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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at there's only one aggressive here. >> and that is russia and we hope they will be able to find it in your conscience. 2 in the attacks and stop the suffering of the ukrainian people. >> no o'clock. russia stepping up its attacks today hitting a key nato military base in western ukraine. and tonight there are new reports that
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russia has now asked china for help in the ongoing war. that is where we start to sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome it. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. but despite those increased calls for the u.s. to step in, the white house is standing strong, insisting that the u.s. will not get directly involved in the conflict. >> reporter robert sherman has more now from ukraine. sunday morning's attack on a ukrainian military site. less than 25 miles from the polish border has. >> as you can imagine, put many people here on edge waves of russian missiles pounded a military training base in the western ukraine city of yavoriv early sunday morning. natalia was in bed when it happened. >> but she'll never forget what she saw. >> this is sky orange in scio. i don't know happened but said noise >> the attack killed at least 35 people and injured more than 100 that facility.
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listen. 25 miles from the border of nato member, poland has served as a crucial hub for cooperation between ukraine and the nato countries supporting it, its defense against moscow's grinding assault. while much of the war has taken place in the east. and south local mayor says the war is now officially in their backyard loose on the shore. got the moment, though. most citizens are afraid and i believe that will fully out of the country. the base has long been used to train ukrainian military personnel often with instructors from the u.s. and other countries in the western alliance. poland is also a transit route for western military aid to ukraine. the strikes followed moscow's threats to target those shipments as the invasion runs into its 3rd week, the northwest city of lviv has largely been spared from russia's relentless bombardment. the picture a city has instead become ground 0 for displaced ukrainians. hundreds of thousands of them have flooded into the city in search of relative safety with many using it as a stopping point before making their way to the polish border. one of those refugees is talking on a
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she's fleeing with her 10 children. he's hopeful we'll see better days. that's you the say. i believe that everything will be ok. >> and that this nightmare in my children will have a bright future. meanwhile, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky spent the morning visiting a hospital filled with wounded soldiers. he says the key task right now is to get the humanitarian convoy that is traveling towards besieged city of mar upall to its destination. >> city has been under siege for more than a week. most citizens do not have power. well, water. about 2.7 million ukrainians have now fled the country as refugees. >> and the un estimates that ultimately that number we'll climb to 4 million in lviv ukraine. i'm robert sherman. >> an american photographer and videographer has been shot and killed while on assignment in ukraine. kyiv's regional police chief posted on facebook saying the 51 year-old brent renaud was shot in her pant. the chiefs post
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included pictures of the journalists, new york times press id and passport. the deputy editor of the times posted on twitter saying they're saddened by the news of nose death. they said he was a talented photographer and filmmaker. the times also noted were known was not on assignment for them in ukraine. they say the press id that he had with him was issued many years ago. kyiv's police chief is also saying to other correspondents were injured and taken to a hospital. no word on their injuries are names at this time. >> meanwhile, the united nations now says that more than 2 and a half million ukrainians have now fled the country since the beginning of the war. but as they leave, others are now arriving to the country to fight along its soldiers among them. 22 year-old triston lombardo of illinois. he recently made the trip to poland to help support ukraine. and while he says he may not have military experience, he says he is willing to fight. >> there's only one way to end
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the fighting and that's to be willing to fight and if we just give up and the russians just going to have their way >> while waiting for a train into ukraine, lombardo worked alongside charities in poland to hand out meals to refugees who were arriving at that station. >> 50 you creating refugees in italy are facing another tough situation after a bus carrying the group drove off the road and overturned today. according to firefighters, at least one person is dead after being trapped under the bus. several others have been injured. firefighters reported there were no other vehicles involved in this incident. >> the whole community came out and they came out. better. then our expectations really proud of that. local groups and nonprofits are teaming up in the east bay to send help to ukraine. that includes groups like the white pony express and tulsa, tesla owners, east bay. so this
