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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  March 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday and daria and i'm james want to start off this hour here with a check of the forecast because if you haven't noticed already, it's raining. it did overnight. when i heard it up with i thought it was the sprinklers. all the turn, the sprinklers on because that's what happened a few nights ago. nope, not the case really coming down. we've got john with the forecast a job easily can against both sprinkles of go. this is mother nature. this time doing turn in that hat. back on just briefly yesterday morning. we've got some showers this morning. we're tapping back into it as well. you can see a little bit of the berkeley hills view. skies have cleared a little since what i >> showed you earlier of that same view. let's break down what exactly is going on. so showers are generally moving through the bay in a southeasterly direction. moving to the should say, and that means areas further to the north. already clearing out. well, the south bay is just now getting in the mix
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with your rainfall. we are seeing moderate showers moving through the santa clara valley. so welcome to be seeing that. but it is going to have an impact on your morning commute on up through the great into the tri valley. also some wet conditions there along 6.80, and well on the peninsula and the east bay shoreline. you've already been seeing that rainfall. and even though it's starting to die down now, roadways are wet as our bridges, too north bay, you've already cleared out and you're about stay that way. the rest of the day as the showers move further to the south and east, that energy is gradually going to shift further and further towards the sierra nevada. so this year has actually been pretty dry overnight. and just now is starting to see it. snowfall picking up so snow in the sierra the rest of the day on into tomorrow morning bay area. we're actually going to get some good sunshine this afternoon towards 07:00am. we are going to see a wind advisory kicking up and today is going to be a windy one. so cool, brisk, sunshine, daytime highs only in the 50's to 60's paired with winds. 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts as high
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as 50 miles per hour. and you want to keep the jackets on for sure were breezy in san francisco right now, fairly calm for the rest of us at the moment. but winds are about to be picking up now 40's and 50's. our current temperatures cooler at the coastline. little bit more mild along the bay and further inland reyna. john, thank you for that. and we do have a hot spot out there. this is up in lucas valley. so southbound one, 0, one. >> at miller creek road, 2 lanes. there are currently blocked. so definitely you want to give yourself extra time if you're traveling through the air or be aware of that accident out here in the 80 westbound just east of springs road. we have an accident lanes are blocked highway. 29, you can see not bad of a delay there. so you may opt for just taking that. let's get a look at the bay bridge heading into the city this morning. 11 minutes for your drive from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes. still slick one out there. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge as you're traveling from the tolls to one o one. still 7 minutes for
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you this morning. take your time. darya. james, back to you. thank you. 6, 0, 2, want to get to the latest on what's going on in ukraine. russian forces have now taken over europe's largest nuclear power plant there. after a night of fighting, they did of the fire fire did break out. it's now out. thankfully. >> officials say there's no radiation leak. but as daryn mentioned a moment ago, a lot of the workers there working at the end of a barrel of russian soldiers. they're holding him at gunpoint right now. yeah. and the thought is that russia wants control of electricity, our the power, you knock out power, you make it, you know, easier to take over. and that's just an escalation of the tensions of the war and more refugees. meantime, are flooding out of the country. we've got robert sherman now the very latest from the ground. >> the un is calling for an immediate drawl of all russian troops from ukraine as this recent attack on a nuclear power plant just goes to show that no target is off limits.
