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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 23, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. it is 04:00am i'm james fletcher and it is a very frigid morning. as john had warned us, it would be as we woke up this morning and he's getting a lot of frost on the grass out there. a lot of ice on windshields as folks are getting up and you're stepping outside this morning. let's get the latest on those temperatures with john trouble in the weather center. john, it was down about 32 degrees out of my house this morning yet for everyone who put their space heaters had their think, jack, it's time to get them back out this morning. we're looking at conditions this morning. very, very cold.
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those freeze warnings in effect across a whole lot of the bay area. in fact, let's get a look at where we're seeing them right now. all across the north bay, the inland east bay. >> south bay, and then some frost advisories and upper elevations of the peninsula and right along the coastline in both marine and sonoma counties. these cold temperatures will last over the next several hours with freeze warnings during morning hours all the way through friday morning. now where we sitting with current temperatures, livermore, you're at 29 degrees right now. san jose at 37 freeman to 34 well dublin and conquered at 32 degrees. napa. you're also below freezing at 30 degrees. well, the late pope had a little bit. and santa rosa also sitting right at freezing. notably timber runp at 38 degrees. san mateo also at 38 and right along the coastline, pacific at 36. so some really cold temperatures, even our coastal and bay site spots not immune to the 30's this morning. now conditions do remain really clear. and
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that's actually helping temperatures to fall as quickly as they are. and she just barely holding on to a couple of flurries in the sierra after a wintry day up there yesterday in the 30's for some spots along the coastline this morning. much as we're seeing across the rest of the bay area, of course, with a few upper 20's that will be seeing for inland spots. it will remain chilly into the afternoon with low to mid 50's for your highs. and i'm talking a few more cold mornings ahead of us too. i'll get to that and the rest of your forecast. first, though, let's get a look at your traffic with reyna. i anticipate a lot of people going to be running a little late this morning as they those cars. that exact to pour water on my windshield. >> just to some visibility going there because it is very cold. a lot of i see cars this morning. today's a good day to give yourself a little extra time leaving the house early. keeping that in mind. let's get a look at the bay bridge as you are traveling from the east bay heading into the city right now about 7 minutes. but remember those cold
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conditions? definitely some frosty conditions a day to leave the house earlier along 5, 80 88 also are moving along pretty nicely at this hour. the san mateo bridge headed across towards the peninsula, a 80 to one o one just under 14 you're making good time there. the richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to one o one. it will be about 7 minutes. we are continuing to track your cold commute this morning. but for now, james howson it back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain 4, 0, 3, is the time and someone is spreading hundreds of anti semitic and hateful flyers throughout the bay area. >> police in the east bay south and the north bay are investigating. berkeley city leaders are also condemning the flyers saying that hate speech has no place in their communities proper stance has the story. >> hundreds of bags packed with covid-related conspiracies, an anti semitic messaging are left at bay area. homes was kind of shocking actually to walk at your front door and find one of these little packets with
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anti-semitic screeds. berkeley city council member susan, when graf says many residents throughout her district told her about the bags being left at their doorsteps last weekend. police in berkeley say it's the work of a small fringe white-supremacist extremist group, the hateful messaging motivating the city council to call for an emergency resolution condemning hate speech. while we do know, of course, protect speech in we do not welcome. >> condone or accept in any way this type of action and this type of speech neighborhoods in palo alto, nevado and timber on also found the flyers in their communities. and just last month, san francisco and other cities in texas, wisconsin and florida saw them appear as well. the anti-defamation league says the player distribution is carefully planned. i think they're disgusting. i think off fringe group that is trying to sow hatred in our community. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen says over the last
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2 years his office has seen a significant rise in hate crimes. he says they need to be vigorously prosecuted in berkeley. the investigation into the anti semitic messages is a top priority. one of the purposes of these fires is to and intimidate people. >> and so i think it's it's very important for us to say this kind of will not be tolerated here reporting in berkeley, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> hundreds of san francisco unified teachers will have to wait a few more days before learning if the district will cut their jobs. a meeting to discuss these possible cuts came to an abrupt end last night over concerns about pop a possible violations of the brown act. under the law agendas for regular meetings must be posted at least 72 hours before a meeting in a location that's easily accessible to the public. the district says the agenda was posted on the online platform board docks, but it wasn't linked to the website as required by law. the violation
