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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at night, the mother of a missing child is behind bars tonight after police discovered a body inside a home hayward. police say they've been looking for 8 year-old sophia mason since tuesday when they claim the girl's mother. 31 year-old samantha johnson provided suspicious answers about where her child was. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus. i'm justine waldman in for vicki tonight. there's still a lot of questions that need to be answered. reporter kat phillips has the latest now on
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the investigation from are set. >> said police have cleared the scene now that this home behind me is where the say a body of a girl was found. now earlier this week, police in hayward are arrested. a mother who has a missing daughter. and they say that that mother is connected to an address over here on this street. they alternately got a search warrant and searched the house today. said police did confirm with us. the woman arrested smith johnson is the mother of missing 8 year-old sophia mason. she was taken into custody and is now in the santa rita jail and ada county on unrelated charges. police have not released the identity of the child found or the age just that that child was a girl. both of these incidents, the missing child in the body found in this moore said home are now being actively investigated. but police have not officially said if there's connection between the rest of the woman in hayward and the body of the unidentified child found in the home or said police say a word or s led
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them here. soviet was last seen him or said on february 10th, or said police did not announce to the public that sophia was missing until just yesterday. now says grandmother told police that she and her mother frequent areas or said hayward in cities in southern california. we asked police how long the body was in this house. they said they could not answer that at this time. reporting are sad. i'm kathryn philips. >> another big story today. caltrain service is still being affected at this hour after a train yesterday crashed into a crane and other work equipment. a truck on the tracks tonight. there are still so many questions about what went wrong the national transportation safety board held a news conference in san bruno tonight. we brought it to you live during kron. 4 news at 5 kron four's justin campbell. now has the latest from the scene. at a press conference friday afternoon in ntsb spokesperson.
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>> since the southbound caltrain was going 60 miles per hour when it collided with 3 construction vehicles. fortunately they were able to get out of the way because if anybody hits stay there. >> they would not have survived. bruce landsberg with the ntsb says the train engineer blew the horn, applied full braking pressure before slamming into the construction vehicles that were working on an electrical project. >> altogether, 13 people were injured with non-life-threatening injuries. i was horrible. i for he wasn't on the train, but his girlfriend was in got out safely. the ntsb says a safety mechanism designed to prevent these type of accidents called positive train control was on but didn't work. >> the answer is we don't know yet, but i can guarantee you we will find out. >> there's a lot we need to understand about what happened here and what went wrong. just so we can ensure that put policies in place that it does not happen again.
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>> and that was justin campbell reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, a man was shot in an attempted robbery last night in san francisco happened in the area. 4th and clara streets right near harrison in the south of market district. this is about 7.30. the suspect approached the victim to give me your phone when the victim refused to do so. the suspect shot him then took off the victim was taken to the hospital is going to survive. but the suspect has not been caught. he is described only as a man around 30 years old. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> starting today, the city of berkeley is no longer requiring proof of vaccination when you go into a restaurant, a bar or gym, this thanks to declining covid cases at high vaccination rates. kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight in berkeley to check out the scene there and see how people are adapting to yet another change in this ongoing pandemic. good evening, bill.
