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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 been kind of tough doesn't want to, you know, follow the
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boundaries and walls and leaves. and usually when he leaves, reaches out to my wife within a day or 2. but >> now it's been a couple weeks, very concerned. >> now at 10 o'clock, a call for help. what this castro valley couple is pleading for tonight as they search for their missing child. >> thank so much for joining us here tonight on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. this castro valley family is asking for the public to look out for their 12 year-old missing foster son. >> he was last seen in oakland on february. 16th kron four's amanda hari spoke exclusively with this family about the search for their son. >> i haven't heard from >> over 2 katrina, hardest ad was visibly emotional when she told me about her foster son. >> kron should butts. >> it's super he's but a super-smart. so heat presents as a a, you know, like 14, 15 year-old kid. he's a smart
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kid. he loves trees, you know, hanging out at the beach. >> he's gotten engineers, mind racing. katrina har stat say he was last seen in oakland on february. 16th. he's 5, 5, 210 pounds. >> and was wearing all black with a black backpack. the hard steps have been his foster parents since he was 3 years old. but for the last year, he's been in group homes to receive assistance. the group homes have been kind of tough doesn't want to, you know, follow the boundaries and walls and leaves. and usually when he leaves, he reaches out to my wife within a day or 2. but >> now it's been a couple weeks. they're concerned. they reached out to oakland police and they have updated. he's missing person report indicating that he has an at risk health concern. there is a missing person alert, but they don't actually look for them. they just if they make contact the they could possibly the hardest dead say they're becoming even more worry because they are unsure if he's taking his medication.
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>> which she needs daily. i think the main thing is that he could be in a medical crisis at any moment, presents itself, you know, in lots of ways, she says he'll become disoriented, dizzy and confused. and it's like we're being and that's like my biggest fear right now, the family is asking people to contact the oakland police department if they have any information about kerr on amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> tonight, we're also following the latest out of shasta county where cal fire says a burn pile that they lit on friday has cross containment lines. it's now burning near walker, mine road and flanagan road. that's near shasta lake. so far they think this fire has burned about 88 acres and they think they have about 60% contained. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast cool day across the bay area on this saturday. >> our meteorologist rodriguez is joining us now with a look ahead towards our sunday. and
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the temperatures are going to stay cold throughout the night. yeah. yeah. very chilly tonight. but then we're going to warm up very nicely tomorrow. so we're going to be exactly where we should be for this time of year. widespread low to mid 60's for the 2nd half of your weekend. but let's take a look at rain totals from the last 72 hours from our 2 weeks. storms that swept through the bay area. we saw less than 3 quarters of an inch of rain for the oakland hills in slightly less than >> half an inch of rain. for those of you at redwood city, not a big drought buster, but as you can see, every drop certainly does help. we're still above average. for those of you at san francisco international airport and oakland airport. and just 67% of average for those of you in san jose getting more just about 6 and a half inches of rain so far for this wet season in february should be the month that we should get the most rain. but it was very lackluster. one of the driest on record as was january. but it is great to see that storm door reopening for march. not
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this cut sunday, but next sunday we are going to notice some light rain returning to the bay area. widespread showers even through sunday afternoon. but then monday night into tuesday morning, we're going to get another batch of rain making its way so weak storms. but as you can see, certainly going to help. and but we are tracking from now until then cool temperatures tonight. but then we're going to start a warming trend beginning tomorrow for your sunday into monday. more coming up on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, just think back to you. risa. thank you so much. some san francisco students will soon be able to take their mask off while inside of the classroom. >> the district recently announced that it is now aligning with state guidelines and which would require removing mask requirements for middle and high school students starting march 12 parents who spoke with kron 4 say the changes make them a little uneasy. >> i don't think it's a good idea. should i fly. i keep the mask on. what are telling your
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kids to keep their mask on at all times? >> masking will still be required at pre k transitional kindergarten and elementary schools as well as in k through 8 buildings. the district also says there will be group contact tracing and still allowing students who are in close contact to stay in school unless they have symptoms. >> schools in marin county, dublin, unified school, alameda county and berkley also announced that they will align with the state's policy of recommending masks instead of requiring of them. that change will go into effect on march. 12th contra costa county said it would also end its indoor mask mandate in k through 12 schools and child care settings by mid-march. now to the east bay with the oakland teachers union is taking legal action against the school district and its decision to close and merge about a dozen schools. union leaders say the district's decision violates an agreement from 2019 kron four's camila barco spoke to union leaders. >> the fight to keep several open schools open continues on
