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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10 ukrainian officials reconsidering their push to join nato as the war in ukraine enters a 4th week. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and catherine heenan. pam moore has the night off.
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>> we begin with the latest from ukraine where a senior u.s. defense official says russia has escalated their attacks over the past 2 days with this, many as 300 missions in the last 24 hours. new tonight, ukraine's president says he is ready to talk about not seeking nato membership in exchange for a cease-fire. also, the withdrawal of russian troops and a guarantee of ukraine's security correspondent kimberly cheng has the latest. >> shots were fired at a protest in cure son. video circulating online shows people running. some are injured. eyewitnesses said military fire was directed at >> a shopping mall on the outskirts of kyiv destroyed ukrainian emergency officials say 8 people were killed by
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shelling sunday. a fire broke out inside russian military claims rockets were being stored at russian is now committing for general site a gaze that ukrainian cto for money with >> for 3 weeks, 400,000 citizens have been surrounded without food. what they are light hit. >> as the attacks on their youthful intensified. ukraine's defense minister accused russia of committing an act of genocide. ukrainian officials rejected a russian demand that their forces lay down their arms and raise white flags in exchange for a safe passage out of the besieged port city. he repeated calls for international support of a no fly zone over ukraine. most goal is afraid our army so they are fighting city >> this is a state terrorism. that is why crim in must be stopped a moment. everything we don't that anymore. >> to do build this city from scratch.
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>> russian shelling led to an ammonia leak at a chemical plant and soon a city. >> in his public address to president, volodymyr zelensky played the sound of air raid sirens and said this has become normal and cities across the country. >> kimberly chang reporting the un says there are now more than 10 million ukrainian refugees, including many who are displaced within ukraine's borders. meantime, president biden left for europe today headed for a special nato summit on the crisis. >> a bay area artists has been so touched by what's happening in ukraine. he decided to move across the atlantic to help artists fighting for their freedom kron four's amanda hari talked with him this afternoon about how he's trying to assistuthe people of ukraine. >> images to moving. they convinced a bay area artist to temporarily move to the united kingdom. it's a lot closer to the action. so europe is
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really, really behind this. john doyle has been in touch with ukrainian artists for several years. and many of those artists have become soldiers. they have banded together as a community to fight this oppressive war. i spoke with doyle in-person back at the end of february when he and many of his ukrainian friends. you know what to do yet? we put down a paint brushes and pick up guns at the beginning of the invasion. doyle and his ukrainian friends started a message group. he says 2 of the arts organizations. he was in communication with module club and google fest have mobilized and join the ukrainian military while some are still fighting. others have become refugees. but he says that comes with its own challenge. it's they are experiencing. >> a huge disconnect from their friends and their family and their loved ones and they're looking back inside really distraught and
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shellshocked. doyle is not planning on joining the war effort or going to ukraine. >> but he's doing everything he can to shed light on what's happening to his friends and to just try to share the story of this really difficult choice that these people have been forced to make. this is something that we're in for the long haul. he still encouraging people to reach out to organizations that are continuing to help ukrainian people like the ukrainian-american coordinating council. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> soccer legend david beckham is handed over his social media accounts to a ukrainian doctor to raise money for unicef. >> continues as police incredible way ensure seems like you any way that you to we can really make a difference see both of have some use of a difficult. >> the social media takeover aims to raise awareness of the work being done by health care workers in ukraine. the head of her keys, regional prenatal center is showing that comes
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127 million followers. what it's like working in the middle of the war with russia. that served as a unicef ambassador for 17 years. >> get the latest updates on the war in ukraine. you for you can find out ways to help use your mobile device to scan that qr code will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> some breaking news to tell you about out of the south bay, south southbound cow train tracks are closed right now in mountain view after a train hit a pedestrian. the collision was reported just before 9 o'clock tonight. officials say the person hit was trespassing on the tracks between san antonio station and rainstorm avenue. caltrain did not give us the condition of the person who was hit about 60 people were on the train that was involved. none of them were injured. >> california lawmakers want to give us some money back to taxpayers as the cost of gas keeps going up. more proposals
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are surfacing to help struggling california. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >> state lawmakers want to give you money, but they're poised for a big debate on how with now, for proposals for them to consider the latest added to the list. one by california legislative leaders, senate pro tem toni atkins and assembly speaker anthony rendon's. they propose direct payments of $200 for every taxpayer making less than $125,000 a year, $400 for couples making under $250,000 a year and $200 for every dependent. they know the family of 5 would get $1000. in a statement monday, senate pro tem toni atkins wrote speaker ended and i have made a commitment to the people of california that we would find a solution to help people get through the financial hardships imposed by the rising cost of fuel and consumer goods were holding true to that promise and have developed a proposal that would help a vast majority of californians the tax refund would also expand based on size of a family. so for families with more dependents who arguably are facing even
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higher costs, there would be greater relief this just days after a group of democrats in the assembly proposed sending $400 to all california taxpayers. we hear you and we see you. >> we see the pain you're feeling at the pump. how inflation is affecting you every day. when you do your grocery shopping in feed your family on the other side of the aisle, republicans continue to call for a 6 month gas tax holiday. but because the bill has yet to have its first hearing, the group plans to force another legislative vote on it thursday. that's a lever that we can pull right now that will provide immediate, meaningful relief to every person has to fill up the gas tank is eva. meanwhile, governor gavin newsome agrees with getting money back into the hands of californians. he's expected to release his own rebate proposal sometime this week in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> and here's a look at current average prices for gas in the bay area in san jose. it's now 5.82 a gallon in oakland, 5.85, in both napa and san francisco. it is 5.92 a gallon.
