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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 15, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading ahead tonight at a san francisco teachers are angry. they want their paychecks now and they're sitting in to protest the delays. the district snafu that's causing them. the problem could another covid booster be in our future outbreaks of the virus in europe and asia causing some anxiety here in the u.s.. we have the latest. thanks for joining us tonight. at 8 o'clock, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore of big story tonight in the fight against covid-19. pfizer is asking u.s. regulators to authorize
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another booster dose of its vaccine for people 65 and older. the vaccine maker is citing data from israel that suggests older adults would benefit from the extra dose. >> kron four's justin campbell talked to an infectious disease expert and has her take. >> think that there's a profit motive in deciding on that. monica gandhi, an infectious disease doctor and professor of medicine at ucsf says on top of the financial motive, she doesn't think the pfizer ceo should decide when we need a shot. we don't use to everyone. >> all the time like the pfizer ceo implicating doctor gandhi says people who need their antibodies high all the time. >> may need to get a 4th shot. and usually those are older people immunocompromised or people with multiple co-morbidities. but for everyone else, doctor gandhi says will have to learn to live with the virus as state and countries roll back
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pandemic restrictions probably going to be exposed to covid is just very transmissible. and the best thing you can do to protect yourself is be vaccinated. reporting in san jose justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> the push for a 4th vaccine dose comes as covid cases are surging once again across europe and parts of asia with more than a quarter of americans not fully vaccinated and waning immunity. for those who are medical experts are concerned. and of course, the concern is because what happens overseas eventually happens here in the united states. and there are many similarities at play. the omicron subvariant ba 2 is on the rise. >> 50% increasing in cases in the uk. for example, week upon week for the last few weeks. also being repeated in other european countries like france, denmark, etcetera. we don't have enough people vaccinated. you know, people vaccinated. >> we're going go where their immunity is. no waiting. we have the 8.2.
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>> which is 30% transmissible. then. >> doctors >> say new drug treatments and more immunized population puts the u.s. in a better position than during past surges. but masking and other measures could return to the united states. see a spike in hospitalizations. meantime, state lawmakers in sacramento today rejected an attempt to end governor gavin newsom's covid related state of emergency. this was the first time state lawmakers could publicly debate whether or not to keep emergency in place. the bill was dusted off for its first hearing after senator melissa melendez introduce a push in december of 2020. she says the state of emergency has given the governor too much power and noted. 29 other states have ended their emergencies. this time for the legislature to reassert its constitutional authority. >> as a legislative body of this state and and this
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endless emergency, the governor has come close or possibly has violated the constitutional separation of powers doctrine by legislating through executive order. >> on a party line vote, members of the committee on governmental organization rejected ending the state of emergency. some democrats opted out of voting with questions about how exactly this could affect federal funding in response to future surges. the chairman of the committee agreed to grant the resolution reconsideration meeting. it can be brought back for another vote later on this year. >> federal officials say travelers will be required to wear masks on planes and public transportation for one more month. that mandate was set to expire back on march. the 18th. but last week, the cdc and the tsa extended it. now republicans in congress are fighting that decision. they are calling on the biden administration to end the mask mandate for airplanes but trains and transit hubs. they have even filed a new lawsuit
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against the cdc. >> this is stupid. it's not health related. it's not science related. it's not medicine related. it is political theater and it's time for it. and why don't we let americans be americans? >> and to be able to choose in this process. >> the u.s. senate will vote this week to end the mask mandate on modes of public transportation. the senate will be using the congressional review act which allows congress to stop rules introduced by the administration. all right. let's shift gears just a bit and check on our forecast on this tuesday night with a live look outside at sfo. looks like a phone bank behind. yeah, it kind got there, it was raining earlier. not much so, lawrence, we'll take what we can get. that was perfect. sleeping weather that made up for having lose an hour over the weekend. right? but i mean, having that just that nice rain in the morning hours for the most part winding down as we head toward the middle of the day. still nice little soaker and some of that
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moisture left behind. we've got some fog reported around the bay area this evening. rain totaled up at about a 3rd of an inch of rain in santa rosa petaluma to 10 snap a 161900's in san francisco. oakland had 1600's at pacifica, 1407 inch of rain over some of the mountain .ops like mount tam. >> over a half an inch of rain. so a nice little soaker outside across the bay area. this front working its way all the way in the point conception, you see by the time it gets in southern california really kind of fall apart. but kind of an interesting afternoon. you know, you get the storms coming through. you get some of the heating in the afternoon. all of a sudden you can get some pop-up thunderstorms. we did have that today. see that south of west of chico and well things settling down now. that's way it's going to stay the bay area. still looking at some clouds out there right now along the coastline. a couple clouds bumping up against some of the hills as well. and then the trend, though, is going to be for this front to really kind of move out of town and fall apart. high pressure takes in. but just a week ridge is going to slip in for tomorrow. it will keep us dry. it will bring some more sunshine back to the bay area.
