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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 16, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. now at age 3, people charged in the murder of kron. 4 security guard. kevin nishita, the latest on the charges and the investigation. >> more money may not mean more results. what a new report has to say about the san francisco police department and crime in the city and a major announcement from state lawmakers that democrats plan to put $400 in the pockets of every taxpayer. >> those are our top stories tonight on kron 4 news today. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. tonight. 3 people have been charged with murder in the shooting death of kron. 4 news
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security guard kevin nishita kevin. the shooter was shot the day before thanksgiving while on assignment with the kron. 4 news reporter kron four's jonathan mccall here tonight with new details about where what we're learning about those suspects, john. yeah, that's all coming. nearly 4 months after kevin's death to so many folks impacted by it tonight, oakland police say that 2 of those suspects currently in custody, a 3rd suspect remains on the run tonight. kron 4 working to confirm the names of those suspects. but we are expected learn more details about all of them and the charges and exactly how this all went down during a news conference tomorrow afternoon, the shooter was shot just the day before thanksgiving back in november while on assignment with the kron. 4 news reporter who is covering a story on 14th street. detectives say the shooting was an attempted robbery of that reporter's camera equipment. kevin shot in the lower stomach died from his injuries. just 3 days later after his death, police released an image of this white four-door acura that later became the center of the investigation during a search for this car. we also learned
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that san francisco police we're looking for the same car in connection to a robbery in the presidio that happened just days before kevin was shot in december. oakland oakland police announced the arrest of 2 people in connection to his murder. those arrests were unrelated, though, to kevin's murder, according to the alameda county district attorney's office, the murder charges involving kevin's death were filed this week against 3 people. once again, one of those suspects remains on the run tonight. 2 of them are behind bars before working as a private security guard issue to work for police departments and hayward coma and san jose. and just last week, kevin was honored with the courage award from the radio television digital news foundation for his sacrifice while protecting our reporter on the scene. as we mentioned, we are expected to learn more details about this investigation during a news conference tomorrow afternoon. at one, 30, we will bring it to you live on the kron on streaming app. jonathan mccall kron 4 thank
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you, jonathan. last fiscal year, the san francisco police department's budget was close to 703 million dollars. now a new report from the center on juvenile and criminal justice is taking aim at the service pulock provided by san francisco police given the tax money being spent. >> it is a report that police officials consider politically motivated while force as it might be. good reports. >> san franciscans spend more and get less from their police department. that most major california cities that is according to research data in a six-page policy brief released this week from the center on juvenile and criminal justice. >> this is pretty bad and it's also getting worse. we have seen declines in arrests in in crime clearance in san francisco over time. they're pretty alarming and which have not to the same extent. elsewhere. >> this center juvenile and criminal justice graphic shows the percentages for the sf police budget per resident police employees per resident
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and reported crimes. president are all going up while the rest and crime solved are trending in the other direction. when you read that. >> your thoughts? >> i mean, nothing that that folks like me don't know. and and what we've been trying to a certain really is the basis for the defund movement, right, that we continue to invest in the violence of policing across real state. but there's there's little to no definitive data that more cops equal less crime and and actually, if you look at the communities with the most police pay, which are mostly urban areas, that's where crime about, right. so we're investing in the wrong things. i think this is a hit piece that is masquerading as scholarship sfpd director of communications matt dorsey says the decrease in the to sticks are more of an indicator of national trends that are not unique to sfpd. it's interesting that this organization is criticizing us because this is an
