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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  March 16, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and it is the finest hour here on the ground for warning is our last hour. and we want to take a check of weather and traffic before we get going on. a very busy news day, john, we have in store. well, it's going to be nice. and sunny, one big change from yesterday is cloudy. >> rainy conditions at the same time looking out there at your east bay hills, not a cloud in the sky right now. storm system has exited the region and now we get to enjoy a really mild feel later on today. temperatures haven't budged a whole lot. just yet, though. we're still hanging out in the 50's for most areas. those 30's are wiped out up in the north bay, though we in fairfax, santa rosa and napa. temperatures climbing quickly up there. now, as far as our roadways are concerned, rain had been keeping you updated on conditions out there that we're definitely not ideal for many spots. and we still do have that back up at the bay bridge toll plaza here we are
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going to be looking at traffic winding down over the next several minutes. but for now, this is what you've got. now, as far as the san mateo bridge goes, you're sitting under sunshine. things are rolling smoothie at this moment across 92 getting you on to the peninsula. but we definitely are seeing and not necessarily clear conditions just yet. as for the richmond center fell bridge, we do have conditions up there that are definitely easing up at the moment. and as far as the golden gate bridge goes, just sunshine and easy commute heading into the city. back to you. darya a lot of 9, 0, one. the breaking news this morning. we watch live as ukraine's president, volodymyr zelensky. >> talk to members of congress and pleaded with them to do something more to help stop russia's invasion. he detailed the suffering that ukrainians are enduring. it's been 3 weeks now and the bombs seem to be intensifying. so lindsay asked again for the u.s. to
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close the skies, as he says, no fly zone is what he wants over ukraine. he says the doing that would be able to stop russians from attacking their cities. but that's a decision the biden administration is not prepared to make knowing that he went on to say if you're not going to close the skies, give you know, weapons, the defensive weapons that we need you know, fighter planes as what they really want. he thanked the president for his commitment to helping the country thanking americans, but saying that he needs us to do more. he called on lawmakers to impose new even stricter sanctions on russia moving forward and just impressing upon us. the fact that every day people are dying and then we can help stop that. he hearken to will pearl harbor and up. and he brought up 9.11 and that terrorist attacks on the u.s. as he appealed for us to do something to stop russia from committing these were
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crimes. >> remembers september, the 11th that terrible day in 20 to 2001 when he will try to turning u.s. cities independent territories in battlefield when innocent people were at tech. country experience the same every day right now, russia has turned they train and sky into a source of death. >> and then he showed video of the people who are dying in ukraine and again said close the skies. at the end, you've got a standing ovation from congress. the big question is what is president biden? what is his reaction to this was his response and we're standing by for that. >> he's supposed to talk probably sometime this hour. we'll take it live as soon as it happens. meantime, the bombardment continues. russian
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airstrikes continue this morning. the reports were that they hit a bread line and killed about a dozen people that were just waiting for food. they have been still striking kiev. robert sherman has the latest from the ground. >> another hospital has found itself right in the thick of things. and mario pull as ukrainians claim russian forces have captured an intensive care unit holding 500 people hostage in recent days. an estimated 20,000 civilians have are you pull through evacuation corridors but fighting and shelling his cut off critical routes. evacuations today are in question roads, bridges and railroads all destroyed, making it difficult for humanitarian workers to reach people in need of aid. attacks on kyiv continue through the evening. firefighters had to rescue multiple people and put out fires after he's hit by shelling overnight. >> russian strikes have been inching closer and closer to the city center. and with it striking more residential areas, russian troops have not
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moved from their positions about 10 miles away in recent days because if you park, it is ukraine's second-largest city and important cultural icon. this building built in 18. 99 now medical site. >> was hit by a missile and burned overnight. park of he's seen heavy fighting since the beginning of the war. strikes have already destroyed blocks of homes, museums, schools and more in a city loved for its architecture. video from this week shows residents running for cover after russian jets fly overhead and drop their payload elsewhere in the city. but the ukrainian resistance has been so fierce. u.s. defense officials believe russia is trying to get more troops and supplies into ukraine. that includes using foreign fighters are private military companies. these forces will be used to secure areas already under russian control. we're offensive elsewhere in the country. on tuesday, the prime ministers
