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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  March 10, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> tonight at 5, a scary scene in san bruno after a cal train smashes into a crane. another work equipment on the track and goes up in flames. you can see there. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5, everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. this here is video from the citizen app just moments after the crash. you see this person running from the scene. >> who knows what's going to happen next? this happened right around 10, 30 this morning and there were dozens of passengers on the train. 13 people total were injured. at least one of them suffering serious burns and there are still several questions
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remaining tonight as far as how did this actually happened and why? yeah, how her? well, this is a map of where the train eventually stopped near the intersection of san felipe and huntington avenues. the crash actually happened about a mile away from that location. we have a team of reporters following this story. but we begin with kron four's dan kerman. he is live in san bruno with what we have learned from caltrain officials. dan. but if you heard. you know, federal and local investigators have got a lot to figure out specifically. how is it that you put a moving train in the same track as work equipment that you knew was there and you knew was doing work. >> they've been doing this type of work for several years now. this is not happen, but somehow somebody got their wires crossed and that is what investigators have to piece together. that thick black smoke and fire you're looking at is the result of a traint crash in san bruno at 10. 38 thursday morning. caltrain number 6, heading southbound
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slammed into some on track equipment, including a crane that was doing electrification work. but we did get reports of the fire did reach the other passenger cars which led to us immediately evacuated train. this is citizen video of the crash. 75 people were aboard the train at the time and evacuations began immediately. >> the train conductor was able worked to evacuate the train and that was critical in the success to make sure no one lost their life today. >> in all 13 people were injured. 5 were sent to the hospital, including the contractor aboard the crane who suffered burns. miraculously, no one was killed. >> this is not exactly a happy day, but we're glad that it is a that is not worse than it is. the actual strike was near scott street, but the train came to rest nearly a mile and a half down the track at san felipe now, federal and local investigators will try to piece together how a speeding train moving at speeds near 79 miles an hour could be placed on the same track as workers and their equipment. there are
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watchman on site that are communicating with but ultimately it is not yet clear where where the breakdown took place. back live in san bruno. as you can see, that rain is still on the tracks. there was tracked damage as a result of this crash and fire. and as a result of that, it's possible that this train will still be here until tomorrow morning. live in san bruno. dan kerman kron. 4 news. all right, as you can imagine, people living in the neighborhood, they're also pretty shaken up after this crash forces. but unit is joining us live now in san bruno. >> with that part of the story is incredibly scary to all of the sudden here. and then see this. that's right. grant. i spoke to a pair of residents who live in this quiet san bruno neighborhood. >> just a short distance from where the collision occurred and as you can imagine, they were very disturbed by the sights and sounds of this loud collision. take a listen. what that does
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>> it had the truck in front of it i was like, oh, no, they crashed and it was kind of scary. but it was scary. nora chavez says she was in her apartment which overlooks the location workout train collided with a pair of work vehicles on the train tracks thursday morning in san bruno. she recorded these videos of the incident on cell phone. she says when the fire erupted, she became really concerned for many passengers on board. i wonder if there's people on a train like. >> with 5 people cases kind of started wearing. yeah, it was. it was it was loud. >> caltrans spokesperson dan lieberman says there were approximately 75 people on board when the crash happened. 13 individuals have been our engineer and the operator of some of the but again, we're hearing all of those injuries are not life threatening the sound of the collision rattled the nerves of larry lindsey who lives a short distance from the scene of the accident. jeri were fine. concerned that. why was that
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trick train on that track where there was a working truck? these guys are working on this whole line every day. >> and i know they're super safe. current safety conscious and all that. but why was that train flying on that track? >> the answers to those questions are the central focus of the caltrain investigation, which at this point is ongoing. that's the latest live here in san bruno. has it made you? >> kron 4 news. thank zico. we have some breaking news out of oakland now where flames have destroyed 3 are v's killing 2 dogs. the fire started burning on 34th street just west of mandela parkway at about 4 this afternoon. you're taking a look now at the aftermath as firefighters tried to put out any hot spots. no people were hurt and the cause is under investigation. friends and family of chris liang gather today for his memorial service in san francisco. the 21 year