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>> it's not gas. prices are high. they could go even higher. that's after dozens of chevron refinery workers hit the picket lines enrichment about 500 employees are demanding more pay and better contracts. dozen of them joined a strike that began today. chevron argues it's paying its workers as much as it can. meantime, drivers, of course, caught in the middle already taken a huge hit at the pump. some people say they're reaching a breaking point with thu prices are now looking at some travel alternatives. >> well, i decide to do that. one is guys. prices started goinup. i was on a quarter filled up my take. it was $70 was i was like now i can be another car know, to go back and forth to work and i'm a hero. something. >> chevron refinery in richmond supplies about 13% of california's gasoline, jet fuel and other petroleum products. >> along with the higher gas prices, there are more and more reports of gasoline
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theft. one possible remedy, according to police, a la king gas cap. it can stop these from siphoning off expensive gasoline. we talked to an employee of a car parts santa rosa. he says that the more the prices are going up, the more customers who are looking for these caps. >> it's just going to keep going up more and more. and definitely, you know, it's an opportunity for someone to save himself some money and unfortunately hurt somebody else. >> a lot of new cars have valves that prevent gas from being siphoned from the tank. which sounds like good news. unfortunately, police say some thieves then proceed to drill directly into the gas tank. turning now to our coronavirus coverage beginning april first, the state will drop its proof of vaccination or negative test requirement to enter big indoor events. that means any gathering a bigger than 1000 people. san francisco is one of nearly all
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the bay area counties are now aligning with the state to come late next week. >> first, it was hacking joins us now live from our newsroom. and taylor, you talk to an infectious disease specialist tonight about all of this and what's the word from them? >> well, ken doctor, peter chin hong with ucsf says he supports this latest decision. he says it speaks volumes about the city's case rates and outlook when san francisco, one of the most conservative cities in the country throughout the pandemic is no longer requiring proof of vaccines or a negative test at large indoor events. >> on april first, san francisco will party like its 2019 again for the first time since large events have been allowed, the city will no longer require proof of vaccination status or a negative test. the county is aligning with state guidelines by dropping these requirements for indoor mega events with crowds larger than 1000 people find that some of the most conservative counties. >> some cisco sun and clara county, la county, which have
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really the most careful during the pandemic have signed on means that we're really in a good place right now. despite information about a new variant known as the ba 2 variant. >> infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong believes it is safe to lift these restrictions. things out variance come on board. and this is the sub-lineage that's very, very similar to the body. >> like omicron, it's not like it's going to go up in a big steep curve. it's going to be very gradual. and i think we'll be able to predict it with wastewater epidemiology as well as the traditional measure of number of new cases, according to the san francisco department of public health. >> individual businesses like the chase center can choose to keep any safety measures in place. in a statement to kron 4 news, the chase center says it will also align with the county and no longer require proof of vaccination or negative test. meanwhile, vaccinations and masks are still strongly recommended. i think we all enjoy. >> the times when the numbers
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are low, numbers go higher. i you know, we'll be ready to pull out these mass. keep the testing kits in your closet, bring all of these things when when time comes. but for right now, things are looking pretty good. >> now doctor chin-hong says the level of new infections in the bay area is comparable to where we were lase june. when california first started reopening as of march 13th when numbers were last updated. san francisco, 7 day rolling average case rate was 8.7. the lowest it's been so far this year. live in the newsroom. i'm taylor the second reporting. kron 4 news center. thank you for that. we checked in with all 9 bay area counties. all of them except alameda and napa counties got back to us saying that they will be aligning with the state. >> and lift them at a vaccine mandate for indoor mega events on april. first >> the johnson and johnson vaccine has the lowest breakthrough infection rate. this is according to a new study from the cdc. it found
