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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  March 14, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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isture barrier. cetaphil. complete care for your sensitive skin. >>now from kron 4, the bay
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area's local news station. >>well, when the jackets and backpacks come off, so do the masks. no more mask mandates for california schools as of today. thanks for joining us here on kron on news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. it's like the first day of school again for millions of students across the state. the first day in 2 years that kids will not have to wear a mask to class. this comes as california's mask mandate expired over the weekend. many school districts no longer requiring masks to be worn while on campus. we spoke with some parents from fremont unified earlier today. they say they're fine with the new rules and they're not going to be forcing their kids to keep wearing their masks while school. probably not. >>reason these they play with each other anyway and that keep so close to each other.
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this is some from manatee about that. i thought effect with this mask. i'm absolutely fine with that. as long continue reading that pandemic, as you are. >>yes, i mean, like i motivating muzzy as you can see vaccinated. most aid. and that means yet not all are. >>now, while some school districts still have their mask mandates in place, those who do not are still strongly recommending that you wear your mask. now, hundreds of teachers. meanwhile, with the san francisco unified school district say they aren't getting paid. the teachers union, united educators of san francisco claim the school district hasn't paid hundreds of staff members since january 31st. they say the this said the payroll department transition to a new system replacing the one that they've been using for the last 17 years. and during the transition, a lot of issues came up. the union vice president says the district has failed to pay employees properly for weeks now causing
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people to not be able to pay rent mortgages and their bills. >>we have seen checks be missed tax brackets being applied. we have even seen issues around cal cers benefits. everything's falling apart. and we have we have tried everything. 2 were collaborating to meet with the district and today we're saying enough is enough. they need to solve the problem. now there's one member who had applied and got access to subsidized housing. but because it could not pay the rent there on the threat of possible using that housing. >>the district says 10,000 employees have received accurate paychecks, but some have the union saying some meaning hundreds officials have launched a ticketing system to keep track of every employee who has been underpaid or not paid at all. there are also scheduling phone appointment, opportunities for those affected employees. now the district tells us in a statement, quote, this is
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inexcusable and should not have happened. it is just a few estes responsibility to pay its employees accurately. and on time they went on to say we deeply apologize to every employee who has experienced a delay. now later this afternoon, educators are expected to hold a demonstration outside the district's office on franklin street to demand accountability. kron four's madyun is following the story. he's going to have more from educators who were affected coming up on kron. 4 news at 3. all right. take a look at this. police are looking for the woman who was caught on surveillance video stealing a bottle of alcohol worth $4,000 from a san jose restaurant. this is that video. you can see the woman walked behind the bar of the grand, the restaurant and taking that bottle and then walking away since the stolen property is valued over $950. the crime is considered to be felony grand theft. if you recognize this woman, you're asked to contact police. meanwhile, a 41
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year-old man has been arrested for multiple indecent exposure. incidents down in the south bay, james couch was taken into custody last week on suspicion of 5 counts of indecent exposure and 3 counts of annoying or molesting a child under 18 back in october of last year, a girl told police she was walking alone near ida price. middle school when a man stopped his vehicle next to or ask for directions and then exposed his genitals. 2 other similar incidents happened on november 3rd and december. 15th after releasing a sketch of the suspect. 2 more victims came forward as well. and couch was positively identified as the suspect who was booked into the santa clara county jail last week. on the peninsula. a group of thieves were caught on doorbell camera breaking into a home in hillsborough. the burglary happened on eugenia way and butter not drive overnight on friday. police say the homeowners suv was stolen from the garage, but they did find the vehicle
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yesterday afternoon and they were able to return it to the homeowner. however, you can see in this video that wasn't all the thieves stole. they were seen on this video walking out of the home with several bags and items under their arms. police believe the burglars in the video are responsible for additional break. ins in hillsborough and throughout the county. a big story we are following today. a man wanted for murder after a child's body was found in a home or said police are looking for 34 year old dante jackson. he's pictured here on the right. they say the child's body was found inside his home during the search for sophia mason, a missing 8 year-old girl from hayward. her mother seen here on the last samantha johnson was arrested on a murder charge last week. police say she is in a relationship with jack said now we spoke to the young girl's family members over the weekend. the child's aunt says she reported her missing last tuesday. she also says she's
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fought for custody of the girl in the past. the last time she saw safiya was in the summer of 2021. the and took photos of bruises sophia had on her arm the last time she saw her. we sophia was asked what happened. she was shaking. she was never she said, please don't ask me, my mommy will get mad. i'm ok, i'm ok, i cried for i. i still i thought i missed. >>and months of work. trying to fight for her. >>county coroner's office is working to positively identify the body of the child. mason's family believes they will have an answer on that by today. well, you may want to think twice before you head to bay area beaches today and tomorrow, the national weather service warning a high risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. they say the waves can not people into the water and rip currents can pull swimmers and surfers far out
