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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 3, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now tonight, as the pandemic wanes, fewer and fewer people are rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated statewide and across the country. good
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evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis is creating a giant question mark over what to do with the remaining excess vaccine supply kron. four's gayle ong reports on how experts say it could be put to good use. >> 2 years into the pandemic, demand for the covid-19 vaccine is plummeting in the united states. tracking by the cdc shows the daily count of total doses administered nearing a low not seen since the start of the pandemic. the cdc data shows vaccinations overall arcing. you think of lee down. >> but if that's you. >> i think what essentially happened so many people saw on the crime in the united states during the omicron certain what that means is the hospitalizations came down not just in places with high vaccinations, but in places with high immunity. and so i think at this point, people are like, well, you know what? i need get back to i've seen on the kron monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease doctor says for those still on the fence about getting the shot,
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you can just one vaccine dose having natural infection really does extend your immunity, make it stronger. so i would encourage just one dose for anyone said action. and with the extra vaccine stockpile health departments are tracking millions of doses. going to waste the california department of public health says providers are asked to keep doses until they expire before properly disposing a challenge. he is. >> doing the better job. both messaging the importance of vaccination. >> doctor michael wasserman sound on the california vaccine advisory committee. he is still concerned about vulnerable groups and remaining vaccine could be put to good use in california and other parts of the country. we still have to vaccinate. >> poor communities of color. they are not fully vaccinated. and that continue to have higher degrees of hospitalizations and deaths from covid get along. kron 4 news.
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>> the cdc has a new tool to help communities decide exactly what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. and you can see how different counties are in different boats, for example, if you lives in areas shaded in green here like sonoma marin and contra costa, santa clara, san mateo, san francisco. as of today, the risk level is low, which obviously is good meeting. the cdc suggesting that the community stay, you know, up on their vaccine. see if you're eligible for a booster, get it. if you feel symptoms get tested. but for the most part, you're in good shape. the counties shaded in yellow. that means it, you know, medium risk level which the cdc indicate suggest that communities should take things a step further when it comes to trying to actively prevent the spread of covid. if you live in. yeah, the counties that are in yellow, napa solano, alameda county's the cdc suggests that you should
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take those extra precautions and just make sure that everything is good to go. as of today, no counties are in the red category high-risk, which obviously is lovely. the cdc suggests people living in high-risk areas. again, we to worry about that right now. hopefully we don't get in. they want you to wear masks indoors in public spaces and obviously stay up to date on vaccinations and get tested if you feel symptoms. >> schools and counties could drop their mandates if the districts decide to align with state masking guidance, according to state guidance and masking indoors is strongly recommended, but not a mandate. this could apply to k through 12 students and in child care settings. the health department's making that announcement today saying that covid cases have come down a lot and hospitalizations are well below their peak. if districts choose to drop mask mandates, why those changes would go into effect on march. 12th.
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but if workers based in san francisco who have been working remotely for almost 2 years now are expected to return to their offices on monday. yes, san francisco mayor london breed making that announcement today. more than a dozen companies are committing to bringing workers back, including. >> bank of america metta. that's facebook. a sales force and uber. the policies are expected to be different across each company with many allowing employees to work remotely as part of a kind of a hybrid schedule. mayor breed says that there will be a series of events in the last week of march to celebrate the return of in-person workforce. more bay area companies are having their employees come back to work in person, not just in san francisco, but elsewhere. google, for >> it will soon end of the voluntary work from home period and we'll start having employees return to the office a few days a week starting early next month and that is great news for people who own small businesses nearby.
