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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  March 3, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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was pretty wild there. yeah, boy, i just thought i'd get a sprinkle or 2. i guess it depends relived. >> where you're at, gary is still just a sprinkle or 2. but the that strip of land stretching from mountain view on a passed hayward, castor valley into walnut creek and concord did see some thunderstorms popping up with some lightning and some pea sized hail. so quite the at the morning right there in that spot of the bay area. this is your look in san francisco, little breezy, definitely cloudy. we've seen some light showers for sf so far where we sitting with the rainfall right now. will that line of storms that we've been talking about that brought hail that you just saw there second ago is starting to die down a little bit. that storm line stretches from the south bay are right up the east bay into solano county. right now. we do still have some pockets of heavier rainfall, mostly right there along highway 4 around bay point. most of us are seeing much calmer situation now as rainfall starts to taper off in those areas in seeing less of the
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upward movement of air that created those thunderstorms there. briefly. we've also seen lines of light showers stretching right across the peninsula. most of these have resulted in some light, gentle rainfall for us and a lot of us further inland haven't even seen any rainfall from livermore to san jose been a really quiet morning for you. further north in the bay areas where we've seen most of our widespread rainfall, which has remained mostly light to moderate areas like mendocino and lake counties have seen the most of it really just that line of thunderstorms, right? there was the very active spot this morning and much of the rest of the day should be a little bit calmer. we still do have a special weather statement from mountain view on up through the east bay, up to antioch because of those pockets of heavier rainfall embedded in there, that potential of a few more lightning strikes even as we start to see the system dying down. we're also seeing some wind advisories near the coastline so breezy cooler cloudier and wetter prepare yourselves for all those factors. as you are venturing out, current temperatures
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anywhere from the 40's to the 50's, although really at this point, most of us are solidly in the low to mid 50's all of more about what to expect for the rest of the day. still to come john, thank you for that, right. a few problems out there to know here menlo park. >> one 0, one southbound south of marsh row. we have an accident there. so we are seeing delays along one o one. i would say to 80 would be a good alternate for you if you're trying to navigate around that traveling into the city may so that 3 months, the exit still busy at 9 o'clock. 17 minutes as you're traveling there, let's look at the san mateo bridge improvement from the last hour because we had issues along one o one 14 minutes now, as you're traveling across towards the peninsula, crockett down towards the maze. now at 30 minutes for your drive with heavy areas in richmond and san pablo along one o one. 85 to menlo park about 45 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you. rain and i know 2 and our top story this morning, san jose police are looking for the driver responsible for a hit and run
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accident that killed a pedestrian and the driver fled the scene. this now the tense pedestrian to die this year. >> in an accident like this kron four's camila barco has been following the story. camila. >> yes, the drier james. we're now learning that police are looking for the driver of that car. they say that the driver of that car struck a man. the man was standing next to a closed driver door of a parked car along a curve. the driver left the scene and the man later guy. now, this has happened near the intersection of south white road in cold water drive around 4.30, yesterday afternoon. like i said, police say say the driver struck a man who was next to a parked car along the east curb of south white road. and paramedics rushed that man to the hospital. but he later died. and now investigators say that the car and a car that they're looking for is a 2015 to 2017 white ford f one
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50 or ranger with a white box over the entire. that is the 10th pedestrian deaths this year alone in san jose. and there have been other pedestrian deaths. you're taking a look at one from january 18. police say that a car struck 3 people who are crossing the street outside the marked crosswalk during a green light. the city has seen traffic deaths happened at an alarming rate this time last year. san jose investigated only 5 traffic deaths and now the city is at 17. mayor sam liccardo says that speeding plays a factor in many of these crashes. the rising traffic deaths has pushed lawmakers to create a bill to install traffic cameras to get drivers to slow down. they want them in cities like san jose. the cameras would force feed on streets where there's a lot of injuries in school zones and streets with a history of speed races. now under the bill speed tickets would start at $50 if you go
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over 11 miles per hour over the speed limit, people living under the poverty line can receive an 80% reduction or they could do community service. and james are hoping that these traffic cameras will deter people from speeding or detectives and investigators in cases like the one from yesterday where they're still searching for the driver. back to you. >> thank you. camila and say a boy was struck and killed by a car that was in concord. a 16 year-old boy riding his bike. jose castillo. he was a student at mount diablo high school riding his bike last friday at the intersection of galindo street and clayton road when several cars were involved in this accident that killed in a 28 year-old driver is now facing vehicular manslaughter charges. the principal of mount diablo high says jose was from el salvador and he was eager to learn in america. >> for him to make his way here to conquer california.
