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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 9, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the kron. 4 morning news here on this wednesday. we're going on for 30 and i think today's a good day to get out do a run of some sort. john, what are your plans for today? we've got to take advantage of yeah. hoping to get outside more today than they did yesterday because at took and then i snapped yesterday. i know it's i'm regretting just a little bit because it looks so nice out but today's going to be another nice one. just not quite as warm. you can see the coit tower right there, looking at some clear skies over it. >> we're going to stay clear yet again through the day today. so if you did miss out on yesterday, like me not to worry, we do have some more nice weather ahead for the rest of the week. 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures. we do have a couple of 30's on the map, though. half moon bay in napa. among those spots that are coal dust. while pittsburgh alameda, san francisco and berkeley, some of our more mild areas, out in the low
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50's. now later on today, daytime highs will be quite as warm as yesterday, but comparable high still climbing into the 60's and even upper 60's percent. i've got more your forecast. still to come back to john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your traffic today traveling from the east bay into the city. about 10 minutes for your drive, their san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. 13 minutes as you're traveling. >> richmond center fell bridge heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell still pretty light. 9 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute commute. the grandmother from ukraine is safe with her family here in the bay area. it was a long journey from her home country. >> now under siege by russian troops kron four's terisa stasio spoke with the family who are relieved. their grandmother is with them. >> the hardest part was to leave everything behind my grandma is 76 years old. so basically her whole life.
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>> in behind her live, mila, dirk hutch is still settling in after her harrowing journey out of ukraine to the bay area with their grand daughter, anna translating. she shared her story. but did she pack because she can the pack? the lot. >> pack. >> absolutely. >> they had a few sneakers. pears. and they had a few t-shirts and one pair pound and the basically with it. not sure. not which your budget. it still love. >> not clear in the minds. people how the that's about to happen in 20% rate. >> this, of course, is the war unfolding. ukraine un officials estimating nearly 2 million people have fled so far. >> so what migrant mind playing in it's probably challenging for somebody who was not there to really understand how bad the
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situation far as she adjusts to her new home. anna says her grandmother has mixed emotions aside. he definitely feel that she's very lucky and she's happy to be with her daughter. >> rents on. but on the other hand, he's really concerned about folks were not able to get. away. that's a big part of the family. there's a lot of friends. they could not get away because of the different reasons. some economic health conditions and so >> he's really concerned about their well-being. so she feels kind of guilty of well. guilty, unlucky. as for the fight to in her home country and us as their grandma, their fields pleased and humbled with the global support for ukraine. >> she thinks more aid for both the military and civilians can make a difference and keep russia at bay. terry says stasio kron. 4 news. well in southern california, miss ukraine, 2018 shared her story of flynn. the war in ukraine.
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>> name is veronica de schenkel. she says russian helicopters sort through the ukrainian skies as they fled kiev. she and her 7 year-old son traveled through 3 other countries to get to luxembourg. once they were there, she was unable to get a visa to bring her son with her to the u.s. and she left him with friends now los angeles and joined by attorney gloria allred. veronica says the u.s. needs to do more to prevent other mothers from leaving their children. >> on february, 24th, my 7 year-old son and i were awakened by sirens and explosions. had hoped to fly to los angeles with my son for a temporary trip. i went to the u.s. and is in luxembourg to plan for for my son. i had to which has been which has been issued to me some time ago. but when applied for a visa last week for mice on the visit for him to travel with me to united states was tonight. therefore, i had to
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leave my son. >> all red and veronica help ukrainians will have the opportunity to enter the u.s. without a visa. >> take a look at this. someone in san francisco want to show their support for ukraine. >> if the russian invasion, this is at the corner of russia avenue and mission street right here in san francisco, excelsior district. except someone changed the street sign to read ukraine instead of russia. they've also included a message at the top. no war. the san francisco police are looking for the suspects involved in a home burglary. the victim says the crook's spoken twice and managed to get away with about $35,000 worth of equipment that the victim uses for his video production were kron four's. taylor was actually spoke with the victim. >> you can see the garage is now boarded up at this home to prevent anyone else from getting inside. the victim says that still a mystery how the suspects got in the first time. however, the second time
