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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking
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>> now at an air raid, sirens followed by explosions seen in the night sky over ukraine as a officials confirmed russian troops have crossed the border and are attacking several targets across ukraine in crew, including the capital city. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. it all started earlier tonight when president vladimir putin, russia mate, a surprise speech announcing the start of, quote, special military operations. and since then, russian military personnel and equipment have entered the 2 eastern regions of that country to recognized as independent regions earlier in the week. this is a map of where those troops were headed ahead of the invasion. president putin's justifying his invasion of a sovereign nation as a need to protect the people of don't yet scanned. reports from the ground indicating missiles and shelling sub in scene and
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heard across those 2 districts and again in the capital city of kieff. no reports yet of injuries. but we have seen buildings destroyed with russian military officials saying they're targeting military bases in ukraine as well as installations. ukraine's president has declared martial law in his country urging people to remain calm but telling people to use bomb shelters, the russian threat to ukraine also extends to the internet. the ukrainian parliament and other government and banking web sites were hit with a wave of service attacks today, a new data wiping piece of malware was discovered on hundreds of machines in the country. according to ukrainian officials. not clear tonight, however, how many networks were actually affected? cyber attacks have been a key tool of russian aggression in ukraine since before 2014, when the kremlin annexed crimea and hackers tried to use toward elections. they were also used against in 2007
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and used against georgia in 2008. president biden released this response to russia's latest aggression tonight. it reads in part, quote, the prayers of the entire world are with the people of ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and unjustified attack by russian military forces. russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction. this attack will break and the united states and its allies and partners will respond in a decisive way. the world will hold russia accountable. president biden also said he spoke with ukraine's president, volodymyr zelensky on the phone tonight, biden said he condemned tonight attacked by the russian military forces and promised further severe sanctions coming tomorrow against russia. and speaking of sanctions that the united states is already issued several sanctions against russian financial institutions as well as a major oil pipeline. president biden promised more sanctions would be issued russia continued its
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aggression against ukraine, of course, it remains to be seen when those will be issued and we are getting more reaction tonight to the situation in ukraine. governor newsom tweeting, quote, california is standing with the people of ukraine. russia is embarking on an unprovoked attack, an armed attempt to overthrow a sitting democracy. there must be consequences. and east bay congressman eric swalwell calling russia's attack the largest invasion on our planet since world war. 2. >> his tweet also reads key eve and car keys are being bombed. republicans are rooting for the russians. god be with ukraine in democracy. senator mitt romney responded to congressman swalwell saying some republicans not all. and senator romney's pushing for harsher economic sanctions against russia. >> he released a statement that reads in part tons ukraine invasion is the first time in 80 years. a great power has moved to conquer a sovereign nation. it is
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without justification without provocation and without honor america and our allies must answer the call to protect freedom by subjecting putin and russia to the harshest economic penalties bay area. congressman mike thompson tweeting tonight, the decision by putin to invade ukraine is pure evil and the direct attack on democracy. the response to this transgression must be swift. and that means cutting putin, russia and their financial elites off from the global market and imposing further crippling sanctions south bay congressman ro khanna also reacting on twitter. he wrote the united states stands with ukraine. we will hold putin accountable. >> where is unconscionaale, unjustified and illegal attack on the innocent people of ukraine. he is committing a crime against humanity and flagrantly violating international law. today's actions by russia will likely make gas prices go up even higher than national average for a gallon of gas has risen 20 cents over the past month. and politicians say that they or keeping really close eye on
