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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  March 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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bold new proposal to help homeless people with severe mental health issues by governor gavin newsome says they should be forced. >> into treatment. plus, a big ruling by the state supreme court today. why thousands of potential uc berkeley students may no longer be able to go there. and our top story today, the u.s. announces new sanctions against those close to president putin as russia presses forward with its deadly invasion of ukraine. from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. thank you so much for
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joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. there is growing devastation in ukraine as russian forces move closer to the country's capital of kiev. >> earlier today, president biden announced new sanctions targeting 7 more russian oligarchs. their family members and a spokesman for the russian president, vladimir putin. >> yeah. severe economic sanctions on and almost looks around him. choking off access to technology as well as cutting off access to financial system. >> it's had a profound impact already. and the goal was to maximize the impact on can't rush it and minimize the harm on us and our allies and friends around the world. >> and as the conflict rages on today, ukraine's president is demanding nato issue a no fly zone over the country. reporter kareen wynter has more now on his emotional plea. >> still u.s. things my ukraine president, volodymyr
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zelensky calling on russian leader vladimir putin to end the bloodshed. it's not about i want to talk with boat. i think i have to talk with putin. they're well tests to talk with gluten because there no and all the way east to stop the overnight. russian airstrikes pummeled ukraine's capital and many its larger cities. conflict escalating know scientists invasion will soon >> in belarus, a russian delegation is meeting with ukrainian officials. ukraine wants a cease-fire and immediate withdrawal of troops from the region. >> where russian forces continue their ir and ground assault. bombs that have wiped out some areas, many residential our children. i killed. luke what putin is doing. dylan ski once this battle and every house is street and city will be rebuilt and that russia will pay back the full price of all
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their destruction. in the meantime, ukrainian troops continue to fight to creating a entrant. you still durable and fighting like putin says the war will carry on with a field goal would be to go to south of ukraine. russian troops surrounded the port city of mar pull. >> capturing another port, a major advancement that allows russia to control the entire black sea coast and break ukraine's ties to the shipping world. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us in the white house has made clear it does not support a no fly zone for a russian flight over ukraine. officials say such a move would involve sending u.s. troops to fight against russia, which could raise tensions even further than possibly start even bigger war. there is a bipartisan group of lawmakers that's calling for an all out ban of russian oil in the united states. they say a ban would russia's military efforts fall sending a very strong signal to america's allies. but the white house says president biden is not on board with
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this. i'm all for that. >> then a band that will come from russia that would raise prices at the gas pump for the american people around the because it would reduce the supply available on to simple as less supply raises prices. gas prices are soaring in california. drivers are now paying more than $5 a gallon in some parts of the bay area. we'll check in now on a major benchmark for this because yesterday the price. >> for crude oil climbed to $113 per barrel. that's the highest since 2014 russia supplies the world with 12% of its oil and added about 60 million barrels from other countries did not offset the losses. so here at home. drivers are starting to feel the squeeze >> it's so high that it's great because of the mine age. i think that's those to do was the is very, very been said
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it's not been easy. >> but what can we do? we need to move on. >> let's take a look at gas prices around the bay area right now. the highlight is alameda county. that's rounding up to $5 per gallon on average napkins nap and san francisco are also up there both above 5 bucks. san jose is still posting average price is just under $5. it's insane. i paid 5.10. new at 3 o'clock when it comes to kids wearing masks in schools. alameda county has just made a decision starting march. 12th wearing masks indoors will be strongly recommended, no longer a mandate. this applies to k through 12 students and kids in child care settings. the county health department just made this announcement saying covid cases have come down a lot and hospitalizations are well below their peak. alameda county and the state continue to strongly recommend masks.
