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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 6, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news 10 7 days. >> my mom, as you can see. now at 10 o'clock finally safe and here in the bay area, a long tiring journey. >> one woman made after leaving ukraine. thank you so much for joining us this hour of kron. 4 news in prime time. i'm justine waltman. a low of one. i'm jonathan mccall. the united nations says that more than a million and half
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refugees have fled ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. >> one of them has now arrived here to the bay area. and today, kron four's. amid here, we've got a chance to talk to a san jose woman whose mom arrived on friday. >> the woman and her mother tell me it's a bittersweet safety while she's here and she's physically safe her mind and heart are still in ukraine with her friends and family. it's a miracle. it's a miracle that she's next to me. they're court check is grateful to be next to her mother. the era of once again. >> court check was born and raised in ukraine and a mother just made it to the bay area on friday. i didn't for 7 days and to my mom. good there. didn't court check says it was 05:00am and ukraine. the attack started about a week and a half ago. she was watching from her san jose home and she called her mom. i will call and tell her that. >> they started attack. so she
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not. court check says her mother was alone, but she called her neighbor and they stayed together. they took this photo together after they gathered food and water in a shelter to stay in their every time zone was under alarm. >> and those are items to our ring in basically almost every since day 2 of the war court check says her mother tried to keep her calm. >> telling her this, i'm ready to face. whatever is my fate. but us having any black pressure is going and down. i asked have luke. >> how she's doing now as should make a motion to have you know, from that you took her daughter translated that she's still thinking of her friends and family who are in ukraine constantly. >> and she's having panic attacks. they're trying to do what they can from here to
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help is spreading the war information. terms of risk when from a ship, they tell me they're still in communication with their friends and family in ukraine. >> and luckily so far everyone has been safe. amanda hari kron, 4 news, a cannabis dispensary in san francisco's mission district now responding to the ongoing crisis in ukraine by raising money. >> and providing medical and humanitarian aid to those impacted by the invasion. >> ukraine native misha braeburn is the owner of a cannabis dispensary in the mission district. he's been following the devastation in his homeland. he says to show solidarity the entire facade of the out the entire outside the store has been painted in the colors of the ukrainian flag. he says that his founding partners and colleagues who are ukrainian jewish refugees agreed to donate all of today's in-store and online sales proceeds to the country. >> this is a travesty that routine and his cronies are g on the ukrainian
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people in the russian people nobody wants this kind of war. unfortunately, it looks like compares very little opportunity to stop him right and i hope our government the world can can actually do that because it's just terrible what's going every has been off the charts when getting enormous amounts of phone calls and the maturity of those phone calls are expressing that they specifically are calling today because of what we're doing. >> the dispensary will also donate 10% of proceeds for the rest of the week. the money raised will be donated to the organization, some flour or peace to help with medical needs. and first aid kits for ukrainian families impacted by the invasion. >> as the u.s. and other nations hand down sanctions on russia. governor gavin newsom is ordering state agencies to ensure its contracts comply with the sanctions. california is the largest economy. excuse
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me, the 5th largest economy in the world to this would have big impacts kron. 4 s camila barco spoke with the counsel general of ukraine here in san francisco about this. >> i'm grateful that you that to confront for that meeting following the russian attacks on ukraine. governor gavin newsome sat down with them each a question or 2. >> the consul general of ukraine in san francisco. a couple hours after the meeting, the governor signed an executive order targeting russia financially. it's ordering state agencies to terminate contracts with companies or people subject to u.s.. sanctions because of russia's invasion of ukraine, those contracts and agreements must be valued at 5 million dollars or more. >> its report on the state level, 2 of you. and it's good to check on how the business and then stayed in the sand out aid to these are actually full feeling. we're going newsom says the state should pause financial transactions. >> with russian entities and not send them technology, he is also requesting companies in california do the same
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thing. christian says the measures taken locally will help put pressure on russia's economy for them. >> that can do to make this situation for us and businesses sides that inside the country able to watch mean for in the situation to nana eventually overthrow continue because he's the he won the least duty in once. like course noatak says these measures are the first step in getting the state involved. >> in the fight against russia in san francisco. camila barco kron. 4 news. tiktok and netflix. 2 of the world's largest entertainment companies have suspended any and all russian-made content from their platforms. they say they made this decision. >> in the wake of russia's new fake news law which blocks any publication of news or information from inside russia except for things that are coming from the russian government or state owned organizations. both companies say they will continue to monitor the situation and decide if and when service can
