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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  March 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> thanks for waking up with us on a thursday our change 05:00am on a thursday morning. >> we're going to start with weather and traffic. we're watching. we're waiting anticipating those showers to arrive at some point. yes, i was. and then they weren't there. and i coast clear. this find out. we got john with a close eye. hey, look, they they're john. yeah. for some of us, the coast is clear than others. we are looking at the golden gate bridge this morning in the midst of fog. that is pushing in at times and then clearing right out at other times. some of us have seen miss so far this morning. some of us have seen dry skies. >> others have seen fog. others have seen showers. we've seen quite the variety of weather already this
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morning. we are seeing visibility being affected for pockets of the bay shore and then in the north bay, we are seeing some pockets of rain fall indeed. now most of this is a northern marion into sonoma counties. we are seeing that line of showers, mostly right around santa rosa point raise in areas further north from there. one o one, right. when you cross the border and sonoma county is wet from these light showers we've seen so far this morning. heaviest of rainfall has been right around point raise on up towards bodega southern marin county is remain for the most part, dry aside from some misty conditions saying that you've also seen in san francisco, the peninsula around richmond on up into solano county, too. so it depends on where you're out this morning. that's for sure. most of us are actually still dry and actually are going to remain that way throughout the day today because the system is stalling our right to the north. so some of us are going to see more than others that's out today is going to be playing out now. temperatures 40's and 50's for current
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numbers. oakland hayward, san francisco, each right at 50 degrees, san mateo and a bottle right at 48 right now. thank you for that. right. let's start along the peninsula this morning. we do have a traffic hazard, a downed tree. >> southbound to a north of magdalena avenue. this is in los altos. that area. well, not seeing any major delays or issues at this hour from that downed tree. 2 lanes are impacted. so one o one. 85 to menlo park. you see no delays. 27 minutes. 82 also a good alternate for you. again, it's really early. looks like people are still able to get through along 2.80, heading into the city may so that fremont street exit 7 minutes for your drive. their san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 12 and out of richmond heading across to war. sandra fell tolls to one o one just 7 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. 5, 0, 2, and our top story, san jose police now looking for a driver who struck and killed a pedestrian and then took off. >> so we have this as the
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tense pedestrian to die so far this year, crawford's camila barco stand by for us with the very latest on this camila. what happened? >> yes, like you guys said someone was walking the streets of san jose and then someone struck that person and that we're seeing this very often we're seeing is almost twice a it doesn't matter whether the person is the driving in the streets of san jose or walking the streets of san jose. this hit and run happened near the intersection of south white road and cold water drive around 4.30, yesterday afternoon. paramedics rushed that pedestrian to the hospital where he later died. now at this time, there is no information of the car involved. but like you guys said, it is the 10 are in debt this year alone just in san jose. now it's unclear speeding played a factor in this crash. but the rise in traffic deaths has pushed members to create a bill to
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install traffic cameras to get drivers to slow down the taking video of the scene january 18 where there was another traffic deaths in san jose. and this is why assembly members want traffic cameras in cities like san jose. these cameras would enforce speeds streets where there's a lot of injuries in school zones and streets with a history of speed contest. now under the bill speeding tickets which start at $50 for going 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. but people living under the poverty line to receive 80% reduction or community service. now mayor sam liccardo has been supportive of this bill. he says that traffic gets are happening. alarming rate and it was like i said, we're seeing these traffic gets happened at least twice a week. we're already in march and we've already seen at 17 of these and so far 18 people have died in traffic deaths in san jose dish year
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alone. back to you guys. thank you. camila. >> 5, 0, 4, right now. and in the east bay community in concord is mourning the death of a 16 year-old boy who was hit by a car there and died. jose castillo and he was a student at mount diablo high school. he was riding his bike when he was struck and killed last friday at the intersection of the lindo street and clayton road. several cars were involved in this crash. a 28 year-old driver is now facing a vehicular manslaughter charge. the principal of montbello high says that he was from el salvador and the student was eager to learn in america. >> for him to make his way here to conquer california. and to die in that way. it hurts. we've got to take advantage of our moments and and understand what's important. before it's not here. this is a reminder of that.