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the oil market as prices approach $100 a barrel. but a bay area. congressman john garamendi suspects, those prices maybe unnaturally high. he suspects a some price gouging may be at play here and is calling on congress to schedule a hearing to look into it. >> for sure that landed on all this trouble in europe. but i don't buy that. and so i would call for a full-scale investigation. i would call the ceos of the oil industry and to a hearing and have them explain exactly why americans are paying for $75 a gallon for gasoline. >> congressman garamendi is often says that he's having internal discussions with committees of jurisdiction and requesting that they convene a hearing on the topic of price gouging. in the meantime, prepared to pay even more at the pump. analysts say the annual spring surge in gas prices that. right around the corner and that combined with the russian ukrainian conflict is expected to cause a significant increase in the
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coming weeks. our coverage of this >> development in ukraine continues always online. you can always find the latest information on kron 4 dot com. you can also download the kron 4 mobile app to get the latest updates sent right to your smartphone. and we'll be updating this story throughout this hour of kron. 4 news at 10. all right, weather now. let's get a first check of your forecast tonight as take a live look. >> at san francisco from our sutro tower camera. it's a bundle up night. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is a >> it has been cold and is getting even colder. yeah, that's right. if you thought last night was chilly tonight, it's just going to be downright freezing, especially for our coldest inland valleys. >> in the north bay and east bay, we're already tracking widespread low to mid and upper 30's out there right now. but the one outlier, alameda at 48 degrees, 16 degrees warmer than fairfield right now in solano county and you're going to be under a hard freeze warning with
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overnight lows expected to dip to 24 degrees for those of you in fairfield, everyone else going to track widespread mid to even upper 30's and we are going to see mid 20's for those of you in santa rosa and upper 20's for livermore. that's why we're going to be under a freeze warning for north bay east bay and south bay valleys. and then a frost advisory for everywhere else in the bay area along the coast and east bay shoreline. we actually could break to record lows overnight downtown san francisco, the old record of 40 degrees set back in 18. 91. yes, the 1800's could be broken overnight if we cool down to 39 degrees. mid 20's expected for those of you in santa rosa at 25 degrees. you need to break the old record of 27 degrees set back in 2018 and everyone else going to remain in the 30's with livermore even colder than that. 28 degrees for your overnight temperatures and
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we're going to remain under freezing conditions by friday morning. and then by this weekend we're going to warm up to near average, returning into the 60's this weekend with overnight lows also rebounding into the 40's. but next week we're going to get a taste of spring yet again. low 70's find out when in my full forecast and your 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. grant and vicki, back to you. all right. 3 said today, antioch mayor lamar thorpe named a new interim. >> chief of police. but the announcement comes as a bit of a surprise to several city leaders and council members. they didn't see this coming. mayor thorpe held a surprise news conference today announcing the appointment of an outsider, a veteran of the sfpd kron, 4 sailors. second has the story. >> the city of antioch now has a new interim police chief mayor lamar thorpe made the announcement during a news conference on wednesday. i recognize that change is difficult. >> but that difficulty can never get in the way of our pursuit. we've got a better against tradition. mayor thorpe looked outside the
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city. >> and across the bay where he found doctor steven forte. a 31 year, san francisco police veteran who currently serves as commander of us is community engagement division during a community. trust is critical. >> and the fortune status and meaningful relationships with our schools, our businesses, our neighborhoods, our faith-based groups. and most specifically, are you. 2 began our city council on inclusive and city manager johnson, thank you again, sonseeahray for trusting organization despite thanks to all city council members, only a select few were made aware of this announcement. i had no idea. >> my phone has been blowing out all afternoon tax calls. did you know? i had a nickel. we have a city council meeting last night city council member lori overchuck says she was blindsided on wednesday and says neither the mayor nor any other leaders informed her that the city was even looking for a replacement interim
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police chief. there was no public process on this. >> i did note. >> and that happened. i i have i personally have a lot of questions. i don't know how doctor ford was selected. was there in the process? when was it? or was this something that was preplanned? they don't had lot of day out. >> overchuck says the police department is already short-staffed and she worries what this might do around. she says she reached out to the city manager's office about this but hasn't heard back. meanwhile, mayor thorpe also announced the creation of a new position within the department will be if when there isn't a clear chain of command. >> therefore, i will be advancing a measure that create a deputy chief police position at the police department. we reached out to mayor thorpe wednesday evening but have not heard back as of wednesday night. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news.
