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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  March 18, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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golden gate bridge. not quite getting that view. at the moment. we are seeing a mix of cloud cover and sunshine currently and what we're going to be seeing into the afternoon. >> is some nice clear skies. honestly, today, the nicest day along with sunday of the weekend to get out there. avoid too much outdoor time tomorrow. that's a rainy and really chilly one 30's 40's and low 50's for current temperatures wide range of numbers to be kicking off this friday. enjoy today. i'll be talking about tomorrow's rain and cooler weather. still to come right john, thank you for that. 80 northbound connector ramp to 80 west. looks like we have an accident there. so we're seems to slight delays are traveling. >> the mason at fremont street exit. you're looking at a 70 minute drive at this hour. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. it's about 16 minutes as you are traveling there. a richmond center fell bridge pretty busy about a 40 minute commute in the south bay, one. 0, one northbound north of tully road. there you have an accident left lane is blocked. so you might want to take 87
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or 82 golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute drive for you on this friday morning. at 8 o'clock. our top story right now, one of the 3 men accused in the killing of kron 4 security guard kevin nishita goes to court today that she was shot while guarding a kron. 4 reporter in oakland in november will tran is live in dublin where >> the first suspect will be arraigned. good morning. well, dollars your life. i know. i know. >> when you look at the gas prices, you look at grocery own the courthouse right behind me. let me show you his picture. he was actually arrested 2 days ago. they've been searching for him ever since kevin nishita was shot on november. 24th. his name is shad a diet mitchell, according to investigators, they believe he was the gunman. he was the one who pulled the trigger, but he was not alone that day. let me show you the pictures of the other man involved in all of this, too. they're still searching for one. but the man in the middle herschel hail, he was already in jail when he was charged in connection with
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this shooting and then the man on the right ron gilbert, he still outstanding this morning as the search continues for him. now, kevin, the shooter was a longtime police officer in the bay area. i can tell you that he was out there downtown oakland when he was shot trying to protect one of our crews. they put him in the back of a squad car, rushed him to highland hospital. but unfortunately, he would die 3 days later from his injuries. we've got a chance to talk to the oakland police chief. he was what he had to say about the case. >> it is your warning today to be able to come before her and the family and issue this year and say that we identify those they are being brought to justice. obviously, you know, on that and brings back your loved one. but this is something that that people can feel some sense of justice as a result of this arrest. >> this is very personal to law enforcement officers because kevin, the work that
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many police departments in the bay area, including san hayward police department and coma, he actually started his career as an officer with the housing authority in oakland. they've been searching for the suspects for a long time. they got a lot of tips from the public. in fact, they moved in this suspect in court. they moved in on him in san francisco where they made the arrest. they believe all 3 men actually are members of a san francisco games with. they're not going into details about exactly which game that they're talking about. but we should get more information as the day goes on. plan to be inside the courthouse when he will be arraigned in about 25 minutes from now. all 3 men have been charged with murder as well as felony assault. back to thanks will. and you mentioned all 3 men. we do have no more information on the 3rd suspect who is not in custody. >> he's on the run, in fact, because he got out of jail in december, even though ron gilbert is accused in this
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killing, he was in custody on an unrelated crime at the time when he was a suspect and police didn't have enough evidence at that time against him for the killing. so he was let out of jail. >> at that time, he was not charged with this homicide. he was in custody for unrelated charges. and we know but the investigation was not at a for charged at that point. it we have been tracking his whereabouts we are continuing to pursue all leads that we get. but again, we have not located him yet. >> police say the gilbert is likely armed and dangerous. >> we'll take a look at this open. police say these illegal guns were recovered off the streets. >> according to opd officers have recovered nearly 300 guns this year. the police department says that this is an increase of more than 40% compared to this time last year. it's 8, 0, 4. and happening this morning, teachers in the mountain diablo unified school district are going to be picketing for