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that the pfizer vaccine had the most breakthrough cases followed by moderna the johnson and johnson shot. 76% effective and preventing infections. 81% effective in preventing hospitalizations unity from the vaccine lasts at least 6 months. >> a study out of houston finds that children are retaining covid antibodies long after they're infected. researchers examined 218 children between the ages of 5.19. they studied 3 different blood samples from those kids once during the vaccine rollout and again, during the delta and omicron variants researchers found that 96% who are infected with covid continue to have any bodies up to 7 months later. and it didn't matter whether or not the infected children had symptoms. a rally in san francisco today to try to make hiv and aids treatments, aids treatments a priority again for the city activists staged
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a die in on the steps outside city hall. there are concerned the treatment and testing for hiv has slips due to the pandemic and they say they want the city to go back to being a leader in both the prevention of and the care for people with the disease. >> it's time for us to refocus our efforts redouble our efforts, recommit ourselves to making sure that san francisco will be the first city to get 0 new infections in a year. according to the san francisco department of public health, hiv testing dropped 44% between 2020 2021. >> former black employees of google are now suing the company claiming a pattern of racial discrimination because google's diversity campaign nothing more than a public relations move. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on what 2 former employees say. they went through. >> the 2 women who spoke out monday say they were overlooked for job promotions at google because of the color of their skin. their
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allegations against the company span from racial and discrimination in front of a federal courthouse in san francisco. civil rights attorney ben crump. >> announced the class action lawsuit against google monday alleging that the company undervalues under pays and mistreat their black employees. google did not retaliate. >> against the racist coach or but they retaliated against these victims. all the races coach or that existing google, former google employee shared their stories of discrimination, including april curley who was hired by the company in 2014. >> to recruit graduates from historically black colleges. i easily found over 500 extremely talented black students who are now employed in bowles at google. despite her success of the company, curley says she was terminated in september of 2020. this wasn't about my performance or lack thereof. >> this was about a company equipping managers with the power to with their black employees into shape by any means or make an example out of them. the allegations
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against google don't stop at racial discrimination. chloe sled says she was sexually harassed by a white male coworker and her department. it started off with sly comments and the micro kitchen and hallways then grew to sexually explicit message over the company chat. she's now the ceo of the company community acts. but during her time at google says she was constantly overlooked for promotions because of the color of her skin and had races. comments posted about her on google's internal plus platform. it was clear to me. >> not only was google willing to allow me to be sexually harassed by one man. but they were also going to let me get racially harassed by the company at crump says he hopes the lawseit seeking class status inspires other google employees. both former and current to come forward and share their stories with google should do. >> is google racist? >> and then they will see. what the problem is. and the only question will be. how are
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they going to respond? >> i reached out to the press team at google for comment about the class action lawsuit filed against them but have not heard back in mountain view. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> time now for our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at a city on this monday night. that is beautiful. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. sir. >> lawrence, not only warming up here talking about maybe breaking some records. yeah, we could see a couple records fall tomorrow afternoon as the heat kind of sits in the cross. the bay area. look at the heat, things up inside the bay in the valleys out there right now. you've got clear skies. the offshore winds just beginning to kick in tonight. and already started when the temperatures up today as high pressure started to build in was 81 degrees today and warm in santa rosa. 77 in concord. 76 in livermore, 73 degrees in san jose. 66 in oakland and 64 degrees in san francisco outside right now. cool off along the coastline. still for mild temperatures inland. in fact, you're still in the 70's in brownwood. 73 in fairfield.
