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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. just closure. >> you know, if i don't, it's just unbearable. >> now at 10, a $50,000 reward is on the table for anybody who comes forward with information that leads to an arrest and conviction for the murder of 20 year-old tyler dickson. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10.
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i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. dixon was well known in the east bay. he was a former quarterback of el cerrito high school. he we first told you in july that dixon was shot and killed while on a camping trip. >> with his girlfriend's family in oroville well for santa but sackey talked exclusively tonight with dixon's mother about what this new report means for her son's case. >> it's a nightmare that was my baby. that is my baby. he was a good kid. he's a good guy and he didn't deserve that since july 3rd of last year. >> jade nelson has spent every day looking for answers as to who murdered her son. 20 year-old tyler dickson. and why not a day that goes by that i don't think about them. and it's frustrating not knowing what happened as of monday. there's now a $50,000 reward through the governor's reward program for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in dixon's murder. butte county sheriff's office says dixon was shot and killed
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while sleeping in his tent at bidwell canyon marina campground in oroville nelson says dixon was on a camping trip with his girlfriend's family at the time. there are 100 people camping. >> and that cameron said that they and the tents where arms i mean, you could touch the next it was quiet at 08:00am when i got there. so i can imagine how quiet it was at. 41. >> you know, somebody knows dixon who is from the east bay was a well-known athlete in the community. he graduated from el serino high school in 2019 and was the former quarterback of the football team nelson's hopeful that the new reward will bring new leads and information. i so. it's my mission to get at. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> happening right now in the east bay freemont police are investigating a shooting that left a person dead. it happened around 6.30, in the area of gatewood street west of fremont boulevard. officers say they arrested one person but no other details are
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available at this time. an oakland man has been charged in connection to last year's father's day shooting in richmond that killed 3 people. police say they arrested 27 year-old enrique ramirez como last week. the contra costa county district attorney has filed 3 counts of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder against him. and an 18 year-old investigators say they're not releasing the teenager's name at this time because he was a minor at the time of the crime. >> and oakland family is on edge tonight after an attempted home invasion turned into a shooting security video shows burglars trying to break into the front door and then one of them is seen firing a gun at the home before taking off kron 4 dan thorn talked to the victims. >> armed with a crowbar and a pistol. these men are seen trying to break into a house in the allendale section of oakland, the home invasion attempt happened as the homeowner was sleeping during the early morning hours of february 4th, it's are.
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>> honestly, my has a sense of awareness right now is is going off every time i step out the >> ken johnson says these 2 men were not alone security video from outside of the house shows at least 3 cars pulling up as the burglars case. the place on minute avenue. the car's empty doubt in the unknown men moved in as they tried to pry open the front door. johnson's nephew who lives downstairs, spooked them. my nephew had pounded on his interior door. >> which they mistook for gunshots and then they ran off. >> but they did not go away quietly. one of the armed men turned around and began firing at the home, at least for bullet casings were found. johnson says this attempted burglary comes after his house was broken into in 2020. the crime prompted him at the time to install security cameras and now he's added iron doors to his home. oakland police say they are investigating. johnson is thankful that no one from his family was hurt
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and he hopes these men do not return in a way. it was a wake-up call to just be more mindful of our first our and and be more protective of the people that we love. and we care about reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> the label police are asking for the public's help to try to solve the deadly stabbing of a homeless woman. officers identified the victim today. >> as 59 year-old donna marie, the la nueva. she was stabbed to death last friday. her case mark 6th homicide of 2022. >> the coroner's office in merced said county has now identified the child found dead inside a home there as sophia mason from hayward, the 8 year-old girl was first reported missing last tuesday by her on the on said the last time she had seen her niece was last summer and that's when she took pictures of bruises on sophie is armed. then this past friday, police somerset said they found a childs body at the home of
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sophia's mother's boyfriend. investigators arrested sophia's mother, 30 year-old samantha johnson over the weekend in newark. police are still searching for johnson's boyfriend. 34 year-old dante jackson. >> other news tonight, president joe biden will head to brussels next week for an emergency meeting of nato. has russia continues its onslaught against ukraine. the white house announcing the trip today calling the summit as extraordinary as the u.s. and allies decide their next steps in supporting ukraine. washington correspondent kellie meyer has more on what we can expect to come. >> president joe biden heading to brussels meeting with nato allies for an emergency summit as the war rages on in ukraine. his goal is to meet in person face-to-face with his european counterparts and talk about assess where we are at this point in the conflict. the white house announcing the president's plans today, his first trip back to europe since his meeting with russian president vladimir the summer
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nato leaders expected to discuss reassuring support for ukraine and strengthening their own defenses. today, russia hitting back at biden slapping sanctions on the president and those around him. i first know the president biden is a junior. they mean if have sanctioned his dad, may you rest in >> the second piece i would say is that won't surprise any of that none of us are tourist trips to russia. and none of us have bank accounts that we won't be able to we will forge ahead. the u.s. weighing more sanctions. but the effort has yet to stop moscow at a critical moment in the war. ukraine's president is reaching out directly to members of congress, addressing them virtually on capitol hill tomorrow. >> calling for more support from the u.s. congress has been forward leaning on many of the elements of providing ukraine with defensive >> equipment. >> and i'm sure he will call upon congress to continue to do that.
