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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  March 3, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with at 7. i'm daria and i'm james. and depending on where you are, you might be seeing a little bit of fog, some clouds or maybe even some lightning and hail come to find out. this is turned into a way. good morning, john. everything is
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going out this morning. we just had one more factor in which is thunderstorms now officially saying that activity. >> over conquered at the moment. so while it's pretty quiet over san francisco right now, we are seeing a mix of fog elsewhere, rain in the north bay and then thunderstorm activity over in the east bay. let's zoom in on where we're seeing the cell right now. we've had conformations of hail and cloud to ground lightning right around concord. the cell itself, it's kind of being blocked out by those lightning bolts. it's right here. you can see that yellow and orange. it's making its way to the east of concord out towards bay 0.2, some very heavy rain along with it, too, in just a very limited dose. so this thing's going to move right overhead and then be gone before you know it. but it is going to come along pretty swiftly just to the south. we also have some cells building that could also produce some hail and maybe some cloud to ground lightning stretching from just south of a palo alto in stanford on up north east of the dumbarton bridge through hayward castro
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valley near san ramon. you do see those pockets of cells building. this is vertical movement of air because we do have a cold front moving in and replacing what has been a really warm air mass. and when you see that, that's when he gets a start to see that convective activity, that building of thunderstorms. and that's exactly what we do have going on right here. so that line of showers pretty heavy stretching from concord where we've had hail and thunder sta. cloud to ground lightning all the way down through san ramon hayward in just east of the dumbarton bridge. so quite the active morning in the spots right here. a couple of sprinkles on the west into san francisco right now as well as right around angel island. we are heavier showers up in solano county. now the very heaviest and most widespread is still up towards lake county in northern portions of sonoma county. we zoom out a little further. you do see the bulk of this rainfall still concentrated offshore, making its way in a northeasterly direction here. so most of our
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rainfall this morning is still going to be concentrated in the north bay. that has definitely not changed. but where that cold front is draping right across the east bay right there. we've had enough mixing and vertical movement of air that now we've seen those thunderstorms forming again. that's from concord on down to the very northern edge of the south bay. active morning for sure. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. fremont and brentwood at forty-seven degrees. each oakland as well as billy. how at 50 petaluma at 50 degrees as well. reyna. john, thank you for that. and we're starting with the richmond. sandra fell bridge where we had a disabled vehicle. >> during the last hour, now they were able to get that removed. so drive times have gone down. we're at almost 15 minutes now. we're down to 30 minutes. so still pretty backed up. but that will soon start to improve as the morning goes on. hopefully the bay bridge traveling into the city right now. 14 minutes heading from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit, no hazards. so accident along the bay bridge in the south bay,
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you're taking one. 0, one traveling from 85 towards menlo park. about 35 minutes for you. there. 2.80, also starting to pick up just a bit. dublin southbound, 6 city down to fremont 15 minutes areas where john said we're seeing some scattered showers like along 80 into we are seeing slight delays. people traveling a little slower and highway for traveling from any acts. one, 60 in to conquer to 42. almost 50 minutes story. james, back to you. thank you at 7, 0, 4, and our top story, san jose police are looking for a driver responsible for a hit and run that killed a that driver fled the scene. this now the 10th pedestrian deaths so far this year coming. barco following the story for us. >> now commute. good morning. >> good morning, guys. yeah, lawmakers are trying to do something about this. police say during yesterday's incident that a man was walking the streets of san jose. >> and a car struck and now that car took off. but the pedestrian died shortly after
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now, this hit and run happened near the intersection of south winter road and cold water drive around 4.30, yesterday afternoon. paramedics rushed the man to the hospital, but he later guy at this time, there is no more information on the pedestrian or the car involved. but it is the 10th the destrehan death this year alone in san jose. you're taking a look at another one of the pedestrian deaths that happened in san jose this year. this is video from january. 18th. police say a car struck 3 people who were crossing a street in san jose. outside the marked crosswalk during a green light. 2 of the pedestrians died shortly after city leaders have seen these traffic deaths happen at an alarming rate this time last year. san jose police investigated only 5 traffic deaths and now this year the city is at 70 teen. mayor sam liccardo said that speeding plays a factor in many of these crashes. it's unclear if it did during yesterday's