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but that is going all change, i think is we're going to get a chance of a few more showers coming our way tomorrow, though, yet more of a northerly wind kicking in should bring some bright sunshine to the bay area. and some warmer temperatures to go along with that, too. as we get to saint patty's day gets a little intrigue. you see a little swirl in the atmosphere week low want to spin off the coastline. there's a slight chance we might see a couple of sprinkles on saint patty's day. after that, we're going to dry things out again, for least a day. but we get the weekend we could be talking about a stronger storm system moving in temperatures tomorrow. looking nice, 70 degrees in fremont. 73 in the napa valley. 72 degrees in concord. 66 in hayward and oakland about 62 degrees in downtown san francisco. looking out over the next few days, the final week of spring. and we've got a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. we turn to some clouds with a slight chance of showers on saint paddy's day. the clouds start to thicken up late on friday. i think more significant storm moving in with some rain here. some snow in the sierra nevada spring begins lots of sunshine and by the middle of next week, we're talking temperatures in the 80's.
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thank you, lawrence. in national news tonight, a man accused of serial murders in new york and washington, dc is now in custody. you're seeing some of the security camera footage of the alleged killer. >> he's accused of killing 2 homeless people and wounding 3 others. our washington, dc correspondent basil john has the latest details on his capture. >> we've got a man less than 24 hours after the mayors of new york city and washington, dc called for help hunting down the suspect he was found and arrested the cooperation and exchange of leads between the nypd, the metropolitan police department, the atf and the fbi. 5, a task force was extraordinary. 30 year-old gerald brevard is suspected of killing 2 and injuring 3 other homeless people in separate attacks. surveillance video shows atf agents arresting brevard outside a gas station in washington, dc. are you
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tempted to flee briefly? they they were quickly able to apprehend him. dc police an nypd say the arrest came after they released clear pictures and videos of the suspect. >> on monday and multiple tips came in. >> let us directly to contacts movements, locations, and a name. it was extremely helpful to making sure that we really kind of tied everything together. brevard is now charged with first-degree murder assault with the intent to kill and assault with a deadly weapon with additional charges expected in new york, washington, dc mayor muriel bowser says the quick arrest shows what law enforcement is capable off, that we can do this in this case. we can do it. in every case. investigators did not provide a motive for these attacks and have not confirmed if brevard plan to do more reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> coming up tonight at 8 o'clock continues to rise with california setting yet another record for gas today. what this means for drivers who depend on their cars for work.
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>> plus, inflation is a key issue right now. some announcements are expected how much interest rates are set to change the presidential address. the united states congress, a leader of ukraine set to speak to our nation's lawmakers tomorrow bay area. congressman john garamendi joins us next to talk about the latest developments.