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morning they all got together in alameda to collect medicine, food, clothes, and other essentials for the folks in ukraine. >> for some of the second picks up the story. the area locals to help, however they can. on sunday, tesla owners, east bay teamed up with white pony express. >> 200 donation drive in alameda. >> amazing how the community of tesla owners. >> raleigh, quickly and substitute lee. to make this happen. peggy wolf, with tesla owners, east bay says >> this effort is extremely important and personal. my family, my grandparents grew up in ukraine and what is now belarus said fled persecution from that area. the world in the late 18, 100's. i also had a business trip to ukraine in 2011 and i found out this week that one of the customers we met with was killed in the fighting. so frankly, it's personal. nearly 90 tesla cars packed with multiple people
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showed up bringing medical supplies and non perishable foods, clothing in more they can with range of small donations to martian some of the things that excited me were some box to says flashlights. >> because they don't have any power in many of the places. no light. they brought sleeping bags, a medical supplies people donated over the counter drugs. he said, campbell is a board member of pleasant hill based nonprofit white pony express. she helped start the organization in 2013 and over the years. >> they helped with local food rescue and recovery efforts. now they're expanding their cars overseas, thousands of miles away to send emergency support to ukraine. we've 100 packets of medical supplies that went. >> with a group of doctors took week and they think they yesterday and then we have to our palates. that would be tainted will be shipping they
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can actually go to a warehouse in the new thing and will be given to the many refugees. there'ssnot out of ukraine and that are in that city close to the border and to some of need food clothing and center. donations from this latest effort will be shipped next week. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> republican lawmakers are expressing their concerns tonight over vladimir putin using americans detained in russia as leverage congress and burgas owens and byron donalds sent a letter to president biden this week regarding the issue. former u.s. marines, trevor reed and paul whelan are currently in jail in russia, their families and u.s. lawmakers are calling the charges against them politically motivated. >> i've not been the biggest fan of version of the state department. we can look back and see the thousands of americans were left in afghanistan to see that in my view, they don't. i they pull
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every lever that needs to be polled. >> also, w nba star brittney griner was detained last month over allegations of possessing cannabis oil in her luggage. >> get the latest headlines and updates. the qr code on your screen and you'll be doing. >> as we take a live look outside at our camera. that is position right over the golden gate bridge. tonight, we're tracking some rain coming our way this weekend. our meteorologist rodriguez is here now with a timing of these next storms. i just cnn, jonathan. not one but 2 storms going to make its way into the bay area. not going to be march miracles, but rain nonetheless, going to be widespread showers that we're going to see arriving as early as monday night. dry conditions out there right now for your sunday evening. >> but just to our north, here's a look at those showers
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that we're going to track starting monday night all the way through tuesday in the bay area. we're going to see some light scattered showers for those of you in santa rosa. first arriving by around 8 o'clock for your monday evening. and shortly before midnight, we're going to see a band of rain making its way along the bay area coastline. and it is going to spread inland into the bay area. and we're going to see the bulk of the showers for those of you in the north bay. so no surprise there. you're actually going to get the bulk of the storm from this first system. and then by tuesday morning, this storm is going to impact your commute. so just plan ahead because we are expecting to see, though showers continuing through mid morning about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less. for those of you in the north bay. but that northwest quadrant shaded in blue, you could see upwards of about half an inch of rain or less and really just traces amount as it head southward. hopefully it makes its way into san jose in mountain view. but for the rest of the bay area, just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. and