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>> good evening. just and yes. agree another change. once again. i did speak to one restaurant owner who is dropping that vaccine mandate and its. he says it gives him a sense of normalcy. >> it's back to. 2019 standards be the sea as we call before covid. >> at salisbury este rondon berkeley, there is no sign asking for proof of vaccination. we no longer ask for vaccination. >> and we no longer ask for masks and the staff is voluntary. but everybody on a bye for choosing to wear a mask. for now, owner peter levett says he's learned how to pivot during the flip-flopping of health open pretty much all through comments which is on own and a little bit unique. so many restaurants have to close a post. went out of business as of friday. the city of berkeley no longer requires proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to enter restaurants, bars or gyms. that's due to high vaccination rates. >> and covid cases and hospitalizations dropping. but the restaurant over near cells
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ready to lift the vaccine mandate just yet berkeley residents. and you can she feels comfortable dining indoors. i also got covid before. so. >> yeah, i feel i don't feel bad about eating and like places that did not require vaccination or even in classroom baguette sauls. >> leavitt says the health orders change came at the right time. lucky for us. this policy happens in the spring. >> and so outdoor dining this funny open, as you can see, left left. 2 people sitting out there. so if you're not ready for indoor. >> comments about those. >> a lot of people dining outdoors today. >> berkeley's health department. they are still recommending those businesses require proof of vaccination. >> but other managers i spoke to by phone and say they are still deciding if they will drop the vaccine mandate reporting live in berkeley. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> thank you so much. gail and students in oakland will have to keep wearing their masks in classrooms throughout april. 15th. that's right. the
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oakland unified school district says it is keeping the mandate in place because they're concerned about a potential surge after spring break. >> the mandate applies to all students. staff contractors, volunteers, visitors, the district will also be handing out rapid at-home covid test kits. 2 students before spring break. >> let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco. i'm assuming the green there is for saint patrick's day. coming up next week and it might be some wet weather coming next week, too. >> which would be i, you know, classic, i whether, a lot of rain there. the storms coming in and large. we we love just a couple more good systems. before we get to april here. yeah, we get it right now. we look like we're going to see a few, maybe not real strong, but maybe we start talking about a quarter of an inch, maybe half an inch in some of the mountains. >> as he sings come by. but right now you've got the fog that is sweeping onshore. look to the golden gate bridge. you see the tops of the towers here showing up there in the pink in the red. but we're
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going to see more of that fog overnight time along the coastline and right inside the bay. but it's dense fog. it's right there in there on the deck. you can see that up toward the golden gate bridge right now. boy, that looks cold as that sweeps on shore. looking much more like a spring day or even a summer day as we've got that fog, a sweet back inland. but we're going to see some changes in the weather this weekend. we have some very nice fact that these numbers today, 74 degrees in san jose. what beautiful friday. 73 and live more. 73 also in concord and santa rosa, almost 70 degrees in san francisco and oakland, all these numbers above the average for this time of year. it is cooling off, though. now temperatures dropping off in the 40's. the 50's around much of the bay area. not bad inside the bay actually cooler along the coastline right now, some of the north bay valleys, too. 43 degrees in petaluma right now. 46 in fairfax and yeah, it's going to be another cold night. we start out with some frost this morning and likely to see some patchy frost again overnight tonight. but it will be more inland than anywhere else. right now. you can see the sea breeze is
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blowing along the coastline that's bringing with it, the low clouds. and you see some of that fog out there as well. we're going to see more of that tomorrow morning. in fact, by the afternoon, probably gonna start to see an increase, some high clouds to from this system. that's off the coastline. it's going start to bump this ridge of high pressure further the so tomorrow the temperatures are going to come down by the afternoon. we'll see more clouds rolling in then by tomorrow night, there's a slight chance we might see shower or 2, especially north of the golden gate bridge will be mainly light as it comes through. maybe more heavy drizzle over the day, though, tomorrow will notice mild conditions and cooler temperatures with that on shore breeze kicking in. fact, you see right here on the models start to pick up on it overnight that fog rolls and along the coastline stay mostly clear that many of the valleys away from the coast. but by the afternoon, yeah, we start to see those clouds coming in by tomorrow evening. getting a little bit closer. northern california getting into some rain and then there's a slight chance we could see a few scattered light showers rolling into the bay area. some drizzle along the coastline. so a little bit wet, but maybe more importantly, kind of opens the door to another system. a little bit more impressive.