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>> greatness. we're looking forward to it. we're walking him back with open arms, but they went during the pandemic. certainly essentially the state closed for great deal of time until we put that revenue back. >> google officials say they expect most of their workers to come into the office 3 days a weekend have 2 days a week working remotely >> in other news tonight, a 14 year-old boy lost his life to gun violence in east oakland. happened last night around 10, 30 on mountain boulevard near keller avenue. and that is where oakland police say they found the victim. but investigators say it appears the shooting may have happened. >> at 98th and macarthur east oakland city councilmember trevor reed says this is the second homicide in her district recently. she says last night's tragedy comes in the wake of opd is redistricting plan that shifted more police resources to parts of oakland where the majority of shootings take place. >> we've got 48 new officers and is our second homicide of
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the year. we at this time last for to 9 lives lost. you have our children raise their hands and our neighborhoods and too many of them raised their hands, having known at a very young age, someone whose life was lost. >> the victim is reportedly from modesto. opd. investigators have not released the identity of the young man or any information about a possible motive. anybody with information is asked to contact oakland police. >> new at 9 berkeley police are overspending on over time. according to a new report by the city auditor there in 2020 police outspent their overtime budget by 5.2, 5 million dollars and police use over time to keep an outdated minimum number of officers on the street. the to also revealed that officers are not adhering to limits on overtime. one officer worked. 47 days in a row without a day off. 21% of berkeley officers
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in fiscal year 2020 exceeded the department's over time limit at least once the limit is 44 overtime hours in a week. a former danville police officer is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow for shooting and killing a man in 2018. andrew hall was convicted for shooting. 33 year-old a lot of mir are but did late a 9 times as he tried to drive away from a danville. police says the body cam video of that incident. our bill led officers on a slow speed pursuit after someone called police to report him knocking on their door. our bill late as family says that he was hospitalized earlier that year for mental illness. hall's lawyers say that the officer was only trying to protect himself from an oncoming vehicle contra costa county agreeing to pay 4.9 million dollars to our latest family to settle a lawsuit. >> governor newsome today unveiled a proposal that could force some homeless people into mental health treatment.
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the plan is called care court and it would rely heavily on county justice systems in order to have that treatment. given that proposal would require counties to create a mental health branch in civil court. an issue court ordered treatment. 2 people suffering with psychosis, a family member, friend or first responder can refer a person to care court and then evaluation would follow if the person is found eligible, the judge would said rules and oversight for the treatment if they're accused of a crime and do not take the treatment they could face criminal charges. >> so you may remember earlier this week we told you about an unprovoked attack in san francisco's ocean beach where a mentally unstable man hurled a soda can and a woman's face and caused serious injuries. well, situations like this are what governor newsom's plan aims to avoid crowds for second spoke with people involved in that attack about the governor's new initiative. >> suffered so harm, so much
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damage to her. i her nose and of course, the mental trauma of having experienced something like reggie play witnessed the assault of her friend karla flemmings. >> who's now recovering from a broken nose and severely bruised eye. we spoke with fleming's on tuesday who says she was in fear of losing her eyesight. and one point when it got into the emergency room, they were. that's what they were focused on was just making sure that they say the eye fleming's was attacked on saturday when she and her friends, including palais. we're enjoying a birthday celebration with their daughters at ocean beach. that's when 46 year-old stephen miller stumbled upon their picnic, had violent episode and hold a soda can at fleming's face san francisco police arrested miller who made his first court appearance on wednesday. miller will be detained until a hearing planned for march 14th would be nice to know if he's undergoing some kind of treatment arm and not just sitting there.
