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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 18, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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well, welcome back to the
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kron. 4 morning news here on this friday and excited about today. the weather supposed to be nice and then it's tomorrow and things can change up just a little bit. john, good morning. you have big changes from today tomorrow. and then back to what we're at today on sunday. so >> nice weather to get outside for friday and sunday saturday. make that your day to stay inside and catch up on all the rest that you need to get caught up on still green and points out, i assume to be lit up for the saint patrick's day. we are going to be seeing conditions today that do stay nice and dry. so don't hesitate to venture out there. enjoy your friday. it is cool this morning. so you'll want the jackets. but later on, you can expect some nice sunshine to help those 60's and 70's feel pretty good. we have a few 30's up in the north basis. some chillier spots the further north in the bay. you get to. as for temperatures later on 60's to 70's, as you can see, a lots of sunshine cold front rushes through tonight and that changes everything which i'll get to
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still to come right now. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning, taking the bay bridge maze to that fremont street exit. >> about 10 minutes for your drive. there. san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. a 13 minute commute at this hour. richmond center fell bridge not minutes heading across towards sandra fell and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 20 minute drive. no relief for the pain at the pump. aaa reports the national average price for a gallon of gas is $4.27. the soaring prices of some lawmakers on both the federal and state levels scrambling for a solution. let's take a look at what's happening in washington, d.c., where some lawmakers are calling for a tax holiday which would all the federal gas tax for the rest of the year. washington correspondent anna wiernicki has more. >> every american is feeling the pinch. my state, arizona folks up and way too much for a gallon of gas to provide some relief. arizona
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democratic senator mark kelly introduced a bill to get rid of the $0.18 federal gas tax until the end of the year. the bill has the support of at least 5 democratic senators. this isn't a fix. >> for high gas prices, it's a talking point. but texas republican senator john cornyn criticize the bill for inflicting more pain on americans. >> by cutting off a key source of funding for infrastructure. this is a gimmick to create the illusion of action. well, really doing nothing. the draining the highway trust fund that we rely upon. >> to build our roads and bridges. horton says the reason gas prices are up is because supply here at home is down >> he and republican senator pat toomey see the president needs to focus on helping u.s. oil companies ramp up production. >> i'd suggest if we want to help commuters and family suffering from inflation, we can start by reversing the administration's actions. which keep us from using much of our own fossil energy. they're certainly urgency. >> they're certainly need to
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do everything we can to insurer mitigating the impact. white house press secretary jen psaki says the administration is weighing a range of options to address the rising gas prices and everything, including suspending the federal gas tax is still on the table in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> well, ever pose a by a group of california. democrats would give $400 to every californian who pays income tax in the state. and that's including people who don't own a car. lawmakers say everyone feels the effects of the rising cost of gas along with inflation. they say the rebate money. we come from 9 billion dollars of the state's budget surplus, which could be more than 45 billion dollars this year. the author of the proposal says lawmakers settled on $400 estimating that's the amount most californians could safe if the state's $0.51 gas tax were suspended for a year. >> this is a much more thoughtful proposal that a cut in the gas tax because it cut in the gas tax has no
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guarantee that that money will end up in the pockets of consumers. >> democrats are hoping to push the rebate proposal through the legislature this spring through early budget action. take a look at the drive is a pain in the bay area. san francisco, most expensive gas averaging 5.91 a gallon. oakland stands at 5.83, gallon napa. 5.92 and san jose. 5.80. record high gas prices are making it harder for families to visit their children who are in hospital. families also say the prices make it more difficult to get 8 and to get to and from their doctors. appointments. now there's one nonprofit who stepping up to help therefore care. they started a gas fun campaign where they hand out fuel cards to families. they also partner with local children's hospitals to provide support supplies and more to families with critically ill children. they're currently serving 130 families in the bay area. any of our families are traveling multiple times between their home in the hospital.