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overnight. russia says it is taking control of the largest nuclear power plant in europe, which lies in the southern ukraine. new video shows the exchange of flares gunfire and explosions at the plant. >> a plant spokesperson says russian shelling caused the fire. however, that fire has been put at international monitors have not seen any changes in radiation levels in the plant's other reactors were being safely shut down. we are in completely uncharted waters and >> but what is what i mean, mates these he should is they need to act and 2, he does call for assistance. bearing in mind. there are ladies on the ground in overnight speech. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky delivered an emotional speech. you will get to the explosion happens. it is the end for everyone, the end of europe. it is the evacuation of on the immediate actions can stop the russian army. do not let europe die from the catastrophe on the nuclear plant. the u.s. department of energy is activating its nuclear incident response team as a
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precaution. british officials are calling for an emergency meeting of the un security council. >> saying russia is resorting to brutal tactics as it faces greater resistance than expected. russia is facing growing accusations of indiscriminate killings. >> this video is from the north west of kiev. ukrainian officials say the attacks that took place here constitute war crimes and will be brought to the hague in ukraine, shared his region. at least 33 people were killed in airstrikes thursday, according to local officials. he added at least 2 schools apartment complex in multiple homes were hit as keith prepares for a potential siege. russia is gaining a foothold in other parts of the country in the south, the strategic port of mariupol is surrounded and cut off from basic needs like water and food deliveries, according to its mayor. not far from there. the city of harrison fell is now under russian control as russia makes headway a second round of peace talks ended without a breakthrough. >> but both sides agreed to set up evacuation corridors and deliver aid to civilians. another round of peace talks
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are in the works for next week since russia's invasion of ukraine began last week over 1 million ukrainians have fled their country to other neighboring nations to seek refuge. >> the eu estimates that that number, we'll continue to rise in nevada. frank east robert sherman. >> today, secretary of state antony blinken, antony blinken is in europe is going to be meeting with nato allies to talk further about what other actions they can take against russia. this comes after president biden announced more sanctions to try and deter russia from continuing to wage this war. those sanctions, the rew ones, they'll target more than a dozen russian billionaires that he accuses of directly or indirectly aiding in this war. but with russian president vladimir putin showing no signs of slowing down. ukrainian president tamir's lansky is urging leaders around the world now to step up their pressure campaign against putin and russia. the biden administration, by the way, also granting temporary
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protected status to ukrainians who are now in the u.s. the immigration status offers ukrainians a chance to remain legally and work in the u.s. for up to 18 months. international students, tourists, employees on work visas are all eligible as long as they arrived in the u.s. on or before march. 1st, according to department of homeland security, about 75,000 ukrainians can apply for the program. >> in east bay, a ukrainian family living in walnut creek has been overwhelmed by the community response to their grassroots donation drive. it started as a simple plea for help online. it's turned into this a load of monetary donations. van loads of supplies all given by people who want to help. the family is using all of this to provide humanitarian aid for people been displaced in ukraine and the refugees so far, at least 150 boxes of supplies, medical aid have been packed up to ship off to ukraine and poland. >> a lot of it was on monolith
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was thoughts through, but it somehow comes together really nicely. one of my neighbors sent $5,000 to help was a shipment cost. you don't really know your neighbors. you never seen him before. they don't know what i'm going to do with that. just trusting. >> and that's that that's special. >> the community has donated more than $20,000 so far and the couple 17 year-old daughter is also doing a donation drive for more aid from her classmates. so she's working on >> well, happening today, former danville police officer scheduled to be sentenced now for shooting and killing a man back in 2018 kron. 4 s camila barco is following the latest on the officer who was convicted. camila. >> darya james andrew hall faces a possible 17 year sentence in prison. he was working as an officer at the danville police department back in 2018 when he was shot and killed a lot of mir. our now a jury convicted hall of
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assault with a firearm. this past october. however, that jury clear reach a decision on one charge of manslaughter. this all started back in october of 2018 after someone called police. they reported that are going to knock on their door are delayed. a led officers on a slow speed chase in danville. he's his family, says that he was pulled over multiple times, but our valais to kept driving away from police. that's when former danville police officer andrew hall got involved. he pulled in front of our palais to left his car and stood near the car's front right side. our belated tried pulling away, but then hall fired his gun. he shot arboleda 9 times and he died at the scene. now hall's lawyers argued that he was trying to protect himself from an on-coming car, but video shows that many of the shots came from the car's passenger side as our belated tried driving away, his car ended up crashing with another
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vehicle contra costa county sheriff's office cleared the former officer of any wrongdoing. charges weren't filed in the arbery. case made more news in march of last year. shot and killed a man. another man after police say that he approached hall with an ace. that case is still being investigated and no charges have been filed. but since then, contra costa county agreed to pay 4.9 million dollars to are the latest family to settle a lawsuit after the verdict in october. and this morning hall is scheduled for his sentencing at the contra costa county superior court today. like i said this morning in martinez, his hearing is scheduled for 8.30, and days were, of course, will be the bringing you the latest on this case on air and online. for now. back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. camila 6.10, is the time and happening now in mountain view. police are frayed. there could be more after a teacher
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is accused of inappropriately touching a student to kron four's. will tran is in mount. be on that story for us this morning. will. >> and that is why they want his picture out there and his name because they ar% fearful there could be other alleged victims. so let's get right to it. let me give you his picture of you waking up drinking coffee. i want to draw your attention to the screen. he's 62 years old. his name is robert hicks. he was a former coach and teacher at mountain view academy. but he actually was arrested in rockland now in april of 2020, somebody tipped off the police department that he allegedly molested a minor. so they started their investigation. it took a long time guys in. they are aware of it. 18 months. that's how long it took and they want the public to know the reason being they wanted to make sure that the alleged victim was okay that that person's. >> privacy was protected mentally, ok, while they conducted their investigation.