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crash, but the rise in traffic deaths has pushed lawmakers to create a bill to install traffic cameras to get drivers to slow down. they want them in cities like san jose. the cameras would enforce beams on. streets where there's a lot of injuries in school zones and streets with a history of speed races. now under the bill speeding tickets which start at $50. if you go 11 miles per hour over the speed limit, people who live under the poverty line can receive a reduction of 80% or they can do community service and the hope with these traffic cameras is to deter people from speeding because darya james, so far this year in san jose alone, 18 people have died in a traffic crash, whether they're crossing the street or 2 cars collided. we know that this is a serious problem in san jose. back to you. >> thank you. camila and a boy in concord was walking or riding his bike and he was killed 16 years old. hit by a
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car. jose castillo. he was a student at mount diablo high school and he was riding his bike on friday last friday at the intersection of galindo street and clayton road. you can see the bike there. several cars were involved, but just one driver. 28 year-old driver is now facing a vehicular manslaughter charge for that accident. the principle of mount diablo high says jose was from el salvador and was eager to learn in america. >> for him to make his way here to conquer california. and to die that way. it hurts. we've got to take advantage of our moments and and understand what's important. before it's not here. this is a reminder of that. >> the school is planning to some way to honor jose's life within the next couple of weeks. and his family might. meantime, they're trying to raise money to send his body back to el salvador. >> now to our big story this morning, the latest on
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russia's invasion of ukraine as we we're previewing talks now have begun between russia and ukraine in delegations. they started those talks at an undisclosed location along the ukrainian border this morning. but that doesn't mean the shelling has stopped. john, the bombs continue to fall and a million ukrainian refugees are on the move. a million have left. >> in 8 days of war. yeah, we've got paid rivera taking a look now at the destruction on the ground there in ukraine. >> after video displaying the russian invasion continuing and ukraine's largest cities. this explosion in kiev. so massive. it change the night sky today for matter of moments and in curse on the city's definitely rush has been able to seize the port city. the first major ukrainian city under russian control, according to officials, this resident has seen the takeover firsthand. today. woke up to a lot of
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outside. it's just of one of my and i saw it the times police time to meters away from my house, more residential buildings in ukraine's second-largest city. car-keev have been destroyed. 3 schools, a shopping center and the cathedral bombarded by the russians. firefighters here frantically tried to control the flames at this regional government building after it was hit with an airstrike. russians have a significant amount of combat power apply. in ukraine and they still have some significant combat power that they have not engaged. but russia's massive 40 mile convoy has been slowed down by ukrainians fighting back northern push by the russians down towards the south towards kiev remain stalled. according to u.s. intelligence, russian officials weren't expecting this resistance that has led to logistical problems. russian troops dealing with the lack of food and fuel russian military officials are claiming to have lost around 500 soldiers. but ukrainian
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government officials dispute the number saying it's in the thousands who be will need as a sleet should wherever they go. they will be destroyed. >> they will not have calm here on wednesday. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov, free iterating, russian troops will not leave their neighboring country until key acknowledgements are made. but the chance to see. >> the recognitions of done that sick people republic, there should be no armament that may threaten russia's security. >> and for your money this morning, gas prices continue to soar, california. yeah, we're certainly feeling it here in the bay area with a number of gas stations now showing prices well above $5. a gallon kron four's will tran has been following. the story for us joins us live once again from the east bay. >> will good morning. >> good morning for you. me. but not a good morning. if you have to go fill up because look at the price right behind
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me. 5, 0, 9. so we're moving around the east bay's 5, 0, 9, for regular 5.39. for the good stuff. the premium stuff and it's only going to get worse. keep in mind, guys, we haven't even switched over to the summer blend yet. and look at that. most gas stations north of $5. and this despite 31 oil producing countries, including the united states, stepping up and pumping out 60 million barrels of oil to try to offset what's going on in ukraine. but that's still not enough to keep the prices down because russia produces about 12% of the world's oil. and because of that, they just can't keep up with a loss of russia's supply to the rest of u.s.. united states gets a fraction, but because all the other countries are dipping into that supply, that is why we're seeing the price of a barrel of oil this morning. $113 according to the brent crude oil. that's the index. that's the international