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>> to give him some type of air defense systems, which i think we shouldn't. bipartisan calls growing for more weapons and air support to ukraine. the biden administration wary of escalating the conflict today. the president promising help is on the way. >> signing a sweeping government funding bill including 13.6 billion and security and humanitarian assistance. >> for ukraine were moving or just lead to further our rent to support of the brave people of ukraine as they defend their country. >> again, that was kellie meyer reporting to get the very latest updates on the war in ukraine. go to kron 4 dot com. you can use your mobile device to scan that qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to our website. >> city leaders in livermore plan to send a letter to its sister city in russia, asking it to take action to oppose russia's invasion of ukraine. the city council voted yesterday after the consul general of ukraine in san francisco as the livermore as mayor to contact the city of snus, hints thanks. he told
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the mayor that many cities in russia already opposed the invasion. and in this particular city does not take action. he wants the city of livermore to consider cutting its ties with its sister city. the des moines mayor says that he will draft a letter with city staffers and send it this week. >> governor gavin newsom helped pack summer emergency relief supplies for ukraine today visited the state's disaster logistics warehouse in solano county packages include medical necessities such as beds, iv kits, oxygen tanks. newsom says ukraine officials specifically asked for those types of supplies so far, california companies have donated more than 85 million dollars to support humanitarian efforts. there. >> a bit of relief for drivers. very slight, though, the national average price of gasoline fell fess up in a this week from its all-time high of $4. and $0.33 a gallon on friday. but as kron four's, rob nesbitt explains, the national average does not compare to the high cost of gas here in the bay area.
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>> as the price continues to climb at the pump, we all want to know when relief is in sight this week, the price of crude oil fell trading below $110 a barrel. michelle, the naughty with aaa. northern california says the price of oil accounts for about 50% of what drivers pay for gas. so it's good news that we're seeing oil prices retreat below 10 but we're going to have to sit see them, stay there for quite some time possibly trend lower before we see any relief in sight. experts at gasbuddy say that much of the drop in crude oil stems from continue dialogue between ukraine and russia. >> and the mounting pressure put on russia's economy because of sanctions. tonight, he says there was also some price impact on oil when president biden announced the release of the country's strategic petroleum reserve. if this trend holds, it could run this some of that extreme upward price pressure that consumers have found a pump more consumers than ever before are reaching the fuel tipping point like i'm not okay. 6, $7, and guys aaa
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conducted a survey to see how much gas we need to get to before drivers make changes to their daily routine. >> an overwhelming number of respondents say that time is now. >> 75%. in 4 said that they would need to change their driving habits for change something within their lifestyle. when gas prices hit that $5 marked changes are just expected among drivers, but also by those booking flights, triple a expects the price of airfare to increase fuel costs continue to rise. it very well could be impacted if airlines did not buy futures to cover for insurgency and need to increase still surcharges as crude prices go up. >> according to aaa road trips make up the majority of travel plans during the summer. did not expect the conflict between russia and ukraine to have an effect on that, especially since gas prices tend to trend upward from may to august during a typical travel year in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. here's a look at some average bay area. gas prices according to triple a in san francisco,
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the average is $5 and $0.88 at a rose a $5.84. a gallon. >> oakland, $5.81. and san jose. $5.78. lift is following numerous leads and adding a temporary gas are charged. if you will be pocketed by the driver since they're the ones in charge of filling up their own tanks. >> it's not clear how much lift fee will be or how long it will be in place. last week uber announced a temporary surcharge of roughly $0.45 for at least the next 2 months. let's take a live look outside on this tuesday night. the golden gate bridge pretty quiet tonight. not much sign of any fog. no rain. just a couple of drivers making their way. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. and we still got more rain on the way yet. more rain coming our direction. of course. what a nice way to start out the day today. >> at showers rolling through the bay area. make a little bit tricky for the commute early on with things. >> begin to quiet down outside. in fact, the skies parting this afternoon. now some fog forming along the coastline. we'll see a little