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in most public indoor settings. the county is lying. with the state guidance on what kids and should be doing in schools. we'll have more on this development starting on kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. so for the first county to really say anything when it comes to masks in schools after governor newsom made the announcement about the state and then we'll also to see what individual school districts and schools decide to do. part of getting back to normal is getting back to the office. google says its san francisco bay area workers will have to be back in the office on april. 4th kron four's charles clifford is near the google campus in mountain view where businesses nearby are reacting. now to have a google employees return. >> google has announced that it wants employees to return to the office at least 3 days a week starting on april 4th, that one all happened at once. they are allowing some employees to stay home a little longer. if they need to. but that means that thousands of people could start commuting to the google campus here in mountain view
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every day. and if you own a small business nearby, that is good news. just off the google campus in mountain view, cisco seen event. a general manager chris coming over says they are thrilled that google employees are coming back to the office in april. greatness. we're looking forward to it. we're walking him back with open arms. >> before the pandemic, google workers accounted for about 80% of cosying event day's business with the tech giant sent employees home 2 years ago. the restaurant was forced to shut down, but they went during the pandemic. certainly essentially the state closed for great deal of time until we put that revenue back. >> when it reopened casino added outdoor seating to attract customers. >> that's our number one book area. every night is the happiest moose. >> that helped. but having a daily reliable stream of guests is what they really need for the next month. the school over says they plan to prepare as best they can for what they hope will be a big step towards getting back to normal, trying to get staff. >> to get more staff, hire, train and get ready. now, chris also tells me she does
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have 2 concerns. the she's worried that traffic in the area, especially along shoreline here, could become congested as people start returning to work at google. and she's also having trouble hiring new staff. a lot of her workers left when the restaurant closed at the start of the pandemic. they got new jobs or move to other areas. she has struggled to find new employees. but for now in mountain view, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> and it's not only google businesses in san francisco are preparing to welcome back workers to downtown san francisco. mayor london breed announced today that many people have been working remotely are expected to return to the office next monday, march 7th, more than a dozen companies are committed to this return, including the bank of america. metta sales force and uber. the policies are expected to be a little bit different across each company and some are allowing employees to work remotely as part of a hybrid schedule. mayor breed says there will be a series of events too. welcome those back who are returning. that shall be happening about the last week
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of march. let's talk about the forecast right now as we take a live look outside here from our sutro tower camera, gloomy, rainy, a little bit breezy out there today. if you're lucky enough to get some of that storm system that rolled through. you know, hope to put a bucket out there to collect some of the rain. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with details on where the storm is going. should we expect to see showers throughout the night tonight? we're actually going to begin a drying trend throughout tonight. just seen already tracking that out there, mainly along the bay area coastline. even for those of you in the north bay, the showers starting to make its way to the south and east. so right now. >> we're seeing san mateo getting some light scattered showers there, east bay shoreline from oakland into fremont. also hayward as well with san jose in the south bay getting a dose of that wet weather as our inland valleys in the east bay, including lafayette, conquered. and even for those of you in dublin and livermore as well. so safe to
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say, we're all getting a little bit of a taste of that wet weather. not only did to bring those pop up thunderstorms but also hail as well. for those of you in the concord fremont area. and we are also going to see a slight chance of possible pop-up thunderstorms continuing throughout tonight as the sun just keep that in mind. don't let your guard down. still tracking some changes out there in the extended forecast by tonight. still tracking that blanket of storm cloud cover with the line of showers arriving during the overnight hours. very hit or miss in nature, even trying to make its way into the south bay of san jose for your friday morning commute. but then we're going to see clear drier conditions, but gusty winds as well. and then a cold core storm friday night, even through saturday morning could bring us some light. snow showers, believe it or not, in our highest peaks specifically for those of you over mount hamilton wouldn't be surprised if we also see some snow showers over the highest peaks in the north bay. but really just tracking about a 10th of an inch of rain or less
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slightly higher amounts from mountain view. and san jose from now through saturday afternoon. but it's the gusty winds that we have to watch out for. details ahead on your friday forecast in just a few minutes. back to you to stand. >> thanks for bring some more than 3,000 potential uc berkeley students may need to attend another university in the fall. today. the california supreme court said >> they will not review a lower court ruling that requires the university to cap enrollment. the case for maine's before the california court of appeal offers of admissions are scheduled to be made and just a few weeks that should be happening on march. 24th kron four's dan kerman is getting reaction to today's ruling and he will have more for a starting on kron. 4 news at 5. now to some national news in just a few hours after deliberations started a kentucky jury found former louisville police officer not guilty in connection with the raid that killed breonna taylor. brett hankinson was cleared on 3 counts of wanton endangerment hankinson at 20
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year. veteran canine officer. he fired 10 shots into an occupied apartment next door to taylor's. she was shot multiple times and died at the scene. hankinson was not charged. the civically with causing taylor's death and was the only officer to face any charges in connection to the no knock raid. coming up here, 3 o'clock. you will not need proof of this when you're going to events in san jose. details on the latest health order that was dropped. >> for city venues, also a bexar family is stepping into action to help ukrainian families. the outpouring of support they have received and how you can also get involved today. plus, governor gavin newsom wants to for some homeless people into treatment. how this would work and the push back. it's already getting from many advocates of homeless people.