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and to die in that way. it hurts. we've got to take advantage of our moments and and understand what's important. before it's not here. this is a reminder of that. >> the school is planning to honor jose's life in the next couple of weeks. and his family is trying to raise money to send his body back to el salvador. >> now to the latest on russia's invasion of ukraine. we know that talks between russian and ukrainian delegations are underway at the moment there at an undisclosed location along ukraine's border. but the shelling hasn't stopped. and this morning, ukraine now is accusing russia of committing violations of human rights. you know, this is more than a million ukrainian refugees have fled the country in just >> 8 days. robert sherman has the latest from ukraine. russia and ukraine are hoping to return to the negotiation table this week to pick up peace talks. >> what we do know that the russian leadership is seeking is the dismantling of the ukrainian military infrastructure effectively ensuring that ukraine would no
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longer be a military threat to russia. that is a tall ask, especially since the russian army continues to bond ukrainian cities around the country. >> missiles, fire and smoke. russia's invasion of ukraine enters its second week. 8 days of missile strikes, shelling in street fighting in more towns are starting to look like this destroyed tanks in the streets, bombed out buildings on fire. rex covering the road video from the city of her son shows a military convoy making its way through the city. the mayor of her son, ukrainian official and british intelligence say the strategic port city has been captured by russian troops. it would be russia's first time taking a major population center in the key staging point to seize another important port city. odessa. but it's still unclear who is in power at this hour. new satellite images show the destruction playing out on the ground, destroyed factory
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building north of kiev nearby, a bridge blown apart and the south destroyed military vehicles and bombed out homes cover road. the amount of deaths is clouded by the fog of war. >> ukraine says at least 2000 civilians have been killed. >> another 500 of its troops. russia claims 500 of its troops have been killed. another 1600 injured. president zelinsky has one message for ukrainians. don't give the russians one quiet moment. the russian troops sowinski cisco, home crane doesn't want to be covering bodies. united nations refugee agency says an unprecedented 1 million people have left ukraine in less than a week. we've experienced firsthand what it's like to search for safer ground for some the sounds of war have become a new normal. >> air raid sirens are going off right now. so tempting to see care. yes, this is the biggest problem that we really kind of getting used to all this alarms because hear them every day. this is horrible that we are getting used to
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this type of life. mayor of kiev says some 15,000 people are sheltering in keep subway, mostly women and children. >> i'm on the subway now and it's terrible how many and while it might look like a peaceful ukraine behind me, the reality is that many ukrainians are living in fear. >> over 1 million have already fled the country seeking refuge in other nations in eastern europe. that number is expected to climb in ovando frankie's robert sherman. >> and the effects are still on our money here in the bay area in california was seen gas prices continue to soar every day. they seem to be climbing now more than $5 a gallon for most of the bay area. that story kron four's will tran has been tracking for us. joining us now live for the east bay will. >> if you're paying below $5 this morning, consider yourself lucky because the gas prices, you could almost set your clock to it. they will
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continue to rise. in fact, at this particular gas station, it is well over $5.5, 0, 9, let me show you some video that we got a little bit earlier. 5, 0, 9, is a bargain compared to this gas station that we saw in danville, $5 and $0.39. and we're talking the regular stuff. all over the bay area. you probably pay north of $5 and the reason being russia is intensifying its war against ukraine and russia supplies about 12% of the world's oil supply. 31 oil producing countries, including the united states, stepping up producing about 60 million barrels of oil to try to slow down the rise in gas prices. but that is not really doing a lot because that's just the debt compared to what's going on with russia and ukraine. guess what? they're driving around bargain shopping.