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that will start to gather along the coastline as we head in toward monday. so keep your fingers crossed for that right now. tomorrow should be a nice day. will be a dry one, too, for the most part, 50's 60's for highs. bit cooler. maybe 70's in the santa clara valley and then the next couple days things change the chance of more rain coming in on monday, possibly into tuesday morning. and then possibly the following weekend, too. thanks. alerts too many students, not enough affordable housing. that is the issue some people haven't now. >> there could be a way that uc berkeley can admit those additional 2600 undergrads after all, you see a recent court ordered enrollment cap met those students. thousands of them would not be able to attend this fall. but now legislators in the state capital have introduced a bill to try to retroactively prevent any court ordered cap kron four's dan kerman tries to explain. >> there still may be hope that uc berkeley candidate an additional 2600 undergrads next fall legislation introduced in the state
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capitol would retroactively prevent a court from capping campus enrollment. thus wiping out a court order. that does just that. can you imagine having to work so hard to high school but also through like in the clear? >> with the dream of going to uc berkeley, one of the best public universities in the entire country and then being denied admission because of a fairly draconian court case. legislature felt like we need to take action. the bill's author, san francisco assemblyman phil ting says the bill would also require universities to add staff and faculty alongside students. one projecting future enrollment in a long-range development plan. >> it would also allow an institution 18 months to correct a plan if a judge rules, that plan is incomplete. berkeley's major issues was that improperly project? the growth in enrollment over time. effective protected. no enrollment. >> so that was that was a major challenge that they face when they did the long-range plan in a statement, uc berkeley says we appreciate the efforts of state leaders. >> to seek a legislative
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solution, but not everyone is happy. the legislature should be more focused. making you see a place that students to thrive instead of having to struggle with the with the way that they are full block. avoid with the group save berkeley's neighborhoods brought forward. the initial lawsuit that led to the court ordered enrollment cap. he says the university has been a bad neighbor and done little to provide enough housing. and this bill won't help. i don't think this will help students one in terms of their struggle to. study it and have secure housing and secure food. the senate assembly budget committees will take up the bill on monday. then it will go to both houses for a vote. >> if it passes, then to the governor, if he signs it, it's possible. uc berkeley's enrollment cap could be lifted before the end of next week. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> we now know who will be filling the 3 vacant seats on
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the san francisco school board following last month's recall at a ceremony today, mayor london breed officially swore in and a shoe to me and lisa weisman poured all 3 women are public school parents with diverse backgrounds. mayor breed says after interviewing several candidates she failed. this trio would be best suited to address the several challenges the district faces, including closing a significant budget deficit hiring a new superintendent and helping guide the district out of the pandemic. >> we're not saying school renaming is an important in looking at the history of some of these names and having a educational moment to have a discussion about what that means. we're not saying that's not important. but getting our kids back in school is important. making sure they and our teachers are safe is important. making sure that they thrive. >> each new member will serve the remainder of the vacated term on the board. all 3 seats are up for election. this
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november. developing news tonight, president biden is banning the import of more russian goods now including. >> seafood, alcohol and die minutes. the u.s. also downgrading russia's trade status mirroring a similar move from european leaders. and those are just the latest efforts to tighten the economic grip on the russian economy. but that ban on russian gas imports is driving up prices here in the united states. today marks the 4th consecutive day. gas prices have broken the nationwide all time high. there is a plan currently in the works on capitol hill to relieve some of that pain at the pump. >> to make it harder for russia to do business with the united states and doing it in unison with other nations. the make up half of the global economy will be another crushing blow to the russian economy charge suffering very badly. >> the latest squeeze comes as russian troops expand their attacks in ukraine. there moving west now striking
9:15 pm
airfield within 100 miles of poland, which is a nato ally. and as the number of ukrainians fleeing the shelling and bombing has now gone past 2 and a half million people. among the people trying to flee the violence of war are african students in ukraine. some of them say they've experienced racism and discrimination at the border. >> bay area, political leaders are discussing the issue with kron. 4 says he you. >> house >> on not crossing the ukrainian border to poland was devastating because of the discrimination along the way, says 25 year-old alexander dole or a a college student from nigeria who documented his experience trying to evacuate to safety after russia began to defense discrimination was hard to keep. >> keep station. >> he says with the african students arrived at the train station in kyiv, they were told only women and children could board ok?