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>> the school is planning on a ceremony to honor jose's life within the next couple of weeks. jose's family is trying to raise money now to send his body back to el salvador. >> our big story internationally, of course, continues to be the russian invasion of ukraine. russia says that they're ready to talk to end the fighting in ukraine but will continue to bomb ukraine's cities until peace is settled on. and now there are a million ukrainian refugees have left in 8 days. >> a million-plus is another million who've been displaced from their homes within the country. pedro rivera has a look at the destruction. >> after video displaying the russian invasion continuing and ukraine's largest cities. this explosion in kiev. so massive. it change the night sky today for matter of moments and in curse on the city's definitely rush has
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been able to seize the port city. the first major ukrainian city under russian control, according to officials, this resident has seen the takeover firsthand. today. woke up to a lot of outside. it's just of one of my and i saw the times that it time to meters away from my house, more residential buildings in ukraine's second-largest city. car-keev have been destroyed. 3 schools, a shopping center and the cathedral bombarded by the russians. firefighters here frantically tried to control the flames at this regional government building after it was hit with an airstrike. russians have a significant amount of combat power apply. in ukraine and they still have some significant combat power that they have not engaged. but russia's massive 40 mile convoy has been slowed down by ukrainians fighting back northern push by the russians down towards the south towards kiev remain stalled. according to u.s. intelligence, russian
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officials weren't expecting this resistance that has led to logistical problems. russian troops dealing with the lack of food and fuel russian military officials are claiming to have lost around 500 soldiers. but ukrainian government officials dispute the number saying it's in the thousands who be will need as a sleet should wherever they go. they will be destroyed. >> they will not have calm here on wednesday. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov, free iterating, russian troops will not leave their neighboring country until key acknowledgements are made. but the chance to see. >> the recognitions of done that sick people republic, there should be no armament that may threaten russia's security, too. those >> reporting for us this morning. congress, by the way, is rushing to get aid out the door. ukraine as u.s. officials warned the violence on the ground there could escalate even more in the coming days escalate even more than it is now. all right.
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>> and that package, by the way, you're talking about james, its multi-billion dollars. and that includes everything from humanitarian, 2 cyber security aid and most importantly, additional weapons. so the ukrainians can fight back. president biden says it's imperative that congress get this aid package passed as soon as possible. lawmakers could vote on it, maybe even pass it by next friday. >> well, in the south bay, there is a push in san jose to suspend the sister city relationship with russia's 4th largest city. sister cities are linked to usually for purposes of cultural exchange. but san jose council member sylvia arenas is proposing to suspend their ties with the russian city of their captain berg due to this war. the proposal was met with both support and opposition at the city council meeting. >> there's some challenges you're seeing with the of suspending our sister city relationship. but we are it's being able to express our concerns directly through this
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correspondence. the community here in the city of san jose. >> the ukrainian community and and their family members and those who others and in the ukraine. they want to see us take a stance and this is the time to do it. >> well, in a memo, the city council to the city council mayor sam liccardo declined the proposal and instead recommends of san jose express solidarity with ukraine through lighting city hall and supporting ukrainian refugees. >> 5.10, is the time right now. and for your money this morning, gas prices continue to soar in california. i mentioned earlier in the week that the gas station near my house was for on monday, right? was 5 9 yet. now it's 5.19, this morning, then fine. and and and i'm paying for the high test highest grades 5.39. i pass by every day. 5.39 kron
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four's will tran said by live in the east bay with more on the pain, we're all feeling at the pump. good morning. well, >> my gas station is like your gas station, james and area. it continues to go near my house. sits at 5, 0, 9, when i did this story last week, it was sitting at around 4.80. so it went up about $0.29 at the gas station near my place. but we are driving around the bay area. i mean, contra costa county. look at that darias paying 5.39. for premium is 5.39. for the regular stuff at this chevron here and it will continue to climb. you guys just did a story about russia and ukraine as russia intensifies its war against ukraine. we will feel it here in terms of gas prices. this is what's happening. prices are at an all-time high last night for the brent crude oil, which is the international benchmark, the price for a barrel of oil is now $113.