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and then last month they felt that they had enough to move in to make the arrest of robert hicks. he actually was finally arrested just 2 days ago. he is waking up this morning in the santa clara county jail while he is there, they will continue obviously with their investigation. but they're hoping anybody who has any information about this man, anybody has ties to this particular case or other cases to reach out to the mountain view. police department because they are fearful. as i mentioned, there could be other alleged victims >> thank you. we'll 6.12. is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, more bay area counties announcing their plans for easing mask mandates in schools will have details on that coming up after the break.
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it tasted like a mcdonald's burger. the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ >> 6.15 right now and we're going to get some snow out there. we keep watch he have to look away because otherwise it will never happen is going to now. >> it's nice to see at least we still have some up there and hopefully will add a little bit more today. we've got john tracking used to be cold. so i'm hoping that we just talked about a lot of the melt. you know, looking your side effects of the storm. yeah. the tree went down when the yeah. that's what happens when the ground gets saturated. this was highway 50 up at echo summit. caltrans is both directions. west and eastbound lanes were closed and actually are still closed. they don't have an estimated time when they're going to get
6:16 am
that reopens a 50 to southlake going to be a problem, not take 88 can't believe it's that way ahead, john. you know for that to happen. yeah. i mean, sometimes they have even with its dry, yes, but of just a little bit of moisture up there can do it. sometimes we've seen about one system per week the past few weeks that have been pushing up there. >> getting the ground saturated enough that we are seeing at least some help being made. his first snowpack is in the sierra snow is about to be really kicking up here in the sierra for the rest of the day today on into tomorrow. well, we're winding things down in the bay area. now we have what is cloudy skies overhead in san francisco? san jose. you just now over the past hour started to tap into your rainfall, which is working its way through mostly light to moderate showers this morning. already starting to things, see things drying out for san francisco in the east bay and you've already dried out across the north bay after your early morning overnight showers last night. this year,
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though, as we've noted, is just about to kick things up a notch. you are seeing more and more blue up there in the sierra, the central valley in the midst of rain. snow on the grapevine and showers all the grapevine and showers all the way through southern see this. but it's not a huge punch of rainfall. yesterday's rain brought by that first low this next week low pushing through today, resulting in our morning showers that we are in the midst of that will be pushing out. and after this, it's all about sunshine for much of the rest of the day. a cool, sunny, but brisk afternoon snowfall in the sierra starting today on into tomorrow, a few inches of it to be expected piling about up up there saturday morning. tomorrow morning. a couple of sprinkles here in the bay, but not really as much rainfall potential as what we've even had this morning. and then snowfall continuing in the sierra. so it's good to days of snow in the sierra nevada welling up to half a foot for many areas while here in the bay area. most of our rainfall is staying below a 10th of an inch. san jose. you can see around 7 tenths of an inch or
6:18 am
707 inch ahead of us. most of the rest of us are actually done with the rain at this point. now, today is going to be a windy one. wind advisories are taking effect here in the next 45 minutes and will remain until 07:00pm tonight. the reason behind this is winds gusting. 25 to 35 miles per hour. peak gust as high as 50 miles per hour today that paired with are cool sunshine. daytime highs only in the 50's and 60's. we just definitely want the jacket on hand. even as we dry out this afternoon, tomorrow is going to be just as cool, if not even cooler than today's about to be chance of sprinkles early in the day tomorrow. then afternoon sun sunday will be are consistently dry day of the weekend. but still chilly before temperatures next week. it more mild under sunshine, right. john, thank you for that. ok, we've been tracking this hot spot up in lucas valley. >> southbound one, 0 one at miller creek road. and you can see the delay that were seen along one o one. it's not the only issues out there. another accident and delay hill, 80
6:19 am
westbound easter springs road. and again, 29 would be a good way to get around that traveling into the city right now about 12 minutes from the maze that fremont's to exit san mateo bridge. all those slick and what still around 14 minutes traveling from 8 to one o one here in san mateo south. now want to one north of 92 east. there we have a traffic collision. so you see a slight delay, no issues along 2.80, and down in mountain view. 85. now it's bound there that ramp to one-on-one that connector ramp. there's a traffic collision. the traffic is still moving along keep a close eye on your friday commute. darya. james, back to you. >> reyna, thank you. at 6.19, and new this morning, the u.s. has added 678,000 jobs in the month of february. according to the labor department's report, which they released earlier this morning. the unemployment rate has also dropped. now to 3.8%. and this new data comes after recent reports have shown strength in the economy as covid infections continue to fall. the news also comes as inflation rate snow hit the highest level we've seen since
6:20 am
1982. bringing up the prices of food, gas and rent for a lot of americans. >> it's 6.19, right now. and as the pandemic is waning, fewer people are deciding to get a covid vaccine tracking by the cdc shows the daily count of total doses administered is nearing a low that we haven't seen since they first discovered invented the shot. now there are questions about what we do with the leftover vaccine supplies all across the state and the country. one doctor of the california vaccine advisory committee believes that the remaining vaccines should and could still be put to good use. >> we still have to vaccinate. >> poor communities of color. they are not fully vaccinated. and that continue to have higher degrees of hospitalizations and deaths from covid. >> the california department of public health says the providers are asked to keep doses until they expire before they properly dispose of them.