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organization that actually advocates for. >> fewer arrests and they're criticizing the police department for making fewer arrests, but actually that that reflects a national trend rather than you know, something we're we're not delivering value for the policing that the san francisco police department store. >> officials at sfpd point out that the department's homicide clearance rate is above average in the state of california. that's they should be proud of that. but they have very low rates of arrests for the other major violent offenses, rape robbery and aggravated assault. the center on juvenile and criminal justice policy briefs. recommendations included independent agency collecting crime statistics and that the city look at alternatives to policing for crime prevention. >> has it made you kron 4 news? >> a new poll is painting a grim picture for san francisco district attorney jason to dane in the upcoming recall election. the poll was conducted last month by the bay area data firm, emc research and surveyed 800
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likely voters in the city. more than 2 thirds said they will vote yes to recall just 32% said they'll vote to keep him in office. 70% indicated that they're not happy with team's performance as d a when asked if the crime situation and gotten better or worse in san francisco over the past year, a vast majority said gotten worse. 25% said it remained the same. just 7% says it's gotten better as far as specific crimes of voters are concerned about car and home break-ins are top of mind followed by public drug use, violent crime. retail saps and panhandling in public nuisances. majority of the people surveyed are registered. democrats dean has not publicly responded to the results of the poll. his recall election is set for june 7th. >> teachers in the mount diablo education association have voted in favor of going on strike the group, which represents educators in the mount diablo unified school district held that vote today. the union group, which is known as medea, says more than
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92% of its members voted in favor of authorizing a strike. this vote comes after more than a year of negotiations over a new contract. an additional meeting will now be held by the union leadership to decide if they will move forward with a strike. india's president says the earliest a strike would begin is monday. march 28th san francisco teachers plan on sleeping a 3rd night at the school district headquarters. they are holding a sleep in to protest the hundreds of teachers who are not getting their paychecks. union leaders say the teachers will stay there until they have all been paid. an issue with the new poor. a payroll system has led to months of teachers being underpaid or not paid at all. the school board commissioner says the district is looking into how all of this happened. the district superintendent says right now only 59 outstanding payments remain and he hopes to have all of the issues resolved by friday. make your hands on capitol hill today. congress heard a heartfelt plea from.
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>> ukrainian president zelensky today for more military aid to try to stop the russian invasion. and president biden announced that the u.s. would deliver washington correspondent jessi turnure reports. good evening. so let's get referred to moments in u.s.. history like pearl harbor and 9.11, during his plea to lawmakers for more help. it is message really resonated across washington. >> a standing ovation from congress signal the bipartisan u.s. support for ukrainian president zelensky and his country and their continued fight against russia. then american people helping not just praying. but you are and the wall to keep the planet live. and following zelensky's pleas for more help. i see no sense in a lie. if it cannot stop them. the president biden announced the u.s. will send an additional 800 million dollars in military assistance to ukraine, including more into aircraft into armor,
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weapons and drones. this could be a long and difficult about it. >> humira can people be steadfast in our support of the people ukraine in the face of putin's immoral, unethical attacks on civilian populations. the newly-announced aid will come from the nearly 14 billion dollars congress just approved for ukraine. it is unheard of. >> to hear from a leader fighting for his life fighting for his country's future. we have to act and act quickly. it's not a matter of weeks. it's a matter of hours. democrats like senate majority leader chuck schumer and repuboicans like ohio senator rob portman remain united on further support for ukrainians. but washington is still split on whether to send them polish fighter jets. president biden has called the idea too risky. johnson, stingers are defensive weapons makers are plans are offensive weapons. and so once he also acknowledged that brought us opposition to his biggest ask. >> a no fly zone over his country and instead offered an alternative more weapons for ukrainians to be able to better defend themselves against russian planes in
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washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> coming up tonight at 8, a new proposal to ease the pain at the pump and put some money back. and californians pockets cedars in one bay area. counties say they can bring their homeless population down to 0 explain how they plan to do that. and was a beautiful day around the bay area. almost spring-like outside a chance. some wet weather return. we'll talk about that coming up next.
