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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 22, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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tuesday. >> and we have a lot of sunshine temperatures in the 80's this cannot wait to get back outside, john, that you take it easy because i was in the garden yesterday. given all allergies flared up, some don't do that. take your allergy medicine. it it's a beautiful nonetheless. it is absolutely beautiful week. rain and temperatures today and tomorrow going to be some of the warmest of the year so far. so we're wasting no time rolling right into spring. seen these numbers getting really warm. >> your east bay view right now from the east bay hills looking nice and clear and we're off to a clear and warm start to this morning. look at temperatures right now 50's and even 60's pacifica, brentwood, pittsburgh as well as fairfield in the 60's saint helene and fairfield, just one degree shy of 70 at this moment. now, that does mean a temperature rise of around 21 degrees compared to yesterday and fairfield, not just the not the warmer day ahead of us, but also some really windy conditions up around the delta. keeping those layers
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mixed and also keeping temperatures a little bit on the warmer side to start this morning. so after a mild start, we will be in for a day spent in the 70's 80's for some of us just a few degrees shy of 90 for this tuesday. so, yeah, it's only a couple days into spring, but for some of us, feels maybe even a little bit more like summer of more details in your forecast seeing if we do have any chances of rain, all still to come right now that they even let. let's get a look at the bay bridge this morning and into the city about 10 minutes. how you drive san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 as you're traveling there, richmond center fell at the limit at 9 minutes. >> and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes as you're traveling, former black employees of google are suing the company claiming a pattern of racial discrimination. the calls google's diversity campaign. nothing more than a pr move. kron four's rob nesbitt tells us what 2 former employees say. they went through.
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>> the 2 women who spoke out monday say they were overlooked for job promotions at google because of the color of their skin. their allegations against the company span from racial and discrimination in front of a federal courthouse in san francisco. civil rights attorney ben crump announced the class action lawsuit against google monday alleging that the company undervalues under pays and mistreat their black employees. google did not retaliate. >> against the racist coach or but they retaliated against these victims. all the races coach or that existing google, former google employee shared their stories of discrimination, including april curley who was hired by the company in 2014. >> to recruit graduates from historically black colleges. i easily found over 500 extremely talented black students who are now employed in roles at google. despite her success of the company currently says she was terminated in september of 2020. this wasn't about my performance or lack thereof. >> this was about a company equipping managers with the
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power to with their black employees into shape by any means or make an example out of them. the allegations against google don't stop at racial discrimination. chloe sled says she was sexually harassed by a white male coworker and her department. it started off with slight comments and the micro kitchen and hallways then grew to sexually explicit message over the company chat. she's now the ceo of the company community acts. but during her time at google says she was constantly overlooked for promotions because of the color of her skin and had races. comments posted about her on google's internal plus platform. it was clear to me. >> not only was google willing to allow me to be sexually harassed by one man. but they were also going to let me get racially harassed by the company at crum says he hopes the lawsuit seeking class status inspires other google employees. both former and current to come forward and share their stories with google should do. >> is google racist? >> and then they will see.
