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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  March 2, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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though. this is your view from the east bay hills looking down at it fairly blue skies up above and then that gray and the bay santa rosa hayward, san jose mountain view in san francisco among spots that are seeing visibility below a mile. it's really packed into the bay and pin the north bay this morning but we will see some burn off later this morning and then partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day today. not quite as crystal clear as we have been, nor as warm as we have been either after a mild start to this morning. daytime highs today, we'll start a trend of cooler weather that's going to carry us to the rest of the week of more about that. still to come, obviously, foggy rain at that's a big impact on our travelers and absolutely does. we're seeing drive times going up because of that thick, dense fog. you can see the bay bridge that fremont street exit commute. >> around 20 minutes now, there are no accidents on the bridge. just low visibility. so go ahead and use those low beams. we also have a fog advisory for the san mateo bridge, a 14 minute commute still. but as you can see, you can't see much of anything. so
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hopefully they're taking their time as you're driving across golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls with pockets of fog there. a 20 minute commute. i would say the richmond sandra fell bridge is the clearest bridge and it's still about a 12 minute drive. there. and in the south bay, as you're traveling from 85 in to menlo park, it will take you nearly 40 minutes to make that drive darya. james, back to you. thank you. reyna 71 and happening today. the masks come off in santa clara county health officials there lifted the indoor mask mandate. >> everybody regardless of vaccination status now are free to take off the mask. if they choose. crawford's will trend live in santa clara county this morning. and will that worth if they choose is and we're going have to stare >> you have the option. my mask is in my hand, they will not stop you out the door. if you're not wearing your mask. but there are a lot of people here wearing their masks this morning. pretty sure for the next several days, weeks until they feel really comfortable
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about taking their mask off. but at least have that choice in santa clara county. you did not have that choice until midnight. come midnight or it just passed. now you have that choice. santa clara county caught a lot of heat for being the last county in the bay area, too lower the mask mandate while all the other counties and a lot of places in the state, they allow people last month to take off their masks. choice is yours and choices. good. let's interviews and people. here's liz. your reaction to no more masks being required. >> yeah, i think it's really great. you know, we've been a lot and doors lately, especially at restaurants. you're sitting right next to each other with your mask off and in the gem, i'm maintaining a safe distance from everybody else. so i don't really see how it's not much different. so i'm really excited to finally have the mask off to breathe a little bit easier, especially working out. >> and your partner here,
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angelo, your reaction. was it hard for you to work out with your mask on? absolutely. it's kind of hard to push yourself harder are run longer. when you have the mask on. >> so i'm really excited that the masses are that we have a choice and yet. >> it make you guys mad at all that santa clara county was the last county in the bay area to do so. >> i want to say i'm not. i think that's a little bit and tense. i think that it's a really difficult balance politically and to make sure that everybody feels comfortable. and so i understand why it took them the time that it took them. i obviously would have an excited have they looked a little bit earlier, but i understand why it took some time. >> santa clara county decided to lift the mask mandate because all their metrics lined up vaccination rates are about 85%, hospitalization rates and covid cases are down, which is why they chose today to lift the mask mandate. usually i would wear my my mask or have it here.