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kind of get the idea now that high pressure ridge really kind of sitting overhead and building overnight tonight, going to be those offshore winds and a plane. you can see that huge dome just started to set itself up. now as we head into tuesday, that's going to be kind of a quick hitter. it's going to move overhead tomorrow. you can see the heat tomorrow and then it's going to slide a little further to the east in by tomorrow afternoon. probably gonna start to see a little fog moving in along the coastline. but right now that normally winds start to kick in across some of the north bay hills. you see it there. still a little bit on shore flow, a little sea breeze along the coastline by tomorrow afternoon. maybe a little fog moving along the coast. but the winds, yeah, they're going to howell over the mountain tops overnight tonight. and that is going to set the day up for tomorrow. some pretty gusty winds up above. but down below what a day it's going to be. here's that dome of high pressure building in as it sets itself up. it is wrong to really crank up the temperatures tomorrow. so you thought today was warm? yeah. maybe some mid 80's by tomorrow afternoon. lot of 70's inside the bay, maybe even in san francisco. but
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right out of the water's edge, i think enough of the sea breeze. >> and the afternoon, probably some fog moving along the coastline. all right. you see here on the computer models overnight tonight, keeping skies mostly clear. and then as we head toward tomorrow morning, starting out, sunny side up. that's the way it's going to stay for at least 1st half of the day. and then by the afternoon, you start to see those clouds gather along the coastline. stay mostly clear in london, though, we could see a couple of patches of fog sneak inside the bay. i think overall we wake up tomorrow with mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 50's early on then by the middle of the day should be a gorgeous day outside. lots of sunshine and 60's 70's almost 80's by noon inland. then by the afternoon, that's when crank those numbers probably some mid 80's and some warmer spots inland while will cool things down along the coastline. but tomorrow, those temperatures are going to spike. then we'll start to cool down as we head in toward the rest of week. almost beach weather of credible. yeah. >> flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts. here we go. springtime, thanks. right. oakland may be a good place for lunch tomorrow and wear shorts out there. oakland restaurant week is underway
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with more than 90 local businesses participating this year. >> from michelin star restaurants all the way to food trucks. diners can find special offers and custom menus on all kinds of cuisine in the city. according to visit oakland, most neighborhoods across the city of restaurants participating this year. the tourism group says it's good way to help the city's business owners bounce back from the pandemic. >> it's kind of perfect that we're kicking off restaurant week at the beginning of spring because it is a new beginning. this is an opportunity to come back and support all those. not only restaurants but performance spaces and hotels that really didn't have an opportunity showcase open. now we're open. we're fully open and we want to encourage everyone to come. breweries and wineries are involved this year to oakland restaurant week kicked off over the weekend and runs through this coming sunday. the 27th. >> still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news and east bay, tiny homes community up in
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flames when firefighters are now say may have sparked that blaze. >> and as if they needed more obstacles problem standing in the way of a new waterfront ballpark for the a's. plus recall products that are being recall products that are being pulled from shelves tonight. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> for your money this monday night, the fda has issued a voluntary recall of jurgens alter healing moisturizer. there's a concerned about
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bacteria. the recall affects the company's 3 outs and 10 ounce bottles. the bacteria doesn't pose much risk for healthy people. it could cause infections, though, and people with health problems on kron 4 dot com. we've got a list of the serial numbers for the bottles affect it and 2 popular pancake mixes being recalled after cable fragments were found inside. the recall involves great value buttermilk pancake and waffle mix and kroger buttermilk pancake and waffle missed a mix. the parts came from a cable used to clean the machinery. the products are sold at walmart and kroger isn't have best by dates of september. first 2023, if you've got them, throw them out or return them for a refund. >> new research shows that things we read online are not likely to stay in our memories very long. it's called digital amnesia or the google effect. german researchers say our mines are lazy and not
10:26 pm
inclined to deeply process information from search engines. why? well, because we know we don't have to. in other words, it's easier to find the information. they remember it. the lower the chances are that our minds will recall details. i think we knew coming up next, attend judge ketanji brown jackson vows to defend the constitution. >> on day one of her historic confirmation hearings, a look at what we can expect with this nomination after the break. >> and we've got mostly clear skies out there right now. but we've got some changes on the way. plus, tornadoes in texas. we'll talk about your 10. 10 is coming up next.