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that's the highest. it's been since 2014 and that will continue to climb is actually up $7 since last week. this after 31 countries that produce oil, including united states, decided to release about 60 million barrels, hoping to slow things down. but it did not slow things down. the prices are going up and up and up. and the reason being russia supplies the world with about 12% of the oil. and because right now russia is fighting ukraine, that 12% is not available to us to the world. and that's why we are seeing prices go up. take a look at your screen. these are the price is not as high as mike location, but yikes. still very painful and napa. you're looking at 5 dollars and $0.11 in san francisco. you're looking at 5, 0, 5, and these are just average prices. remember that? and oakland, $4 and $0.99. and
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in san jose, $4 and $0.98. so you have some places below $5 for now, we will get reaction from drivers for this particular story. never hard to track people down. they always have something to say about paying a lot at the pump. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well, it is 5.13. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news teachers in san francisco upset after learning the school board has approved a plan to lay them off. we'll have more on that in a moment. >> plus, mask can come off in schools across the state in less than 2 weeks. we're going to have a look at bay area school districts and whether they align with these new they align with these new guidelines are not. ♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes
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>> 5.15, is the time right now. checking out the weather and sort of just waiting for the way weight waiting for the wayne, the way it's like watching, you know, like the kettle boyle where you just kind of try wait find out. john happened when away in a haha. >> well, for some, the wayne won't get others it is already here. it's very much so a different tale on either side of the bay. some of us that system is just going to stall out before it even reaches us others. well, you're already seeing it this morning. your view outside of san francisco, you're the in-between zone. you've already seen some misty spots in sf so far today. look at the south bay. we'll start. there will be easier to cover. there's not a whole lot going on. we do have a couple light sprinkles pushed right into the coastline. very briefly on
5:17 am
highway one will be running into a few sprinkles there now for areas in the core of the bay area, san mateo county, san francisco, as well as upper right along the shoreline from richmond, oakland. we mostly just seen a few misty spots this morning. that's enough to get roadways wet and a little bit slick on some of our bridges. not a lot of rain to report those areas just yet where we have been seeing some light showers thus far today have been marine county, especially on that northern edge of the county around point raise on up to sonoma county and northern napa county. that's where light showers have been seen throughout the course of the morning. thus far. one, 0, one is wet as well as highway one as it makes its way up and down the coastline. southern marin as well as napa counties. really just looking at those misty spot so far this morning, pulling out across the bay area. the showers will continue that northeasterly trajectory and in the process really just past most of the bay area. so while the north bay will be picking up some much needed rainfall, most of the bay
5:18 am
sitting this one out today that low pressure area. as i mentioned yesterday, just stalling out immediately to our west. so instead of showers for all its only showers for some, you will see continued light rainfall throughout the morning for the north bay. a couple of sprinkles here and there for the peninsula. notice the east bay in the south bay just not getting in the mix with it will continue to remain dry in these spots this afternoon. you may even see a couple of pockets of brightness working its way through the clouds evening. hours tonight, start dry, a brief line of showers towards pre-dawn hours into the morning commute of tomorrow morning. most energy tomorrow shifts to our east up into the sierra foothills. and then with snowfall in the sierra nevada actually getting a solid dose of sunshine towards your friday afternoon. while the sierra sees its best round of snowfall saturday morning, a couple of sprinkles here and there mostly before the sun comes up. sierra continuing to see snowfall at this time. so even though we're not going to see a lot of energy in our backyard, we are going to be seeing it.