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it's very clear watching back surveillance video, you can see the suspects rammed their car into the garage to gain access. >> still all of the items they left behind during the first surveillance video captured burglars breaking into a bernal heights home on friday using a green subaru outback to ram the garage door i'm picking up my son from soccer practice. and i get a call from another neighbor. and so about 5.20, in the afternoon. >> and he says that, hey, we just call the police or somebody else in your garage. so arizona and i see we see the videos, the damage. alex cruz vergara says this is the second time within just 2 weeks that his garage was broken into looking back at surveillance video from february during the first break in. >> crews vergara recognized it was the same vehicle that returned to the scene of the crime but feel kind of targeted. >> you know, these guys are coming back in their behaviors
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are escalating, i found a little scary between the 2 burglaries cruiser guy who runs a production company says. >> the thieves got away with nearly $35,000 worth of equipment crews vergara says he felt angry, frustrated and helpless until 2 days later on sunday when he was returning home and spotted the same green subaru leaving his neighborhood. that like it just i knew that they had probably been back at my house. >> and then i had to follow that because if i didn't, the police are going to have a hard time identifying skies. so i follow them all 3 of the bayview. i got the police dispatcher on the phone to get the kind of turn by directions as to where these these this car was going. vergara says. >> he waited behind for police to arrive. san francisco police say they recovered the car just a couple blocks away, but no one was inside. sfpd says they believe the same vehicle is also connected to a
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separate attempted burglary on friday on rockwood court past few years. here is that there's just been a bit of an escalation in in these crimes. >> and i always see from afar. and now it's happening to me. and it's it's just one of those things were this shouldn't this shouldn't be tolerated in san francisco. again, san francisco police were able to find group believed to be involved these burglaries. that vehicle is also likely stolen. >> any information about the suspects. please contact the sfpd in san francisco. taylor kron. 4 news. >> well, california highway patrol stopped a jeep for mechanical violations in sacramento. it was during that stop that sees pieces. they covered about 80 pounds of meth that are on 100,000 pills. the 3 people in the jeep were arrested on suspicion of possessing possessing and transporting controlled substances. there. 3 people were found dead
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inside of a san francisco apartment over the weekend. they may have overdosed on drugs that were laced with fentanyl. 2 men, one woman they've been identified as 34 year-old stephanie's orman. 37 year-old ivan magna and 30 year-old cold by authorities suspected the victims may have consumed cocaine laced with the dangerous drug. the san francisco department of public health says accidental overdoses dropped by 7% and 2021. narcan kits reversed more than 6800 overdoses last year. laura thomas of the san francisco aids foundation says the 3 deaths over the weekend show that narcan needs to be more readily available to those who are struggling with addiction. >> the numbers would be much higher if it weren't for the really brought a lock-in distribution. and that's one of the things we need to be doing. a lot more is getting more naloxone out so that
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everyone has in their person their first day can't in there, you know, people should on the locks on them all the time. >> well, out of the 46 overdoses reported in january. 28 were fence and all related. thomas is fun to not test strips. also helped to save lives by detecting the dangerous drug. the city has plans this year to launch a tester program. it will be accessible through the syringe access programs. now to new police are looking for man accused of inappropriately touching 2 women on their morning. walk. kron four's. justin campbell has more on what happened. exactly. >> 2 women were enjoying their walk on clark avenue when police say suddenly a man rolled up on his bicycle and allegedly slapped both women. >> fortunately, they were able to call us we did conduct a perimeter search. they were not there. the gentleman was not located at the time. police say he made explicit comments at the women then rode off on his bicycle
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towards el camino road. this shocks me something like this was going on here. michel bryant has lived in the neighborhood her whole life and didn't recognize the man. >> take a good look. mountain view. police released these pictures in need your help in identifying him. >> i'm glad that they were walking together. a reminder for neighbors to always be vigilant and carry a phone reporting in mountain view. justin campbell kron, 4 news. for traffic alert for drivers in the east bay called the cove tunnel will be temporarily closed today and thursday night. >> for drivers heading from oakland into a renda, caltrans says for number one will be closed from 10 tonight until for thursday morning. the board number 2 will be closed from thursday night at 10 until for friday morning. the overnight closures are for maintenance work. barr has suspended its red line service between richmond and macarthur stations due to power issues. >> bart officials say the suspension is expected to last a few days. passengers trying
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to get from richmond to macarthur should use the orange line instead. >> coming up next to the kron, morning news. the warriors finally snag a win. after the break. coach steve kerr weighs in on the team's performance. we're right back.