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>> big story out of the state capitol and democratic lawmakers are set to announce a proposal that would send money to every single california taxpayer. and this is in response to the rise in gasoline prices. kron four's ashley zavala explains from the state capitol. >> a group of democrats in the state assembly will announce a $400 gas rebate proposal tomorrow morning. lawmakers say this would go to all california taxpayers regardless if they own or drive a car. the proposal comes a week after governor newson called for a similar move but was prepared to limit eligibility to just vehicle owners. lawmakers say their rebate would use 9 billion dollars from the state's budget surplus, which is expected to be more than 45 billion dollars this year. this announcement also comes amid republican calls to suspend the state's gas tax. democrats say the rebate is a better approach because suspending the gas tax does not guarantee oil companies will pass on the savings to customers. a big question heading into tomorrow is how
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soon can lawmakers make this happen? this again will be unveiled after floor session tomorrow morning reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news >> starting today, you can expect to pay more for your uber ride. that's because of the record high gas prices. both uber and lyft have added a temporary fuel surcharge on all rise. while lyft has not announced the price of his fee or when it will take effect. uber says customers can expect to pay 45 or $0.55 extra per ride. the 2 companies say they are adding the tax to help compensate drivers in the face of the record. gas prices with the entire surcharge going to the drivers. >> this march has been the busiest months for bart since the pandemic began. today, officials said they saw an increase of about 10,000 riders on monday compared to the week before hart says it's been preparing for this increase in riders by hiring more cleaners for the stations. there are new filters clean the air every 70 seconds. also, bart police are
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in more visible places on trains and at stations and they say they believe the addition of crisis intervention specialists has helped keep crime rates down. >> we recognize that not every problem needs a response from officer. the increased presence and servant as a crime deterrent. our crime last year craig last year was 36% less than it was in 2020. our overall crime was down 17% what was previous year. >> the ridership numbers are rising. there are still below pre-pandemic levels. >> in the east bay, an advisory panel has dealt a significant blow to the oakland a's chances of building a new waterfront ballpark by a vote of 5 to 4 with one abstention. the seaport planning advisory committee is recommending that howard terminal be maintained ior port use only rather than allowing a ball park to be built there. that recommendation now goes to the
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san francisco bay conservation and development commission. that is a state agency which will ultimately have the final say in whether the ballpark is built. the commission is expected to hold a vote on june. the second dave kabul, days old a's president dave campbell has said that if the team cannot get a stadium at howard terminal, then the team will leave oakland. let's hope that doesn't happen. all right. let's check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside looking out over the san francisco bay. and you can't see any rain out there is probably not raining anyway as it warrants, but it will. but it just might i don't want to go will play ok, what just get into some of those showers. >> as we head in toward the day tomorrow, actually today, very spring-like all around the bay area, beautiful sunshine all the way. the coastline you could just see in the distance, some high clouds out there. and that's from the next system. >> that's going start to get a little closer overnight
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tonight. temperatures today, it was beautiful day in san jose. 70 degrees. spring-like out there. 72 in lemore. 72 in concord, 70 in santa rosa. little cooler in the san francisco bit of a sea breeze, 60 degrees early on. 64 degrees in oakland. so nice day today. you see the nice clear, a patch across california, but just off the coastline, you can see what's out there right now. we've got yet another cold front approaching the coastline getting late in the season. now to see the system moving in. but reese got an area of low pressure on the backside of the system. it's going to kind of split and that low is going to drag right off the coastline. i think maybe close enough that we could be talking about at least a slight chance of some sprinkles mainly along the coastline for tomorrow. and you see right here, high pressure, that kind continue get to the south and that frontal system is going to get a little bit closer. that may be just enough to spin up a couple light sprinkles across the bay. area's definitely see a lot of clouds from that maybe if we get lucky a little rain broll that be appropriate for saint patrick's day out there overnight tonight. this