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more of that tonight before that all blows away about this rain amounts. not bad at all. in just under a 3rd of an inch of rain in santa rosa to tents in petaluma napa. 16, 100's almost too tense in san francisco 16. 100's in oakland and 1407 inch in pacifica. some of the mountain tops around the bay area like mount tam over a half inch of rain. snow up in the sierra nevada to the storm system winding down as it made its way toward point conception in southern california. behind that, though, kind of an interesting day. we have the thunderstorms popping up across parts of the central valley. you see him making their way near the chico area just to the south across the central valley, get the sometimes at this time of year you get enough sunshine, even the leading the atmosphere and give rise to some of these thunderstorms outside. but tonight things are quieting down the on shore breeze continuing, although i think that's going to become more of a northerly wind as we head in toward tomorrow. and that is going to make for big change in the weather. high pressure going to sneak in behind that frontal system. bring us some dry conditions for tomorrow. but not a really strong ridge. and that's going to kind of leave the door
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open. you already see some of the clouds getting a little get a little bit closer. i think we'll see more of those clouds as we head in towards saint patty's day and a chance we could see couple sprinkles well. tomorrow looking good. lots of sunshine all day long. and as we head toward the afternoon should be a beautiful day and then things changed it again as we get into saint patty's. and there you go. you see a slight chance. >> couple of sprinkles coming our way, but not much. the meantime, though, temperatures. yeah, they're going to be a nice story by tomorrow afternoon. going to be as high as 70 degrees in san jose. it will be 70 in fremont. 71 degrees in livermore about 72 degrees in concord and 73 in the napa valley. 62 degrees in san francisco. so looking like a nice day outside pretty warm temperatures inside the bay and many of the valleys. but the next few days, we're going to see some changes, in fact, a hard to believe. but spring is winding on down. but there's a chance we could be talking about some rain making return. nice little storm coming our way as we head into the weekend. but we certainly still needed. we needed some 80's in the coming up in a few minutes. all right. thank you.
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well, we have some new video showing a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store in san jose. we first told you about this last night here on kron 4. it happened yesterday morning at j u.s. custom jewelry in at the each ridge mall. the owner says as many as 9 people use hammers to break up that play cases getting away with more than half a million dollars worth of stolen jewelry. >> we're told that this is the second time this particular store has been targeted in the past 6 months. anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact san jose police and happening right now for a second night in a row. san francisco teachers are staging a sleep in their protesting hundreds of teachers not receiving their paychecks or not getting the correct pay. the union leaders representing the teachers say they will remain at the district's headquarters until all of their demands are met. >> kron four's jonathan mccall has more from the district headquarters.
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>> these educators say they will not be going anywhere until all of their demands are met. the most important one, making sure that all of the teachers who have been impacted by being not paid at all or some of them being underpaid. we see the correct amounts in their paychecks, but some progress made today. educators who say that they are working closely with the district on trying to get all of these issues resolved quickly. >> pulled but simple message for san unified school for second night in a row. teachers will be closing their eyes inside of the district this sleep in is to open eyes to what they say has been months of issues of teachers being underpaid and in some cases, teachers not being paid at all is i shouldn't have to leave here last night. >> i shouldn't have come to
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work exhausted. this is humiliating that you have to go for what you for what is written law. >> because it's part of our contract. colleagues are being underpaid. i mean, i'm missing 60% of my paycheck. and i know that i'm not the >> i should be able to be home with my husband who is struggling because he might not have a job next year. >> district officials say that since switching to a new time keeping system more than 1000 incidents have been reported today. superintendent doctor vincent matthews said that only 59 of those outstanding payments remain and hopes to resolve the entire issue. why front doing rally tuesday afternoons? 4 commissioner matthew alexander who heads up the district's budget committee says the district will now take a look into how this all happened morning in april. we're going to do examination of what happened. >> to try to ensure that we understand how we got here and how we made colossal.