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but i feel really safe between new collective bargaining agreement with the teachers union. >> so this agreement is going to last through june of next year and it calls for teachers and teachers. aides now to get 2 separate $2000 bonuses each year. the first of those bonuses will be given out in june and then the other in november. this new deal also provides raises for substitute teachers. >> i mean, for will be gotten gains. and tonight i'm announcing that we will join our allies in closing off american airspace to all russian flights. >> president biden announcing
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he's turning the screws more against russia as it continues its attack on ukraine. in his first state of the union address, the president also vowed to confront issues that are a problem at home. for example, inflation raquel martin has a recap from d c. good morning. well, president biden wasted no time condemning russian president vladimir putin in his first day of the union speech last night. and although congress has been slightly divided about the biden administration's response thus far, >> they appeared united behind ukraine. >> light will win over dark years with the eyes of the world watching in his first state of the union address, president joe biden pledged america's support for ukraine battling a violent russian invasion ukraine. ambassador united states is your night stand and send an unmistakable signal to the wall. president biden says the u.s. and allies stand ready to enforce even harsher penalties if russian president vladimir putin continues a badly miscalculated, although the
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u.s. has yet to announce sanctions on russian oil, the president announced the u.s. and 30 other countries. >> are releasing 60 million barrels of oil to try and keep gas prices down. i want you to know we're going to be ok, but some republicans say that's not good and not fema stopped importing any gasoline, refined petroleum products from russia. following the speech, ohio congressman dave joyce said the president is sending mixed messages by continuing to buy. >> oil products from russia. we're funding the war in ukraine, indiana congresswoman victoria spartz, a ukrainian native says what time running out. she does hopes the president's words deliver and congress put differences aside because this is my friend >> people die and any delay. the action will cost people dearly. >> democrats on the other hand are praising president biden's words towards russia. last night, the 2 sides are still working out. a bipartisan 6.4
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billion dollar package to help the ukrainian people. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> a bay area resident from ukraine watch president biden's speech very closely. he says that his country is in great need. >> and help must come fast to stop russian forces. before more people die. >> frank, you're bout people anymore. they don't hear about anything. they just bombed in it. and it's terrible. i mean, like and we cannot stop. hugh was just it's like it will take time to start to work and, you know, and people are dying right now like and that moment that they wary moment when we're speaking when we're talking, there are people dying. >> that was his reaction when he heard the president say, you know, that they're doing these quick these quick and strong sanctions, but it will take time. he says this man says the only key to stopping this war is have nato troops mobilized to defend ukraine
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against russia and the president. president biden did reiterate the fact that that we would not have american troops involved in this on the ground. >> as for the russian invasion itself, the country of ukraine says that more than 2000 died in this week of a war today. they're expected to continue peace talks with russia along the ukraine and belarus border. unclear financing, come out and will because ukraine's president saying we're talking peace. you have to stop bombing, though. we were talking. >> and the bombing is widespread. destructive in indiscriminate at this point, russian forces have been targeting areas where people live car kiev, the capital, kiev. we've talked about areas where there are the biggest children's hospital in ukraine. for example, there was fighting outside of that and a lot of kids are, you know, in there getting their parents are hunkering down in the basement. overall, the russian military has seen resistance. so they've been stalled by some fiercest ground resistance were civilians and military alike and ukraine are taking up arms
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and trying to defend themselves and >> as for russia's economy, it's beginning to feel the effects. now, some of these harsh sanctions that have been brought down on them from the u.s. and other countries around the world. fact, according to the united nations the number of ukrainian refugees is also going up to now more than by some estimates 600,000 other estimates, 800,000 or more have now fled to poland and some of the other surrounding countries to the west. a lot of the families reach the border here, as you can see, are being greeted by friends and family on the other side, many arriving with nowhere to go. but 2, you know, receive the help of some of the charities and humanitarian groups that have been stationed there to help them once they reach safety. imagine reaching safety. imagine the drive that that has been described by some of these people where they set out in their cars. >> and they see cars broken down on the side of the road. gas they see people walking riding bikes were talking about. >> people traveling 60, 70
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hours. plus to get to ever. there's going a bumper crawling traffic as people are being processed through these border. obviously, running out of gas has been a huge and makes our problems seem like nothing. the gas prices here are a fall out of the conflict. we're seeing prices that are $5 a gallon on average just about across the state have that the invasion of ukraine by russia impacting. >> global oil fact, brent crude oil now above $110 a barrel and that all trickles down to the cost of refined gasoline at the pump here in california. we've hit all time highs with aaa saying the people now are paying on average for 83 a gallon. that's for the cheapest grade of gasoline. but locally in the bay area course worst were higher than that. san francisco on average for 98 many gas stations. well about that. oakland for 91, san jose. 49 santa rosa for 99. again, that's the average price for regular low grade gas. it's much higher if you have to pay for premium, right? high grade like 5.39. i saw yesterday if i can get it
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for 5.20, i consider that a deal. yeah. >> okay. >> we'll take a break. 7.10, is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a stranger attacks, a woman at the beach over the weekend. we're going to tell you what happened. we'll hear from her as she describes how she was attacked. and now you can pay to catch a ride in a self-driving car in san francisco. we've been seeing of testing these contraptions for her months in the city. now you can actually write it yourself. and very foggy. still this morning that and making a gray seen here as that foe. >> temperatures later today rise into the 70's for one more day before cooler weather. even wetter weather just around the corner. >> and fog advisories across the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge. and you see that's made for a longer commute this morning. we'll have a look at that. once we get back.