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be brought back. samsung is adding its name to the growing list of companies suspending product shipments to russia. the company is saying the pause includes all of samsung's range of products. the decision is coming after ukraine's vice prime minister urged the seizing of their product shipments. the company says they will also donate 6 million dollars, which includes 1 million dollars worth of electronic products to the humanitarian efforts in ukraine. we'll move on now to talk about our forecast here in the bay area. a warm day as we get ready for a new work week and some spring-like temperatures that are also on the way. let's get you ready for monday. >> as kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr in tonight, former breece a look at what's on the way. >> ok, guys, start your day tomorrow. maybe need the gloves just a little bit to get past the chilly start. 43 san francisco. 41 for oakland. 37 san jose. depending on what areas are wind chill did. so temperatures will be allowed
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to fall with that. but after that pretty good day. in fact, a good week is ahead with a temperatures bumping up to about 70 for several days ahead. we've got 30's up in the north bay there. another going have a wind shift out of the nor of due north. the offshore wind direction expected later, 40's light up the east bay shoreline with 37 coming in for fremont right now. however, we do on shore or variable single digits. so they're not doing much of anything just yet. but the patient that will happen overnight later in the week midweek to interrupt this little warming trend. we have a weak front may be delivering some mountain snows. that's about it. take a breather. and then into the weekend we have a shot of maybe some rain showers and another shot on tuesday on maybe all this 4 zone forecast for tomorrow. still working on that high. 67 will try san francisco along the coast will keep it the lower 60's mid 60's cover the bay shoreline. 67 for redwood city, also from mountain view and a few 70's hiding out here down to the south bay. know,
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pete, us looks like also santa clara, morgan hill at 70. and we've got to know upper 60's going on the east bay shoreline with tri valley around mid 60's. at that. 66 for walnut creek, not a big separation here just yet. we'll see more that later in the week. 70% leandro 69, meanwhile, for a also for napa and 72 for santa rosa. let's check it out at 10 o'clock. your 10 day forecast. we have 70's jump in and out of this spring-like on saturday sunday. there's a chance of rain shower will call a t shower risk for tuesday for now. but we get a little closer. we'll get more evidence before you make a conviction jonathan. all right, dan, thanks so much. still to come tonight, at 10 o'clock, the death toll rising in iowa. >> after devastating tornado, the damage that folks are now picking up. >> a second round of free at-home covid tests are now available to all americans. i can snag more test for your household with kron. 4 news at 10 returns.
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my heinz dip & crunch bacon cheeseburger combo. it's ground-breaking delicious, and definitely the only burger that's meant to be dipped into heinz secret sauce and potato chip crunchers. it's the heinz dip and crunch bacon cheeseburger. i'm gonna dip out and get one now! my heinz dip & crunch bacon cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. >> kron 4 is staying on top of breaking news that we've been following for you here in prime time from washington, dc tonight where the search is on for a suspect that joint base andrews outside washington, d c after authorities say that someone threw drove through the security gates at the base and then went on to the base. authorities were able to catch
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one person, but the search is still on tonight for that second suspect, the identity of that arrest of suspect has not been released at this point. authorities say that this is not an active shooter situation. the base is currently on lockdown as authorities search for that possible second suspect. we know that this all happened a short time after vice president kamala harris, along with several members of the biden administration, had returned to the base after being in alabama earlier today, we have learned that the vice president and members of the cabinet are okay after this incident. they left the bases shortly after shortly before this incident did happen. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you updates throughout the night on kron 4 dot com and on the kron. 4 morning news starting tomorrow morning at 4 o'clock. now the covid-19 coverage tonight. the world getting ready to hit its 6th million covid-19 death. a stark reminder that the pandemic is far from over the global picture varias worldwide. some places have east or even completely lifted. covid-19 efforts. some
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of the places like the remote pacific islands are now starting to see their first covid-19 outbreaks. hong kong is battling its worst outbreak while it maintains a strict 0 covid policy. meanwhile, eastern europe is battling a spike in deaths as war rages in ukraine and refugees seek shelter here in the united states. the country has largely adopted a living with covid strategy. the death toll nearing 1 million. >> and now americans can start ordering the second round of those free at-home covid-19 tests. this is coming after president biden made the announcement during his first state of the union address. we're looking now at the website of the u.s. postal service. and you see all you need to do is fill out your contact information and shipping address. you can get up to 8 tests per household, even if you did this the first time around, you're still eligible now. new tonight 10 o'clock will go to bret. would were 2 kids have been taken to the hospital after they were playing with fireworks. this happened on birch street. we
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do not know the ages of the children right now, but crews are telling us one of the kids has critical injuries and a medical helicopter had to transfer one of the children to the hospital by the other was taken by a family member in order to get treatment. >> fireworks are dangerous, especially not in the hands of professionals. that's why we highly discouraged firework and basically, as you can see what the damage is done. a fort henry old, you know, is now suffering some severe condition so again, we highly discouraged the use of fireworks just for this reason. >> so the fire captain in that video there did say one of the victims was 10 and the other was 15 or 16. and we are expecting to get more information from police about this incident tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. former ufc star. cain velasquez is expected to be back in court tomorrow for his arraignment flask as he's accused of shooting at a car and