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>> because if nothing's happening to him on the treatment front, 2 weeks later, he's going to be back out in the street and and do we expect anything to change his place as this is why she supports governor gavin newsom's new plan that would require some unhoused people with mental illness into treatment. however, play worries that the timeline for the plan to potentially take effect isn't soon enough. what's going to happen in the interim? i am very glad that the plan is forming. >> and i understand these things. take time, it would really be reassuring to know that something is going to happen in the short term. and we're not going to just continue seen incidents like this care court would be legislative approval, which newsom hopes to have by june for implementation in january. >> i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news now to the war in ukraine, ukraine, a smoke has been. >> pouring out of the largest nuclear power plant in europe. in fact, you can see the moment but that heavy russian weapons are being fired on
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that power plant. they haven't tonight to see flashes. but the power plant is a key part of ukraine's infrastructure. >> accounting for one quarter of the entire counties, power generation. so this thing goes offline and you have millions of people who no longer have access to electricity. the main threat appears to have past. fortunately currently there, i said to be no elevated radiation readings near the facility. however, the gravity of an attack on a nuclear power plant during a war is not lost on ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskiy who said on twitter tonight, quote, for the first time in human history, a terrorist state has resorted to nuclear terror. only immediate european action can stop russian troops, end quote, the united states department of energy says it has activated its nuclear incident response team in according to u.s. energy secretary jennifer granholm, the reactors they're in ukraine are being safely
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shut down. >> and there are growing concerns tonight about the safety of ukraine's leader. president selinsky has become course the face of ukrainian resistance refusing to leave the capital city despite an offer to do so by the united states. that offer stands as russia advances further into ukraine. the world. >> as look to the lewinsky, social media posts for signs of safety. and this kaylee bensen reports now solecki says he is putin's main target. >> as the russians push forward with their invasion of ukraine. president zelensky continues to be target number one for their forces, the adversary or in this case, a state sponsor only has to be right once his protective detail asked write 100% of time which no easy task despite the risk the ukrainian president has chosen to stay behind in lead in a time of war. experts say an element of
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unpredictability is key to his safety. the ability to move from one location to another without establishing patterns, russian intelligence can track as he moves around the country. it may be beneficial for him to move closer to some of the borders. a case, you know, cases getting surrounding. there's no out to do was see dot knot was alinsky has been vocal on media outlets seemed a little avoiding any live updates and keeping social media post or photos on a delay is also crucial. so his voice can still be heard around the world. >> without his exact location targeted. remember, they've only had 6 presidents since 1991. hopefully they're learning you know, previous examples of how to handle the situations. and i think that. >> the president of his voice is not the right way to go for ukrainians for the people. >> another key component of
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zelinsky survival collecting russian intel to anticipate their next moves. former secret service agent tim miller says it's critical for his security teams to be proactive instead of reactive and also critical for the ukrainian president to trust their judgment when it comes to strategy, i would >> say and have said to protect these that i protected. trust us. let us do what we do because at the end of the day, remember, these folks are willing to die, not just for their freedom, but for the president, too. >> a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine is speaking out tonight. he says despite russia's aggressive attack said the scale of the ukraine resistance. it's worth noting steven pifer worked under president bill clinton and now he works as a research fellow at stanford university. piper says that he started to get a sense that russia would invade ukraine back in january. piper says he's been impressed with
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the resilience of ukrainian people who find a way to let russians know what's happening during the invasion. >> they take prisoners and they say here's a cell phone call your mom and want to know that you're safe. and by the way, you might mention that you're 5 comments were going to climb the moms because they were in that armor personal care that got taken out by an anti-tank missile. >> now, piper says another big hit to russia has been germany's response. the 2 countries have been working for 5 decades to former relationship. but the former ambassador says that one away within a week because of the invasion of ukraine. republican representative adam kissinger is calling for the u.s. to enforce a no fly zone over ukraine. in addition to serving in congress, kissinger is a lieutenant colonel in the air national guard. he says a no fly zone over ukraine would give ukraine's military a fair fight against invading russian forces. critics say kids are jurors proposed no fly zone would likely require the u.s.