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new today, governor gavin newsom unveiled a proposal that could for some homeless people into mental health treatments. the plan is called care court. >> and it would rely heavily on county justice systems to order that treatment. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the plan. in an effort to get those living with severe mental illness off the streets and out of jail. governor gavin newsom's administration thursday proposed care court. we need to treat brain health early before we punish. and later the proposal would require counties create a mental health branch in civil court.
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and issue court ordered treatment to those suffering with psychosis, a family member, friend or first responder can refer a person to care court. >> and evaluation would follow. and then if the person is found eligible, the judge would set rules and oversight for treatment, those eligible would be required to take the treatment if they're accused of a crime and don't take the treatment they could face criminal charges if they don't have pending charges, they could be held in psychiatric facilities against their will or have the court appoint someone to make health decisions for them. also known as a conservatorship counties that don't provide the treatment could also face consequences of a hippocratic mayors like san diego. mayor todd gloria and oakland mayor libby shaft praised the plan. it's time that are golden state. >> stops walking by our greatest moral shame. and face it. head on with clarity and compassion. the administration said between 7,000 to 12,000 people could be eligible. officials could not estimate the cost of the program thursday saying those details are still being worked out.
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last year the legislature approved 12 billion dollars for homeless and housing services. >> newsom is requesting another 2 billion this year for mental health housing. he says if approved of that 14 billion dollars total, 3 billion dollars would fund 33,000 new beds across the state. local behavioral health officials say housing will be key. we look forward to learning more about the details and i'm sure they'll be more discussion is that it's flush out. but >> i say a high level. what we know through the work we currently do is that access to housing is really the most critical piece of the picture. newsom's team says funds would we don't have enough clinical care. we're going to hold ourselves accountable to deliver all of that together in a comprehensive package. governor newsom wants the legislature to move quickly on this proposal, requesting it be part of this year's budget process. so if approved, the program could be in place by the end of this year in
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sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. >> community members are remembering the 4 people killed inside of a sacramento county church earlier this week. some or a good sisters, samarra, simeon samantha, along with 59 year-old nathaniel kong, were killed monday during a supervised visit. >> with the girl's father, david moore, how rojas people, many who say they didn't even know the girls are calm at all are showing up and adding their love to the memorial. the 3 are being missed by their teachers and friends who saw them every day for years. 3rd grade teacher jennifer souza. help them are good sisters with english, an after-school activities. she says that despite what was happening at home, the girls were very close to each other and they worked hard in class. >> it's devastating to have known their hopes and dreams. but known. all the love they had for education learning they made. coming to school
3:19 pm
worth it for many teachers. >> the teachers also saying sam wanted to become a veterinarian and some are aspired to be a youtuber. time to talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside across the golden gate bridge. a few dark clouds still lingering around there. our meteorologist rodriguez has details on the storm that rolled through and >> it's going to stick around for our thursday night. hey there, justin. yeah, it's going to be a slick commute out there right now for your thursday afternoon because we're tracking showers. >> mainly starting to make its way across the bay into the east bay and now into the south bay drying out for the san francisco peninsula and north bay as i speak. but we are going to see gusty winds after that storm exits. we are going to notice a very cool dry air mass for most of our day on friday. but a wind advisory going into effect very early friday morning. at 7 o'clock. >> through saturday evening, mainly along the bay area
3:20 pm
coastline and future cast for is going to show us why. but right now we're tracking fairly calm winds, but that storm still in the bay area slowly starting to exit. but we are going to notice gusty winds after it's officially exited by tomorrow morning. and with that, we're going to see wind gusts along the coast ranging between 30 to 40 miles per hour, strongest for those of you at half moon bay by around your noon lunch. time hour could see wind gusts. 43 miles per hour. so we are going to notice those winds, mainly going to stay concentrated along the coast. but as i passed for to friday night, it's going to make its way inland into the east bay and south bay valleys and for most of the north bay valleys as well. so this wind advisory could actually get extended, not when it comes to the area, but also time duration as well. but we're going to see by around saturday morning novato and half moon bay still tracking gusty winds in that 20 to 30 miles per hour range. but fortunately well below advisory level. but we are