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model's a little bullish on the rain. i'll show you that maybe a little more representative than a possible happened but overnight. so you see the clouds coming in and then tomorrow morning, this model tries to bring in some scattered showers early on in the morning. back to the middle of the day, continue to see some of those sprinkles rolling on by that. again, if we do see some, it is going to be very, very light across the bay. your temperatures tomorrow, we'll take a bit of a hit along the coastline. only 50's there inside the bay. you find a lot of 60's and still upper 60's near 70 degrees inland. this could be a warmer weather system, but we've got a chance of another system rolling on the way high pressure is going to build in for friday. we're going to see some clouds gathering late in the day and then on saturday, i think we could see a nice little soakers that rain moving to the bay area with some instability may be even a couple isolated thunderstorms rolling through the first day of spring is on sunday. warmer temperatures may be some 80's next week. lawrence, thank you. well, the federal reserve raise interest rates by a quarter point today as was expected. this is all an
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effort to slow. in fact, inflation. it is the first interest rate hike since 2018. >> the fed is also increasing is benchmark short-term interest rate and signaling up to 6 additional rate hikes this year. the hikes will eventually mean higher loan rates for consumers and for businesses that share. jerome powell said today that he thinks the economy is strong enough to allow the fed to raise rates without causing a downturn. four's dan thorn is looking into what this rate hike means for all of us here in the bay area. he will have new information coming up on kron. 4 news tonight at 9 o'clock. >> also for your money, the pause on federal student loan repayments is set to expire on may 1st, however, there are discussions that indicate president biden may extend the deadline even longer as gas prices and grocery bills increase the expiration of the student loan pause may cause some anxiety for people. however, finance experts say it may not be as bad as it seems. >> but one thing i will
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mention is that we just have come up it to the past year. so we're seeing a stronger economy and actually high inflation. some of that a lot of student debt. it's actually a good thing because the real value, sure that has to due higher inflation rate. >> another concern, tuition costs from 2010 to 2020, the average cost of a public four-year institution has climbed about 13%. financial experts say that think of college as a long-term investment, whether the student loan pause expires or is extended. >> still ahead tonight at 8, a $4,000 bottle of liquor stolen from a local restaurant and its return. restaurant owner explains how he got his bottle back. >> for is recognizing remarkable women all month long. every tuesday will highlight another amazing woman. also have a section on our website kron 4 dot com where you can see past winners and nominees will be right.
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$4,000 bottle of cognac is back home at a restaurant in san jose. we first told you about the theft yesterday. >> after a viral video showing a woman stealing it from force. justin campbell talked to the restaurant's owner today. he explains how the pricing spirit found its way back to where it belongs. >> that woman was eating on
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this patio with this fancy. he'll top restaurant with this gorgeous view when she decided to take a little real tea with her. >> tuesday night just after finishing her dinner with the party of teen. you can see this woman in the surveillance video walk around the bar in simply walked right out of the restaurant with 100 year-old bottle of cognac. i mean, in the beginning, it was a i was upset. i mean, i think anybody would be upset right? >> more but owner of the mount hamilton grandview restaurant says they didn't realize the bottle was gone until 2 days later. >> and now they're making security changes. the $4,000 bottle of louis, the 13th used to be stored behind the bar. but after it with snatched in stolen within minutes, the restaurant is now keeping it behind glass in this wine cellar. >> it's unfortunate that it has to come to that. but is fortunate about one thing. he did get his bottle back after the story went viral. the woman who stole the cognac had