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old's body was found saturday after he drove his rented tesla off a cliff and fresno county kron four's rob nesbitt attended the service at saint ignatius church in san francisco. he joins us now live from the city with more on the memory share during this two-hour event, rob. >> vicki, the pews of saint ignatius church were filled with chris. the yangs friends, mostly other students from the university of san francisco. those who spoke were heartbroken that chris will be able to attend his graduation in just a few months. >> there were a few dry eyes inside saint ignatius church thursday afternoon for the memorial service of chris liang family and friends remembering his stubborn attitude and determination the 21 year-old was described as someone who always got the last word passionate about soccer politics and a lover of all things k-pop. we brother jerry liang spoke with me this week about the plans for
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thursday's memorial and how chris's passion for helping others went far beyond his other interests was mostly about chris's life was how deeply he loves. he's deeply he loved other people in things. chris was finishing his senior year at the university of san francisco university. president father paul fitzgerald delivered opening remarks during thursday's service. chris majored in business just finished his 3rd round of job interviews the friday before he passed away. >> so he really worked incredibly hard to. secure opportunities from self. we parents and younger sister live in china, they were unable to travel to san francisco but shared video messages virtually speaking in chinese but sharing the same feeling of overwhelming loss as those sitting in the church pews. chris, it wasn't afraid to be himself, you know, and he was unafraid to. share his truth and his love with the world wholeheartedly and unapologetically. >> chris's brother jerry started a gofundme to help
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with funeral expenses and to cly and sell to china to be with his parents, unable to attend today's service. he's raised around $17,000 of his $22,000 goal live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> thank baseball is coming back today. the players union reached an agreement with the major league baseball and its owners. good first. kate rooney joins us now with details on when the games will begin. k. >> well, the games will begin very, very soon. it's the news we've all been waiting for. word sure if it would come. but april 7th is the new opening day and an abridged spring training can start as early as sunday. perhaps the most miraculous part of the regular season will still be a full 162 game schedule. not a game miss. so the season starts a week later than originally planned in those games will be made up with double headers and buy a three-day extension at the end of the season. this is all because major league baseball and the players union finally came to terms on a new collective bargaining
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agreement this afternoon, a great deal of negotiating by the players. lots of changes under this new cba. but most of the major sticking points were related to player compensation as owner revenue has increased significantly each year since tee last cba. the players have not seen those same increases. so the fun, though, literally begins tonight as baseball is back in free agency is now officially under way, could be a lot of personnel changes for both the a's and the giants. but what we know for now is the giants opening day will be at home against the marlins on april 8th. and the a's will be on the road at philadelphia. 99 day lockout. the second second longest work stoppage in baseball history is officially over. guys, back to you. they really thank u k and another big story we're covering for you tonight. gas prices continuing to skyrocket with the average for regular. >> across the state now at 5.69, according to triple a that is a $0.12 jump from just yesterday morning here in the bay area. gas prices are
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getting even closer to 6 bucks a gallon. take a look at this. san francisco. you're now paying an average of 5.83 per gallon of regular oakland. it set up to 5.76. san jose is your cheapest bat at 5.73. napa. is it 5.80? samara fell is the most expensive at 5.91. as gas prices climb. some people are looking for cheaper ways to get around it. for some an option could be. >> by a motorcycle may be a scooter kron four's. charles clifford spoke with the dealer who says business is booming. >> just a park street alameda sits scooter import. they mainly sell scooters, but also motorcycles, four-wheelers and bikes. our biggest seller would be the small cc scooters rockies who works in sales and marketing here. he says that as the price of new and used cars remains high and gas prices go up. their business has been booming ever since gas prices are skyrocketing. you know, sales of just increase exponentially. you know, a lot of inquiries, lot of e-mails, a lot of phone calls about to.