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was brought to the attention of the board by a caller during the public session. >> i'm warning you and your council decisions the board makes tonight may face reversal of court determines that violated the brown act. and i strongly suggest you continue tonight's agenda between other meeting which is properly noticed. thank you. we have had a chance to look the issue that was raised by the collar. >> that the agenda was not posted on the website in accordance with our own policies and with the brown act. and it appears that in fact, it was not posted on the website. it was posted on board docks. so my recommendation to you now is that we in this meeting and that we re notice the meeting with at least 24 hours. notice. >> last night's meeting will now resume tomorrow at 05:00pm. the district says the cuts are part of the district's plan to save 125 million dollars for the upcoming school year. a new proposed state law could require schools to come up with their own covid-19 testing plans. it's the latest in a batch of bills lawmakers
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say will protect students and keep schools open. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. >> california schools would be to come up with their own covid-19 testing plans under a new bill state senator richard pan tuesday announced sb 14 79 which would create this new state mandate and provide funding and resources needed to help schools carry out their testing plans. dana, find positive cases and be able to quarantine them. allows schools to remain open and safe pan could not say tuesday how much this program could cost saying his office is still collecting data. the bill does not require students to get tested but require schools to develop testing plans using the california department of public health guidance for schools and testing the state's current school testing program is optional. some local school board members say they support the legislation. we don't know what's coming next month. we don't know what's coming throughout the next year. but if there's one thing we've learned is that we need to be read. >> and that covid-19 testing
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remains an important tool to protect students and education workers. students supporting pan's proposal say there should be a statewide standard for school testing. as uc student, i bore witness to accessible testing lines that's been for hours. >> lack of ppe and are they thinking the tears as all students having to the school for weeks after getting sick? as i've said, this is a noble legislation is the latest in a laundry list of bills crafted by the california legislature's vaccine work group, which in part is aiming to keep schools open. >> other bills that will be considered this year include one that allows teens to get vaccinated without parental consent. and another requiring students to be vaccinated against covid-19 regardless of their personal beliefs. the bills will likely be heard the spring in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> well, san francisco is opening pop-up covid vaccination sites at schools in the city. and it's all an effort to try to increase vaccination rates among kids. local health officials say that while the san francisco's
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vaccination rate for kids is higher than the national average, they're still racial disparities in terms of who is getting the vaccine. 64% of white students and 81% of asian students ages 5 to 11 are vaccinated. that number, though, drops to 48%. when you look at hispanic kids and to just 29% for black kids in the city. now those new vaccination sites will be open for 8 weeks. the addresses are on your screen. one will be open on fridays at bret harte elementary school. the other will be open mondays at the rosa parks elementary. will so-called long-haul covid cases. it's do used to be east be condition throughout a thought to only affect adults. but now it has pediatric infectious disease specialist concerned we've got towns. and with more on why. >> despite the current downward trend of new covid-19, infections here in the u.s. this unwelcome long lasting result of covid in children brings up new questions from positions and concerned parents locally and across the nation. basically
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what we're seeing kids who have had covid even fairly mild covid and they. >> gift. >> better. but they don't get. >> better covid long-haul syndrome can present for several weeks, even months after the infections have gun and children of all ages. some of these kids, you know, had covid. >> a year or more and they're still struggling with symptoms. so yeah, it's it's horrible. pediatric infectious disease specialist doctor amy edwards made this video to raise awareness on the multiple debilitating symptoms that can occur far away. what we see is fatigue. >> these are kids who were running track were playing soccer, who were wrestling, who are playing hockey. >> who in some cases can hardly get out of bed. now other symptoms include headaches or migraines, chronic recurring fevers, chest pain, heart palpitations, stomach pain and diarrhea. you know, some of these kids have problems with chronic diseases and chronic pain.