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to fire on russian aircraft which could lead to a war between russia and nato. >> republican senator lindsey graham appears to be calling for the assassination of vladimir puting. tonight, the republican from south carolina tweeted is there a brutus in russia? is there a more successful colonel south over in the russian military? the only way this ends is for somebody in russia to take this guy out, you would be doing your country and the world. a great service. of course, the reference here, bruce is one of julius caesar's assassins and stauffenberg tried but failed to kill hitler during world war. 2. and then in another tweet, the senator said the only people who can fix the crisis or the russian people. east bay congressman eric swalwell responded to graham tweeting. remember when you could have legally taking out the biggest threat to our democracy by voting to acquit him for the crimes of january 6 sit this one out, lindsay and you can follow all the
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latest updates on the war in ukraine using this qr code red, the phone, open the camera, hold it up there. that will take you to our website. and that is all the latest developments in resources around the bay area. all right. other news tonight, take a look at this. a gigantic rock. >> just slid off the cliff. completely blocked highway 50 at echo summit. that thing is huge. caltrans says both westbound and eastbound lanes are closed for now. no kidding. crews don't know when the highway will reopen. they are telling drivers to take i-80 your highways, 89, 88 49. >> so people are going to try to get up there to take advantage of a little bit of fresh powder as we come back here to the bay momentarily. take a live look over downtown san francisco where, hey. it rained, albeit a minuscule amount, but the rain today. first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> it is turn a lick on, i guess anticipating say anticipated the weather gather a little cold out there see some winds out there. maybe a
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couple raindrops as well. in things a little wet out for the golden gate bridge about that. yeah. get a little slick out there on the bridge tonight as the rain continues to fall in spots. fairly light, though, out there right now. and that will continue at least overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. a really interesting start to the day we have that area of low pressure spinning off the coastline. watch what happens here around 6, 7 o'clock. there they go. numerous lightning strikes in parts of the east bay actually sparking fire out blow them things settling down a bit only to watch things pick up again with some wrap around moisture moving in right now. in fact, you see the showers moving in parts of the bay area special on the peninsula right now and in towards san francisco, south san francisco. yeah, things picking up. we've got some moderate amounts of rain coming down outside right now. that continues as you work your way down the coastline in the half. moon bay pescadero seeing some light showers right now and inside the bay. some scattered light showers in the east. palo out, though, getting close into a sunnyvale, but not quite there yet, sir. toga some light showers as well. and they're still very low pressure
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spinning off the coastline. and you can see that moisture wrapping around that area of low pressure. so bringing that moisture back up in the bay area. but overall, the system is going to be sliding down in los angeles overnight tonight. >> into tomorrow morning. it's likely to bring them some rain. probably some rainfall totals. yeah, not a huge storm system. but how about this? we have 18. 100's in santa rosa will take that petaluma 8, 100's of an inch of rain. same with samara fell san francisco even though the streets got wet so far the bucket is not tipped over yet. so so far 0 in the bucket. overall, oakland, only one one-hundredth and danville, where you have those thunderstorms rolling through early on this morning, saw some of those rainfall totals, almost a quarter of an inch of rain. all right. here's the pattern. it's going to be shifting here. we've got a low pressure center kind of kicking out of town. then we've got another one coming by as we head in toward tomorrow evening. i think maybe a lingering shower early in the morning. then we're going to dry things out. a lot of sunshine. and then by tomorrow evening, we've got a colder system coming in. some blustery winds outside and chance, some isolated
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thunderstorms, even some snow. our local mountains. back to you guys. thank you, lawrence. thousands of perspective uc berkeley students will not be receiving and a business letter this month. the california supreme court has refused. >> to lift the enrollment cap. a lower court issued after a neighborhood group sued the university kron four's. dan kerman has been following this story for weeks down. he has the latest. >> some 3,000 new undergrads, uc berkeley and plan to admit this fall will not be able 10 for in person instruction. it's hard to imagine that anyone would see this enrollment freeze as being a positive step. given the thousands of california students who have worked so hard to gain admission to gain roman into uc berkeley. in a 42 vote, the california supreme court refused to lift an enrollment cap issued by a lower court. the judge not only frozen roman that halted a university construction project until additional environmental review is
9:22 pm
completed. neighbors put the blame on the university's doorstep. >> at this point, we just don't trust the university when they say they're going to build house both of the last long-range development plants. they plan to go housing in a dissenting opinion. california supreme court justice goodwin liu said the effects of the enrollment cap will reverberate up and down the state. he called on both sides to meet and reach an agreement saying it is hard to think of a case where a negotiated settlement seems more imperative. neighbors who sued the university say they're willing to meet. but i'm one point they're not budging. what we want is a binding agreement where the university has the incentive to produce housing before the increase enrollment. uc berkeley wouldn't comment and their willingness to settle saying right now they're focusing on developing a plan to lessen the impact of the ruling on those 3,000 students by offering it mission too many students. >> admission to what would be
9:23 pm
online. only learning for the fall 2022 semester. and or delaying their admission until january 2023, numerous lawmakers in sacramento also said to be upset with this enrollment cap. they now are exploring legislative options. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> still to come tonight, the woman who allegedly faked her own kidnapping 5 years ago is now behind bars. how investigators caught up with her after all this time. >> and a republican party building covered in graffiti. what we know about this act of vandalism that's making the rounds on social media. >> and coming up on dine and dish vicki will take us inside san francisco's the progress socal away. but 40's at night socal away. but 40's at night continues right after this. when a truck hit my car, socal away. but 40's at night continues right after this. the insurance company wasn't fair.