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of poland, the czech republic and slovenia traveled by train from poland to ukraine's capital city into the line of fire. despite safety concerns, leaders claim the meeting was to serve as a message. ukraine deserves a place in the eu, but they stopped short of further pushing a future nato membership appearing to concede in the name of peace. as that happens, more and more refugees pour into poland in surrounding countries. long lines of women, children and the elderly. all wait for the chance to feel safe again in robert sherman. >> 9, 0, 6, is the time. and for your money this morning, gas prices keep climbing. and we told you, though, about the price of oil dropping. so when is that can affect us at the pump? well, crude now is trading below $110 a barrel. and aaa says that the price of oil accounts for about 50% of what drivers pay for gas. so we might eventually see those prices drop it right now, california is looking at a high average 5.77. and it's
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even higher in the bay area. let's take a peek in san francisco. a dime or the average is 5.88. that's for the lowest grade of fuel. regular unleaded santa rosa's average. 5.84 few pennies off from that. no. clinton, 5.81 and san jose right now is the only one in the 70's 5.77, a gallon. because of those high gas prices. uber is passing on the price in the form of a surcharge to help the drivers deal with how much it cost to fill their tanks. cop was will tran has the very latest from sfo. >> uber and lyft drivers. they're very popular at airports. so there's a good chance if you're getting dropped off here. it's not a family member but a stranger and that stranger needs money according to uber. and that's why it started at midnight. they did announce couple of days ago and it went into effect that if you're hopping into uber or lift, you will be charged a little bit more. >> as far as uber is concerned is 45 to $0.55 more per ride
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and the money will go directly to the drivers. lyft. they did not say the details but more than likely they follow competitors. so it should be in the same ballpark. let's face it. gas prices are going up and up and then the profits for the drivers keep going down and down had a chance to talk to a driver. he says anything is better than nothing. >> glad receive something good to help offset the gas prices yet. >> $0.55. will that do it? i mean, i guess if you do a lot of rights that will add up. yeah. if you do, a lot of won't do it. it's it's going to be probably a, you know, quarter of what i but >> it well, i so think that's not for the guys. bryce should be a little more. you know. >> yeah, a lyft didn't say exactly how much, but you will be getting something because to offset the gas prices role. that will be great actually. yeah. looking forward to it.
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the other alternative could a% have been for lyft or uber to take less on commission. but of course, their business and they didn't do that. so just like all the other businesses are many out there. they pass along the difference to us. the consumer. this is going to last at least 2 months. and by the way, if you use uber eats, you'll be charged anywhere between 35 and $0.45 as well. i can tell you it doesn't make a difference. if you're thinking you might get a break in if every penny counts that you might get a break, if you hop into an electric car, that's not going to be the case because uber will still charge you that extra. 45 to $0.55. even if you're hopping into, liked >> 9, 0, 9, right now. today is the day that determines whether the a's are really going to stay or go because the new ballpark at howard terminal is what name they need. they said to stay in a group of regulators for the port of oakland is going to come up with a recommendation on whether the port needs howard terminal to help keep up with cargo. if the port
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needs it, then the a's can't have it. this afternoon. that recommendation will be given to the san francisco bay conservation and development commission. if the commission decides the port of oakland needs howard terminal. then the new a's ballpark is out of the picture. and that means is the a's have said the a's are out of. here is owner dave campbell saying that if there's no terminal at the ball at the howard terminal station, there's no ballpark. then they're going to go, which is why they've been exploring las vegas. a big story in the south bay, the criminal fraud trial for theranos executive sunny balwani starts today. this 2 months after theranos founder elizabeth holmes was convicted but blamed him for almost everything. kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest from san jose. >> opening statements have just begun for the trial of sunny balwani, the ex-boyfriend of elizabeth holmes and the previous president and coo of theranos, the blood-testing startup that started here in silicon valley. take a look at bo
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lonnie walking into the courtroom here in san jose. anything you'd like to say before heading to court today. the criminal trial was supposed to start yesterday but was delayed due to issues with several jurors. but one, he was a businessman before he started running theranos, which was once worth 9 billion dollars. he faces 12 counts of criminal wire fraud and conspiracy against investors, doctors and patients. the same brought against holmes just 2 months ago. a jury convicted holmes, the creator and ceo of theranos of 4 of those counts and acquitted her of 4 others. homes remains free on bond pending her sentencing this fall in the trial. 38 year-old holmes described 57 year-old beau on e as physically emotionally and sexually abusive. this trial will on chance to tell his side of the story and his involvement with the company. jury selection for the trial was extremely challenging because they couldn't find people who are not only available for the trial. it's estimated to last 13 weeks.