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a new contract. that's why the union has already voted to authorize a strike if they can't get the new contract. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in walnut creek this morning with those details. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, we just saw teachers here. bancroft elementary school. they were picketing outside the school and they ran into their classrooms. drop-off just concluded. and it's unbelievable. these people while fighting for a salary increase, they also have to go and do their job, which is teaching their kids, which they could not stop talking about how much they love to do that. take a look at video you can see from just moments ago. i mean, 45. they wrapped up and ran into that classroom to make sure they were prepared for the day. these teachers are fighting for an increase in pay haven't received since 2017. that is 5 years of just your pay being stagnant. teachers say they haven't received a new contract as well. and over 250 days. so they are just tired of being at the bargaining table and they're
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closer to ever to striking 92% of the union mount diablo education association voted to call a strike if needed. and they're getting very close to that. been negotiating for some time now. but i can tell you after talking with several teachers, they have hope they believe they're going to able to get to a contract. it's all settled up before they have to strike. but if they don't, they're ready to strike the current contract expire june 30th of last year. union members say they have not had any salary increase, as i said the last 5 years. so they are extremely frustrated. the union says the district has enough revenue to fund what they are asking for, which is a 12.5% increase over a 6 period 6 year period of time. that's between 2017. so back, pete back, pay situation to 2024. that's more than 2% increase per year. and union members say with inflation at an all-time high, they need to be paid. some teachers told me it's causing for them not be able to live in the area. some people say that some teachers, they don't even have a place to live because they can't
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afford rent. have you heard of any teachers living in their cars? absolutely, actually have to to teachers things to work with that. we're living in their cars. i'm not sure if they are right now at this very moment as we try to find them housing. >> but it's disturbing it. we do have some i know on campus today that is living in her car with her husband. >> it's just devastating to hear because these are educators. these are you know what we call heroes. people giving their lives. they're passionate about this about teaching kids their education now. okay. so the the union mount diablo unified school district, they have not been able to reach these demands. they said that they're ok with office. so this will continue.
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and daria rain. i did just ask, you know, when will you strike if you don't get a contract? they said if they don't get a contract probably be around march 28. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in walnut creek. >> back to you. all right. thanks a and we've got warning of what could happen. thank you, sarah. all right. well, a six-day strike is over for the teachers in the north bay. the boehner park ohtani educators association announced that it is reached a tentative agreement with the district. hundreds of teachers went on strike last week after negotiations over a dispute on wage hikes may know progresses. last fall. well, the teachers union says the deal made yesterday will prioritize teachers in that budget. the union says teachers will be back in the classroom today, but all schools will still be operating on a half-day schedule. time now is and san francisco teachers are going to get their money. they we should deal with the district for those missing paychecks where there's a problem with the new payroll system and it led to months of some teachers getting underpaid. others not getting paid at all. dozens of
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teachers because of that spent the last 3 nights sleeping at district headquarters to call attention to the problem and demand their paychecks. well, they've reached a deal. so the teachers went out and they're not sleeping there anymore. and apparently the check's in the mail today because they're going to be paying the unpaid balances today to the teachers and then also the man made a commitment that the teachers will receive payment for any errors in 3 business days. if the payroll issues continue and if the air s don't get fixed in 3 days, then they get interest. the district will pay 15% interest for each day owed. also, teachers will get paid for covid-related sick days and the district will reimburse all the money. the teachers had to spend on penalties on late fees on credit cards or mortgages that were missed or bank overdressed. the happened because of these payroll problems. california democrats are getting ready to give out $400 to every californian who pays income tax in the state. and that's including if you
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don't even own a car, they want to try to help us deal with all of the fallout from gas prices because lawmakers say that this affects everybody not just filling your tank, but inflation and gas prices have been trickling down and making everything more expensive. so this rebate money would come from 9 billion dollars of the state's budget surplus, which is supposed to be about 45 billion dollars this year. lawmakers arrived at the $400 payment because they estimate that's how much most californians could save if the state were to get rid of the 51 per cent gas tax. if they'd had that for a year, if that was saved for you, the temperature about $400. so democrats are hoping this money. we'll get to people by maybe this spring and spring starts sunday. so that soon because right around the corner, it's not only the state of california is trying to help people cope with the rising gas prices. congress is also trying to come up with a plan to help. it's a nationwide problem. joe khalil takes a look at what they're doing. as americans face down higher prices at the pump.