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>> the big story out of oakland tonight for tiny homes built a shelter. the homeless caught fire today near lake merritt. and tonight the red cross is helping 5 people find new temporary homes as kron four's. dan kerman reports at this point. anyway, firefighters think that fire was accidental. >> fire raced through the lakeview village, tiny home development in oakland monday morning. this is citizen video of the thick black smoke shooting into the air. 3 tiny homes were destroyed and a 4th was damaged, but no one was injured were fortunate. the crews were able to get there quickly and were able to contain and mitigate risks to any of the other 12 or 13.
10:30 pm
>> tiny homes that were there. the homes have immunity, heat and electricity, but it's unclear if that played a role in how the fire started. and at this point, firefighters believe it was accidental. but we know where it started. we know that individual was attached to that property as early as this morning but was not on scene at the time of the fire started based on the footage that the investigators say it's the tiny home development is the merger of 2 different transitional housing programs, both desimned to get homeless people out of streetside encampments have to say i'm frustrated that the city administration's lack of follow through and action. >> on issues that i have been raising consistently for months concerns i have been raising for months are not being addressed. city council president nikki fortunato bass says she's been raising concerns with city department heads. >> since the 2 programs merged and says little has been done. this fire is a clear demonstration at the need for greater accountability and for my concerns to be addressed
10:31 pm
immediately. fire officials say they see far fewer fires, that these types of developments then at homeless encampments. nevertheless, 5 residents are now getting assistance from the red cross in finding new temporary shelter. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> a rally today in redwood city in support of extending pandemic eviction protections is statewide protections are set to expire at the end of the month. activists from face inaction, bay area and several other groups are asking for state leaders and local leaders to extend the eviction moratorium as well as rent relief programs. >> we are 10 days from a potential tsunami of evictions. and we're here to encourage our representatives to use this short time to do something to stop that we identified. this is the right thing to do before we simply need to continue. families will not be homeless. the children not be homeless. use
10:32 pm
them. >> march 31st is also the deadline for both renters and landlords affected by covid to apply to receive relief money from the state. activists say 5200 applications are still awaiting processing. >> elected officials and the south bay, they're trying to add hundreds of affordable housing units across santa clara county voters approved an affordable housing bond that was back in 2016 and a lot of 950 million to try to tackle this. there is a plan now to build hundreds of homes and 3 different cities, including on an empty lot in santa clara. the proposal means that 73 apartment homes would be built in morgan hill and san jose. 171 homes in 2 tpdifferent locations and santa clara, there would be 80 homes. the mayor of morgan hill says some of the homes would go to essential workers. people who helped everybody during the pandemic and says this is a way for the county to help them. >> in an area where housing is
10:33 pm
scarce and housing is unaffordable. we owe it to those families to revive the american dream. >> the goal is to provide affordable housing for veterans, seniors, farm workers, people who our recently homeless and families who meet the minimum income requirement. the board of supervisors is set to vote on this tomorrow. if it passes construction could begin this summer. the never ending a's ballpark fiascos. hit another speed bump. the 12 billion dollar proposed project getting stiff resistance from one council member in particular kron four's justin campbell has more on the decision and how it might play out at the ballot box. >> i it is wise for the voters of moments make the that's west oakland councilwoman carol fife. she hosted a town hall this weekend over concerns about the 12 billion
10:34 pm
dollar oakland athletics ballpark plan. and she would like to bring the decision to the ballot. i don't they're really not research on project and how was councilwoman 5 says she doesn't think the plan addresses the need for people of color or low income in her district were surprised to hear that oakland a's team president dave carroll says they've been working closely with the city council members for the past 5 years. we've laid out a very robust set of community benefits, including things like affordable housing workforce development, environmental justice, carol says the proposed ballpark plan would also bring many jobs, but they're also looking elsewhere in case they don't get a new stadium. spy were working as well in las vegas. >> on a planned there for a stadium, carol doesn't want to bring the proposed ballpark plan to a ballot vote this november. >> which is what councilwoman 5 is exploring. he's hoping for a final vote on the plan. >> sooner and hopefully getting the city council to
10:35 pm
approve the project summer so we can move forward and know that we're going to be an oakland for many years to come. reporting in oakland, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> when it comes to transportation, energy and housing, americans can escape inflation. but when it comes to shopping, some are saying no to higher prices and retailers appear to be listening. 43 1% of consumers say that prices continue to rise, they're going to delay less important purchases. well, in reaction to that news, for example, macy's tried to raise the price on budget, mattresses and sofas by $100. well, apparently consumers reacted and macy's had to adjust those prices back down and they're just one of many retailers feeling. consumers pushed back. >> we see internally because our order count lower. she won this year versus you one last year. however. revenue was still elevated and because so much of the revenue growth is actually something price