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>> you you feel fish and sea and you know something >> and while a scooter or motorcycle might not work for everyone for people who just need to get themselves around and not break the bank doing it. rocky says the scooter is a good option. people are starting to realize that 100 miles a gallon, as you know, beneficial for running errands, you know, why would you drive your truck around, you know, getting 12, you know, 40 miles per gallon you know, when you can get 100 miles per gallon on amigo, he also says that as the pandemic eases more and more customers are coming in and that their biggest problem right now is finding employees to help them meet demand. we're >> more inquiries and more people showing up now that mask mandate lifting. our biggest issue is staffing. >> you know, because we are doing so much more now since gas prices went up in alameda, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> it's a breaking news just into the kron. 4 news room, former empire actor jussie smollett was set in just minutes ago to 150 days in
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jail and 30 months of probation for making false reports to police about being the victim of a hate crime. he's back in january 2019, the 39 year-old was found guilty in december on 5 counts of felony disorderly conduct for making false reports about what he called an anti and anti-black hate crime. he will also have to pay a $25,000 fine. >> coming up on kron, news at 5, a former kgb spy gives us an inside look into russian president putin's secret world. and we'll hear from the colleagues of a mother killed while trying to escape ukraine with her children. that's coming up after the break. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. beautiful weather around the bay area today. get ready. >> it is going to be a frigid
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>> a colleague of that silicon valley worker who was killed with her children as they were trying to get out of danger in hit our first co reports now on how the company is struggling to cope with their deaths. >> in our company, everyone is broken hearted we're we still are trying to cope with and we don't know how to better honor her memory. kasina care nina, a spokesperson for silicon
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startup se ranking on the horrendous death of colleague and friend tatiana. >> pair of venus and her 2 children, their bodies photographed for the world to see on the street. and ukraine is a tried to flee. and then i saw >> and then use that to this green corridor. can it be in the city they were living was fired at. and at that time i texans are hr manager asking about she knows about and you make and she started calling it she couldn't reach her. and later that day, she told us that for kids died in the evening. she told us that the town oso died in the hospital and its first no one could believe that. the says that she often spent time with tatyana and that she often brought her 8 year-olh daughter released to work. >> her son nick, he to have been watching over the family at night to make sure that
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they state safe in a basement. kcna says that tatiana stayed behind to help her mother with all cymru's get out as well. her husband was in another town helping his ailing mother. >> he was texting humans while debate on the make. it don't worry and so on. so too was positive to was strong. she was truly one of a kind to was like a big sister to all of she helped us a all of my colleagues and me personally and we will always remember her and miss her very >> theresa stasi kron, 4 news as the violence continues between russia and ukraine. tesla is telling it ukrainian employees at going to be paid if they are asked to return to their country to fight. the announcement comes as ukrainian president volodymyr linskey urges citizens to take up arms and fight russian troops. the company says that it will pay their employees
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for at least 3 months in an effort to support ukrainians fleeing the country. tesla says that they have opened is supercharging stations in poland in hungary and slovakia, which are usable by tesla and non tesla electric vehicles, free of charge. vice president kamala harris is praising poland for taking in more than 1 million refugees so far. >> since russia invaded ukraine, harris, you see or hear she made those comments as she met with the polish prime minister. harris is also calling for an international investigation into russian war crimes during this invasion. >> we are very clear. the nato alliance is stronger and russia is weaker. because of what he's done. very clear to when it comes to crimes. and violations of international norms and we are also very
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clear that any intentional attack. on innocent civilians is a violation. >> harris also met with ukrainian refugees who have fled to poland. >> all right, weather time taking a live look outside right golden gate bridge. they're often the distance. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us. a little cooler today. windy out there. yeah, windy in spots us for sure. tonight those winds calm down. the temperatures going to get cold. we've got frost advisories going up even inside the bay overnight tonight. what a day to day, though. lots of sunshine all the way to the coastline courtesy of those offshore winds and look at golden gate bridge. beautiful out there right now. you see the sailboats out there. enjoy some of that wind to temperatures right now. it's still 70 degrees in santa rosa. 66 about that beautiful evening in san jose. 67 degrees in concord. 63 in hayward and 62 degrees in oakland overnight tonight. yeah, we're looking at some cold temperatures. how about that? frost advisory is going up inside the bay. don't see that very often. santa clara,
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san jose campbell alum, rock los gatos. watch out likely to wake up some patchy frost early tomorrow morning that continuing in the north bay, too. and that's where you'll find some of the colder temperatures. i think overnight tonight we could see drop all the way down to about 30 degrees for low and a little further to the north. there for the mendocino county lake county. you're looking at a freeze warning up there as those temperatures are going be a little bit colder overnight lows tonight. how about that? 30 in santa rosa. 34 degrees in the napa valley about 36 in san jose. so you can imagine some of the car tops. they're going to the filled with ice tomorrow morning. early on back toward the coastline, though, even some chilly temperatures there as well. but you can see a high pressure overhead. you get those offshore winds. not only the clear skies. they also dropped that humidity. so some very dry air in place now. and that means that temperatures will be able to fall off in a hurry overnight tonight. so it will be a cold night tonight. if you're heading out this evening, grab a jacket. if you're stepping outside, it will stay mostly clear as we head through the evening hours and then it
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looks like those cold temperatures settle in after the midnight hour, chilly temperatures and frosty start your day tomorrow. >> all right, lawrence, another name is entering the california governor's nice from the bay area. what we know about the new candidate set to challenge gavin newsom in november.