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democrats in congress are considering a handful of different plans to bring costs back down. senator durbin says part of the problem is the war in ukraine, but he says will company's share blame to? we're trying to find ways to convince. >> the oil industry to give the consumers of america break their oppose way to do that. >> well, we haven't had much luck, but sources tell news nation that democrats do have a number of options. they're considering many support suspending the federal gas tax temporarily. others want to tax oil companies and use the revenue to give drivers. rebates and some are pushing for another round of direct stimulus payments to americans to offset the gas costs. house speaker nancy pelosi says the government should pressure oil companies that have permits to drill more oil and gas. >> but aren't doing it. if they want to drill, they have places use it. >> lose it. but somebody else trills their republican congressman greg pence says
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not all of those ideas are viable. he opposes suspending the gas tax not a good idea. one we take those dollars and we put them back to send back states for infrastructure projects. what's the solution to try to, you know, maybe soften the blow? >> drill, baby, drill. well, that was joe khalil reporting for us. >> take a look at what drivers are paying in the bay area. san francisco has the most expensive gas averaging $5.91 a gallon. oakland stands at about 5.83 a gallon and napa 5.92 a gallon. and in san jose, $5 and $0.80. >> 12 right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news taken right from from under their nose and under their van, actually, we're going to see this family who watched as crooks took their catalytic converter. we'll tell you what they did. >> and brightening skies across the bay area going to be a beautiful, sunny day. sfo looking nice and calm.
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tomorrow's not going to be that way. with cloud cover cooler temperatures and rainfall for your saturday. so enjoy this nice aftern
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do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> it's 8.15, right now and it may be nice out here now, but we've got rain on the way. and that fell on hard you know, because it's looking a little part stout. u.s. could use some say know that guy right there because you're trying
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he's got the area. he's looking for snow subway of but sunday. that's the day that our skiers snowboarders going to be really happy. and here in the bay area, we're going to see our rain tomorrow. the sierra going to start to see their snow tomorrow. >> right now it's nice and sunny up there. just citizens here in the bay area, too. this winter weather advisory will it takes effect to 08:00am tomorrow morning. last until 11:00pm tomorrow night up in the sierra anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snowfall. widespread 8 inches localized on some of those slopes. and then you get up to the very mountain tops and that's where we'll see over a foot of it. very, very nice to be saying this because we have been dry for multiple months now. now here in the bay area, we're not missing out on this one. this storm system sitting to our north and west is about to be dropping in along with this cold front and that is going to be resulting in a whole lot of changes between today and tomorrow. most noticeably the rainfall, but also pretty big cool down to. so today you've got the clear skies. increasing cloud cover towards
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the latter part of the day. and then showers pushing before even wake up tomorrow morning. light showers across the bay area on and off throughout the course of the morning snowfall up in the sierra nevada stays with us all the way through saturday night. well, the bay area starts to dry out after 06:00pm tomorrow. that is going to set us up for a sunday with clear dry skies, better travel conditions. if you want to head up to the sierra drive up there today. enjoy the snow tomorrow. do some skiing on sunday morning. then drive back once conditions really start to calm down sunday afternoon. now, as far as rainfall in the bay goes, totals aren't really that impressive. it's something this is pretty similar to rainfall totals that we've had so far this year after december. we've just dried right out. so 10th to a quarter of an inch pretty typical for what 2022 has brought us this far 50's to 60's for your highs near the coastline today. while temperatures along the bay shore as well as further inland rising into the 60's to 70's redwood city. at 68, san
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jose and campbell among are more mild spots at 72 degrees each well across the east bay, a similar range of 60's to 70's warm spot today. that's you, antioch, at 73 degrees and cooler towards the coastline. tomorrow's temps way cooler down into the upper 50's. that's what's the coast feeling like today? rainfall through the day sunday, first day of spring and kicking off the new season with sunshine. temperatures cool in the mid 60's climbing into the 70's by monday would look at the middle of next week. some low. he's expected wasting no time warming up into the new season. reyna, away for those low 80's to get here. if you are traveling into the city, looks like. >> 80 westbound just east of the toll plaza. there's a disabled vehicle there. and so that's slowing things down just a little bit about a 60 minute drive from the maze of that free musty exit san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. we've seen a few traffic delays just because of those pick up in traffic along one o one i'm looking at. so