6:21 am
schools in alameda marin counties are considering aligning with the state in dropping the indoor mask mandate for students which is supposed to happen this month. the masking indoors, if when that changes in march would be strongly recommended but not mandated in the classrooms and it would apply to k through 12 students. the county health departments have the final say, however, on what they want to do, things are looking positive. we talked about cases and hospitalizations and how they're down. it's a districts choose to drop the mask mandate. then those changes go into effect. march. 12th. >> san francisco mayor london breed is applauding the fact that a lot of the top companies in the city are bringing their employees back to work in person more than a dozen major businesses have made the announcement saying they will shift operations from remote 2 more of a hybrid situation spend more time in the city and that move could start as early as next monday. and a lot of areas like downtown san francisco. they suffered a lot during the pandemic. a lot of people stayed home instead of
6:22 am
frequenting, you know, lunch spots and shopping. it corner stores. economists say this shift is going to be a big help. there are businesses that have. >> built their their life's work around these large corporations. and so, yeah, if are going to be served. that that's true. and all the situations there are winners and there are losers. and the hard part is for the people that are struggling and are going to get the benefit. but the people that, you know, dual income families that have children, they can work from home. that's really helping them take care of their family situation on the other hand, you have retail stores and people close by to businesses that don't get the traffic flow. and and so, you know, things will be different for them in terms of how they provide the meals. >> mayor breed says that she plans to have some kind of celebration at the end of the month to welcome all those workers back. >> a look at new 5 g wireless options for home internet that could save you money. i'm rich demuro. i'll take a look at
6:23 am
the pros and the cons
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>> well, thanks to 5 g wireless internet snow. an option for a lot of homes. yes, it's easy to install and the service can even save you a little bit of money to. we've got rich demuro explaining in today's tech smart. >> home internet that's as easy as plugging play. that's the promise of new 5 g wireless home internet options from verizon and t-mobile.
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it's all because of their access to speedy new 5 g spectrum. they have a lot of capacity on their networks that they didn't have before. sasha cn is a network at pc mag dot com. every time the carriers update their networks. i go out with a special songs, special software and to test the signal strength test the speeds test the coverage to see if the carriers are living up to their promise. i tried out rises 5 g home internet and it can't be easier. just plug in this cube. and in seconds you have a wi-fi signal. >> it's kind of like a giant global hot spot for your entire house. so far. it's really good if you can get plans, start at $25 for unlimited data. but you'll need to be a verizon wireless customer to get the best pricing, which is guaranteed for at least 2 years to get an idea of the speech will receive at home to a speed test using a smartphone on the rise and wireless network to get the faster speeds. if the signal says 5 g uw.