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what the problem is. and the only question will be. how are they going to respond? >> i reached out to the press team at google for comment about the class action lawsuit filed against them but have not heard back in mountain view. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news >> well, people in redwood city are calling on city and state officials to pandemic eviction protections. the statewide protections are set to expire at the end of the month. activists from faith in action bay area and several other groups are also asking for state and local leaders to extend a rent relief programs. we are 10 days from a potential tsunami of evictions. and we're here to encourage our representatives to use this short time to do something to stop that we identified. this is the right thing to do before we simply need to continue. >> families will not be homeless. the children not be
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homeless march 31st is also the deadline for both renters and landlords impacted by covid-19 to apply. >> to receive relief money from the state. activists say 5200 applications are still awaiting processing. elected officials in the south bay are trying to add hundreds of affordable housing units across santa clara county voters approved an affordable housing bond in 2016, which a lot at 950 million dollars to tackle that problem. there's now plan to build hundreds of homes in 3 different cities, including on this empty lot in santa clara, the proposal 73 apartment homes would be built in morgan hill in san jose. that would be 171 homes in 2 different locations. and santa clear that would be 80 homes. the mayor of morgan hill says some of the holes to go to essential workers who helped everyone during the pandemic. and this is a way for the county to help them. >> in an area where housing is scarce and housing is
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unaffordable. we owe it to those families to provide the american dream. >> well, the goal is to provide affordable housing for veterans, seniors, farm workers, people who are recently homeless families who meet the minimum income requirement. the board of supervisors is set to vote on the proposal today. and if it passes, construction could begin this summer. at the same time, state and local water officials are calling on the public to celebrate world water day by increasing the efforts to save water. officials say the biggest opportunity to conserve is by cutting back on watering and using water efficient devices. well, they also recommended replacing grass with native plants that require much less irrigation and restore biodiversity. california's drought is now in it 3rd year with january and february, becoming the driest in history. state reservoir levels also remain far below average and they continue to drop. well as california
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struggles to conserve water, a plan to build a giant new lake in northern california is moving forward more than 2 billion dollars in federal loans are heading to the project, which would flood what's left of the town of sites in colusa county. the idea has been around since the night early 1950's, but it's now starting to pick back up. we have congressman john garamendi who helped work on getting that federal loan for that project. >> encourage the federal government to bring this project it's an extremely important or very one and a half million. a 2 foot reservoir off stream. so it doesn't any of the rivers in any of the 7 or other species. so this completes the financing. >> forward to starting on the reservoir, california's department of fish and wildlife needs to make a decision about when water can be taken out of the sacramento river and put into that reservoir. well, turning to a
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big story out of oakland this morning for tiny homes built a shelter. the homeless caught on fire monday. that was near lake merritt in oakland. the red cross is helping those 5 people find new temporary homes. kron four's dan kerman tells us what happened. fire raced through the lakeview village, tiny home development in oakland monday morning. >> this is citizen video of the thick black smoke shooting into the air. 3 tiny homes were destroyed and a 4th was damaged, but no one was injured were fortunate. the crews were able to get there quickly and were able to contain and mitigate risks to any of the other 12 or 13. >> tiny homes that were there. the homes have immunity, heat and electricity, but it's unclear if that played a role in how the fire started. and at this point, firefighters believe it was accidental. but we know where it started. we know that individual was attached to that property as early as this morning but was not on scene at the time of the fire started based on the footage that the investigators
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say it's the tiny home development is the merger of 2 different transitional housing programs, both designed to get homeless people out of streetside encampments have to say i'm frustrated that the city administration's lack of follow through and action. >> on issues that i have been raising consistently for months concerns i have been raising for months are not being addressed. city council president nikki fortunato bass says she's been raising concerns with city department heads. >> since the 2 programs merged and says little has been done. this fire is a clear demonstration at the need for greater accountability and for my concerns to be addressed immediately. fire officials say they see far fewer fires at these types of developments. then at homeless encampments. nevertheless, 5 residents are now getting assistance from the red cross in finding new temporary shelter. dan kerman kron. 4 news.
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>> take a look at this. it looks like a hollywood starlet, but that was no movie set. that was video of a tesla flying through the air in southern california. it happened over the weekend in los angeles neighborhood echo park. now police are searching for that person who smashed into 2 cars and put lives in danger. courtney friel has that story. >> it looked like something out of a movie. this black tesla flying through the air and crash landing except there were no stunt coordinators along baxter street in echo park and no one to pay for the damage left in its wake. we just heard like a huge, big noise, like kind of like earthquake or like a tree fell off or something fell ofl. so we like. >> it was really scary. neighbors along one of the steepest city streets in america are not thrilled. the steep incline keeps attracting reckless drivers to then post their dangerous stunts on social media. like these clips, spectators put online of the incident which have now gone viral should never been done. i don't know if they're
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thinking about. >> get got somebody killed. they could pass in the house and life's going to change. >> the lapd is offering $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the hit and run driver who witnesses say took off in another tesla after crashing. they're in contact with this man whose joking on tiktok that it was him. but he took a pot gummy beforehand and even showed a ktla tweet saying he's now wanted by police. jordan hook is not laughing. his subaru was rear ended by the tesla and it won't drive. now his livelihood depends on it. what would you say to the driver of that? tesla? in a comeback? >> let's talk like the stunt. he obviously did it. you're getting a lot of attention. you're getting a lot of clout like claim it. you know, they ran off as soon as they crashed it. in the meantime, neighbors have taken their cars off the street, which was turned one way a few years ago to try and deter situations like this where they're going to come back and copycats again, trying to do it again. it might be worse. >> that was courtney feel reporting. police are reminding drivers that flynn from a crashed can start a
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misdemeanor traffic citation into criminal charges. coming up next to the kron, morning news. the pressure is on for the lawyers to >> clean up their game for the playoffs are going here. what changes are ahead. coach steve kerr needs to happen after the break. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm.