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targeting harry who is charged with allegedly molesting one of alaska's as young relatives, one of goularte's his relatives was struck and injured with a non life-threatening injury during that shooting. and according to court documents, velasquez now faces 10 counts that could carry more than 20 years of jail time. if he is convicted. a bail hearing is also scheduled for tomorrow as blazquez is being held without bail at the santa cleric santa clara county jail. >> meanwhile, take a look at this. this is just some of the damage left behind after a deadly twister ripped through iowa yesterday, killing 7 people, including 2 children. the youngest, just 2 years old. the series of twisters destroyed homes took out power and what officials are calling the worst storm to hit iowa in more than a decade. among those killed, they were hit by a funnel cloud that touched down near the town of winterset just outside of des moines. the twister also injured another 4 people. the
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other casualty was about some 50 miles southeast of des moines where a separate twister had about an hour later. >> it was unimaginable. the destruction that he was able to witness and a brief tour that we just went through. >> hearts and our prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and those who were impacted by the storm. >> president joe biden has reached out to governor reynolds and is now directing resources to state and local officials as they try to pick up and assess the damage that they need to from that twister. so about our 4 zone forecast here at home. nothing like that here. but we're tracking some winter or milder temperatures and the start of spring, which is on the way as well. our meteorologist dave spahr is joining us now with what we can expect in the fields. >> also kind of early in the season for tornadoes to be starting. >> yeah, to get that part of the world. that's right. usually it happens down south near the gulf of mexico. and this is where it happens later in the season as we get around may and so forth. this is what
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it looks like now. all the green outlined you see here is flash flooding and this is winter. so i was getting some winter weather with that, which is not unusual for march for them. but ahead, this will be sinking to the southeast over the next several days are winds. they shift more off shore over the overnight and by tomorrow morning covering the east bay and out of the south bay as well. making a stick with us for looks like a little while into tuesday. in fact, there's no wind advisories or anything that has been posted with all of that. a look ahead. we're talking about clear, cool, breezy tonight. we'll see 30's returning. so little reminder, we're kind of stolen winner in spots and then early into the week. it's a windy monday. spring-like tuesday with 70 ish late in the week. we've got those 70's coming back again or at least happened around 70 on friday with maybe a chance of a shower trying to sneak in here on the weekend next weekend. it will be chilly. start tomorrow, 30's and 40's going on by high noon, cool and breezy got the 60's sunny and breezy by 3
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o'clock or so. but there is a warm up. we're talking about guys. we should be popping in about 70 tuesday and maybe also into thursday as well. dave, thank you. this week marks 57 years since black voting rights marchers were beaten and brutalized by white state troopers and alabama. >> while trying to cross the edmund pettus bridge in selma. >> today, vice president kamala harris walked across the pettus bridge hand-in-hand with civil right and political leaders calling for more protections for black and brown voters. and president biden also reignited his push for lawmakers to restore the pivotal voting rights act of 1965. janel forte takes us there. >> and some alabama tonight, hundreds gathering to commemorate the anniversary of blood. he sunday, a defining moment in the fight for the right to vote. we what the sunday refers to the events of march 7.19, 6500's of black
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americans attempted to cross the edmund pettus bridge and a peaceful demonstration demanding an end to discrimination and voter registration. >> they were met by white state troopers who attacked the marchers with billy clubs and tear gas, driving them back to selma. images from the violence helped rally support for the passage of the voting rights act. now, 57 years later, there's a push to update the landmark law after a key provision was tossed out by the supreme court across the country. states passed. >> anti voting laws. laws that ban drop boxes and restrict early voting. laws that make it illegal to give food and water. to voters who are standing and waiting in line. laws that put simply make it much more difficult for people to vote with an expectation that then we will not vote to vice president kamala harris, the key speaker at today's commemorative events. >> referring to the new voting
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restrictions passed in a handful of states in response to baseless claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. and democratic laws on american joined by a handful of biden administration cabinet members there is using today's stage to push for support for the john r lewis act, which would enact nationwide standards for how elections operate this blood. he sunday anniversary marking the second without the legislation's namesake congressman and civil rights icon john lewis passed in 2020, john lewis. >> well, he never gave up the fight. he returned to bridge again and again and again. it is that clarity, a purpose? that relentless dedication. that spirit. the spirit of that we summon today. >> that was forte, reporting frost. and coming up this week
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on wednesday, marca 9th mayor london breed will deliver her annual state of the city address. and you can watch the whole thing streaming live on kron on. it starts wednesday at 11. also on tuesday, the 8th as one governor gavin newsom will be delivering his state of the state address. it starts at 05:00pm. he will be delivering that address from sacramento and we will the streaming that speech as well. and kron on. >> still ahead at 10 o'clock, the mystery of stonehenge. we have been solved. what researchers are now saying about the monument that was actually built. what it was before after the break.