5:19 am
some surrounding areas like the north of us as well as the east of u.s. bay area. again, just kind of missing out of the bulk of the system. max, a quarter of an inch of rainfall. most of us will be well behind that. now, as far as temperatures go huge change of pace from where we had been 50's to 60's for today's daytime highs. it is going to be a day that comes along with a lot more cloud cover. and of course, that sprinkle the rainfall potential. so as you venture outside entirely different wardrobe today, we've been getting away with the shorts and t-shirts during the afternoons today. it's going to be back to the sweaters and the rain jackets. want you to keep those rain jackets on hand, even though a lot of us won't even be seeing it. just one should be prepared for it. now today, daytime highs still reach the low 60's for some friday and saturday, though it's only the upper 50's chances of showers tomorrow morning again into a pre-dawn hours of saturday, although most rainfall to our north and to our east, as i've noted now, sunday, we dry back out staying cool before a warm-up under sunshine into
5:20 am
next week right now. all right, john, thank you for yesterday we were pretty foggy out there. visibility. >> was impacted. but we have clearer skies this morning. 7 minute drive traveling from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit as you're heading into the city this morning, san mateo bridge, a little under 30 minutes as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. let's check on 18 5.80, crockett down towards the maze. just a 15 minute drive for you at this hour. you can also see in the maze along 80. i'm not seeing any delays. traffic is at the limit in the south bay tant to one 85 to menlo park. 27 minutes. we had a downed tree along 2.80. that just was cleared off of the road. so now traffic the limit along 2.80, and 82 and highway 4. if you're heading from any acts, one, 60 to conquer to 42 about 14 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. rain. it's 5.20, and 150 san francisco counselors and staff could soon be laid off. unfortunately, the school board approved that layoff plan which now means they're
5:21 am
going to lose their jobs in the fall to save the belt. the budget for next year. kron four's dan kerman has more from san francisco. the san francisco unified school district is facing declining enrollment. >> and as the number of students drops, budgets, tighten and staff must be reduced, were worried that in the end of the day, the end of the year, we're going to have more more employees than we have positions for. that's why the san francisco school board has agreed to send out layoff notices, which could send as many as 150 classroom. teachers, counselors and social workers packing. but district officials say this is not something they're happy about. we care about and value and and have seen how hard every single teacher has been working. >> in general and especially throughout the pandemic and especially brand new teachers rate. teachers were in their first and second and 3rd years of teaching. it's not sending the right message to its educators who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic in the service of our families and students. >> the teachers union is fighting back saying instead
5:22 am
of cutting more teachers, the district should lay off more than the 71 administrators who are also on the chopping block. show us the numbers where you cut from over bloated upper management salaries before you could our position to district also proposed the possible elimination of 47 teachers. aides. but the board rejected that. ultimately the district is hopeful. those who received layoff notices this month will be able to stay. >> if enough, current teachers move or retire, creating additional vacancies. >> so that when we closed classrooms, those those teachers that are are consolidated as a result of that, we have open positions for them to select into. that's my hope. now those layoff notices will go out this month. final decisions will not be made until may. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news >> and you can order another round of covid test kits, by the way, from the federal government starting next week in the state of the union address, president biden
5:23 am
announced that everyone can now order for additional free tests from their web site at covid tests dot gov. the website was first launched back in january and it allowed for free tests per residential address. the biden administration initially made 500 million free rapid tests available. but so far, fewer than 300 million have actually been ordered by americans to say needed these tests like, i don't know, 6 months ago, you know, they mean. >> well, it was so hard to find recently. but, yeah, i'm glad we're getting know. it's great friends but i've 5 to i think a lot of people are saying that which is great 5.23. right now going of state attorney general rob bonta aiming his investigation now at tiktok. he thinks it's putting kids at risk and we'll tell you why.
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>> 5.26 is the time tiktok is facing a nationwide investigation now over its effect on the mental health of children. attorneys general in 8 states including california, are behind this investigation. they say their goal is to find out if tiktok use of special techniques to lure young people to their site, causing them harm as they spent hours and hours engaged with the app. some children, some child health care advocates. we spoke with are applauding the move. >> the important thing is that children because their brains are facing cannot do duct of reasoning. abstract thinking the kinds of sophisticated operation to it takes to really assess danger.