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benchmark. that's up $7 from last week. what does that mean for you? that's a lot of numbers. a lot of moving parts, right? but the bottom line is people know it when they go fill er up. here's one man talking about how expensive it is for him now. >> and now 70 you know, 14 gallons not going to do me that much. it's, you know, maybe. couple days just tooling around. i'm retired. so i'm lucky i don't have to, you know, get to work. but it's not going to get any better. >> no, it is not going to get better because right now the average gas price in america, it's around. mean, california, $4 and $0.80 overall price. $0.26 higher nationally. >> then it was just last month and will continue to climb up and up and up as russia intensifies its war against ukraine. so these are the prices that you're waking up to this morning. average mind,
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you and now, but you're looking at $5.11, in san francisco. 5, 0, 5, in oakland for 99 and $4 and $0.98 in san jose. and again, we're not even talking summer blend just yet. i just want to add to coverage of the weather being out here as if gas prices were not enough. talk about a double whammy. i just heard lightning here in walnut creek. so lightning and thunder and all that. so. >> yikes. yeah. just get a break for story. john was just talking about lightning strikes near concord right next door. so don't be surprised of it. >> maybe moves your way. well, thanks well, and we will have more on the weather coming up as well as teachers in san francisco that just found out they are >> going to lose their jobs. but is there a way that they might keep them will have that? >> this line thunderstorms continues in india right over walnut creek, san ramon this morning that heaviest of rainfall that came along with hail has now made its way
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across the parking is up just south east of fairfield. but you can see barely clearly this line of thunderstorms that has now formed stretching 80 south of hayward through san ramon in walnut creek, on up the east of concord now and on up into solano county, keeping you updated on all of it. still to come. >> and you certainly have a busy thursday morning commute. we had some issues along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. look at the traffic building
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>> 7.16 for your money this morning. amazon is closing some stores. >> including in our area and the ongoing labor shortage is hitting the baby sitting market. now. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. yes, good morning. well, babysitting costs jumped 11% last year. that was far outpacing inflation, which is right around 7%. right now, the increase comes amid an ongoing labor crunch and a child care shortage. so parents looking for a center for one child. >> we'll need to cough up $20.57. per hour on average, according to urban center. well, amazon will close its 4 star shops and bookstores to focus on whole foods and fresh instead after opening the first book shop in seattle in 2015, amazon has tried out all kinds of different retail concepts, convenience stores without cashiers supermarkets, a format called for star in which it sells toys and other items with high customer ratings in the bay area. there are stores in san jose walnut
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creek berkeley, burlingame court amid era. now those ventures have not been as profitable as the company of hope. and a lot mask is complaining to the biden administration. the test wasn't mentioned with other automakers during the state of the union address. president biden, he's ford and general motors has specific instances. well, the president said the companies were choosing to build new factories in the u.s. with few years ago. this would have been built overseas protests, of course, as factors in california as well as texas and a coalition of state attorneys general launching an investigation into tiktok. they're seeking information about whether and how the video sharing platform contributes to online harms to children leading the investigation is a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from california as well as florida, kentucky, massachusetts, nebraska, new jersey, tennessee and vermont live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. 20 bucks an hour for a babysitter wise to get >> you know, and and we would do 18 to 20 a few years ago,
7:19 am
but was on the the average price. and what if you have more kids too? those kids and the ever? yeah. you thanks a lot. yeah, james. that movie would just caution how much value the movie ticket. >> you know, maybe said so that my kids are old yeah. watch themselves. they're not getting any cheaper, don't. fortunately 7.19, is the time we got john standing by with a look at. >> well, what are we looking at? their hit the east bay, which was a law clear just a few moments ago. now you've got the low cloud cover pressing into your berkeley hills and east of that. not just cloud cover, but some thunderstorm development. so we have quite a wide variety of weather across the bay right now. we're going to start with the south bay. you see this line of showers from the coast of the santa cruz mountains. a little pocket of light showers just south of mountain view and then north from that freeman just south of hayward on up into the east