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>> we may have the answer to one of the world's oldest questions who built stonehenge and why? well, it may not look like your average calendar, but according to a new study, that's exactly what it is. archaeologist from the university of bern mouth in the uk say stone hedges outer rings. keep track of 12, 30 day months, divided into 3, 10 day long weeks. so that totals 360 days. the inner ring, which looks more like a horseshoe accounts for the 5 days left out of the outer ring and the stones in the far corner outside of the circle. keep track of the leap years. but other experts are questioning this assessment. they say that they're forcing the numbers to fit into stone hedges layout.
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>> the famous 1000 mile trek across alaska is officially underway. the 50th annual i did arrive kicking off today. so-called mushers starting that journey journey from anchorage tracking through the mountain ranges and frozen river's and twitchell snowstorms to get to the states. i seen western coast yesterday we enter use to to defending champ dallas seavey who is now immune to this. you to finish. to become the first person to win 6 and then rod races. race is expected to take some 9 days to complete. snow. there. good luck let the what what's going on this price in march, we time for a quick check with dave. this we've got going on here watching those winds. they go from on shore to offshore very quickly covering the north bay
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in the east bay. >> that will be for tomorrow's coverage. as we're looking at and the looks like that will be kicked out of here by tuesday. allow those temperatures to climb for tonight. 30's in the north bay 40's over good chunk of real estate. check it out. 10 day forecast points of interest here. maybe a shower on sunday and we're looking for a shower risk on tuesday so that the the leo there lot of 70's that the 10 day. thanks for hanging out with us tonight. not greatly appreciate it. thanks, dave flood. >> don't go to were done by jason and kylen are actually here in the studio. it's been so nice to like see everyone back they're here for a whole hour sports night live and >> session. don't go there. it is. we're he's in.
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>> welcome to another edition of sports night live. i'm jason dumas, us this is kyle and mills kylen. itm already getting emails about ncaa tournament polls. march is here. the madness is in the air. you can just feel it. >> you can feel it. jason, i live for a good cinderella story. i love the underdog to end up coming through making it to the final 4. i'm excited to see what happens this year. march madness might be the only thing basketball fans around the bay area have to be excited about right now. not much to cheer about when it
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comes to the warriors walk. no, not at all. about before we get into all of that college hoops coverage and we have a couple teams play important basketball still. >> we have to address the elephant. yeah, in the room and touched on it to the warriors. the really bad like really bad right now. they've lost 4 in a row and 8 of 10 and rock bottom was probably last night. we hope is rock bottom. yeah, it up a 12 point 2nd half lead lebron james look like he was in 25 years old. again, they lost to a lakers team that lost 7 of their last 8 games. lebron james get this 56 points. you know, he just like i said, look like a spring chicken out after the game. steph curry, who is very, very optimistic. he seemed a little bit defeated. >> i could care less about seating. is this plan good basketball like? those guys? i guess they go hand in and as you want to finish and bigger the right time. but right now playoff are. we have some
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trouble? so we have to figure out they had of. get ourselves back on the right track and just playing the basketball when it went winning games found that about ourselves. but so it's not going happen. just. on its own. you've got to do something about we have 18 games to do that. >> all right. you see steph right there. and now the warriors have a bunch of things that we should be concerned about that has led to this poor street. we're going to start with klay thompson. i know he is one of the most popular warriors of all time, but he is not playing well. the last 2 nights he's gone 9 for 40 kylen. what do you think it is? that's really been throwing him off and really the whole sink. his whole team is out of sync. >> yeah. well, head coach steve kerr touched on it last night. i do think it's a big factor that he's forcing it right now. after coming back from the illness, clay care so much about the game. he clearly is very hungry, but
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that can caused him to for some shots for some place that he doesn't need to be throwing up, which i think has resulted in some of his shooting struggles. however, even before his illness, clay has not been consistent this entire season. i feel like you have a couple good games and all sudden clay is off a couple good games. clase offi still hasn't seemed to find a real long-term rhythm or consistency to me, jason. >> yeah, you know, he is shooting from 3.37%. he's never shot under 40% in his career. he's shooting just 41% from the field overall. that would also be a career-low and, you know, i know he's been gone for 2 and a half years and you want to give them a lot of rope. and, you know, he's kind of eager to get back into the swing of things. but the fact of the matter is the warriors were playing really good basketball before he came and when he came back and he's in the starting lineup, it forces andrew wiggins to adjust his role forces, jordan poole to adjust their role and they're all pro. they get paid a lot of money so they should be able to adjust and a debt. but