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>> i'm managing by the fact that a 2 mile left in my car before i had to go to the gas it's pretty darned expensive out there searching for the cheapest one driving around, trying to find the best price possible to make it to the next state. >> prices are all over the board. if you're in napa, you're paying $5.11. and keep in mind, that's just the average in napa in san francisco. 5, 0, 5, san francisco skews me san jose. you're looking at for 98 and then in oakland, $4 and $0.99, things will change because right now the barrel for oil, $113. that is up $7 from last week. and that's been the highest smart since 2014. so things will get a lot worse before they get better. and keep in mind, california, we already pay historically more in other places. we haven't even talked about the summer
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blunt. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll keep climbing higher cya, 9.11, the time john. well, been a pretty active morning so far. still continuing to see some light showers out there, although. >> the heaviest of stuff that brought us that hail briefly to parts of the east bay is really starting to diminish. now you see those lines of showers pushing into the bay. some of us try some of a sweat and still some activity to our
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>> welcome back. it is 9.15, on this thursday morning. it's been a quite the morning, at least for some of us. some of us have a little quieter than others where we're sitting right now and you're east bay hills camera is with some cloud cover overhead. and if you look really close, you can see the fog out in the distance. we've seen a mix of light showers, dry conditions and even a line of thunderstorms that popped up earlier that stretch from mountain view all the way up through the east bay, even out the all you really saw from it was some brief shower activity. san jose, you've been dry. a couple of sprinkles remaining of the very southern edge of the peninsula. light showers there on the peninsula itself. the line of showers that we're all talking about, stretched from the east bay down on towards hayward in castro valley just across the dumbarton bridge. this is really starting to fall apart. now that energy lose and some of that steam still talking some spotty showers across the east bay, though, including oakland on over to san francisco, a few areas of light rainfall around
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ocean avenue right there along the coastline. conditions in the north bay have been the most active this morning, even though really at this point, it's just some very light shower activity across most of our north bay counties. now the center of the storm system is situated are right around here. so we're seeing wraparound precipitation that's working its way on into the region, mostly from the south. so a lot of that activity is just pushing right up into the north bay and not really pushing that energy further inland from there. so we are going to see a few more lingering showers to the north bay. but we've already seen that special weather statement by the national weather service because of that hail and thunder storm activity suisse on the east bay expiring. a sign that things are dying down and you can see in future cast that after those showers continue in the north bay, we really don't have a lot to know this afternoon. a few evening showers tonight that will drift across the bay area. these are going to be really light, really sparse tomorrow is actually going to be a pretty sunny day for the bay area. has a lot of this energy shifts towards the sierra.
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nevada will see snowfall both friday and saturday. sunshine during the afternoon on friday for the bay. a couple more light showers during your saturday morning followed by more sunshine into saturday afternoon for the bay area and some snow up in the sierra nevada rainfall totals. not much to note here towards the coastline. more so a 10th of an inch areas further inland may not even see rainfall at all. today's daytime highs, notably cooler than they've been only in the upper 50's to low 60's. definitely cooler than we were when we were in the 70's for much of the week leading up to this. as for temperatures the next 7 days look forward to daytime highs on the cooler side this weekend. definitely back to some sweater weather and bring the rain jackets in the packs as you're heading outside to enjoy the weekend. just coming in handy. if you do see isolated shower or 2 sunday, onward, we're drying out even with friday and saturday afternoons looking dry, too reyna. john, thank you for that. or i let's get a look at your roadways on this thursday morning heading into the city right now, maze. >> to that fremont's gx about
9:18 am
21 minutes for your drive. there. heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell pretty busy at this hour. 15 minutes traveling from the tolls. 2, one o one crockett down towards the maze. last time we checked and it was at 30 minutes. now we're at 23. pablo avenue, always a good w- alternate for trying to navigate through that area one. 0, one also improvement here. 34 minutes if you're traveling from eighty-four in to menlo park. let's check on highway 4. one 60 traveling to conquer about 19 regions. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us now to help us understand what we're seeing and what i'm seeing right now, rob, is brent crude up in $113, a barrel this morning keeps climbing. >> i think it hit a high one 16 at one point in the last 24 hours. as of 7.30, this morning, a couple hours ago is down about one. 0, 7. so it's slipping a bet which is we're