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>> additions in the wireless networks around attend to fix fluctuate a lot more than they do, especially with fiber. t-mobile offers a similar service with prices starting at $50 a month. you're familiar with data caps for mobile, but it's not true about the home internet plans. you can use all the data you want, depending on your need for speed. the services could save you money. and since there's no wiring required, set up is fast and easy to see. you have really overpriced cable service that's been really unreliable. >> of this provides you with a trump alternative. >> it all really comes down to the speed that 5 g internet can deliver to your home. and if there's an opportunity to save some money, these options are definitely worth a look. all right. if you want to learn more, to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> northern california mom accused about lying of her own
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kidnapping 5 years ago has been arrested all t
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>> 6.30, right now ran out yeah, you can see that behind in the john shot. they're pretty cloudy. a little wet out there. leases out windy. >> later today, we'll day. because i like umbrella stays. worry about they're bad news. good news is though the wind mostly comes after the rain
6:31 am
dies but the umbrella away and then you can worry about the way. alright, a little bit of everything again today really is i just without the hail and thunderstorms this time? yeah. that was not. yeah. that was that was for yesterday of it is nice out there this morning. i love a rainy morning. we certainly do need to see this. so that was very welcome. does make for slick conditions out there, though. so definitely consider that this is your east bay hills camera. still a little bit cloudy, but rainfall is beginning to work its way out slowly now impacting areas like the south bay, which just as much as the rest of us and haven't really seen as much of it until just now. so the past couple of hours, rainfall for the santa clara valley been great to see that starting to dry out elsewhere. still some misty drizzly conditions right around the oakland hills, especially in the north bay. after overnight and early morning showers. you have dried out really nicely. now you're about to get some good. sunshine ahead of the central valley up into the sierra nevada is where all that energy is shifted towards working its way gradually to
6:32 am
the southeast. and that means less and less likely to see any sort of showers the rest of the day here in the bay. but more and more likely to have that snow piling up in the sierra through the day today on into tomorrow. so if you're heading up to the sierra watch out for slick roads, if you're here in the bay, just prepare for what's about to be clear skies this afternoon. but yeah, winds picking back up wind advisory starting at 07:00am which is nicely timed because as you stash the umbrellas, that's when winds are really going to start to become more and more of an issue. we are seeing winds at the coastline already this morning. the rest of us are nice and calm ahead of wind speeds. 25 to 35 miles per hour. now temperatures in the 50's right now, san mateo and san francisco 51, oakland, alameda in hayward, each at fifty-two degrees currently thank you for that. ok, we're talking about the hot spots that we have out there. sam, a tail. >> southbound one. 0, one north of 92 east, 2 lanes there. cali blocked 2.80,
6:33 am
maybe a good alternate for you. if you need to get around those delays of people still can get through is just those 2 lanes are blocked. there. let's check on the second hot spot we've been following up in lucas valley. southbound one. 0, one at miller creek road, 2 lanes there are currently blocked. so we are seeing delays along one. 0, one traveling into the city right now, 13 minute drive maze that fremont street exit still fairly slick out there across a lot of our bridges like the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive for 80 to one on one up in the we're tracking this accident along 80 westbound east of springs road. thankfully, they just cleared that off of the highway. so you're still seeing residual delays, no issues along. 29, if you want to take that down in mountain 5 northbound connector ramp to one o one. he got an accident. so we're seeing some issues. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. at 6.33, and a woman who claimed to have been kidnapped and was missing for 3 weeks. as now then arrested. she's accused of faking that kidnap yarosh sherri papini. >> was missing. went missing in 2016 now charged with lying
6:34 am
to federal agents about the whole thing proper. sarah stinson has been following the story. joining us now live with the latest developments. pretty bizarre case sarah. >> can you believe 5 years later, sherri papini has been arrested at the time. this case capture the attention of the entire nation. it was that. >> young mom went for a run and never returned when she did, though it was, of course, that will come back. but then investigators found she was lying about the entire story and that took 5, you apparently to gather evidence to be able to bring charges person who was once the victim in this case. now, more than 5 years later has been arrested for lying to federal agents about being kidnapped in defrauding the state's victim compensation board of $30,000 went up. he was reported missing back in 2016. she was a stay-at-home mom and her husband worked in reading. the
6:35 am