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>> that's fine. votes. biden to take i that don't wind up in a cold. some of case. >> as the evacuation from ukraine escalated. several reports emerged of nonwhite residents getting stuck at borders. yes, i've seen videos. i'm very familiar with the accounts that are coming out of great some east bay. political leaders are raising their voices to call attention to the treatment of black people try to flee ukraine. they may be workers in the country have been i'm not allowed to get on the trains and the buses, the kind of discrimination was evidence is terribly wrong. the oakland city council is also taking official steps in an upcoming resolution that reads in part, quote, it affirming the
9:17 pm
sovereignty and democratic tenants of ukraine. the city of oakland also affirms its commitment to basic human rights, including the rights of all people displaced by violence and war to find safe refuge. we are calling on the president of the ukraine. >> to denounce any discriminatory practices that are impacting black residents. according to an ap report, the ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs denied allegations of discrimination and said the country had been operating on a first come first serve >> how is it that you for >> the oakland zoo is sending support to ukrainian zoos and ukraine does have several susan, those animals that are there are needing help. so the oakland zoo is stepping in the oakland zoo has donated $10,000 so far to an emergency fund to support animals and the people dedicated to keeping them safe. one of the biggest news in ukraine is in kiev. we're terrified animals are suffering. >> you know, at this point,
9:18 pm
it's about food. it's about medical care. it's about the potential ability to move animals out of these desperate situations, whether it neighboring poland or other places. but what we do know like many other disasters, it doesn't resolve itself in the near term. it will take months and even years after institutions to rebuild and certainly for the chair of the animals. we all know what it's like to have our own suffer. and at this scale, it really is tragic. so anything people can do. >> we did put a link on kron 4 dot com so you can get more information on how to aid the animals in ukraine. 4.5 million dollars slot of money. that's how much the contra costa county officials agreed to pay this week to settle a civil lawsuit with the family. tyrell wilson. one year ago today wilson was shot and killed by former danville
9:19 pm
police officer andrew hall hall is now a convicted felon. just last week he was sentenced to 6 years in state prison on felony assault connected to a deadly shooting of another man in danville, kron 4. so all has reaction now from wilson's father. >> justice doesn't move swiftly. unfortunately. still 3 days after his son, tyrell wilson would have turned 34 years old. marvin wilson says reaching a settlement with contra costa county in the family's civil rights lawsuit is a positive step. i have to be his force. i have to be as advocate. to speak for the injustice. that happened to be a marvin and family attorney john burris confirmed they reached a 4.5 million dollar settlement with the county thursday. this after alleging former danville police officer and contra costa county sheriff's deputy andrew hall wrongfully shot. nice him to death march. 11th last year, the family's attorneys have argued that despite him holding a knife at the time of
9:20 pm
the shooting. >> wilson did not charge at hall and was in the middle of a mental health want to get this so quickly. they don't want to wait. >> 2 year after because you know what, now they're going to be held to awhigher standard or out. >> payout. but it's not about us. the payout is not about the money to white him last week, cole was sentenced to 6 years in state prison for the november 2018 shooting death. >> it's 33 year-old latimer arboleda. >> he was terminated from the sheriff's office immediately after a jury found hall guilty of assault with a firearm and inflicting great bodily injury. when arboleda like hall was in the midst of a mental breakdown. the arboleda family also settled with the county for 4.9 million dollars in their civil lawsuit. coles. 2 deadly shootings have now cost the county 9.4 million
9:21 pm
dollars. yes, i want him to be held accountable for my but knowing that he will not ever destroyed. >> but 3rd, all 4 family knowing that he would never do that legally. i'm i'm i'm at peace. after hole's sentencing last week, district attorney diana becton saying her office >> is still investigating wilson's case and has not decided on whether she will pursue criminal charges. her office reiterate that is still the case. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> the on the lookout, the local crime where one of the themes for tends to be selling candy for a good cause only to have other people that ransacked the home. plus, gas prices are causing uber raise its rates. how much more news?
9:22 pm
we'll be pay. >> and a brazen bank robbery in the east bay. why somebody might find, but a far was used to steal an atm.