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to sea. they're suggesting you stay away from the water altogether until after tomorrow night. if you do end up going out to the water, of course, never turn your back on the ocean with that. we do want to get you a check of your forecast meteorologist dave spahr is standing by. i know it's absolutely beautiful out there today, dave. so the sea might look inviting, but i know we've got some changes coming our way today, noel today, everybody. we're looking at some rain coming our way for tonight. live shot of half moon bay looking good at that blue skies, blue bay. but upstream is where the changes you see the collection of clouds here. this will be for tonight. and the latest model runs for this. >>really push it to a little bit later them. we're thinking earlier, so probably after the evening commute looks like temperature check for you. 61 novato 59 for santa rosa. also from allay ho 55 for oakland. 61 livermore 65 san jose. >>quick contrast. what we were 24 hours ago were trailing a little bit, as you can see, a few degrees with all of that. a little bit of a breeze added
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to that being on shore. break it down for you into the afternoon evening. here you go. 4 o'clock. and then by 7, a collection of clouds. we've got to build the clouds first. 62 by 7 o'clock. so the rain probably holding off, maybe start to build by 7 up there in the north bay. by that point, let's go and handed over the future cast for with all of this. so take a while to get its act together here. but in the overnight we start to get some rain developing in the north bay spreading out over the general bay. tomorrow morning. some rain showers for early morning commuters all the way through the early afternoon for the east bay and out of the south bay a little bit. it looks like before it clears up late in the day. setting us up for a decent wednesday sun coming back out again. but there's a bit more traffic upstream. 66 san francisco, 67 for oakland today. 73 for san jose. the big board, again, some lower 70's for today, but obviously some rain coming into tonight early tomorrow. we show you some of the longer range forecast coming up in a bit. noel. >>thank you, dave. there's a lot of excitement buzzing at
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saint mary's today. the gaels are going to be playing this thursday in the march. met in march madness has a 5. see, that's the highest saint mary's has ever ranked in the ncaa basketball tournament. kron on's charles clifford is joining us live now from saint mary's campus in moraga charles, i was covered this story back in 2019. the last time the team made it to the big dance. i know people were really, really excited back then. how are they feeling for them to make this a next appearance in the big dance this year? >>oh, they're excited. you know, the gaels have a pretty consistently good program here. they've been to the ncaa tournament 5 of the last 10 years, as you mentioned, has it been since 2019? they're going this year. it's been a couple rough years with the pandemic and disruptions. so i was on campus here today talking to some students earlier and everyone's very excited. the team in particular, as you imagine, is very excited. take a look at this.
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>>on sunday, the saint mary's gaels men's basketball team learned that they will be the number 5 seed in the east region in this year's ncaa tournament. the 25 7 gales will face either wyoming or indiana who play on tuesday. the gaels last trip to the term. it was in 2019 on campus. monday. students were thrilled to be going back to the dance. it's really fun. just like being able to watch drive and to really well, especially basket right now and also be able to >>watch when they're here on campus like to be able to watch them in person is really exciting. this team plays hard. we work hard and i'm super excited to see us go through and take care of business. so pumped up, but it's really exciting. but the road to the ncaa championship is a long one that could lead to a rematch with the dogs of usf and maybe even an eventual semifinals game against number one. seed gonzaga, as you might expect, these gales fans are feeling pretty good about the team's chances we played before we've beaten them convincingly. and i think that if we can beat that team, we
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can be anybody. we beat them before this. i'm not the pass game of the game before. and i think we definitely got. >>right back live the gaels first game is on thursday again, either against indiana, wyoming. those 2 teams play tomorrow. but that is the very latest here in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. all right. we're all watching closely. hopefully the gaels. >>bring it home at some point here over the course of the next weeks during march madness. charles, thank you for that. march madness is coming to the bay area in more ways than one chase center is going to be hosting games in the western bracket starting next week. it's going to be 2 games next thursday, march 24th with the winners facing each other that saturday, the 26th in the elite 8. it's going to be the first time a march madness game has been played in san francisco since get this 1939. so it's been quite a while that game was played on treasure island. so i would this is a nice new
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home for march madness games to be played. it's going to be fun this month watching those teams. all right. speaking of chase center, draymond green expected to make his long-awaited return to the court tonight. the warriors forward has not played since january 9th while rehabbing a disc injury in his lower back. he did return to practice late last month, though, and he spent the past few games on the bench. the warriors play the wizards tonight. tipoff is set for 7 o'clock. all right. coming up here on kron on a message for the united states and that more war tensions. >>what ukrainian president is asking from congress. plus, a new coronavirus variant spreading through the bay area. what local experts say you should know about it. you're wat
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>>this comes as there's a new covid variant spreading in the bay area and it's made up of the omicron and delta strains. we actually spoke with some local doctors about if we should be worried about this kron on's. amanda hari has that story. >>that features of omicron? >>and features of delta.