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tracking ominous storm clouds overhead over golden gate bridge. temperatures for the most part in the 50's one outlier, though, antioch currently in the low 60's and once again, you're going to be the outlier tonight, low 50's. so mild temperatures there. everyone else in the bay area mid to upper 40's. thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover that's going to linger tonight. daytime highs about 5 degrees below average mid to upper 50's low 60's for santa rosa and avato at 60 degrees. but then temperatures really going to cool down especially friday afternoon through saturday afternoon below average highs and saturday night through sunday night could dip into the 30's for overnight lows until we slowly rebound by sunday with above average highs and spring-like temperatures a week from today. back to you. just >> thank you. still ahead, a new phase in the fight against covid-19. the president's plan for living in a post pandemic world. and it's also getting some pu
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san jose's board of supervisors has voted to repeal the city's booster mandate for large events. now, visitors to events with more than 50 people will not have to show proof of booster shots. they will still have to show a proof, a vaccine or a negative covid test at events with more than 1000 people. the move is coming as santa clara county has lifted the indoor mask mandate just this week. local and national leaders are looking to turn the page on the pandemic. and
3:25 pm
president biden wants lawmakers to approve billions of dollars to continue fighting covid. our dc correspondent hannah brandt explains why that shaping up to be a tough ask. across the united states covid cases are going down and people are shutting their masks. president biden says free and accessible vaccines testing and masks were key to getting here. of course, continuing this costs money. the biden administration is planning to ask congress for 22.5 billion dollars for continued pandemic relief and of congress presides. the funds we need will have. >> new stockpiles and tests mask bills ready if needed. >> some lawmakers like congressman jim land say they're on board for more covid funding for things like has seen but president biden may be in for an uphill battle because not all lawmakers think we need more money to fight covid. i'm not you notice to raise my hand to say yes, i'll vote for another big covid package. this isn't strictly a partisan divide.
3:26 pm
democrat elissa slotkin says she's not sure about approving more money because they're still pandemic funding available from the american rescue plan, at least in my state and other states that i know of the legislature's have yet to appropriate. even a dollar of the money that we approved a year ago. republican congressman randy feenstra points about unspent money to there's no need for us to create another bill that we spend more dollars that we spend trillions of dollars on this pandemic are ready and they're still money in the coffers that we can use for these these ancillary things in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> next here at 3 o'clock today. a jet boop. >> next here, 3 o'clock. today, a jetblue pilot has been removed from the cockpit for failing an important test just before takeoff with details on the charges. the pilot is now facing. also after the break, an outpouring of support how one east bay family's fundraising drive for ukraine has really taken off.
3:27 pm
and there's still time for you to help. and tracking your radar for. we're seeing the heaviest rain right now in between hayward and san leandro on 5.80. so watch out for your thursday afternoon commute tracking more rain i
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>> our top story at 3.30, russian forces are pressing their war on ukraine. it is now in its 8th day today.
3:30 pm
ukrainian president zelinsky told journalists he was open to talks with russia but was hesitant about russia's conditions and preconceptions. lindsey that he was in favor of talks with russia, saying compromise was possible in some situations but impossible and others. he says compromises need to be found quickly. so people stop dying. there is a ukrainian family that lives in walnut creek and they have just been overwhelmed by the community response to their grassroots donation drive as kron. 4 sweet ago reports right now. what started as a simple plea for help online has led to large monetary donations and vans loaded with supplies. >> after the initial shock wore from the images of russian armed forces invading their home country of ukraine. i know merritt and her husband, michael milstein, action from their home in walnut creek. a lot of was on monolith was thoughts through, but it somehow comes together really couple galvanize the
3:31 pm
community by reaching out online for monetary donations and humanitarian need to support people displaced in their country and refugees fled. it's difficult. there are people there that people are dying packing boxes. the couple videoconferences, his family and friends like andrea coote some shelters place with his family in the basement of a church in the capital craning. you cannot make is that people can. >> i luna and michael put the word out for help tuesday night. and by thursday they have collected enough supplies and medical aid. >> to fill at least 150 boxes, all being packed by family members and some neighbors before recently were complete strangers. they're filling a ban for multiple shipments to ukraine and to refugees in poland this morning. one of my neighbors sent $5,000 to help was a shipment cost. the community has donated more
3:32 pm
than $20,000 so 17 year-old daughter is facing electing from her classmates. >> use along that never seen that before. you were in a bus. but you know how it is. you don't really know your neighbors and never seen them before. they don't know what i'm going to do with that. just trusting and that's that that's specia. i just have to stay to make a difference in to go from 4 >> great story. and you can follow all the updates on the war in ukraine by using your phone to scan this qr code. it will guide you to our website for all the latest developments and resources that are available around the bay area. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. there's a new effort today to outlaw massive rent increases for some people in san francisco. this is coming after several residents had one apartment complex last their rent-controlled protections just last year.