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>> but also to find an unbiased jury. bad timing as hulu just released a series about their nose, which speculated on the relationship between holmes and balwani. there's also an hbo documentary about the company that once captivated silicon valley and is now captivating the world after much trouble getting enough jurors. they now have 6 men and 6 women on the jury will continue to follow this as it develops. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting in san jose. back to thank you, sarah. 9.12 right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> do we change the clocks back when that time comes? you know, we just push forward. there's a new push by congress to make the time to time permanently. >> i'm okay with that. this change and back and forth. the gets confusing, especially when you're looking at your microwave, your car, the clocks today. nothing confusing about it. it's going to be sunny. any easy go as you step outside this morning with the jackets, though, upper 50's to low 60's at the coast in upper 60's to low
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70's inland. another round of rain is around the corner and i'll get to it in your forecast.
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>> and we are back at 9.15, on this wednesday morning had to think about what day it was for us to get there. yesterday was a much different day as far as weather goes, it was very rainy out there. and today, very sunny and nice calm. want to look at the flag there at pier 15, not moving
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at all this morning. so rainfall snowfall, it's long gone. now we're in for a dry, pretty comfortable day today. there are a lot of changes in this forecast, though. and all breaking down for you. first of all, that next cold front. it's a week when it's not going to do much for us. what we do see in future cast, though, is from today's clear skies to tomorrow's cloudier conditions as that cold front does pass across the region. look at the green to our west. any chance of rainfall just fizzles out before it reaches us. so aside from a couple sprinkles in mendocino county, we are in for a dry day tomorrow. much like today's about to be friday. temperatures start to climb again. going to be a beautiful start to the weekend before a stronger cold front dives in friday night into saturday morning. and that leaves us with our most significant round of rain in this forecast for the very last day of winter, too. now, if we do achieve that 3rd of an inch of rainfall in san francisco on saturday, it will have been the rainiest day of 2022. so far. and that's saying something because we're 3 months into it. now, the
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rainiest day up to this point was early in january about a quarter of an inch of rain. since then, the tap just ran out so very much. so looking forward to a rainy day on saturday. if you're looking forward to getting outside, maybe move those plans to today, if you get the chance instead of saturday because today is about to be such a beautiful one. friday is going to be a key one as well. if you want to get out there. carlos redwood city each at 68 for your highs, south bay temperatures, low 70's in campbell, san jose as well as livermore. you'll be at 70 degrees for your highs today. mid 60's in oakland and berkeley while the north bay, some of our warmest fairfield and vacaville all the way up to 74 degrees today. so here's the ups and the downs tomorrow, a little cooler and cloudier than today. and then it's right back up into the low 70's by friday. as i mentioned, that your best day of the weekend. if you like the warm weather friday night, a cold front rushes through drops temperatures into the 50's best opportunity for rainfall kick off spring on sunday with some mild
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conditions into the 60's with a lot of sunshine and temperatures next week push up words really quickly by tuesday. we're in the low 80's for a few spots. now, the bay bridge this morning. it's been a rough go making your way into san francisco. we've still got the backup at the toll plaza. and even when you get beyond the tolls, you're still going to be role in a fairly slowly all the way into san francisco. as for the san mateo bridge, a big improvement to rolling at the limit. now, lots of sunshine overhead. also a nice note after yesterday, slick conditions, daria. time to talk winners and losers with our financial rob black. good morning, rob. >> good morning. so is today. the day we find out if we're going to see an interest rate hike. >> yes, some good for you to start off with such a complex hired streets means higher borrowing costs, higher borrowing costs means slower economy. the fed has kept borrowing costs low for about the last 2 years due to the pandemic. before that it was low because of 9.11. it was are low because the great recession. so we're going to
9:19 am