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>> and the san francisco police department and district attorney's office have resolved to preserve an agreement that makes the da's office. the lead investigative agency in any case involving an officer's use of force. police chief bill scott announced earlier this month. he was terminating the memorandum of understanding or m o u over allegations. the da's office was withholding evidence in an investigation. district attorney chase a game denied those claims. and the state's attorney general rob bonta was brought in to help mediate a conversation between the 2 parties today bonta announced you has been extended for another 60 days giving the police department and da's office more time to reach a new agreement. also in san francisco today, the police chief bill scott announced the department has taken steps to try to stop any further misuse of dna evidence collected from victims of a crime. this comes after a rape victim's dna was allegedly used to connect her to end
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unrelated crime. the chief's announcement follows criticism from city, state and federal officials suggesting victims of assault would be scared to come forward if their dna could link them to crimes in the future. in a statement released by scott, the chief says, quote, he shares concerns that such practice risks, assault reporting. the sfpd still in the process of reviewing the case. >> and california congressman adam schiff, meantime, is calling on the fbi to look further into the abuse of dna evidence nationwide. you can see on your screen there. his tweet reads, it's disturbing that sf police may have used dna from a assault survivor to link her to an unrelated crime later saying the fbi must address this abuse of dna evidence. chief scott responded saying the department welcomes the involvement of the fbi and they are committed to strengthening protections for dna profiles that are voluntarily submitted for the
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purpose of solving crimes. tech companies in silicon valley and the bay area keeping a really close eye on the conflict in ukraine. a many of these companies have workers in that country. our kron four's jonathan mccall learned how one company is helping its workers. now in the middle of a potential war zone. >> just 2 months into the new year, there have been 16 fatal collisions in san jose of those 17 people have died. the latest victim, a woman who police say was not allowed on a city bus because she wasn't wearing a mask. the bus pulled away. the victim unexpectedly tripped and was run over by the bus. in this case, it seems that it was just a accident that caused the stat officer steve aponte with the san jose police department says nearly half of all the victims this year have been pedestrians. 9 out of 10 of these types of incidents are completely preventable because somebody wasn't following the rules of the road. not victim
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blaming, not blaming everybody and all but >> somebody follow the rules of the road and somebody did not. officer popped. a says the police department is doing their part to improve safety with enforcement traffic enforcement team out on motorcycles goes out every single day and write citations. it's not to penalize drivers not to penalize bicyclists motorists. we didn't test runs. it's a change behaviors and make people understand that we all have a shared responsibility on the roadway to be safe. look out for one another. no matter if you are walking on 2 wheels or 4 wheels, we all have a shared responsibility, says officer up on today to look out for each other on the roadway reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. in the east bay. now federal civil rights lawsuit alleging exclssive force has been filed against a brentwood police officer. >> it stems from a shoplifting incident 2 years ago that ended with a woman being chased down by a canine. and her attorney says that dog
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mauled her when she was an art. we do want to warn you the video you're about to see is graphic. >> there >> i mean, other hand, i'm not >> shows how police found the plaintiff. 24 year-old tamika bates hiding in a bush. that's when her attorney pointer says the canine marco was commanded to attack to make it was eventually pulled from the bush is and taken to john muir medical center. see video from the hospital. surgeons were able to reattach her scalp. she pleaded guilty to the shoplifting charge and served time in jail. a federal civil rights lawsuit filed on her behalf against marcos handler. officer ryan sand. the other unnamed officers possibly
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involved has been filed. the complaint seeks money for damages claim since violation of his training in the law. officer ryan resent us. they say inexplicably a cent on the unsuspecting, an unarmed young lady without providing any warning or reason ul will upper to nutty to surrender. bates lawyer says the video proves the dog was, quote, unhinged out of control, ignoring resent ace delayed commands to stop. it's like to me. >> what you would imagine that what you've seen in movies and documentaries as relates to the way in which slave catchers. what vicious animals on on black people? i'm very blessed that i can that if 30 and that my mom don't have to be out here trying explain what happened. >> bates is now back home in oakland and back in school. but she says she's still haunted by the mauling. the
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police department's website shows that officer's resent ace and the canine marco are still out in the field. neither the city or police department responded to our direct questions for comment on the story. in the south bay. 3 people are facing multiple felony charges for running a full-scale ghost gun operation. the santa clara county, da says this thing was being operated out of a mammalian dollar hole in san jose. look like a regular house kron four's rob nesbitt reports. the ghost gun operation was being run out of a home on roy out here in san jose. >> part of a growing illegal trend that the county is working to put a stop to, according to santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen. some of the weapons being ma e in san jose's willow, glen neighborhood are customized to be fully automatic machine guns there. we found an arsenal of dangerous ghost guns made by 3 d printers. >> that we're ready to be sold to criminals. police seized more than 10 guns loads of
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ammunition. 3 d printers and suspected fentanyl. the 3 suspects arrested were all convicted felons who are part of a growing trend of building and selling guns to criminals in 2015, we recovered for ghost guns in our county. last year, 293. it's why the da's office is working with county supervisors, auto lee and cindy chavez to put forward an ordinance in santa clara outlawing the possession, manufacturing and assembly of ghost guns calmly made of plastic 3 d printers. nate. but he's plastic material. far more dangerous because they could evade metal detector. the ordinance will make it easier for law enforcement to track down more legal firearms. according to district attorney rosen working alongside the county's gun-related intelligence program. we will do everything in our power through prevention, through laws and ordinances. police operations and prosecutions to make these ghost guns. disappear.