3:33 pm
kron 4 sarah stinson is in san francisco and she has the details. >> a san francisco supervisor is proposing legislation to prevent massive spikes in rent for tenants that have previously been protected by rent control supervisor. dean preston proposed legislation that would limit rate increases for tenants by requiring landlords to remain in line with the city's rent ordinance, which currently stops landlords from raising annual rents by no more than 7%. the proposed legislation comes after a number of residents lost their rent control at the frederick douglas haynes garden apartments. take a look at say 104 unit affordable housing complex in the city's western addition neighborhood residents there trying to challenge this with the san francisco rent board last year. but in the end, the board sided with the property owners saying since building repairs were paid for by city in public funds. >> the rent control protections no longer applied
3:34 pm
as a result. people who lived there saw a huge spike in rent, one family who has lived in the complex since 1997 saw their rent jumped more than $500 a month. and supervisor president's office says their rent is set to increase by that much every year for the next 5 years. so the supervisors working to make sure this doesn't happen to any more. san franciscans. he's proposed this legislation and wait to see what happens with that is also working with the mayor's office to protect tenants. in the meantime. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting in san francisco. back to you. >> and we have reached out to supervisor preston's office but have yet to hear back yet. we'll let you know when we do that. california is going to try to double its goal for new housing by 2030, the department of housing and community development. >> now wants 2 and a half million homes built in the next 8 years. >> at least 1 million of those homes have to be affordable housing. the updated goals
3:35 pm
were released just yesterday and now officials are saying california has a lot of catching up to do because of decades of under development cities that fall behind of this goal could face penalties. we'll talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside from our mount tam cam. that's in marin county. we're looking out towards the city and the east bay. it is a great day to take a nap. our meteorologists murray's rodriguez has details now on the storm that rolled through and what we can expect as we head into tonight. they just want to curl up in bed right now. i want just like seeing in the rain to be honest with you. i'm so excited. i guess my rain dances have been working in the bay area. let's take a look, though, as we head outside. >> the biggest rain chances that we're getting right now with the heaviest downpours, those of you in the east bay over hayward and in between san leandro. we're tracking some pockets of some heavy rain impacting your commute along 8, 85 80. so just keep that in mind. slick roads throughout the san francisco
3:36 pm
peninsula starting to dry out. but those of you in the south bay now starting to see some light rain making its way into sunday. they'll even san jose and milpitas. we did, though some pretty convective showers out there early this morning. pop up, thunderstorms, cloud to ground lightning. believe it or not of her conquered and danville that even brought some hail storms as well. and we are start starting to see some widespread light showers for those of you in lafayette, concord still continuing with the wet weather but drying out for the most part for those of you in the north bay. but we're not out of the woods just yet because futurecast for still going to track some light rain chances during the overnight hours impacting your friday morning drive throughout the north and even san francisco peninsula. >> even starting to shift to the south and east for those of you in san jose by around 7 o'clock for your friday morning, dry clear gusty winds along the bay area coastline could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less throughout most of the day. but then we're going to have a second storm. this one is going to be a cold core storm. we could see some mountain
3:37 pm
showers with snow showers, mainly for those of you over the north bay mountains, east bay hills, especially over mount hamilton. we could see some light snow showers there. believe it or not. so fresh dusting of powder from friday night through saturday morning and also cool overnight temperatures. but as far as a rainmaker goes, we are still going to be on the lighter side from now all the way through saturday afternoon, just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less slightly higher amounts for those of you over mountain view and san jose. so enjoy the wet weather because it looks like we're tracking a warming and drying trend after this weekend into next week. back to you. just seen. >> thank you, risa. coming up next, the ties between a co-founder of an east bay yoga studio, an anti semitic. flyers. also after the break, sweet, salty sour. be healthy. what are stacking? have it say about our mood?