try to get us little bit higher. that central come out late this morning and it's not so much 25 or 50 basis points will be added to the cost of mortgages and credit cards. that's the idea it's really about what they say about the future of, you know, how do we fight inflation at 79%? when are wages are growing that to be interesting because i think rock scissors, paper, that kind of beat what's going on with russia. ukraine paper. i think rex higher interest rates, kind of trump's end of the war in ukraine. social toll in human tolls. bigger. yeah. but the u.s. economy is huge and everyone is paying attention. the it said watch day. i'm in my but yeah, it's funny because i was just going to ask you, are you watching that more than ukraine and the waiting for the president to speak? >> because that's going to impact everything. everything to write. i know people are worried like what's going to happen? the instability more you know that that does things to the markets and it does things to the economy. it does
9:20 am
things short term, the market star. we've been through goal for one goal for to war. one world war, 2 vietnam, north we've been through higher oil. we've been through inflation, deflation, depressions, recessions. >> kim jong hoon, we've been through the silver crisis, the oil crisis like we've been through prices and i've t-shirts and a higher market show for it. but right now we have to get through this mortgage rates of pushing up higher that should help people buy homes this time next year as competition cuts down due to higher rates. i got a mortgage last year this time for 2 and a half percent. now it's up to 4 and a quarter. that's a big move. and of note to started a robot called chippy. and you know, it should be does not to be makes chips. he's replacing human being. who makes chipsets cole a boehner testing at right now. but again, it's one of reasons you want to higher education reaches a lower education, dob like working at fast food >> okay. because if if chippy can make chips next weekend anchors at the idea. so i i should be afraid.
9:21 am
>> sure your real id current 2 point over on now. >> all right. what what i i guess, you when it comes to economy, you keep watching people buying still. that's an important indicator. so it's going on there. >> yeah. and versus the war in ukraine versus the u.s. economy. opening back up in the world. economy is opening back up. that's the questions. wall street are kind of wrestling with and retail shows. good signs. february was higher than january. january was higher than december. such a good trend. the downside as part of the cost for the retail sales are up 17% and it's too much, it's up 17% because we're paying more at the pump. paying more for closer paid more for food and groceries. so up 70% great, but it's kind of inflation fuel. so we're getting less for more money. and that's not a healthy sign of an of know, the one thing that i really really like is food services were up 2 and a half percent, which shows you and i are going to restaurants
9:22 am
raging again in the uk, which means in about 2 weeks to be raging. here i if history is a telltale, but i'm not a doctor now. but overall, i feel good about the numbers but not great. >> okay. well said. all right. and we'll go with that for today. thank you, rob. if you'd like to, we'll see later. if you would like to ask a question arrive, you can e-mail him or you can reach me on facebook or twitter. we'll
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>> 9.24 is the time at which is used to be a 24. but you know what? we might never go back. >> because the senate approved the sunshine protection plan to permanently switch our clocks nationwide to daylight saving time. gerard jebaily has the details. >> let's give americans something to celebrate. longer days. and more sunshine on tuesday, the senate unanimously passed the bill called the sunshine protection act, which would mean a permanent daylight saving time for the entire country. more than a dozen states have already enacted a permanent change to daylight saving time. but for much of the country, the by annual clock change has been an american tradition for more than a century. senators from both sides of the aisle spoke in favor of the bill. the case for president. >> daylight saving time is clear. so let's go from polar to solar. florida. senator marco rubio even argue that
9:26 am
keeping daylight saving time permanent could cut down on crime and childhood obesity. the darker side to this bill, literal darkness for early risers from december 4th through february 3rd, the sun won't even rise until after 08:00am for most areas. but >> a permanent daylight saving time would mean an end to that for 15 sunset in the winter months in the northern states. switching the clocks twice a year isn't just a hustle. it's a hazard. according to the cdc, deadly car crashes increased by 6%. when we switch from standard time to daylight saving time and lose an hour of sleep, throwing off sleep patterns can take up to a week just to readjust. >> it may be 9.26, but it's still a 26 in my car. by the way, i can reset that clock. all right. coming up, we're going to take a look at an attempted home invasion in oakland and show you what the homeowner has to say about it. now.