39 year-old was found on thanksgiving day nearly a month after a long search across california and nearby states. she was found with findings on her body injuries, including up branding on her right shoulder. will many details at the time saying she was kidnapped at gunpoint by 2 hispanic women and even provided description to an fbi sketch artist. in reality, officials say after much investigating a found she was staying with a former boyfriend you 600 miles from running in orange county and she hurt herself to bring that to to back up for false claims. the evidence includes burner. cellphones proof little rental car used by the export fun to drive her back up to your was since admitted to all of this. the pini was given resources at the time that they're peter, the ambulance to the hospital. now, the u.s. attorney's office says timing resources were wasted on this case that could been provided real
6:36 am
crimes. now, federal agents say she's continued to lie about this ever since they've been interviewed her back in 2020, where she continued up those lies. but in the last 5 years, investigators have spent their time gathering all the evidence putting together this case and she's been arrested. and so she does not have an attorney at the u.s. attorney's office says that since he's just happened, have a court appearance set yet. so this is something we will continue to follow. darya james, this is back in the news to get again the pde 5 years later. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. it's 6.36 right now. and richmond police have arrested the woman accused of attacking a mother with her 2 children and they were the drive-thru of the we showed you the video and we heard from the mom about what happened here. it on mcdonnell avenue a month ago that this happen and you can see this
6:37 am
woman coming out of her car. her name is ryan. hi, jen. she was throwing items at the other woman's car. well, the mom had a 3 and a 5 year-old inside the car. they got into a verbal spat as well. and then they say that hodge used her own car to ram in to the victim's car and then carry the woman when she was out arguing there on the hood of her car for about 50 yards. police made this arrest on tuesday and now hodge is behind bars facing 2 counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon pay. >> so another big story that we're following this morning. governor gavin newsome has a plan now to tackle the state's homeless crisis. and those struggling with mental health. >> the plan is called care court and it will rely heavily on county justice systems to order treatment for certain people. additionally, a family member, friend or first responder henry for a person to core to the care court and then there'd be an evaluation. and if the person is found eligible, then the judge would
6:38 am
set rules and oversight for treatment. you know, if this person is accused of a crime and they reject the treatment, they could face criminal charges. yeah, if however, >> do not have any pending criminal charges against them and they they would be forced into a psychiatric facility. oakland mayor libby schaff and some other democratic mayors say they support this plan. >> it's time that are golden state stops walking by our greatest moral shame. and face it. head on with clarity and compassion. >> and the governor's plan needs legislative approval. he's hoping to have that by june so that he can put into effect starting next january. >> time now 6.38 in the east bay, a 14 year-old boy was killed in a shooting in east oakland. this happened wednesday night on mountain boulevard near keller avenue and by the that the emergency crews got there, they found the boy who had been shot and he died there at the scene.
6:39 am
police have now shifted their resources to that part of town because they say that there have been so many shootings and they actually say that city leaders say the extra police presence has provided for an improvement from last year. >> we've 48 new officers we certainly saw with re or of opd that there was some in patrol in the community, along with our community has been asking for. and is our second homicide of the year. we at this time last for to 9 lives lost. >> and that 14 year-old boy who was killed was from modesto. but we don't have other information about the investigation as to who did it. >> well, republicans in the south bay are upset after their headquarters was vandalized in san jose. it happened on wednesday, man apparently walked into an office and started asking questions to the gop volunteers who are there. the man then got aggressive and
6:40 am
spray painted the walls of the office before being shoved out. he also spray painted a car outside before taking off santa clara county party. chairman says the vandalism is uncalled for and he believes that political discourse should never get violent. >> there's no reason anybody should be attacking anyone. vandalizing the property just because they have disagreements with someone politics. i hope this an isolated not reflective of a of more people in our community will be vigilant. >> police investigation is now underway. we've learned that the volunteers who tried to stop that vandal were not hurt. thankfully. >> time now, 6.40, in the east bay berkeley police are overspending on over time. according to a new report by the city auditor in 2020 police outspent their overtime budget by 5.2, 5 million dollars and police used over time to keep an outdated,
6:41 am
minimal number of officers on the street. the audit also reveals that officers are not at hearing to limits on overtime. one officer worked. 47 days in a row without a day off. 21% of berkeley officers in fiscal year 2020 exceeded the departments over time limit at least once the limit is 44 hours of over time in a week. play its 2 full-time jobs. wow, that's crazy. happening today, first lady jill biden is going arrive in san francisco. she is coming to attend a private memorial service and she'll also be speaking at a democratic national committee event in san francisco tomorrow and then head home to wilmington, delaware. after that. >> thousands of prospective uc berkeley students will not be receiving an admittance letter. this month's that