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>> and whereas we used to get $50 of gas to a with each care package. now we're hearing from families that it takes 2 to $300 in gas to just make it round trip from their home to the hospital. so we are definitely not able to keep up with the demand. >> if you would like to donate to the nonprofit, we have a link on our web site over at kron 4 dot com. well, a six-day strike is over for teachers in the north bay. the rohnert park cotati educators association announced it's reached a tentative agreement with the district. hundreds of teachers went on strike earlier this week after negotiations over a dispute on wage heights made no progress since last fall. the teachers union says the deal made yesterday will prioritize teachers in the budget. the union says teachers will be back in classrooms today, but all schools will still be operating on a half-day schedule. san francisco teachers reached a deal with its district over missing paychecks. the problem with the new payroll system led to months of teachers being
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underpaid or not paid at all. does a teacher spent the last past 3 nights sleeping at the district headquarters to demand their paychecks. but after reaching a deal, they said they were happy to go home and sleep in their beds. the deal reached includes checks for unpaid educators by today, a commitment that educators will receive payment for any errors in 3 business days. if payroll areas continue and if airs, don't get fixed in 3 days, the district pay 15% interest for each also, teachers will get pay for covid-related sick days and the district will reimburse penalties and late fees on credit cards, mortgages, bank overdrafts. that happened because of non payment. well, in the east bay, a catalytic converter theft was all caught on camera in richmond. take a look. but this cell phone video, the 2 people steal a catalytic converter out of the van right in front of the vans owners 7 monday afternoon in front of martin luther king junior park. it took the thieves just
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minutes to get away with the converter in hand, the family has thankfully not hurt and they want to bring awareness to neighbors in hopes of catching that. these. >> we shared on the and facebook see if they somebody or from nice they of let you know, that's the goals that you see them. they doing something, you know, on some peace, essential. are you and employees? >> well, the crime has set the family back in the part full of valuable precious metals can cost up to $1500 to replace. serial shoplifters have been able to avoid being charged with more serious crimes because of a $950 threshold in california. proposition. 47. now there's a new campaign aiming to change that. it's called californians are safe stores and neighborhoods started by the california retailers association is push-ups to deter retail crime by making
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repeat offenders eligible to be charged with felonies. >> this means that you have you have stolen multiple times in order to meet that $950 threshold, which really means you're a serial shoplifter. so we're bringing back is the ability to aggregate those crimes. >> law enforcement representatives say they support aggregating retail theft crimes, but point out what they say is another loophole in current california law, 0 bail schedule. well, the u.s. is issuing a travel advisory for mexico as we hit peak spring break season advised americans not to travel to many areas just days ago across the texas border, gunfire broke out between the mexican military and gang members on the streets of new level lardo. well, this comes after the arrest of a high-profile cartel leader, the violent shutting down the u.s. consulate and 2 international bridges. also this week, skeletal remains found on a cancun beach right in the middle of the hotel
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zone. the travel advisory is for these 5 mexican states citing organized crime, including armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, gun battles and murder. former fbi special agent says he's alert should remind travelers to stay vigilant. >> the large hotels and those beautiful resorts are very safe. where people get in trouble is they go out on their own. they rent a car or they otherwise go to see the country because they want to get the true feel of mexico outside of what the tourist situation offers. and that's where you can get in trouble. >> she also advises travelers to book excursions to your es el and reputable compa don't wear flashy jewelry and follow the buddy system. some of the most popular tourist places like kabul in cancun are not included in the most serious new travel advisory. and a warning from the sarah says the department of public health says there's a significant increase in the selling drugs containing fentanyl. 12 people who are
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recreationally using what they thought was cocaine suffered overdoses. it was later confirmed that the drugs were laced with fentanyl. 3 of those people died. and this is just in the last 2 weeks. the health department is warning people who use illegal drugs to be careful suggesting they carry narcan and learn how to use it. still ahead, country singer and icon dolly parton has made it clear. >> she does not want to be in the rock and roll hall of fame and shes. it would be nominated while we could see her name listed on the ballot anyways. we'll be right back after the break.