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that's going to be about 16 minutes at a cross towards the peninsula out of richmond heading across towards center fail about a 12 minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 23 minutes at this hour. in the east bay, oakland, police say a man trying to get away from officers ended up in a crash. >> that killed 2 people. the action was the 76 avenue near the intersection of heggen burger and international boulevard. his video from the scene on the citizen app. this happened wednesday night. police were trying to pull the car over, but the driver wouldn't stop and ended up getting into a wreck with another car. there were 3 people in that car. the driver hit 2 men were killed in the other car and a woman in that cars in the hospital. now, then the suspect still trying to get away from the crash. but eventually police caught up with him and now he's in custody. have more details on the shooting that killed a man of the late wednesday night. police say it happened on march street just after 5
8:20 am
o'clock in the evening. officers got there. they found a man. >> was seated in a car suffering from at least one gunshot wound. and he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say that a gunman approached the victim while he was in that car fired into the vehicle, killing the victim and then took off. so police are still looking for the shooter. now to the developing situation in ukraine. russian forces are pushing west across the country as millions of ukrainians. >> flee their home. robert sherman has a look from poland. what's going on? >> new numbers are in this morning from the un 3.2 million ukrainians have fled their country as refugees. nearly 2 million have come here to poland. both of those numbers are expected to continue to climb as russia's attacks move farther and farther to the west. overnight smoke rises following a missile strike near lviv 4 missiles hit a military aircraft repair site just miles away from poland, a nato member. today's attack comes nearly a week after separate missile strike killed at least
8:21 am
35 people at a training base near lviv life in lviv is as normal as it gets and ukraine. now. >> it seemed little to no fighting or shelling its population has boomed as ukrainians leave other parts of the country. to the north, an american citizen who was killed by russian artillery has been identified 68 year-old idaho native jim hill had been staying ensure they have to get medical care for his partner who is a ukrainian citizen on social media. his sister says her brother died while waiting in line for bread. reports from local news outlets ensure and have matchup with that story. at least 8 other people were killed according to the reporting. heading south of the city of mar upall. russia's defense ministry says its forces are tightening the noose around the city home to some of the worst fighting the last 3 and a half weeks, 350,000 people are still in hiding. local officials estimate there are between 50 to 100 attacks on any given day. why do
8:22 am
>> mario pull is also home to the theater that was bombed, will housing hundreds of women and children. >> rescuers are still searching for people who they believe are trapped under the rubble. on a positive note, local officials say a bomb shelter in the theater held and italy says it will rebuild the theater when the time comes like the theater are you pull in elsewhere? russia has denied targeting civilian and humanitarian sites but the threat of even worse. russian tactics looms on thursday. secretary of state anthony blinken again warned of the kremlin's next possible move. we have a strong sense of what russia could do next. we believe that moscow may be setting the stage to use a chemical weapon. >> and then falsely blame ukraine to justify escalating its attacks on the ukrainian people. >> a question that many here in europe are asking is does it end with ukraine? are other nations potentially at risk of being invaded as well? the post citizens we've been speaking with your tell us that they're very concerned about what the future holds on the push ukrainian robert
8:23 am
sherman. >> it's a 22. and coming up after the break, a new service that brings the charger to you. if you're worried about your electric car and i always am running out of juice and this program is happening in san francisco. first, we'll
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>> 8.25 right now. and there's a new start up. and that is going to make it easier for you, too. charge your electric
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car if you don't have a charger or if you're suddenly out of juice and you've got to go somewhere, it's a program that's being tested out right now in san francisco. rich demuro takes a look in today's tech smart. going into the car. hit the button. >> when go, that's it range anxiety. it's one of the biggest concerns among potential evie buyers. if that same anxiety that you would feel right when your phone is on 10%. but now if your vehicle right? josh of eve is on a mission to make those worries a thing of the past. we believe that if you can remove the barriers to owning an electric vehicle, you can actually increase electric vehicle, adopt a much faster rate. josh got his first tv in college and came up with an idea. what if you can charge anywhere? it's such a paradigm shift because you don't have to find a place to chart. exactly. the charge can literally come to you. after 4 years of development, there's this. the spark charge roadie
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stackable mobile chargers. for the way the system works. it's kind of like lego blocks right? the stacking years together to increase amount of miles going into the car. the system got the attention of shark tank. we're very fortunate to get mark even a lawyer to invest in our company. and they've been amazing partner so far, the portable chargers now being sold to businesses and roadside assistance companies. there's also an on-demand charging service through an app called currently they'll bring a 50 mile charge to you with plans starting at $25 a month. is also partnering with the app to give its evie buyers 2 months of free on-demand, charging being a look on people's faces when they see the technology, look on people's faces when it gets delivered to them. right. there are actually getting the car card, you know, somewhere that not a card pay the first time that most gratifying part. the big question will spark charge make a version of the road? he that evie drivers can keep in their trunks for emergencies.