7:20 am
bay. this is that cold front right there. and just north of fremont is where we do have some thunderstorm activity that has resulted in cloud to ground lightning stretching from hayward castro valley on up towards walnut creek, san ramon in up to concord, bayport and bay points now into solano county. most of that thunder has been concentrated right around walnut creek right now. cloud to ground lightning in that area. so if you were planning on getting outside, make that activity brief, definitely avoid too much exposure, especially with lightning in the vicinity, especially for inland east areas. but that really some quick development of these thunderstorms as we do see this cold front sliding through replacing a very warm air mass with a much colder one. temperatures falling dramatically today. when you see that much change in a short period of time, that is a recipe for thunderstorm development right there. fairfield on up to winters right along highway 5, 0, 5, in the midst of some heavier rainfall, too little bit of hail and also some cloud to
7:21 am
ground lightning. north bay is where we're seeing the most widespread of rainfall. now, these showers are moving to the northeast. so a lot of the bay area going to pass right by him or i should say the showers will pass right by the bay area. impacting areas like northern sonoma county, mendocino and lake counties with the bulk of that rainfall. while much of the rest of the bay actually stays fairly dry, vertical development of thunderstorms right now in solano county as well as along this line, stretching from northern sonoma through lake county on up towards reading in the central valley, satellite and radar showing you that cold front that's sliding through kind of stalling out right across the region. localized areas will see heavier totals. most of the rest of us there will be pockets of heavy rainfall, mostly in the north bay, then the inland east bay in the south bay not get much of anything at all. you can see all the showers just continue to press north northeast, really just skirting most areas right along the coastline into the north bay. then a few showers along the east bay shoreline.
7:22 am
really what we're seeing right now in the inland east bay is kind of an anomaly. we're not going to see a lot more activity than that for most of you further inland in the south bay, you will see a line of showers passing by during morning hours tomorrow into tomorrow. most of our energy is going to be concentrated in the sierra foothills with some rain and the sierra upper elevations with some snowfall snowfall continues from friday on into saturday, too. great to be seeing that activity up. there will also have some pre-dawn sprinkles on saturday morning. how much rain are we talking? most of us staying around a 10th of an inch near the coastline, inland areas. less than that. now today's daytime highs will be in the upper 50's to low 60's big drop in temperatures as they already noted from where we were yesterday from the 70's to the 50's and 60's big change of pace and that's where we'll stay through the upcoming weekend, too. chance of showers tomorrow as well as early on saturday morning. tomorrow afternoon, we get sunshine as we will also on saturday before we dry out the rest of your forecast. john,
7:23 am
thank you for we're seeing a lot of improvement along the richmond center fell bridge. last time we checked in. >> it was a hot spot. now you see we're down to 14 minutes as you're traveling from the tolls across towards one o one, the bay bridge. 80 minutes for your drive. that's just because we're seeing an uptick in traffic meter lights have been on for over an hour and let's check on the highway for as you're traveling from one 60 to conquer to 42 about 54 minutes. john mentioned we were seeing some rain up in this area. so that is slowing traffic down there just a bit. and the south bay one, 0 one. 85 to menlo park. 38 minutes. 82 in 2, 80. all at the limit at this hour. southbound 6, a doubling down to fremont about 15 minutes for you. there you see an uptick in traffic along 8.80, through hayward and fremont that area and the san mateo bridge about 14 minutes as you're traveling across towards the peninsula will be
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>> 7.26. right now. san francisco teachers are furious because the school board recently 150 teachers, counselors and social workers going to be laid off. the school board says that this is necessary because of budget problems caused by a decline in enrollment. the teachers are against these cut off saying they would rather school board lay off more administrators instead of taking jobs from the classrooms, the district rejected a plan that would have also eliminated nearly 50 teachers. aides. the layoff notices are going out later this month. but district
7:27 am
officials say that their if there's enough teachers who retire or move, then those teachers who get the pink slips, they might ultimately be able to keep their jobs final decisions on the layoffs are going to be made in may. >> a san francisco supervisor is working on legislation that would protect formally rent-controlled tenants will tell you how he's planning on doing that. coming up in a live report.