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>> uber is going to start charging more because of rising gas prices. you'll have to pay 45 or $0.50 more for your ride at about 35 or $0.40 more for uber eats deliveries. this is going to be starting on wednesday. march 16th. the
9:25 pm
fee depends on where you live says all that money will go directly to the workers pockets. the surcharges will be in effect for at least 60 days. then the company says it's going to decide whether or not to extend those surcharges for your help. tonight, university of virginia researchers have discovered a way to combat obesity and type 2 diabetes in women. a team targeted the way that female mice store fact using a specific protein in the body that's linked to metabolic issues like type 2 diabetes when researchers increase the amount of this protein, the female mice lost weight. male mice did not because they store fat a little bit differently. experts say the next step is to create a drug that helps women do the same. >> this is the filing deadline for candidates running for governor of california. what you can expect the ballot to look like in the fall and the search is intensifying tonight for the missing boy from the state and federal agencies. that is now join the efforts. they're also the brazen bank
9:26 pm
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>> right now, brentwood police are searching for the person who stole an atm. police say the person also used a stolen tractor to rip the wells fargo atm. right from the wall. this is video of the aftermath. a lot of damage there left behind and businesses nearby say that they suffered from this crime as well. crews have been working through the day
9:29 pm
to try to make repairs kron four's. rob nesbitt reports on how locals are reacting to the crime and what police are now asking for from the public. >> the suspect got away with the atm that was here just before 05:00am before businesses were open here at this brentwood shopping plaza. no one was around. so police say no injuries occurred. locals were surprised to hear about the crime. broken glass, a rip taunting stolen atm. also, i was shocked at the damage was obvious around this wells fargo atm location. friday morning. >> brentwood police say it started when the suspect stole from a construction site west of highway 4. >> had taken 3. tractor commonly referred to as a tele hand or someone that has the a forklift on the front. police say the suspect used a tractor to rip the atm from the wall in an attempt to get away with the money inside. we've actually recovered the approximately 200 >> grad nick says the atm was compromised but isn't sure if any money was stolen. police
9:30 pm
found the stolen tractor in an open field near highway 4 o i was just really surprised that they were able to pull something like camilla has lived in brentwood for 15 years and came to the shopping plaza friday to see the damage for herself. she wonders of the sharp rise in the u.s. inflation rate is to blame for the crime. >> the gas prices are, you know, skyrocketing some thinking people are just really getting desperate for money, too. you know, survive. >> even if desperation is the motive, police say the thief was risking serious injury to themselves and others bring in a tractor in that size is not only unsafe. >> pretty brazen. >> police are reviewing security camera footage that caught the suspect in the act. but no arrests have been made. police are asking anyone that may have witnessed the tractor theft or the atm theft to contact the brentwood police department in brentwood. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
9:31 pm
>> what appeared to be an innocent transaction at a home in north stockton turned out to be a set up for a home invasion. he saw play out. their video shows the suspect poses a candy vendor. little medical mask going door to door, trying to raise money for a good cause. then suddenly a group of armed suspects charged in behind him to rob the people who live there. anybody with information about this incident is asked to call police. allen makes me mad. >> federal prosecutors say former director of sports medicine at san jose state inappropriately touched student athletes. the u.s. attorney's office says that scott sean touched for female athletes without their consent and without legitimate purpose. investigators say the incidents happened between 2017 2020 shaw is being charged with civil rights violations and misconduct. if he's convicted, he faces up to 6 years in prison.
9:32 pm
>> the fbi and the pleasant hill police department are asking for people's help there trying to find a boy has been missing since january 15 year-old brandon abbott went missing from his home in pleasant hill sunday, january 16th. he has not been seen or heard from since he's described as 5, 6, weighing about 107 pounds, brown, hair, blue eyes as braces. if you recognize him or have any information you're asked to contact your local police department or the san francisco division of the fbi. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and today. so tonight is the filing deadline for. >> anybody who wants to run against governor newsome in the california governor's race with many notable republicans bowing out this year, the election. >> oh, look, a lot different from the recall. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest. >> everybody as governor gavin newsome, eyes reelection. this year's primary ballot will look nothing like his recall
9:33 pm
last september hours before the candidate filing deadline. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer officially announcing he will not run for governor. he joins the long list of serious republican candidates who last year ran to replace the governor now unwilling to run against him. this is an enormous commitment to run for governor. and if you're not all the way it's better that we have candidates that are ready to take the big democrat machine year. the latest development leaving the republican party with one candidate in the upcoming race with some name recognition. current state senator brian dolly, i'm not some smooth talking wine salesman. the republican party will endorse their candidate for governor at its convention later this year. senator galley has been an amazing advocate in sacramento, not just for his constituents, californians all over this state. we see other candidates that come from, you know, business background have served our and navy. so we have a lot of opportunities