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governor newsome introduced a bill last week with gun control measures that hold a legal gun makers accountable. >> district attorney rosen believes his ordinance goes even further than the state's law in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news san jose. police say that they have arrested a serial burglary suspect. >> officers arrested. 43 year-old andrew donda on monday. they allege that over the course of a year, john, to burglarize 35 businesses in san jose. he's also believed to be responsible for 20 burglaries in milpitas. this is a surveillance video provided by san jose police. investigators say deonta followed a very specific pattern of smashing the front window of a business. you can see going on right there rabbing the cash register and then fleeing. usually in a stolen car. police also believe that he may be responsible for additional burglaries. >> these are 30 confirmed that he's being charged with that. he's being looked at for many more. detectives are still working on the case and
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looking for other victims of small businesses affected by the suspect. >> a john doe was of booked into the santa clara county jail. he's facing a 44 counts of burglary, 9 counts of vandalism, grand theft, another misdemeanor charges. >> the mount diablo unified school district has approved to cut music programs at its elementary schools. the vote came in just the past hour. the district is cutting more than 60 staff members, including music. teachers sighting. >> budget issues and declining enrollment. and as kron four's, dan thorn shows us tonight, that vote came despite a strong, a show of opposition from students and parents. >> ahead of the mount diablo unified school board meeting a parade of cars covered in signs circles. monte gardens elementary student bans also played music as a rallying cry against cuts to the district's 4th grade music >> there's no point in cutting music. it's something so that
10:22 pm
it like would take away such a big part it helps their brains all the research shows that only benefits children inside the meeting. a number of students and parents also voiced their concerns. why are always the first to >> and the usd is facing budget issues and declining enrollment. the district is looking at cutting more than 60 staff members, including the music teachers, high school teacher martin la mano says he's worried about the ripple effects of the cuts. the reason why we exist at a high quality in this district at the high school level is because of what the elementary students because of what the elementary teachers do at the elementary level. they teach them the instruments and and then they come into the middle and high school programs and they ought to play. and then we can do some pretty awesome things. meanwhile, the district's teachers union is looking for raises the mount diablo education association. president telling kron 4 the district has 200 vacancies and those positions could be
10:23 pm
filled and retained with competitive wages. >> reporting in concord, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> still ahead tonight, when the cdc could be changing its masking guidelines and what that means for you. first time in more than 3 years, the state is conducting a new point in time. homeless count to try and see. >> how much resources are needed to help. but first, new information about how long the average adult can deal with out having their cell phone out having their cell phone and the when a truck hit my son, out having their cell phone and i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> for your help tonight, some people blame their weight gain on a slowing metabolism. but a new study finds that man over the age of 35 colder increasing weight inevitable. british researchers found that many guys blame family and career commitments for there obesity. the study also found that piling on the pounds generally makes middle age. men feel despondent and have low self worth. researchers say most of the weight gain takes place over several years, sometimes even decades. and that a lot of the men need a better understanding about their diet, such as food selection and sustainable weight management practices. so how long could you go without your smartphone? well, a new study reveals that 60% of of us i just can't cope without our phone for more than a day. the poll also found that phones give us anxiety with more than half of the people saying that they fear the battery will die,
10:27 pm
even calling that a nightmare scenario and get this just about half the people surveyed said that losing their cell phone would be worse than losing their bank card, their car keys or even their wedding right? >> and how about this guy? this teenager from minnesota who won a bet with his mom to stay off social media from the time he was 12 until he was 18. he did it. he said it wasn't too tough to live without social media didn't think much about it during the 6 years when all this friends were on it, he says it also meant he had more time to focus on his grades in sports. and he says he hasn't thought about what he's going to buy yet with his winnings. but he has decided that is first foray into social media will be getting an instagram account. >> next here kron, 4 news at 10, santa clara county is moving closer to lifting its mask mandate. but what will it take to actually push things over the edge? >> then as we continue to
10:28 pm
honor black history month, we're going to introduce you to a woman who seems surrounded by kids how she's grooming future leaders and inspiring them to do the same for others.