9:19 am
expecting oil to continue to head higher as russia-ukraine stay at war. has that situation slips when it does? hopefully fingers crossed on that later. we should see oil pull back and help the economy. right now. it's a headwind economy on higher gasoline and fuel, transportation and even run things like factories take a lot oil. dallas things morning or good, big numbers and come out tomorrow. i care more about tomorrow's on jobs. than i do about economics right now. what's happening in russia and ukraine? i know that sounds a little crass, but when americans are employed helps the economy when economy is working at help stock market. interest, you know the topic, 1, 8, of the top ukraine officer said last night that can sony an x box could help turn your services off and make life miserable in russia for the kids. i found that to be one of the that just happened during a war he answers, yes, it dead and amazon closing 68 physical stores which have
9:20 am
popped up like bookstores. not all their stores are going to keep some of the retail and a pearl and to their food businesses. but they're shutting down the bookstores. so even they don't like business of selling books in reality and bricks, mortar. >> that's fascinating. yeah. the sanctions that bit about, you know, playstation sony, all that stuff. it's it's to try to press upon, you know, people rush, i guess the decisions made at the kremlin do have fx on them as well. even if they sound in, you know, trivial like playstation work. but for a lot of people that that's their only hit that something's going on in that country. >> you're to take a joystick out of my sons. acts hands right now. he would probably go to greed, that kind straight. and so i see where they're going out with that. and that makes any sense the youth will rise if the youth are our board and idle time on their hands, i guess. well, speaking of games, the second story is kind of a sting for it with the second time now buying another game yeah, i
9:21 am
want to do a shout out to bill clinton or a quick. he taught me all about convergence in the 1990's. when you banking deregulation, banks became brokers. brokers became insurance agents, agents became bankers and everyone converge. same thing's happening need year 8 now epic games who fortnight just bought a company called vancamp. that does music online. so game they're getting into movies always been had arcades you. i grew up going to move east during the summer and ask mom for a roll of quarters and plant. ron would see the movie tried. so it's natural synergies there. but that's company that does stranger things games, a witcher walking dead game, which they're all featured on netflix. a netflix walked are a lock up the walking dead for 10 years. they can make video games thinking rob likes that intellectual property of zombies that he may want to play the game. maybe we'll get a buck more month from him turning his subscription from 14 bucks a month and a 15 bucks a month. you get the idea it's all about average
9:22 am
ticket prices keeping eyeballs, creativity it's 180 billion dollar industry. the business of video games and apple and amazon staking polls at right now as well. not just take too not electronic arts and activision, microsoft and sony, but netflix is getting into gaming as his amazon and apple speaking to a minority. % fascinating. all right. ran out of time. rob, thank you as always. we'll chat with you again on monday. don't forget to send rob your suggestions now for what you'd like him to talk about. and hill. >> prepare something for you, facebook, twitter reaching their directly, rob at rob black dot com. have a good weekend, rob, see you next week.
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well, with flexpath, you can finish the bachelor's in business degree you've started in 18 months for $18,000. capella university. don't just learn. learn smarter. >> san francisco teachers are upset after the school board's recent decision to let go of 150 teachers, counselors and social workers. the school board says the layoffs are necessary because of budget problems caused by a decline in enrollment. but the teachers say instead of the jobs from the classroom, they want the school board to lay off more administrators. that hasn't happened, though. the district also did reject a proposal that would have eliminated nearly 50 teachers. aides. the layoff notices are going to be sent out later this month. but district officials say if enough teachers retire or move. >> then it's possible that the pink slip teachers might be able to save their jobs. the final decisions on the layoffs are supposed to be made in may.
9:26 am
>> we'll take a quick break and 9.25, but we are checking the weather minute by minute. it looks like we've got another couple of cells of heavier rain beginning to move across the bay. john, trouble in the weather center will have your complete forecast in just a minute. >> coming up in a live report all tell you how one san francisco supervisor is trying to protect former to protect former rent-controlled tena why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch.