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>> a mistake in terms this transition, which never should have been this way. >> because under curios president of the united educators of san francisco, the union representing teachers, she says they plan to be here until every person is paid. and the issue resolved. we know we are going to receive the pay we're owed within. 24 to 48 hours. >> there is no reason why you expected to pass it to come into your. >> and educators did get a huge victory tonight. they say that starting monday, they will now be able to claim of covid-19 sick time if they were able to take off because of the illness. and we're told that will now be retroactive. so if usc headquarters near civic center, jonathan mccall kron, 4 san francisco mayor london breed has introduced legislation to make a portion of jfk drive in golden gate park car free forever. >> a 3 mile stretch of the road between lincoln way and
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keys are drive has been closed since the early days of the pandemic to make outdoor and socially distant recreation easier. 3 city supervisors rafael mandelman, matt haney and dean preston are co-sponsoring the legislation, pedestrian advocacy groups, kids safe as staff and walk as f applaud the measure. the proposal also faces some strong opposition, the full board of supervisors is expected to vote on the legislation as soon as april. a key recommendation is expected tomorrow on the oakland a's ballpark project based on the recommendation, the san francisco bay conservation and development commission will decide whether or not the port of oakland needs howard terminal or whether it can be used for the new ballpark site. if the commission decides the port needs to land and a's ballpark is out of the picture without a new stadium. the a's president says the team will leave oakland. >> the executive officer of the bay area air quality management district is retiring, jack brought, but
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this is his picture has served as the district's executive officer since 2004. he also worked with the environmental protection agency, the south coast, air quality management district and in the private sector, alexander crockett will take over as interim executive officer while the district looks for broadbent successor. >> coming up, another covid surge in europe and asia comes as pfizer asked u.s. regulators to authorize another booster shot as health leaders in israel have done the age group that would be eligible for a 4th shot here in the u.s.. plus, how legalize mobile betting is changing how people enjoy march madness across the nation. but first, we continue our series on remarkable women in the bay area. tonight we introduce you to a woman who has turned her garage into a has turned her garage into a food pantry. and now most admired alum! get up there.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. history month continues. kron 4 celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. and tonight you will need still be a green. she has turned her garage into a food pantry to help others. kron four's gayle ong has her story. >> it's less people ministry. >> and we delivering the operation started inside. still be a green's home in oakley and has expanded into her garage. now green spend saturdays, sorting and packing
10:24 pm
donations. >> all of this is donations. everything so we'll come home to food on our porch. the people are donating. people donate cash that we can buy the stuff that's missing because we always try to perishable food as well. more than a year later, donations started pouring in from big chains. like panera bread and grocery outlet. >> greene says she's always wanted to open a food pantry. the idea came true at the beginning of the pandemic, knowing that a lot of people lost their jobs. a lot of people didn't have access to food. >> because a lot of, you know, grocery stores and stuff are running out of food. also so we just put it together. greener has been luke along with volunteers pack and deliver the boxes to families. in bay point pittsburgh, oakley and brent foot. it's actually good. good food and good need good tree. you know, so it's it's pretty exciting to give back. >> to win something we we didn't get to do when we were younger. i get messages >> just how grateful they are, that they didn't know how eat that week or, you know, just.
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>> just extra little food that helps because not every even if you're working full time. that doesn't necessarily mean that you have money for groceries. >> and the donations keep coming. the hope is one day to have a warehouse. as long as we keep growing, we're going to need more room. i'm just very grateful for all the people in this part that we do receive because we couldn't do it without them. in oakley, gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> and kron 4 will continue recognizing remarkable women all month long. we have a section on our website kron 4 dot com where you can see past winners and nominees. >> next tonight at 10 could another covid booster be in our future outbreaks of the virus in europe and asia causing anxiety in the u.s. will have the latest. >> and skies cleared out around the bay area now, but we could soon see some rain. but what about next week? maybe some temperatures in the 80's. we'll have that forecast coming up.