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>> we continue to follow the breaking news. the russian ukraine conflict that has unfolded this evening here. some of the explosions happening in the capital city of among other places.
10:31 pm
ukrainian officials say now at least 5 russian military planes and a russian military helicopter have been shot down following russia's invasion of the country earlier tonight. no word on the condition of the pilots or others potentially on board. but there is damage throughout much of ukraine as russia has launched an assault on that country. a war is under way. we'll continue to follow the developments all night long and always on kron 4 dot com. ukraine's foreign affairs minister just put out this tweet. it reads to ukrainians around the globe. putin attacked but no one. >> is running away. army diplomats. everyone is working. ukraine fights ukraine will defend itself. ukraine will win. share the truth about putin's invasion in your countries and call on governments to act immediately. turning now to our covid coverage wit more and more states easing mask
10:32 pm
mandates. there are reports that maybe as early as friday the cdc >> could update its mask guidance. yeah. well, indoor masking has been lifted in most places here in california. the mandate remains up for now at least in schools. ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi says if she were writing the cdc's new policy county has a vaccination rate above 70%, at least 20% icu capacity available could lift its indoor mask mandates. doctor gandhi believes the new hospitalization in vaccine metrics should also apply to schools, but she's less optimistic that it will happen. >> a little bit worried about the cdc. i'm not following through with guidelines for the public and for schools and applying the same metric throughout because there seems to be some political aspects about masking in schools. >> doctor, gandhi says based on these metrics, indoor mask mandates can be lifted in many but not all parts of the u.s., however, is far as domestic
10:33 pm
and international travel. she says masks should remain in place for now on airplanes. in the south bay, santa clara county health officials say that they are seeing encouraging signs now that the omicron surge is declining in may soon determined lifting that that they should lift the indoor mask mandate. kron four's gayle ong has details. >> all of our metrics are heading in a very positive direction. speaking at a virtual meeting wednesday, santa clara county public health director doctor sara cody says the county is seeing fewer covid cases that we look at our wastewater surveillance >> we see we're continuing to see a decline all worst. they were shed as well as in our case there baihly doctor cody says the county is close to meeting its metrics in order to move forward in lifting health orders. santa clara county is the only bay area county with the indoor mask mandate still in place in downtown sunnyvale. people can be seen wearing masks outdoors. >> some say they will keep masks on for the time being in
10:34 pm
places like trains. this stuff. i think i'll just keep my mask on because not because of covid but also the food and anything else that might be out there. i think keep wearing my mask just >> the other people feel comfortable. >> and also myself, too. i am also a little nervous for my customers and employees that i have health issues or young children at home that are, you know, not vaccinated or have compromised immune systems. that's why liotta owner, of least favorite book says. >> she'll most likely have the same rules inside her shop. have to feel it out. i i may require masks indoors. tough until everyone that works here feels fully comfortable and feel safe. i want everyone to feel faint. as of wednesday, doctor cody says the county's hospitalizations are down and vaccinations are up in anticipates meeting the final metric in community transmission. >> as early as thursday. and doctor cody ads for health officers to determine lifting the mask mandate. the county must hold its goal at 550
10:35 pm
covid cases and below. >> for 7 consecutive days. it's funny. ong kron. 4 news. >> cities across california are supposed to have had their homeless snapshot count. >> in for the year, today was the due date, for example. >> trying to get that number right here. despite it being one of the coldest mornings in a longtime san jose's mayor sam liccardo here and city leaders got the flashlight and so they want to take part themselves and finding out just how many homeless people are living in the city. they went to one of the most populated homeless sections of san jose. the mayor says this count will help figure out just how bad the situation is in from their work on solutions. >> our residents are living and with adequate shelter. obviously sometimes a sleeping bag, sometimes not it's it's a horrible existence. and we've got 2 more to get more of our residents. out of these tense