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saturday. oakland, unified families and teachers protested in east oakland to remind people of the district's decision. i think a lot of families think that it's over because the school district already voted. >> but we just want to continue fighting and doing everything that we can after weeks of push back, the district's teachers union. >> has now taken legal action. they filed an unfair labor practice charge with the public employment relations board. >> also known as per we confident that we have a >> strong case. union leaders say the district's decision >> is illegal because they violated an agreement from 2019. any decision to our >> what would have to go through a one year in games but process. and that didn't happen earlier this year. it took the school board. >> less than 2 months to vote to close or merge about a dozen schools over the next
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school year. there was no community game engagement whatsoever. but jordy school board. >> fast track this decision without any input parents. >> and communities issued a complaint against the school district. union leaders say it brings them one step closer to a hearing before a judge who could potentially put a pause on the school closures. they're hoping for hearing this spring. this is a positive step moving forward. >> as far what we are doing and the legal avenues stop school closures. teachers like jasmine, for tests. >> say this fight is far from over. and these are my babies lives that are at stake and i will not allow the school district to put it. >> and then this type of stress in oakland, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> so much more to come tonight at 10 o'clock. the search efforts continuing in the east bay for lets his game more than a month after she
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last disappeared. the latest on the search effort still to come. >> then new details in the fake kidnapping case that happened here in california. it made national headlines as federal agents have now said what really happened to sherri papini. >> but first, we're continuing to monitor the very latest developments from ukraine tonight as american lawmakers visit refugees on the border and as russia continues to bomb several areas.
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>> close the sky. those are the chance heard at rallies around the world as protests are calling for peace in ukraine and they continue to gain momentum from new york to rome, paris to tell of the protesters are demanding an end to the fighting as the humanitarian crisis grows by the day and ukraine made some desperate pleas to the united states today for additional means in order to take on russia. so the relic right to close the sky comes as ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky calls for a no fly zone above ukraine. >> even though nato has failed to implement the strict move so far. kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure brings us up to date. >> top u.s. diplomats and lawmakers stress they cannot deliver on ukraine's biggest requests to establish a no fly zone over the country. but they are basing support in other ways. >> the entire world.
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>> stand with ukraine. secretary of state antony blinken joined his ukrainian counterpart saturday at the border of ukraine and poland to convey that message of unity. ukraine will win this war eric's earns every there obliterating many, many cities this american lived in ukraine's capital before coming to the border to join a civilian territorial defense unit. got out too, do more in other ways, too many others forced to flee ukraine 700,000 and counting are now refugees in poland and lincoln visited with some of them as they crossed vulnerable people know that here they will find refuge. blinken said more than 10,000 american troops are in poland to help in the country is requesting more. we will defend every inch of nato territory. a bipartisan group of lawmakers met lincoln in poland to show solidarity. we are with you and we will do everything we can to stop this. >> members of congress also have the opportunity to speak with ukrainian president zelensky saturday over zoom. there were numerous examples
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of war crimes provided by president south carolina senator lindsey graham said those include russians killing and imprisoning ukrainian mayors and attacking more civilian areas, or machine and my view. >> is in full-blown war crimes mode. graham said president zelinsky also asked lawmakers for faster delivery of nato drones and planes and sanctions on russian oil and this one more difficult >> and the white house just requested an additional 3 billion dollars in humanitarian assistance for ukraine and refugee services in surrounding countries. lawmakers will consider that when they return to the capitol this next week. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> in the late show of international unity against russia's invasion of ukraine. the un's top human rights body approved a panel of experts to monitor human rights in ukraine in a message to putin. ukraine's envoys said to the un said, quote, you are isolated in the global level and the world is against you.