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>> proportion local election headquarters in another candidate is jumping into the race for california governor bay area author michael
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shellenberger announced he is running. >> but this time not as a democrat. our ashley zavala explains the latest development in the governor's race. >> for weeks now, it seemed the california governor's race would likely come down to current governor gavin newsome and republican state senator brian dolly. but now it's to be seen how a candidate like michael shellenberger could shake up the race. the state has so much potential and it's just not living up to it and would be my honor to be governor of california and help but realize its potential author and environmental activist michael shellenberger officially announcing his run for california governor in an interview with inside california politics co-host nicky lorenzo. >> the bay area resident and former progressive activist who wrote the book's apocalypse, never and san francisco making a last-minute decision just a day ahead of the candidate filing deadline to run as an independent or without party preference. shellenberger has never held political office but did run for california governor as a democrat in the 2018 primaries where he finished 9th. but i just had to be no party
5:25 pm
preference because i genuinely have no party preference. in fact, i'm pretty fed up with the parties. >> so, yeah, i just felt like california really needs someone to bring it together right now. i see things in the state from really everybody's point of view on a father and a husband. i came here when i was in my early 20's, i lived in downtown san francisco, downtown cities. i've lived in the suburbs. i love this state. i see it from all points of view. and i really think i can bring it together because i i think i know how to build the consensus that we need to solve the big problems. >> no one has ever won statewide office without party preference. again, that filing deadline is at the end of the day tomorrow. and so then we'll have a more official sense of what the governor's race will look like. the top 2 vote getters in the primaries in june will then face each other in november. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up, why some teachers in the north bay are taking to the picket lines. >> and search for the suspect who still a van from the football league. and the
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pressure is on to replace that thing or before the season
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> we use of of allay youth sports league are scrambling to replace a van. then they just received thanks to a generous donation. the predicament comes less than a month before the season starts in the van was going to be used to take kids to and from flag football games for sleep to call reports the league's leader hope to the van is
5:29 pm
returned or the community steps up to help replace it. >> as the coach sarna league in the eyes, the opening of its second season on april second, it has been bogged down this past week attempting to replace a 12 passenger van just received through a donation. the van was a big deal last week. ryan serna the founder and ceo of the nonprofit which started last year's says it was discovered the van, a little cul business leader was donating to the league, had its catalytic converter ripped off. then as it awaited repairs at a dealership, the van was reported stolen to the vallejo police department friday when a vance, $40,000, anything under that you're looking at using the lower you go, the more problems is going to be so. >> we're aiming for the best case scenario having already been on the receiving end of the van being donated, then receiving an offer from northgate church in benicia to pay for the catalytic converter replacement. serna says it's difficult to ask the public for more help but says
5:30 pm
the league is in desperate need a lot of kids. you don't have rights to places. so we've been able to offer rides in the past and we want to continue offer rides. the league serves about 300 youth in separate all girls and all boys, flag football divisions and it keeps its registration costs low because about 80% of its kindergartners through 8th graders are low income or below the poverty line. this is something that we're doing for the goodness of our hearts. and i believe if we're doing good things and good things are going to come our way. the kids are counting on it. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> and the north bay, some classes in the cotati rohnert park school district were canceled after hundreds of teachers went on strike today. the strike comes after union negotiators and district officials have made no progress since last fall over a dispute on wage hikes. the teachers claim that they are paid 20% less than some other districts and they want annual raises over the next 3 years. district officials on the


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