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the reality is it looks like the guys around him have it really adapted to new roles right now. so like steve said, clay should probably stop pressing a bit. let the game come to him more like i would prefer not to see him shoot the ball 17 times if he's not to you know, the following the for a little bit. but you know, clay's clay and i guess like steve has also said they're going to live and die with him and hopefully he can wake up soon. now we also some other struggles to get 2 for one. i think we're going to get to the here we go. the laziness. there's just no hustle. look, look at this play right here. he was on the opposite side of the court filing comes down and gets a 3 and this team is really not getting to offense the ball in this stretch. this was a couple weeks ago kylen oklahoma city, 6 offensive rebounds and one possession. they have to bring in more. >> they have to bring in and you're just talking about how
10:35 pm
big hustle is a factor in this. the worst have been losing the battle on the boards by large margins, but it's not necessarily just because they're under size, which is something we talked about because they only have one healthy center in cobb on looney. it's the hustle factor. it's being late on rotations. it's just simply not boxing out. not getting to spots where you need to be. and it's just simply being lazy. and that's something head coach steve kerr. the players have also talked about yet. they haven't figured out how to fix it, which i think is alarming because to me, that's just a mindset. yes, a so i'm gonna get their money. beat this kind of the ball. i'm going to pull down the defensive rebound and they're just not doing it right, kyle and they can't blame it all on. draymond green being out. >> i know draining out a huge part, but i think that's become a lazy take from everybody draymond going to solve every problem when he gets back. there's a lot more to that. he's not playing. you guys are going to have to hustle more. you just see these guys getting these offensive rebounds. yeah. and that leads to our next and
10:36 pm
final topic. just defense in general. this team can't stop anyone right there. you see karl anthony-towns. he scored 39 points against some lebron james and we set scored. 56 their perimeter defenders who were known to be locked down guys in the beginning of the year have really struggled. >> yeah. luka doncic's another player who had a 41 point night against the warriors. and i think 35 points the first time they played, they played twice in in a short period of time. and it's not a good sign when the other team's offensive players are just exploding for massive point totals. like you said, cats scored 39 points. it's just it's sad to see because the worst came out really focusing on defense early in the season. that has been a hallmark of steve curse teams both last season and this season. he's really, really harped on defense and they worst determined to be one of the top 5 defense in the league. it just seems to have completely gone by the wayside. but once again, i feel like this rolls back over into hostile into a mindset into being mentally checked into the game. right here. we heard. >> steph earlier saying he
10:37 pm
doesn't care about the standing. another thing he said is he's afraid that this team is getting comfortable with losing and that people are just, you know, usually their heads are down yesterday after la. i see people on instagram. i'm not trying to get too much in their personal lives but a lot of smiles after the game. just like, you know, get with you guys just lost a really bad team. i don't need to see selfies with celebrities. let's let row after. like get ticked off. that's pretty much what stephon saying. yeah, absolutely. and that's coming from a guy who knows how to win. so hopefully some of the younger players, some of the newer players. >> listen to that and take heart because realistically their 18 games left in the regular season. now is the time the teams need to be turning it on and really ramping up leading into the playoffs. they can't continued, is lose, lose, lose unexpected. suddenly flip a light. switch on when the post season comes around. not in the nba. but look, we have a college team who's been winning a lot there on the opposite end of the spectrum of the warriors, right? yeah. maybe the worst. you could take a few notes from these
10:38 pm
ladies. the stanford women have won the pac 12 tournament 14 times since its inception in 2002 today. the cardinal looking to make it 15 when they face utah, the title game, however, head coach tara vanderveer will tell you success is not to be taken for granted. that's why she's the goat full of wisdom. is she fan of your coach, stanford, all 14 of the conference tourney championships. by the way, she is a legend in her own right 1st quarter action. haley jones was on fire from outside. gets the kick out drops in that rain makes it look easy. cardinal up early, couple minutes later, jones says hit me baby one more time. another triple drops in 19 9. stanford lead 2nd quarter. jason, i've seen this movie before. last 2 guests sue jones from beyond the arc. again, she only sunk 6 threes all season long. today she hit 3 in just the 1st half. jones finished with 19 points over the cardinal only up by 2 and half. so this was a game yet, you know, they played a deep into the 3rd quarter. they played tough. here's the 3rd quarter, utah hanging tough.