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because of that, the new variant has been dubbed delta kron, although professor of infectious diseases at uc berkeley doctor john swartzberg says that name could change. so it sounds pretty ominous for years. if you take the worst aspects of delta, which was a more serious illness. and you combine that with the worst aspects of omicron really transmissible, then you've got something that. sounds pretty scary. there's absolutely no evidence that this new. >>recombinant virus. >>has those qualities that all ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says both those variants were likely involved in creating this new one. >>some point, there is. too sick leaning variance. so one person can actually catch to variance at the same time and not only that, the 2 variants can invade the same cell in your body by some random event. and then they kind of
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have children. doctor chin-hong says in this case, those children are delta kron. >>but he says your body may already be primed to fight off this new variant. so far it seems that outside of delta is really looking almost exactly like omicron delta kron has been detected in the united states. but at this point, it's not a major concern. both doctors say you shouldn't be surprised or alarmed to see covid mutating again. it's a normal part of it happens all the time. >>but we never really knows. but we never really know how it plays out in the field of life until they really get some in the community. >>that was amanda hari reporting for us. the infectious disease specialist did emphasize the best way to protect yourself from the this new variant or any future variants is to get yourself vaccinated. now to prevent another surge of covid-19 cases. the ceo of pfizer is saying that people will need
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to get a 4th dose of the vaccine. he says the pharmaceutical company is submitting new data to the fda right now. anyone ages 12 and up, who got a second dose of the pfizer vaccine at least 5 months ago can already get their 3rd dose. they're hoping to recommend a 4th dose now of the vaccine. china is now dealing with its worst outbreak of coronavirus cases in 2 years. 19 provinces are experiencing a case surge that has led to lockdowns and shanghai. 24 million people have been told not to leave home unless absolutely necessary. anyone entering the city must have a negative covid test. there have been more than 600 confirmed cases in shanghai since late february and all mainland china reported 1400 new confirmed cases yesterday, which is the most since march of 2022 years ago. exactly. no new deaths have been reported, though. a man is dead after someone stabbed him and another person and san jose police are looking for the attacker this morning.
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>>just after midnight sunday near gold street and sunrise drive. police say they found a man and a woman with stab wounds at the scene. the man ended up dying there. first responders took the woman to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. detectives are still piecing together a motive for that attack. caltrans says the wreckage from last thursday's crash near san bruno has been cleared and services. now back to normal service was impacted when a train crashed into equipment on the tracks, injuring 13 people, including 2 caltrain workers. none of the injuries were serious. federal investigators said the equipment that was hit was part of a work train made up of a heavy duty pickup truck and 2 flatbed trucks carrying a crane. officials said a punctured fuel tank caused a fire and one of the work train vehicles. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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on sunday, kyiv's police posted on facebook yesterday morning saying 51 year-old brent run odd was shot and killed >>the posting pictures of his passport and an old new york times press id identifying him as mister or not. was actually on assignment for time magazine. they say he was working on a project focused on the global refugee crisis. another u.s. journalist won arradondo was with were not when they were both shot. he described those harrowing moments in the crossfire.