10:36 pm
increases. >> according to the adobe digital economy index report, americans have spent 32 billion more dollars and they would have for the same goods prepandemic and americans are now showing that there unwilling to pay more when there are cheaper alternatives. >> the rise in food prices from inflation is causing a lot of americans to turn to urban farming. one pennsylvania farm manager says that she is even hiring new staff to try to keep up with demand and her farm is adding 4 new growing categories and she says a lot of our customers are also starting their own garden. it's at the same time state and local water officials are calling on the public to celebrate world water day by increasing their efforts to save water. >> officials say the biggest opportunity to conserve is by cutting back on watering your lawn and using water efficient devices. they also recommend replacing grass with native
10:37 pm
plants that require much less irrigation and restore biodiversity. california's drought is now in its 3rd year with january and february, becoming the driest in history. state reservoir levels also remain far below average and continue to fall. >> take a look at this. a tornado spotted north of austin, texas. and in fact, there were several tornado warnings for the austin area today. first responders have been responding to reports of damaged homes and other buildings. >> now to the 4 zone forecast. we're looking live at the bay bridge from san francisco's embarcadero. >> and we want to check in on the latest on the extreme weather. going across parts of the country. let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, this has the makings of another day of dangerous weather today. we have numerous tornadoes coming in. you see the line of storms. you see the cold air. you see the snow on the
10:38 pm
backside. all that nice warm, moist air coming right up to texas. that's where air masses are colliding and that's where we're seeing that extreme weather throughout the day today. and tonight it continues out there. you see the areas shaded in yellow. these are all tornado watches stretching across parts of texas now in louisiana as well. and the heavy storms continuing these little red and white circles. those are actual reports of some tornadoes along that pathway. and it's certainly been a scary day today. numerous tornadoes being reported in damage injuries also being reported in. these are right now. we've got yet another tornado warning in effect this near carthage. and you could see this a tornado path will continue in a northeasterly direction, taking up a torch report if it does maintain pattern, looks like this will stay in effect until at least 12 45. but it is going to be a scary night tonight as they're going to see numerous thunderstorms continue to rotate through that area tomorrow. i think once that sun comes up again, all that energy from the sun is going
10:39 pm
to be moving up in the atmosphere and it is going to make for another round of severe weather pushing just a little further to the east. back out west. we go and you can see a high pressure overhead and that's going bring us lots of sunshine. so what a contrast they've got that stormy weather. we're getting the sunshine for tomorrow. the temperatures going to be something else around the bay area would like to get a little more rain in the forecast. of course, right now doesn't look like that through tomorrow. but then we push into time here. we head toward the middle of the week and that's where that ridge starts to break down a little bit. a couple clouds begin to move in. then as we get the weekend, looks a little more impressive. that looks like a cut off low to me, not the easiest a storm system forecast at all, but maybe bringing a chance. a few showers for the bay area as we head toward monday, possibly tuesday. and then another storm system wednesday of next week. we'll see that all comes to pass. but temperatures tomorrow. yeah, anything but stormy. it is going to be a mid 70's in the san francisco little cool along the coastline. you see that fog moving late today. but inside the bay plan on 70's as we
10:40 pm
head toward the afternoon, even some 80's begin to pop up down the peninsula. 82 degrees in san jose about 83 in santa clara. get the idea. he's going to be some nice numbers all around. high pressure takes over. so lots of sunshine coming our way as warm weather too. looks like at least for a day. then the numbers are going to start to cool down that you're 10 a 10 that going to get sting. i think the next few days temperatures come down partly cloudy into friday and saturday. slight yet showers as we get in towards sunday and monday of next week. sounds good. thank you, lawrence. >> investigators are on the ground in the southern region of china. this is after plane crash that killed 132 people. the 7 37 crashed in a remote mountainous area setting off of big fire. the china eastern airlines flight had been traveling. it 500 miles an hour, 30,000 feet. and for some reason suddenly took a nosedive crashing about a minute later. it is china's worst air disaster in nearly a
10:41 pm
decade. >> another big story we are following tonight to in this country. it was day one of judge ketanji brown jackson supreme court confirmation hearing. she delivered her opening statement while lawmakers laid out what they're looking for in the next supreme court. justice kron 4 washington correspondent basil john, has that story. good evening. it's the start of a long week for the senate judiciary committee and judge ketanji brown jackson. >> as she vies for the open supreme court seat >> welcome, judge jackson. i am humbled and honored to be here during day one of judge ketanji brown jackson's confirmation hearing democratic vermont senator patrick leahy and minnesota senator amy klobuchar are highlighted the significance of her nomination with your presence here today. >> you are writing a new page in the history you judge or opening a door that's long been shot to so many connecticut senator richard blumenthal said welcoming an african-american woman on the court is long overdue.