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>> one of the leading voices from the bay area in congress over the crisis in ukraine is
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representative john garamendi of the 8th congressional district. he's on the house armed services committee. congressman is joining us now to talk more about what's happening in ukraine on the night before that troubled country's president is set to speak virtually to the u.s. congress. >> thank you for being with us tonight. missed again monday. so let's start with president zelensky. of course, he addressed the canadian of politicians today. he addresses the u.s. congress tomorrow. here's a big issue is for more help. and of course, the no fly zone. what is the u.s. prepared to do at this point? >> well, certainly tomorrow we're going to hear from an extraordinary individual fellow that has in this time of crisis to lead. not only is country but really, too raleigh, the entire world around the costs for ukraine and add to beat a very very serious spied against overwhelming russian forces. and i suspect ultimately will be successful in a very difficult situation. what he
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will ask for our defensive weapons and you get those the president biden just authorized to date additional. i believe that almost 300 million dollars. i was on top of 300 billion dollars. a couple about a week ago. so well over a billion and a half dollars of very serious military financial humanitarian aid has been is available and has been made available to ukraine over the 13 months. now. more to come with regard to the no fly zone. this is a very, very difficult situation for ukraine. they are not able to control the skies. however, they have denied russia full access to the skies quite amazing feat, basically using some by singer vessels, which are very, very you small, but for lower altitudes, right out of 2. it's not so much. and with very few jet airplanes as this war has proceed be
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ability of ukraine to if and the skies week care continues to be critically important. the call for the russian make fighters out of poland. it's one that united states isn't willing to do poland because of maybe seeing it probably would be direct involvement in the war. however, i think there are some other assets that could be made available to ukraine. think for a moment about the iron dome that israel has so successfully used to defend against missiles. those are also useful for airplanes. there are other systems are available in that european countries have developed that could be useful in air defense systems. one of the problems with the jet make fighters poland and even be a gradient is that russia has on the border of ukraine. the most sophisticated air defense systems in the world. and that's the s 400. it has a
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range of 400 kilometers. and so basically most of eastern ukraine can be range by those anti aircraft. missiles that russia has on the border ukraine. and so it may very well be that those jets would not be particularly useful in the eastern ukraine area. i know our military is looking at this very carefully. these other air defense systems would probably be more readily available and would not constitute same problem that fighters have. congressman, talk about the success ukraine has had in the military fight >> they're totally overwhelmed overmatched by russian forces. yet they've had tremendous success in facts. there are reports that russia may run out of a equipment and material it needs to sustain this battle by may. there's been talk that perhaps russia may be ready to pull the plug
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by may this things don't eo better for them. and this is helping the negotiations between sowinski and the the russian side as they try to negotiate it in into this. what are you hearing about russian losses and how bad they are? >> well, reported by north pole news organizations as well as the ukrainian government. russia has been unable to carry out its military objectives because they did not calculate the will of the ukrainian people to defend their democracy and to defend their country. there is no substitute. by any weapon. but the determination. of people to maintain their country to maintain their beliefs and maintain their way of life that democracy. that's the most powerful weapon at all. and that is what? russia is learning and particularly with that. courage is mad
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bands such as sowinski who will hear from frankly, i think most of america the same speech. my understanding that is talk will be carried by a various of american media and good for good for america, for all of us to hear. beyond there's talk that russia is reaching out to china for sandwiches, meals. boxed meals. and we do know that one of the reasons that the convoys were strong words for lack of fuel and supplies. clearly, russia did not anticipate the nature and the willingness of the upgrades to fight and the arguments that they did have available to the stinger and javelin are deadly weapons when deployed against armor the case, the javelin dispersed fingers against low flying aircraft and russia's learned that lesson also gave us the city. it's a huge city and any army knows that. street by street, warfare is
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the worst of all. and that requires enormous number of men and equipment, all of which are at risk for every block, every apartment building, every quarter. and so russia is learning this hard part less and that's why they're resorting to the horrible russian technique of just levalley the cities. just creating a wasteland. they do they did that in check here. they did last night and they certainly are doing in the cities of ukraine. that's a crime against humanity. that fella that's on the screen right now should find his place. at the world report being tried for war crimes. he deserves it and he may yet have is today. the other factor that is increasingly apparent and this was on russia state media yesterday when young woman decided she would one of their major with