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>>cross when you're first bridge and your thing, going to film other refugees leaving and we got a car. somebody offered to take us to the other and they start shooting. so the driver turned around shooting 2 of us, my friend friend or no. and he's been shot in the behind. >>the u.s. state department condemned are nods killing saying they're horrified. journalists and filmmakers are being killed and hurt by russian forces. local groups and nonprofits are teaming up in the east bay to send donations to help the people of ukraine. the nonprofit white pony express together with tesla owners. east bay met up in alameda yesterday to round up donations of goods medications, food, clothing, and other items. the leaders of both groups say the effort to help is very important and
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they're glad people came out with those donations. >>amazing how the community of tesla owners. >>raleigh, quickly and substitute lee. >>to make this things that excited they brought sleeping bags, a supplies people donated over the counter drugs. >>donations from this latest effort are set to be shipped next week. registered nurses will be picketing at 14. northern california hospitals, including several of them right here in the bay area. the california nurses association >>says sutter health is refusing to address health and safety concerns. the nurses have been in contract negotiations since last year. tomorrow's protests are set to take place between 8 and 10:00am. bay area locations include valais ho santa rosa, san francisco. castro valley, antioch lakeport burlingame
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and nevado. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>musicians calling for peace. ukrainian opera performers holding a concert over the weekend calling for a no fly zone over ukrainian airspace is the concert featured musicians and singers from the odessa, national academic theater of opera and ballet. as just heard there singing the ukrainian national anthem and the head prayer for ukraine. one of the musicians said the performance. it's supposed to symbolize the country's one united voice and calling for a no fly zone. meanwhile, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky spent time visiting wounded soldiers at a military hospital yesterday. his visit comes as at least 35 deaths were reported in the wake of missile strikes on military bases near the polish border. solecki is expected to deliver a virtual address to the united states congress on wednesday. congress recently approved nearly 14 billion
12:31 pm
dollars in emergency military and humanitarian aid for ukraine. now as russia continues its war on ukraine, it's now reaching out to china for help. united states is pushing back. our national correspondent trevor shirley has more from washington, dc. on sunday. russian missiles hit a ukrainian military base. that was just about 15 miles from the polish border. >>at least 35 people were killed in it. now brings the conflict dangerously close to nato territory. u.s. officials say that attack is a clear sign that russia continues to expand its military campaign further west. that base is previously been used to train international military personnel and hosted american military members just a few weeks ago, russian forces continue their slow march towards the ukrainian capital of kiev in the meantime, a senior white house official says russia has asked for help from china to keep its war effort going. the official didn't comment on the extent
12:32 pm
of what russia wants from china today, u.s. national security adviser jake sullivan is meeting with high ranking chinese officials in rome over the weekend. he and other officials warn china not to get involved or provide russia with any military or financial lifelines. we saw russia and china come closer together certainly before the olympics putting out. >>a long manifesto about their partnership and how they were going to move forward together. >>and at the same time, we've seen china pretty uncomfortable. >>with an invasion of a sovereign country, china has people's republic of china has often said that sovereignty is key. territorial integrity is key. if china decides to help russia, that could set up a direct conflict between the united states and nato versus china and russia. if this escalates beyond the borders of ukraine potentially into nato territory and don't forget, president biden has said repeatedly that the u.s. would defend any nato territory that attacked reporting in washington. i'm
12:33 pm
trevor shirley. >>meanwhile, power is back on at the chernobyl nuclear plant after russian forces gain control of it. ukraine's atomic energy ministry had warned of radiation leaks after the russians took control on the first day of the invasion. but now the cooling systems appear to be running again. chernobyl is no longer functional as a power station, but it still needs to be carefully managed. workers are still at the facility, but it does remain and russian control. and vladimir putin is escalating his crackdown on free speech inside russia. as of today, access to instagram inside the country has been cut off russia's supervision of communications office claims the move is due to post condoning violence against russians. russian prosecutors are seeking a criminal case against instagram and facebook calling them an extremist organization. russia banned facebook last week, but some of the country are still
12:34 pm