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her brother called him and said, hey, look, you know, we have your bottle. we're ashamed that this happened. i'd like to help my sister out. >> she's a mother of 6 and it's made for poor decision. >> the rains to get the unopened bottle back privately crew but won't be pressing charges despite people telling him to. he believes everybody deserves a second chance. i believe that she was sorry for what she did. >> and, you know, we've got our bottle back at the end of the day. they're not welcome back at the restaurant. so as far as i'm concerned, case closed and if you plan on tasting the 100 year-old cognac. >> it's $150 an ounce and be prepared to ask to have it unlocked. >> before you try it. reporting in the east foothills justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> next tonight at 8 and ambitious goal along the peninsula, how san mateo county plans to house everybody experiencing homelessness by the end of this year. a plea to save
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lives in san jose. how mayor sam liccardo hopes to curb an alarming spike in traffic deaths. plus, what led up to a deadly crash in texas that killed 9 people including
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>> officials in san mateo county have a very ambitious goals. they want to house everyone experiencing homelessness. there. >> by the end of this year, yeah, they're doing it by providing rooms at 3 hotels to
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in redwood city, a 3rd and half moon bay for rob nesbitt talked with the county manager about this initiative. >> a place to sleep at night is not lost on the men and women who call coast house home. one of 3 hotels in san maleo county being used to help reach what county manager michaela get calls functional 0 really is having a place for every person. >> there a roof over their head in san mateo county. and then that's what we're and endeavoring to do here. the last homeless census in 2019 reported more than 1500 people experiencing homelessness in san mateo county. predicts that number has grown during the pandemic. he says cares act. money was used to purchase the 3 hotels. >> with plans for 2 more by the end of the year in a brand-new navigational center with permanent housing will jewelers and will have room 240 individual rooms. >> but room for 270 in case we have couples, the organization life moves operates coast house in half moon bay and
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shores landing in redwood city. another location in redwood city is run by samaritan house samaritan house ceo bar charlo says the hotel setting office of flexibility that large congregate shelters can. very, very appealing to the long-term homeless who like the opportunity to actually close their door and have both privacy and safety. >> says he understands the concerns some might have living near the hotels turned into transitional housing that the majority of the community understands the mission. it rather have them. they're receiving the services there are so necessary to make them successful. the living other side of the road living under bridges, living under freeways and by streams, according to cali, the 3 former hotels are providing rooms around 230 people would otherwise be living on the streets. >> in half moon bay, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news, mental health and homelessness are also big issues for state lawmakers this year following the care court proposal from governor gavin newsom. republicans are announcing their own set of proposals to
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treat the mentally ill and provide shelter to those who are unhoused. today. they presented 17 new ideas to address california's pressing homelessness crisis, including a proposal to expand who is eligible for conservatorship. conservators are conservatorships rather involve a court appointing someone to make health decisions for those who are not capable of doing it themselves. >> people who are unable to care for themselves or a danger to others on the street. and we see far too many of them. >> on every street in california, we'll get the help and the resources they need. everybody's pointing fingers, but then you got in the same room and then you've got to solve the problem. then put legislation with the money. >> to actually get the results and you have to hold people accountable. accountability is you heard another part of the republican proposals that call for an audit of the billions of dollars. the state spends on homelessness. >> and its outcomes. it also requires the governor to put together report on the status of existing homeless efforts.
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>> in the south bay, the city of san jose is launching an effort to reduce pedestrian deaths as the city is averaging about one pedestrian deaths per week. san jose mayor sam liccardo says that they have identified 17 car doors in san jose where most of these accidents happen and they want to focus on those routes. the at 75% of the fatal accidents are happening at night. so the city wants to increase efforts to improve lighting by installing brighter led lights. another edition that the city is looking into additional law enforcement. the city is about 6 million dollars in the budget to make these changes. >> almost 3 quarters of the pedestrian deaths in this city are happening over the last couple years from pedestrians who are walking outside the crosswalk. so focusing our efforts on changing that behavior, whether signage through lights, 2 median barriers to encourage