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for a whole hour, meaning we're going to be losing an hour's sleep to sunday for daylight savings time. only 2 states in the country don't observe it. but the push to end the practice seems to gain strength every year. jessi tenure reports on the latest efforts. >> for years, most clocks across the country shift forward an hour in march and back in november. but some want that to stop by making daylight saving time permanent. let's give americans. >> something to celebrate. longer days. and more sunshine. current federal law allows states like arizona and hawaii to opt out of daylight saving entirely. but 18 states including senator tommy tuberville's, alabama, want to stay on the schedule year round. that would mean an extra hour of sunlight. >> during the dark and cold winter months. daylight saving first started during world war. one as a way to conserve energy. it became a national standard. in 1966, changes to our clocks might have made sense when it first began. but
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it certainly doesn't. now the debate over the shifting schedule has picked up momentum in congress in recent years and will continue wednesday during a house committee hearing, according to prepared witness statements and or allah just and sleep medicine, researcher will push lawmakers to permanently revert to standard time arguing daylight saving time's darker mornings and lighter nights messes with sleep patterns and increases heating and air conditioning use. but a trade organization that represents convenience stores plans to tell lawmakers the current model or permanent daylight saving time is good for business and energy efficient. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> i have to go to those 2 states where they don't have can make it through the week when that does happen. but john, we're talking about tips that you can do. you can go to bed earlier. you can maybe start doing that days before that change actually happens. right joc? yeah. and you know, one of those states isn't too far. so just hop over the border arizona you to stay consistent all year long. but
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yeah, maybe do a little practice getting up a little bit earlier because we lose that hour of sleep sunday morning. >> at least it is sunday morning when you hopefully don't have to get up too terribly early that we are making that adjustment. your view outside right now. you're berkeley hills camera. it's nice and clear again, a fog free morning and again, a day ahead of us. that's going to be sunny and dry. big surprise there. we spent a lot of 22 that way so far. we are looking at the high pressure ridge weakening just a little bit. the jet stream is digging in a bit deeper to the west coast. this is one of the reasons that we are seeing a slight cool down today and temperatures as compared to where we were yesterday. we have a storm system that's making its way down into the great basin. and because of that, a few light snow flurries in the sierra today. more so into tomorrow, though, you'll see some snow with the crest of the at least there's something out there because the bay area, we're just keeping that dry trend of weather around as we work our way through this next week of march. now for the north bay, a little bit breezy out along the coastline. you'll notice
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some stronger winds to winds reversed course and an on shore breeze kicks up later on today. that's likely to result in some sort of foggy impact into tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow, we will be seeing some pretty strong winds pushing inland that is going to make for temperatures staying a little on the cooler side on into your thursday. now, today's daytime highs 50's to 60's along the coastline. the rest of the bay area solidly back into the 60's. now, even though yesterday with 60's to 70's today is down by around 3 to 5 degrees. so a slightly cooler feel and breezier at the coastline. all that does that up to maybe considering keeping the jacket with you even into the afternoon. oakland, berkeley, richmond, san leandro in castro valley, all pretty level at 66. only a few low 70's remain and those are up in the north bay. a look ahead in our next 7 days. we do have a little bit of an up and down. temperatures will climb into the low 70's again by friday saturday. we will
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look at our warmest temperatures of the weekend with some upper 60's to low 70's and then we do spring ahead that our on into saturday night sunday morning. so just those clocks saturday night also does come along with the chance of some sprinkles, mostly for the north bay are better chance of rainfall for the rest of the bay area. looks likely to arrive on tuesday right now. tom, thank you for that, right. let's get a look at your traffic for today. >> the bay bridge heading into the city right now about 10 minutes for your drive. there, heading across towards the peninsula, san mateo bridge, about 13 minutes for your drive and out of richmond, richmond, sandra fell bridge 9 minutes for your commute and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute drive. the lawyers are back in the win column. they snapped a five-game losing streak at the chase center last night by beating the los angeles clippers, steph curry, klay thompson, andrew wiggins are all back for this game. the warriors had energy on offense with 6 players score in double digit points. the defense also stepped up throughout the
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night, although planes step didn't play their best on offense. it was still enough to beat the clippers. the lawyers get a much needed win with a final score of 112 to 97. here's reaction from coach steve kerr. >> much better our best defensive effort a long well, pressure was good. rotations were good guys where challenging shots you know, clippers. obviously didn't have a great night shooting and they missed some open ones. i thought, you know, we had something to do with that, too. >> the lawyers will try for another win tomorrow night against the denver nuggets on the road. tipoff is going to be at 07:00pm. with the lawyers that extra star power on the court before the game last night. look at that. actor will ferrell showed up for the pre-game warmups doing his thing. he was dressed as his character. jackie moon from the comedy basketball movie semi pro farrell, joe, that he was under contract with the lawyers. klay thompson says semi pro is one
4:51 am
of his favorite movies and got to meet his hero in jackie moon. he dressed up as farrell's character 3 years ago for halloween. i just love farrell. he could do no wrong. you will be right back after the break. i want make some shots.