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that storm door going to remain open saturday morning through saturday afternoon and evening. so we are going to see another round of wet weather. widespread showers returning to the bay area next weekend as well. back to you. >> now to the nfl were a little more than 6 weeks, 40 days to be exact after announcing his retirement saying native tom brady says, hey, enough of that retirement one, i want to go back on to the field every single sunday. the midst football. our sports director, jason dumas is joining us here now in the studio. >> jason, that retirement did not last that long time. brady's going go back to chase center for james wiseman's g league game. >> i got the alert on my phone. i was actually standing next to want escano anderson of the warriors and i showed him my phone and his jaw just dropped in. >> it was not calm. brady was with those that think that we i knew i i did to add a look
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at it a couple of times. it's selection sunday. we've got hoops in our head. think that'll be the lead story. then tom brady. he sent that tweet today. he announced that he is returning for his 23rd season jordan year like jonathan said 40 days ago, the guy announced his retirement. but he's clearly had a change of heart. he will play another season for the tampa bay buccaneers. get this the bucks. odds to win a super bowl went from 28 to one to 8 to one in a matter of minutes. brady has 7 super bowl rings and of course he is born in raised in sam with teo. he is known as the goat and one of the best football players of all time. certainly the best quarterback of all time. if you count those accolades. so here we go again. another year of it, we reached out to tom brady's dad who lives just up the road in san mateo. still, he hasn't returned our call yet, i he's probably happy to see baby boy have another year
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in the nfl. all right. we'll have more of that later in the hour when we have sports. but for now, that's all i have. back to you guys. number of teams will be crying this upcoming season. jason, thank you. >> still to come tonight, several bay area school districts. meanwhile, getting ready to ditch their mask mandates this week. >> we'll let you know which ones are and which ones will keep those mask in place, least for now. but first, we're going to live to los angeles to see all the glitz and glamour from ton
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>> so after they on the red carpet, the biggest stars in hollywood were honored tonight for their work in television and film and the 27th annual critics choice awards. so the war awards have already been handed out. but now the parties are underway as they celebrate their big winds. >> chris wolfe joins us live in century city tonight with a recap of the ceremony in the winners lows, jealous of chrissy always gets to attend these green party's ceremonies and he just gets to we just get a chance to talk to him about chris, how was it? i? >> i appreciate believe it or not, i wasn't there tonight. i'm actually in hollywood. i'm not far from century city where all the action is happening. i will soon be at the elton john oscar party. and i hope to talk to you guys from there. that's going to be amazing. but tonight, i'm kind of behind the scenes taking it all and had some colleagues who are out there. we are still living under this cloud of covid. so there are some
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restrictions and limited space in rules and regulations that we all still need to follow. so even though societies opening up, we still have some regulations to follow. so that's part of that. but i'm coming to you from hollywood tonight. and i'm happy to say we recently heard from the actors on their thoughts with the sag awards, the screen actors guild soon. we're going to have the oscars. but today tonight was all about the critics. the people who critique and review all of these projects for all of us on a regular basis. what do they like and who do they like? >> 7th annual critics choice awards hosting duo nicole byer and take digs. didn't disappoint. kicking off the show with a few funny >> the eligible men? >> well, i love it. thank you. thank you, nicole. we love you, too. who's way? >> one of the first awards handed out went to best supporting actor troy kotsur
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for his work in cota which stands for children of deaf adults. the goes to try cuts her. and for best supporting actress ariana devotes was recognized for west side story. >> and accepted her award with an inspiring speech. >> to all young people doesn't matter how you identify who you are. you are unique to our talented. you are seen your value, what you are loved and you matter. please don't ever forget that. thank you so much. >> absent jessica was the critic's pick for best actress for her leading role in the eyes of tammy faye. and in the best actor category, the royal honor went to will smith for his role as king richard. >> this is the critics choice. so just so the critics, you know, this is what i tried to do every i'm not sure i to do it the other way. but is there? it's just magic, you