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>> you know, limb pain back pain. and despite the seemingly normal test results are. so our suspicion is that there's some sort of i don't like cellular damage or mitochondrial damage. it's making it hard for these kids to function by some estimates. one in 10 kids can develop long-haul covid according to doctor edwards. i think it is very, very likely that here in northeast ohio, there are hundreds of kids with long-haul covid that are currently going undiagnosed and untreated. >> so what should parents do? it is really important that they have a full evaluation to kind of check them out, head to toe to make sure that other things haven't become dysfunctional because covid can affect in almost any organ in the body. she also reminds parents to believe in their children, the mental toll that this takes on kids is tremendous. so the main takeaways to listen to your kids and if they're if they're not getting better from covid the way everybody else is,
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it's really like it is a real thing. some kids don't get better and they need extra help. >> and there's still no cure for any covid long-haul patients. but those who are impacted can be treated with anti-inflammatory. your immune system boosting measures including dietary changes. pediatricians still recommend children who are eligible for the vaccine to get one to provide the best protection against the delta or omicron variants for your health matters. i'm melanie townsend. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a major bust out of san jose will tell you what we're learning about the dozens of man accused of crimes. and a story you'll see only on kron 4. a local man chases down a car seat that helps police captured. the woman will tell you what he had to say after the suspect was caught. we are back at
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4.15, checking on that weather this morning. it is freezing out there and that's no hyperbole. that's >> literal. we've got temperatures dropping down into the low 30's. john, good morning. yeah. low 30's, even livermore sitting at 29 degrees right now are very coal dust of spots right now out towards the coastline. we've also got 30's, the golden gate bridge for anyone that wants to enjoy was about to be a really clear morning. i hope you are bundled up as much as possible and getting those cars warmed up before you head this morning. as for the sierra nevada snow fall
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has really tapered off winter storm warnings. winter weather advisories. they're gone now. any chance of showers for the bay area. also having moved out yesterday saw some hail from san ramon on out towards the inland east bay. some thunderstorms out towards antioch and also some brief thunderstorm activity down in the south bay. so turned out to be quite the active afternoon. as far as those thunderstorms kicking off yesterday this morning, it is indeed, really cold. all we have left is first precipitous precipitation goes. is that remaining light snowfall mostly hanging out east of the crest of the sierra nevada, out towards the great basin in nevada. most of california really having drive out now. now, even as we work our way into the afternoon, temperatures will maintain that cool feel after a very cold morning with those freeze, more warnings in effect later today. you'll want those jackets close at hand. as we do look at such cold conditions through the day, only in the low 50's for most areas with winds factored in, making it feel even colder. this is not the only
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morning with freeze warnings nor frost advisories either. these will remain through friday morning. so tonight, tomorrow night, both evenings going to be very, very cold and evenings that you should definitely have. those plants covered. pets indoors, obviously. and yeah, a few extra minutes to get those cars warmed up for you. head into them. 50's for your daytime highs today really doesn't matter where you're at. we're all going to be this really cool range of numbers in contributing to that cool feel is the brisk wind that i showed you just a second ago. mid 50's for the peninsula as well as the south bay morgan hill. you'll be at 51 degrees while the tri valley at 53 oakland, berkeley, san leandro among spots at 56 degrees today and for the north bay. really not much different than that point raise barely even making it into the 50's. 51 tomorrow's temperatures for daytime highs will be similar. you notice that those evening lows remain very, very cold all the way through friday morning. as i noted down into the upper 20's inland and 30's
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near the bay. the coast. now, saturday, things become a lot more mild. we will be back into the 60's for your highs and most lows only falling into the 40's. by that point next week, we do have chances of rainfall towards sunday monday and tuesday. they do look really light and sparse at the moment. we'll get updated as we get closer to next week right now. tom, thank you for that, right. cold conditions mean leave the house a little earlier today. definitely had some issues with starting my car because of how cold it was. >> let's get a look at your bridges traveling from the east bay into the city this morning. a little under 8 minutes for your drive. so traffic still light. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula so under 13 minutes for you to make that commute this morning. let's head over to richmond and look at the richmond center fell commute about 9 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for your drive. james.