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>> 8.30, right now. let's take a peek. hnother weather shaping up. see if seeing a little more sunshine out there. looks nice outside tomorrow, don is when the rain is expected to arrive, right? yeah. brightening and then clouding up tomorrow. so today, only getting a little brighter as the moments go on. but tomorrow, not going to be that way. so you got to savor today as much as you can. we are going to be looking at dry skies through the course of your friday cold front plunges into the bay tomorrow. most noticeably resulting in rain but also resulting in quite the cooldown. right now we're in the 40's and 50's alameda, our warm spot at 51 degrees. >> 30's up in the north bay. so not all of us are so mild. definitely get those jackets ready to go this morning in tomorrow. it's going to be the rain jackets in the umbrellas. got more about that. still to come, tom, thank you for that. let's get a look at the bay bridge heading into the city right now. makes that u.s. tx about his 15 minute drive for you. >> san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. we're at about 17 now a fluctuating between 15 and 16 to traffic moving along out of
8:32 am
richmond, heading across towards san rafale about an 11 minute commute and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes as you're traveling. in the south bay. police are investigating a dump truck hit that hit a 13 year-old boy. it was an accident. he was riding a bicycle when he was hit by the dump truck. it happened yesterday morning at the corner of west el camino reality grant road and mountain view. kron four's. justin campbell has those details. >> here at this intersection where this tragic accident happened. family and friends. if you look to the right of me have been coming up here all day, leaving flowers and candles for a makeshift memorial. you are looking at all that's left after a crash that was reported a little after 08:00am thursday, a mangled bicycle belonging to a 13 year-old boy and a dump truck that police say somehow. >> the teen, the m s attempted lifesaving measures, but unfortunately the teen died at the hospital in a lot for not
8:33 am
only grieving tonight that they're wanting to know about next steps in investigation. katie nelson, with the mountain view police department says the driver of the dump truck stayed on the scene and was very cooperative. >> we are still investigating the cause of the collision. however, what i can see right now is that speed, alcohol and drugs are not considered factors in the crash. the teenager went to graham middle school. the superintendent putting out a statement saying in quote, there are no words that i can say to help take away the pain that we are collectively feeling. he added grief counselors will be on hand. the city also says that they will be working with caltrans to determine if they need to make any bike or pedestrian adjustments to the road. >> reporting here in mountain view, justin campbell kron, 4 news in the south bay. we are learning more about a crash that happened near san jose university state university. it happened. >> late wednesday afternoon. here's video of north 11th in santa clara street intersection where that crash happened. police say a woman
8:34 am
veer off the road crashing into a light pole and died on the scene. there. this is the city's 21st thaffic death of the year. >> 33 right now in the east bay, a catalytic converter theft caught on camera in richmond. take a look. it's happening right before the owners are watching it right before their eyes that this couple is jacking their converter of their van. and now they have to pay for new one. this happened in front of martin luther king junior park. it took the thieves just minutes to get away. the couple was afraid to do anything. they were just happy that nobody was hurt, but they want to bring awareness to the fact that this happened so easily. >> we should on the and see if they somebody or from nice they can us. you that's the go that you see them. they doing something, you know, on some peace, essential. are you and employees? >> the people still these things because they're really
8:35 am