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meanwhile, today the city of lafayette joined the long list of other bay area cities who have either already or are promising to fly a ukrainian flag and show support for the country. today the city council approved that measure in a special city council meeting. it passed. the council suggested flying the flag over lafayette plaza. you can stay up to date on the very latest headlines and updates on the ongoing war in ukraine. all you have to do is use your mobile device to scan this qr code on your screen and it will direct you to our website at kron 4 dot com. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast again tonight. >> our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look at week. what we can expect for sunday and also into the work week doesn't look like any rain is on the way. no rain, in fact, above average temperatures making its way into the bay area. here's a live look outside. >> city hall lit up in blue standing in solidarity with
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ukraine, lit up in blue and yellow as are most city government buildings out there this evening and radar for tracking very dry and clear conditions. and we're tracking calm winds as well. >> that's contributing to our cool down, especially for those of you in livermore. 39 degrees. alameda in the low 50's at 51 degrees. nearly 15 degrees warmer than petaluma. 37 degrees as you step outside for your saturday night. so make sure to bundle up dress in layers because it's going to be downright cold tonight, especially for coal dust, inland valleys in the north, the east bay and south bay, santa rosa below freezing at 30 degrees bout 12 degrees. warmer for downtown san francisco at 42 degrees. still on the cool side nonetheless. but temperatures tomorrow rebounding very nicely today 48 degrees below average, only warming up into the mid to upper 50's. but tomorrow we're tracking widespread low to mid 60's. exactly where we should be for this time of year. san jose and fremont 63 degrees as his livermore with downtown
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san francisco in oakland in the low 60's but half moon bay slightly cooler than that at 57 degrees. but we are tracking very mild outlook inspect spring-like weather making its way into the bay area with tuesday. we could see highs in warmest inland valleys in the low 70's continuing a week from today with a slight chance of showers returning next weekend. even 10 days from now. so let's keep our fingers crossed. that storm door remains open. back to you, jonathan. just seen. >> thanks a breeze. a mom's disappearance set off a weekslong search several years ago with hundreds of people who are showing up trying to help. but now we've learned that mom has been arrested and accused of faking her own kidnapping. >> kron 4, sarah since and has the very latest on the sherri papini case. >> when a young stay at home, mom in reading was kidnapped while out for a run back in 2016, it set off a frantic 3 week search and gained attention from people across the country. sherri papini mysteriously showed back up,
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leaving everyone with a lot of questions. even a private investigator hired by the family. you know, this is a very reliable story that, you know, mom going dropping her kids off at day care or school. >> and then going to work out or going out for a run by trying to kind of piece together exactly how she disappeared, whether that was voluntary or involuntary to to finally get some tangible proof or evidence is relieving it took 5 years for investigators to gain enough evidence to try and prove she made it all up. >> sherri papini has been arrested and charged with lying to federal agents about being kidnapped and defrauding the state's victim compensation board of $30,000 that she did a lot to try to cover her tracks. one was found on thanksgiving day. she told investigators she was kidnapped at gunpoint by 2 hispanic women and even provided descriptions of them to an fbi sketch. artist pini had severe injuries and was branded on her shoulder. but
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something didn't sit right with local state and fbi investigators instead of being kidnapped. the investigation claims the painting was staying with a former boyfriend nearly 600 miles away in orange county. authorities believe puppy knee hurt herself to back up her false claims. the evidence includes dna burner. cellphones proof of a rental car used by the ex-boyfriend to drive or back home to nor cal. the fbi says over the years, papini has continued to lie to them. you know, every single active of dishonesty over multiple dates or meetings with investigators as a separate charge. the painting now faces a mail fraud charge that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. >> and lying to a federal officer which has a maximum 5 year sentence. it's also sad. i feel for the family. i feel for her children who are the true victims in the situation. an initial court date has not yet been set. i'm sarah stinson reporting.