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an antiwar message. the streets of russia. our ultimate jeopardy. continue demonstrations in the street to continue every precinct number of progress and the ever-increasing, willingness of russians to get to the truth to understand exactly what has at least on the sisters and brothers in ukraine. will turn the russian people against him. and when you add in the sanctions which are hitting the russian people very, very hard, they will come to realize this is prudence war. >> president biden is planning to join a an emergency meeting with nato next week. there's a lot of concern about whether or not china will enter this in some way into in terms of the russian actions, whether it's through food or supplies or military for one. are you concerned about the resolve of the european union, nato
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members in light of the rising gas prices and a few of the lessening of supplies and also china's role. are you concerned that china may infect the site to help russia? >> let's take you state data first. i'm a member of nato parliamentary assembly beat baby watch every 6 we've done this year after year. for the most part, nato, there' a debating society. the church debating the greeks over cyprus and on and on the last 2 meetings most recently and not a february 20th 21020th and 23rd just before invasion. there was a remarkable unity. our solidarity unification, that determination to stand together and the european union is similarly this pen said most of his time trying to figure out the price your was the first out with sanctions and then the united states followed a good move by the biden administration let you go first and that for the
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united states to follow there is unity in nato. the nato members are in the eastern. countries. poland of romania both ever. and even now down into bulgaria, they are receiving up to 3 million refugees and they're doing their part not only with refugees that by providing avenues for the delivery of the the military equipment. so nato standing strong and china is taking note. the european union is the single biggest. market for china bigger than the united states. and china is aware that the european union wants no part is absolutely unified, opposed to the war and beating on the sanctions knowing full well to your second point that the sanctions are going to be an economic challenge for europe. they certainly are for the united states, but far, far less than for your. it's
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absolutely clear that a good deal of the price rise of fuel is putting this war. not the only thing. other thing happens to be what i believe is price gouging and opportunistic pricing by the petroleum industry, from from the pumps, in the field to the pumps at the gas station and everything in between and so, oh, yes, this war is costing american pocketbooks. no doubt about it. but this is really about the future for of peace in this world. there is no doubt that food intense, if you could possibly do so to rebuild the russian empire or the soviet union that's its intention go back to everything is written since the 1990's. and it's been about they sorry, devise of the soviet union and and his desire to rebuild the russian empire, that these poll and that means estonia, that the
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way of latvia as well the ukraine and down into a and that gary a that's his ball. and if you successful. and subject and subjugated. you're great. it will not stop. he's been congressman john garamendi on the house armed services committee. >> we know you're deeply involved in the u.s. efforts to try to bring this war to an end over there. and we really appreciate your perspective and giving us that information on what's going on. we look forward to the speech tomorrow from president solecki and all that speech. thank you. thank you. >> and coming up tonight, the clock is ticking on daylight saving. why some lawmakers are saying this could be the year. the annual
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>> for your money, the federal reserve is poised to announce an interest rate hike tomorrow because of growing inflation. the central bank is likely to raise rates by a quarter of a percentage point. it will be the first interest rate hike since 2018 forecasters expect the fed to impose additional interest rate hikes later this year. all in an effort to cool consumer demand, which has outpaced supply and driven prices sharply higher. chairman jerome powell says that the fed will also continue to monitor the war in ukraine and how it hampers the u.s. economy and then act accordingly. spring forward an
8:28 pm
hour. daylight saving time could be here to stay. the u.s. senate unanimously approved a measure that would make daylight saving time. >> permanent next year. that means we would have to change our clocks twice year. but the bill state still needs to pass the house. and from there it has to go to the president who would have to sign it into law. senators from both sides of the aisle argue making daylight saving time permanent would have a positive effect on our health and even cut energy consumption. and for your health tonight, a recent study shows that even a small amount of light can damage your sleep. researchers at northwestern university measured brain waves of people sleeping in dark and dimly lit rooms. the study found the smallest amount of light affected the body even when participants had their eyes closed. this includes weight gain cardiovascular problems and higher insulin levels. sleep experts recommend dark rooms, closing your blinds and buying a sleep mask to shut out any extra light. next on
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kron. 4 news today. today the nation saw the lowest oil prices since russia invaded ukraine. >> experts say we could see some relief from the rising gas prices. and still ahead, new steps aimed at closing gender and racial wage gaps. the vice president's announcement for equal pay day. and skies begin to clear out a bit around the bay area now, but we've got a chance. some more rain in the not to oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires.
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this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled! alaska airlines is officially in the running! round of applause!