valuable. they have precious metals and can cause about $1500 to get it replaced. well, there's a new effort to charge people who get away with stealing from retail stores under california law. >> serial shoplifters have been able to avoid being charged with more serious crimes if they still less than $950. >> now there's a new campaign aiming to change that. the california retailers association wants to make repeat offenders eligible to be charged with felonies. they hope that's going to deter thefts. >> this means that you have you have stolen multiple times in order to meet that $950 threshold, which really means you're a serial shoplifter. so we're bringing back is the ability to aggregate those >> law enforcement representatives say they support the effort to charge more people for retail as point out that there's a loophole with bail, meaning repeat offenders can get out and possibly still again. >> it's a 35 and and starting now, you no longer have to wear a mask. when you go into
8:36 am
city owned facilities in san francisco, regardless of your vaccination status. so this includes libraries. you don't have to wear a mask. recreation centers, offices operate by the city, but still the san francisco health officer strongly recommends and encourages encourages you to wear a mask even though you don't have to. it's a 36 in the big story this morning. people than dying of overdoses in san francisco, of course. but it's getting even worse now. exactly. there's a new report and shows just how dire things are here in the city. kron four's camilla barco live in san francisco this morning with those details. good morning. camila. >> yes, so dire reyna overdoses from federal in san francisco have been increasing since 2015 and just to paint picture for you just last year, more than 400 people overdosed in san francisco and those deaths continue to be driven by fentanyl. i wanna dig a little deeper. break it down just a for a little further of how things were in
8:37 am
january of this year in that month alone. 46 people overdosed in san francisco a little more than half of those people died after taking fentanyl. now majority of the more white men between the ages of 45 to 54. we're also getting a better look at the neighborhoods where these overdoses happened in the city. >> in january this year, 22% of the overdoses happened in the tenderloin area. 20% happened in soma. 17% in hill, 9% in the intermission and 33% in other places in this city. earlier this month, 3 people were found dead in an apartment in the mission district officials are finding that people like them are looking to take drugs like cocaine and instead what they're taking is laced with fentanyl is exactly what happened to angela mendell. he died last year. angeles father tommy says that they found fentanyl in his son system. >> don't know really what happened. a late goal is because of this is. terrible
8:38 am
drug look, to be full family was a beautiful person and they hope a lot of people. so people in in california, he well known and big issue. we use. it's truly wonderful person. sure. it's terrible. i know like to stop the drug for me. everybody else to >> now because there has been a drastic increase in overdoses linked to fentanyl. diana reyna, the city's department of health is warning and alerting people of this trend. they say that while you may be taking a may be laced with something else. back to you guys. thanks a lot. camilla. >> well, still ahead, one bay area nonprofit is stepping up to help families with children who are in the hospital. the family say that the rising gas prices are just adding to their financial hardships. and the lawyers are going to be without steph curry for the time being. we have an update on his injury coming up in
8:39 am
sports. >> and we are looking at a dry one today. but tomorrow the rainfall arrives so definitely enjoy today as much as you can. upper 50's to low 60's for your highs at the coast. upper 60's to low 70's in london along the bay and all this under bright centuries ago, native californians thrived on this land. now, we share a destiny with all californians. when voters granted our sovereign nations exclusive gaming rights, it advanced self-sufficiency and created thousands of good jobs. but now, out of state corporations are coming to california. their online sports betting initiative would break the promise between us. it's bad for tribes and all californians. join us. protect the promise.