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know. and in the television category, succession. >> more success for succession, which won best drama series and best supporting actor for kieran culkin. he was clearly caught off guard. >> i have not prepared so anything can come out. so i don't know what to say thanks, critics. wow. >> ted lasso scored several goals taking home awards for best comedy series. best supporting actor for brad goldstein. and best supporting actress for hannah wanting him. joined us from london. >> critics choice high. thank you so much recognizing me again along these. titans of women. >> but the big winner of the night taking a bite out of the competition was the power of the dog taking home the award for best picture and best director for jane campion. >> and also just like give my
9:20 pm
love out to my fellow fellow fellow at the guys. the nominees and and, you know, and such novels. however, you do not play against the guys. fleck. i have >> congratulations to the power of the dog. but i have to be honest, my heart is with king richard and will smith. and that whole gang because i have the honor and privilege of being in that movie in king. richard, for now reporting live in hollywood, i'm chris wolfe jonathan and justine. back to you. >> what know that i >> i am the tournament announcer in king. richard, welcome to the bank of the west classic, where tomorrow world number one and reigning u.s. open. that's seen with
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will. yes, you've got to go back and check it out. >> so does award-winning actor because the moving one some awards. so like vicariously, you're a critics. choice award winner. yes, i would like to think and and if it if it wins oscars may be aikins somehow vicariously win an oscar, too. >> would be all yeah. i chris wolfe rate is living the life of we're now. he's handed over to gone after party. >> after what being, you know, a critics choice winning movie. so. i feel i feel blessed. i really do. it's been awesome. thank you for making time for us that up here in san francisco. little old see, we'll see you after the oscars. thank you. yes, absolutely. i'm looking forward to and thanks, chris. during the lead on the sunday, i've never been in any like
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dubbed in any tv show any movie. i do like that. i did. the movie was, but it was so low budget. you're in a movie, too. but was it was a long time ago in the lead know it was. it's not. i don't think it's like out what kind have you done anything like that where you've been like an announcer? you know, like that's like a dream just seen. i'm sure you remarkable woman over here. i have not. >> maybe my time is coming. you know, manifesting. it's put it out seriously. one day, a real moving our winners. not not what jonathan was in. >> what? john and hope i don't see if i can find it. >> to lie. dhs or something. let's take a look at our forecast. uk 70 up for failure. it is like so boring
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compared to what we've been talking about. the temperatures today. very seasonable low to mid 60's this time of year. so we did warm up very nicely after that week. storm exit bring is drizzle. but those of you in mill valley lucky enough to see a 3rd of an inch of rain overnight. and just to put that in perspective, oakland, you've only got a 3rd of an inch of rain since january first. so mill valley, be very proud of your rain. i'm so jealous that you got some wish you shared it with the rest of the bay area. but enjoy it for me. let's take a look, though, at a beach hazard statement has our next storm going to produce a dangerous northwest? well, dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves starting monday night through tuesday night. so just plan ahead. for those of you who plan on hitting the coast, especially for all you boaters and fishermen out there live look outside golden gate bridge and we are noticing better clearing not is gloomier ominous as it was around this time yesterday with that weak storm. but we are seeing better clearing and cooler temperatures expected overnight. and let's take a look at our drought monitor
9:24 pm
map. close attention to this northwest region shaded in red. that means extreme drought conditions. so it's actually worsen because of the lack of rain. and we are going to see though much needed rain making its way into your area. thanks to this storm and let's time it out hour by hour because we're going to start to notice some widespread light to moderate rain monday night and just watching that storm track really stays put over the north bay going to see scattered showers for the rest of the bay area. but fortunately, for those of you throughout the northwest region of the north bay going to get some much-needed showers going to continue as it exits to the south and east by tuesday morning, 10th of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area. but those of you in that northwest region with extreme doubt, half an inch of rain. so enjoyed that santa rose about a 3rd of an inch of rain. back to you, jonathan. just seen john of yet explaining to a lot. but still ahead. >> the latest on the new u.s. covid variant that's been detected and what various school districts are ditching this week. >> that's next.