5:27 am
>> who is a troll online? who is an adult pulling them into behavior but pretending to be a child. these things are so harmful and traumatizing for children. >> yes, some experts also say it's important for parents to be involved in their child's viewing habits that, you know what they're watching. it's 5.27, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. san francisco's homeless or struggling to connect to essential services will tell you what's being done right now to make those resources more readily available. we'll be right back.
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>> it's 5.29 right now and we are checking on the weather it's dark. it's a little dark i can tell you john. the educator the same as the dark in this role. that is that not a lot going on in the shot. this was a really pretty shot moments ago. but that fog is really pressed in. >> got one little blinking light up there. i at the going gets going again. was so pretty a minute yeah, not anymore. that's the fog right for sure. having its impact on his ability. it's been being in flowing right along the coastline this morning. some of us along the bay shore not having that great of his ability. you are dry for the south and east bay, misty spots in the middle and then you see it here on radar. the
5:31 am
rain to our north now showers are mostly light to moderate and really limited this morning. the vast majority of us not looking at rainfall, but we are up in portions of sonoma and marin counties you see are in sonoma on up into northern napa lake and mendocino counties too. now a little bit further southward. we're kind of in the in-between in areas like san francisco, oakland, up to allay we've had missed the spots here. just enough to get roadways wet, including our bridges, south bay, nothing other than some fog, especially right along the bay shore. now, the thing about the showers that we are seeing to our west, they're stalling out there. so most rainfall during daytime hours is going to be concentrated to the north bay showers occasionally making their way down into san francisco at the coastline east bay, south bay. it's not looking likely that you're going to see much of anything today. so quite a variety of weather to be planning for all of us complain on a cooler day, though, 40's 50's for your current temperatures later today. maxing out mostly
5:32 am
in the low 60's. big change from the sunshine and 70's that we had been saying all be breaking down rainfall potential over the next several days. still to come in the rest of your forecast john, thank you for that on your thursday morning. we are keeping a close on your commute as you can see, metering lights are still off here at the bay bridge. 8 minute drive as you're traveling from the maze, 2 that fema street exit. >> san mateo bridge a 80 to one o one about 12 minutes for your drive. there. visibility much better than it was yesterday heading across towards sandra fell about 7 minutes. you can see chp posted up here. definitely want to make sure always driving the speed limit in the south bay, 1, one. 85 in the low part. 28 minutes for you. there. and let's quickly check on highway 4. any out traveling into concord. about 15 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> thanks. a lot of rain. it's 5.32 and there's a new ever in san francisco to improve the system that's used to match homeless people with
5:33 am
>> the report came up with 35 recommendations to better assist. those who are in need. organizers say the result of the 42, the san francisco department of homelessness and supportive housing in the hopes of improving this matching system. >> 5.33 is the time the stanford community mourning the loss of a standout student athlete women's soccer team. captain katie meyer was found dead in a campus dorm room. she was an incredibly talented
5:34 am
and passionate young woman as team captain and goalkeeper. she led the cardinal to a national championship back in 2019, stanford says the counselors are on hand after residence hall and in the athletics department to help students and staff cope with their grief remembrances of meyer have been flooding into social media. many from other stanford athletes and soccer players across the country. in the south bay. new details now on the attempted murder case against former ufc star cain velasquez. prosecutors are accusing him of trying to kill harry lardy who was charged with molesting a child related to alaska's and then released from jail last week a few days later, police say velasquez tech track down go rt to the day care that he worked. got into a car chase with clardy and then shot at him. authorities say velasquez ended up shooting one of relatives instead during yesterday's court appearance, dozens of people showed up wearing shirts that read free came.