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news here on this tuesday morning. the time for you now for 44 >> am. >> a lot of sunshine this week. john, a good one to get outdoors. you gonna do some things with graham today because you just can't pass on this weather now. i did the 16th avenue. 16th avenue tiled steps think that for the life of me. >> was so beautiful out there in the city. and i know it was beautiful for everyone getting outside. we saw that sunshine. we saw a really warm temperatures today. you're going to need that sunscreen in some extra water as we're not just going to be warm and one of the warmest of the year so far, some really warm conditions, especially inland. so this is your view outside right now, clear skies were actually off to a really mild start this morning. most of us i-30 in the 60's, if not couple of low 70's for some spots. so it is hardly even a morning for the jacket. now, as you look to the north, there's your rain. there's your snow continuing to be up in washington, oregon. high pressure ridge just bringing us these unseasonably warm
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conditions that aren't going to last forever. only 2 days of them today and tomorrow. daytime highs in the 80's as soon as thursday. we'll be cooling back into the 70's. a weak cold front pushes through not enough energy in it to bring any chance of rainfall to us. but it will get us back to seasonal averages for thursday, friday and saturday. then come sunday and monday of next week, we're going to be even cooler yet by sunday. you see some cloud cover sunday night could come along with a couple of sprinkles. and a few more sprinkles are possible into monday and tuesday beyond that. so the big switch up in your forecast ahead of us. love the warm weather. definitely take advantage of these next couple of days. get outside, walk the dog. enjoy a nice little hike around the neighborhood. we are going to be seeing temperatures today climbing into the 70's near the coast and on the peninsula. well, 80's can be expected for the south bay and all across the east bay, pleasant and union city freeman to 82 degrees. oakland, berkeley, richmond, to 81. well, our warmest spot today being vacaville it 86
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degrees santa rosa not far behind at 85. here's a look ahead in our next 7 days today. and tomorrow, the warmest for sure. thursday, a cooldown of around 10 degrees down into the low 70's where we'll stay through saturday sunday night into monday. could see a couple of sprinkles. but most notably, just how much cooler temperatures will be highs falling into the 60's reyna. john, thank you for that hour. let's get a look at your traffic heading into the city right now. maze to that fremont street exit. >> about 10 minutes as you're traveling, the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. 13 minutes the richmond center fell bridge. we're at the limit here. 9 minute and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 20 minute drive. the lawyers are focused on a theme. their game ahead of the playoffs. head coach steve kerr says his team has to turn things around if they want to beat the teams left on their schedule. all for sports director jason dumas has the latest for us in sports. >> rough sunday night for the
4:48 am
it was their last home game before a five-game road trip and their first game without step. considering all of that, it was important to get a win against the lowly spurs. but they just could not get it done. yes, there were some bizarre calls. everyone was confused and the end that didn't help. but there is no excuse for draymond green getting ejected. no excuse for giving up an offensive rebound on the free throw and really is no excuse for coming out flat. the spurs jumped out to a 12 point 1st quarter lead and steve kerr said coming out with that type of effort inexcusable. >> we have to understand we're undermanned. there's 12 games left now is now 11 games left. we're looking at the we've got ahead. there should be a sense of urgency. there's got to be a sense of a competitive fight to that. we take to the other from the very beginning of the game that i did not see that until it was really late in
4:49 am
the game. guys were great night in that 4th quarter fighting like crazy. we have fight like crazy from the start. we got to end of for enough. >> you know, we haven't really played up year so, you know, one person go down. everybody's got to step up. so especially we've got to got to lock in defensively offensive. i feel like the way we move the ball. that's going to come. you you know, we just got to find ways to win games. >> you know, who does have a sense of urgency? these women, stanford in back in familiar territory for the 14th straight year. they will play in the sweet 16 this year. they did so by thumping both montana state and kansas. but the competition is about to get much stiffer on friday. they will take on a maryland team that has won 23 games this season and they have a legendary coach in their own right. and brenda frese stanford beat the terms earlier this year in sunny