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pedestrians who use crosswalks will literally save lives. >> san jose is also considering a voluntary program that will allow smartphone users to use an app to track their driving habits. danville is the safest city in california. that's according to a new report from safewise listing the 50 most secure cities in the state. the findings are based on the latest violent and property crime data from the fbi. danville has one safest city for the last 3 years in a row in california. safewise also conducted a study that showed 56% of california residents are concerned on a daily basis that crime could happen to them. now our drought emergency. a new study says californians may be making the situation worse. the state water resources control board says urban water use increased. >> by 2.6% this january compared to 2020 governor newsom asked californians to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 15%. right now the state is on pace to
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possibly rival is 2012 to 2016 drought. that's when it was mandatory for everyone to use 25% less water. different plans to get the state back on track are now being discussed. and now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the golden gate bridge on a really dark wednesday night. and lawrence is here with a real pretty picture behind him. yeah. what do you know, guys? hey, tomorrow, saint paddy's day, right? here we go. get ready. looks like it to be a beautiful day to like the clouds and the chance of some showers. look coit tower looking gorgeous out there in green. >> for tonight as we get ready saint patrick's day. lot of green out there in the pacific. the question is can we get it here? watching happens. that low starts to approach the coastline begins to fall apart. but even these models, this one particular now starting to show chance of a couple of scattered light showers and won't be much. maybe your windshield wiper goes a few times and that's about it behind that. i think friday looks pretty good. although late today the clouds start to roll in and then we
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get near the first part of your weekend. this looks like a much more substantial storm system rolling on in. and there you go. and i think there's going to be another area of low pressure that comes in right near the coastline. that may be just enough to bring some instability may be trigger some thunderstorms around the bay area as we head in towards saturday. the first part of the weekend, too. so that will be nice. enjoy it while it's here as we get into spring. guess what? boy, just about right on cue. we got a little heat wave coming our way. temperatures likely to soar into the 80's. maybe mid 80's. the warmer spots as we look toward the middle of next week. alright, temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow in the saint patrick's day. we've got some 50's along the coast like him to cool out toward the beach. just light chance of a couple sprinkles, especially near the coast inside the bay. not bad. you'll see about 60 millbrae lot of on and off throughout the middle of the day i think may be breaking up toward the afternoon 60's. maybe squeeze in a couple low 70's in the south bay. so it's a pretty warm system that's coming on shore as we head toward tomorrow as well. and then after that, i think a colder system going to make its way in for the weekend. but for
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tomorrow, you have on saint patrick's day, a slight chance of a couple sprinkles back to dry weather on friday. more substantial rain, maybe some thunderstorms this weekend. thank you, lawrence. new video out of arizona showing a rare but exciting find wildlife officials are keeping an eye on the nest of a pair of california con doors. >> the species is critically endangered and now there is an egg. the female that last week and she is taking terms with the to incubate this little buddy. officials say that they will do that for about 2 months and then hopefully a chick will emerge as of 2020, the national parks of service says that there were only 504 california condors all around the world. mazin birds. still ahead, the irish pub in the east bay celebrating its grand. >> reopening post covid and it's just in time for saint patrick's day. then big changes coming to starbucks. what you may no longer be able to order at stores.
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>> taking action against his former employer. why chris cuomo is filing a big lawsuit against cnn.
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 9 people are dead after an overnight crash in texas. 6 of them are students from a new mexico university golf team
8:40 pm