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snacking may not be be because you're hungry. the survey for the national peanut board. 68 1% of respondents say they reach for snacks more frequently. >> in times of anxiety or stress, that's particularly been the case during the pandemic. when snacking skyrocketed. the survey also found that 42% of people snack for an energy boost by others want those extra calories or protein more than half. also admit that snacking regularly before a meal. that's what
3:41 pm
their habit was. but 3 quarters of them had to stop an hour before a meal. also for your money today, babysitting costs have jumped 11% in 2021. far outpacing inflation at 7%. the increase is coming amid an ongoing labor crunch and childcare shortages. parents looking to escape one child for a little bit while we'll need to cough up more than 20 bucks per hour on average. that's according to urban center. lot of money, new data showing which airlines are most likely to lose damage or delay your luggage, though website stacker ranked airlines based in the united states using data from 2021 air travel. consumer reports american airlines took the top spot losing around 8 bags per 1000. alaska airlines came in 3rd with about 6 bags misplaced per 1000 delta came in 4th and was southwest airlines in 9th place. tough place to be.
3:42 pm
lawmakers are concerned about the rate at which bipoc women and girls go missing. >> i'm basil, john, reporting in washington. >> how lawmakers want
3:43 pm
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>> a jetblue pilot was pulled from the cockpit in buffalo, new york, moments before takeoff after the tsa. one of the agents says that the pilot
3:45 pm
was drunk. airport officials say 52 year-old james clifton blew a 0.17 on a bluff riser test, which is 4 times higher than the limit for flying. this happened on wednesday. in the morning airport police took the pilot into custody. he could now face federal charges. the pilot report shows clifton had 10. 22 ounce beers the night before jeff was already fired. the pilot and both jetblue and the faa have opened investigations. a berkeley yoga studio owner has fired its co-founder over the anti semitic flyers that have circulating the bay area. we first told you about the story last week. jeff renfro fired his longtime friend kelly johnson. the 2 it opened several yoga studios in the bay area, including one in berkeley. renfro says he finally cut ties with johnson after learning that she used company computers to register business for her boyfriend. renfro says the boyfriend had been using that business to spread covid conspiracies.
3:46 pm
hate and anti semitic messages. the business has also been linked to the anti semitic, flyers that have been spread around berkeley and other parts of the bay area. >> he would behind it when first came out and i aware of his behavior and her involvement in the for all left past 2 months and we're trying intervene life check for to leave and and also to change her or what. some of only for coming out out. >> the hateful fliers move the berkeley city council to call for an emergency resolution condemning hate speech last week. berkeley's mayor says berkeley, along with other cities like palo alto nevado continue to investigate the anti semitic messages and the people responsible. lawmakers on capitol hill are concerned about the rate at which black indigenous people of color, particularly women and girls
3:47 pm
go missing and how their case ul's cases are handled by law enforcement. our washington correspondent basil john, has more on how to address this and what they're calling the silent crisis. >> this is a crisis that he's hiding in plain sight. lawmakers like maryland democratic congressman jamie raskin. >> are concerned by the number of minority women and girls who go missing each year 2020, 100,000 of the quarter million women and girls went missing us. we're brown were indigenous, the black and missing foundation says minority victims are often ignored by media and law enforcement. they say the lack of attention is driven by unfair assumptions, common stereotypes for missing people of color. >> the runaway child, the thought criminal and the undeserving poor, south carolina republican congresswoman nancy mace says because of these injustices minority women are often easier to exploit. >> especially by traffickers who prey on the most
3:48 pm
vulnerable. these tragedies are particularly acute among women of color. some lawmakers like new york democratic congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez says some locations can be especially dangerous for native women. why is it? >> that oil gas and fossil fuel extraction sites have such a high correlation of violence and abduction against in native women. we know that when these man camps or temporary establishments are created, that there is an increase in violence than particularly violence against our native women. >> experts say resources are not being provided fast enough and lawmakers need to double their efforts reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> we'll talk about our forecast now is to take a live look outside of san francisco international airport's. we can get a better idea what the conditions are like along the peninsula. some rain move through today and it's going to turn to some snow for the sierra. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has the forecast. yeah. overall today
3:49 pm