5:35 am
>> what can do that? don't i can't blame him and that can states right. and i think the men got what he deserves. the people's intention. >> that he remain in custody, given that we believe that he is still a threat to the victim as well as to public safe. >> alaska's will remain in jail over the weekend. he plans to deny the charges. his attorney will ask the judge to grant bail on monday. >> in the north bay, a deadly shooting in monte rio involving a father and son. investigators identified as victim a 72 year-old rufino gonzalez. they say that he was the father of the suspect identified as 32 year-old francisco gonzales currently on held without bail on a murder charge. the shooting happened tuesday morning in monte rio. sheriff's deputies arrested gonzalez around for the afternoon 8 miles away from the crime scene. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive. >> up first, the yoga studio owner has fired its co-founder
5:36 am
over the anti semitic. flyers have been circulating around the bay area. you may remember we first told you about these flyers last week cropper taylor sackey has more on the story. >> they just feel it shaking there and saying kelly a and 8 years ago, jeff renfro fired his longtime friend kelly johnson over the weekend. >> the to open a couple yoga studios together in the bay area. >> when berkeley called yoga, renfro says he finally cut ties with johnson after learning johnson used company computers to register business for her boyfriend who renfro says has been using that business to spread covid conspiracies. he had an anti semitic messages. the business, an extremist group had been linked to these anti semitic flyers that went around berkeley and the bay area renfro whose family happens to be jewish says he confronted johnson about his concerns multiple he would behind it when first came out
5:37 am
and i aware of his behavior and her involvement in the >> left past 2 months and we're trying intervene life to for to and and also to change her or what. some of us. and it's only for coming out out the hateful messaging moved berkeley city council to call for an emergency resolution condemning hate speech last has no place in our nobody should be victimized and we should be discriminated against on the basis of their race. religion. >> or we're a city that welcomes all people. but we have a very clear stance against hate. mayor jesse says berkeley along with other cities like palo alto in novato continue to investigate these anti semitic messages. >> and those responsible group has roots in the bay area. >> and been spreading their message of hate throughout the bay area and we, you know, we take this very seriously. you know, i know that other communities that have affected
5:38 am
by these hate incident. hate are also working with us and with federal authorities to. i'm trying get some justice and some accountability for what's happened. cities in texas, wisconsin and florida saw similar hate messages appear over the last month as well. >> the extremist group is believed to be connected. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> it's 5.38. and still ahead, the warriors back in action tonight. klay thompson and draymond green could be back on the core to and that would sure help. and after the break, also, the dangers facing a very a little league team. it's forcing them to move their games to other fields.
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>> in the south bay, a santa was a little league could soon have to find a new home field because there's has led lurking right now. the eastridge little league they play on this field right next to the reid-hillview airport. and there's concern that the soil may have been contaminated with leaded fuel used at the airport. a county supervisor propose a plan to give the league about 2 million dollars over 5 years to help them rent other ball fields in san jose. >> very amounts of lead can
5:42 am
cause permanent brain damage for children. we realized that we couldn't the, you know, children playing in an unsafe area. yeah, because think about it. i mean, you know, it's not like you're walking on it. these guys are sliding into home base. and roland, in the you know, dirt, you know how that goes in baseball and everything. >> they're really in it. so there's concerns about their safety board of supervisors plans to further discuss this next tuesday. >> the airport has stopped using leaded fuel and it's scheduled to close sometime in the next decade when the airports, federal funding runs out. you know, for years that's been the home to east ridge, little league and the airport. so there's a way that they want to figure this out. >> time now is 5.42. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
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trident gum. the fresh chew to refresh your rhythm. >> 5.45 right now and we're checking out the weather you know, do really doesn't matter if it rains or not today because i'm work out. you can't work explain later. all right, ashley, to the picture. i was my first day that second day back in the gym and all things getting real when judge that the weather while you can't walk because he's done his work. yeah. i'm a little soreness days that fortunately, i guess a little more unsafe than i because i would have never been able to do it. i did yesterday. a good