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>> some 14 is the time right now. and the big news and weather is the fog befall. yes, this is what it looks like inside of it all. john's god could look at what it's like above it. good morning, john. good morning, guys. yeah. above the fog, not so bad. a little brighter up there. but once you drop down into it. >> that's where you're looking at. gray skies. looks like those birds got themselves out of it. up in the marin headlands golden gate bridge shrouded in at right now as are a whole lot of us right along the bay shore into the
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south bay and up along the north bay to fog doesn't last all day, but skies will be a bit cloudier towards the afternoon, especially as we see the storm system starting to slowly make its way our direction already having resulted in days of rainfall for the pacific northwest. not going to provide us with as much moisture, but we will be seeing something at least so today, a little cooler. a little cloudier tomorrow is when we really cool things down and at least start the morning with some rainfall up in sonoma, mendocino and lake counties in northern portions of marine counties. the system stalls out just to our west, though. so the bay area for the most part actually going to be missing out on rainfall potential during the morning tomorrow. not really seeing an increasing for us intel the afternoon on thursday, thursday night into friday will continue to bring our best opportunity for rain and the sierra nevada, although not a lot of snowfall will pick up some new accumulation there, especially on the western slopes of the mountains. now, futurecast of rainfall total showing around a quarter of an inch at our most for parts of the bay
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area. this is definitely lighter and of shower activity today, staying dry and staying nice and comfortable not quite as warm as we have been and not quite as sunny as we have been, but still a nice afternoon if she's spending outside saying carlos into the south bay as well as into the east bay up into the tri valley, solidly in the 70's still oakland up to richmond in the upper 60's now and a mix of both across the north bay, either 60's or 70's to expect later on today. a look ahead at our next 7 days into tomorrow at 10 degree, cool down in daytime highs. showers looking likely later in the day friday starting the morning with some scattered showers. likely some clearing later on. and then saturday, you may see a few sprinkles early on to start the day with clearing later in the day for saturday sunday, monday and tuesday drying back out. warming back up into next week. climbing back into the upper 60's by tuesday reyna. all right, john, thank you for that. not only do we have dense fog, we do have an
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accident to tell you about. >> down in mountain view, northbound one o one south and north winds drop avenue. so we are seeing delays to 80 might be good option for you if you're trying to get around that. let's check on the fog. 24 minutes driving into the city. not because of accidents because of the dense fog in there. there's also a fog advisory along the san mateo bridge. you can see how low visibility is their 14 minutes traveling from 80 to one o one pockets of patchy fog along the golden gate. 37 to that whole. so a slight uptick at about 23 minutes and along 8.80, if you're in the hayward area, there's a disabled, a tractor trailer slowing things down. that's just west a street mission boulevard. good way to navigate around those delays are a james. >> thank you very much. rain 7.17, is the time and for your money this morning, the federal reserve says it's going to raise interest rates. several times this year, meaning the price of home and auto loans for you is about to go up. federal reserve chairman jerome powell says it's the only way the curb
7:18 am
skyrocketing inflation, which jumped more than 7% in january. something we haven't seen in 4 decades. the first rate hike will come this month, but powell says they're going to have to stay flexible because russia's invasion of ukraine will make the financial landscape highly uncertain. he says going forward. >> for your money this morning, apple halt all products sales in russia and blocks state media outlets from the app store and california. small business owners were busy in the past year. jane king has those stories and more from the nasdaq. i'm jane. hi, good morning. as california had 563,000 small business applications from january. 21. >> 2 january, 22 about 1400 for every 100,000 residents. according census bureau nationwide, there are almost 6 million small business applications. so interesting. despite the tough small businesses had during the pandemic, entrepreneurs were undeterred. well, the irs says people should start receiving their refunds this week. so this is for those early filers