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>> 9.28. and take a look at
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this. a few sprinkles here. yeah. a few raindrops on the windshield into for all of our news director josh trank to bron. so there you depending on where you are. you're getting a light little drizzle here. maybe nothing at all or maybe you've got hail coming down under and light, right? all right. little bit of a different anywhere. most of us it's been such a gentle morning, but then some of us mother nature had a bone to pick. it seems like we are looking out there at some cloudy skies over san francisco. one of those areas where it's certainly been a lot gentler. we saw a line of showers earlier this morning. that was not sued. gentle. >> resulted in some pea sized hail as well as lightning. and i'll point out those areas that was right there from solano county, down through walnut creek and concord, eventually to castro valley. the very tail end of that line was right around mountain view. all those a lot calmer for you. we did see some reports of hail in areas like concord, lots of thunder and lightning around a castro valley on up through walnut creek and solano county. this
9:30 am
area of rainfall has really dissipated now losing a lot of energy and that we still do have some lingering showers around hayward in castro valley as well as danville. the walnut creek to concord, into solano county vacaville. you do have that pocket of heavy rainfall there right around the junction of 5, 0, 5 in 80, a little bit zoomed out and zoom back in here from oakland to berkeley and emeryville. also some areas of light to moderate showers highway. 24 is wet. so slow your roll. they're also looking at showers in the north bay right along the peninsula. and san francisco. most of the showers are working generally to the north as that low pressure system is spinning or rights to our west. so all that rainfall is going to be skirting right to the west of a lot of the bay area. that's going to leave a lot of our inland areas, a little bit drier than we'd like to see would love to tap into more. and more of that moisture is going to lose a little bit of steam as it works its way in now. and much of the afternoon is actually going to be drier than not now 40's 50's for your current
9:31 am
temperatures. daytime highs today in the 50's to low 60's. big drop in temperatures today in staying cool over the next several days. reyna. thank you for that. thankfully, we're not seeing a lot of weather related crashes out the air, but we're going to >> look at highway. 24, like you mentioned, very went over there, traveling along the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for your drive. visibility has improved today. yesterday might have remember, we had all that fog slowing us down heading into the city where we had a disabled vehicle earlier. you can see the crews there. they were able to get that off of the bridge. now from the maze to that u.s. tx in just 20 minutes right now along highway 24 traveling from or in a creek. dallas 5.18, will take you a little under 15 minutes. so no uptick in delays there because of the heavy rain doubling down to freeman about 14 minutes. if you're traveling along there and check in on 17 year, santa cruz traveling from highway one to los gatos about 85. 21 minutes for you there, daria. james, back to you. thanks a
9:32 am
lot ran tonight. 31, there's a new effort this morning to outlaw massive rent increases for some people in san francisco. yeah, we've will. several residents of one apartment complex recently lose their rent control protections last year. >> it was painful for improper. sara stinson live in the city. now with more on the story and what's being done, sarah? >> can you imagine? you know, you have your rent and or rent control. it's much lower. and then all of a sudden that's ripped from beneath you. and then you have much higher rent in some cases, it truly skyrocket. so one san francisco supervisors trying to prevent that from happening again and trying to protect these former rent-controlled tenants. and this is supervisor dean preston. he is proposing legislation that would force these types of landlords who are now not under >> rent control to remain under the city's run ordinances. stop them from
9:33 am
raising annual rents by no more than 7%. this proposed legislation comes after a number of residents lost their rent control at frederick douglas haynes garden apartments. you can see video on your screen of what that we're talking about here. it's 104 unit affordable housing complex. >> in the city's western addition, neighborhood residents try to challenge this with the san francisco run for last year. but the board sided with the property owners since building repairs were paid for with public city funds. therefore the rent control protections no longer applied. people who lived there saw a huge spike in rent for one family, in the complex since 1997. they saw their run jump more than $500 a month. and supervisor preston's office says their rent is set to increase by that much more every year for the next 5 years. so the supervisors working hard to make sure that this doesn't happen to any more. san franciscans proposing this legislation is the first step up to see where
