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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 14, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at time for you now 04:31:08am here on this monday morning. hopefully you've been able to adjust your body just a little bit to the time change. but we're also expecting a change in the forecast. john, you've been tracking some things. a little moisture on the lie, right?
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yeah, we've got more rainfall. head of us rain and especially so tonight into early tomorrow morning. >> going make for a bit of a slick commute for your tuesday. start this morning, though, really just got to battle the extra tired. this you're probably feeling because you are getting at that hour earlier. you can see outside the berkeley hills cameras. nice and clear this morning. so we all have anything that's really going to interrupt you as you venture onto the roads, half moon bay, fairfax, as well as petaluma our spots in the 30's this morning. most of us, though, in it relatively mild range of 40's to kick this one off today is going to be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy towards the finish of the day ahead of that storm system that drops in on into the evening into tomorrow morning. as for sunrise time, don't be alarmed when it's 07:00am and it's still dark outside 7.22. is now your sunrise. so a little bit darker a little bit later on. but look at that sunset times later on tonight, 07:16pm. so that afternoon just going to feel a little bit longer going to be nice to get off of work and it will still be so bright out there
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rain. all right. we have to definitely get used to that schiff. thank you, john. >> traveling into the city right now maze to that freeman's tx about 10 minutes for your drive. there. let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 13 as you're traveling out of richmond, heading across the word, samara fell about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. no major delays. a 20 minute. you well, let's get back to our coverage of the war in ukraine. this is quickly becoming more than just a ground war, but also an information war, especially after russia passed a law banning any information that does not agree with what the government says is happening now. vladimir putin says he is banning instagram and calling facebook an extremist organization. alexandra hoff has more from washington. >> russia's supervision of communications office claims that the move is due to post condoning violence against russians. russian prosecutors are seeking a criminal case against met up at forms. the
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parent company of instagram and facebook calling them an extremist organization on thursday. reuters was the first to report that metta did make a temporary change to their hate speech policy in a statement explain that the focus was to protect free speech is a form of self expression and self-defense. while surviving a military invasion, quote, the fact is if we applied our standard content policies without any adjustments, we would now be removing content from ordinary ukrainians expressing their resistance and fury at the invading military forces, which would rightly be viewed as unacceptable. the statement continued that this temporary policy shift only applies in ukraine itself and quote, there's no change at all to our policies on hate speech. as far as the russian people are concerned, we will not tolerate wusa phobia or any kind of discrimination, harassment or violence toward russians on our platform. >> well, that was alexandra hoff reporting russia banned facebook last week, but some of the country are still finding a way to tap into the rest of the world through the
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use of the p ends, which users can also hide a person's location from those. republican lawmakers are expressing their concerns over using americans detained in russia as leverage. congressman burgess owens and byron donalds sent a letter to president biden regarding the issue. former u.s. marine trevor reed and paul whalen are currently jailed in russia right now. their families and u.s. lawmakers called the charges politically motivated. >> not been the biggest and of is a version of the state department. we can look back and see the thousands of americans who are left in afghanistan to see that in my view, they don't. i they pull every lever that needs to be polled. >> wnba star brittney griner was also detained last month over allegations of possessing hash oil in her luggage. back here in the bay area. local groups and nonprofits are teaming up in the east bay to send donations to help the people of ukraine kron four's. tell exactly has that story
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from alameda. >> devastating scenes out of ukraine are imploring bay area. locals to help. however they can. on sunday, tesla owners, east bay teamed up with white pony express 200 donation drive in alameda. >> amazing how the community of tesla owners. >> raleigh, quickly and substitute lee. to make this happen. peggy wolf, with tesla owners, east bay says >> this effort is extremely important and personal. my family, my grandparents grew up in ukraine and what is now belarus said fled persecution from that area. the world in the late 18, 100's. i also had a business trip to ukraine in 2011 and i found out this week that one of the customers we met with was killed in the fighting. so frankly, it's personal. nearly 90 tesla cars packed with multiple people showed up bringing medical supplies and non perishable
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food to clothing and more. they came with range of small donations to martian some of the things that excited me were some box. this is flash lights. >> because they don't have any power in many of the places in life. they brought sleeping bags, a medical supplies people donated over the counter drugs. he said, campbell is a board member of pleasant hill based nonprofit white pony express. she helped start the organization in 2013 and over the years. >> they helped with local food rescue and recovery efforts. now they're expanding their cars overseas, thousands of miles away to send emergency support to ukraine. we've 100 packets of medical supplies that went. >> with a group of doctors to week and they think they yesterday and then we have to our palates. would be tainted will be shipping you can actually go to a warehouse in the new thing and will be