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>> record high gas prices are making it much harder for families to visit their children who are in the hospital. families also say the prices make it much more
8:42 am
difficult to get to and from their doctors. appointments. now there's one nonprofit is trying to help. it's caught there for care and they started a gas. one campaign. we're they hand out fuel cards to families. they also partner with local children's hospitals to provide support families and supplies to more of them with critically ill children. they're currently serving 130 families here in the bay area. >> many of our families are traveling multiple times between their home in the hospital. and whereas we used to get $50 of gas to a with each care package. >> now we're hearing from families that it takes 2 to $300 in gas to just make it round trip from their home to a hospital. so we are definitely not able to keep up with the demand. >> if you would like to donate to that nonprofit, we have a link over on our website at kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> 45 right now and you know what i'm hoping. i'm hoping it's not really cold at right now. going to shut off my thermostat and putin asked case a little nest thing in the wall. so we were just looking at how to do it right now. if i break something, john, i'm not going to have he hopefully of back worth for the isaias, is kind of cool. i love this >> this is a weekend. you need
8:46 am
so today's a mild one tomorrow temperatures and that's going to be great news for the sierra nevada, which is just seeing snow totals gradually fizzling because of the warm weather, the sunshine and the lack of snow we've had. so that snow pack that started the season so healthy. it's just gone downhill. beautiful day to head up into this year today. tomorrow when the snow gets here, it's just going to be a beautiful day to look at it from that cabin window and then ski on it come sunday morning. we are going to be a winter weather advisory starting tomorrow morning at 08:00am lasting through 11:00pm tomorrow night. now most of the sierra seeing 2 to 6 inches of snowfall accumulation, localized spots, including some of our ski resorts, upwards of 8 inches of snow. then at the very tops of those mountains, upwards of a foot of snowfall. so it's great to be seeing that we're not missing out on in the bay area this time we are seeing those showers work in our direction to that cloud cover along a cold front which is going to drop on into the region. starting tonight. and that means that tomorrow, a big change of pace, most
8:47 am
noticeably the rain, but also a lot cooler. so today want to enjoy fully. a little bit of cloud cover pushes in during the evening tonight. and before you even wake up tomorrow morning, light showers will arrive to the bay. they're going to stay with us on and off throughout the course of the day, really starting to diminish between 5 and 06:00pm where snow in the sierras going to stay around well into saturday evening. good morning on sunday for some skiing before you head back to the bay sunday afternoon from the sierra. as for bay area rainfall totals, it's not going to be that much. but that's just the case of what we've seen so far in 2022. after so much rain in december that happened just dried out. starting in january. this is pretty typical for those light rains. we've had a 10th to quarter of an inch of rainfall possible. now today's daytime highs still climbing mostly into the 60's. a few 50's holding on right along the coastline. well, temperatures for some of our inland in south bay, neighbors will climb into the low 70's for san jose. 72 for your high livermore at 71
8:48 am
hayward. a comfortable enough. 67, a little cooyer in oakland and san leandro at 66 warmest spot being antioch at 73 cooler near the coastline. now tomorrow's temperatures just cooler everywhere. highs only in the upper 50's for your last day of winter on saturday, along with those rain showers sunday kicking off spring mild highs in the mid 60's. we warm noticeably into monday into the mid 70's and by tuesday, wednesday and thursday hovering right around 80 degrees for your daytime highs right now. john, thank you for that. the traffic is improving heading into the city right now about 14 minutes. >> for you this morning, let's check on the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. looking at a 15 minute commute for you. there out of richmond heading across towards san rafale. we're nice and light at about 10 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. but a 20 minute drive. >> 48 want to give you update on steph curry. turns out now he's going to be out
8:49 am
indefinitely for the rest of the regular season because of a sprained on his left foot. but he could possibly make it back for the playoffs. cover sports director jason dumas has a look. it's not an ideal situation in definitely not how the warriors invision ending the regular season, but all things considered. golden state dodged a bullet on this play right there. staff was diagnosed with a sprained ligament in his left foot. >> x-rays were negative, meaning there was no fracture or major damage. the warriors believe step will be able to return by the playoffs which begin on april 16th. so like i said, this all could have been much worse. now, the injury did not stop at steph curry. moses. moody left the game in the 2nd quarter with a shoulder injury. i was told you suffered a right shoulder sub legs. ation, which is a partial dislocation of the shoulder. the training staff was able to pop it back in place. this is not expected to be a season ending injuries for a movie. all right. let's talk about the college kids
