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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 25, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and we're back for 30 is the time. great looking shot here of a san francisco from our sutro tower camera. john, in the weather center talking about once again waking up to some cold temperatures. john. >> good morning. yes, another cold one. but the last of the cold ones jame to the team's
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today is that we're going to see temperatures below freezing after this. we are going to see more mild evening lows and definitely more mild. daytime highs too. your view outside this morning, there's the bay bridge spanning the distance free of fog. free of cloud cover. now free of the chill, though we are in the midst of freeze warnings for inland east bay, north bay and south bay neighbors. well, those of us on the peninsula as well as in the east bay shoreline in the midst of frost advisories, san francisco, you're the only spot that's not in one of these advisories right now. now, 30's 40's for most of our current temperatures, although we do have a few 20's on the map like in livermore as well as petaluma a 28 29 degrees. and then there's fairfield are very cold. this to 26 the late show. you're at 33 right now. oakland and san mateo each at 36 degrees, dublin at 31. so notably cold not quite as cold as yesterday for a few spots, but honestly pretty comparable. you won't notice much of a difference. it was
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cold yesterday as cold today, too. skies stay clear and dry for yet another day today. so that sunshine that we're going to see is going to help us out and shore order once it does come up, helping temperatures to rise first into the 40's and then into the upper 50's to low 60's a little warmer than yesterday was got more details in your forecast. still to come first, though, a check of your friday commute with reyna. how's it on the roads hopefully we stay friday lie. that's what i'm hoping for. for a lot of you leaving your house is this morning. >> because traffic is light so far as you're traveling from the east bay heading into the city right now, a little under 8 minutes. also, 5, 18, 80 as you're traveling along there. i don't see any major accidents or delays about a 12 minute drive as you're traveling from 8.80, to one o one heading across towards the peninsula. let's go ahead and check on the richmond. sandra fell bridge tolls to one o one. look at that. a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 18 minute drive. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain.
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it is 4.32 and breaking news this morning. ukraine under siege as russia continues to advance an attack. towards the city of the capital city of key fresher forces closing in about 20 miles right now outside of the capital. there are explosions being in that capital city as military forces continue to press closer and closer, russian forces are pressing right now with a full scale invasion that has already killed more than 100 ukrainians in the first full day of fighting. and after using air strikes on cities and military bases, russia's ground units are now closing in on cave. as you can see in some of these pictures and this map, specifically, the attacks are happening all across the country. ukraine's president zelensky says that at least 137 people have been killed so far, 316 others wounded. 74 ukrainian military facilities have also been destroyed and that includes 11th air bases. course, all these numbers are fluid likely continue to climb throughout the broadcast this morning,
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we've been seeing a number of images to and feet video showing people in ukraine leaving their homes. grabbing whatever they can and heading to safety. ukraine is a nation of 44 million people. and the russian military right now is attacking large parts of it, sending all of these people fleeing in fear. we have some live pictures from key this morning. again, a very quiet morning. no traffic to speak, a very different scene from what we saw yesterday when there was at least some. movement on the streets or we have just a couple of cars driving by the 4 graham. but that's it. president biden, meanwhile, has been clear that no u.s. troops will fight russian forces in ukraine. instead, the president has opted to deploy nearly 6,000 troops to eastern europe to provide what's called defense defensive assistance to ukraine, an american nato allies near the ukrainian border. right now. the u.s. already has more than 80,000 troops in europe. and government officials say that their role is soley supportive. however, congress
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is closely monitoring the situation and prepared to respond. they say. it's too early to tell whether >> any of this is going to leave to some other longer term posture changes. i don't think there's any talk of americans fighting on the ground or in the ukraine. who knows what the heck putin will do. but we have to be able to fight back on defense and on offense. >> the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. said earlier the country does not expect anyone to fight for ukraine but will accept any and all help that the west can provide. well, the invasion of russian troops into ukraine has prompted protests around the world, including right here in the bay area. ukrainian-americans and supporters were at san francisco city hall calling on the u.s. and its allies to impose tougher sanctions and to consider all other options. proffers amanda hari has the story. >> now seen so many people here. it's just it's so up next in supporting ukraine,