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>> when you think of japanese food, sushi might come to mind and you'd be right. but there's so much more than just raw fish. so tonight on dine and dish, we catch up with 2 top rated bay area chefs to see what they're cooking up. that is both delicious and sustainable. back in the kitchen at san francisco restaurant. the progress, beautiful pieces of salmon in fresh veggies from the garden. >> these award-winning chefs are whipping up japanese fish dinner with california the sequel that's farmed and
9:27 pm
fished sustainably. >> guests are going to you know, sushi bars are expecting really high quality. so we need the quality, but also we need to sustainability so, you know, we need to move forward in a way that we can continue to enjoy. sushi and and fission and this way. chef kyle connor, ton of the famed a single thread restaurant in healdsburg. >> alongside chef stewart, rios of the famous state bird provisions and anchovy bar. they're combining forces to demonstrate how to prepare sustainably, fished meals and satisfy fish lovers. but one strip, the oceans because we we love it. what we want to do steer ourselves away from it because it is such a great option. but we need to find a sustainable way to do it. >> this is how much you to bully with citrus. some still head was routed lentils. chef kyle has been awarded the green star for his efforts to make meals that are healthy for the planet and satisfy healthy appetite in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron. 4 news. as you know, we're always looking for great places to dine in or get takeout in your neighborhood. you can scan this qr code. it will take you directly to the
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dine. and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. >> still to come, another member of a far right. the group has been charged with the january 6 insurrection life. this prosecutor says the case here was unique. plus, a pedestrian has died after being hit by a car in san jose where police are revealing and a government building in san jose targeted by vandals. when we come back.
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>> republicans in the south bay are reeling tonight after their headquarters is vandalize. you see the scuffle here. this is security video. it shows gop volunteers struggling to stop this unknown man got the santa clara county party chairman says this was a political attack. hartford's dan thorn has the story now from san jose. >> republican headquarters in san jose hit with vandalism. an unknown man is seen spraying red paint on the walls in the front door before being shot doubt. one of the targets, a portrait of former president donald trump was definitely a political attack. >> we're just happy that people are volunteers are okay. santa clara county republican party chair shane patrick connelly says the vandalism was uncalled for. he believes political discourse regardless of how strongly one might believe something. it should never get violent.
9:32 pm
these are bolshevik are brown shirt tactics that were used that are used in totalitarian countries. >> you know the silence people you disagree with. it's not acceptable here in the united states. this all happened wednesday morning. connelly says the man came in and began asking gop volunteers questions and then quickly became aggressive. the volunteers tried stopping the man inside before he also spray painted a car outside. he then turned the can of paint on one of the volunteers before taking off. there's no reason anybody should be attacking anyone. >> vandalizing the property just because they have disagreements with someone politics. when police arrived, they found the man's neon work best and the can of paint. connelly says they've dealt with some issues in the past. >> but nothing like this. most of what was damage has been replaced or at least somewhat cleaned up. neither of the volunteers were injured. the party is hoping other bad actors do not return. i hope this an isolated not reflective of a
9:33 pm
>> of more people in our community will be vigilant. >> the san jose police department is investigating this vandalism and the attack. the republican party here is asking for the democrats in the area to also denounced what happened reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron. 4 news also in the south bay. authorities in santa clara county have identified the man who was struck and killed in a hit and run yesterday afternoon. investigators say 68 deleo tapia was hit by a white truck about 4.30, in the area of south white road and sylvan drive. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police say the driver of the truck fled the scene has not been located, but anyone with information is being asked to contact san jose police. this is the 18th traffic fatality reported in san jose this year. it's unclear if speeding played a factor in yesterday's crash. but mayor sam liccardo does say that speeding is a big issue in that city. he and other leaders are pushing to