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well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at top. you now 04:44am. >> here on this friday morning, a few things to look for to into the week. john, excited about spring arriving. but allergies are acting sneeze between the commercial break. outside and got to get that that spring cleaning on deck and get that finished and done. and then also looking for to some rain because that always really clears things out for looking for 2 of this weekend. it's i think that rainfall is coming at just the right time. if you plan to spring cleaning on monday or tuesday. >> like i sunday, monday or
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tuesday, i just list the first days of we are going to be seeing at least of improved allergy conditions for a minute right now the pollens are high the rain does help to suppress pollen a little bit. so that will be coming along on saturday and super. welcome to see it. mostly just because we need it so bad. as far as the drought is concerned, a very nice way to be ending the season. looking outside golden gate bridge this morning. fairly clear. we do have some spots of fog near the coastline. hasn't been a problem, though, for most areas. so we're really kicking off this morning the way we're going to the rest of the day, which is clear conditions, which is nice weather for venturing out there take full advantage of this friday and the nice weather it's bringing because there's all that cloud cover along with this cold front that's about to sink on into the region. come tonight into tomorrow and results in our widespread rainfall for your saturday could have come on a wednesday or thursday, but no by their nature shows the middle of the weekend. so this is what we're going to be
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seeing as we roll into the weekend. we friday and sunday to get out there. but tomorrow is the day to stay inside and take it a little easier. you can see widespread light showers throughout the course of the day for the bay and some pretty solid snow up in the sierra nevada to it's going to be widespread well into the afternoon and evening for the sierra by around 06:00pm rainfall should be done here in the bay. and then we're going to be looking at some dry skies for sunday. as i mentioned, the first day of spring rainfall totals are expected to be around a 10th to quarter of an inch. most areas on the lighter side of things. just as we've been seeing so much this year, we haven't really seen significant rainfall since 2022. started. we saw that in december and then the tap just ran out 50's and 60's near the coastline today and then 60's to 70's elsewhere in the bay redwood city, palo alto and mountain view at 68 san jose. and campbell, at 72 for your highs and a range of 60's to 70's across the east bay,
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oakland and san leandro. 66 our warmest spots today, antioch at 73 degrees. now tomorrow temperatures will be anywhere close to what we're seeing today. highs only in the upper 50's for your saturday in the final day of winter as rainfall arrives sunday, we clear things out. temperatures climb back into the 60's and into next weekend. 70's to 80's through the week. so wasting no time early spring you see in some temperatures that are feeling well above average for this time of year reyna. all right, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges heading into the city right now. 10 minute. >> traveling from the maze, 2 that fremont street exit san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking 13 minute morning commute out of richmond at across the boards and fell 10 minutes at this time. and we're at the limit along the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls, a 20 minute drive. lawmakers want to know how the irs is handling the tax season while they're still working through tax return backlogs
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from previous years. washington correspondent basil john reports that members of congress also want to know how congress can help the i r s get through this time. >> thursday irs commissioner charles rettig told lawmakers his agency is working hard to eliminate its backlog of tax returns. when will the backlog? >> be eliminated if the world stays as it is today. >> we will be what we call healthy by the end of calendar year 20 to for now, millions of americans are still waiting for the irs to process past claims redick acknowledge that needs to change a successful, fully functioning. irs is important to the continued. >> success of the country ready reassure lawmakers with the irs is plan to catch up on the backlog caused by the pandemic. >> by hiring thousands of irs employees over the next year. why did it take so long to come up with a plan? >> we've had this planned since we entered the pandemic, obviously that we know pandemic playbook. reddick
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says the slow federal hiring system also delayed relief. >> but new direct hiring authority will dramatically speed up the time it takes to bring to 45 days? we should be able to on board and he says because paper renurns take much longer to process. everyone can help by using quicker methods. one thing congress can do to help us is to have people continue to file returns electronically. the current tax filing season ends on april 18th reporting in washington. i'm basil johns. well, for your money for the first time since may 2019 mortgage rate surpassed 4%. >> mortgage loan company freddie mac reports the 30 year fixed average rate was almost 4.2%. that's up from 3.8, 5% from the prior week race to increase as the federal reserve announced it would lose interest rates, soaring inflation in the russian invasion of ukraine are also impacting those rates. delta airlines is raising the pay for nearly all of its employees. the airline
