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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 15, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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chase. make more of what's yours. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6 voters are casting their ballots in special elections in francisco. the biggest race is the recall of 3 commissioners on the school board. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the san francisco school board has been under fire for its handling of the pandemic. also, the renaming of schools during that time and other matters come forces but reports. >> it is recall election day here in san francisco, 3 san francisco unified school district board commissioners are the proponents of the recall. it basically boils down to today being the last day for school board. president gabriela lopez to defend the board's decision to
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wait to return to in-person learning only after she says the conditions surrounding the pandemic made it safe to do so. the biggest issue is the number of families who still were not ready, who still feel >> level of fear when returning to school because there were different communities who experienced the pandemic in vastly different ways. and those are the communities who i was representing the most. >> i'm a single parent with 3 children. so when i was sent home to quarantine, of course, my whole family became and that was just not ok. >> randy's silas is an sf usd parent who opposes the recall largely because she believes the school board made the right decision to wait until they thought it was safe to reopen schools wind because there was no eliznbeth kelly is also an s if you as the parent, but she thinks the school board waited too long to reopen schools that impacted service for her son,
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special education for an entire year. we were >> left on our own without without the special education support that he really needed. when kids are in zoom school. >> they fell behind academically and that hurt the underprivileged kids the most to people who started the yes recall the school board campaign other. lou, it seem to rise insists that the school board waited too long to return students to in-person learning. some of was the only top 25 school not to bring met in high school could spot the whole of last year across the entire country, even though we have awful lot of cold low as covid rates. i think that's it. he said all i could spike, especially the most disadvantaged fallen. the farthest behind lopez says race was also a key factor in how covid impacted parents and students differently across the district race had an influence in our health care system who was able to stay at home. who wasn't? who is more at risk of getting covid during the time when we were all responding, the best way
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we could, which is staying at home, staying safe. >> in san francisco, has it made you cry on for news? there are 3 contests on the san francisco ballot, although the recall is probably the highest profile race voters in assembly district 17, which covers 3 fifths of the city. they are picking a new assembly member and choosing between 4 candidates there. a vote for the city's assessor recorder is also on the ballot for all residents. mayor breed appointed joaquin torres has the assessor recorder in january 2021. replacing carmen chu who became the city administrator. he is running on a post polls close tonight at 08:00pm in san francisco. stay with kron 4 all night long as we monitor the election results for you. our ella sogomonian will have a full breakdown tonight in our primetime news, starting at 8 o'clock. in the east bay, oakland city council has passed a resolution to help stop oakland school closures. >> it was passed this afternoon at the city council meeting. this resolution calls
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upon governor newsome and the state legislature to eliminate the district's outstanding state debt council members also want to amend state law to revise the average daily attendance to remove penalizing schools when children are sick or miss days. the state is anticipating a nearly 46 billion dollars surplus for the upcoming school here. and council members say usd would require less than one 15th of out council president pro tem sheng tao sent us. this statement reads in part, quote, in the richest state, in the richest nation in human history. there is absolutely no reason we should be closing down public schools serving black and brown communities with a record surplus. there is no reason the state of california cannot step in and help these closures. it is the moral and just thing to do. san francisco police are accused of using rape victims to dna to arrest them for future crimes. and now district attorney chase of the dean. >> is demanding they put an end to the practice he claims is considered routine.