finding a way to tap into the rest of the world by using bp ends. that can hide the person's location. and tonight, a news conference set to take place in southern california, calling for the release of wnba star brittney griner, a group of activists want the biden administration to help secure her freedom, even suggesting former president trump should intervene on griner's behalf. griner was arrested in russia last month after customs officials found hash oil in her luggage at the moscow airport. the crime carries a prison sentence in russia of between 5 and 10 years. the news conference is set to be held at 6 o'clock this evening at crypto arena. all right. we want to take you back here at home. taking a look outside at san francisco's coit tower. a nice blue sky day out there. but we do have a chance of rain coming. kron on's dave spahr standing by with your monday forecast. hey, dave, good well, and everybody, we've got blue skies at the
12:35 pm
east bay shoreline to distill over the way some high cloudiness. but we're waiting for the development of more cloudiness tonight with some showers developing to 59 santa rosa, 63 from a bottle. >>61 livermore and 65. meanwhile for san jose. so in the big picture we have, this is where the game changer is for tonight. tomorrow, it looks a little bit more delayed than what we had from were looking at yesterday needing the rain will hold off past the evening commute and be kind of an overnight thing for the north bay. first get to about one, 30 things start happening overnight early tomorrow morning by the afternoon. the rain showers in the east bay, south bay and still some lingering north bay showers at that point is you can see to 15. looks like still hanging around little bit in the afternoon into will take till the evening to really clear out by wednesday we should be going into the mostly sunny mode. however, more cloudiness coming our way later in the week. let's run through the longer-range. this is what's going on for tonight. tomorrow. and then
12:36 pm
more cloud cover the deal with as we get to around thursday, that looks kind of optimistic there, although we're not officially putting it on the map to yet saturday, another dose looks like it comes our way here. not bad and maybe some more upstream. okay. for some forecasts cover you for this monday. 66 san francisco. we'll do the lower 60's along the coast. 67 for burlingame to the southern end of the peninsula, 70 for redwood city and mountain view. we will that these kind of numbers tomorrow, though, 73 san jose. 72 for santa clara, east bay shoreline to the south about 70 along with tri valley. 71 for walnut creek. 66 for berkeley. 67 in toledo, 74 fairfield and 68 santa rosa in the seven-day forecast. a little slight drop with temperatures because of this traffic thursday. a little more cloud cover to deal with. maybe we'll have to add a couple raindrops on that. they be there saturday. more rain coming our way. a little cooler shore now during the week here we made apple little bit in the upper 30's, but on balance lows will be into the 40's. noel, thank you, dave. well, today is march 14th.
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>>3, 1, 4, which means it's national pie day. the date resembles the mathematical constant 3.1 4 also known as pi. but if math isn't your thing like me, there's another way that you might enjoy pi much tastier way. a lot of pizza shops and pie companies are actually offering discounts 7.11, blaze and bj's are all offering pizzas for $3.14. that's probably cheapest. you'll see it ever, especially now. it a domino's is also handing out $3 coupons to people who pick up their orders today and amazon prime members are getting $3.14 off large cherry and apple pies at whole foods. so go ahead. find to be a deal that you want and celebrate pi day. you know, today is a day to good day to take a nap after spring forward this weekend, we could all use an app to catch up on that lost sleep. today is the
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perfect day. it's national napping day was created back in 1999 by a boston university professor and his wife to highlight the health benefits of napping, the national sleep foundation says a 20 minute nap can make you more alert. increase your mood and heighten your performance. i coastline that i am the queen of snaps. i say coming up here on kronon. it's only been a couple of months but tom brady already coming out of retirement to what's next for the bay area. football legend. we've got the answer you're
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>>gas prices are so high right now. people are always looking for ways to save a little bit of money at the pump. things like basic car maintenance and even how you drive can save you money. kelsey current scene has details. >>best way to keep cash in your pocket. and to get more to the gallon. your tires inflation. couple extra pounds won't hurt it. just don't exceed that tire, i says care how many times you want and don't exceed that. according to the national highway traffic safety administration, only 19% of people keep their tires filled up and properly. inflating your tires can save you as much as $0.11 per gallon on fuel. another tip, take your foot off the gas pedal. >>coasting into that stop instead you know, celebrating all the way, you know, up until the last moment and then slamming on the brakes. again, you're just using more fuel
12:42 pm
than you need. that includes careful breaking at ramps, curbs and stop lights. cruise control is probably the best way if you if you've got an open road driving slower is also key, according to triple a slowing down your highway speeds by 5 to 10 miles an hour can actually boost your fuel economy by up to 14%. and definitely don't wait to get your car serviced clogged. air filters are a nother, big culprit. air filters. what filters the air going into the motor? and if it's cliveden, going to more few and get those engine lives checked immediately. also be sure to roll up the windows and sunroofs here coming into your car is definitely going you know, slow down the vehicle. it's like a parachute. >>now, the rising fuel prices are also increasing the prices of both domestic and international flights. some families say the same flight purchase months ago is now double or even triple the original price. experts say
12:43 pm