happened in the city of andrews, texas about an hour away from the texas and new mexico border. students play for the university of the southwest men's and women's golf team. they're traveling from a golf tournament when a pickup truck apparently drove head on into the team. van, texas police there say the crash caused both vehicles to go up in flames to people and not inside the pickup were killed along with 6 students and the team's coach who were in the van. another 2 students were taken to the hospital in critical condition. cause of the crash is still under investigation. former cnn anchor chris cuomo is suing cnn seeking millions of dollars in compensation and damages. he wants 125 million dollars for what he calls his unlawful firing by cnn. the network fired their highest-rated anchor late last year after a new york attorney general's report show that he helped his brother than new york governor andrew cuomo fight harassment allegations. chris cuomo's attorney claims cnn new cuomo was helping his
8:41 pm
brother. >> new video tonight and new sound that this coming into us tonight at 8 showing the intense shaking in japan after that island nation was rocked by a 7.3 earthquake. that quake off the coast of fukushima triggered a tsunami advisory. it damaged buildings, knocked out power to more than 2 million homes in the tokyo area. people still without power. tonight, it is the same part of japan that was devastated by a deadly 9.0. earthquake and tsunami. 11 years ago that cause nuclear power plant meltdowns. you might remember no casualties, nor power plant abnormalities have been reported in this latest quake. >> coming up, a champ is joining us after cisco team, the multimillion dollar deal bringing 2 years ago course,
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you remember life basically came to a stop in the bay area, went into lockdown because of covid. >> march 16th of 2021, san francisco and 5 other bay area counties called for shelter in place orders which started on the 17th. there are limits on gatherings in schools and jobs went virtual. the term social distancing became a part of our vocabulary bars and gyms, movie theaters and restaurants were shut down. travel numbers
8:45 pm
plummeted. the covid pandemic has truly been roller coaster ride for us all. yes, it has. and also 2 years ago, the starry plow pub in berkeley was forced to shut down because of the pandemic. but tomorrow. >> the east bay staple will celebrate its grand reopening for saint patrick's day from forcefully to call reports the establishment is hoping that this will kick start another 50 years of business. >> 49 years in business. and the last to have been the most challenging for the story plow pub in berkeley. we thought were going to open and then there was another outbreak and it was just kind of back and forth. for 2 years manager shaheen i'ma helps run the business co owned by his parents after remaining closed during the pandemic shutdown on saint patrick's day. 2020 naeem us as things have finally come around full circle, allowing his family to reopen the storied venue. this saint patrick's day, every day is working here. people come in the door. so you guys
8:46 pm
opening, we miss you so it's a lot of love for the plow to say the least. and i'm a happy to keep keep the >> conditions live, unlike the hardship, other businesses have struggled with like fighting against eviction naeem. a says, fortunately, his family owns the property and felt comfortable waiting until they thought it was safe and financially viable to reopen. the community has also helped raise more than $65,000 to cover unexpected costs, paving the way for thursday's reopening, which will feature traditional irish food like shepherd's pie and corned beef and cabbage checking vaccine cards. it's a there's a present cannes, but essentially makes everyone feel safer. i think that's the best way to go after the celebration. the pub will close again until april 3rd when it will remain open 4 days a week. this will give nine-man enough time to hire staff, which he says has been difficult. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> starbucks says he wants to
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eliminate single use paper and plastic cups and instead provide reusable ones. the coffee chain is testing a program that lets customers get their drinks in a reusable cup. they borrow from a store location once done. the customer returns to cup starbucks cleans it. then it's reused for other customers. if you're worried about what your child is doing on social media, we have some good news for you. instagrams. new parental controls have arrived in the u.s. for now. teams will have to initiate supervision on the app on their phones. but in june, parents will be able to initiate that supervision. the new tools will allow parents and guardians to see just how much teme their teens spend on instagram and set time limits. they can also be notified when their teen shares safe reported someone parents can also watch and receive updates on what accounts are teens follow and which accounts follow their teams.