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tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 7.29 right now in the weather is get gotten it getting exciting to the state over big but hill lightning but only for a couple of us. best of us. a lot of us anyways are like we're oversell it really absolutely depends where you're at this morning. but if you are in those spots, car is not overselling anything because there's a few spots where it has been quite interesting this morning. your view outside at the embarcadero just looking foggy and dry at the minute. there's your line of showers stretching or right up the inland east bay, mostly. and we've had a lot of hail out there. a lot of thunderstorm, i should say only a couple of spots of hail right along the spot. so danville on up to concord. in be point, that's where we are
7:31 am
seeing pretty well formed a line right castro valley hayward on up towards san ramon. you see those deeper areas of yellow and orange stretching up there. we've had cloud to ground lightning around a point. we had hail in concord cloud to ground lightning around walnut creek, too little bit further south from there. and we are seeing just pockets of showers north of sonny bill on up into the santa cruz mountains. and let's go a little bit further north from there, too, because we also have a sale that's passing right around vacaville right now, just east of fairfield highway 80 right there. definitely in the midst some heavier rainfall for commuters that are trying to work their way out of vacaville. widespread of rain falls situated well to the north of that. and that's where we're going to be seeing most rainfall hanging out today. this line of showers in lake county also coming along with some thunderstorm activity and also the potential of hail up in lake county, northern sonoma county, seeing some good rainfall intensity to especially around windsor and
7:32 am
healdsburg concentrated north of santa rosa. all in all, most of the bay area actually stays fairly dry today as the showers pass just to the north of us, heaviest of rainfall in that line right along the frontal boundary right there. temperatures falling dramatically from where they were yesterday. and any time you see a temperature drop is significant. as we're talking from yesterday and 2 today. so cold front moving through and that cold frontal boundary results in that potential for thunderstorm development like we have this morning. 40's in napa nevado at 48 degrees petaluma oakland and san francisco. each at 50 degrees right >> don, thank you for that. ok, we're starting in the south bay along the peninsula there where we do have an accident. los altos northbound to 80 north of foothill expressway. so we are seeing a slight delay. 82 might be a good alternate for you if you're trying to get around those delays. traffic picking up along 80 san leandro traveling towards milpitas about a 33 minute commute for you at this hour. let's get a
7:33 am
look at the bay bridge. 16 minutes. you can see those clouds. john was talking about building there so that fremont street exit san mateo bridge. 16 minutes for you heading across towards the peninsula. crockett down towards the maze. a busy one. 35 minutes for your drive. and we're going to look at highway for nearly 60 minutes as you're heading towards conquered darya. james, back to you. thank you. ran a 7.33. there's a new effort this morning to outlaw massive rent increases for some people in san francisco. this comes after several residents in one apartment complex actually lost their rent control protection last year saw their rent skyrocket. kron 4. sarah stinson live for us in the city to explain. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. out of san francisco supervisor. he wants to outlaw these massive rent increases specifically for those who have had read control. but when that goes away, it becomes kind of a free for all and how much these landlords can increase the rent. so what this
7:34 am
supervisor dean preston want to do is prevent that from happening and they want the landlords to have to hold that line to where the the rent it ordinance already lives in this city. and that is that raising the annual rent by no more than 7%. the proposed legislation comes after a number of residents lost their rent control at the frederick douglas haynes garden apartments. it's 104 unit affordable housing complex in the city's western addition neighborhood residents there trying to challenge this. but in the end, the san francisco rent for last year sided with the property owners since building repairs were paid for with city in public funds. therefore the right control protections no longer applied as a result. people who live there saw a huge spike in rent. one family who has lived in the complex since 1997 saw their run. the rent jumped more than $500 a month. and supervisor preston's office says their rent is set to
7:35 am