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>> the pain at the gas pump continues. of course, according to aaa, many drivers say they are now having to make changes to their commute because of the high gasoline prices. the average price of gas in california holding steady at $5.75. a gallon for regular. still more expensive across the board here in the bay area. san francisco, 5.88 per gallon in santa rosa. it's 5.84. >> and compare that to an average of 5.81 in oakland, 5.78 in san jose. there's some good news, though. that's because the price of crude oil is starting to trend downward kron four's. rob nesbitt has more on what that could mean for drivers. >> the national average for gas fell just a penny this week from its all-time high of $4.33. a gallon on friday. of course, that doesn't compare to the high price of gas here in the bay area. >> as the price continues to climb at the pump, we all want to know when relief is in sight this week, the price of crude oil fell trading below $110 a barrel. michelle, the
8:33 pm
naughty with aaa. northern california says the price of oil accounts for about 50% of what drivers pay for gas. so it's good news that we're seeing oil prices retreat below 10 but we're going to have to sit see them, stay there for quite some time possibly trend low before we see any relief in sight. experts at gasbuddy say that much of the drop in crude oil stems from continue dialogue between ukraine and russia. >> and the mounting pressure put on russia's economy because of sanctions. tonight, he says there was also some price impact on oil when president biden announced a release of the country's strategic petroleum reserve. if this trend holds, it could run this. some of that extreme upward price pressure that consumers found at the pump more consumers than ever before are reaching the fuel tipping point like i'm not okay. 6, 7, hours from guys. aaa conducted a survey to see how much gas we need to get to before drivers make changes to their daily routine. >> an overwhelming number of respondents say that time is
8:34 pm
now. >> 75%, in 4 said that they would need to change their driving habits for change something within their lifestyle. when gas prices hit that $5 marked changes are just expected among drivers, but also by those booking flights, triple a expects the price of airfare to increase fuel costs continue to rise. it very well could be impacted if airlines did not buy futures to cover for insurgency and need to increase still surcharges as crude prices go up. >> according to triple a road trips make up the majority of travel plans during the summer. did nadia expects the conflict between russia and ukraine to have an effect on that, especially since gas prices tend to trend upward from may to august during a typical travel year in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> ride share company. lyft is following uber's lead and adding a temporary gas surcharge. it is not clear how much lift the will be or how long it will last. but as kimberly cheng reports, the fee will be pocketed by the drivers since they are in
8:35 pm
charge of filling up their own tanks. >> drivers everywhere are feeling the pinch at the pump, especially those who have to be on the road. a lot like rideshare and delivery workers use to late night. you guys like throughout my time 25 40 bucks now do is to 19. you know. so as is is not what the is is higher prices are leaving many with sticker shock about 2 weeks ago was like $7, a kind of >> it's about the units i've been kind of seen around so. >> and that's a lot. >> still alive safe. i can go in and out for that. you know, so it's like a spin in and out every time a guest in an effort to help drivers offset the rising cost. uber announced that starting wednesday they're going to charge customers a fuel fee. >> temporary surcharges will be about 45 to $0.55 for each trip. and roughly 35 to $0.45 for uber eats order depending on the location. >> this will last at least 60 days and then uber will reassess the situation.
8:36 pm
>> the gas prices are so drastic and you know, you're driving a lot to make your money. you're trying to make more money. so it's basically, you know, you spending more money to following uber's lead. lyft announced its plans to implement a surcharge to a spokesperson with the left. the drivers earnings overall remain elevated compared to last year. given the rapid rise in gas prices, they will be asking riders to pay a temporary fuel surcharge. some writers are already planning to cut back on the service is how will this impact you personally? because you said he used the services. >> rely on my friends more to take me to airport. stuff like that. >> lyft said they'll release more details in the coming days reporting in studio city. kimberly chang. >> the high cost of gas is also leading to a rise in crime at the pump. this is video from a chevron station in long beach that was recently targeted. police say these are is using trucks modified with marge, plastic tanks to steal gas. they break the gas pump and then just let the fuel poor into the take.
8:37 pm
authorities in the la area say thieves have hit at least 3 gas stations stealing more than 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel worth $30,000. there have been no reports of gas steps like that here in the bay area. california drivers will be getting relief from high gas prices anytime soon. democratic state lawmakers have rejected a proposal to suspend california's gas tax. a suspension would have given california $0.51 per gallon break on the cost of gas. it would have brought immediate relief to millions of people at the pump. but some economists suggest governor newsom's plan to offer rebates would be a better solution. it's not clear when that will happen. >> it got live look outside 4 zone forecast tonight at the golden gate bridge. not the fog that we saw earlier. warrants. what's going on? yes, starting to clear out now atmosphere starting to settle down a bit, but we've got some more rain in the forecast. we'll share one that just a moment. but yeah, today was nice to have that rain to start out the morning anyway. then by the afternoon things started to break up a little
8:38 pm
bit outside. here you go see couple patches of fog along the coastline, but other parts of bay area looking clear, here's long-range forecast. this looks a little more impressive today than did yesterday. so that's a good thing to see. tomorrow should be a nice day. then you see that next batch. that weak area of low pressure developing off the coast line. there's a slight chance it could bring a couple of scattered light showers. the bay area on saint patrick's day. not that much and really just kind of hit miss. but behind that, well, things change as we get to friday night and saturday and here you go. that looks like a significant storm. in fact, yesterday it was having almost just a northern 3rd of california getting the rainfall amounts extending all the way down to southern california point conception. that is a good sign. may be a statewide event and a lot of snow from that system roles in overhead behind that, though, when we get into spring and here we go right on tap, we're going to see those numbers soaring by next week in the 70's and the 80's around the bay area by about next tuesday. wednesday outside. right now things are settling down just a bit. storm wise.