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>> 9.29, as we say, was the 29 and i guess is like jet lag, john, because this is catching up with you now on wednesday. i know in the same thing happened yesterday like around shows like, oh, yeah, i lost in our yeah. that sunshine should wake us right back up as we step outside. >> nice clear skies this
9:30 am
morning. yesterday was kind of gray if you remember and very wet, too. so that might a pitcher right back to sleep. just that as for conditions throughout the day, it stays nice and clear and temperatures will continue to climb under the sunny conditions right now. berkeley, 52 degrees, oakland and hayward at 53. those 30's you had in the north bay. they're long gone now and we've got some 60's 70's later on today. as far as the roads go, they sure do. look nice. we've got lots of sunshine overhead. let's get a look at the bay bridge and you can see that we do have conditions that are nice and clear there at least step when you look at the toll plaza, it is backed up and we actually have a backup that stretches all the way up to 80, really to the 85, 80 split just north of helping me. so it's taken me a minute to get into the city and even past the toll plaza. we've got some slow goes all the way across the bay bridge, san mateo bridge definitely rolling at the limit. you do have a backup on one. 0, one northbound. once you get into foster city and try to get up into san mateo. so watch for
9:31 am
that. as for the richmond center fell, we're doing just fine there. once you get a cruise through the maze, it's smooth sailing and not through the maze. the toll plaza smooth sailing all the way on over towards marin county and the golden gate looks great as well. the latest traffic of them off back to you. darya. >> thanks a lot, john. 9.31. in these than oakland. families on edge because somebody trying to break into their home while they were there at end of shooting into the door. take a look. armed robbers, they pull up at this home on in the allendale neighborhood. this was last month in oakland and watch. they come up with a crowbar try to get through the front door and then they hear somebody inside is a family member was actually sleeping downstairs, startled them. and that's when they fired shots and then ended up taking off the homeowners just thankful nobody was hurt. >> it's are honestly my sense of awareness right now is is going off every time i step out it was a wake-up call to just be more mindful of our
9:32 am
first our and and be more protective of the people that we love and we care about. and one of those protections is now the homeowner has added an iron door to the front of his home for protection. >> they're still hoping that the police can find whoever this was. and we have video showing a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in san jose. they still haven't found these people who ran into this does diamond jewelry store on monday morning. it's called j and has custom jewelry in the eastridge mall. but 9 people with hammers. they broke. the display cases got away with about a half a million dollars worth of jewelry. and this is the second time that that store has been hit in 6 months. >> fremont police are investigating a shooting that killed one is around 6.30, last night. the area of gatewood street west of fremont boulevard. that is where police found the victim. we have no details, though, on a shooter. vallejo police are asking your help to solve a deadly stabbing of a homeless
9:33 am
woman. she's 59 year-old ana marie villa nueva and she was stabbed to death last friday. she marks now 6 homicide of 2022. and hope for a man is charged in connection with last year's father's day shooting in richmond that killed 3 people. police arrested 27 year-old enrique ramirez. last week. the contra costa county da has filed 3 counts of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder against him and against an 18 year-old that they're not releasing the teenager's name because of their age at the time of the crime. local doctors are expressing concerns because they're seeing what's happening in europe and parts of asia. where there's been a surge in covid china just in fact, lockdown several cities because of it. the national health commission says china has now seen the worst outbreak since wuhan in early 2020. and doctors here now are keeping a watch on that because they say what happens overseas eventually works its way to the u.s.. there are many similarities
9:34 am
>> we don't have enough people vaccinated. you know, people vaccinated enough to go where their immun we have the 8.2. >> which is 30% more transmissible. then. >> but we also have new drug treatments and we have more people immunized now in the u.s. than we did. so that puts us in a better position. they say to handle any surge is and they say that what would be most important is making sure that if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. 9.34 and speaking of vaccinations. what about the poor shot? that's what pfizer is asking u.s.. regulators to approve for people who are 65 and older. pfizer is citing data from israel that suggests that seniors benefit from the extra dose. but doctors say the vaccinations continue to offer strong protection. what we already got, they say that's good against severe illness.