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>> kamala khan, aka, miss marvel. the first muslim american superhero both on paper and on the screen. marvel studios released a trailer this week introducing this latest character to his ever expanding universe. miss borrow as a 16 year-old pakistani american with the inhuman ability to alter, shape and size and much like this. disney plus shows target on as kamala is an avengers superfan. hopefully she gets some super fans of her own as marvel will premiere on disney. plus on june 8. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the warriors riding the momentum of a four-game winning streak, looking to keep it going. they hosted the hottest team in the nba today. the boston celtics. but that momentum has come to a screeching halt because the celtics are really doing some
8:49 pm
damage 77 to 62 right now. there's a minute. 29 left in the 3rd quarter to make matters worse. steph curry left the game with a foot sprain. he will not return. he was fall off fell. he marcus smart, fell on top of him while diving for a loose ball. his ankle got caught up underneath him. so that's something to monitor. steph is out for a prolonged period of time. that is trouble. we'll update you on that injury status. and we have a live report from chase center later tonight. usf starts its tournament hopes and dreams tomorrow in indy against murray state. the dons are led by 2 big time guards and jim mar a bu yea and calosha bad. right now. mary stated that 2 point favorite. the racers are 32 and they have won 20 straight games. so that they're playing with house money. their cinderella. they arrived to indy yesterday and got some practice time in
8:50 pm
today and they tip off tomorrow. we'll have those highlights, of course, and a live shot actually from indianapolis, saint mary's. they were also on the practice court today. the gaels our out in portland. and they will take on indiana in the first round. we're still seeing. usf. here we go. here we go. the gaels. they beat wyoming or indiana. wyoming on tuesday in the playing game. saint mary's earned its highest seed in program. history as a 5 seat. the giants made another big signing today. outfielder got jock peterson. we'll be coming to the bay one-year 3 million dollars. he played a big part in the braves is championship run last season. he had 3 home runs in the nlds against the brewers, make things even better is coming home. he went to palo alto high school. peterson hit 18
8:51 pm
home runs and he'll provide some much needed power for the giants running back. raheem most he has signed a one-year 3.2 5 million dollar deal with the miami dolphins. most has shined the forty-niners when healthy. but that's the thing. he has rarely been helping missed half of 2020 and almost all of 2021 to injury. >> the emergence of eli mitchell last season made most are expendable. so a lot going on today in the bay. but everybody's eyes are on. steph curry right now is on the training table in the back of of chase center. hopefully it's not that bad. he ran off on his own power. it's probably more precautionary. but whenever you hear ankles in steph curry, you know, worry because the first 2 years or so of his career were derailed because of ankle injuries. right? >> he looked like he might be. okay. yeah. a cult training isn't that good will get an
8:52 pm
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>> ah, to be young. again. haha flocking to florida spring break this week has made 570,000 students are expected to travel to the sunshine state. celebrate this week is expected to be the most hectic period of spring break and it usually runs through mid april higher airfares due to increasing fuel costs don't seem to be affecting the demand for travel plane ticket sales for domestic flights last month exceeded levels in february 2019, just before the pandemic started in the u.s. airlines reported about 6.6 billion dollars in airfares last month. >> even though travelers say prices are high, they had to get out and go >> a good deal for 3.50, going where to washington. that's normally like to 2.50, had said it spent almost $500 one-way going south dakota.
8:56 pm
>> we cincinnati, ohio acts in lexington, kentucky. so it was a whole higher. how much higher. most want to take. it was almost 2000 oh, didn't stop you from buying the ticket. it is that because we wanted to and the demand for airline tickets did not stop in february. some airlines say they are seeing strong ticket sales so far in march as well. people are tired of being cooped up. get out. >> they are and they are getting out that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock o'clock continues at the top of the hour. grant lotus and gathering and here with crown hours keep churning. get from reading the what's written what you get for doing this spring break story. i think that's what it she 82. here's what's coming up next on kron. 4 news at 9 arrests have been made in the high-profile killing us. see the security guard here. kevin nishita. he
8:57 pm
was shot and killed while protecting a kron. 4 reported what we know tonight about the suspects. >> and what police say in terms of who they might be still looking for. and it was 2 years ago tonight, one bay area restaurants and bars learned they had to >> closed because of th pandemic. it was right before saint patrick's day. how they're now getting ready for a busy holiday with ease restrictions. the news coming up next. driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame.
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay n% area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9 tonight, 3 people have been charged in the shooting death of kron. 4 security guard kevin nishita. the shooter was shot the day before thanksgiving while on assignment with the kron. 4 reported. good evening, everyone. thanks for being here tonight on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis. >> kron four's jonathan mccall is here. he's got details on what we're learning about the suspects. jonathan, you grant and katharine 4 months ago seems like just yesterday when this all happened. but it has now been nearly 4 months. >> since we last come into just this senseless tragedy. and tonight, oakland police say that 2 of those suspects are currently in custody. a 3rd suspect currently on the run tonight, kron 4 working to confirm the names of those suspects. but we are expected


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