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from san francisco by right? is a scientist working at uc berkeley. but she's from ukraine and she still has friends and family there. some of my friends had to spend the night today tonight in the metro station so it and the so i hope they will get a but >> no one. she helped plan the gathering along with melanie mccutcheon. she also has ukrainian ancestry as an american, i would be out here anyway, even if it wasn't personal because putin is a threat to democracy around the world. the crowd here is truly impressive. hundreds of people gathered. >> to show their support for ukraine. i'm told it's even more than organizers initially expected to be. take a look behind me. >> you can see all of the people just lining the street both of what's going this aggression enough room. >> russia against ukraine was number alexander allen lived in russia before the fall of the soviet union. but he has friends who are ukrainian and
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he doesn't backed coup in when you're all together supporting ukraine and and that condemned and put in some people tell me they're grateful. they live here in the united states where they're free to be protesting the invasion. i mean, i heard today in russia, there were russians that were protesting against all of this and they got you know, carted off to prison. i cherish this right. i cherish this right to come out and >> speak and be free and that's all ukrainians want. the one message that i've heard from everyone i've spoken to is that they will continue to support ukraine. >> for as long as it takes in san francisco. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, one bay area nonprofit the ukraine american coordinating council is doing what it can to try and help local family members and loved ones as many civilians are fleeing the country. take a listen. >> people in that state can but then leaving and the stand that russians, a cop. i mean, the russians are ready to call some parts if and they win,
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just go marsha. sure. the cdc credence it is and saying that their defeat ukrainian people from not see regime is so crazy. >> and the organization is currently fundraising right now in order to send medical assistance to ukraine to find out how you can help and donate ago tour. go to our website at kron 4 dot com. well, stocks stumbled early, but the markets did make a comeback before the closing bell, as investors biting their fingernails really mulling how a russian invasion of ukraine is going to impact portfolios. william houston junior is the ceo and founder berry street capital holdings on the peninsula. and it's an investment firm that focuses on building portfolios that reduce volatility. and he told us that at this point there's no need to panic. >> right. right now a lot of folks are looking at their town saying, oh, i don't want to lose the games that made over the last couple of
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months. the right attitude would be, you know, let's make sure that we're buying right now as opposed to panicking every acting too. some news that we that would be the wrong approach. >> houston junior also said that unless you're an expert be cautious with crypto currencies allocating maybe 5%. your portfolio to crypto is fine. but anymore could pose an unnecessary risk. he says. >> well, happening today, the cdc will announce that they are easing mask guidelines across the country. >> under the guidelines, the agency says its updating the way it assesses community spread of covid, which means that most americans will no longer have to wear masks indoors. california is among many states that have already dropped their indoor mask mandate. it's not clear exactly how the new cdc guidance would affect u.s. federal mandates which require face coverings on public transportation. we'll have to wait and see. santa clara county, by the way, the only county in the bay area that still has an indoor mask mandate. but that could change as early as next week. the
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county's health officer doctor sara cody, announced that the county is expected to record less than 550 new cases per day over the next week. and that is the last of the 3 metrics needed in order to lift the mask mandate. the other 2 metrics, low hospitalizations and an 80% or higher vaccination rate have already been reached. doctor cody says that if these numbers hold the indoor mask mandate can be lifted on march. 2nd. >> the idea is to ensure that we have safety in place with high levels of vaccination, which we have and that we have overall community transmission low enough to support removing this very important layer or at least removing the requirement. >> santa clara and los angeles counties are the last in the entire state to still require masks indoors. la county is lifting its mandate today. masks will still be required, though, in schools and health care settings. and on public transit san jose mayor sam liccardo is proposing that the city lift its booster requirement that city own
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facilities. so the requirement has been in place for about 6 weeks now. and people have to show proof of a covid booster shot and they want to attend events at places like the sep center, the car argue that the booster requirement served its purpose of reducing the risk of covid related hospitalizations during the region's winter surge and proof of vaccination or negative covid test will still be required under state guidelines for indoor events with more than 1000 attendees and local guidelines for events at city-owned facilities. in other news, the san francisco unified school board has pushed its meeting to next week to decide if it's going to be laying off hundreds of teachers. so kicking the can further down the road. district leaders say the layoffs are necessary to help with a major budget shortfall is they're looking at 125 million dollar budget deficit for the next school year. one man has been teaching in san francisco for 18 years and doesn't think this decision should be made until the 3 recalled board members are replaced by the mayor and has an idea that that would avoid layoffs altogether.
