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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 11, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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that those students would not be attending this fall. but now legislators in the state capital have introduced a bill to retroactively prevent any court ordered cap. >> force dan kerman explains. legislation just introduced in the state capitol, but retroactively prevent a court from capping campus enrollment. thus wiping out an existing court order which would have prevented uc berkeley from admitting several 1000 additional undergrads this fall. we did not feel that we should penalize those poor 5,000. >> a 5,000 students working to get admissions letters just because of this work is the bill's author, san francisco assemblyman phil ting calls that court order draconian the legislature and the governor have been really pushing. >> uc csu in the community colleges to increase enrollment because we have a 2 million. >> 2 greece shortfall for the long term. and the only way we're going to close that gap, is it universities like berkeley can increase enrollment in, especially
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pushing them increased enrollment for california's teens says the bill would also require universities to add staff and faculty alongside students when projecting future enrollment in a long-range development plan. >> it would also allow an institution 18 months to correct a plan if a judge rules, that plan is incomplete. so that's very critical. >> burke was never offered that remedy by the court. >> in a statement uc berkeley says we appreciate the efforts of state leaders to seek a legislative solution. but for some this bill fall short, the legislature in their hurry to try to accommodate. >> you see, i'm maybe i'm making things worse. instead of better fullback avoid with the group's a berkeley neighborhoods brought forward. the initial lawsuit that led to the court ordered enrollment cap. >> he says the university has been a bad neighbor and has consistently increased enrollment without having enough housing. he says this bill makes a bad situation
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worse. we've with 3,000 more students than we had a 2020 and all of the students are going to be trying to find housing in berkeley and it's going to displace even more. >> well into engines and we've displaced and the pass the senate and assembly budget committee will review the bill on monday. >> then it goes to both houses for a vote. if passed, it goes to the governor's desk. if he signs it, that would mean that uc berkeley enrollment cap. >> could be lifted before the end of next week. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> we now know who will be filling the 3 vacant seats on the san francisco school board after last month's recall mayor london breed officially swore in and shoe. lanny want eddie and lisa wiseman ward at a ceremony today. all 3 women are public school parents with diverse backgrounds. mayor breed says after interviewing several candidates she felt this trio would be the best suited to address the several challenges the district faces, including closing a significant budget deficit,
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hiring a new superintendent and helping guide the district out of the pandemic. >> we're not saying school renaming is an important in looking at the history of some of these names and having a educational moment to have a discussion about what that means. we're not saying that's not important. but getting our kids back in school is important. making sure they and our teachers are safe is important. making sure that they thrive. >> each new member will serve the remainder of the vacated term on the board. all 3 c's are up for an election this coming november. california school mask mandate is set to expire tomorrow. but students in oakland will have to keep wearing their masks in the classroom until april. the 15th, the oakland unified school district says it is keeping the mandate in place because of concern about a potential surge. after the spring break, the mandate applies to all students,
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staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors. the district will also be handing out rapid at-home covid tests to students before spring break. >> some good news for those who want more winter sports activity in the sierra heavenly ski resort and kirkwood. we'll be expanding their season. it may seem a little odd because there hasn't been any snow lately very much at all. but thanks to that windfall in december and some other smaller storms as resorts are able to keep the lifts going. that is good news for those who love to cash in on spring skiing in the sierra. >> it's not uncommon for for sierra snowpack to last that long and we were excited that this season so far been, you know, we that record snow storms december. is that what set us up for this? so we just can't people guess this late the spring spring schemes and i was so great. you know, it's really kind an iconic part of our season, something that our community looks forward to. so it's just such a great opportunity to continue to enjoy enjoy the outdoors for