10:42 pm
>> this day is a giant leap into the present for our country and for the quarter. >> republicans like iowa senator chuck grassley outlined what he wants out of supreme court nominee. the most important thing that i look for is a nominee view of the law. judicial philosophy. >> and view on the role of a judge in our constitutional system. despite judge jackson's education and experience texas republican senator ted cruz said that is no longer enough. >> it is no longer the case. the supreme court confirmation hearings are merely about qualifications. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham promises he and his colleagues will not attack judge jackson's character. not of us are going to do that to you. >> and if any of us does that to you? all will break out. republicans talks on their initial thoughts of judge jackson saying she is soft on crime and want to hear her response in the coming days.
10:43 pm
>> reporting in washington, i'm basil, john. >> still ahead of 10 police are looking for the daredevil driver who took his tesla airborne. this was a mask. just how much damage was done. >> and as for us coming off, a heartbreaking loss to the spurs and warriors are in need of some urgency. sports director jason dumas has reaction from steve kerr. plus the latest on the stanford women's team. oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> rough sunday night for the dubs. it was their last home game before a five-game road trip and their first game without steph curry considering all of that, it was important to get a win against the lowly spurred. but they just couldn't get it done. yes, there were some bizarre calls at the end that didn't help and there's no excuse for draymond green getting ejected or for giving up an offensive rebound to lose the game. really? it was a no excuse for coming out flat either. the spurs jumped out to a 12 point 1st quarter lead. steve kerr said coming out with that type of effort is simply inexcusable. >> we have to understand we're undermanned. there's 12 games left now is now 11 games left. we're looking at the we've got
10:47 pm
to have. could be a sense of urgency. there's got to be a sense of a competitive fight to that. we take to the other from the very beginning of the game that i did not see that until it was really late in the game. guys were great night in that 4th quarter fighting like crazy. we have fight like crazy from the start. we got to for enough. >> you know, we haven't really play up the all year so, you know, one person go down there, but he's got to step up. so especially we've got to got to lock in defensively offensive. i feel like the way we move the ball. that's going to come. you you know, we just got find ways to win games. >> stanford is back in familiar territory for the 14th straight year. we get that. they'll play in the sweet 16 this year. they did. so by something. both montana state and kansas. but there's always a but the competition.
10:48 pm
it's about to get much tougher on friday. they'll take on a maryland team that have won. 23 straight games and is led by a legendary coach in her own right. and brenda frese stanford beat that hurts earlier this year in the bahamas. next. lay in by fran belibi right there. so the turks, they'll be thinking revenge. the sweet 16 in spokane, which is a homecoming for lexi in lacey hall stanford's best players on the floor. >> i think everyone, you know, wanted to get wants to get this book and no one wants to be but for lacing, i feel to play at home one last time meant a lot to us meant a lot to our family, went out to our friends. so there was that extra, you know, chip on our shoulder, the mental a little a little bit more for us i think it just came to that came down that extra piece of us, just our team wanting it more than them. and i'm just super super happy. super excited to be heading home. >> cactus league action. the giants hosting the brewers top of 8th. it was a really close
10:49 pm
game. more run to offer jamie westbrook. he gets a hold of that one. no doubt about it. 3 run shot extends the brewers lead to scheme open. get this. giants were only down one and a band of losing 13 to 6. they'll face the diamondbacks on wednesday. all righty. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back after a we'll be right back after a and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> oh, that's a rough landing at that. look like a hollywood stunt. but this was not a movie set a tesla you just saw and went flying through the air and southern california. that happened over the weekend and the la neighborhood of echo park. and now police are searching for the dangerous daredevil who >> smashed into 2 cars and put lives in danger. courtney friel has the story. >> it looked like something out of a movie. this black tesla flying through the air and crash landing except there were no stunt coordinators along baxter street in echo park and no one to pay for the damage left in its wake. we just heard like a huge, big noise, like kind of like earthquake or like a tree fell off for something fell off. so we like. >> it was really scary. neighbors along one of the steepest city streets in america are not thrilled. the steep incline keeps attracting reckless drivers and then post their dangerous stunts on social media. like these
10:53 pm
clips, spectators put online of the incident which have now gone viral should never been done. i don't know if they're thinking about. >> get got somebody killed. they could pass in the house and life's going to change. >> the lapd is offering $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the hit and run driver who witnesses say took off in another tesla after crashing. they're in contact with this man whose joking on tiktok that it was him that he took a pot gummy beforehand and even showed a ktla tweet saying he's now wanted by police. jordan hook is not laughing. his subaru was rear ended by the tesla and it won't drive. now his livelihood depends on it. what would you say? the driver of that tesla? in a comeback. >> let's talk like the stunt. he obviously did it. you're getting a lot of attention. you're getting a lot of clout like claim it. you know, they ran off as soon as they crashed it. in the meantime, neighbors have taken their cars off the street, which was turned one way a few years ago to try and deter situations like this where they're going to come back in copycats again, trying to do it again. it might be worse.