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>> what's happening in the united kingdom? what's happening in europe right now is not good. >> local doctors expressing concern as covid cases go up in europe and parts of asia. a new surge in china just triggered new lockdowns in several cities there. in fact, the national health commission says china is now seeing the worst outbreak since wuhan in early 2020 local doctors are
10:29 pm
closely watching what's going on there because they say what happens overseas eventually happens here in the u.s.. >> and there are a lot of similarities at play. >> we don't have enough people vaccinated. you know, people vaccinated enough to go where their immunity is. no waiting. we have the 8.2. >> which is 30% transmissible. then. >> omicron. >> doctors say a new drug treatments and more immunized population puts us in a better position than past surges. but masking and other measures could return. should we see a spike in hospitalizations? they're urging people who still haven't been vaccinated to get their shot as soon as possible. >> meantime, pfizer is asking u.s. regulators to authorize another booster dose of its covid vaccine for people who are 65 and older. the vaccine maker is citing data from israel, which suggests that older adults would benefit from the extra dose at least one infectious disease expert
10:30 pm
in the bay area's not so sure about that. she shared her reaction with kron four's justin campbell. >> i think that there's a profit motive in deciding on that. monica gandhi, an infectious disease doctor and professor of medicine at ucsf says on top of the financial motive, she doesn't think the pfizer ceo should decide when we need a shot. we don't use to everyone. >> all the time like the pfizer ceo implicating doctor gandhi says people who need their antibodies high all the time. >> may need to get a 4th shot. and usually those are older people immunocompromised or people with multiple co-morbidities. but for everyone else, doctor gandhi says will have to learn to live with the virus as state and countries roll back pandemic restrictions probably going to be exposed to covid is just very transmissible. and the best thing you can do to protect yourself is be vaccinated. reporting in san
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jose justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> the food and drug administration and the centers for disease control and have to approve the request. california's covid related state of emergency will remain in effect earlier today, state senators rejected an attempt to end it and was the vote along party lines. republican senator melissa melendez introduce the push back in december of 2020. she says the state of emergency has given the governor too much power and she noted the 29 other states have ended their emergencies. she says ending the state of emergency will not affect federal funding and the response to future surges. but democratic senator bill dodd of napa disagrees. >> state of emergency for claim by the governor is absolutely important to ensure that the state can quickly and efficiently continue to respond to the covid-19 pandemic. it be prepared for possible future variants of surges. >> after the vote, a spokesperson for the governor
10:32 pm
released a statement saying, quote, elected official should focus on what best serves their constituents and stop with the political theater. the state will continue to be guided by the latest science and data as we respond to the evolving pandemic, unquote. well, the bill fell short. it is still alive and it could come up again for a vote in sacramento later this year. the federal covid-19 programs are losing funding and the cuts will start hitting americans just a few days starting next week. americans without health insurance will no longer be able to submit claims for covid tests or treatments. >> and in 2 weeks, it will no longer be able to submit claims for vaccinations. the biden administration says it's pleaded with congress for more funding to continue these programs. but so far those pleas have gone unanswered. the white house requested 22.5 billion dollars in covid funds earlier this month. the second gentleman has tested positive for covid. vice president kamala harris sent this tweet about her husband, doug emhoff. she says, quote, doug
10:33 pm
is doing fine and we are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted i have tested negative and will continue to test. please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven't already and quote, vice president harris was at the white house today to mark equal pay day. a reminder of the significant wage gap between men and women in the united staes. this day marks how far into the year of 2020. >> women work in order to match a man as our earnings in 2021. that means it takes women 15 and a half months to make what men get paid for a year. study show. there has been very little progress made. women are still making $0.83 for every dollar earned by a man, a number that has been stagnant for 28 years. at today's event, the vice president announced new steps aimed at closing gender and racial wage gaps. >> our office of personnel management will begin work to address the use of salary history. and the hiring and pay setting process for
10:34 pm
federal employees, an economy that works for women works for everyone. >> vice president harris was joined by current and former members of the u.s. women's national soccer team. you might remember last month they reached a 24 million dollar settlement agreement on an equal pay dispute with us soccer. >> tomorrow will mark one year since a gunman opened fire at 3 massage businesses in georgia, killing 8 people. 6 of them were asian women. one of them was 63 year-old you. her son robert peterson says he still misses spending sundays with his mother cooking and running errands. >> she was fun to be she loved to laugh. she loved you. she loved to share korean culture and food. she was silly at times and again, she was just proud of both me and my brother she just comforting, really. yeah, she by the
10:35 pm