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our our sport enthusiasts, skiers and riders. >> again, the new expanded season for kirkwood is may first and for heavenly valley. april 24th. >> well, let's check our 4 zone forecast. i think lawrence is ready to ski. this is a live look outside at road conditions in the sierra. this is interstate 80 at donner summit and there's snow on the freeway ads. so that must be fresh. yeah, that be nice to get a little more up. they're going i have been up to ski this season. nice to see that extended. it looks like that's going to happen. in fact, we're going to see some colder air moving in with the series of storms coming through. so that will likely keep that snow from melting so much up in the highs here that you see folks heading up there right now, going up the high country to enjoy some of the skiing, maybe this weekend as well. and it looks like we're going to see a series of storms come through. you've got this next one coming in as we head into late monday and tuesday. i think that may bring some more snow up in the sierra nevada, some rain, maybe the bay area here as well. and then we're going to get a little bit of a break. but then the next
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weekend, maybe even a little more impressive. you see all the blue piling up over the mountain tops. we'll get more on the way after that. so looks like things are beginning to open up a little bit long range forecast and we're keeping our fingers crossed for more snow for them and a little rain for us as well. if you plan to head up there this weekend, though, we are looking good. the roadways are open and clear right now. saturday got lots of bright sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40's sunday. got start to cool off a little bit. a few clouds begin to move in and lower 40's and then the clouds kind of picking up a bit as we head in toward monday and by monday night, maybe a little snow making a return. meantime, back toward the bay area, that fog is really settled in with the golden gate bridge begin to push on through as we get ready for the weekend. yang can see right there and then a beautiful shot of that fog just flowing right to the golden gate bridge now into the bay over alcatraz. going to start to fill in a little bit overnight tonight. and it's tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow. they're going back off a little bit. we're looking mainly 50's around much of the temperatures about 57 degrees in pacifica. 55 in half moon bay inside the bay. generally some 50's in some 60's a
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little bit warmer as you head further south, the temperatures are going to be mild in the south bay 60's. maybe some low 70's by the afternoon. but in general, these numbers start to back off just a little bit from what we've had today. and that will be the trend now to cool things down as we head throughout the weekend. in fact, there's a slight chance of showers overnight saturday night and into early on sunday morning. a better chance of rain late on monday and into tuesday. thank is ahead. in sports, spring training dates are set. kate rooney as the giants and the a's schedules. >> plus, a big free agency signing for the orange and black. coming up. >> and after the break, the social media at that removes the pressure of looking perfect. but you have to be willing to play by the rules. and before we head to break a reminder, kron 4 is recognizing remarkable women making a difference in the bay area. you can see their stories all month long every tuesday or find those stories on our website for dot com. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. here you go into its 6. when you start a new relationship, you never know how long it will last until now. well, italian researchers use artificial intelligence that can predict whether or not you will break up. apparently the 2 most important factors. >> life satisfaction of both pat partners and the woman's percentage of the housework. researchers tracked more than 2000 couples for 12 years over that time period. 45% of them broke up. researchers noted that in particular when a man
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is not satisfied and his life, the woman will keep trying to keep the romance alive. but only up until a certain point. other variables that could affect the couple's lasting status. the woman's working hours, her level of openness and how extrovert at the man is. just saw bunch of problems. i there's a new travel trend, but you can't be shy to try. and according to conde nast home swapping is becoming more popular. >> familiar, it's like the movie the holiday with kate winslet and cameron diaz. people are trading homes for weeks at a time. many times are not just swapping. zip codes are swapping time zones, searches for home exchange programs are up 180% this past month alone. it's something you're interested in doing. experts say do it through a reputable company. so you're protected. don't just find some random person on tiktok or instagram. a somewhat new social media app taking off on college campuses. call be real. and the idea is to make social media more of an accurate representation of
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your real life. >> you download the app. it will randomly send a notification telling you it's time to post everybody gets the notification at same time. you then have 2 minutes to use your phone to take a picture of whatever you're doing. it snaps a selfie of u n forward-facing shot. then you posted and show that to the world or to your friends. the idea is to see actual snapshots of what people are up to. instead of those perfectly crafted influencer photographs, there are no follower counts, know, like counts. just pictures of people and what they're doing. still ahead, a 6 today is the filing deadline for candidates running for governor of california. what you can