10:54 pm
>> that was courtney friel reporting. police are reminding drivers said fleeing from a crash can turn a misdemeanor traffic citation into a felony. as california struggles to conserve water. money is now heading are probably anyway to a long-delaled project. that would mean. >> building a giant lake in northern california. the sites reservoir project would flood what's left of the town of sites. this idea has been kicking around since the 1950's. but now congressman john garamendi, it has a help to get a 2.2 billion dollar federal loan for the project. he says there are some details to finish but expects that money to come through. >> after unanimously passing the senate last week, a bill% to make daylight saving time permanent. that bill may have hit a snag. the bipartisan bill would mean that americans would no longer have to change your clocks twice a year. but now some legislators say
10:55 pm
they're not in a rush to act on that new law summer, citing the crisis in ukraine and some house members say or say there should be more research into the measure before they move forward. here we go again. >> all right. time for last look at whether let me guess we've got to just enjoy that nice look at the sunshine tomorrow. should be beautiful evening around the bay area. we've got some fog, low clouds, maybe get them moving along the coastline late in the day. otherwise they have out that the golden gate bridge looking gorgeous out there. >> for as the temperatures still warm. an ad out that almost 70 degrees right now. 61 in concord, 62 in the 61 in san jose got some 50's closer to the coastline. but and these numbers running a little bit warm, kind of a side of that ridge of high pressure that is now beginning to build in and that ridge going to settle in for least a day tomorrow, going to bring those warm temperatures. probably a couple records going to be broken around the bay area tomorrow on then everything is going to change. this ridge
10:56 pm
going quickly move to the east. in fact, by tomorrow afternoon, probably gonna start to see a couple of patches of fog moving along the coastline and some cooler temperatures. overall looks like for tonight going to keep those skies. mostly clear that northerly wind is going to blow that fog. you can see well off the coastline by tomorrow morning. and then as we head toward the afternoon, that ridge axis starts to shift a little bit to the east. and as it does, that's going allow the return of that on shore breeze and the fog and low clouds going to gather along the coastline. that will cool those temperatures down along the coast. so if you plan ahead of the beach, that plan and some fog by the afternoon. here's how we're going break down the temperatures tomorrow should be a gorgeous day. probably couple records falling, maybe places like richmond come up. wait to see if it gets a little bit warmer. in those forecast. we could see some records fall about 81 degrees in san jose about 85 in little more. 85 degrees in concord looking about 70 degrees in hayward for tomorrow. out toward the beach is going to watch as temperatures run up early in the morning. then cool down in the afternoon as some of that fog begins to move in. so about 65 in half
10:57 pm
moon bay about 74 degrees in downtown san francisco. before that sea breeze kicks in and about 85 degrees in the napa valley. so over the next few that ridge of high pressure bringing plenty of sunshine tomorrow. spring weather for the first week looking nice cooling down as we head toward wednesday and thursday with more low clouds and fog clouding up over the weekend, though, with a slight chance of showers on sunday and into monday. looks like it will be some nice weather. guys, back to you. like really miss weather. thank you, lawrence. and thank you for joining 10 o'clock have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow night.
10:58 pm
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