's making it clear that he has. yeah, the defense struggled a bit of so the defensive side of the ball wasn't there. step was. >> he was playing lights out. 33 points for him. but just lack in all of the faces of the game. so that's how the clippers ended up coming back in the 2nd half and just really taking things over said they were what they were when they were beaten up last the head one, 19, one of 4. that's pretty head coach steve kerr talking about that. >> it's hard win in this border looking like we are
7:49 am
defensively with so many holes there in our game, whether it's, you know, him just on ball defense, they spent the entire game for the road a scheme that was fox cuts. every game is going think a little different. just looking for if that's the case is to. and so we've got to get >> and have another opportunity, one more game. and then the all-star break board. and that gets tomorrow night at the chase center. it is 7 o'clock tip off time. it's when you hear just coach purse talk. yeah. it's like a parent who said i'm not i'm just disappear. >> i know it worse. i all it is. and you just very simple. he keeps saying we've heard of like the last couple of games. just like that. you're not going to keep winning even the time they want. yeah, he was like, ok, well, you want, but you're not gonna they'll find their groove again. >> all right. let's turn our attention to the east bay. now. it was a celebration of
7:50 am
life at the coliseum for the great john madden. you know, raiders fans attended. they wanted to pay their respects to the football icon and >> show him some love. kron four's dan thorn was there. >> fans lining up to pay their respects to nfl great john madden for raiders fans who are still in oakland. this was one last chance to say goodbye at the coliseum. >> even if you weren't a football fan somehow you knew john mann was madden with his deep bay area. roots was a local hero. his super bowl win with the raiders in the 1970's lives on in the memories of so many. he was just >> beautiful. it was a big giant in his heart was just as big. and we love >> the legendary coach had an even bigger career as a broadcaster, his style and charisma captivated generations of audiences. and a video game bearing his name only made him even larger than and the broadcast movement. back those in the first person there put lines on the board
7:51 am
member, right? what a person. what we what a legend. madden was celebrated monday night at the coliseum, a place he called home for a decade. notable broadcasters, an nfl coaches past and present were among the featured speakers. my biggest takeaway from john. >> was not about the video game which was special, not about the broadcasting career, which is the best of all time. it's not about the hall of fame coaching career which says it all all things. was about, john, the person maddon's widow, virginia also shared words about her husband. >> i know out there. and i know he's smiling down on all of his players that are here. and all of you people, the fans that supported him for many years proceeds from the tickets for the memorial event went to madden charities which provides educational opportunities for youth in oakland.
7:52 am
>> matt was 85 years old when he died in december. dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> 7.51 is the time right now. and we want to remind you that we've got a special coming up called honoring black history, mind body soul and it's hosted by our own pam moore. we hope that you tune in is thursday, february 24th at 6.30. we'll be right back.
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♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales]
7:55 am
♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in >> 74 and you don't need to walk into a fast food restaurant to enjoy the smell of french fries. i'm wearing it. yeah. as little >> little potato would do work at mcdonald's. now, i just felt like it. but >> the idaho potato commission has created a curfew for fans who love the of french fries. they surveyed that they did a survey about 90% of americans say they just can't resist the smell. so they went ahead and put out this limited edition fragrance. they're called free g to. so i'm going to smell like a front you're going to i'm just going make you on burger. like what do they say is the best way are dry food is that you're like? yeah, really, this is this is going to >> trigger all the feels. so we're here for and plus my
7:56 am
dogs ago. haha follow around the house. anybody who loves french fries, if you want them following you little is no. thank you. now. >> free calling it free test i don't care what you call it 7.56. is the time coming up in the next hour. masks are still required in schools in california for now, but that could be changing. we'll talk more about the timeline coming up. >> and triple a says that we are going to see higher gas prices in the coming days and will probably stay around for a while. we'll take a closer look and sfpd under fire now for its alleged use of a law enforcement database. why the da says they're actually using rape victims as evidence. they don't like. it will be right back.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> and release we forgot to stretch of 7. you might be exercise. a lot of people. >> get on the treadmill or walk or whatever. and watch the show. sure it's get get 2 things at once. my or our to you. yeah. keep exercise. keeping up here. it's great. we got on the weather center
8:00 am
people do that. maybe you're you're more of the i like to get outside and taking a morning walk kind of person. well. >> bring the windbreaker. >> the windbreaker and kron on with kron windbreaker. very important, though, definitely look at the breeze there that the embarcadero, not the windiest at the bay side right now, but definitely windy or towards the coast. and in the north bay right now. and we will be looking at gusts of wind at times today as high as 25 miles per hour. it's going to be those cool temperatures feel even cooler. now. snow in the sierra nevada this morning, only a few inches of it at most. but still it's nice to see that change of pace. wish we could get some rain here in the bay, but we're still on that dry and sunny trend now, dublin napa are 2 remaining spots in the 30's elsewhere in the bay. we're in the 40's but feel a little cooler with then that when you factor in those winds talking these cooler temperatures that we're going to hold on to this week. still to come john, thank you for that. he traffic is pretty busy in this 8 o'clock hour with that high winds. >> along the bay bridge, the


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