6:42 am
otherwise might of because the california supreme court now has refused to lift the enrollment cap that a lower court had put into place that lower court judge required not only to freeze enrollment but also to halt the university construction project until more environmental reviews could be done. neighbors who filed a lawsuit to stop that project are hailing this ruling as a victory saying the university has no one else to blame but itself. >> we have offered many times to sell our case in exchange for uc berkeley's agreement to a legally binding commitment to increase housing before they increase enrollment. >> uc berkeley wouldn't comment on its willingness to settle but said that it is focused on developing a plan so that it doesn't have to refuse admission to about 3,000 students that are potentially not going to get those acceptance letters. we'll take a break. it is 6.42. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. klay thompson back on the courts. >> just wasn't feeling it, for sports director jason dumas
6:43 am
school. explain. >> and showers quickly making their way through the bay area. starting to quiet down in the south bay after rainfall for you these past few minutes and the rest of the bay area to really starting to wind things down. what's the rest of your friday looking like like at your forecast? >> all right. well, we're far away from friday light with all the wet conditions. we have an update on those 2 hot spots we've ♪ one-two-three ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ uh, alright, uh! ♪ ♪ got to know how to pony like bony maronie ♪ ♪ uh! you know i feel alright? ♪ ♪ hah! i feel pretty good, yall ♪ ♪ uh! ♪ ♪ oww! ♪
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>> 6.45? and you might get what if you get out this morning and you don't have a hood or yeah. i see some people taking a run on the burqa darrow and john more than what i think is all you need. yeah, the hood and honestly, the umbrella which you had earlier this morning, you can start to think about put away for the rest of the day because things have calmed down. really quick me leave now. you can see outside at coit tower. the birds are back out. we got the joggers on the embarcadero. all is returning to the dry that we've gotten used to across the bay. that rainfall has worked its way through during overnight hours for the north bay early morning for the central core of the bay. and just over the past few minutes for the south bay, things are starting to die down for san jose. still some light showers in the santa cruz mountains as well as down towards morgan hill. couple of misty spots on the peninsula in the east bay. but you've really come down now in the north bay. you are absolutely done with rainfall. the rest of the day skies will clear out and brighten up really quickly. that energy is shifting further to the southeast of the central valley south part of the state
6:47 am
as well as the sierra nevada are about to start picking up the rain or snowfall after that. yesterday's rainfall moved out. we saw another system moved through last night. so 1, 2, punch of moisture. that is absolutely needed. not adding up to a whole lot, but we could use any bit of it. so skies dry the rest of the day for the bay, the sierra nevada just really starting an active next. 24 hours with snowfall through the afternoon today on into tomorrow. and that is very welcome to see if there are around 6 inches of it for many of those hillsides and mountains sites, bay area could see another sprinkle tomorrow morning before an afternoon that will clear out much like this one will. we will continue to see snow in the sierra, though, on through the course of your saturday afternoon. so while we start with the wet mornings and sunny afternoons, the sierra has the wet afternoons. rainfall totals. well, we did see some sprinkles last night in the north bay. now you're drying out for the rest of the day. anything additionally in the south bay is going to be really light from this point
6:48 am
forward. we are going to see winds picking up here in the next couple of minutes from 07:00am to 07:00pm today. wind advisories taking effect winds really going to pick up this afternoon. we're fairly calm for the time being, but it is going to be a day with winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour. most gusts. 25 to 35 miles per hour. and that paired with these cool temperatures anywhere from the upper 50's to low 60's will make for a brisk feeling day. so keep the jackets on this friday into tomorrow, too. tomorrow morning could see a couple more sprinkles, but clear skies for most of the day sunday, a cool and sunny one and we will warm back up into the mid to upper 60's next week under sunny and dry skies john, thank you for that. hey, we have to updates on those hot spots. we're tracking. >> the one in san mateo southbound, north of 92 east. that is clear. so we're starting already see some improvement along one o want. and this one up in lucas valley, southbound 1 one and miller creek road. this one also is clear. so you are going to see residual delays for just a little while while
6:49 am
traffic continues to move through and along one, 0, one heading into the city, 14 minutes may so that premature exit remember still slick and wet out there. san mateo virginia, 80 to one o one. 14 minutes for your drive. let's check on another traffic collision. that is there's still 85 northbound connector ramp to one o one. so we are starting to see some delays. you might want to take 82 or 87 trying to navigate around that richmond center fell bridge 13 minutes tolls to one o one. and let's look at the south bay. 85 in the park. 34 minutes. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.49. and the warriors need to do better. yeah. on a losing streak, not the kind of streak we like to see. but coach kerr says. >> that's just a simple off. the players just are in sync right now. he said the chemistry is off it's like that. it's not you. it's me. it's me. you know, when the not working covers birth director takes a closer like. >> they are playing really bad basketball. steve kerr said there's d connectivity in the