9:34 pm
here. and another last-minute decision, bay area, author, environmental activist and former democrat michael shellenberger filed to run as a no party preference candidate. >> so i'm running because i'm absolutely heartbroken by the humanitarian homeless disaster occurring on our streets. but it will be an uphill battle for candidates like shellenberger and dolly going up against the political goliath. that is gavin newsome. the latest campaign finance data shows newsome has 24.8 million dollars in the bank. the latest statewide data shows 46% of registered voters aligned with newsom's democratic party. well, 24% are republicans and 22.9%, no party preference. so what do you say to those who say gavin newsome has a walk in the park ahead of him? we don't know that we're at a turning point. he'll have to >> after it. and i truly believe that california might be at that turning point. and we think that with candidates, the right message and solutions to people's problems, that there's going to be a lot of crossover voting. i don't think that anyone should view this as a walk in the park. >> that was ashley zavala
9:35 pm
reporting for us tonight. we did reach out to governor newsom's campaign for comment. we have not heard back the primary election is june 7th and that's when we'll get narrow down to just 2 candidates. still ahead tonight, it's looking a lot like spring break in florida. >> we'll catch up with some tourists were filling up the beaches in the sunshine state. >> and feel a lot like spring around the bay area today. but some winter weather may soon make return. we'll talk about that. your getaway forecast coming up next. and spring means baseball. and yes, it actually. >> back to the lockout is over. free agency is upon us and the giants made a big splash today. kate rooney details on that picture coming to the bay. plus, the day's high school hoops highlights next in sports.
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limited availability >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's only been a little more than 24 hours since the mlb lockout ended. but the giants wasted no time in getting in on the free agency action. well, they only had 99 days to think about who they might try to sign after all. and the first name added to that roster is a doozy. left-handed pitcher, carlos for don widely considered one of the best free agent starting pitchers available. san francisco reportedly signed him to a 2 year. 44 million dollar contract. if healthy, he'll be a great complement to logan webb in that rotation. but that's a big hit. don has been plagued by elbow and sho lder
9:39 pm
injuries, but he's coming off the best season of his career with the white sox finishing with a 13 5 win loss record of 2, 3, 7, e r a and his first all-star not well. it state championship time in high school hoops land and a lot of bay area representation. in today's games. the golden one center in sacramento. >> we'll start with the division. one girls game. richmond salesian high school taking on elese windward high. >a this was close in the 1st half of the used a big run away at the end of the 3rd, the pass ahead there to senior the levy. a fun on the she's pretty pumped, had 18 points and 11 boards in the game. the rode it out from their 4th quarter. honesty he hits the textbook corner 3. that was pretty much the dagger final score. 60 to 51 for one title game for salesian and their first time winning. how about some oakland tech girls hoops? the bulldogs won 3 nor cal state titles that have been able to compete until now. thanks to the pandemic. this
9:40 pm
game, the division 3 not to the pasadena's la salle high was close. we're going go to the 4th quarter. one point game sophomore taliyah lockwood trying to get it done in the post that made it a three-point game. but lasalle would get back within one final 30 seconds body, some bgn nails the corner 3. and that was also the nail in the coffin. absolutely clutch. and tech finally gets to celebrate. 39, 33 the final score about the division 5 boys game. san francisco stuart hall taking on chafee from ontario, ca and socal. this would never really seemed in doubt the holes that was on fire. quarter here, 10 point lead senior jackson jung draining the 3. and that final seconds of the quarter junk dishes it to his fellow senior brandon wide open 3. the 2 combined for 42 stuart hall goes on to beach ap. 56 to 45 and win their first-ever state championship games and last but not least the division. 5 girls game santa medico there
9:41 pm
from san and taken on elese. she'll head it high. this was a very tight game throughout. but in the final 5 minutes but bread panthers really started to pull away in this one there. long to attempt here from senior know hula and that made it a four-point game. then sophomore summer jenkins, she decided to turn on a little bit of defense here. the steal takes it all the way. some lays it and then a minute ago goes on to win. 38 to 27 the first state title in school history for them. great day for bay area. high school hoops. a perfect 4 for 4 for the bay area. teams in the final state championship we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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spring break in full swing. it's some florida beaches and police and security officers. >> the trying to keep an eye on the wave of college. have been flooding hotspot. many tourists are saying they just could not wait to get out this year because covid has been a big stressor reporter. brian entin was on the beach today and he brings us the story. >> will masks or social distancing here? the party is off and florida beaches are packed for what many here are calling their post covid spring break. i can't remeber the last time up just a bit like. >> chilled kind of not worry about covid in the last few years. it a wild crowd. yeah. pretty wild wilder than dc.