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harper's rob nesbitt joins us now live tonight with the police chief's response to these allegations of what one survivor of assault has to say about the practice. rob. >> vicki, the da says dna isn't just being used to make arrest in san francisco, but also in other parts of the state, referencing a dna kit from 2016 as proof. it has to stop was the message district attorney jason to dean wants to get across when it comes to police using dna from rape kits to arrest victims. >> he says he became aware of the practice by the san francisco police last week after reading a report from the department's crime lab where dna from a crime scene was matched with dna from a 2016 rape kit. and rick, it were a survivor of the courage. >> and the fortitude and the trust to come forward and submit herself too invasive process so that we could do right by her. pamela tate is the executive director of black women revolt against domestic violence and a
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survivor of assault. she says she was too traumatized to submit to an intrusive exam and worries other victims will do the same if they think the evidence could be used against them in the future, it will allow rape us to stay on the street because people will continue to underreport. >> when they have experienced the rape, it will increase crime here in san francisco and throughout the state. san francisco police chief william scott says existing dna collection policies have been legally vetted, but that the assistant chief for operations is reviewing the arrest identified by the da's office saying, quote, >> if it's true that dna collected from a rape or assault victim has been used by sfpd to identify apprehend that person as a suspect in another crime. i'm committed to ending the practice city and state lawmakers agree. senator scott wiener says he's working on legislation to block the practice and all of california and san francisco supervisor hillary ronen sen to request monday morning to the city's attorney's office to draft legislation. we know that one of every 2 women
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>> are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. >> these shocking statistics have to end. >> district attorney dean says the charges have been dropped against the woman whose dna from a 2016 rape kit was used to make her arrest live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. turning now to our coronavirus coverage. the fda has again delayed a key meeting on covid vaccines for children under the age of 5. that meeting of an independent panel was scheduled for today. but members say they need more time to look at information from a pfizer clinical trial. that trial examined the number of doses that could be recommended for kids under 5. it's not clear yet when they will have that meeting. in the south bay and then effort to support children who have lost a parent or caregiver due to covid santa clara county wants to step in and try to help. today, county officials approved a referral program to
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create better access to case management, grief, counseling, childcare, behavioral health and academic support for children in schools throughout the county. the rougher also hopes to help the child care industry recover. it's being reported that as of today, roughly one out of every 450 children in the u.s. has lost a parent or caregiver due to covid. well, today's the last day that masks are going to be required inside in all bay area counties except for santa clara. >> the state decided to ease the indoor mask mandate after seeing a decrease in cases from the recent omicron surge. so starting tomorrow vaccinated people will no longer need to wear masks indoors at most businesses, masks will still be required in sup public places, though students and adults inside schools. well, also still need to wear a mask. all those state health officials say that they will revisit mask requirements inside schools little later on this month. >> another big story tonight, uc berkeley leaders are vowing to fight a court order requiring them to freeze
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enrollment. and this comes just as the university is getting ready to send out those acceptance letters to protect prospective students. our first and current following this story for us. he joins us now live with more on that. dan. >> that's right. the university is going to appeal to the state supreme court lower court rulings. they put this enrollment cap on as part of a. >> a lawsuit filed by neighborhood groups. they want to put a stay on that enrollment cap because they say 3,000 acceptance letters are in the balance. if this thing goes through. last august, a judge ordered uc berkeley to freeze its enrollment after neighbors filed a lawsuit suggesting the university had not done the proper environmental studies for an expansion project. the university appealed a nasty enrollment cap be tossed. in the meantime, an appellate court refused. so now the university is asking the highest court in the state to halt the enrollment restrictions. >> right now, our efforts are focused on trying to roll back
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the decision through an appeal to the supreme court. or perhaps through a legislative fix that would come at a sacrament. >> university officials say if the enrollment cap stands more than 3,000 students who would have been accepted this spring will be turned away. >> we're not going to take our foot off the gas pedal on that front. we're going to do everything in our power to see if we can mitigate. or reverse the impacts of this unprecedented court decision. >> for sure, there's no room for any more enrollment until the housing catch us up. but the neighborhood groups challenging the university sees it differently. blaming the university for adding 14,000 students since 2000, 5 and only 1600 additional beds last year for 2021. they admitted 2700 more students than they did the year before. >> and they shouldn't have done that. and they knew that this court case was happening they've created this crisis themselves.