5:46 am
for us to get back out there doing some workouts the past few days because today is a good rest day. it is cooler cloudier and it's about to be a little rain here, too. >> your view it outside here at the east bay hills. we do have some wet conditions around berkeley, but it's not really because of rainfall more so because of some misty conditions that we've seen are right around here. rain to the north missed in the middle and then to the south, not a whole lot of anything actually looking at dry conditions for the santa clara valley, aside from some pockets of fog, we have a sprinkle up in the santa cruz mountains. that's all we've got for the south bay right now. a couple of misty spot stretching from san francisco, the peninsula on over towards oakland, richmond, up to the lay home and then the north bay, some light to moderate showers for you and mostly up into sonoma and northern napa counties as well as near the coastline and marin counties. you head further toward san pablo bay and the golden gate and things start to die down really quickly with just some misty spots there. rainfall is moving in a northeasterly direction. so it's actually
5:47 am
not hitting most of the bay area. and this frontal boundary is stalling out right before it lands in the bay. what does that mean for us? all that rainfall that we love to see passing through, giving us all a good dose is going to be hanging out mostly to our north, avoiding most of the bay area. and rainfall totals are going to suffer because of that. now as we move through futurecast, you see how showers mostly stay to the north through the day. we will see a couple of sprinkles in san francisco. likely richmond, too. the mostly it will be sonoma, mendocino lake and portions of napa counties that get in the mix with today's daytime rainfall overnight tonight will be looking at dry conditions into tomorrow morning. a couple of sprinkles are possible. looking very brief, though, after that, some clearing throughout the course of the day on friday. that's the sunshine for your friday afternoon. while the sierra nevada starts to pick up on some snowfall towards the latter part of the day tomorrow, then come saturday, some on and off sprinkles mostly during pre-dawn hours. snowfall continuing in the
5:48 am
sierra before we dry out come saturday afternoon. so you see limited rainfall potential here in the bay. so much so that really only checking in with around a 10th of an inch to quarter of an inch. max for any sort of rainfall totals across the bay, the further inland and further south, you get generally the less chance of any sort of rainfall. we do have now, as far as temperatures go today will be upper 50's to low 60's. this is notable because you remember where we've been, which has been upper 60's to low 70's so easily, 10 degrees cooler and really just a matter of a day, a big difference as far as what it feels like as you're heading outside the big difference and what it's looking like 2 with skies remaining, mostly cloudy today and with showers further north of the bay, definitely dressed for this one prepared for those changes. napa and santa rosa among spots are right at 60 degrees today. tomorrow and saturday watch will be the coolest days of your forecast. some evening showers possible tonight after daytime showers for the north bay friday morning. a couple of morning sprinkles than sunshine. the rest of the day.
5:49 am
chance of showers before the sun even comes up saturday morning. rest of the day looks dry and the rest of the forecast does to after that with highs eventually climbing back to the mid to upper 60's train a dog. thank you for that. so we do have a disabled vehicle. this is 5, any westbound. >> on the richmond, sandra fell bridge riders or acts. a teen just north of main street there. so as you're heading across towards san rafale and you get ready, get off his disabled vehicle, looks like one of the lanes are blocked drive times of not change. and that's because it's early. so still 8 minutes as you're traveling from the tulsa one. 0, one heading into the city right now. 10 minutes you can see traffic slowing down a bit. looks like the metering lights just got turned on here at the bay bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 12 minutes for your drive as you're making your way from 8.80, to one o one and the south bay. 85 in menlo park about 32 minutes. we started off the morning with an issue, a down tree along 2.80, and los altos. however, that's clear to 80's moving at the limit. same with 82. let's
5:50 am
check on highway 4 as you're traveling from any acts. one, 60 to congress to 40 to about 20 minutes story of james, back to you. thank you. rain. it's 5.49. and the warriors are back in action tonight. they're trying to bounce back after 2 straight loss. yes, eventually they will. coach steve kerr says the 2 star players could be back on the court soon. so that's >> uplifting. get called for sports director jason dumas with more. >> well, there's been a lot of doom and gloom when it comes to the warriors. as of late. the dubs are just 2, 6, in their last 8 games and steve kerr went as far to say there's some disconnect within the locker room. or steph curry. klay. tell me about it. but we have some good news. but draymond green and klay thompson, they practice just recently on this road trip while james wiseman, he participated in a 3 on 3 scrimmage. clay is questionable to play against dallas. white, draymond green and james. well, they're still going to be out a little bit, but everything is trending in