increase by that much every year for the next 5 years. so extremely expensive. so the supervisors working to make sure that doesn't happen to other people. not only has supervisor preston put out this legislation will see what happens with that. but he's also working with the mayor's office 2 working to protect other tenants. now i've reached out to supervisor to see if we can talk to him on zoom this morning. stand by. i'll have another report for you in about an hour for now. send it back to you in the studio. all right. thank you very much, sir. >> and also in san francisco, there's an effort now to improve the system used to match homeless people with housing services that they may need. coordinated entry is the system the city uses to match the homeless with important resources like permanent or temporary housing or a bus ticket. for example, over the last year, the coalition on homelessness study how well that system is helping people and where improvements can be made. >> for example, disabled seniors to match with 2 year
7:36 am
subsidy and anyone could tell like a brief conversation that this person not be able to take over. that ran after 2 years. and so different cases like that with things just didn't make sense is kind of a trend is on this issue. >> the report came with 35 recommendations to better assist those in need. organizers say the results are going to be forward to just to the san francisco department of homelessness and supportive housing. >> well, the stanford community is mourning the loss of a standout student athlete women's soccer team. captain katie meier was found dead in a campus dorm room. she was an incredible talented, a passionate young woman. the team captain and goalkeeper led the cardinal to a national championship back in 2019, stanford says it has counselors now on hand at her residence hall and in the athletics department to help students and staff cope with this loss. remembrances of meyer have been coming in on social media as well. many coming from other stanford athletes and soccer players across the country. also this
7:37 am
morning in the south bay, new details now on the attempted murder case against former ufc star cain velasquez. prosecutors are accusing him of trying to kill harry who was charged with molesting a child that was related to alaska as and then released from jail just last week, a few days later, police say velasquez tracked down. go our day to the day care where he worked. got into a car chase with him and then shot at them. authorities say velasquez ended up shooting. one of the largest relatives instead during yesterday's court appearance, dozens of people showed up wearing shirts that read free cain. >> what can do that? don't i can't blame him and that can see it's right. don't know. i think the men got what he deserves. the people's intention. >> that he remain in custody, given that we believe that he is still a threat to the victim as well as to public safe. >> alaska's will remain in jail over the weekend. he does plan, he says to deny the charges. his attorney will ask a judge to grant him bail on
7:38 am
monday. >> 7.37 in the north bay police arrested a son for killing his father in monte rio. investigators identified the victim. a 72 year-old rough, you know, gonzales, the suspect is his some 32 year-old francisco gonzales. he's currently being held without bail on a murder charge. the shooting happened tuesday morning. sheriff's deputies arrested gonzalez around 4 in the afternoon about 8 miles away from the crime scene. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive. well, a line of thunderstorms making their way across the east bay. this morning, we've had lightning stretching from walnut creek in san ramon through conquered bay point on up into solano county. >> pockets of heavier rainfall in there. although not everyone is seeing that rain north bay, the most of whose getting it. i'm talking your forecast ahead. >> and while visibilities better today than it was yesterday, we still do some delays out there. we've been tracking your thursday morning comm
7:39 am
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>> some 41 in the south bay, san jose little league team might need a new home because right now they're concerned there might be led under the eastridge little league little league field because it's right next to reid-hillview airport. and there are concerns that the soil may have been contaminated with leaded fuel used at the airport. one county supervisor has a plan to give the league about 2 million dollars over 5 years to help them rent other
7:42 am
baseball fields in san jose. >> very amounts of lead can cause permanent brain damage for children. we realized that we couldn't the, you know, children playing in an unsafe area. >> and, you know, in the slide into home, james, you get real dirty and that, you know, will lead in there. so they're going to talk about this next tuesday. the airport has stopped using leaded fuel and they're set to actually close the airport over the next decade. time now is 7.42. and we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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james, some 44, we didn't do the stretch. so there's a reason we didn't do the stretch. why? i can't walk. i feel like i was kind of hit by a car a little working why second day back at the gym and i somehow ran into a personal trainer. so now i have a personal trainer, ok, would you like to sam? >> that's what you like to see what he did to me that tall. you think you're seeing the batman movie? the i have a super trainer. okay. each and you know, the midget 6, whatever, 6 so it's he if you're interested, his name is jeff. eventually you're 6, 6, jeff and a vaccine is my new trainer. he's going make me like that. wow. he's going maybe like that. but right now i can't walk. i'm getting their looks like he could put his of the rare. that doesn't