10:36 pm
out of the creeks and the house. >> mayor liccardo also says he's looking for more places to build affordable housing. trying to convince communities to accept the shelter sites. the same thing is happening today and tomorrow in l a and orange county last year's planned cows canceled due to the pandemic. the survey helps the officials determine where to distribute resources for people experiencing homelessness and it sacramento researchers, advocates and city workers were all out trying to out there. but in sacramento county, they haven't had updated number of homeless people in the area now for more than 3 years, the department of housing and urban development uses those numbers to decide how much federal funding for homeless programs certain areas get. >> kron 4 is honoring black history month. and tonight we go to oakland where some 30,000 young people have come through the doors of the east oakland youth development center since regina jackson has been its leader. yeah. the
10:37 pm
program enriches the lives of young folks in many others. >> right now after developing a generation of kids with love and discipline, hope and aspiration. talks are paying more about her decision to step down after 27 years. >> janet jackson always seems happy is surrounded by kids. hundreds of kids in a big crowd, small groups of kids in class on a field trip guiding, loving and cheering them on lived. fact, that has been her life for nearly 3 decades at like the sea. >> i believe that once i landed idc that it. it felt more like a calling that the work that i was there to do was to change the trajectory of young people's lives in 1994, he took over a good but waning program that started in 1978.
10:38 pm
>> and turned it into a nationally recognized model for success and a troubled urban neighborhood. it has been a love affair between her and the young people of all ages from elementary school to college graduation and their families who have come through the doors, the same kids that i would like see like fighting on the playground, skipping class bought. i've seen on college tours. >> i've seen graduate college are seeing lead to college tours, shows the shaped his out to be better. people. >> and not. go up and be somebody that they're not. i feel like i've definitely grown and become a better person because of mister gina. she's very inspirational by one conversation with her. can definitely change your perspective on a whole bunch of stuff. she gives you tough he had that magic you talk to about some. she'll make it happen for you. putting me like. she stays true to her word. our mission is to enhance the possibility of young people. >> by helping them to become
10:39 pm
responsible citizens and dynamic leaders. data white is one of the latest heading to college in my environment. my family. i was just predisposed to a lot of like the feelings of east oakland. she kind of saw my potential. >> and she just kind of like not a this is not what i want for you. so you're going to just have to like live up to what i want i want you to be the neighborhood that we serve. >> is always one foot on a banana peel. something that is going to topple you over and whether it's poverty or hunger or desperation or health or anger and vindictiveness. it is. >> the depths of my soul to try and relieve some of that pain, try to resolve some of that circumstance be the one that. tell them it's going to be okay. ydc is an escape from the hopelessness that dominates much of the east. oakland. >> in 2015 jackson rebuild the
10:40 pm
old building, making it a bigger, brighter center of hope, inspiration and safety enhancing all of the and so much more taking kids from east oakland, on trips to china. great wall of china, there was this. you who is temple. sol is like one of the largest in the world to haiti right now in central park to new york with the raiders not be love holiday shopping trips with greater donald penn. they met president clinton and been to the white house and the pats a college program regularly take students across the country on college tours where your support has been critical to us. high-profile support from the warriors, steph curry donated his mvp comedian mark curry. singer dewayne wiggins. don't tell you about my personal experience with i d see all of them come back to visit the center and inspire other candles at the heart of her work is future leaders and the
10:41 pm
training starts early. older kids become youth leaders of the younger ones, the younger ones and aspire to do the same venue. whynell see enough of us kind of. >> making way for the next wave of leaders. 70% of our professional staff video ydc our alumni many including selena wilson, learning under jackson since age 11. she is now the center's new leader. a lot of folks working with young people from marginalized communities. don't expect much of us. and i think the fact that mister dina has really high hopes, but also high expectations and a commitment to not just placing 4th those expectations, but supporting us in meeting those expectations i think makes a really big difference and look at these this pipeline of leadership of young people. it just fulfills me. >> but there's also a time when as a leader, you've done the work to prep for the next