nobody. i guess that's why hurts a lot. she she just wasn't that type of woman. >> the shooter, robert aaron long has been sentenced to life in prison after accepting a plea deal. >> police have arrested a man who they say is responsible for the gruesome killings of homeless people in new york city and in washington, dc the suspect has been identified as 30 year-old gerald grub are the 3rd. the arrest coming one day after the nypd and washington metro police released these pictures and videos of the suspect. he's accused of killing 2 men and hurting 3 others during a nine-day rampage across both cities in that week. the washington, dc police confirmed the suspect was picked up just blocks away from the white house. according to reports the attacks were unprovoked and the suspect approach most of the victims while they were sleeping. >> we need to be looking out for each other inviting people to the help that is available. only way we can actually help
10:36 pm
these homeless people get rid of homes. >> following these attacks, homeless advocates say more needs to be done to protect the well-being of people who are living on the street. now to the 4 zone forecast as we step outside and give you a view of the bucky ball sitting outside the on the burqa. darrell in the city and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us tonight saying that he's going to look ahead at the long-range forecast because he's got some rain. yeah, guys, looks like we're going to get back into some wet stuff around the bay area. but for now drying things out a little bit, not a bad place to be out toward the golden gate bridge. we've got some mostly clear skies and some fog linger along the coastline. >> right now, but here's your long range forecast model show you things are not done yet. as far winter is concerned. in fact, one last gasp here before we get into spring and tomorrow we're looking nice. we're going to see a lot of sunshine temperatures going to rebound around the bay area quite a bit. but you'll notice by tomorrow evening, 9 o'clock or so. we start to see some clouds moving in and then that
10:37 pm
area of low pressure off the coastline. you see this little swirl in the atmosphere with the green here. that's an area of low pressure coming toward the coastline, kind of falling apart as it gets here. but there's a slight chance we could pick up a couple scattered sprinkles as that system comes by on thursday, saint paddy's day. but behind that, a more impressive system. this one looking better than it did yesterday. so we get into a saturday morning. here you are. you've got a good cold front all the way across california. only down 2 point conception may be making its way in los angeles. so i think we're waking up some rain on saturday morning giving way to some sunny skies by late in the day. but that will be a nice a storm rolling on through. and then you get that big dome of high pressure building in the middle of next week. the first week of spring. i think we could be talking about some temperatures in the mid 80's by then as well. so a big change in the weather pattern coming our way forecast for some of the rainfall totals will begin the weekend. this is the way on the forecast. but here we go as we head into friday, you've got that weak system sliding by on saint patty's day. that may bring a little something and then
10:38 pm
there you go. as we get into a saturday, a 3rd, maybe half an inch of rain down on some of the urban areas. that's what some of the models are painting. even 3 quarters of an inch in the napa area. we'll see how it all works out. but i think this was going to be a little bit better. so can the one that came through for today. temperatures outside right now we've got a lot of 40's and 50's around the bay area at this hour. i think as we head through the we're going to see some nice weather, but it's going to be chilly. start to the morning tomorrow. early on. we'll see some 30's and 40's to begin with by the afternoon, though, we're enjoying temperatures up this high of 71 degrees in san jose. 70 in fremont. 72 degrees in livermore about 72 degrees in concord. 73. just gorgeous in the napa valley. already feeling lot like spring will be cooler along the coastline. 50's little sea breeze out toward the beaches in the afternoon. 62 in the san francisco. but your tenant him. we're start get really interesting. i think the next couple days, pat is a slight chance of a shower or 2. the clouds start to thicken up on friday. but then as we get into saturday. better chance of rain around the bay area. a
10:39 pm
nice little soaking but spring. yeah, just don't. i think by sunday we're going to sunshine breaking out by next week. look at those temperatures on tuesday and wednesday, 80's, maybe mid 80's by the middle of next week. all right. thank you, lauren. well, don't be like this guy. look at that. caught on camera driving through a lower barrier and then crashing on a rising drawbridge. >> this happened saturday in daytona beach, florida. police say the motorcyclist failed to observe the red flashing warning lights collided with a large flashing red arm, then got off his motorcycle just as his bike actually fell off the bridge motorcyclist was given a ticket for careless driving. >> and take a look at this. the skies are arens. this is across southern spain as a storm brought dust from the sahara desert. climate experts say spain now has the most unfavorable air quality of any country in the world. topping even china and india. spain's
10:40 pm
weather service says the dust will continue to accumulate through wednesday and could reach as far north ultimately as the netherlands and northwestern germany. >> and something a little lighter. this bird clearly knows how things work of video from sydney, australia captured a kaka too. knocking over that rock. which was holding down the top of the garbage bin and the bird knew that that was where the food was said. officer trying to keep animals out of the bin, but apparently defenseless against a very smart cockatoo kind of like the bears in tahoe, how things were too to do it. all right. ahead is for some lawyers heading in the right direction with the return of great joy. grade. >> and with 13 games left to play. our sports director jason dumas has reaction from coming up.