9:35 am
we spoke with one infectious disease expert in the bay area who says that only people at a very high risk need that extra protection. >> and usually those are older people, immunocompromised or people with multiple co-morbidities. we don't use to everyone all the time like the pfizer ceo implicating probably going to be exposed to covid is just very transmissible. and the best thing you can do to protect yourself is be vaccinated. >> the fda and the cdc are going to take this up. they would have to approve any request from pfizer. what about the state of emergency? state lawmakers rejected an attempt to end governor newsom's covid related state of emergency. this was the apfirst time the legislature could publicly debate. whether it's time to end it or keep it in place. and the bill fell short. it's still alive, though. and it could cup again come up again. ashley zavala has the latest. >> dot notes, state lawmakers in the senate tuesday shot down a resolution that would
9:36 am
end california's pandemic related state of emergency. it is time. >> for the legislature to reassert its constitutional authority as a legislative body of this state. and and this endless emergency, the bill senate concurrent resolution 5 was dusted off for its first hearing after senator melissa melendez introduce the push in december of 2020. she says the state of emergency has given the governor too much power and noted. 29 other states have ended their emergencies. the governor has come close. >> or possibly has. >> violated the constitutional separation of powers doctrine by legislating through executive order on a party line vote. members of the committee on governmental organization rejected ending the state of emergency for sting state of emergency for claim by the governor. >> is absolutely important to ensure that the state can quickly and efficiently continue to respond to the covid-19 pandemic. it be prepared for possible future variants of surges. some democrats, including senator ben allen opted out of voting
9:37 am
with questions about how exactly this could affect federal funding and response to future surges. melendez said the resolution would not hinder any of it. i do think that it's important that this be ended at some point. i would love to get some some further clarification information from. from from experts on this after the vote. a spokesperson for the governor said in a statement, quote, elected officials should focus on what best serves their constituents and stop with the political theater. the state will continue to be guided by the latest science and data as we respond to the evolving pandemic. the chairman of the committee agreed to grant the resolution reconsideration, meaning it can be brought back for another vote later this year in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.37. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the warriors are headed in the right direction with the return of draymond green and they're going to play again tonight. we'll take a peek at how coach kerr feels about the whole thing. and a mother looking for answers of who killed her son will tell you why. there is new hope this morning.
9:38 am
>> and we are seeing conditions outside today. a whole lot of clear than they were yesterday and we're going to stay that way into the afternoon with temperatures cli
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> a $50,000 reward is out now for someone who comes forward with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the killer of 20 year-old tyler dickson. he was well known in the east bay, a former quarterback for el serino high's football team.
9:41 am
the butte county sheriff says that he was shot and killed in july while on a camping trip with his girlfriend's family in oroville. they say that he was sleeping in his tent when he was shot. and since then, dixon's mother has been looking for answers and why nobody knows anything. >> there are 100 people camping. >> and that can set that day. and the tents where >> arms i mean, you could touch the next 2. it was quiet at 08:00am when i got there. so i can imagine quiet it was at. 41. you know, somebody knows something. >> and she is hoping this reward will ha.e somebody come forward with that information and they'll be able to find the killer. it's 9.41. right now in another big story, police are looking for a man wanted in connection with the murder of the 8 year-old daughter of his girlfriend. her name is sophia mason from hayward and her body was found in the boyfriend's home in merced, said sophie was first reported missing last tuesday by her on it, who says the last time that she saw her was the summer and she took
9:42 am
pictures of bruises on sophia's arm. but the little girl said she didn't want to say anything about it. and then last friday, police found the body of sofia in her mother's boyfriend's house. his name is dante jackson. the mother has been arrested and they're still looking for the boyfriend. 30 year-old samantha johnson was arrested over the weekend in newark, a 34 year old dante jackson is still being looked for. he is missing and they'd like to find him and arrest him. it's 9.42. right now. we'll be back with more in a few minutes. right now kohl's has the latest spring styles... for less! get 20% off outfits from sonoma goods for life... 25% off cool looks from hurley... and 25% off adidas and champion for the family. plus, save even more with a kohl's card... and earn kohl's cash! kohl's. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle,