9:34 pm
install traffic cameras to get drivers to just slow down. the cameras would enforce speeds on street where there's a lot of injuries in school zones and streets with a history of speed contest. new details tonight on the attempted murder case against former ufc star cain velasquez. prosecutors accused blazquez of trying to kill harry who is charged with molesting a child related to the last kuz and then released from jail last week. it's a wild case. reporter justin campbell. what to alaska says, jim, where people who know him >> have strong opinions. >> this is the gym where the ufc champion trained. he's behind bars. now a defense attorney says it will probably be a long time before he's back in the ring prestige, ufc fighter cain, velasquez charged with 10 felony counts. criminal defense attorney paula canny says his legal team will have many hurdles, attempted murder with the
9:35 pm
possibility of life imprisonment is a bunch of trump. kenny says the defense will have to argue that he is not a danger to society and could be placed on home arrest. >> right now, it's the people's intention that he remain in custody. prosecutors say it all started after this man. harry was charged last week with molesting a 4 year-old child and then released from jail. >> that was not a decision that we agreed with. but it is a decision that we respect. we respect the judge's decision. that child was a relative of alaska as a few days later, he allegedly tracked down go at the day care in san martine and chase them in a sport truck. they have a hard road to go down. but kuz blast was followed the car for 11 miles. prosecutors say he fired 7 rounds at 3 people in the vehicle. one of art is relatives was struck and injured with non-life-threatening injuries.
9:36 pm
alaska's has a high-profile lawyer, mark geragos. but even with that, can he says the ufc fighter will have a long legal road ahead. do we want even? >> mixed martial arts champions to have that right somehow to be that entitled that they can take the law into their own hands. he's expected to be in court in front of a judge monday morning reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> police in shasta county arrested a wom3n today. she is accused of faking her own kidnapping more than 5 years ago. you may remember this case. it was widely reported on. >> authorities now say 39 year-old sherri papini with staying with her ex-boyfriend in orange county. well, police center has been searched for her, but pini showed up 3 weeks later with a variety of injuries. authorities say she hurt herself, even branded herself too. back up. false
9:37 pm
statements. she claims when she was found that the only thing. she was able to tell authorities related to her alleged abduction is that 2 hispanic guys with a gun had taken her. but painting is now charged with lying to federal agents and defrauding the state's victims compensation board. >> a member of the far right oath keepers group charged in the january 6 insurrection is the first to plead guilty. do so dishes conspiracy as part of a plea deal. joshua james admitted to taking part in a plan to forcefully stop the transfer of presidential power. he also acknowledged getting into a fight with a police officer. prosecutors say that james was among several charge to discuss plans in encrypted chats, use military tactics and stashed weapons. the 34 year-old from alabama has agreed to cooperate with authorities in their investigation. >> one of my neighbors sent
9:38 pm
$5,000 to help was a shipment cost. >> still ahead at 9 aid to ukraine. how effort by an east bay couple exploded into a community-wide project to help out families overseas. >> the showers around the bay area, some much needed rain headed toward the sierra. how much will talk about it coming up next. and in sports, klay thompson back on the court after an illness. but he did play is wasn't right with the best shooters ever right? >> accidentally banked in a 3 and then shot an airball from baseline. that's not play. and where stray the worries get right. sports director jason dumas says here when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> things have started to get away from the warriors. they're playing really bad basketball. steve kerr said there's d connectivity in the locker room and i'm not a huge five's guy, but there's just overall bad vibes about this group right now. but they say winning cures. also. that's what they tried to do tonight in dallas. klay thompson back on the court for the against 1st quartor. luka continues to be the warrior slayer gets in the lane, 3 eur to delaying he had 19 in the first the only bright spot in the 1st quarter for the warriors. >> was a shot. did not help.