9:34 am
it goes. but he's also working with mayors office daily to make sure that, you know, he can protect tenants in any way he can reach out to his office. hopefully we can get him on zoom and talk with him or for now. we'll send it back to you in studio. >> all right. thank you, sarah. also in san francisco, there's a new effort to improve the system that they use to match homeless people with housing help in san francisco coordinated entry. it's a system that matches the homeless with resources that could help them. that ranges permanent or temporary housing. 2 bus tickets over the last year. the coalition on homeless to d how that system works and where there could be improvements. >> for example, disabled seniors to wear matched with a 2 year subsidy and anyone could tell like a brief conversation that this person not be able to take over. that ran after 2 years. and so different cases like that with things just didn't make sense is kind of a trend is on this issue. >> the report came up with 35
9:35 am
recommendations to improve the system. organizers say they're going to pass those results on to the san francisco department of homelessness and supportive housing. >> well, the stanford community is mourning the loss of a standout student athlete women's soccer team. captain katie meier was found dead in a campus dorm room. she was an incredibly talented, passionate young woman. she was the team captain and goalkeeper, in fact, lead the cardinal to a national championship in 2019. stanford says that they do have counselors now on hand at a residence hall and at the athletics department to help anybody who's grieving right now, her loss rememberances from i have also been coming into on social media with many of them being offered up by other stanford athletes and soccer players across the country. in the south bay. new details are coming to light now in the attempted murder case against former ufc star cain velasquez. prosecutors accused him of trying to kill harry goularte e who was charged with molesting a child
9:36 am
who is related to alaska's and then released from jail last week a few days later, police say velasquez track down the large day 2 of the day care where he worked. got into a car chase with him and at one point tried to shoot him. authorities say the blast as instead ended up shooting, want to his relatives during yesterday's court appearance. dozens of people showed up. to support him wearing shirts that read free cain. >> what can do that? don't i can't blame him and that can states right. and i think the men got what he deserves. the people's intention. >> that he remain in custody, given that we believe that he is still a threat to the victim as well as to public safety. >> alaska's will be in jail over the weekend. he says he plans to deny the charges his attorneys are going to be asking the judge to grant bail on monday. it's 9.36, in the north bay. police arrested the sun for killing his father in been to rio. investigators identified the victim. a 72 year-old roughy know gonzalez and his son. 32 year-old
9:37 am
francisco gonzales as the suspect he being held now without bail on a murder charge. the shooting happened tuesday morning. sheriff's deputies arrested the son around for the afternoon about 8 miles away from the crime scene. they're still trying to figure out a motive. in the east bay. oakland, police are investigating a case of a vehicle theft that ended with the thief debt. here's video from the citizen app of the scene. you can see the flames and the smoke shooting out of that white van. that van was stolen. it was reported stolen wednesday morning. and police responded in i avenue near el monte avenue and that's where they found the person in the stolen vehicle tried to speak to that person. but they drove off until the van ended up catching fire. and apparently the thief was unable to get out, died at the scene. in fact, 2 officers who attempted to rescue them suffered burns. >> we'll take a break at 9.37. becoming up a co-founder of a yoga studio in berkeley loses her job. tell you why.
9:38 am
>> and we are still seeing showers moving across the bay area this morning. in fact, a line of heavy rainfall just moved from oakland on up a little bit further northward on its way up towards the cartoon as bridge. you're seeing some heavier rainfall around martinez right now. even some showers from san francisco up in the marine county. we've got the full breakdown. still to come.