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there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> 9.44 right now, we are still waiting for president biden come out and speak. so we will take that when it happens live. but in the meantime, we want to get an update on the weather. so will only cut you, john, for the president. other than that. it's all you, i it's not like we have anything to talk about today, anyways, because it is going to be a really nice, sunny day. so if i have to get cut short, know today's the day to get out there. so is friday saturday. san jose looks really nice. you can see that storm system out of the way and we're looking at clear skies across the bay. now. >> high pressure ridge briefly built up, but another weak trough pushes in tomorrow. >> what is this going to do for us will honestly, not much today is going to be a crystal clear one tomorrow. skies cloud up a little bit and we'll see a couple of
9:46 am
sprinkles for the mendocino coast, but not for the rest of us. the system just not packing enough energy with it. skies clear out nicely on friday, which will be the warmest day of the weekend. and then we take a plunge into saturday as a cold front dives into the bay area leaves us with a really steady opportunity for rainfall for morning all the way till evening on saturday, this could stack up totals to around a quarter of an inch, maybe even a 3rd for san francisco. and if that happens, it will be our rainiest day of 2022. so far, obviously december brought the rain but so far and this year we haven't seen much of anything. so that's saying something right there. just how dry it's been light. rainfall totals like that are amounting to a lot considering the times we're in 50's and 60's near the coastline today it will be 60's to low 70's elsewhere in the bay. now today is going to be a pleasant feeling one in the reason for that is even though we saw temperatures fairly similar to this yesterday, we've got lots of sunshine today and winds are overall going to be a lot calmer that just makes it feel nicer.
9:47 am
fairfield and vacaville, our warmest spots at 74 degrees today. tomorrow, a little bit cooler and definitely a little bit cloudier friday. we'll see temperatures climb briefly back into the low 70's before really diving into the 50's on saturday for our rainy day of the weekend saying those activities for sunday, your first day of spring back into the 60's will go under sunshine and temperatures climb quickly into the start of spring by monday and tuesday. we're in the mid 70's to even low 80's. as far as our bridges are concerned, still slow on the bay bridge. that backup is loosened a little bit now. but even as you get past the toll plaza, it's still not at the limit as you're crossing the bay bridge and 80 southbound all the way from the 5, 80 80 split is really a slow go to before even get to the maze. the san mateo bridge, a big improvement from where we have been as you're heading northbound on one. 0, one. once you get past foster city, that's where you're going to see the slower traffic and the richmond center fell bridge is a-ok definitely lighter than it was moments ago. do have
9:48 am
some cones there in the last lane to the right or the second to last lane to the right. not sure exactly what that's about. we do have some construction on it, though. so i'm assuming that would be the cause and the golden gate bridge. we are looking at clear skies and a clear road way too. back to you. daria, thanks to la and 9.47. and the warriors are back to winning, which is a good thing. we'll see if they can make it 5 in a row. >> tonight in the meantime, coach kerr says his team needs to improve a lot before they can make a playoff run. kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has that and a preview of march madness. >> the dogs were back on the practice court prepping for a big time matchup against the celtics on wednesday night. on monday, golden state warmly welcomed draymond green back to the lineup. he was hitting threes and all. but there are still a few vets who remain on ice. andre iguodala is one of them. he was getting up shots today at practice. but steve kerr told me that there's no timetable for andres return.
9:49 am
gary payton, the second, he's also still out here remains day-to-day with a knee injury. for now, the dubs will roll with what they got. not like. they have a choice and still, steve kerr made a point to tell me that they are still very much a work in progress, we have to take advantage of these 13 games. >> to clean up the stuff that needs to be cleaned up. if we don't do that, then i will like the position we're in going into the playoffs. we're not ready yet for the playoffs. >> last night was a perfect you know, we had. multiple especially you know, giving up often supports, giving a packed cuts. we can get away with those things and expect to win in the playoffs. so i feel good about where we are overall, but these last 13 games are are really important. execution wise for, you know, for guys to understand the areas we've got to get solid with.