airlines will find new ways to make up for the increased cost of fuel. >>the last time this happened, though, the airlines got really creative. they started adding baggage fees. so there's ways that they can do this without saying it's directly correlated. >>experts are recommending buying your plane ticket for trip sooner rather than later. travelers are also advised to avoid going at peak times like spring break. well, americans are traveling more though. now that covid restrictions are relaxing and there are several new apps and tools that can help maximize the value of travel rewards. rich demuro is taking a look at those in today's tech smart. >>chances are you racked up points over the pandemic. these tools can help you make the most of them. i love you point attention. i think it makes you feel like the smartest traveler enough. mitchell stout in is with the points guy dot com. their free app puts all of your points on one page. it's that you
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necessarily want to hold on to you. you want to use it to go out and take the trip. the app connects with popular programs. you can see exactly how much your points are worth the net worth of all your points. and when they expire an award explore compares booking with points versus pain. there are certainly better and worse ways to spend and that's one of the questions that might answer that. the award wallet dot search or email to find every last loyalty program. you're a member of and track your points. i also love how it automatically imports all of your reservations. you can see everything on a timeline with confirmation numbers front and center. finally, check out point me a new website. that's like a search engine for award travel search for your origin, putting your destination. when do you want to go? and we show you every single possibility available. you can your miles and points pay $5 for a day's access or more. for the year 12,000 points for a flight to hawaii. this site is so impressive. it feels like you're hacking the system. you are probably getting 6 to 12
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times the value compared to what you would you were searching on euro since point me knows the ins and outs of every program and how points can be transferred around. >>you'll unearth valuable ways to redeem you. never thought of. so if you think that you've used it help, she is miles and points before you have to use anything like this. >>you can find more information on my website. rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >>this 2 months, tom brady is coming out of retirement to the 7 time super bowl champion made the announcement on social media yesterday. alex caprariello has the latest. >>less than 2 months after announcing his retirement, tom brady is returning to the nfl on twitter and instagram on sunday. brady wrote that he realized his place was still on the field and not in the stands. the legendary quarterback says he's coming back for his 23rd season to play for the tampa bay buccaneers. in a statement bucs gm, jason light said,
12:46 pm
quote, we're thrilled that tom has decided to come back this season. we said we would leave all options open for him. should he reconsider his retirement bucs head coach bruce arians also weighed in, saying we're a static that he decided to continue playing and working towards winning another championship. there were doubts brady would stay in retirement on his podcast. let's go. brady himself said he would take things as they come and that you can never say never when he announced his retirement in february, brady said he wanted to focus on other things, including his family. he mentioned them again on sunday calling them supportive an indication there behind his decision to return to the field for unfinished business. his announcement comes just before nfl free agency negotiations where the bucs will look to acquire key players including brady's longtime teammate tight end rob gronkowski who came out of his own retirement to play with brady again when he
12:47 pm
signed with tampa in 2020. >>bay area baseball, ballpark workers meanwhile, are breathing a sigh of relief now that the major league baseball lockout has ended the league and the players association reached a collective bargaining agreement last week. now vendors won't lose valuable work like they did during the pandemic. shortened 2020 season. how gordon is a phd candidate at uc berkeley. but he also works at the coliseum where he's been known as how the hot dog guy since 2017. >>when you're a phd economics student. >>you don't get a chance to get in front of a big group of people and make them smile. so, you know, that's something that i really in. it would have it would have been a real shame for that to to, you know, have gone away. >>the oakland a's are going to start their season with a 10 game road trip. they'll host the home opener against the baltimore orioles on april
12:48 pm
18th. so i know how excited be seeing those. how the hogs, then the san francisco giants, meanwhile, open their season at home versus the miami marlins on april ace. friends and family came together to honor the life of former stanford soccer standout katie meyer. >>over the weekend, a memorial was held for meyer at her high school soccer fields in southern california. kron on sports reporter kylen mills has the latest. >>a big smile and even bigger personality. that's what friends remember most about former stanford soccer goalie katie meier. she just was like a leader. i don't know like what else other than to say them to like a leader and like every aspect of her life, she always was like. >>the best at whatever she did organ. midfielder, zoe hasten how are group one town over from katie, the 2 0st for rivals in separate u.s. club soccer teams. they became friends in high school when katie joins always team. you love being on her team. but you hated playing answer because she just was like the biggest personality ever. and
12:49 pm