7:19 am
refunds are averaging about $3500 this year. the irs expects all refunds to be issued within 21 days of filing the return and apple has stopped selling products in russia and is pulling the apps for rt news. a sputnik news all exports to russian sales channels were stopped last week. apple pay has been limited. the iphone maker's also limited and disabled. the live incidents and traffic status from apple maps in ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for ukrainian citizens and sales force topped analysts estimates for profit and revenue in the 4th quarter earnings report. the stock more than 3% sales force also say they're trying to listen to a place. we're concerned about the environmental impact to the company's move into nfts non-fungible tokens live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back to all right, thanks. a lot of shame. >> all right. another story for your money this morning. you can now pay to ride a self driving car in san francisco. we've been seeing them getting tested on roads all over the city. now you can actually get
7:20 am
in one. yeah. and we've been talking about, you know, do you feel safer? tried testing it out in the city are like on a highway at a high speed. there's more lights, though, and things city. i'm not sure which i prefer. let's go to kron. 4 camila barco. she's been covering that this morning. what do you think city highway do have a preference on trying this out? >> i think just starting out, i would prefer doing it on city roads. and that's exactly what these companies are doing. you can right now whether you're in san francisco or san mateo counties and there's 2 companies here in the bay area that are offering these south. but the self-driving car services it's similar to using like other rideshares except this time. no one is steering the wheel. it's all electronic. and like i said to companies in the bay area, have the green light to do this in san francisco and san mateo counties. the companies are waymo and crews and under those permit that they receive the companies, self-driving cars can collect fares from
7:21 am
riders. but there's a few differences between these 2 companies. so if you use waymo services, there has to be a driver. president and the self-driving cars just in case they need to take control of the car. it's necessary. i just got off the phone with the crews, representatives and they tell me that no one has to be in the car. if you use one of their services, we want cruise boat tested this out under a pilot program and the program allowed the self-driving cars to give people free rides. and now it's going to turn into a business. the company cruises allowing to offer the services on certain san francisco roads between 10:00pm to 06:00am and their cars can only go up to 30 miles per hour. if you use the company waymo, they can offer it in designated parts of both counties. san francisco and san mateo at any time of the day and they can travel up to 65 miles per hour. however, if there is dense fog or if there is heavy rain, neither of these companies can offer they're
7:22 am
free excuse me there. they cannot operate their self driving cars. now, obviously the question is how much is this going to cause? we're still trying to figure that out. we're not sure how much it's going to cost for waymo. but daryn games, like i said, i just got off the phone with the someone from the company up. crews are represented. there tells me that they are now currently offering free rides to anyone who is interested. i actually just signed up for he's it putting your e-mail. and then they tell you that you are on the list. but i will say the e-mail tells you that there is a high demand so you might have to wait a while for snow game over those soon. as you said, there's no driver. i mean, at least want the guy in the sea just in i want some of ida, we'll we'll get to the line where you're comfortable with no driver tell me how it goes, camilla. 7.22. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. more people are in the race to be california's
7:23 am
next attorney general will tell you what the latest candidate to enter thinks california needs most will be right back.