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is hiking wages by 4%. for about 75,000 workers, executives cited strong revenue from travel demand for the upcoming spring and summer months. this is the first pay raise that delta since the pandemic. it goes into effect may 1st. the pay hike does not apply to pilots who are under a separate union contract. target is testing a new store in california that the company says is its green is store yet this store just 40 miles north of san diego, features more than 3,000 solar panels on his roof. and a car canopies. the target says that the panels are going to also generate enough renewable energy to power the entire store, making it a net 0 energy store. the company says the panels well even produce a 10% surplus each year that can be transmitted back to the local power grid. well, amazon has announces acquisition of hollywood studio in gm. the retail giant paid 8.5 billion
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dollars to acquire one of the oldest studios in hollywood. this is amazon second largest acquisition following it. 13.7 deal with whole foods back in 2017, amazon plans to draw on the vast in gm library with various characters such as rocky robocop and pink panther to create new movies and shows amazon will also acquire portion of the james bond franchise. latest acquisition comes as house lawmakers asked the justice department to investigate whether amazon and senior executives obstructed congress or violated federal laws and testimony over its competition practices. and we're recognizing remarkable women all month long. every tuesday we're going to highlight another amazing woman. we also have a section on our website kron 4 dot com or you can see past winners and nominees will be right back after the break. welcome
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back. it is 4.54 on the friday feels so good to say that last friday of the season and well after saint patrick's day, we still have quite our lit up in green. so showing that a lot this morning. just in case you missed the festivities yesterday, do not fear yet. a nice friday to get out there today. >> maybe stay a little bit later tonight. tomorrow is the day this stay inside because that's the rainy won. today's going to be nice and clear, though, upper 50's to low 60's right along the coastline. temperatures for our inland in bayshore cities in the 60's to low 70's a warmer afternoon. then yesterday staying sunny and dry today. that's not
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going to be the case tomorrow with a big cool down the cloud cover in the rain. so do enjoy today to the fullest concord in livermore, 71 for your highs. antioch are very warm. a spot at 73. most of us still in the 60's, though, the lay on hayward at 67 in san francisco. a cool, comfortable. 63. >> brain, thank you for that. john. little dolly parton might end up in the rock and roll hall of fame. whether she likes it or not, because earlier this month, the country music legend said she didn't feel that she earned the right to be in the rock hall and asked that her name be withdrawn from consideration that now the rock and roll hall of fame her name will remain on that ballot saying they welcome artists from all different genres. not just adding that hardens humility is part of the reason why she's been loved by fans for so long. >> check this out. this fish.
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>> feet, probably 500, maybe 600 pounds. >> also, take a look at this. a fisherman reels in a once in a lifetime catch in the british columbia, canada. this sturgeon was caught on the fraser river and was estimated to be 100 years old at sought to ask it was fake or real that, hey, this is real. the white sturgeon has existed since the age of the dinosaurs. it is north amergca's longtst live and largest freshwater fish. they can reach 20 feet in lift. this fish was safely released back into the river after it was tagged for conservation purposes. wow. nasa's newest space observatory is allowing researchers to see much farther into the cosmos is than ever before. nasa's james webb space telescope has sent back its very first image. it's a stunning photo of a distant star surrounded by hundreds of far off galaxies. the telescope uses 18 different segments and work together acting like a giant mirror to send back images. nasa says the telescope is 100
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times more powerful and the hubble telescope. coming up in the next hour, one of the suspects in the kevin nishita murder case. we'll be in court this morning. kron four's will tran will be covering. >> all the details in the next hour. and now the awful educators are asking for a new contract how they plan to voice their concerns. for march madness the dave's single
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and just like that, it's friday. i'm feel like i woke up and it was friday. yeah, that happened. that right because of the time change as john explain. instead of an hour, we just jumped a friday. i like it. this was quite the time change. the sooner we skip feels like it kind but yes, hopefully you enjoyed saint patrick's day yesterday. today we're starting the weekend on a really nice and clear. no. >> and then tomorrow, a good day to wrest back up and just stay inside because that's when the rain and the cooler weather gets here. your view outside this morning shows berkeley sitting with some low cloud cover. well out there in the distance. but skies are pretty clear over the east bay right now, skies will stay clear and dry through the day in the bay area. so it is a friday to take full advantage of tomorrow. is the


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