she was really good. so obviously, that was a factor she just like us just loves, like get into people's heads. and she was just like the biggest like competitor while katie. and so we went off to different pac, 12 schools. they stayed close. the pair worked together for just women, sports organization aimed at promoting female athletes and their teams. so he says it was always a blast when the pair was reunited on the field. and so funny, like i could always hear on the bill we would always like talk to each other like talk, josh, whatever. but we all know it's fun. so >>it was awesome. zoe says in high school, katy confided in their club team that she struggled with being judge. >>she says it seems like that wasn't the case at stanford. katie said she loved her team in plan to return in the fall for a super senior season. so we last caught up with her friend on katie's birthday in late january. she did seem really like in her own skin stanford like she really felt like i felt like she really was like im bracing who she
12:50 pm
was. so >>when i heard the news like it is. i like could not have imagined that are happening. zoe says katie had big plans for her new podcast and to play professional soccer in the nwsl in 2023. >>so we still can't believe the unapologetic and passionate woman. she admired, took her own life in her dorm room on march. first, just always remember her being my very bright and happy. and that's like the scary part of that inside. you really like don't know what people are like going through because she presented herself in a way that was like she was so happy and just it's like scary to know like what she actually like on the inside that like for sure to do so we was one of the hundreds who poured into newbury park high school stadium on saturday night to celebrate katie's life. zoe hopes katie's death can spark change to stigmatize in mental health and sports. i don't think it's enough just say to check in on people because, you know, people can say that they're fine. i just think that it's like a lot of
12:51 pm
pressure to feel like you have to be perfect and that you can't make a mistake. at some point, it's like your mental health is just important your physical health kylen mills kron. 4 sports. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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12:53 pm
>>cause a big night for hollywood. the 27th annual critics choice awards held last night. chris wolfe taking
12:54 pm
a look at some of the night's big winners. >>one of the first awards handed out went to best supporting actor troy kotsur for his work in cota which stands for children of deaf adults. the goes to try cuts her. and for best supporting actress ariana devotes was recognized for west side story and accepted her award with an inspiring speech. >>to all young people doesn't matter how you identify who you are. you are unique to our talented. you are seen your value, what you are loved and you matter. please don't ever forget that. thank you so much. >>absent jessica was the critic's pick for best actress for her leading role in the eyes of tammy faye. and in the best actor category, the royal honor went to will smith for his role as king richard.
12:55 pm
>>this is the critics choice. so just so the critics, you know, this is what i tried to do every i'm not sure i to do it the other way. but is there? it's just magic, you know. but the big winner of the night taking a bite out of the competition. >>was the power of the dog taking home the award for best picture and best director for jane campion. >>well, take a look at this. and 8th grade utah student hoping to break the world record for the world's largest oregon. me frog random. but interesting, brent knickerbocker working with his group to fold the massive piece of art knickerbocker won an award 3 years ago for folding a 5 foot, oregon. the frog on saturday. he and his team are hoping to break his own guinness world record after hours of practice. >>i haven't really stress about it very much. >>the group hoping to break the record consisted of multiple grantsville junior
12:56 pm
high students. the students have spent over 3 years preparing and practicing for this record breaking hopefully they can make it happen. well, if you need a little pep talks to get you past the monday blues, some north bay elementary school students have you covered? it's called the pep talk hotline from west side elementary up in healdsburg. here is how it works. you call the number and then the line gives advice and encouraging words from the young students at that school. the free service only has 1 million minutes donated by a hotline provider. but now people are donating to the program to try and keep it going when the money minute run out the number that you would call for this is 707-873-7862, again, 7, 0, 7, 8, 7, 3, 7, 8, 6, 2, you can call that gets up a little positive words of affirmation.
12:57 pm
monday. we have a donation link as well for that hot line on our website. kron 4 dot com. well, march international woman's mother. we're recognizing remarkable women all month long. our series is going to continue tomorrow, highlighting another remarkable women. we also have a section on our website kron 4 dot com where you can see past winners and nominees as well. so be sure to do that. thanks for watching. kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you right back here after o'clock. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> i have dwarfism. the reason that i went online and i did call this gentleman a slug was because he's calling me a carny, telling me i lived in a cage. >> judge tanya: why did you say that? >> judge patricia: i mean, it's terrible. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 128, balsamo vs. traughber, rockwood, and bolding. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. mr. balsamo, you are suing the defendants for defamation, claim they owe you $5,000 for defaming your character. >> yes, ma'am. >> judge tanya: mr. traughber and ms. rockwood, you contend


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