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and to california's largest law enforcement groups are now endorsing sacramento county district attorney anne marie schubert for california
7:26 am
attorney general. she's running without party preference against attorney general rob bonta and 2 republicans, nathan hochman and eric early now, the peace officers research association of california and the california association of highway patrolmen both picked her because they say her work experience in law garnered points with them. they also point to her success in putting some of the state's notorious criminals in prison. and her supporters say that she will be tough on crime. >> someone who always has and always will stand with and protect our communities while collaboratively working with law enforcement to hold criminals accountable. someone with a vision and experience to meet this moment. head on. >> now the primary is june 7th. the 2 candidates with the most votes will then go on to face each other in the november general election. >> on the national stage, president biden supreme court nominee is taking the next steps towards confirmation. a federal judge ketanji brown
7:27 am
jackson is going to meet in person with senators on capitol hill next week. she has already now answer the written questions from the senate judiciary committee. did that yesterday. the confirmation hearings are expected to begin in a few weeks. and if she's confirmed, jackson would become the first black female supreme court justice in history. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. dozens of officers are leaving the oakland police department where they going. >> why is the union concerned and what do they think will keep them on the force?
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>> 7.29, and you some people like the fog, but it sure does make for cool pictures. that's fantastic. i love it. when you got just the towers of the golden gate bridge broken through as long as it's not too dense, it's really pretty at the go and then it does get to dance. and all the 2 are when they buy the sweatshirt. now it's actually that's how the tourist shops make their money. we are looking at a very foggy start to the morning and you can see a different perspective of it from the east bay right here. the link in a fog sitting right about the bay uc berkeley there in the foreground is looking a little brighter. now we are seeing fog remaining with us over the next several hours here, burning off by late morning and through the afternoon, a partly cloudy, notably cloudier day than we had been seeing the previous couple of days now we will be seeing temperatures a little cooler today, too. so not quite as sunny, not quite as warm but
7:31 am
still comfortable 40's 50's for your current temperatures let you know what the rest of the week asked to hold. still to come, brandon todd, thank you for that. will you talked about it? low visibility. fog advisories for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge as well. so how are your drive times impacted? >> they've gone up. 24 minutes as you're traveling from the maze to that pretty much the exit about 16 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. you can see visibility is low. you want to use your low beams today and drive slow a few highways out there. crockett down towards the mayes. 35 minute commute looking at the issues in the south bay want to one 85 to them a park about 44 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at 8 80's san leandro traveling towards milpitas about 36 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain at 7.31. and today in the and then they went wrestler, cain, velasquez is going to be in court. >> he is charged with attempted murder for a shooting that happened in santa clara county. tragic story. it happened monday
7:32 am
afternoon near the intersection of monterey highway. and a bailey avenue. police say the man who was shot was hit at least once. luckily he survived is in the hospital recovering right now. but they say they're still investigating what led up to this. what were the circumstances surrounding that shooting? alaska's is behind bars right now being held at the santa clara county jail without bail. >> a san francisco woman is recovering after she was assaulted at ocean beach over the weekend by a stranger. police say it was 46 year-old stephen miller who grabbed a soda can and hurled it at her kron four's taylor spoke with her. >> like getting hit by a prize fighter and mean lou and i staggered and then i fell in the edges. >> consciousness. carla fleming's is recovering from a broken nose in serious eye injury after a man assaulted her at ocean beach in san francisco while she was at a birthday picnic with their daughter and friends saturday afternoon, san francisco
7:33 am
police say 46 year-old stephen miller seen in this photo from that day approached the group of mothers and daughters took some of their food and began tossing it into the scent soon after unprovoked, they grabbed a soda can and hurled it at fleming's face, which knocked her down and when it got into the emergency room, they were. >> that's what they were focused on was just making sure that they say the eye fleming's friend sharon tetlow rest carla to the hospital and witnessed everything that happened after the attack that. >> 2 policemen, 2 arrested restrain this person like. was very violent. hello says this is sort of her friend amplify some of the issues going on in the city. this person has, as carla said. >> hires this person needs to be dispatched either. >> you know, we have good conservancy rules which are not being deployed. i think we need to hold our city officials 2. addressing safety
7:34 am