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tonight as the price of produce continues to rise, many people are turning to local farmers markets to find cheaper prices. >> the cost of fruits and vegetables has jumped nearly 6% over the year that ended january 31st. that's 4 times their annual average for the last 20 years. the prices are also on the rise, increasing an average of 12% over that same time period. some local farmers say there's always a great turnout at small
9:28 pm
markets, but they have noticed there is an increase in customers. so we have all heard it before. but signs as once again now backing it up with new research shows just how important it is for you to eat breakfast each and every morning. >> researchers at northwestern university found that 65% of workers who say they ate breakfast say they received a promotion in their careers. that's compared to 38% who say they did not eat breakfast every morning. scientists say they also found that folks who eat breakfast before 08:30am, in the morning have lower blood sugar levels and that the body can burn more cards when you exercise. >> and coming up, we have a winter storm making its way into this year. bringing valley rain and mountain snow. find out how
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>> now 9.30, scientists say they are keeping their eye closely monitoring a new covid-19 variant. this one. now called delta cross. it was just ackn%wledged by the world health organization and kron and harry is live for us now in the newsroom. after speaking with in vax disease specialist about this. we be concerned about this newest variant. how contagious is it? what you find out? >> yeah, just in right now, it's very early on and they don't want to cause anyone to panic. they say we should be curious about delta kron. >> and learn more about it. but we don't know if it's going to be as significant as some of the other variants have been. >> a combination of genes from
9:32 pm
delta and jeans from omicron because of that, the new variant has been dubbed delta kron, although professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley doctor john swartzberg. >> says that name could change. so it sounds pretty ominous for years. if you take the worst aspects of delta. >> which was a more serious illness. and you combine that with the worst aspects of all the crime really transmissible, then you've got something that. sounds pretty scary. there's absolutely no evidence that this new recombinant virus. has those qualities that all ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says both those variants were likely involved in creating this new one. >> at some point, there is. too sick leaning variance. so one person can actually catch to variance at the same time and not only that, the 2
9:33 pm
variants can invade the same cell in your body by some random event. and then they kind of have children. doctor chin-hong says in this case, those children are delta kron. >> but he says your body may already be primed to fight off this new variant. so far it seems that the outside of delta kron >> is really looking almost exactly like omicron delta kron has been detected in the united states. but at this point, it's not a major concern. >> both doctors say you shouldn't be surprised or alarmed to see covid you tainting again. extremely common with a lot of viruses. >> the one that everybody's familiar with and that's been really combining for ever is influenza. >> the infectious disease specialist did emphasize the best way to protect yourself from this variant or any future variants is still to get vaccinated. and boosted live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> amanda, thank you. tomorrow kids will head back to school
9:34 pm
and they will not have to have their mask with them mask now strongly recommended inside of california public schools, according to updated state guidance school districts. now get to said if students should wear masks in and out of the classrooms. meanwhile, students in oakland will have to continue wearing their masks in the classroom until at least april 15th, oakland unified school says it's keeping the mandate place because of a possible concern of a potential surge in covid cases after spring break, the mandate still applies to all students, staff members, contractors, volunteers and visitors, the district says it will also hand out rapid at-home covid test kits before spring break. former president barack obama meanwhile, has tested positive for covid-19. the 44th president making the announcement today on twitter. mister obama says he feels fun other than having a scratchy throat. the former president tested positive for covid-19 experiencing mild symptoms for a few days. obama says that
9:35 pm
his wife, the former first lady michelle obama, has tested negative. the couple says they have been both double vaccinated and boosted. the former president hopes that his case will serve as a reminder for folks to get the vaccine if they have not done so already. >> it was 2 years ago that the world health organization declared covid-19 a pandemic. the virus has affected everything in our everyday lives from the economy to how we work. and reporter ashley michaels is taking a closer look now on the toll the pandemic has had on children. >> last year, children's hospital, colorado declared a state of emergency when it comes to youth mental health. the unprecedented move coming a little more than a year into the pandemic. you know, kids pick up on all kinds of emotions and stressors that are going on around them. so we've seen a lot of opposition analogy. it really clean house here, not wanting to on its side. uc health clinical
9:36 pm
social worker sj purcell says cases of kids with anxiety skyrocketed. it's for kids who prior to covid or exhibiting any of symptoms anxiety. they were living and loving life. right. and then the world changed overnight. and as the world changes back, experts say it could take longer for kids to bounce back. and even now when the master coming off. it almost recycling yard. because it's new door they're having to get used to. so you see health launched a 3 part video series dedicated to helping kids and parents cope. so each 3 of the videos there are coping skills that are easy to learn the state and hopefully kids will want to learn like how to identify when they're feeling stressed or their hands. quite stop
9:37 pm
upset stomach and headache and what to do when it happens. we asked could pandemic anxiety, stick with some kids for life? do believe at least 4 i wish i had a crystal peace for, you know, couple 3 years. to come. they're going to have for the most part, not all kids, a heightened sense meaning the youth mental health crisis may outlast the pandemic. and i don't want it that focus or that spotlight to go away once this pandemic is over. that was ashley michael's reporting for us tonight. >> so are 4 zone forecast. a live look san francisco from the mount tam cam on this sunday night and saw some showers falling overnight and hopefully more will be on the way as we start the new week. meteorologists member as is here with what we can expect.