10:42 pm
generation and then it's time to move out of the way my heart will always be there. you my spirit is in every corridor, in every corner. my commitment to the organization will never cease. >> martin inspiration. yeah. and she's got the magic touch, doesn't she ever? well, that was our country's pam moore reporting for us tonight at regina jackson, who is also head of the oakland police commission, is now working on a book about youth development and she'll be coaching with the focus centered on healing and of course, on leadership. join for as we celebrate black history month. pam moore will host our 30 minute special honoring black history, mind body soul. it airs this thursday at 06:30pm. we'll be right back.
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i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> all righty sports. we've got a scroll to the prompter. got to keep going. here we go right here. the warriors, they were back on the practice court on wednesday after a week. long all-star break. the take on the trail blazers in portland on thursday night. some good news. james wiseman participated in a full 5 on 5
10:46 pm
scrimmage at practice. he's day to day as he looks to work his way back on to the court this season. draymond green is still expected to be out a few more weeks. but the warriors need to focus on who is president available so they can get back into a groove the week or so before the all-star break did not treat them well, those rough, but they're confident as they head back into the stretch run of the season. >> it's nice to get the break. everybody deserving but really all you know, when you look at it as a whole. held the 15 and then when you look at the details, we're going and hopefully getting the rest would you can aided by organs things it's week and you don't even want come out. but i think we're all feeling pretty good about where >> we need to do are headed. >> so it's a good way. the game. for me. 48 hours into if
10:47 pm
and perspective and get ready to bring whatever you got. focus was. and she was from the search so it is not. >> we're going to have a big-time college basketball game right here in the city on thursday. usf will host number one ranked gonzaga at war memorial arena. it will be the hottest ticket in town. they're going for 250 bucks on secondary sites and to make matters even better. it's senior night for us that this is one of the most decorated classes to ever come through the dawn program and they want a whole lot of games. their top 2 seniors jamari and kelly osha, bad. both been playing great basketball us at head. coach todd golden told me exactly what they've meant to the usf program. you look at a guy. >> like you might be a who's, you know. just in a fantastic job for us. obviously not only this year, but over the course of his career, you know, going
10:48 pm
leave this program is winningest player in history pass, you know, came back to get his degree this year. so proud of the growth he's made and what he's done in his time here. and he just played an incredibly well during a conference season right hasn't really sunk in yet. >> but i think when the time comes, my family comes out with me, my mom and i'm sure to catch some tears. my brother to be proud of me and the team. my team behind me, the fight to me. but i think all the memories hears is it's crazy and amazing. i try not to get emotional, but, >> you know, i've been here for so long and some of his gun into everything that s tell me being here, basketball school in other places i believe is most likely going to be >> san jose state legend and sports information director lawrence fan have passed away at the age of 67. he spent the last 42 years helping to promote san jose athletics. he was known for his vibrant and kind personality and you can also tell you every little fact about every san jose state athlete at any given
10:49 pm
time. it's almost like you memorize all of their bios. i've got the chance to work with lawrence a lot over the past 3 and a half years. he's made my job extremely easy. and i'm sure everyone in the crowd for sports department can echo that sentiment. may he rest in peace? all right. we
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
bring you more breaking news in the conflict between russia. >> and ukraine. we're getting
10:52 pm