9:45 pm
that's for sure. definitely not a calm crowd. there's people everywhere just like crazy all times of the day. >> record crowds are expected over the next month with some florida cities expecting double or even triple the normal number of spring breakers. the vive honestly, i would say is the famous pre-covid like everybody just to have fun, just themselves and just the outside of the you guys got the going now. i you're not wasting any straight our jason we have different tactics in several florida cities to make sure things don't get too out of hand in fort lauderdale, they are beefing up police patrols and outlawing loud music. and in miami, they banned boos from parts of the beach. i mean, we've got this book since january. >> we had a big spike in in england in show, everyone because this when time it's just fizzle down, curran is done outside. apart from we can get done like
9:46 pm
>> the good joke. corona i with it. let's talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside. >> here at san francisco international calm night out there tonight. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us. speaking of corona, cheers to the weekend. yeah. how about spring let's go with that being nice. yes. speaking you get away forecast for you tonight. looking out toward the airport, a step on a plane. you're going out to spring break. things are looking good out there right now. no delays being reported at san francisco, oakland or san jose. airports do have some patchy fog along the coastline, but that's not slowing things down. but the cool you off in the monterey bay, if you're headed that way, temperatures there expected to be in the 50's. you'll see some patchy fog right out of the water's edge. so plan ahead over pacific grove or moderate plan to be pretty cloudy there. but you get a little further inland in the salinas or carmel valley. temperatures popping up with some sunshine in the low 60's.
9:47 pm
southern california joined 70 degrees in long beach about 75. very nice in pasadena. how about 79 in pomona? and if you're headed up in the high country, you're going to find some colder weather there. of course. and still some snow in the mountains. 49 degrees south lake tahoe, 50 degrees in truckee and 64 degrees and mostly sunny in reno. stick around for the weekend. looks like it will stay mostly dry weekend. we do have a weak cold front that's making its way into the state. but for the most part, going to keep things dry a little bit on the cold side. temperatures dropping off into the 40's as we head in toward a sunday morning. and there's a slight chance of a light snow shower overnight saturday night into early sunday morning. other than that, looking good by day long range forecast, though, shows things are a little more promising in the long range and they have been in quite some time. not that we're expecting any huge storms in this pattern. this developing now, but at least a chance, some rain coming our way. in fact, we may get into that as early as late on saturday night into early on sunday morning right here in the bay area, especially north of the
9:48 pm
golden gate bridge. maybe some light showers or some sprinkles behind that may be more importantly, that kind of breaks down to a ridge of high pressure that for system moving through and then we get this guy coming in and then by monday afternoon or evening, we could be talking about a few scattered showers begin to pop up in the north bay and then some rain making its way through the bay looks like into tuesday morning before drying out by tuesday afternoon. but no big dome of high pressure builds in and that could give way to that next storm system moving in late friday into saturday, the following weekend. so that certainly looks a promising. we're hoping that all comes together tomorrow. it will be noticeably cooler day. we'll see some patchy fog along the coastline. 50's and 60's in the san francisco. those temperatures staying down as you make your way along the coastline. but inside the bay, it will still be pleasant number generally in the 60's. maybe couple low 70's in the warmest spot. slight chance of showers saturday night into sunday and by monday and tuesday think a better chance of rain specially late the day on monday and into tuesday. and don't forget, got to spring forward this weekend for daylight saving time.
9:49 pm
thank you, lawrence. out baldwin is claiming that he is contractually protected spots ability. >> in the shooting death of rust cinematographer halyna hutchins. it in arbitration. demand filed today. baldwin's lawyers claim he was unaware the gun he was holding. had full rounds, actual bullets. but they note that he's not responsible for firearm safety on set. the filing also states he had no input in the hiring of the crew hutchens scene. there was shot and killed in october while preparing for a scene with baldwin. the movie star has been named in several lawsuits tied to the shooting, including a wrongful death suit filed by hutchens family. wisconsin officials have destroyed the rifle. kyle rittenhouse used to shoot 3 people during a street protest in kenosha, wisconsin in 2020, the state crime lab destroy the rifle last month. the new video showing technicians on boxing the gun and then feeding it into a shredder.