9:38 pm
yeah, not only that but tracking rain and snow showers returning to the sierra as well as the bay area. so let's take a look. >> i-80 at donner summit clear calmer conditions, not tracking the gusty wind speeds where that camera was shaking. but we are going to see the return of snow showers arriving in this year as early as monday night. but right now, this year's snowpack averaging 60% of average, very dry conditions in the bay area. same for the sierra as well. already seeing that increase in high cloud cover. but we're going to notice rain arriving for us here in the bay area's early as monday night and with snow showers arriving for those of you in the sierra by tuesday morning, lasting all day peaking tuesday morning through early tuesday afternoon. until you start to dry out by tuesday night. so this is going to be a week winter storm. we're going to see up to 4 inches of fresh powder in the lower valleys, the highest peaks of this year could see upwards of 8 inches of snow and the south lake tahoe could get upwards of about half an inch of rain or less mid-fifties tomorrow going to stay dry all day for
9:39 pm
your monday by tuesday. that mixture of rain and snow showers until we dry out and clear out warming back up into the low 50's. back to you, jonathan. just seen. >> marissa, thank you. tonight, says the wreckage from thursday's crash has been cleared and weekend services back up and running at normal kron. 4 brought you breaking news last week when a locomotive crashed into a quitman on the tracks, injuring 13 people including 2 caltrain workers. none of those injuries were said to be serious. but tonight, the national transportation safety board now trying to piece together exactly how this all went down friday. federal investigators say the equipment head was part of a work train that was made up of heavy duty pickup trucks into flatbed trucks carrying a crane. officials set a fire in one of the work train cars was caused by a punctured fuel tank. in just the past few hours, fairfield police have released this picture of a man now wanted in connection to a triple shooting overnight. he's identified as 25 year-old
9:40 pm
training martinez who may also go by dan or danny, according to police, investigators say he is considered armed and dangerous. that shooting overnight left one person dead and 2 others injured. are we in a shouting spring is us the latest on the investigation? >> it was 5.22. i looked at the time i was sleeping. i gunshots. eileen santa's was in her apartment directly across the street from the 7.11 on east tabor avenue. >> when the gunshots woke her at of a sound sleep. one resident in the area reported hearing between 10 to 12 gunshots in rapid succession. >> i thought was but the really bad, huge. she was like scared and shaking. so i would bet that i looked on my windows and a few seconds later, keep le dijo really bad in the street. new year which he was saying help. she was yelling help. >> when officers arrived, the suspect was gone. and one man was dead on scene. the other 2
9:41 pm
gunshot victims were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. family of one of the victims tells fox 40 that their loved one is on life support. fox 40 has learned that the suspect was trying to steal beer from the 7.11 when the 3 other men tried to stop him. >> these were people that just, you know, wanted to stop the theft he went got a gun, came back and shot all 3 of them. >> fairfield police have not released any suspect or vehicle information. >> there's no. further. >> incidents tied to this that it was a very unfortunate, isolated incident that took that occurred. this is the city's first homicide of the year. these were good samaritans. >> what all tell people and i hate it to be this way because i used intervene. don't confront people when they're stealing. it's best to be a witness. look at what they're doing and then talk to police.