4:50 am
bahamas. so the turks, they'll be thinking revenge. the sweet 16 is in spokane, which is a homecoming for lexi in lacey hall, 2 of stanford's best place. 5. >> i think everyone, you know, wanted to get wants to get this book and no one wants to the but for lacing, i feel the play at home. one last time meant a lot to us meant a lot to our family, went out to our friends. so there was that extra, you know, chip on our shoulder, the mental a little a little bit more for us i think it just came to that came down that extra piece of us, just our team wanting it more than them. and i'm just super super happy. super excited to be heading home. >> and we'll actually hear from lex. ian lee sees parents later this week as they gear up for their 2 daughters coming home to play in the regionals. that should be fun for that family. >> well, that was jason dumas reporting. now the lawyers play the orlando magic today. that's going to be at 4 o'clock. make sure you set your alarm. march madness is coming to san francisco this
4:51 am
week. the chase center will host 2 men's sweet 16 games. >> and elite 8 game. >> the first match of his on thursday. the top-seeded gonzaga bulldogs will play arkansas tipoff is at 4 o'clock right after that game. duke will play texas tech and the winners of thursday's game will advance to elite 8 play the chase center again on saturday with a chance to reach the final 4 tickets for those games are on sale right now. i >> it is wise for the voters of moments make that decision. >> decision on whether the oakland a's get a new stadium could be heading to the ballot. councilwoman carol fife hosted a town hall to talk about it. over the a's ballpark plan. she's exploring the idea of getting the ball park vote on the ballot this november. she says that the team's proposal doesn't do enough to address people of color in the community. oakland a's president dave kaval says he surprised to hear that. >> we've laid out a very robust set of community
4:52 am
benefits, including things like affordable housing workforce development, environmental justice. >> campbell also says that the proposal would bring jobs to the area. he's also against putting the plan on the ballot this november. he's hoping that the city council will make its final decision on the stadium some time this summer. we'll be right back after
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> check this out. a bottle of wine just sold for a record price of $12,300. that's 3
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times more than its original price. the bottle of 1973 s lv cabernet sold it. heritage auction wine signature auction in beverly hills last week. the wine is from stag's leap wine cellars right here in california. the company says there are only a handful of unopened bottles of this distinctive wine. and if you think that's expensive, a copy of the very first marvel comic book just sold for 2.4 million dollars. the 1939 copy of marvel comics. number one features several characters, including the human torch. it's considered a top staff comic collectible and it launched marvel's future of the comics. tv shows and movies. the legendary bay area director francis ford. the poll has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. the director of the godfather movies was at the unveiling yesterday with his sisters and actresses there. we'll also start in the godfather. the 82
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year-old filmmaker, his many credits to his name has been honored with 5 academy awards, 6 golden globes and many others not to mention his wine and cannabis companies here in the bay area. and with the oscars coming up this weekend, everyone is making their predictions are who will win website fan of dot com looked across the country to see each state would pick to win in the best actor and best actress category the majority of californians say will smith will win for his performance in king richard and jessica chastain will win for her performance in the eyes of tammy faye on the national level. 11 states also chose will smith. well, 18 states pick nicole kidman for her performance as lucille ball and being the ricardos. coming
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. get ready for a hot one today. i'm darya. oh, yeah. on james. that's what john talk about what today and tomorrow. so has 6 seating. we warm around the bay as we kick off spring. let's find out how hot it said. 80 degree afternoon for a lot of areas, guys, a couple of us only a few degrees shy of the 90's further inland. so time to get the sunscreen, the bottle of water out as you're getting outside to enjoy it. if you like the heat, your view outside of the east bay skies are clear this morning and we're actually not just up to a clear start, but a pretty mild start as well. right now temperatures are in the 50's to even low 60's specific at 61 livermore. you're at 66 with saint helene and fairfield in the upper 60's. so hardly even need the jacket for a few spots. as you're


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