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>> 2 years of seniority, a payout to the pension. and then what happens is that many of the senior volunteer to retire because they get a better pension. so what happens then is that seeing it teaches them to retire. and the judy and teaches hold on to jokes. >> the teacher, jeremy grebler says that he expects the board will vote in favor of layoffs. that vote is scheduled to take place again on tuesday. march. 1st. we'll take a break coming up next. in sports, the rejuvenated warriors back in action taken on the portland trail. blazers. >> and the dubs came out to play. kylen mills has highlights coming up.
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>> 4.45 is the time. let's get back to the weather center and get another update on those freezing temperatures this morning with john on this friday. good morning, there. james, good morning to you. and it is another cold morning, but her last of the coldest mornings freeze warnings remain until 09:00am this morning. after which point will be free of them for the foreseeable future, at least golden gate bridge looks clear this morning and it is cold out there. clear lake livermore at 29 degrees. each
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concord in antioch, you're hanging out just above freezing at 35. and 34 clinton hayward right along the bay shore in the upper 30's right now. same for you in san jose at 38 degrees. so a lot of that are below freezing or well down into the 30's making for such a cold start. freeze warnings remain in the same spots. they have been the north bay east bay in the south bay with frost advisories near the bay shore in the east bay as well as on the peninsula. now temperatures today will rise a little further than they have been under sunny skies for the bay area and continued dry skies for both the bay and up into the sierra nevada. good weekend to be heading up into the sierra to enjoy some of that fresh snowfall that we saw up there. it will be our most significant snowfall that will really have in this forecast. so get up there and enjoy it while it still pretty fresh. now, futurecast of winds shows you lighter winds today. this is going to be a complement to the sunshine and less cold temperatures. all in all that this afternoon will bring us after yesterday's
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know 50's on the map today, we're actually seeing quite a few of them, which is definitely a warm-up and a change of pace, low 60's. whether you're at the coastline right along the bay shore, even some further inland, too. it's definitely not a warm day, but it is showing signs of warmth. fremont at 61 hayward union city as well as oakland up to richmond each at 60 degrees. the lake over to pittsburgh at 60 61 from vacaville down to antioch, 60 along one. 0, one from santa rosa. all the way down to mill valley tomorrow and sunday. mid 60's for your highs. but notably not falling below freezing for evening lows. tomorrow morning, which is going to be noteworthy even more noteworthy. you don't have to worry so much about covering the plants. are any issues with frost that your windshield as we do roll through the next several days here we get even warmer into next week, monday and tuesday. highs back into the low 70's chance of some showers sunday night in the north bay, mostly sonoma and napa counties. and
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another chance of showers towards the next wednesday rain. all right, john, thank you for friday light. however, it is 04:47am. and things could open that. does it. >> because it's been a busy week out there. let's get a look at your bridge checks right now. traveling from the maze that u.s. tx a little under 9 minutes for your drive. also long 5, 80 80. i don't see any major issues this morning. san mateo bridge once you reach one, 0 one, there's no traffic there. so still a 12 minute drive as you're heading from 8.80, look at the richmond center fell bridge about 8 minute commute for you. there's traffic slowly make their way across. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 19 minutes for your drive. james. >> thank you very much. rain and the warriors back on the court winning last night's game against the portland trail. blazers head coach steve kerr gives his thoughts on that much needed win. we have kron four's kylen mills with the story. >> the warriors back in action for the first time since the all-star break. head coach
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steve kerr says his team is refresh and pumped up for the final stretch of the season. the first test the portland trail blazers, steph curry, the all-star game mvp, getting ready for battle. and this final stretch of the season. 2nd quarter tied up at 35. steph lays it off to klay thompson. the pump fake knocks down the corner. trey, the warriors take a three-point lead later in the quarter. warriors up comfortably staff from 28 feet nails the triple 18 points for curry. 14 assists tonight. then in the 3rd thompson on the dribble he's fade away. won't go. but there's johnson coming up for the tip in his 17 points off the bench. 4th quarter dubs up by 28 jordan. poole gets it going the other way. check out this slam with authority. 15 points for pool. it's a pool party out there were years when one, 32. 95 after the game, steve kerr praised the team's collective effort and how much they really needed this win.