9:42 pm
>> that was rowena reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, fairfield police say the person killed is a 44 year-old man from fairfield. the other 2 victims are 2 men ages. 36 28 from city. >> one person has now died from their injuries after an overnight double stabbing in san jose. this happened just after midnight near gold street and sunrise drive. officers arrived on the scene and found a woman and a man stabbed. the man died at the scene. first responders took the woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. detectives are still putting together a motive for the stabbing. and so far no arrests have been made. the homicide is san jose's second of this year. and the search is on tonight for 34 year old dante jackson after a child's body was found inside of are sent home during the search for a missing 8 year-old girl from hayward. her name is sophia mason. the medical examiner has not confirmed that the body is sophie is her mother, 30 year-old samantha johnson is in a relationship with jackson and she has been arrested for murder. a warrant
9:43 pm
has been issued for jackson's arrest. we'll keep you posted on this developing story. and still ahead tonight, the latest attempt to try and deal with the growing homelessness crisis and the drug abuse that austin comes often comes with it. >> sports is on the way as we were telling you at the top of the newscast, more coverage of tom brady coming back to the nfl for his 23rd season with the tampa bay buccaneers the tampa bay buccaneers meet a future mom, the tampa bay buccaneers a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> the number one issue of concern here in california is growing homeless crisis. and there's really no easy solution. so one california foundation is now approaching the issue from a different angle, offering everything from free therapy to training in a number of useful trades. lynne walker has more on the epiphany foundation. >> at first glance, this looks like your everyday construction crew working on a home renovation interview canyon. >> but these men all have something else in common as yeah, i do. like soft drugs 15 just like we'd much and stuff like that. that sends a very young age. i was an alcoholic drug addiction, alcohol addiction. >> what nick, michael and george have in common is their collective addictions. how they all went from homeless addicts to working on the same construction crew traveling the bumpy road to recovery is another story. this is the true epidemic.
9:47 pm
>> my daughter had a severe drug problem. she various cocktails or cetera. and i had a very unique opportunity, even though she was an adult child that i could intervene. fortunately through tough, well, it worked. >> john who saved his daughter is now trying to save others. take that out. a building contractor by trade. she is also the founder and ceo of the epiphany foundation. an idea that started with a suggestion i was then remodeling 5 bedroom home. >> and i asked one of the sub's. what do you think i should do with this? >> and he said to be thought about a sober living facility. so john turned one of his bakersfield rental properties into a sober house where nick michael and george have found refuge while learning to stay sober. john, realize these men and others like them needed more. everybody sitting around doing nothing there twiddling their thumbs. and i said, how
9:48 pm
is anybody going to go and get over this addiction? >> john had what you might call an epiphany while providing room and board at the sober house along with clothing and allowance. he also started to work exchange program. teaching these men construction skills. i came up with the idea of just simply going and saying. >> i'm going to take them in. this is that a remodel of the house are doing various repairs to a home and sean is going to become a classroom. >> this work exchange program that john is created is self supporting no government funded with tax dollars. more importantly, these troubled men are learning marketable, construction skills while staying sober. and this is all voluntary. these men are there because they want to be there as opposed to being here. homeless and living on the streets been really cool to. >> keilar in growth. a bunch of other guys the same kind of problems as being, you know,
9:49 pm
we've looked completely different lives. but, you know, one things column between all of says i need to be here since i've been here. >> multiple job you know, and i choose to stay here because i told these men here i'm committed to you guys. i'm learning one day. >> now sobriety, i know that i'm going to get back on my feet. confident and i'm going to stay sober. that many are all have a goal related to their sobriety. nick has a 3 year-old son. >> i do want to, you know, get back in just. be as as i as i know, i can be. >> i was just tired of living like life of chasing a beer. i was just sick and tired of it. while george says he has reconnected with his mother in ontario. >> grew up in santa maria is another story. the 45 year-old recovering addict whose father, brother and wife all died of drug or alcohol addiction close out a gun