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>> now we can tell you that the university is x ready to send out those acceptance letters in march. unclear when the state supreme court will rule and that enrollment cap reporting live. dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan. out to some developing news out of oakland where 5 people including 3 oakland firefighters have been hospitalized after this structure fire. this is video from the citizen app that shows crews responding to the area just after 4 o'clock this afternoon between 7th and 10th on market street downtown. the fire is now under control and is currently being investigated. but they needed ladder trucks to get some residents out. the condition of the firefighters and residents taken to the hospital is unknown at this time. we'll keep you posted there. still to come on kron, 4 news at 6, some optimism that russia could be taking a step back. >> the latest on president biden's speech today and reaction local professor and
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state lawmakers want to crack down on covid-19 vaccine. miss information. we're going to take a look at the new bills unveiled today. >> the target to doctors and social media sites and little rain in california today. unfortunately, nothing left here for the bay area. could that soon c
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is withdrawing some troops from the border. kron four's. anna wiernicki joins us now live from washington with more on. if this announcement means that de escalation is actually in the cards and it would be nice if you could take rush at their word. but that's not always the case. >> and good evening. that's actually right. and there was some optimism following that announcement that russia could be taking a step back. but when we heard from president biden not long ago, he said that that information has not yet been verified. he says, as of right now, russia is still a threat. >> an invasion remains distinctly possible. president biden's remarks come just hours after russia's defense ministry announced it's pulling some troops back from the ukrainian border. nato secretary general says officials on the ground report no signs of de-escalation but says withdrawing soldiers gives some reason for cautious optimism. we will, of course, follow vertical. so happening on the on the weather?
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>> this is effected the in some the escalation. meanwhile, on capitol hill, lawmakers are scrambling to put together a bipartisan package to punish russia with economic sanctions. we need to show >> as well as resilient, come together on a package that that we are united across the aisle. both democrats and republicans say they want to sanction russia but can't agree on when to do it. we are very committed very heavy very committed very heavy sanctions against russia and aggression. democrats say they should wait into russia, takes military action. but republicans say that's too late. i believe that were way too late. now. >> i think we have to be in a position to make sure that mister putin understands that. should he inveighed that there will be severe consequences >> and president biden says the u.s. is preparing for every scenario as the
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situation continues to develop. and he reiterated that the u.s. still remains open to diplomacy. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> before you go, did the president say anything today about what exactly might be at stake for regular americans if this situation keeps escalating. >> well, president biden did say that americans will really feel the impact of this crisis if it continues to get worse. a lot of that impact will be felt in the for example, be inflation rate would rise to as well oil prices that have already been impacted by this crisis. could continue to climb, which means gas prices would go up. and that's why president biden stress as why he's pushing for de escalation and diplomacy at this time. >> all right. anna wiernicki live at the nation's capital for us tonight. thank you, anna. we also asked one of our political analyst for her thoughts on biden's address today. one that a lot of people felt he needed to pull
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off by sounding strong and confident kron four's. catherine heenan joins us live from the newsroom with some reaction from our political lecturer donna crane. catherine. >> well, donna crane things that bottom line, the president pretty good job in warming up americans as she puts it to the idea they need to stand in solidarity with him and with nato, maybe not a barn burner of a speech. she says. but biden did what he needed to do. >> you know, he doesn't have the rhetorical gifts of a ronald reagan or even president but i thought it was solid. it adequate or maybe slightly about i thought it was resolute. it was somber. he was very clear about the stakes in laying out america's interest in this potential conflict. i think he laid out the for president and i thought also was clever in praising a some positive developments that there may be
6:19 pm
troop movement away from the border. he praised that and he also commended the hard diplomatic work that his counterparts are doing. and he had some special words of thanks for republican solidarity. so i thought those were nice touches and portland pieces to this diplomatic push. >> crane says it was also clever of the president to talk directly to the russian people. but does putin really care? nato is at his back door waiving sanctions. she's not sure that he does grant and vicki. i catherine. peanut reporting live from the newsroom. thanks, catherine. all right. switching gears now, time to talk weather. get a check on the 4 zone forecast. a live look here on this tuesday night. it. >> san francisco international. >> you know you like to show that shot because you look at it. you think? maybe go somewhere. some are words. reigning. yeah, i love to do that, right? rainy out there