8:39 pm
you've got a lot of clouds still lingering around the bay area that on shore flow blowing. you see some fog up toward the coastline as well. now that ridge of high pressure, it is going to start to slide in by tomorrow. but it's a weak ridge and that's going least for some dry conditions for a day. but after that, things get unsettled, that slight chance showers rolls in as we head in toward a thursday tomorrow. expect those temperatures to bounce back numbers up in the 60's and the 70's the next few days, the last week of spring as we get ready for winter. our last week of a winter as we get ready for spring. got some rain coming in on saturday. spring begins on sunday. >> thank you, lauren. still ahead tonight today we continue our series on remarkable women in the bay area. tonight we introduce you to a woman who has turned her garage into a food pantry. and is there a method to the march madness? americans are betting big on their brackets, but those picks might be questionable. and you might want to check your phone. how old technology laying around your own house could bring in
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a couple $100.
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>> a big welcome back today in san francisco with twitter employees returning to the company offices, social media giant says the office reopened today but employees are still allowed to work from home permanently if they choose twitter. ceo says the hybrid work approach will be part of the new culture for the company moving forward.
8:43 pm
>> just as mask mandates are starting to and iphone users can now unlock their phones with their mask on the new ios. >> 15.4 rolled out this new feature. you can turn it on and settings under face id and passcode face identification with mask use is the unique features of your eyes to authenticate that it is you. however, apple says the full face id option is still the most secure to use. the masks feature only seems available for those using iphones 12 and up for your money. your old phone could get you hundreds of dollars if you sell it online. according to international data corp, america's upgrade to a new phone, every 38 months. however, not many people get rid of those old phones company such as apple and samsung, usually by the older devices. when you are getting a new one, amazon and best buy offer gift cards for them and even wireless providers give you credit for older phones and businesses light back
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market e-bay and craigslist are places where you can sell your old equipment as well. coming up next, in sports, warriors are heading in the right direction with the return of draymond green. >> worst director jason dumas has reaction from coach kerr with
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oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability for a second night in a row. san francisco teachers are staging a sleep into a protest. hundreds of teachers
8:47 pm
not getting pay or even getting the correct pay. the union representing the teacher says that they will remain at the district headquarters until all of their demands are met. >> kron four's jonathan mccall has more from sfu st headquarters at the civic center. >> pulled but simple message for san francisco unified school for second night in a row. teachers will be closing their eyes inside of the district this sleep in is to open eyes to what they say has been months of issues of teachers being underpaid and in some cases, teachers not being paid at all getting is i shouldn't have to leave here last night. >> i shouldn't have come to work exhausted tonight. because i couldn't sleep on the floor. well. i should be able to be home with my husband who is struggling because he might not have a job next year. >> district officials say that since switching to a new time
8:48 pm
keeping system more than 1000 incidents have been reported today. superintendent doctor vincent matthews said that only 59 of those outstanding payments remain and hopes to resolve the entire issue. why doing rally tuesday afternoons, 4 commissioner matthew alexander who heads up the district's budget committee says the district will now take a look into how this all happened morning in april. we're going to do examination of what happened. >> to try to ensure that we understand how we got here and how we made colossal. >> a mistake in terms this transition, which never should have been this way because under curio as president of the united educators of san francisco, the union representing teachers. >> she says they plan to be here until every person is paid. and the issue resolved. we know we are going to receive the pay we're owed within. 24 to 48 hours. >> there is no reason why you
8:49 pm
expected to cause it to come into your bank account. >> and must wait for an undetermined amount of time for resolution. that's not. >> again, now is jonathan karl reporting and he'll have more for us coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock as women's history month continues. kron 4 celebrating remarkable women here in the bay area. tonight we introduce you to sylvia green. she has turned her garage into a food pantry. kron four's gayle ong has her story. it's less people s in ministry. >> and we are delivering the operation started inside. still be a green's home in oakley and has expanded into her garage. now green spend saturdays, sorting and packing donations. >> all of this is donations. everything so we'll come home to food on our porch that people are donating. people donate cash that we can buy the stuff that's missing because we always try to perishable food as well. more than a year later, donations