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>> still ahead, we'll continue our coverage of ukraine by speaking to some international students were stuck in the war torn country. and here from the bay area group that's working to get them out of there. >> plus, the search efforts continuing in the east bay for alexa's game. u.s. on those search efforts after the break.
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>> san francisco, animal officials are warning people
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about a possible distemper outbreak in the bay area. that is aohighly contagious viral disease in animals that can be deadly. they say if you see wildlife like this fox right here or skunks, raccoons, coyotes, acting oddly. that's what they're concerned about. see this fox here as just sleeping on the sidewalk out in the open. they should normally be doing that. if you see something abnormal like this, avoid the animal and call animal control right we will check this out. a new crater on the moon and it's manmade. it's a piece of space junk that crashed into the far side of the moon. >> astronomers say that this 4 ton object was likely a spent chinese booster rocket that crashed at some 5800 miles an hour. nasa predicts and left a 65 foot wide crater. space agency hopes to eventually get some pictures of it with a lunar orbiter. and less than 2 weeks, much of america will be changing to daylight saving time. that means will be springing forward and losing an hour worth of sleep. pushing our clocks an hour
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forward on march. 13th will destruct many folks, many people's internal clocks, sleep medicine. doctors along with psychologist advise folks to get to bed about 15 to 20 minutes earlier than normal for up to 4 nights before the time change that will help you adjust. they also recommend adjusting the timing of other daily activities that are queues for the body like when you eat. and when you exercise, it's also recommended that you get as much natural light as soon as possible. when you wake up. >> that is literally my least favorite time of year. what i love when you fall back and begin an hour's sleep. love that. let's take a look at your bay area forecast. chilly night. bundle of your full weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> for the second weekend in a row, the class kids foundation led the search efforts in the east bay for 24 year-old alexis cape. the oakley woman has not been seen since the end of january, but as kron four's phillipe gall reported today, her family along with volunteers are still dedicated to finding her. >> from the alexis gabe search center set up at the streets of brentwood, alexis's brother quinn and his girlfriend morgan strenfel work with class kids foundation founder mark last coordinating with the people conducting the searches in real time. the
10:28 pm
world doesn't we're >> eternally grateful that people are continuing to stay invested about 90 volunteers picked up where searchers left off last week and all carrying gps equipment say their efforts can be tracked areas off the list that have not been evaluated by law enforcement. everything that are very professional team does were teaching. >> to to the family and volunteers. so that if and when we do step back from the search, they'll be able to they'll be able to continue using good >> still, mark last says his nonprofit is committed to helping the family for several months. if need be all while sharing any important information or developments with investigators. the family is appreciative my dad could some as a thank i know he hasn't been a while since this whole thing started. you want to go. you want to do
10:29 pm
something for the people. that's a little more person. a lexus has not been seen since january. 26. >> her car with the keys in the ignition were found abandoned in oakley. >> oakley police have not named a suspect or released any updates on the case in weeks. >> in brentwood, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> now to a developing story. a san francisco police say the 3 people died from an apparent drug overdose earlier this morning. it happened on 19th street in the mission district. all 3 people were pronounced dead at the scene. police say that they believe the cause of death was a drug overdose. and eupervisor hillary ronen said it was possible but it was cocaine laced with fentanyl. the medical examiner is still investigating >> and the speech tonight, a student at the california school for the blind in fremont was found dead on friday. the school says the student found unresponsive yesterday morning. paramedics declaring the student dead. chp now trying to find answers in the death. so far, there's no word on a cause. the identity of the student as
10:30 pm
also not been revealed in oakland. police say 3 young men are recovering in the hospital after being shot late last night. this happened and head and burger road. >> around 11:30pm. police say the group of men in their 20's are from modesto hayward, an antioch. the men were transported to the hospital and are in stable condition tonight. investigators have not released any information about a suspect or a motive. anyone with information is asked to contact the oakland police department will take a look at this scene caught on camera tonight. >> and we're police know on the hunt for some car crooks who took off with a dodge pickup truck in just 20 seconds. it took police say the suspect drove up using a keyless fob to gain entry to that truck. the department says they've been dealing with an uptick in the number of commercial vans and pickup truck thefts. police say they are looking for a white four-door car, possibly a kia with mismatched wheels. the front driver side has a silver
10:31 pm
him in the rear passenger will has a black today the city of oakland honoring murdered journalist chauncey bailey by naming part of the street in his honor. >> the ceremony held at 14th in dallas this afternoon. officials unveiling chauncey bailey way, which runs from broadway to lakeside drive in downtown oakland. bailey was shot and killed in august of 2007 at 14th and alice near his office at the oakland post newspaper. he was investigating alleged corruption and illegal activity at your black muslim muslim bakery. jurors found the former leader of the bakery yusef bey, the 4th guilty of ordering bailey's assassination bay was sentenced to 3 life sentences without the possibility of parole. in bailey was honored with the george polk award which honors journalists, for example, are reporting in investigative work.