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i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >>tkron 4 is your local election headquarters today as the filing deadline for candidates who want to run against gavin newsom and the california governor's race with a number of notable republicans bowing out this year. the election will look a lot different than the recall. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest developments. >> good evening, everybody. as governor gavin newsome, eyes reelection, this year's primary ballot will look nothing like his recall last september hours before the candidate filing deadline. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer officially announcing he will not run for governor. he joins the long list of serious republican candidates who last year ran to replace the governor now unwilling to run against him. this is an enormous commitment to run for governor. and if you're not all the way it's better that we have candidates
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that are ready to take the big democrat machine year. the latest development leaving the republican party with one candidate in the upcoming race with some name recognition. current state senator brian dolly, i'm not some smooth talking wine salesman. the republican party will endorse their candidate for governor at its convention later this year. senator galley has been an amazing advocate in sacramento, not just for his constituents, californians all over this state. we see other candidates that come from, you know, business background have served our and navy. so we have a lot of opportunities here. and another last-minute decision, bay area, author, environmental activist and former democrat michael shellenberger filed to run as a no party preference candidate. >> so i'm running because i'm absolutely heartbroken by the humanitarian homeless disaster occurring on our streets. but it will be an uphill battle for candidates like shellenberger and dolly going up against the political goliath. that is gavin
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newsome. the latest campaign finance data shows newsome has 24.8 million dollars in the bank. the latest statewide data shows 46% of registered voters aligned with newsom's democratic party. well, 24% are republicans and 22.9%, no party preference. so what do you say to those who say gavin newsome has a walk in the park ahead of him? we don't know that we're at a turning point. he'll have to be. >> after it. and i truly believe that california might be at that turning point. and we think that with great candidates, the right message and solutions to people's problems, that there's going to be a lot of crossover voting. i don't think that anyone should view this as a walk in the park. >> now is ashley zavala reporting for us tonight. we reached out to the governor's campaign for comment but have not yet heard back. the primary election is on june 7th, which will narrow down the race to 2 candidates. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside from the top of mount tam, a pious looking down at the bay all lit up tonight on friday night. and our meteorologist
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lawrence karnow joins us with the weekend forecast. >> as an orphan think that's right. a lot going on this weekend. got a green theme, 2 for fun things as we've got started off with a shamrock run that is going to be in san jose dress up in your favor, greener costume ahead out there to san jose tomorrow morning. 08:00am it is going to be a chilly start to the day. temperatures are going to be in the upper 40's at 08:00am so plan around a little quickly to stay warm. it will be mostly sunny and cool start. but the warming up as you head along through that the race in dublin there haven't saint patrick's day parade and festival. they're going to have lots of food drink. the bad pilots are going to be playing the sunny skies and it will be a cool morning to begin that is well sunday. that continues just a bit of an afternoon breeze. if you plan on sticking around lot of food, lot of drinks, a lot of fun. if you're headed out in that direction in san francisco that having the annual saint patrick's day parade as well. that starts 11
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30 on saturday. temperatures are going to be the upper 50's. so a little bit on the cool side should be sunny and bright, but a beautiful sight to see bring a jacket. if you're headed out there and this was more of an adult, if you want to head to san francisco, enjoy the saint paddy's pub crawl. that takes place of news starting on saturday and pubs are going to be open to that event so they will be serving cabbage and all kinds of good stuff out there, spine refreshments, probably a lot of green stuff out there as well. it will be mostly sunny and yeah, in just a bit of an afternoon breeze. if you plan to head there. in the meantime, though, tonight, yeah, kind of quiet out there right now. you've got mostly clear skies looking towards san bruno mountain. no delays being reported. sfo, oakland or san jose. if you plan to travel in the monterey bay will be a little bit cool coast site 50's there some 60's in the valley. southern california. get away forecast looking at 70 degrees in long beach, 70 in san diego about 75 degrees in pasadena and 78 in anaheim. if you plan to have the high country should stay dry this weekend, we've got a couple of storms that are getting close, but temperatures are going to be a