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>> just like the ball after that 1st quarter, i thought our defense was was connected just a good good all around then, you know, portland's been playing well. they came out hot, been 8, 1, 4, in a row. again, some good team. so really good one for us. associate coach. >> on to some college hoops head coach todd golden is usf dons hosting number one. gonzaga. 5 to go in the first khaleel should bats that 3 pointer keeps the dons close. 38. 35 zags. leach bassett 17, by the way, just before half. this is why chet holmgren is considered possibly the top pick in the nba draft. how about the rebound coast to coast dunk he 7 one folks in up by 10 at the break. 2nd half home run takes it outside from way downtown gets the 3 pointers acts of 14. gonzaga
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wins. 89 73 finishes its regular season on saturday, san diego. then it's the west coast conference tourney and hopefully an ncaa tournament berth. >> they're the number one team in the country for is going to read that front court. you know, specifically so unique and of town and obviously super experience to this point and chips. unicorn man is going to be taught to the picture in a couple months this team lead every night. you know, they don't go into posing gm's struggle. they win every night consistently. and i think that's what separates him. >> how about the women's the second-ranked stanford cardinal hosting washington state looking for another another w say haley jones. watch or what a move to the hoop she had to of her 14 points. 11 boards on the night. hannah jump. gets the ball from beyond the arc nails
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a 3 pointer. she scored 12. stanford holds off the cougar. 61. 54 for their 16th straight win and 30th straight in the pac. 12 they go for an unbeaten conference season on saturday against seller dwelling. washington. finally, some history made in san jose as the new york islanders chara since the nhl games played record his 1600 52nd career contests. this one went into a shootout. shark's goal keeper james reimer. what a save. he was great. all game. san jose snaps a 7 game losing streak for 3 the final score. they get the w the much needed. ws should say in the shootout. that's all we've got for sports. welcome back for
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fifty-five on this friday morning. almost to the weekend now, but we have to get through some freeze warnings first. >> they'll remain until 09:00am this morning. frost advisories for areas closer to the bay looking at san francisco. one of your only spots not under an advisory. it is cold out there, though, with some temperatures in the 40's in sf 30's all the way up to the coastline at points this morning. but 50's and 60's expected for your highs this afternoon. as for inland areas, quite the range of
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temperatures from the upper 20's to low 30's to start to the upper 50's to low 60's this afternoon. where are we sitting with their current numbers? wolf, are clear. lake in livermore, you're at 29 degrees. each. we're in the 30's from san jose. fremont hayward of to oakland, the at 33 degrees. jace. >> thank you, john. 6 feet or 4.56. is the time coming up next on kron 4 morning news. russia's military continues its deadly march into ukraine. now closing in on the capital city of key. we're following the latest developments in eastern europe. plus, hundreds gathered in san francisco to protest russia's attack on ukraine. we'll tell you what demonstrators say the u.s. needs to do. and scott peterson has a chance for a new trial. this as a juror in his case is being called to testify 20 years later because of claims that her decision put him in jail and it was by a school have more in a live report.
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is the situation in ukraine under siege for now. a second day as russia advancep towards the capital of keev. yeah. russian forces closing in about 20
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miles outside the capital city right now. >> we have a look at some of the violence in ukraine. more pictures coming in. missile strikes. hitting several cities and military bases. you can see the plumes of smoke there. the attacks have forced ukrainian officials. now, though, blow up a bridge about 30 miles north of keefe to try and slow, if not stop the advance of russian troops. the death toll is also rising this morning with more than 130 ukrainian soldiers killed in action and more than 300 injured. ukraine says about 400 russian forces have died. but moscow has given no casualty count as a as late ukrainians military has dropped the age restriction now to serve, which means that teenagers, even children can take part in the fighting. ukraine is also asking civilians to make molotov cocktails to fight russian troops as they draw closer. now we have an updated map to show you where attacks have been happening now across that country after russia surrounded ukraine on


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