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>> now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside across the golden gate bridge on the saturday night. if you're going anywhere this evening might want to bring a coat with you or an extra blanket on the bed. if you're staying or just turn up, the heat are as well. see warmers in the car. grab another blanket if you want to as well. >> reese's here tonight with a look at how load things will dip overnight. overnight id. >> once you over here and you go. like that, we've got a limbo. stick. a little bit. need one. >> and so horrible at that that it's a tough one. it really not very what civil, though? i mean, i like the dems. how low can you go? but that's all i do. i can't. yes, still pretty good, though. i don't want to. i want to break my take a look at san francisco international airport. we're tracking very dry, chilly conditions up there. and those of you looking to get away, taking advantage of the fresh powder in the sierra.
10:33 pm
>> your luck. we saw upwards of 9 inches of snow for those of palisades tahoe and sierra snow lab. almost 4 inches of snow didn't really make a dent in the sierra snowpack. still averaging about 61% of normal. and take a look at northern sierra. just 55% of average. so we've been tracking above average temperatures so far this winter season this year. and because of that, our snow melt and all the gains that we got from october and december's atmospheric rivers starting to diminish as i speak. but we are still seeing some snow flurries out there right now as we dry out and clear out cool air mass, though, for the 2nd half of the weekend. so you're going to take advantage of that fresh powder. you're like temperatures going only one up in the upper 30's at 39 degrees. and for all of you skiing and snowboard enthusiasts going to be great for this weekend, 40 degrees at truckee, but monday into tuesday, we're gradually going to start to warm up into the mid 40's with more spring-like
10:34 pm
weather in store. so 5 to 15 degrees above average. but temperatures as we head closer to home in the bay area. definitely cooling down. 39 degrees for livermore. and we're tracking 39 degrees as well for petaluma nap a degree cooler at 38 degrees. but check out allen me to still in the low 50's them all the city out there in the bay area and temperatures tomorrow rebounding exactly where we should be. 48 degrees above average. plenty of sunshine. 62 degrees of peace for oakland in hayward has his valais. whoa, half moon bay. the little bit cooler at 57 degrees. and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. we are going to see warm temperatures all week long with slight rain. chances arriving a week from tomorrow. next sunday. back to jonathan. just all right. but risa, thank you. tonight, back to our coverage of the ongoing war in ukraine. >> hundreds of international students are currently trapped right in the middle of the war zone in the eastern part of the country. kron four's gayle ong talked to one of the students and the bay area nonprofit that's trying to help.