for. people as well karen safety for. maybe some of them are vulnerable people that might be on the street. i don't think we should be. sacrificing reasonable safety as funding recovers. she shares the same concerns. >> and he's just thankful it was her who was hit in that one of the young girls or another family nearby. fleming says she plans to go to miller's arraignment on wednesday to advocate for the safety of others in the city. anybody capable of that kind of violence on the street? >> at the beach around families around children. that's a concern to me. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> 7.34 is the time in the north bay and suspected killer and sonoma counties. russian river valley is now in handcuffs. families were
7:35 am
forced to shelter in place for member that ended up with him shooting and killing the person tuesday morning. this was on willow road right near the north with golf course in on rio, which if you don't know is about 4 miles southwest of guerneville. it took the swat team about 6 hours to finally locate gonzales. they found him on green valley road, brought him into custody. and that shelter-in-place order was ultimately lifted at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. the case is still under investigation will be following the story. a community in sacramento is remembering the 4 people killed in a murder suicide shooting. that happened monday night. the sacramento county coroner's office has identified the 4 victims and the shooter as 39 year-old david mauro rojas, 9 year-old samara morrow gutierrez. 10 year-old samantha morrow gutierrez and 13 year-old or a good year as and then along with them. 59 year-old nathaniel kong was also
7:36 am
killed. the sacramento sheriff's office says that moral rojas shot and killed his 3 daughters and kong before ultimately shooting himself. they say this happened at a church where more rojas was supposed to be having a supervised visit with his children. the people living nearby in the neighborhood. they say this tragedy. it's almost too much for them to bear. >> just to be taking here is that we love one another. we learned to forgive one another. life is fragile. we don't know when we'll hear what he's done and gone. i would my message would be to forgive, not hold on to the sentiment. >> investigators are treating the case as a domestic violence incident. detectives say moore rojas had an active restraining order against him, which is why he had to have those supervised visits with his children. they're working right now to answer a number of questions, including why the girl's father was able to carry a gun with a restraining order. he should have been allowed to do that. >> it's 7.36, in the east bay. oakland police officers are leaving the department at an
7:37 am
alarming rate. according to the oakland police officers association, 86 officers left the department in 2021. 22 left law enforcement altogether. and 27 retired. but the majority they left to work for other police departments. the president of the police union says that he has a few ideas of how this can stop and officers can, you know, be retained. but he says the oakland city council has to do something to make that happen. >> just stop the rhetoric that cost not done. don't blame police officers for everything engage with cost. this is the first correspondents either about from city council president. she's been there 3 years received that letter. i have to say that i am deeply offended. >> because i have said publicly that i deeply value the sacrifices and the commitment. >> the men and women who serve in our oakland police department. >> so you hear the president of the oakland city council saying, you know, they respect the police officers but the
7:38 am
officers union, as you heard saying, you know, it would go a long way to reducing the amount of officers that are leaving by just showing up and saying thank you again, the 2 sides kind of blaming the other for what's going on. >> we will take a break in 7.37, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the warriors still trying to get their groove back. we're going hear from steph curry and have his take on the team's recent game. and after the break, a new effort by bay area tech companies to try and restrict russian propaganda amid its war in ukraine will have an update on what those companies are doing. and we are seeing a cooler day today, not by much, but not quite as clear and warm as we have been upper 50's to low 60's at the coastline and inland areas. still upper 60's to low 70's. >> enjoy a much cooler weather tomorrow. and even a chance of rainfall just around the corner. >> and we've got dense fog all across the bay area today impacting your travel. we'll have a look at your drive
7:39 am
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7:42 am
across the eu. the company said it is because of the exceptional nature of the current situation and a number of government requests. youtube is blocking russia, state media outlets, rt and sputnik from european viewers. they've also cut off advertising revenue for their channels and tiktok has taken similar measures to shut down access to russian state media on its platform. meanwhile, netflix says it will not add russian broadcasting channels to its streaming service over there, even though a new law in russia now requires them to do so. and finally, twitter says it will start labeling any tweet that links back to russian state media and show those tweets to a smaller audience. some rich demuro and you are tech smart. 7.42. is the time coming up next. it's going to be a while before we're able to see a major league baseball game. no giant snow opening day. >> and no to for serious for every team. tell you about
7:43 am
this meltdown in mlb after the break.