9:42 pm
tough break for jordan for right there. 2nd quarter it. on clay right in his face. hasn't been the same defenders and he's come back either to mask or 68 point in the 1st half to take a 14 point lead into the break. steve kerr obviously kicked off. his team is just not getting it done on the defensive end 3rd quarter. well, the warriors highlight without steph curry highlight 3 point play right there. the warriors get within single digits step that 21 but get this not a single shot attempt or point in the 1st quarter. that is the first time that has happened in his career. but the dubs they did rally in the 4 from someone you think would help rally the rook. moses moody, this 3 ties. it moses had 13 points in the 4th. all in a four-minute span. but spencer dinwiddie, he killed the warriors the other night. he did so again
9:43 pm
tonight, 3 big bucket in crunch time, including that 3 point play to give dallas a 5 point lead dubs. trying to hang though. look at clay in the corner. he stepped out of bounds. that was indicative of his night. he was just 6 for 17 from the field warriors lose one 20 to one 13 luka. 41 points after the game. steve kerr talk about clay struggles and what he believes is causing >> tough night for you know, coming back from the illness and he's he needs all these razzi need some minutes to get ready for what's ahead. and we've got 19 games left. so he's going to, you know, have some some bumps in the but we're going to keep. you know, going to him and putting him out there running infielder minutes down the stretch and and he's going to better. he's i think when he's gotten into
9:44 pm
trouble, it's because he's forcing the issue and he just needs to let the game come to him and move the ball and trust that they've all come back to him. i think he's just you trying to heart you can't blame him. been out for 2 and a half years and he just wants to come back and make an impact but, you know, hopefully from here, he stays healthy and he can get into a nice groove. >> alright pac, 12 women's tournament. check out the go. stanford taking on oregon state trip this more than at close anna wilson. the point trae puts them up 14 to 12 and they are crews in. let's go check out the conference player of the year. hailey jones showing her versatility first nice bucket in the paint over her right shoulder with the left. let's show the inside out game. how about a nice elbow jumper? want to hear her stat line 2014 in 6,
9:45 pm
another day in the office for her. stanford wins this one. 57 44, they play colorado in the semifinals. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me! xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease.
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>> a ukrainian family living in walnut creek has been overwhelmed by the community response to their grassroots donation drive and the saints working what started as a little simple plea for help online has led to large
9:48 pm
monetary donations and van loads of supplies crowd for sleep. you reports. >> after the initial shock wore from the images of russian armed forces invading their home country of ukraine. i'm on the merits and her husband, michael milstein, action from their home in walnut creek. a lot of it was on monolith was thoughts through, but it somehow comes together really nicely. the couple galvanize the community by reaching out online for monetary donations and humanitarian need to support people displaced in their country and refugees fled. it's difficult. there are people that people are dying all packing boxes. the couple videoconferences, his family and friends like andrea coote some shelters place with his family in the basement of a church in the capital craning. you cannot make is that people can. >> i luna and michael put the word out for help tuesday
9:49 pm
night. and by thursday they have collected enough supplies and medical aid. >> to fill at least 150 boxes, all being packed by family members and some neighbors before recently were complete strangers. they are filling a van for multiple shipments to ukraine and to refugees in poland this morning. one of my neighbors sent $5,000 to help was a shipment cost. the community has donated more than $20,000 so 17 year-old daughter is electing from her classmates. >> use along that never seen that before. you were in a bus. but you know how it is. you don't really know your neighbors and never seen them before. they don't know what i'm going to do with that just and that's that that's specia. i just know. i have to stay to make a difference in to go from foreign nationals. >> i time now for 4 zone
9:50 pm
forecast as we get a live right now. you know, i tell you what that is. it's a bridge of some sort cent average. got to be sent a bridge in headlights headlights coming from laura must be all the insula, the water water on the lens from that big rain event that we're seeing around the bay. well, k. >> maybe not so big. almost looks like a rave long lloyds is what is it friday? tomorrow, friday. get ready for get the high country. you know, it's been quiet up there in the high country. they haven't. and the snow, of course, we haven't any rain here. but things the right now moving along pretty well honor some of that's going to change overnight tonight. we've got a storm moving in and some much colder air actually some winter weather advisories haven't seen that for quite awhile. started 5 o'clock in the evening. so if you plan on traveling up i want to head out a little bit earlier that snow will be picking up maybe 3 to 6 inches above 7,000 feet. >> but that snow level dropping all the way down to about 5,000 feet. so be