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>> 9.40 the berkeley yoga studio owner has had to fire his co-founder now over those anti semitic flyers that we've been seeing circulating around the bay area. we first told you about the story last week. now turns out jeff renfroe had to fire his longtime friend kelly johnson, who you see here in this photo, the 2 had open several yoga studios in the bay area, including one in berkeley. the retro said he had finally cut ties with johnson after learning that she used a company's computer to register a business for her boyfriend who then used that company computer to spread these covid conspiracies and these hate and anti semitic messages. the business has also been linked to those anti semitic, flyers that have been spread around berkeley in other parts of the bay area. >> he would behind it when first came out and i aware of his behavior and her involvement in the for left
9:42 am
past 2 months. and we're trying to to be life to check for you to leave and and also to change her or what? some of only for coming out out. >> and the hateful fliers moved berkeley city council to call for an emergency resolution to condemn the hate speech last week. berkeley's mayor jesse are going said that berkeley joins other cities like palo alto and nevado to continue to investigate these anti semitic messages and those responsible they want to some point potentially even prosecute them. >> it's 9.42. and coming up next, we're going to keep our eye on the kron 4 radar because we're seeing the rain move in and even i will come heavy downpours but hail that's heavy. it hurts innards that's heavy. it hurts innards of it hel that's heavy. it hurts innards oliving with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven
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from paying your people from anywhere to supporting your talent everywhere, we use data driven insights to design hr solutions and services to help businesses of all size work smarter today. so, they can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another ♪ 9.25. right now and the russian invasion of ukraine could impact the relationship between astronauts. >> and cars, not in space. typically the space programs are kind of kept outside of the political right back and forth. but >> and we could have some problems. nick smith has more. >> the first control module of the international space station was built by the russians and launched by them into space the year 1998. 7 years after the cold war ended, the iss fueled hopes for a new spirit of cooperation between russia and
9:46 am
the u.s. but with the invasion of ukraine. all bets are off, including the partnership that's kept the space station in orbit for 24 years. there is no plan. it would be very difficult. >> for us to be operating on our own. iss is an international partnership that was created as an international partnership with joint dependencies, which is what makes it such an amazing program. nasa this week acknowledged russia's vital contribution to the space station, even though the space agency's of japan, canada and europe help keep the iss running russia and the u.s. bear the most responsibility russia is relied on to provide the iss with propulsion. >> periodically a craft docks with the space station giving it a boost that allows it to maintain the speed needed to stay in orbit. the head of russia's space agency recently tweeted that his country could simply let the space station fall to earth. but so far,
9:47 am
nasa says all operations are proceeding as they were before the ukraine invasion. it would be a sad day. >> our international operations that we can't continue to peacefully operate in space. and as a team, we're doing that. >> 9.45 is the time right now. and the only thing we see coming space today, the rain which down in spots. we've tracking that. good morning, yeah, it's been nice to see that because we have seen too little of it lately. we do have some cloud cover sitting over your east bay hills camera right here. overall conditions this morning have been wet for the majority of the bay area, although further inland in the east bay and for the south bay haven't seen much just yet. we do have a line of heavy rainfall that's offshore right now. and for the most part that's going to be staying offshore. the system really stalling out just west of us now further south in the bay. we do have a fairly quiet situation right now in san jose. light sprinkles in fremont as well as around half moon bay, san
9:48 am
francisco across some of our bridges. richmond also looking at some showers and a pocket of heavy rainfall right across the carquinez bridge right now stretching up 80 towards fairfield and vallejo and some light showers from san ramon, walnut creek up to conquer areas that had one seeing some of that hail and some of that lightning that we had earlier this morning. as for the north bay, a little bit more widespread lighter showers this morning. most of our rainfall amounts have still been well, less than even 507 inch. some of those localized areas that saw some heavier downpours earlier in the inland east bay got him surrounded quarter of an inch. but those are very small areas. most of our rainfall still sitting offshore. a lot of that energy is going to stay that way as that system stalls out to our west. we have a special weather statement the inland east bay because of that line of thunderstorms that's expired as that system is really lost. some steam still some wind advisories closer to the coastline. look at the direction of this rain is just moving to the north. it's not really working its way inland. so much so a lot of are in the south bay area's not really
9:49 am