9:50 pm
repairing the relationship with his 5 children and several grandchildren. but not his mother. >> she she wanted mention the phone, you know, i'm not to make it right now. and that bothers me. because i love her. you know. >> that was glenn walker reporting for us tonight for more details and information on the epiphany foundation and the programs offered. we have those details posted on our website right now at kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors were off today, but it was still a game at chase center. all eyes were on james wiseman, his second game of a two-game rehab stint. there is the man of the hour, and hey, he played a lot better than the first one. he had 19 points. he was 8 for 17 from the floor. he still
9:51 pm
wasn't perfect. but right now, these are his highlights. not his low lights will get into some of the bad stuff later tonight on sports night live and hoop session. but the good thing is he is back. he is running around hopefully has a bright future for this warriors team and you can see just kind of some of the natural stuff you can do. he can. he can run. he's long. pretty athletic. i'm not sure of the warriors want him taking that 3 when he's on big stage. but hey, he shows he has that range. a lot of his teammates were there in support. i so want to anderson there. gary payton, the second there, jonathan, coming to damian lee, all there to watch the young buck play his his thoughts on his game afterwards. >> first, i nervous, but i said it was so so today was a going by just votes, one at a time, you know, just practicing getting better. just to prove it. >> alright selection sunday. we have 3 college teams
9:52 pm
playing in the big dance. let's start on the men's side us that they drew a number 10 seed. they will be playing murray state that is out in indianapolis. murray state 30 in 2 on the year and riding a 20 game win streak. but gudss what? the dons are the favorite. according to las vegas, a one-point favorite. that game is thursday. the 17th at 6.40, pm and then how about the saint mary's gaels. they got the highest seed in program history. they are a number 5 seed. they will take on the winner of indiana or wyoming. those 2 schools play each other in the playing around on tuesday. the game against saint mary's is on thursday. the 17th at 4.20. we go to the women's side. the number one team in the tournament, stanford. they will take on montana state. that game is at maples pavilion. the women tournament, the first 2 games of that tournament are at the
9:53 pm
highest seeds home arena. that game is friday. the 18th they haven't announced a time yet. so stanford looking to repeat as national champions guys and been a great story there. great story for all 3 teams. you got usf who hasn't played in the ncaa tournament since 1998, you have the gaels who have their highest seed ever. and you have stanford looking to repeat as national champs, you can't get much better than that. 3 teens were going to be locked in on. all of them. will have some coverage from indy will have some coverage from portland. and of course, we'll have some coverage over at maples pavilion in palo alto as these teams get going on their postseason venture to say there is to be wearing the could be wearing the glass slipper this year. i they beat gonzaga was this year. the number one team in the country. i have my eyes on us that they have 2 really good guards they if they were to beat murray state, they have a matchup with kentucky looming in the next round. so it's a
9:54 pm
really intriguing matchup own love to see those guards play against kentucky. so that's who i am most interested and watching. but it's going to be a fun next 2, 3, weeks. well, ken, face the madness begin. let's go. let's go. jason, thank you. >> we'll be right back. in one.
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> but does it for 9 o'clock. thanks so much for sticking around. but don't go anywhere. the news at 10 is on the way see you then.
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jp morgan wealth management. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news very careful
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>> to every new thing with >> this virus because we've been so tortured by it. >> 10 o'clock scientists want to know more about the newest covid variant. it's called delta kron. and thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. hello, everyone. i'm jonathan mccall. that hybrid variant made up of the omicron and delta strains and it's just now been confirmed by the world health organization kron four's amid harry getting a chance to talk with 2 area bay bay area, infectious disease doctors today about this newest development. >> amanda, what are they saying? should we be concerned? >> well, it's still very early. so not so sure what we know yet about whether we're going to be concerned about it right now. it's just a variant of interest. and on wednesday, the world health organization decide to start tracking it, but they're not calling it a variant of concern just yet. >> is that future is


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