10:39 pm
>> kelsey rece receive the pass. a nice layup. we have a tie game, but then stanford, when into a gear that utah simply does not have lexi hall tough three-point play. that's the pac. 12 scholar, athlete of the year. thanks, cameron brink. she has grown so much. check out the footwork. nice reverse pivot inside layup. that's a 14 3 run for stanford break led the conference in double doubles it to go in the 4th break. not done yet. nice job ceiling offer. defender fights for the bucket down low brink had 16 points in this one. stanford with a 12 point lead at this point. >> next time down the floor. jones finds lexi hold areas to triple their knocks it down to give the cardinal a 15 point lead benches pumped up 15 points for lexi on the night. a couple minutes later, her sister lacy with the dagger. that really does it for stanford. the cardinal up 19 at that point time expires and left. the celebrations begin
10:40 pm
stanford roles, utah. 73. 48 the final score. the cardinal have won their last 34 games against conference opponents. wow, they will be a one seed in the ncaa tournament and will host the first 2 games at home. >> it's not ever easy is. it was really challenging at halftime things didn't look good. we were found too much. and i when we came out, we went to camp, she really delivered. hayley had a great game on both sides. the ball playing defense. i'm not going to her 3 down. it's a it's a great team win. really proud of our team having that target on our back. all season has led to really competitive practices competitive. >> scrimmage is whatever it may be as competitive in games being greedy. so i we know takes to get there, but you were going work twice as hard because it coming after us. we want to, you know, stay together and we love each other more than just teammates. you know, we live in to those people. so we want to keep planes. yeah, i think that adds to this spirit to keep fighting. keep playing as long as we can.
10:41 pm
>> and hey, don't look now. kentucky upset number one ranked south carolina today. so maybe stanford will get the number one overall seed in the tournament for selection sunday next week. now we still have college coverage after the break. todd gold and joins us right here on sports night live ahead of his team's matchup with guns aga on monday night. >> plus, another west coast conference team playing in the semifinals. the santa clara broncos. we talk with head coach herb sendek about what his squad needs to do to beat the gaels for fresh off their big upset over things. add up, stick around. we'll be
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>> and welcome back here. i am joined by todd golden head coach of the usf dons time. thankful for joining us out in los vegas. now time you guys just came off a big win against byu. another really good team in that conference. one of the top 50 ranked teams in the country. it was a huge win for you guys. the 24th win of the season. now before we talk about guns, which is tomorrow night, how confident are you that you guys are firmly entrenched in the field of 68? >> we're locked were locked last night. was that kind of the cherry on top for a resume, so to speak? you know, honestly, going into that game, i feel really good about about where we were and what our potential is in terms of
10:45 pm
making the tournament. but we felt like last night was an opportunity to really know leave no doubt in regards to are standing by winning by 12 or 1300 new to court, as you mentioned, against a top 50 kenpom it was exactly what we needed to to put to rest any questions. and you know, when you look at the national media guys like andy katz, matt norlander, you know, talking about as being a lock, it says a lot about our progress. >> now, you guys didn't just win todd, but you won in decisive fashion against byu. how do you take that momentum and carry into this upcoming game against going saca? >> you know what? it's a it was just more of what we do and just continuing our consistent approach. you know, i thought our preparation for the byu game is really you know, we've played not go would really well here in new orleans arena. not only in previous conversar, vince, but earlier this year we played in the mte here. we'd be put housing and you may be both teams have prospects as well. and now going into this comes at a game. we feel like we're playing house money a little bit, you know, feel like we're in the tournament. we don't


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