9:50 am
>> the saint mary's gaels left for portland. they were sent off in style. they'll take on the winner of indiana, wyoming in the first round of the ncaa tournament. that game just ended. by the way. stand by on that. the gaels are entering the tournament has the highest seed in program history. they're 5. see, by the way, they have a bevy of seniors and they are battle tested and ready for what is in front of them. >> out and you said team really excited that we did this year and we want to go prove it. another time to talk about writing our story all year. and this just another chance for another chapter. so well, we'll see if we can do some damage here. >> so i mention saint mary's will play the winner of indiana. wyoming's playing game. well, here you go. 2nd, half wyoming down 5 graham, ike. knocks down a short little jumper. he had 17 points, wyoming within 3, but indiana would not fall to a mid major trayce jackson-davis
9:51 am
catches the lob. he had a huge game. 29 points for the sophomore. indiana goes on to win. 66 to 58. saint mary's is the higher seed. but they will have their hands full on thursday in portland, indiana, saint mary's. that's going to be a good one. >> and that was reporting the warriors host the celtics tonight at the chase center and kron 4. don't forget, we are highlighting recognizable, remarkable women all month long. they are amazing and we hope you tune in not only on tuesdays, but also we have a section on kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back.
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was time to go, but they never stop on kron on. let's go to noelle bellow for a preview in the newsroom. hi, noel. good morning, darya. it's been 2 years since our shelter-in-place order was issued due to covid-19. >> reflecting on the pandemic. speaking with doctor about where we stand now. plus, traffic fatalities continue to rise. an alarming rate in san jose. the mayor set to speak this morning about the worrying trend and we'll have a live report on his remarks coming up on our noon newscast to catch that and get real-time updates on local and national headlines all day long. i got to do is grab your phone scan, the qr code that you see on your screen. it
9:55 am
will take you straight to rob stores. you can download kron on for free. back to you. thank you know, well, the american kennel club is just out with their most popular dog breeds list. so >> let's take a look at number one. the lab in the top spot again for the 31st year derailed in this. a french bulldog after that. how about the golden retriever? and who doesn't love a german shepherd? i know my daughter does. and for the first time since the late 90's, guess who's back? >> pools? they made it to that. it's in the top 5, who's going to spend this much time on their hair is my question. and then you've got the other dogs that, you know, you really have to brush and their adorable and. >> but they're all shatters, john. and that's the problem. that's the thing you have to exit. the pools are not the poodles are not so much work to get him that pretty well. who's going just clean up out to? i don't spend that much time. let alone the poodles here. i say put, take the top
9:56 am
list and what it all in one and then go adopt a much because i agree we take a look at the their paws are not going to get wet, which is good for dogs. yeah. they they melt in the rain. they do mind. but he prefers sunshine. so today is his day. graham. i now you didn't like yesterday very much today tomorrow and even friday are going to be nice. dry days. temperatures gradually warm up into friday and do enjoy that because look at what happens into saturday. we'll have a cold front diving in. that's going to leave us with a consistently rainy day for mourning all the way through the evening. so if you don't mind getting wet, get out there. but if you want to avoid that last day of winter rain, well, maybe plan. that is your day to stay inside. we kick off spring on sunday with some beautiful, clear skies. high temperatures climb quickly into the 60's and by monday and tuesday, daria, we're wasting no time starting to feel that warmth look at tuesday, all the way up into in the 80's and women backing up to the weekend. let's say or tahoe for the weekend or
9:57 am
they can get snow while we get right up. and the heaviest of it does look likely to be on saturday night so can handle a little chain control on sunday. maybe get up there. and how weird is skies chains on sunday in tahoe and then tuesday. 83, i know this forecast is a roller just right. it as we go to you get what you get. it and we'll see you back here tomorrow. you enjoy the rest today.
9:58 am
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>> today on an all new "dr. phil"... >> we live just blocks away from where you saw the building bombed. >> dr. phil: tell me about the decision you had to make. your father stayed behind. >> i couldn't leave the train. >> a young russian woman speaks out. >> dr. phil: to protect her safety we're not going to show her face. >> even though i'm terrified right now i speak against my home. >> it's not an action movie, it's a reality. >> dr. phil: for weeks now the world has watched in horror as russia launched a full-scale invasion on ukraine. in the news on social medi


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