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given to the many refugees. there's not out of ukraine and that are in that city close to the border and to some of need clothing, et cetera, donations from this latest effort will be shipped next week. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> well, the rising fuel prices caused by the war in ukraine are increasing the prices of both domestic, as well as international flight. some families say the same flight perches months ago is now double even triple its original price. the u.s. has seen record high gas cost at the pump after russia's invasion of ukraine started. and experts say airlines will now have to find new ways to make up for the increased cost of fuel. >> the last time this happened, though, the airlines got really created. they started adding baggage fees. so there's ways that they can do this without saying it's directly correlated. >> for its recommend by new plane ticket for trips sooner rather than later. travelers
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are also advised to avoid going at peak times like during spring break. as the price of the pros continues to rise, many people age now turning to local farmers markets to find cheaper prices. the cost of fruits, vegetables jumped by nearly 6% over the year that ended january 31st. as 4 times the annual average for the last 20 years. the prices are also on the rise, increasing an average of 12% over that same time period. some local farmers say there's always a great turnout at small market, but they've been noticing an increase in customers. the hospital says it may increase its member fees this summer. they say those he's generally increased about every 5 and a half years or so. the membership fee went up about $5 back in 2015 and an annual fee of $60. executive memberships went up from $110 to one $20 despite pressure from inflation, costco says membership renewals continued
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rising with us and canada rates and 92%. learning new details about the man accused of attacking 2 people at the new york museum of modern art. police say a man stabbed 2 victims for allegedly revoking his membership to the museum. they say this wasn't the first time incident happened at that means. and with that same man out, cooperman explains what's next for the suspect. >> it was a quiet weekend at the new york museum of modern art. when police say frequent visitor sixty-year-old gary cabana arrived, he became upset about not being allowed entrance and then jumped over the reception desk and proceeded to attack and staff to employees of the museum. >> multiple times cabana burst into a violent rage. you can see the moment captured here on video. it all happened when a woman and another employee told him he had to leave. cabana pulled out a knife and viciously attacked them according to authorities. now
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the museum had security guards on duty, but officials say they weren't able to get to the front in time to protect the woman and man working at the desk. cabana then ran out of the door with his night and fled down the street before anyone could stop him. the injured museum employees were rushed leading to a nearby hospital. those employees were staffed. >> in the back and the collar in the back of the neck doesn't museum guests were inside during the violence and chaos. a number of them said they really weren't sure what was going on at the time as museum workers quickly evacuated them out of the building on saturday outside the nypd locked down a section of midtown manhattan as they rapidly searched for cabana. detectives say they were able to quickly identify cabana as the lead suspect because of past disorderly conduct incidents he's had right here at the museum of modern art. >> well, back here in the south bay, a man is dead after someone stabbed him and another person and san jose. it happened just after midnight on sunday near gold
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street and sunrise drive. police say they found a man and a woman with stab wounds at that scene. the man ended up dying there. first responders took that woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and detectives are still trying to piece together a motive for that stabbing so far no arrests have been made. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, tom brady is returning to the nfl. >> why he says his place is still on the field will be right back.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ it will. welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at all for you now for 44 am. >> we went to that time shift. so hoping that you're waking up in. it wasn't difficult for you this morning. something else we have to look forward to. if you are missing any of the moisture can help us clear the air or water plant. we might be getting some within the next 24 hours is not right, john. yeah, a little bit of rain. i was so impressed with myself this morning. great. been getting up before my alarm. last came. was like. >> all that's going to be on a monday. it was like my body before my alarm. evo enough. so i can only hope the same for you. i know what's going to but look at out there this morning. the golden gate bridge is nice and clear. we aren't seeing any showers this morning. but as wounded 2, we do have some of that just around the corner starting
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your tuesday off tomorrow. now skies today are going to be partly cloudy ahead of our next storm system that pushes through on into tomorrow morning showers the form of rain and snow already up in the pacific northwest. that same energy is about to be dropping down our direction. so super welcome to be saying this. here's the deal. it's nothing super heavy. it's a brief line of light to moderate showers that pushes in tomorrow by no means anything close to a drought buster, but it is rainfall. it's something we really need to see. this is 09:45pm. tonight. some showers beginning to work their way up along the sonoma coast line pushing into the north bay after that during your evening hours tonight and into tomorrow morning. that's when the rest of us will really start to tap into again some of this lighter rainfall embedded in here. there will be pockets of heavier rain, though, mostly for the north bay. you see the sierra nevada is also getting in the mix with some good snowfall during this time by tomorrow afternoon, skies clear out really nicely. we'll actually see some sunshine towards
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sunset on your tuesday. how much rain are we talking here? will for areas like santa rosa will be getting close to a half an inch of it while most of the rest of the bay area staying well below a quarter of an inch of rainfall, then we work our way into the weekend and another round of showers looking possible. so we got 2 potentials for moisture here ahead of us and very welcome. every drop of water is going to be appreciated. now today's daytime highs will be on the mild side of things enjoy it because today is the last day for the next several days anyways that we're going to be seeing as many 70's on the map. san jose at seventy-three degrees today. fremont and union city right at 70 degrees each while oakland at 67 north bay. temperatures 60's to low 70's as well. so a fairly mild one this afternoon. i still keep the jacket close to hand now. tomorrow's daytime highs fall into the upper 60's showers during the morning followed by afternoon sunshine wednesday. skies are clear and dry right back out. then we should stay dry. the rest of