6:50 am
locker room and i'm not a huge fight is guy. but there's just overall bad vibes about this group right now. but they say winning cures. also. that's what they tried to do tonight in dallas. klay thompson back on the court for the game against 1st quarter and luka continues to be the warrior slayer gets in the lane. 3 eur to delaying hit 19 in the f rst. the only bright spot in the 1st quarter for the warriors. >> was a shot. welcome italy did not help tough break for jordan for right there. 2nd quarter it. on clay right in his face. hasn't been the same defenders and he's come back either to mask or 68 point in the 1st half to take a 14 point lead into the break. steve kerr obviously take off. his team is just not getting it done on the defensive end 3rd quarter. well, the warriors highlight without
6:51 am
steph curry highlight 3 point play right there. the warriors get within single digits step that 21 but get this not a single shot attempt or point in the 1st quarter. that is the first time that has happened in his career. but the dubs they did rally in the 4 from someone you think would help rally the rook. moses moody, this 3 ties. it moses had 13 points in the 4th. all in a four-minute span. but spencer dinwiddie, he killed the warriors the other night. he did so again tonight, 3 big bucket in crunch time, including that 3 point play to give dallas a 5 point lead dubs. trying to hang though. look at clay in the corner. he stepped out of bounds. that was indicative of his night. he was just 6 for 17 from the field warriors lose one 20 to one 13 luka. 41 points after the game. steve kerr talk about clay struggles and what he believes is causing that.
6:52 am
>> tough night for you know, coming back from the illness and he's he needs all these reps. he needs a minutes to get ready for what's ahead. and we've got 19 games left. so he's going to, you know, have some some bumps in the but we're going to keep. you know, going and putting him out there running infielder minutes down the stretch and he's going to better. he's i think when he's gotten into trouble, it's because he's forcing the issue and he just needs to let the game come to him and move the ball and trust that they've all come back to him. i think he's just you trying to heart you can't blame him. been out for 2 and a half years and he just wants to come back an impact but, you know, hopefully from here, he stays healthy and he can get into a nice groove. >> alright pac, 12 women's
6:53 am
tournament. check out the go. stanford taking on oregon state trip this more than that close anna wilson. the point guard will trey puts them up 14 to 12 and they are crews in. let's go check out the conference player of the year. hailey jones showing her versatility first nice bucket in the paint over her right shoulder with the left when this show the inside out game. how about a nice elbow jumper? want to hear her stat line 2014 in 6, another day in the office for her. stanford wins this one. 57 44, they play colorado in the semifinals. all righty. that is your look at sports. >> all right. thank you, jason. the warriors are going to be on the road tomorrow night facing the los angeles night facing the los angeles lakers tip off at 5.30. ♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan
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meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand.
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cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. and to honor women's history month. disneyland now putting its leading lady on the front of the main street railroad station. >> typically see mickey's face there. but they made the change at the disneyland. the gardening team said they wanted to make this change. the designers say that mickey, yes, he gets his pretty iconic, but so is many and making gets all the credit he does. yeah. behind every great man they say is great woman. so yeah, it's a little faced run i love disney. got to go back 6.56. right now coming over the next hour.
6:57 am
>> after a night of fighting in ukraine, we're going to get the very latest on what's going on at a nuclear power plant. >> that russia now controls at gunpoint. and a former danville officer going to be sentenced today for shooting and killing a man in 2018. we're going to have more on that case in a live report. >> plus, a former mountain view teacher is accused of inappropriately touching a student and police are working to see if there are more victims out there.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. 0, 7 o'clock. give it a little sun. you where you get movin and makes a little easier. the and the rain is going to like, you know, maybe maybe take a little time to do whatever you need to do. so leave some extra time. get yourself a grab yourself some with the hood. if you're going to go on for a morning walk this morning, we had john with our forecast age on we saw some showers last night into the morning and it's still kind of misty out there, even as we start to see that energy slowly shifting out our direction. you can see the east bay hills camera right here, still very cloudy. you can actually see down into berkeley, though, which is not the case. just a couple of hours ago. most of our rainfall is pushed out towards the central valley and out right along the central coast, too. you are seeing some snow also now picking up in the sierra nevada, something that's going to stick around to the rest of the day tonight on into tomorrow, too. so where are we sitting with the


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