7:44 am
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a plant could grow into. and then, we made this. introducing the new mcplant. made with the first plant-based patty worthy of being called a mcdonald's burger. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ >> thor, you can ask for. all right. no, my son will not go dixie chicks. are the checks for over hawaii even upping restriction? no, no, he go to hawaii. james going marsh. so they're dropping the requirements. all of them as of march, 26th. so if you
7:46 am
will, then are we when are you going? well, i'm going like a weak it you still have to do the whole thing like negative test actually got to see the covid cardinal, which you're vaccinated line. but, you know, i mean, if people have described it as even when you are, it's just a little bit of a gallant you've got around. takes away all the requirements starting march. 26, you have to do any of that. you 49 no, but you stopped or mask. i want to point that out. they still have an indoor mask. so keep that in mind. make sure you pack that mask with a patient needed on the flight anyway. this is true. we do need it on the fly up. that's right. keep it handy. but in any event, that's the the new why? i'm excited for you. that's coming up. this mom just excited to get back to normal enough that. >> we're seeing stuff like this masks coming off at santa clara county. hawaii is beginning to look airports who places just saw last airplane go by. so there you go. going to be a lot of fun, but it is foggy. and that's our big story in the weather today. and you know what happens? there's always delays when there's fog. >> let's check in with see when it's going to left morning. hopefully no fog in
7:47 am
hawaii when you get there. but if you are leaving this morning and this is what you're venturing out into embarcadero could be any place, though. just shrouded in that dense fog settled into the bay. >> san jose is brightened up a little bit. you couldn't even see those buildings in the foreground during the last time i checked in with you, but definitely a little clear at this moment. fog is burning off a lifting in a partly cloudy day. once that fog does so to the north rainfall continues across the pacific northwest and we will eventually be tapping into energy from the same system, but not near as much of it as it stalls out just west of the bay area tomorrow. this is tomorrow morning at 06:00am got a well formed. a line of showers stretching from point raise up through sonoma and mendocino counties. you think all just a few more hours and the rest of the bay area would tap into that out so much. it stalls out just to our west and loses some of its energy. in the meantime, that means although we will have some isolated showers later in the day on thursday into friday morning. we're not going to be seeing as much potential
7:48 am
energy from the system as what we could have had just moved its way through. so we do have showers likely later in the day tomorrow. and even for the sierra nevada, some light snowfall. but the system by no means a big rainmaker at most around a quarter of an inch of rainfall is possible. as we reach our way through the next couple of days here. so not a significant system. at least it's something that we certainly do need it 60's for your daytime highs for the peninsula today. while much of the rest of the bay area we'll be holding on to daytime highs climbing into the 70's san carlos into the south bay. examples of that san jose and campbell at 75 degrees today, low 70's for much of the east bay oakland, up to richmond. you're holding on to the upper 60's, though, and a range of 60's to 70's across the north bay this afternoon. getting your look ahead at next 7 days today into tomorrow is our biggest cool down down 10 degrees on average from today's highs to tomorrow. so enjoy today's mild conditions. tomorrow showers arrive for the most part later in the
7:49 am
day. unless you're up in sonoma and mendocino counties friday, we could see a couple of showers during the morning hours before clearing later on in saturday. maybe a couple of morning sprinkles. but that be it before clearing skies later in the day. rest of the forecast stays dry with highs eventually back into the 60's. by next monday. reyna. john, thank you for we have a few issues in the south bay. we did have a vehicle versus pedestrian accident. there. >> at rocket highway 60 that on ramp. and you can see we're seeing delays along one o one in 6.80. is well, they're 2.80, is well an 87. so pretty much all the highways in the south. they are busy at this hour, especially due to that traffic collision along 6.80, in alum rock. also, let's get a look at what else is impacting your wednesday morning commute. it's the fog. nearly 30 minutes traveling into the city right now. maze to that fremont street exit because of that fog advisory. same story for the san mateo bridge about 21 minutes. you can really see it. the traffic