10:41 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today prepping for a big time matchup against the celtics on wednesday night. on monday, golden state warmly welcomed draymond green back to the lineup, hitting threes right there. but there are still a few vet who remain on ice. andre iguodala being one of them. he got up some shots today after practice.
10:44 pm
but steve kerr told me there's no timetable for andres return bp to he is also out in. he still remains day-to-day with a knee injury. for now, the does will roll with what they got. not like. they have any choice. and still, steve kerr made a point to tell me they are still a work in down the stretch. but we have to take advantage of these 13 games. >> to clean up the stuff that needs to be cleaned up. if we don't do that, then i won't like the position we're in going into the playoffs. we're not ready yet for the playoffs. last night was a perfect you know, we had. multiple especially you know, giving up often supports, giving a packed cuts. we can't get away with those things and expect to win in the playoffs. so i feel good about where we are. those are all but these
10:45 pm
last 13 games are a really important execution wise for guys to understand the areas we've got to get solid with. >> first round of the end, it tournament santa clara taking all washington state 2nd, half santa clara down 11 jalen williams knocks down the 3. he was the leading score this year in the wcc. they were within 8 later on washington state to do. they hit a 3 and they're back up by 11 all roberts. he led all scorers with 23 points. washington state wins 63 to 50, but it was a great season for santa clara. they finished 21 in 12. the saint mary's gaels. they left for portland today and they were sent off in style. they will take on the winner of indiana, wyoming in the first round of the tournament. that game and in a little earlier, we'll show you highlights in the second. the gaels are entering the tournament at the highest seeded team in program. history. they have a bevy of
10:46 pm
seniors and their battle tested and ready for what is in front of that. >> really excited, you out and you 17 really excited when we did this year and we want to go prove it. another time to talk about writing our story all year. and this just another chance for another chapter. so well, we'll see if we can do some damage here. >> so i mention saint mary's will play the winner of indiana. wyoming's playing game. here you go. second have wyoming down 5 graham, ike. right over his right shoulder. nice little hokey at 17 points, wyoming within 3. but indiana would not fall to a mid major on this day. trayce jackson-davis. catch is that live huge game from 29 points for the sophomore. indiana goes on to win. 66 58. saint mary's is a higher seed, but they will still have their hands on thursday in portland. sharks hosting the panthers, jumbo joe making his return to
10:47 pm
the shark tank to a nice ovation. tonight was his first night back play for the sharks 5 to 2020 in his squad. got the win. frank, what rondo lights the lamp u.s. in overtime for florida as his second goal of the game. sharks here just free fall and they lose 3 to 2. they'll head out to la to take on the kings on thursday. all right. if you look at sports, we'll be right look at sports, we'll be right back after a quic oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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>> the return of march madness also means it's time for many to fill out their tournament bracket and well, some people spend hours looking to statistics to make their selections. others say their methods are much less advanced. a new poll found 46% of people just go with their gut. they make a guess 5% say that they just choose winners based the team. colors and mascot blue is good. no matter how you make your selection, odds are against you. picking a perfect bracket. you have about a one in 9 quintillion chance. i think that's 18 zeros. it's a lot despite that, about 45 million americans say they will on this year's tournament. according to the american gaming association, the total bids could combine to 3.1 billion dollars through bracket pools and wagers. >> that is 3 times more than how much was estimated to have been bet on this year's super bowl. the playing games for the ncaa tournament started tonight and the first round matchups begin thursday. yeah.