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the week until another chance of showers saturday into sunday right now. john, thank you for that, right. looking forward to that rain that is sweet. it is much needed. >> all right. let's get a look at your morning commute were traveling into the city right now about 10 minutes for your drive to make it from the maze to that fremont she exit. let's get over. look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about a 13 minute commute for you at this hour. all right. the richmond, sandra fell bridge about 9 minutes traveling across towards richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for you. tom brady is actually not retiring after all, brady says he will return to the tampa bay buccaneers for the 3rd season kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has more on that big announcement. tom brady. >> decided to send a tweet. this guy make it all about him. he's not going anywhere. brady announced he's returning for his 23rd season. just 40 days ago, this guy announced that he was retiring. but he's
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had a change of heart. clearly he will play another season for the tampa bay buccaneers. here's brady's exact tweet. he said these past 2 months. i realize my place is still on the field and not in the stands. that time will come. but it's not now. i love my teammates. i love my support. a family. they make it all coming back from my 23rd season in tampa, unfinished business. el at g the path is expletive. i let you guys fill in the blanks. all right. back to the hardwood. the santa cruz warriors, they hosted the g league ignite as steve kerr signing some autographs. but everyone was there to see this guy. this is game 2 of his rehab stint. love to see it finishing above the rim. james had 19.2, 8 of 17 from the floor, 14 rebounds. i was there for a hot second. he also had 2 blocks. i was i so
4:50 am
want to anderson. i saw gary payton the second i saw jonathan coming. i saw jordan poole, a bunch of guys there to support the youngster as he makes his way back to an nba court. nba, an nba court. if i could talk after the game. here's what he had to say about his performance. >> first, i nervous, but i said because it was so so today was going to focused that all. you know, just practicing getting better. just to prove that we have 3 teams dancing. >> 2 in the men's bracket won in the women's. let's start with the men. usf. they are playing murray state. that game is in indianapolis. murray state 30 into and they have won 20 straight games. but guess what? i checked the sports books already usf is a one-point favorite in this game. they have 2 guards who can absolutely go. that game is 6.40, on thursday in indy. how about the gaels? they got
4:51 am
their highest seed in program. history. they are number 5 seed taking on the winner of indiana or wyoming. those 2 teams will play on tuesday. it's a play in game. that game is in portland at mota arena. that's where the blazers play is for 20 on thursday and like i said, we can't forget about the defending champs. the stanford women. they are a number one seed. no surprise there. they are playing montana. that game is on friday in the women's tournament. the first 2 rounds are at the higher seed's home arena. so it will be at maples pavilion out there in palo stanford hosting montana state looking to defend their national championship. they have not announced that time yet. that was jason dumas reporting for us now. the warriors play the wizards tonight at the chase center. >> last night the team confirmed draymond green will return to the lineup. tipoff is going to be at 7 o'clock.
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well, they are a baseball ballpark. workers are breathing a sigh of relief now that the major league baseball lockout is over the league and the players association reached a collective bargaining agreement last week. now vendors will lose valuable work like they did during the pandemic. shortened that 2020 season. how warden is a phd candidate at uc berkeley. and he also works at the coliseum where he also has been known as hall. the hot dog guy since 2017. >> when you're a phd economics student. >> you don't get a chance to get in front of a big group of people make them smile. so, you know, that's something that i really in. it would have it would have been a real shame for that to to, you know, have gone away. >> the whole lot of fun there and oakland a's will start their season with a 10 game road trip and will host their home opener against the baltimore on april 18th. the
4:53 am
san francisco giants open their season at home versus the miami marlins as going to be on april 8. make sure you set your calendar for all those games. they will be right back after the break.
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>> well in 8th grade, utah student is hoping to break the world record for the world's largest origami frog. knickerbocker is working with his group to fold the massive piece of art. look at that. well, knickerbocker won an award 3 years ago for holding a 5 foot, oregon. the fraud on saturday his team up to break. the guinness will record after hours of practice. well, look at that. >> i haven't really stressed about it very much. i knew it would be okay. >> the group is little break that record consisted of multiple grantsville junior high students. students is spent over 3 years preparing in practice scene for the record breaking all right. well, let's hope they do it. well, coming up the next hour, teachers of services. is experiencing payroll problems. why they say it is causing them to miss out on their
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. 5, 6, 4, i my car says 6, the car, but >> good you for joining us on a later than normal morning start. yeah, we had a came fast monday came fast because of the clocks and all that spring ahead, john. >> and it was even a little bit when i went out this morning, an sprinklers are get ready for a little sprinkle or happening were sandwiched right between 2 areas of rainfall. so we saw a little bit of sprinkle activity this past weekend. >> we've got another round of it just around the corner tonight into tomorrow morning. so maybe some residual moisture from yesterday. your view outside this morning shows the clear skies that we do have above the east bay hills. we are off to a dry morning today, which is going to be good for your morning commute. i know you are to get ouot


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