8:50 pm
started pouring in from big chains. like panera bread and grocery outlet. >> greene says she's always wanted to open a food pantry. the idea came true at the beginning of the pandemic, knowing that a lot of people lost their jobs. a lot of people didn't have access to food. >> because a lot of, you know, grocery stores and stuff are running out of food. also so we just put it together. greener has been luke along with volunteers pack and deliver the boxes to families in bay point pittsburgh, oakley and brent foot. it's actually good. good food and good need good tree. you know, so it's it's pretty exciting to give back. >> to win something we we didn't get to do when we were younger. i get messages >> just how grateful they are, that they didn't know how eat that week or, you know, just. >> just extra little food that helps could not ever. even if you're working full time. that doesn't necessarily mean that you have money for groceries. >> and the donations keep coming. the hope is one day to have a warehouse. as long as we keep growing, we're going
8:51 pm
to need more room. i'm just very grateful for all the people and the support that we do receive because we couldn't do without them. in oakley, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the dubs were on the practice court today prepping for a big time matchup against the celtics golden state warmly welcomed draymond green back, but there are still few vets who are on ice. there. shots right there. so andre, good dolla. he got some shots today after practice, but steve kerr told me today that andre does not have a timeline for his return. gp 2 is still day-to-day with a knee injury, either way, steve kerr can only roll with what he's got. and despite the four-game win streak, he says his team isn't near where he needs them to be right now. >> we have to take advantage of these 13 games to clean up the stuff that needs to be cleaned up. if we don't do
8:52 pm
that, then i won't like the position we're in going into the playoffs. we're not ready yet for the playoffs. last night was a perfect you know, we had. multiple especially you know, giving up often supports, giving a pack cuts. we can get away with those things and expect to win in the playoffs. so i feel good about where we are overall, but these last 13 games are are really important. execution wise for, you know, for guys to understand the areas we've got to get solid with. >> the saint mary's gaels left for portland today. they were sent off in style. they will take on the winner of indiana, wyoming in the first round of the ncaa tournament. that game just ended. the gaels are entering the tournament has the highest seed in program history. they have a bevy of seniors and they are battle tested and ready for what is in front of that.
8:53 pm
>> really excited, you out 17 were really excited when we did this year and we want to go prove it. another time to talk about writing our story all year. and this just another chance for another chapter. so well, we'll see if we can do some damage here. >> mention saint mary's will play the winner of indiana. wyoming's play in game. well, here you go. 2nd, half 5 point, indiana lead. graham, ike. he knocks down the shot 17 points for ike. that puts wyoming within 3. but the kill shot right here. alley oop to trayce jackson-davis. 29 points for him. indiana will go on to win. 66 to 58. they'll face saint mary's on thursday. all right. as you
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
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8:57 pm
>> despite that, about 45 million americans say they will bet on this year's tournament. according to the american gaming association, the total bids could combine to 3.1 billion dollars through bracket pools and wagers has 3 times more than how much was estimated to been bet on this year's super bowl. so march madness is madness. it is. and that properly named. that wraps up kron. 4 news. 8 o'clock. >> but stay with us. grant lotus and catherine heenan are here now with a look at what's ahead at 9. indeed. thank you, ken, here's what's coming up next on kron. 4 news at night talking about a massive reward now being offered for information that leads to arrest and conviction of the person who killed this. >> well, like young man, former football quarterback covid east bay high school. he was shot while camping and what his mom is telling us tonight in an exclusive interview, also, we're learning new details about a violent home invasion attempt in oakland happened tonight caught on surveillance video.
8:58 pm
what someone in that house did that made? >> one of them and shoot at the house before taking off. keep it here. the news at 9 coming up next.
8:59 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. just closure. >> you know, and i don't it's just unbearable.


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