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>> welcome back. 4.53 on this wednesday morning. a little bit on the calm side right there at the embarcadero. right now, winds are set to pick up, especially at the coastline later today. they're going to be winds from the coast. so that is going to be pushing likely some fog in tomorrow morning. this morning, though, we're not looking at any fog. it is crystal clear. we are looking at daytime highs today. climbing mostly back into the 60's. a few low 70's are hanging on for our north bay cities, though, antioch in napa right at 70 degrees. each hayward will be at 65 today. oakland, 66. well, san jose hovering right around 70 degrees. wouldn't be surprised at all if you hit it at 69. >> rain, john, thank you for that. taking a look at these little guy nicknamed the flaming hot cheetos look at them at that toronto zoo, chi minh all over their mama non on her ear and claw on her paws. and mom just takes it all in stride. the cheetah cubs are now over. a month old is still too small to determine their. but one thing is for sure. they love being
4:55 am
close to their very patient. mama. table. 89 of forbes, richest people in america live right here in california with all the names on the top of the list living here in the bay area. most of them made their fortunes in the tech industry. but the number one richest person, california, isn't necessarily the wealthiest in the country. we're of course, talking about facebook, co-founder and medicine deal. mark zuckerberg, the actually ranks 3rd nationwide still leads the golden state's riches followed by google co-founders larry page and sergiy brent facebook co-founder dustin fits and former google ceo eric schmidt rounded out the state's top 5. rich is jeff bezos is the nation's wealth. these followed by elon musk. coming the next hour. airline tickets are getting more expensive day by day. why experts say? >> it's a fallout from rising oil prices. plus, deadly traffic crashes. and are a record high in san jose this year. the plan the city has to
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us at 5 o'clock. i'm sorry and i'm james. it is a wednesday morning. we're midway through the weekend. so far. so good weather-wise. this week's been fantastic news. will it be 4 o'clock on monday this report. would be 6, 6 o'clock by then. i'm going to confuse you now several days early so that you get to work on time on monday. looking straight john is keeping a very close eye on. it has been in a 7 day forecast here. keeping aware that it's coming. good morning. we just take another hour back. continue to do that. and then we all sleep in a little bit more. but that's not the way its work. it is going to be a beautiful day today. a good day to be getting back outside again, not quite as warm as yesterday, though. so don't anticipate a lot of those 70's like we saw yesterday.
5:00 am
>> your east bay hills camera shows the clear skies that we are in the midst of all the way up to the coastline. now, what we're going to be seeing on into the afternoon today will be highs in the 60's this morning. not too terribly cold. we do have one 30 on the map. that's up an app at 37 degrees. the rest of us either sitting in the 40's or the 50's rain is gonna look at the roads this morning. rain it. what's the traffic is light at this hour. but we know how that goes and starts that way in starts to build 7 minute drive. traveling from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit at this hour. >> san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 12 minutes for you. there's a traveling richmond center fell bridge pretty much at the limit. 7 minutes tolls to one on one and in the south bay. 85 to menlo park about 27 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. reyna. 5 o'clock in the breaking news overnight. a store employee was killed during a robbery in benicia. yeah. this morning, the man's killer still on the loose. kron 4. sarah stinson is on the story for us from the nation. >> with the very latest, sara.


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