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because this is dry as can be here. we go over a month without rain really in the bay area. we did have some reports last night. >> up to 400, 7 inch of precipitation in places like san bruno. but really, for the most part of that system kind of just dodging the bay area, headed all the way to southern california and leaving behind some gusty winds today. those continue outside the beginning to subside just a bit. the winds to 15 miles per hour, stinson beach 20. but a lighter amounts only 6 miles an hour and snowmen also in the napa and 13 mile an hour winds in san francisco. but we're going to still see some breezy conditions around the bay area overnight. but the winds will start to switch directions just a bit. you'll notice some of those stronger gusts over the mountain tops and over the coastal waters, a stronger winds to 20 plus miles an hour. even some winds gusting as high as 40 across some of the mountain peaks. but this storm system for the most part, just kind of skirting down the coast and all the way down into southern california, bringing them guess what more rain that we've had. we're seeing showers popping up there now. in fact, some thunderstorms trying to rotate through
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moving south. now, los angeles and some snow across the mountains as well. while the bay area mast and high and dry and still a bit on the windy side, we've got a high wind advisory still in effect and county until 7 o'clock this evening, expecting those strong gusty winds to subside a little bit overnight tonight, but then begin to switch directions a little bit. and as a switch directions becoming more of an offshore wind. that area of low pressure going to start to kick to the east just a bit and allow the winds to decrease somewhat. so tomorrow we're going to see those offshore winds make return. it will be a dry day. lot of sunshine coming our way. these temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, we're popping these up again. almost spring-like out there by tomorrow afternoon. again in the 60's and even some low 70's outside 72 degrees in livermore, 72 in concord. 71 in blair. well, you're looking at temperatures 60's in a downtown san francisco. thank you, lawrence. you know, if you are have leftover water, your water bottle, you may not want to drink it because coming up. >> a study reveals the dangerous chemicals that could
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>> new tonight at 6 dating is apparently not just for humans anymore, but our dogs as well. there's a new app that allows people to set up doggy play dates. it is called pa meats. >> dog meat up app and it works. you know, just like
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tinder users can swipe right or swipe left to find dogs in their area who are looking for a friend. but some of the owners are actually finding love as well. >> when you both shown a mutual interest in each other, you fly teach others profile that matches you together and you can start chatting right away and you can arrange a play date, although we do say that people should be safe when meeting other people online. so you know, have a lot of safety tips regarding math. >> i will be at launch back in 2019. it actually has about 14,000 users right now around the u.s.. >> the san francisco fire department is welcoming 2 dogs to its roster. meet marley and say d they're joining the team to help firefighters with ptsd and other stress marley and say, do you have just completed hundreds of hours of support training and we'll be helping firefighters and emergency medical workers. the 2 are donations from a service dog nonprofit called thor's
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hope foundation. still to come expanding diversity and ending discrimination in the workplace. why some lawmakers say more needs to be done to create inclusive environments. >> and state doctors and lawmakers unveil a new plan to stop vaccination. missed information on for news at 6.
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>> our top story tonight at 6.30, california lawmakers want to crack down on covid-19
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vaccine misinformation. state lawmakers unveiled bills today targeting doctors and social media sites. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> california lawmakers tuesday rolled out 2 new bills to fight covid-19 vaccine misinformation. disinformation is undermining our ability to. >> now we stop this pandemic that likely saved lives. the first is assembly bill, 2098, which empowers the california medical board to discipline doctors who peddled this information. >> the bill allows the board to classify the behavior as unprofessional conduct after a covid-19 information the responsibility and threatens to >> further public trust in the medical profession and puts all patients a doctors in support of the legislation say there is a very small number of well coordinated, well-funded active group of physicians spreading blatantly false information about the virus and its vaccine. this isn't a call for a policing up
6:30 pm
free speech. >> this is a call for protecting the public against dangerous misinformation. >> which patients are paring back to us in our emergency departments every day. the next bill takes aim at social media sites. senate bill 10, 18 would require websites to be more transparent about how their algorithms push information to its users. bottom line here is stopping live in a world where facebook and know everything about. >> so we know nothing about >> the bill would also require sites to share data showing how misinformation spreads congress is considering similar legislation. we also need to act as a state. >> ideally that we would have a national solution to this. however, we cannot wait the bills add to the bulk of legislation introduced this year by a group of democrats working to strengthen the state's vaccine loss for workers and children. >> the bills will likely be heard sometime this spring in sacramento. ashley zavala kron, 4 news federal employees in california have joined a lawsuit against the biden administration's covid-19 vaccine mandate for


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