getting into the mix as much as our coastal and north bay areas have already seen a calmer afternoon. a few sprinkles this evening. then tomorrow afternoon, a lot of sunshine friday afternoon will be cool. sunshine for you. we will have snowfall up in the sierra nevada through friday into saturday. welcoming that for sure. a couple sprinkles saturday morning and then saturday afternoon dries back out as well. rainfall totals. not super impressive. don't get your hopes up here. just a 10th of an inch towards the coast. lighter amounts elsewhere in the bay. as for temperatures today, daytime highs will range from the upper 50's to the low 60's. same brutal only at 56 degrees. a whole lot cooler than the 70's we had in the past few days. low 60's further south on the peninsula to mid 60's in the south bay east bay. temperatures in the low 60's with livermore and pleasanton at 61. upper 50's from oakland, berkeley of to richmond and the north bay anywhere from this 50's to 60's as well. now today, tomorrow saturday, our coolest of the forecast sunday stays pretty cool, too. today
9:50 am
showers will give way to some afternoon cloud cover and lighter activity. maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow morning, a few more sprinkles are possible, but a lot of sunshine for your friday saturday. another round of sprinkles possible in the morning followed by more sunshine. and then next week looks sunny with dry skies and highs in the 60's rain. john, thank you for that. a few accidents to tell you about as you're out driving. >> here in sunnyvale, northbound one o one south of north lawrence expressway. so we are seeing delays along one. 0, one to 80 82 might be good alternate for you. if you're trying to navigate around that. also along highway. 24 john mentioned the rain we're seeing there. well, now, lafayette westbound 24 west of happy valley road. we do have an accident, seeing a slight delay a little further here in a rent let's also get a look at our bridges traveling into the city right now. 21 minutes may's to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge under 13 as you're headed across towards the peninsula. so that has
9:51 am
improved traffic from what we saw earlier in the morning traveling along 5, 18, 80 crockett down towards the maze. 18 minutes for you at this 80 picking up. 28 minutes from san leandro down into milpitas to 37 and one. 0 one as you're heading from 85 to menlo park about 35 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. rain at 9.51. is the time the standoff between major league baseball owners and their players has resulted as we know in a lockout. now. >> and it's not only affecting the players, but it's also affecting the people who rely on these games. free income. we're talking about the workers. common sandoval is one of them worked as a maintenance worker at oakland coliseum for 22 years. she says the pandemic already taken a big chunk out of her pay because of the lack of events that were scheduled there at the coliseum complex. and now this lockout means that 4 games have already been canceled there so far this season. >> federal benefits that insurance >> i'm sick and
9:52 am
>> and >> more money and more in kabul is that doesn't i don't know how we want to pay ransom. >> and the a's were set to open their 2020 regular season with 2 series at the coliseum. one against the la angels, the other against the detroit tigers. now they won't happen. and workers just like harmon are out of money. >> kron four's recognizing remarkable women making a difference in the bay area. you see some of them right here and you can hear their stories all month long. beginning tuesday, march 8th. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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>> just about done for the morning on the kron 4 morning news. but they never stop on kron-on. theresa is in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. good morning, daryn. we are tracking several stories closely, including this one big tech company is calling back its employees to the office. google announcing that they want their employees to move from a hybrid work schedule. they want them to come back to the office. that means that they want them to be not so much just remote, but come back in a little bit of a way, kind of hybrid right? also tracking the latest and ukraine, the effort to help out that country and to get real-time updates. a local national headlines. grab your phone scan. this qr code will take you straight to the app store so you can download kron on for free during a all right. thanks a lot to risa.
9:56 am
and before we go, let's go to the east bay because that's where the happiest. >> city in the whole nation fremont. apparently apparently they're over the moon there. this is wallet. hub did this report and they, you know, they wait several different factors. they found that fremont was the happiest. san francisco was ranked 3rd happiest in the nation. san jose force happiest and then head santa rosa and oakland 2 in the top 20 k. so i i take issue with the study because i live in marin and i'm really happy and try. and i think that the study >> is off because they looked at they were like, okay, here's job security. depression rates, frequency of all these different things which all should mean. well, it should mean you're happy. just asked me. are you happy? ask you happy tally up the numbers in because it's objective that should have been the serve. i can tell you from happy or well, if you're happy with rain, you've we're kind of happy to see it, too. >> today it's coming down right now. light in nature. but a few pockets of heavier showers. now again with some
9:57 am
rain and some hail as well. looks like linger friday into saturday. then the sun comes back. james dyson unhappy with the survey. you sounded i'm angry. >> her? because i was so happy until that still puts her became couple. >> we'll take a break. down hear tomorrow morning to stay dry.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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