10:35 pm
>> you know, people waking by announcement waking sounds. >> just well as an indian medical student at simi state university in eastern ukraine around 30 miles from the russian border. she is one of hundreds of international students stranded in the middle of war. ukrainians like the open as they have guns. >> so it's not safe to walk around to get to food stuff like to on street. so these are the from the u.s. space. and right now we don't have since 2 days we're facing no want to and no electricity. just small says bombs have cut off power. and was there any sudden for us and being so fine? i the word not taught that big for this because yes, yeah. i knew green bay keep on fighting. you know, usually hear that, ok, they on that even be opens. they would like. >> it's normally it would be okay wait so far. the is not
10:36 pm
even helping them at all. and they have no communication at all with them. so. >> i think just getting a lot more light and to shine upon their to flee help johnson do with the founder of happy a nonprofit based in vacaville supporting pacific nations around the world says his organization is in the process of contacting the indian embassy. >> and trying to send relief to the students. i've been communicating with a lady out there lives in poland and she's been helping with getting people out ukraine getting him into a pole and then >> wanting to get them like playing kids, helping them find jobs like during times like this in times like this, just well says she's just counting the days. i would like to add that. >> he'd started this war thing because i think some conflict can be sought on. they were the studio clinton best in film gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> wnba star brittney griner is being held in russian custody tonight. griner became
10:37 pm
a 2 time olympic basketball champion on the u.s. team and still plays for the phoenix mercury. the federal customs service of russia released this video today showing her going through security and at that checkpoint. they're saying at this airport that's near moscow. those happening back in february, the agency said that they detained her after officials discovered vape cartridges. hash oil in her luggage. russian officials say an investigation is underway and she could face up to 10 years in prison. the u.s. department of state is saying it stands ready to provide all appropriate services for her. >> so for just the second time in u.s. history ever. gas prices nationwide now averaging $4 a gallon. this according to gasbuddy dot com. get this the last time. gas prices top before dollar average nationwide 14 years ago during the great recession in 2008, i spent nearly $90 today. filling up. it was it was horrible. looking at those
10:38 pm
numbers. meanwhile, here's a look at where gas prices stand here in the bay area tonight. you can see some of the most expensive gas includes san francisco and much of the north bay where prices all north of 5.30, a gallon, the cheapest gas could be found in san jose and drivers in contra costa county filling up there prices. they're hovering around 5.22. on hundreds of truck drivers are making their way to washington, dc this weekend. >> the people's convoy is a group of about 700 truckers and drivers. they're calling for an end to the covid-19 mandates there were put in place due to the pandemic. several convoys begin their journey from southern california in other cities across the nation with the plans to end up in dc this month. members of the group say they will be meeting with senators and representatives to talk about their concerns. and today the group stopped for a break in south carolina where they were met by local supporters. >> this is a calm morning about the freedoms that we have lost in our country.
10:39 pm
these people are standing for something like our founding fathers did when they march they had. yet the people have to understand these truckers are doing this at their expense. they're not getting paid. they're paying for their fuel. everything that they're doing reminiscent of what our founding fathers when they set out for freedom. >> the protest is coming as a number of states have already loosened or dropped mask mandates as cases nationwide of covid have declined. north korea conducting its 9th. the weapons test of 2022. >> the north firing a suspected ballistic missile toward the sea to the east of the korean peninsula. the move comes just came just days before south korea's presidential election. meanwhile, the governments of the u.s. south korea and japan have all condemned the launch. there are now concerned that north korea is preparing to conduct a major weapons test in the coming months. north korea conducted a record number of missile launches back in january, then carried out no launches for most of last month before conducting another missile launch last saturday. still to come
10:40 pm
tonight at 10 o'clock gen z's singles are ditching traditional sides for more active and healthy options will explain. >> and in sports, the warriors try to break out of their slump. but lebron james has some other plans. also some high school hoops. kate rooney has the highlights in sports.