reports now from officials in ukraine that at least one person has died from russian showing so far there likely many, many more. meanwhile, russian military says it is knocked out. ukraine's air defense assets and its air bases. and take a look at this. people in ukraine they're lining up in front of atms. that happened this morning the russian invasion and threats of it. many of them came out as soon as the sun was up. ukraine's president has declared martial law urging citizens not to panic, but they were also being told to go to bomb shelters when the shelling started. course, our coverage of the latest developments in this crisis will continue online. you can always find the newest information. it's on our website. kron 4 dot com. you can also download the kron 4 mobile app to get the latest updates that are sent right to your smart device. >> and on this day in 1945, 1 of the most iconic photos of
10:53 pm
world war 2 was taken during the bloodied battle of fee, the photo captures u.s. marines after the battle raising the american flag. but this is not the original moment. they first lifted a smaller flag. but then when an associated press photographer came by shortly after they raised a larger second flag in that photo went on to win a pulitzer prize and became the most reproduced photographed in american history at the time. and on this date in 1958, one of the greatest formula, one drivers of all time, juan manuel fangio was kidnapped at gunpoint just hours before a race in cuba. the 5 time world champion was snatched from his havana hotel room by a group of fidel castro's rebels only to be released unharmed. once the race finished, the auction was meant to. or the abduction, rather was meant to embarrass the cuban government, which castro would overthrow 10 months later. and today in
10:54 pm
1978, it was a first in grammy history is barbra streisand's love theme from a star is born and w boone's. you light up my life tied for best song of the year. and it's no surprise it was a pretty stacked year for music. over all other big hits that were released in that year include stevie wonder's. i wish tom petty's american girl and bob marley's jam >> a sacramento man with a passion for fitness and his community took on quite the challenge today. isaac gonzales, he's decided to try and a one man by cuff on for 12 hours straight to raise some money for the sacramento ymca. this is the 7th straight, mike. a fund that gonzalez has done last year. his goal was $10,000. >> but this is my whole years with an exercise in just 12 powers through. but to be told every donation, every person that comes here to say hello, people, right, right alongside me. that's what keeps me
10:55 pm
going. is all this important thing. in a lot of calories there to this year. after 12 hours, we managed to raise over $13,000 to support the why. >> all right. take a look at this. this video was taken about 2 miles off the coast of dana point in southern california today. you can see several gray whales are making their way south on their migration to the lagoons in baja, mexico. the whales were also seen playing around with the nearby dolphins and some seals having a good time in the water there. january through march course. is that a great time to go see migrating gray whales with most wales, arriving to baja by about mid march. >> and finally, we have the story of a curious dog, too, loves chasing cars except. >> he. >> chase the car. that. had a camera on it and the whole thing was caught on camera you see was was google maps, cars taking pictures the whole
10:56 pm
time. as little as first caught on camera near a boating area in japan and then went on from there. the photos show a chasing after the car. as you know, that view camera one snap snap snap. this was apparently discovered a while back but is now going viral for a second time. >> all right. 3 dog night tonight. a yeah. that's of her big transition. vicki, thank you. we're tracking chilly temperatures out there this evening. already cooling down into the mid to upper 30's alameda. 47 degrees and your 15 degrees warmer than fairfield and 16 degrees warmer than napa. both in the low 30's. and that's why we're noticing not only freeze warnings, but frost advisories in effect for the bay area tonight through thursday morning. and then again, thursday night through friday morning. so chilly night. that's going to be the big weather story for the next 2 nights. we are tracking overnight lows expected to be in the low to mid and upper
10:57 pm
30's for most of the bay area. cooling down to 25 degrees for santa rosa. 28 degrees. for those of you in livermore with widespread mid to upper 50's tomorrow, a little bit milder flirting 60's for redwood city and san jose holding steady at 50 degrees in santa rosa with half moon bay in downtown san francisco in the mid-fifties. and we're tracking temperatures warming up this weekend near average in and spring-like by early this upcoming week. >> thanks for greece. and that's it for kron. 4 news at 10 quite and evening. appreciate you being with us. the kron 4 morning news. we'll have the latest from russia and ukraine at 04:00am.
10:58 pm
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