7:50 am
is inching their way across towards the peninsula. dense fog. when you reach the peninsula side as well. there almost a 40 minute drive for you via the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls because of the fog. let's check on crockett down towards the maze. 36 minutes for your drive. things start to pick up clear conditions along the richmond center fell bridge was still pretty slow. and as a traveling from 85 to menlo park about 61 minutes along one on one darya james. thanks a lot. ryan is 7.50, and the warriors are still trying to win. >> they are struggling last 2 teams they've played. they've lost. it's been tough. and baseball fans are also going to have to wait a little longer for things to pick up. >> with this season because the mlb and players association can reach a deal yesterday for that throw a wrench in a lot of people's plans. we've got sports director jason dumas with the latest. >> was just the latest example of what has become a concerning trend dubs in minneapolis. steph curry didn't play the last time he was in the twin cities cold out there right now. picking
7:51 am
up in the second warriors down 4 beasley had himself a night 20 points, 6 threes all off the bench now and a half dozen transition. steph misses. that's the kron. 4 hoop session contributor gp 2 with the put back 14 points. 3rd quarter staff heated up was up 11. look at him. use the pick. he's going to finish through contact for the foul. he had a great 3rd quarter. finished with 34 points, but it was not enough. let's go to the 4th quarter and this was the best player on the court tonight. karl anthony-towns. watch us anderson says too little to guard him and he let them know flex that muscle. now just a couple possessions later shows inside out game cat. what the 3 he won a 3 point contest a couple weeks ago. he had 39 9 dubs fall one. 29 1.14, after the game. steph curry would just say, hey, i hope we can get past this.
7:52 am
>> late tonight, just don't play. >> their brand of basketball defensively to give us chance on the road against a team that if allow >> what we all feared for a long time has become a reality. the mlb will be canceling the first 2 series of the season because the mlb and the players association, they were unable to come to an agreement. this will be the first time in 27 years. that games will be canceled due to a lockout. the league been locked out since december 2nd and the 2 sides had 13 negotiation sessions yesterday alone. but clearly he was not enough. and now the fans suffer. mlb commissioner robert manfred said this has been a rough day. the only thing i can say. is that. >> from that perspective of the commissioner's office and
7:53 am
the we are doing our very, very best to try to reach an agreement. unfortunately, it's not something that solely within our control. it takes 2 parties to reach an agreement and we will continue to be committed to that process. we went through a really long 9 or 10 days. we had a really late night last and not a particularly productive day today. >> we need to regroup and figure out how we're going to move the process forward. that's the best i can do for you. >> that's the best you can do and maybe coming up with the deal will be a little better. i think that's what everyone would appreciate. all right. that's your look at sports. >> and that was jason dumas reporting. the warriors are going to play the mavericks in dallas tomorrow night with tip off at 5.30, it's 7.53. we'll off at 5.30, it's 7.53. we'll be right back. woo! whoa!
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7:57 am
the marsupial old by kevin i don't know that i like one he's, you know, never mind. that was and kind stuff. the dark side of the force is just attacking people left and right now he's cute. he's now it seems bunny us now is it 7.57 was showing us to from all over air on the ground on morning news and coming up, you not have to wear a mask anymore indoors in santa clara county. >> that's a big story that we're covering in a live report. and of course, we've got more the day after the president addressed the nation and the world was listening. what did he say about ukraine and about the shape of our country right now? and you can now catch a ride in on a car in san francisco. do you want somebody behind the wheel just in case we'll tell you which companies offer which ride in just a few minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> and thanks for waking up with us and aria and on. james. we have a live look here behind us here at the airport where so far looks okay. but a little cloudy overhead. yeah. but dogs, the big thing it is we do have a little snippet. sunshine there over your shoulder, james. so let's see how we're progressing throughout the morning. so far it's been foggy. john, what do you think for later? yes, still foggy out there for sure, guys. but later today we will see more and more sunin


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