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>> local tech companies with offices in ukraine are reacting to the ongoing crisis. plus, amazon is shutting down many of its own physical stores. rich demuro has more in tonight's tech smart. here's what's happening in the tech world. let's start with the crisis in ukraine. were some tech companies even have a link to los angeles? one of the most well-known tech companies headquartered in ukraine makes the spelling and grammar extension grammarly. >> the company says it's focused on protecting its employees and keeping its service up and running. you've got the popular pdf app. riyadh will also based in ukraine. they told fast company consensus among tech ceos there is that ukraine should remain independent. clean. my mac is a popular mac app. it's from ukraine based mac paw. then you have la companies with connections to ukraine. according to da la, they include software developers live a t lending platform. alchemy hawthorn aerospace startup launcher. and rick on food. our thoughts are with all of their employees and families. apple
10:44 pm
has set the date of march 8th for its first big event of the year. the company sent out invitations with the tagline peak performance p e k some believe the word refers to a virtual reality headset. even the invitation itself hides a special augmented-reality feature that apple has done that in the past. among the gadgets rumored to be introduced, including iphone se 3, a new ipad and computers with apple's second generation m to chip the event is once again online and not in person. it starts at 10:00am pacific on tuesday in a surprising move, amazon is closing many of its physical store locations. this includes all of its brick and mortar bookstores, as well as its 4 star shops and pop up stores in total. 66 u.s. stores are affected, which is expected to include locations in century city. marina del rey pacific palisades canoga park and more. amazon says it wants to concentrate efforts on amazon
10:45 pm
fresh whole foods and its amazon go convenience stores which don't have cash years, but feature amazon's just walk out technology. now the first amazon style store plan for the americana seems to be proceeding. those amazon stores were so fun to visit. definitely going to miss them. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. all right. so the dating scene is not what it used to be gone are the days of fancy restaurants and cocktail bars. new research shows a gen z's ingles, gen z >> that's what they could be called those single singles. it's better than shingles are approaching romance and a completely different way. gen z's, our anyone born from 1987 to 2012. so the oldest gen x-ers are around. 25. so the dating app looked at their dating habits and found that gen x-ers are snubbing typical dating spot. they're turning their nose up at those restaurants and fancy places.
10:46 pm
instead, they say they want crafting classes and gym sessions even early morning coffee dates. young singles are also more likely to just cut to the chase dough for me with all those details, let's just get to when it comes to meeting potential partners. it's especially true since most single-use dating apps and typically comb through dozens of profiles each and every day relationship. experts say they've also seen a huge spike in young klein's focused on health, conscious, stating gen x-ers are actually much more likely to pick their partners based on drinking or smoking habits and are ditching the bars for more sporty or activity. check this out. the chino valley fire department has a bunch of adorable new potential recruits. that's because >> they're celebrating 15 babies born over the last year. >> the fire department posted the picture right here on instagram showing the firefighters with their babies. they range in age between 3 weeks old and 12 months old. >> the department's caption reads, many of our
10:47 pm
firefighters became first-time dads during the trying times that we all face during the pandemic. >> we're happy to share with you. our little bundles of joy. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> is it time to panic about the warriors season? well, if not, it certainly feels like it is getting close to that. just 2 wins in the last 10 games. and tonight's loss to the lakers in la was nothing short of crushing. it's starting to seem like maybe even getting draymond green back eventually won't fix what ails the dubs. we're going to have to go ahead and show you this highlight now, aren't we? well, lebron, steph. hey, there are always well represented by the kids in la. we're going to get up in the 1st quarter. lebron. trailing gets the pass and hammers one down. >> he always does. that does later in the first scores in sight. double gets the foul. lebron had 26 points in the 1st half. lakers up double digits early 2nd quarter. now
10:48 pm
jordan poole, nails the 30 foot 3 pointer that gave the dubs the least. and then shot them. coming up. the rookie. let's go coast to coast. the and dunk at the other end wars were up 5 at the half to play time third-quarter step curry. turnover does what he does best. a 3 pointer that gave the dubs a 12 point lead little bit of a cushion. >> 4th quarter, though, lebron really got to it hit 3 straight threes. and this one give the lakers a 100 to 97 lead. hey, look at that. matthew stafford rams qb. >> pretty happy about that. then steph. drains the stepback trey to tie it back up at one. 0, 8, things are getting pretty crazy here in the final minutes. the lakers, though, forced the turnover. >> and, ali, you james. lakers up 3 with 30 seconds left lebron drives and finds
10:49 pm
carmelo anthony for the 3 that would be the dagger. lebron finished with 56 points. his best point total as a laker la wins one. 24 to one 16 warriors, 4th straight loss. lebron getting the victory shower from his teammates not to the game. steve kerr wasn't happy with the play down the stretch. >> i didn't like our execution down the stretch at all. what? so we're taking bad the last 3 or 4 minutes. we're just out there launching shots that job with execution, no purpose. no sot making the defense work, getting the ball swang side to side. and that was a and then defensively, you know, they we gave up a couple of offensive boards that were huge. and so we we didn't give ourselves a chance to win and they took advantage of. >> usf taking on byu in the wcc quarter finals. the dons playing some great defense.