7:46 am
happen by accident. guns like and i'm going to kill my neck. those looking tell them because i can say like this is good luck to you. if i tried to do that, he probably kill me because there's i've got so much ground to make. know, i can't move. >> all right. let's get over to the weather good day off, her a don't go outside today to stay on the couch you've earned today is actually a pretty good day to take an off day from heading outside too much because it is a cooler one. and depending on where you're at, it's been a stormy one so far today to san jose. you've been pretty dry, but there has been rain and even thunderstorms in the vicinity. >> this line of showers stretching from just west of santa cruz right up towards palo alto out into the inland east bay, up to solano county has produced force cloud to ground lightning and some hail along with it. most of our rain some fall still concentrated to our north right now. i'm looking at 2 bands of very brief shower activity with the potential of some stretching as a mention
7:47 am
from santa cruz on up towards the very western edge of the south bay. that's right around sunnyvale, right there. fremont on up towards the east bay. this line of showers now right along highway one at san mateo county through san francisco, also making its way mostly to the north and east. this is where we've seen the concentration of heaviest both the cloud to ground lightning as well as even hail around concord. we've had a cloud to ground lightning around walnut creek stretching up to bay point on up into solano county to reports of people hearing it out in antioch as well. and a little bit further northward. that's where most of our rainfall is being concentrated north of santa rosa. we've had a heavier rain in healdsburg and windsor and rainfall continues to move to the north and east. the thing about today's showers, they're really skirting just to the north and west of most of the bay area. all this rainfall is going to be pushing this direction rather than making its way into the bay. so a lot of the inland east bay, as well as the south bay going to be dodging the bulk of this activity will areas closer to
7:48 am
the coastline and in the north bay will be seeing that potential of light to moderate showers throughout the course of the morning into early afternoon, drying out towards early evening. tonight. showers move through during the morning tomorrow. very brief slimline pushing through tomorrow. most of that energy shifts to the east with rainfall possible up into the sierra nevada foothills and snowfall at those upper elevations of the sierra around half. a foot expected for some of our upper elevations. nice to be seeing that we see sunshine friday afternoon. a return of some scattered showers saturday morning. continuing to see snow in the sierra on saturday and skies clearing back out for the bay into saturday afternoon. rainfall totals for us are going to be really limited around a 10th of an inch for the north bay out along the coastline and just trace amounts elsewhere. today's daytime highs, notably cooler than they have been only in the upper 50's to low 60's. goodbye 70's where we had been spending so much time tomorrow and saturday only in the 50's rainfall, mostly just
7:49 am
chances of it during morning hours afternoon hours on both of those days are looking to be quite sunny and quite clear sunday, we start a trend of drier weather and temperatures rising into the mid to upper 60's starting on monday. john, thank you for that. we need the rain. so now we're seeing some. >> down in los altos, northbound 2.80, north of foothill expressway. they got an accident there saying 82 would be a good way to get around that. if you're trying to commute through that area heading into the city right now, maze that 3 months to exit 19 minutes, a disabled vehicle, 80 westbound right near the toll plaza. there. so that in addition with all of the traffic and delays have been seen, we've seen an uptick. there is also a disabled vehicle on the san mateo bridge near the tolls. so both the bay bridge and the sale, the san mateo bridge almost 20 minutes as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. highway 4, we're looking at delays here nearly up to 15 minutes as you're heading from antioch, into conquered to 42. also check in on. 24 here. want to creeks
7:50 am
drive into 5.80, about 14 minutes there. and we'll look at 6.80, doubling down to fremont to 62 60 minutes and we are seeing delays along 8.80, the fremont and hayward at this hour. darya james, back to you. thank you. reena 7.49. workers are back in action. they're trying to bounce back after 2 straight losses yet. we'll see if they can do it. coach kerr says the 2 star players could be back on the court soon. so that's encouraging proper sports director jason dumas has the latest. >> well, there's been a lot of doom and gloom when it comes to the warriors. as of late. the dubs are just 2, 6, in their last 8 games and steve kerr went as far to say there's some disconnect within the locker room. or steph curry. klay. tell me about it. but we have some good news. but draymond green and klay thompson, they practice just recently on this road trip while james wiseman, he participated in a 3 on 3 scrimmage. clay is questionable to play against dallas. white, draymond green