10:51 pm
for fans in illinois, this will be their first tournament which allows him to make bets with their phones. reporter mike lowe reports on the new law in illinois. >> the well-known gambling phrase, all bets are off may have to be amended. now some bets are on as in online, a change in illinois state law for the first time. allow sports gambling to move from the bricks and mortar sportsbooks to online sites. >> the state law was such working, wanted to sign up for an online sportsbook who had to physically go to one of the locations. and now that's not the recently, the law changed and now people are able to sign up point spent on their phone tablet or on the desktop. >> former chicago tribune reporter teddy greenstein is now the senior editor for points pet and online sportsbook located in 10 states including illinois. he says the sports gambling industry is only becoming more popular. it's now legal in 30 states with 20 states offering
10:52 pm
online wagering. >> yeah, i think for a certain generation of fans it's going to become second nature. you have your phone out your cause to looking just the dogs. >> last year of the 7 billion dollars bet in illinois. 95 1% of the wagers came from online or mobile devices. but the question is, can you wager online on local teams? >> so the answer to that is yes, but there's an asterisk. >> illinois law prohibits online gambling for in-state teams. so when loyola university or the university of illinois teams are playing in the tournament this week, gamblers will have to go to a physical sportsbook to place a bet on either the ramblers or the fighting ally knife. on the one hand, it's a nuisance. on the other hand, it's a lot better than it was last year. >> when illinois play loyola and nobody in the state can legally bet either side. last year, sports betting sites made more than 500 million dollars in revenue in illinois
10:53 pm
generating 79 million dollars in state tax revenue and 6 million dollars for cook county. >> now everything is regulated. everything is tax. if you look at the benefits of the states, as you mentioned, 78.8 million dollars in tax money was generated from the state of illinois in 2021. from sports betting and that goes to illinois capital infrastructure improvement fund. so there really is a societal benefit from legalizing online sports betting. >> and while experts predict a record, 1 billion dollars could be gambled on sports in illinois this month. they also caution that gamblers. should you sports wagering as a way to enhance entertainment? >> not to make money, especially as but gets easier online in chicago. mike lowe. >> just as mask mandates are ending, iphone users can now unlock their phones with their masks on the new ios 15.4 rolls out the future. you can turn it on and settings under face id and passcode face id
10:54 pm
with mask use is the unique features of your eyes to authenticate that. it's really you. however, apple says the full face id option, the still most secure to use the masks feature only seems available for those using iphones 12 and above. for your money, your old phone could get you hundreds of dollars if you sell it online. according to international data core, america's upgrade to a new model. every 38 months. however, not many people actually get rid of their old phones companies such as apple and samsung usually will by the older devices. when you're getting a new one, amazon and best buy offer gift cards for those old phones and even wireless providers. give you credit for your older phones and businesses like back market. e-bay and craigslist are places where you can sell your old equipment as well. all right. let's get a final check of the weather before we sign off tonight. little march
10:55 pm
madness going on around here. i mean, they start out with the rain next week. it could be talking about temperatures in the mid 80's around parts, the bay area. so out there tonight, see, i kind of quieting down a bit. >> looks like it's going to stay that way all night tonight. just a couple of patches of fog have moved in along the coastline. sea, a little bit of a northerly wind kicking in overnight tonight. i think that will be enough to move a lot of that fog away. and i think we'll see a lot of sunshine coming our way. here's something kind of interesting. couple of thunderstorms popping just south of chico. how about rolling through the orville areas? you can see the thunderstorms popping up there. all that rain of activity mainly in that area throughout the day today. but they've had numerous those storms rolling on through. there you are right or gridley a normal seems though thunderstorms heading on by. but things are quiet around the bay area. weather wise. now we're seeing our size start to stabilize and that's why we're seeing some fog make return along the coastline. and that's going to lead to a looks like some nice weather ahead. in fact, tomorrow, high pressure is going to just kind of sneak in here little bit, not going to be a strong ridge, but it's going to be
10:56 pm
just enough to keep our pattern dry for at least a day. now behind that, we've already got another cold front that starts knocking on the door for saint patrick's day. that's going bring with it. some clouds, least a slight chance of a few sprinkles in the bay area. then after that, things get a lot more interesting. i think maybe we get back into some more significant rain as we head toward the weekend. all right, around the bay area tomorrow, looking about 62 degrees in san francisco. 59 in golden gate park about 58 degrees in the sunset. couple patches of fog may be ready on the sunset. give way to some sunshine as we head toward the afternoon. koestler is going to be a little bit cooler plan on temperatures. there are hovering in the 50's by tomorrow afternoon inside the bay should be very nice, though. 63 in millbrae and burlingame about 62 in brisbane and then the temperatures start to warm up as you head down the peninsula about 67 in redwood city. 69. and what side about 68 degrees in san mateo, the south bay going to be beautiful our quality looking fantastic. and those temperatures warming up very nicely. spring-like into the 70's there tomorrow afternoon, east bay also looking nice as well. the
10:57 pm
temperatures warming up to 70 degrees in pleasanton. 71 in little more about 69 degrees in fremont. and 67 in hayward, 17 raga 71 degrees in walnut creek. and about 66 degrees in downtown oakland. looks like we've got some great weather in the north bay to warm temperatures around the bay area. just a little breeze in the afternoon, but not going to be much dry weather for tomorrow. next few days. yeah. slight chance of a sprinkle or 2 on saint patty's day as we get the weekend. i think that's the last day of spring got i mean, last winter. we got some rain coming first day of spring, the summer after. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. have a good night. we'll see tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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