10:50 pm
the block at one end jamari converts with a layup at the other end usf up 8, there will be a had 18 points. and khalil should bas play with the mask on his face after suffering a broken nose against gonzaga. huge 3 pointe to give the dons a 15 point lead you want you get into single digits but should that's it? comes up big again gets the shooter's bounce on the stepback 3.22. points for him. usf takes it. 75 to 63 with this. when the dons are almost certainly and the ncaa tournament, regardless of what they do against first ranked gonzaga, that game, though, is coming up monday in the wcc semifinals. how about some big bay area? high school hoops games tonight. give them some love, campbell lindo versus riordan in the north cal semis. kate bennett is the son of saint mary's coach, randy bennett. but the driving the layup, their campo was up pretty comfortably throughout. never looked back. then it's getting the steal dishing to 8 in the haney painting into
10:51 pm
playing at saint mary's next season, campbell win 62 to 44, they advance to the nor cal open division finals against modesto, christian. and then the winner of that advances to the state championship game on the girls side. there's coach kelly so pack he coached sabrina ionescu wnba star at miramonte and he is now at top seeded kerr on to lead and the coolers. well, they had no problems tonight that point guard to lot of polo in charge as usual, finding a number of excellent outside shooters for three-pointer after three-pointer soaker on the left. dan says with a 63, 42 win over oak ridge, oak ridge from the sacramento area. next up for corona, let another stab list powerhouse mitty and the norcal open division championship game. the cougars beat the monarchs in the tournament game earlier this season. all so morning.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
>> the newest installment of the batman franchise expected to rake in some 120 million bucks and ticket sales over the opening weekend. the batman starring robert pattinson clocks in just under 3 hours. so if you've got some time, but despite its latest is receiving high marks from critics and fans alike, it's the 9th batman movie 10th. if
10:55 pm
you include the justice league installment, analysts say the opening weekend sales are good signs that future houses are starting to rebound post pandemic. as more folks return to the house >> i know you can pick you up. is that what you're asking? >> an >> alaskan dog sled or is hoping to make history by winning his 6th. i did a drug dog race competition that there is dallas. seavey is so hold musharraf spending time with this team dogs. he now considers his family. he tied the record last year for the most wins at a competition. and this year's ceremony, a race happened today with the competitive race that's going on tomorrow. cb hopes he can take his place in history with a win at the 50th installment of one of alaska's most prized and cherished past years. >> i did a road. race is always interesting. all right. for go to. but tonight, let's
10:56 pm
get you ready for the start of your sunday. here's murray. some of the final check of your 4 zone forecast. yeah, it's already starting to cool down out there for your saturday night. 38 degrees for those of you in napa. 46 for san jose and hayward. >> even in the upper 30's for livermore. so we're already cooling down and it's going to be freezing to subfreezing temperatures, especially far north and east bay valleys. >> concord, in livermore, 34 degrees of peace. but check out santa rosa cooling down into the low 30's with low 40's. for those of you over the bay area, shoreline downtown san francisco, the mildest city at 42 degrees. so it's going to be chilly from coastal valleys. bundle up today. temperatures tomorrow, though, rebounding really nicely exactly where we should be for this time of year low to mid 60's. a little bit cooler, though, for half moon bay warming up to 57 degrees in taking a look ahead at our next 10 at 10 outlook. we are going to notice a warming trend peaking on tuesday and a week from today with low 70's are turning for warmest inland
10:57 pm
valleys. so today, 48 degrees below average by tuesday. we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees above normal and above average temperatures all week long. but then we could see some light rain returning by next weekend into 10 days from now. so keeping our eyes peeled on that because storm door, i don't want close just yet. very light showers. but hey, at least you got something the last couple of days. absolutely. thanks. >> and thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good night to tie it.
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