7:51 am
and james. well, they're still going to be out a little bit, but everything is trending in the right direction. and all 3 players are ready to go soon, which is something the warriors desperately need. >> it's literally day to the fact that they both played today for the first time on the floor together was really and fun to see and the more games and days james strings together, the better. and it's been a really good like 3 to four-week stretch now. so it's all heading in a really positive direction. >> not enough to where i can say he's going to play on such-and-such >> or were his basketball has been ugly? they need all those guys. now general manager spoke at the nfl combine and when it was john lynch's time at the podium, i think you can guess the topic, this guy right here. i'm sorry, jayme. we've got you right when you're getting pummeled. good ol jimmy garoppolo. he's kind
7:52 am
of in limbo. he's still on the niners roster yet it's a foregone conclusion that he will be traded at some point. this offseason. but, you know, john lee, he's a man of respect. and for now, jimmy is still in the red and gold. so he's going to treat him as such and praise him as such as well. >> there's always plan a plan b plan, c, you know, and and you know, we we plan for all that accordingly. you know, he's a big part of what we've done in like i say, still a part of us. and until that changes, you know, we feel blessed that he is. and so, you know, right now when we're talking about his i'm worried about that for the niners for jimmy, you know, as far as anything else like i said, we have had some discussions with teams and will continue to. as of right now, he's he's a part of us. >> and that was jason dumas reporting, course, this morning. the warriors, by the way, they'll be facing the dallas mavericks tonight. tip off at 5.30. >> kron four's recognize
7:53 am
remarkable women and we want you to meet them. they're all from the bay area and you can see their stories all month long beginning on tuesday, march 8th. we'll have more news after the break. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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think i'm happy, but really about as happy as their
7:56 am
fremont. no wallet hub. did a survey actually ranked him number of different variables overall for this report. turns out. >> fremont is the happiest city. >> not just in the bay area, but in the whole us. you believe it. we have san francisco coming in. his 3rd happiest san jose was 4th happiest in santa rosa in oakland where still up there in the top 20. all right. so i take issue with how they did this. they ranked happiness based on. >> object of monitors, job security, depression rates, frequency of divorce. so they had this criteria will happen. this is subjective. >> so i'm happy if you see if i say i'm happy. so just ask people, are you happy you go. that should be the survey because all mean anything if in the end you're still you're still happy. i know the data says i should i like that. the data says that should so anyway that go back to the driver of but it could gradually your >> actually says to the 6 is the time take a quick break.
7:57 am
nobody's happy about the gas yeah, we're going to take a closer look at how much prices skyrocketing here in these last few days. everybody's hand more than $5 a gallon seems like, yeah, i'll have that. there's another thing that doesn't make people happy. and that is when you're on rent control and then suddenly they're allowed to raise it. san francisco has a plan that might save that from happening. and also the latest from san jose. another deadly hit and run the 10th now so far this year. and that's really pushing. >> a movement to get the traffic cameras installed. lot ok, floor and decor, show me what you've got. now this tile says "spa day, all day." but this tile says "classic gone glam." and this modern look? it's sleek... yet chic. ok, i've got it. everything i need to pull this project together. and all at the perfect price. at floor and decor, you can realize any aspirational project at an inspirational price. because with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more "you." discover floor and decor today!
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> there it is. and you buy here and that's not rain. it's hail the paint job. can you believe on cars looking to run? she's making a run for hale in concord. now, you may have expected a little rain today and i did say little because i a little rain but not in some places is that we just saw right there was coming in pretty hard. >> that is our biggest weather story this morning. john's been talking about how just sort of sporadic this morning weathers and then and we always like to say, how big is it like, you know, is it is it a dime all fall? good morning. definitely on the smaller side as far as they'll go. so i really hope their car is fine. we also saw some viewer video earlier of a do


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