is going to be a dry day in this but all of that is going to change by friday. sears snowpack. >> averaging 63% of normal. so holding steady from yesterday. but we're going to see snow showers in the sierra by friday morning for us here in the bay area. we're getting spoiled in the weather department with this winter storm bringing a slight to moderate downpours, even some hail as well this morning in parts of the east bay valleys. but right now we are tracking fairly dry conditions, but starting to see that rain and snow mixture come into fruition out there. we do have a winter weather advisory, though, going into effect by friday evening. and then that is going to continue through saturday afternoon, mainly for the greater lake tahoe area. but as you could see, rain and snow showers for the bulk of this year going to arrive as early as friday morning. we could see about half an inch of rain or less for south lake tahoe. and it's really the snow that has me excited because we could see 5 to 10 inches for elevations above
3:50 pm
7,000 feet at the lake level, 2 to 5 inches of fresh powder. but watch out for those gusty winds because it is going to be very blustery along our valleys, 40 to 50 mile per hour wind gusts with this year. ridgecrest tracking wind speeds as high as 90 miles per hour or trucking in south lake tahoe tomorrow. going to see that rain and snow mixture by friday. cooling down temperatures into the low 40's turning into mid 30's. thanks to that colder air mass turning into snow showers by saturday and then clearing out and drying out by sunday. still leaving behind a very cool and dry air mass that temperatures remaining in the mid 30's at 37 degrees. so enjoy that fresh powder for all. use the board and snowboard enthusiasts back to justine. >> risa, thank you. despite most adults complaining that they just don't have anything to wear. researchers say we don't actually use all the clothes in our closet. a recent survey conducted in uk found that the average person has $300 worth of clothing that they've never worn. the survey also found only 6% of
3:51 pm
adults say they have worn everything in their wardrobe, at least once 8 out of 10 people admit they prefer to wear the same stuff every day. i'm not going to confess anything about how i feel about that story for you. up next, step aside, disneyland. there is a new happiest place to be in california, which bay area city is apparently the best place to live in americ
3:52 pm
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history month, the disneyland resort is putting its leading lady right in front of main street at that railroad station. the change was orchestrated by disneyland floral display team, which has been in place since the park opened in 1955. the person in charge there says that many now see is just as iconic as mickey mouse. and so she deserves a little bit of floral facetime. happiness is right here in the bay area. a new report from wallet-hub ranks fremont as the happiest city in the united states. overall, this report says the bay area is pretty happy place to live. san francisco ranked the 3rd happiest san jose came in at 4th. santa rosa and oakland also cracked the top 10. the study ranked happiness factors based on job security, depression rates and the frequency of does or a divorce. among other criteria, u.s.. for fremont. makes us smile. let's check in now with
3:55 pm
newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. who wins army could be closer to america than you might think. why russian allies are just 90 miles off the coast of florida. the help they could provide. >> and the similarities to the cuban missile crisis tonight on news nation prime. here's >> thanks tonight on dan abrams live on news nation taking out a tyrant. the cia tried for years to kill castro and takeout, oppressive leaders in the past. some now asking could be legally assassinated. betts tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. we have time for one final check of the forecast a that storm has moved on by. but still some showers are going to stick around for tonight. what about tomorrow to think it's going to rain? >> no rain except for some light. scattered showers with that line of storms that i was tracking just a few minutes ago, friday morning. but overall, it's the wind that we're going to have to watch out for by friday morning
3:56 pm
through friday afternoon. but right now, just a heads up with those slick road conditions for your thursday afternoon drive, especially for those of you in the east bay. you're seeing widespread light rain but pockets of heavy downpours now shifting into danville, just south of walnut creek out there. so just keep that in mind. we're seeing some light scattered showers for those of you in the south bay. but overall drying out for now. for those of you throughout the san francisco peninsula and north bay. but still some showers out in the pacific that could make its way inland. so don't let your guard down. but overall going to see a drying trend throughout tonight. blanket of storm cloud cover. and here's that line of showers that i'm tracking during the overnight hours. for those of you in the san francisco peninsula arriving shortly before 5 o'clock in the morning. but then by around 7 o'clock in the morning for those of you in san jose, but then drier weather. in fact, we're going to have to watch out for gusty winds 50 miles per hour. less along the bay area coastline, cold core storm friday night through saturday could bring us a fresh dusting of snow in the highest peaks. but overall rain totals going to be on the
3:57 pm
lighter side from now. until then, just about a 10th of an inch of rain. slightly more for those of you in mountain view. and san jose with those gusty winds continuing through the day and even into your friday evening right along the bay area coastline. so hold on to your hats to sting. back to you. well, i'm glad we got something. every drop of rain counts. hope. there's a couple more storms during march. >> and i thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. really appreciate your time. hope we can connect on instagram, twitter or facebook. see you right back here tomorrow. have a good one.
3:58 pm
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