5:51 am
the right direction. and all 3 players are ready to go soon, which is something the warriors desperately need. >> it's literally day to the fact that they both played today for the first time on the floor together was really and fun to see and the more games and days james strings together, the better. and it's been a really good like 3 to four-week stretch now. so it's all heading in a really positive direction. it's not enough. >> to where i can say he's going to play on such and such date. >> or were his basketball has been ugly? they need all those guys. now general manager spoke at the nfl combine and when it was john lynch's time at the podium, i think you can guess the topic, this guy right here. i'm sorry, jayme. we've got you right when you're getting pummeled. good ol jimmy garoppolo. he's kind of in a limbo. he's still on the niners roster yet it's a foregone conclusion that he
5:52 am
will be traded at some point. this offseason. but, you know, john lee, he's a man of respect. and for now, jimmy is still in the red and gold. so he's going to treat him as such and praise him as such as well. >> there's always plan a plan b plan, c, you know, and and you know, we we plan for all that accordingly. you know, he's a big part of what we've done in like i say, still a part of us. and until that changes, you know, we feel blessed that he is. and so, you know, right now when we're talking about his i'm worried about that for the niners for jimmy, you know, as far as anything else like i said, we have had some discussions with teams and will continue to. as of right now, he's he's a part of us. >> and that was sports director jason dumas reporting this morning. the warriors will be facing the dallas mavericks tonight with tipoff at 5.30. >> it's 5.52. kron four's recognizing remarkable women that are making a difference in the bay area. and here they
5:53 am
are. you can hear their stories all month long beginning tuesday, march 8th. we're going to have more news after the break and don't miss these wonderful series that we're doing. ♪ feeling supported. ♪ ♪ bad vibes thwarted. ♪ ♪ new activia plus. ♪
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>> 5.55 is the time in the east bay. happiness apparently is here in the bay area with a new report from wallethub ranking fremont as the happiest city, not just in the california area where the bay area, but in all of the united states about that with what?
5:56 am
>> rima is the happiest city in the whole country their overall the report says the bay area is pretty happy place to live in general. san francisco ranked 3rd happiest what san jose? 4th happy. wow. santa rose and oakland were also listed in the top 20. so there is not doing too bad. it are in. >> we're all the city's happiest person on the planet. i know >> every find a rich is the best day ever because it's a perspective thing. anyway. they ranked happened is on a number of factors. yeah. job security was depression rates, frequency of divorce, euro and a host of other criteria. but after calculating, all of it turns out free and i like that survey. i think the best way to rank happiness is to ask people, are you happy? what is this? it just say are you happy? and then? >> there we go with that. but he done with that. i know best, you know, but you know best if you're happy, i'm not happy about
5:57 am
>> that's what i'm not about. and that's one of the stories we're following. and we come back in the next hour. gas prices continue to climb. drivers in many cases paying way more than $5 a gallon grab. a live report from kron four's will tran. >> and san francisco is looking to stop massive rent hikes in formerly rent controls apartments. we're going to have more on that in the next hour. plus, traffic cameras. they want them installed in san jose. that city has had now a record 10 pedestrian deaths. we'll have pedestrian deaths. we'll have a live repor ♪ ♪ i'm here for - your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble - reading? exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ ♪
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> and that is any 6. it's march 3rd. you know what that means? yes, i do. it's ernesto garcia's birthday producer up in the booth. happy birthday, ernesto. and yesterday, aaron harris or other producer had a birthday, too. and they're all reaching respectively agent. they are having available view. all right. more sweet little for boys. 6, 4, 6, 2, see what kind yeah, it just so doesn't feel left out. hers is in july this. so you don't feel left out of the doubt. everyone's birthdays are right now. that's so funny of. we are looking at good weather to like we had seen earlier this week. you can see out there at the golga


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