8:50 am
now. saint mary's entered the tournament with its best seed in program history. they took on indiana and we learned maybe saint mary's was ceded to low 1st half. alex. do case why hand down man down 3? yes, 3 threes. but the gaels up 7.13, points for him. a couple minutes later, tommy cousy he their heart and soul finishing through contact. nice little kiss off the glass. saint mary's goes up 40 to 28 at break because he finished with 19 points early in the 2nd half. now the best play indiana made all data cheerleader got the ball that was stuck on the back for it. logan johnson. put the finishing touches on this one. nice laying he had 20 points. saint mary's win. 82 to 53. they will play. you see la in the second round. we play well. so. >> as one of things that holder team is enjoying saying in play well, and i think they
8:51 am
were they're really focused on that. we just continue to. >> to do what we do in and buy into what we and as you know, right away, grind. brian, ways out and find ways to get the job fell. i guess what we did. we understand that. what just happened been a really good program moving on the second round. >> the wild, offseason that i can remember in the nfl just got a big crazier. the packers have traded for have traded this guy a adams, los vegas raiders, the trade reunites, the east palo alto native with his college teammate, their car adams in car broke multiple records together at fresno state. now to look to win a lombardi trophy together in vegas. the raiders gave up the first and second round pick in this year's draft for adams. >> and that was jason dumas reporting. the worries are back in action sunday night against the san antonio spurs
8:52 am
at the chase center. happening today, the giants and the a's will be back on the field. both teams are going to be playing the first spring training games today. the a's will play the angels for their first spring game. that game starts at one. 0, 5 this afternoon. and the giants are going to be playing the cubs first pitch for that game is set for 7, 0, 5, this evening. we'll be right back. after the break. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at
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4 is highlighting remarkable women and ooday want you to meet a woman who helps make miracles happen every day and finally created her very yes, my friend lauren and her husband nehemiah. they just had their first baby. >> jasmine summer, brown is a week old today and warren is a doula and midwife. and so she told me that laboring for 40 hours at home. >> has given her whole new perspective on what the women that she's helping give birth, what they go through pain and power. she remarked on how powerful she felt and she didn't do la it like that's to the mom joke. >> she wanted to give credit to her own midwives. who helped or sue bailey and bridget bar and susanna weaning. >> that's not a joke. her name is wayne and get and she helps will breastfeed. lauren said
8:56 am
that taking this new picture for me, by the way, given excuse to do her hair because, you know, trust me, that's your lease concerned. have to have a baby. but she's going to get back to moon belly birth, which is or companies incredible in june. right now, she's just happy to chill acts. >> with her little marveling at her little march miracle every day. that yeah, women are so powerful. power. so congrats to them. congratulations. >> it will cross for guests were recognizing remarkable women all throughout the if you missed any of the stories. >> we cannot afford to miss any of these stories every tuesday they air and we have all the ones that maybe you missed over on our website at kron 4 dot com. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we've got other stories ahead. like teachers and the school district that are on the picket lines and they could strike. we'll tell you where this is happening with kron 4 sarah stinson. and also one of the suspects in the kevin nishita murder cases going to court today for the first time will tran has the details on will tran has the details on that.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> not just any 9. this is the finest hour on the finest day friday and the weather is
9:00 am
looking pretty good to john. yeah. definitely looking like a nice one. take full advantage of it because tomorrow's big changes get here. we're going to see temperatures cooling way down from the 70's. we'll get to warmest today down into the 50's tomorrow. and i think most importantly, spring fall for us on saturday. this morning, though, it's just nice and bright out there. you can see those clear skies all across the bay. current temperatures are mostly in the 40's to 50's just a couple of holdouts towards say alina, in some spots in the north bay are still in the upper 30's now be talking those changes into tomorrow. still to come, fortunately, no rainfall for your morning commute. that would have made things that the bay bridge a little bit slower than they have been. now, unlike yesterday and the day before it around this time, we've seen traffic ease really quickly. that is friday. light free at the bay bridge. love to see it. looking at the san mateo bridge. things are also rolling along just fine. and are these clear skies? richmond center fell doing a okay as well. no backup at the toll plaza there and golden gate bridge


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