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>> thank you very much. rain. it is for 18 and the verdict is in ahmaud. arbery's killers found guilty of federal hate crime charges. jurors spent nearly 4 hours deliberating between yesterday morning and then monday afternoon. you remember the jury was made up of 8 white people, 3 black people and one hispanic person. the only black man on the jury was seen crying as the verdict was read in the courtroom. mother says that this has been a long and stressful fight. one that began with a plea deal for the mcmichaels between prosecutors and the defense which the family begged the judge not to accept. >> what we got today, we would have gotten today if it wasn't for the what the doj did today they was made to do it wasn't because what they wanted to do they were made to do that job >> the guilty verdict comes just one day before the second anniversary of arbery's death on february 23rd 2020. fences
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will go up around the u.s. capitol once again, this time for the state of the union address in one week, president biden will speak to the nation and some americans plan to travel to our nation's capital to deliver their own message to the president and his party. one group planning to protest the address. our truckers from across the nation. they reportedly plan to shut down roads in and out of the area. >> we're not out here to be a hostile broke. we're not out here to fight with the police, the ball away and all the roads in and out of the area will be shut down. >> dc police say they won't let that happen and they won't let protesters interfere with the state of the union as a precaution. capitol police plan to re install that 7 foot fences around the complex for months after january 6th. president joe biden announced new sanctions to punish russia in reaction to what he's calling the beginning of an invasion basil. john joining us live from dc with the very latest on this tense situation. good morning, basil. well, james, good
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morning. and yes, president biden said during his speech, the sanctions from the u.s. and its allies. >> we'll be worse than the ones from 2014 and it's up to russia on how to proceed. >> who in the lords name think gives them the right to declare new. so call countries on territory that belonged to his neighbors. >> president joe biden laid out the first set of sanctions against russia after russian forces invaded the eastern region of ukraine. this a flagrant violation of international law. >> and demands a firm response from the international community. the sanctions are on to russian banks to cut russia western finances. >> the u.s. also worked with germany to hold nord stream 2, the gas pipeline from russia. the president promised this is only the beginning and if russia goes further with this invasion, we stand prepared to go further. as with sanctions. these conflicts could drive up
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the price. the pomp and the cost of corn and wheat defending freedom will have cost for us as well. and here at home, the foreign minister of ukraine, up lot of these decisions so far and asked the world to continue hitting russia's economy to punish russia for the crimes. it has already committed. >> and ahead of the crimes, it plans to commute south carolina senator lindsey graham says he will support the president's efforts to aid ukraine and nato. >> but criticized him for not acting sooner. >> the biden administration has misjudged who about as badly is anyone sense? the world misjudged hitler. >> now the president reiterated that diplomacy is still an option and the u.s. will remain open to talks with russia to help avoid a war reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. all right, basil, thank you very much. it is for 22. we'll take a quick break. but as we continue here on the kron 4 morning news,
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system that's bringing us some pretty chilly temperatures. >> this morning, we do expect more snow to fall up there. in fact, dennis shanahan has a closer look at how the snow is going to be impacting travel to the sierra. >> our first sign of snow on the ground was in the lower foothills in the city of auburn. we found a light dusting sticking to the grass in the rooftops at the 1200 foot elevation. about 30 miles east of auburn and 2600 feet higher. snow was everywhere and traffic was going nowhere. this was in baxter at about 4 o'clock caltrans and the chp shut down. i-80 just east of this location all the way to the nevada state line. the closure was extended west down to colfax for a while. travelers were stuck on the interstate for hours with no where to exit. no bathrooms, no services. many were getting out of their cars on the freeway. some were driving backwards up the on ramp at baxter to get to a place where they could turn around. the reason for this traffic jam.
4:27 am
multiple spinouts and accidents up the mountain pictures provided by chp truckee show some of the scary collisions. they say the driver of this suv was lucky to escape with only minor injuries. the freeway closure made a dent in many people's plans for cities. feller was driving up from san francisco hoping to have dinner at lake tahoe. >> we actually got hailed on >> sacramento. so that was strange. but yet turned very suddenly and there is no indication at i have 2 very hungry dogs in my car. >> matthew millman and his family spent 4 hours driving from berkeley to baxter. that would take about 2 hours without traffic. they want to get to north star high one point around across higher patrol burst news that there was jackknifed big rig. so once we kind of just what was going ow was a little easier to make heads or tails of it. one westbound travelers heading back to sacramento told us many drivers coming down the mountain were taking their chains off too soon. and there was a break-in. storms. >> everybody took the chains
4:28 am
off truckers sheen's off and that another 2 and a half 3 miles down the road. storm. again, big snowflakes. some people are sliding all over the place. >> one of them slid right into his car. you can see the damage on the rear driver's side. fender. >> people don't know how to drive in snow. >> wow. okay. well, we'll have more from john coming up in a bit. in fact, when we come back, fire officials are now voicing their concerns about yet another devastating fire season. we'll tell you what they say. the >> offseason is gonna look like more on that. coming up.
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