9:51 pm
prepared. if you're going up to the high country over the weekend, it's slick out there toward sfo. yeah, pretty damp out there as we've seen another wave of this moisture moving on shore and you see that making its way in across parts of south san francisco in some heavier amounts there in yellow and orange begin to pop up in the south san francisco. so that's affecting sfo and rain activity continue to stretch all the way down to pacifica in the half. moon bay pescadero more that on the way more scattered showers inside the bay to but things are going to lighten up a little bit overnight tonight. this low is going to move its way all the way into southern california. and then we've got another week system. you can just see it in the gulf of alaska. there. that is going to be dropping in. but that is a much colder system coming our way that will likely bring us some gusty winds out ahead of it before it gets here. so tomorrow going to be a blustery day. it will be a mainly dry day. maybe some showers early in the morning and then picking up again in the evening in between will see some sunshine. but a whole lot of wind. and then as we get into the weekend, still slight chance of showers as we
9:52 pm
get in towards saturday morning. that will dry things out in the afternoon. warmer weather. dry weather expected heading into next week. lawrence, a former police officer linked to the deadly shooting of breonna. taylor is a free man tonight. >> a kentucky jury found him not guilty of wanton endangerment. brett hankison was the only louisville police officer charged in connection with the deadly shooting. hankison testified that he thought his officers were actually engaged in a shootout with a man firing a semiautomatic rifle, which is why he says he opened fire. the louisville police department fired him 3 months after the raid for blindly firing into a building. >> grammys, jack checked now the big screen next tonight. the new is good for native her. we learn about covid-19,
9:53 pm
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> for your money tonight, michael jordan memorabilia has range from, you know. >> the jerseys to the shoes, even undergarments and then now and even maybe stranger thing is hitting the auction block. yeah, it's a cigar. jordan. one smoke. the have smoked. >> nicaraguan that made cigar was acquired by a woman who met jordan last year and asked him for a photo. he put it down in an ashtray for the photo and left it. so of course she grabbed, you know, both items. there's even
9:56 pm
photographic proof that this is exact cigar. the smoked on that very day. 2 people have been on it so far. the current price stands at 550 bucks. 9 days left in case you're interested. so you get it and you do what? with it? exactly. said it know countries are stepping up the rights to the company series servant of the people starting. >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky back in 2015, the former actor and comedian played a high school teacher who became president after a student's video of him denouncing corruption in ukraine went viral. servant of the people was a hit in ukraine where ran for 3 seasons. the series has 31 honors in 2 different awards shows an interest in the show has peaked since the linskey became the face of the nation as it has endured attacks from russia. >> native and singer her is making her big-screen debut in the color purple musical, a
9:57 pm
movie musical, the grammy and oscar-winning singer is set to play squeak. a juke joint waitress and aspiring singer. her says she hopes to do justice to the legacy of the film that was produced back in 1985. by oprah winfrey and steven spielberg. >> the legacy that the the color purple, you know, has just how iconic it is like to be a part of in this new adaptation is so dope and i hope, you know, i do it and being part of this cash like everything about them, the movie's going to be insane. yeah, it's like the beginning for me and my acting debut. >> yeah. the pride of the color purple musical is expected to be released next year in december. forward to that, go to that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. thanks for being with us. going to toss it over to pam moore and ken wayne who are now standing by with kron 4 news at 10. her is dope. your dough. for, we're thank you, grant and take a look the thursday night.
9:58 pm
violent incidents involving homeless people. unfortunately, they are not new in the bay area. a san francisco woman recently suffered serious injuries after authorities say a homeless man with mental problems hurled a soda can in her face. >> the victim's friend saw it happen. she sharing her thoughts tonight on the governor's new proposal to tackle the state's homeless crisis. plus, ufc fighting champion cain velasquez charged with attempted murder in the south bay. a law expert explains what's ahead in his legal case for news at 10. coming up next.
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