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little bit cool. upper 40's and southlake about 50 in truckee and about 64 degrees in reno. so we've got changes coming our way around the bay area this weekend to the temperatures are going to start to cool down just a bit. but the 50's and 60's across most of the bay area. maybe some 70's far inland valleys. then after that slight chance of showers saturday night into sunday, a better chance of rain come late monday and into tuesday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's only been a little more than 24 hours since the mlb lockout finally ended. but the giants wasted no time in getting in on the free agency. action only had 99 days to think about who they might sign. and the first name added to the roster. it's kind of a doozy. left-handed pitcher carlos rodon widely considered one of the best free agent starting pitchers available. san francisco reportedly signed him to a 2 year. 44 million dollars contract is healthy. he'll be a great complement to logan webb in the rotation. but that's a big
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if road on has been plagued by elbow and shoulder injuries. however, he's coming off the best season of his career with the white sox finishing with a 13 5 win loss to 3.70. alright and his first all-star. not going take a first look at him in black and orange pretty soon. this spring training schedules were out. some highlights from both area teams here. first game for the giants will be a week from today. march 18th at scottsdale stadium that taking on the chicago cubs. they've also got a date with the dodgers on april second and we'll go to whoa, whoa, cam stadium to see these guys. the a's on the 4th start their spring slate next friday against the division-rival angels. they'll also play last year's alds runner-up. that's the white sox on april. 1st. but state championship time in high school hoops land and a lot of bay area representation. in today's games, golden one center in sacramento will start with the division 5 girls games and a minute ago. >> from santa and taking on
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elese shall have hive. this was a very tight game throughout. but in the final 5 minutes, the bay area bread panthers started to pull away long to their from senior know hula made it a four-point game. then sophomore summer jenkins turned on the defense. the steal here takes it all the way for the layin and goes on to win. 38 to 27 the first state title in school history. they're pretty happy. how about the division? 5 boys game? san francisco, stuart hall taking on chafee from ontario. ca in socal. this one never really seem so much in doubt the halls back what was on fire 3rd quarter here, 10 point lead senior jackson junked draining the 3. then final seconds of the quarter. jung wisies that to fellow senior brandon love wide open 3. the 2 combined for 42 points as stuart hogg goes on to beat chafee. 56 to 45. and when their first ever state championship all right. how about some oakland tech hoops?
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legendary basketball program right here. girls team competing in the division 3 game against la south. well, that's when the last 3 nor cal state titles that haven't been able to compete until now. thanks to the pandemic in this game was close. 4th quarter here. one point game, sophomore tully, a lot wood trying to get it done in the post that made it a three-point game. but let's all get back within one final, 30 seconds. muddy some vichie and nails the corner 3. and that was also the nail in the coffin. absolutely clutch. texas finally gets to celebrate. 39. 33 the final score. some pretty exciting times of some of the local high schools and salesian from richmond is playing right now in the division. one game. so hey, maybe make it 4 for 4 for the area teams kind of cleaning up our week so far. so good. it's fun to watch the that really was something different about the energy when their planes. yes, a lot of them will never play hoops so really meaningful. all right. thank you, >> hidden valley ranch is giving new music, meaning to
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♪we are farmers.bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ >> take a look valley ranch. the popular dressing company has created the ranch diamond. the 2 carat round brilliant cut diamond was made from hidden valley seasoning. that was heated to 2500 degrees in crushed between 400 tons of pressure. this entire process took about 5 months. the diamonds set in a white gold band and is up for auction until march. the 17th the
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winner will receive the diamond just in time for national proposal. day march, the 20th. 2 people have too much time on think about this whole process here. i don't know. >> i want to see with the blue cheese. haha. that's it for us tonight. at 6,000 island, i see you at 8 tonight. why hide your skin if dupixent
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