9:50 pm
that's what watching right here. rittenhouse's attorney and prosecutors agreed that the gun would be destroyed. rittenhouse shot and killed 2 people and injured one person during the protest in august of 2020 prosecutors filed multiple charges against him, but a jury acquitted him on all counts. emmett till's relatives are asking to reopen the investigation into his lynching in 1955, they presented a petition with nearly 300,000 signatures. specifically. they want mississippi authorities to question carolyn dot. she played a key role and and it's brutal murder. she was a clerk at a store where he bought gum and she said he accosted her. her husband and another man kidnapped, tortured and killed the teen.
9:51 pm
>> so we don't care, mcbride that don't want anyone to walk out of here saying that we just want justice like you've heard from others. >> is now in her 80's and has kept out of the public eye. a book published in 2017 claimed she recanted her story. but a federal investigation closed in december said there was no evidence to back up that claim. >> next up from pop star to business one. how one of rihanna as businesses could turn her into a billi naire and kron four's recognizing remarkable women making a difference in the bay area. you can see and hear their stories all month long. every tuesday or find the stories on our website. kron 4 dot com. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone.
9:54 pm
calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> rihanna is laundry company. savage x fenty is reportedly eyeing an ipo that would value added a whopping 3 billion dollars. reports say the fashion brand raised 125 million dollars during a january funding round in forbes estimates. rihanna maintains a 30% ownership stake in a listing could happen as soon as this year. the fashion brand expanded to brick and mortar with 5 locations throughout california and las vegas. a wheelchair-bound model roll down the runway to fashion. so
9:55 pm
in los angeles, just days after fleeing her home in kiev, ukraine, during russia's invasion, oksana test is the first quadriplegic ukrainian model and entrepreneur. she was paralyzed after falling 5 stories when she was 19 years old. she said that she felt compelled to make this appearance at the runway of dreams event this week, which featured models with different disabilities. >> in spite of every soon, again, here. this. so. i can be a voice for some of and it. and the fall weather. >> she also says she was not sure before the war began, whether she should leave her home than last week. her mother packed their bags and they found a train out of the country. it took them 6 days to make the journey to los angeles. >> but this little girl and denver got to live. dream of
9:56 pm
meeting steph curry. but it was an easy kind of a bumpy road. this is video from monday night. the warriors play the nuggets in denver. 10 year-old p j. was you see heartbroken. she held out scheduled game. steph curry wasn't playing. didn't even make the trip. cameras caught her crying on the court. this this game was a makeup game because of a covid issue and the worst decided to rest most of their stars and curry then travel rest. however, the worriers saw her. so how much she loves stephan. make good on this because they ended up playing the nuggets again last night that was planned and they gave pj her family for tickets to the game on thursday. so she got to go to 2 games. and steph was at the second. here's the best part.
9:57 pm
>> stepien staff, the best kerry took a picture with their a basketball card for what i guess what his biggest fan in denver for good measure. he put on a show in the game scoring a game-high 34 points is where he's got a big win over the nuggets and pj got a great great picture. and a new best friend. for sure that. that will last a lifetime. no doubt. i feel for her, though, you really were really, really, really wanted something. and you just could have an and out of anything in her control. >> definitely something that i would cry about. it worked out for her. i out for a lot of pj's who don't, you know, get that, get that pay off. but i'm glad it worked out here. yeah. and that's it for kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight, the news will continue at 10 with pam moore. and ken, when they're joining us here now, one of the sweetest stories we've seen in a long time. you
9:58 pm
hear a good deed right. it is time very much happy friday. have a great weekend. >> some sad news. we have the latest on an 8 year-old girl missing from the east bay tonight. >> hayward police say they are interested in the discovery of a child's body in merced said we have the details. plus, federal investigators joined the local search for answers as to what caused that cal train crash that injured 13 people yesterday and the continuing effect on commuters. those stories an
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