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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  March 24, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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little morning club here at we're awake with you. i'm darya oj. it's an exclusive club over people get up at 4, 05:06:07am, get to join the finest finest hours. absolutely, john, with our fine forecast for today. joining us here at 6 o'clock the morning job. we just ran out of that mental space that you talked about optimal space, often the most room before 06:00am right. it's all downhill from here. no, i'm kidding. the senate and great ingenious. exactly. as you wake up further and further today, once the sun comes up, we're in for a pretty easy one. as far as weather goes, nothing to interrupt you, too, terribly much as you're venturing outside first weather goes. just get those jackets ready. you can see out there. you're berkeley hills camera, looking clear. a whole lot clear. then yesterday did visibility is much better than yesterday's very foggy conditions. still a couple of pockets near the coastline. so where are temperatures? 40's and 50's? mostly we do have some 30's up in the north bay for fairfax and petaluma are very cold. this to spots. >> aside from that, though,
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the light jacket will do this morning. you have some 60's and 70's look forward to later today, which will cover in your full forecast. >> great job. thank you for that on this thursday morning in the road, we do have to tell you about this delay in castro valley. southbound 2.38, just north of 5.80, west here. so we have an accident. 2 lanes are blocked there. we are seeing a slight delay as you're traveling along to 38 heading into the city right now. 10 minute drive mace to that fremont street exit traffic moving along pretty nicely. the air a 12 minute commute for you as you head from 8.80, to one o one and let's head to the south bay. right? if you're traveling from 85 in to menlo park, 30 minutes to 80. 85 are also at the limit korea. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of case. our top story this morning. we've governor newsome suggesting that maybe hundreds of dollars should be put in your pocket. >> to help you pay for these gas prices going. i'm willing to try anything. so i'll take the and later today, republicans in the state legislature are going to force a vote on suspending.
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>> the state gas between those 2 things right? we've got a cropper. sarah stinson standing by out in san mateo county with more on this. anything that would help at this point, sara, i think would be appreciated. >> yeah, i think a lot of people at the pumps have been wondering what are lawmakers going to do to help us when we're paying for these high prices at the pumps and we found a cheap gas station for you here in millbrae. just want to give you this good tip tidbit. the the premium here is usually the regular at most gas stations. but that's not the case at most of those are going to see to help with this. they are thinking of giving you gas card, a debit card with $400 on it to help you pay for gas. and if you have a family, they're going to cap you at 2 cars. now there are new details about this. we've been covering this rebate for a while now. take a look at some video. i just shot over in san bruno. less than a mile from here. and you can see just how expensive
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that is. oh, my gosh. $6.39. for regular gas. so expensive. so this guy's car will help you pay for those costs are seeing as you drive around, try to look for deals. here's some more details. families that own more than one car would be capped at 2 with a maximum of $800 originally. it was sad for all taxpayers to get some money. but the official proposal by the governor shows eligibility based on car registration. this will also include owners of electric cars, motorcycles and for people who lease their cars. the total price tag of the gas really package is 11 billion dollars. 9 of that going to the gas debit cards and 2 billion dollars of it going to people who use publin transportation, giving them 3 free months. the money would come from the state's budget surplus. all an effort to help people who are struggling to afford the commute that they're dealing with on a daily basis. >> have $400 will help me a lot on my guys and my miles
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because i live in tracy. and i come over here to meal break to, to come to work. every day. >> so it's getting expensive. >> we are. it is. >> it is a long commute, tracy to millbrae every single day. so he said it would definitely help him. and these are the types of people that the governor trying to help of those long commutes and just simply can't afford it on the daily. so the governor is going to be presenting this in sacramento with the legislature. he hopes to get this passed. there has been support on both sides of the aisle and he hopes to get that money in people's pockets. but this july, some people say needs to be sooner because they're dealing with this right now pumping up right now heading to work. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in millbrae. back to you. >> thank you very much there. and let's take a look at the prices. we're all the same boat. so boat car, a san francisco 5.92. is the average again. these are the lowest of, you know, for the lowest
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grade gas. on average 5.90, tuesday. look at more 6 bucks for sure. pretty much everywhere. fuse premium santa rosa, 5.89 oakland, 5.85. and san jose. a couple penn, a penny's cheaper at 5.83. >> turning our attention now to the other big story today. we have scott peterson scheduled to be back in court this morning. and the parents as part of the hearing to determine whether he gets a new trial kron four's will tran is live in redwood city with the details. well. >> james darya, he'll be back inside the courtroom in just a few hours from now. and he will physically be inside. and we do expect some family members to be there by his side. he, as you mentioned, looking for a new trial because he said that the jurors particular one back in his guilty verdict in 2004 never should have been part of the jury in the first place because she did not disclose her background. all explain that just a few moments. but scott peterson, well, back in 2004, he was convicted in redwood city of killing his
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wife, lacey and unborn child when she went missing on christmas eve in 2002, her body was found a few months later in san francisco bay. there was a trial that caught worldwide attention and ultimately he was found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty. but back in december that was taken away by the supreme court. so for now, he is in prison for the rest of his life tending whether or not he'll get a new trial. now, according to his attorneys, they claim that this particular juror her name is rochelle. nice dubbed strawberry shortcake because of her red hair that win during that before the trial even began, guys said that she did not disclose that she once took out a restraining order and also that she was a victim of domestic violence that should have been disclosed in the questionnaire. peterson's attorney claims that nice wanted to be part of the jury to ultimately convict him and that he did not get a fair
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trial. nice claims that she was never a victim of domestic violence, that some parts, maybe she misunderstood the question, but she never considered herself a victim. now the judge will take this up once again. we're not sure epif the judge will ultimately make a decision today, but you never now any time. obviously, scott peterson is in court. it makes news it's been 20 years since lacy peterson disappeared. and this trial, in essence, continues to go back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well, 6, 0, 7 is a time. and now in the east bay, police are looking for the shooter who killed a man in lafayette. yeah. the man's body was found in the middle of a busy road in that city the joining us from the newsroom now with the very latest on what police know so far, camila. >> yes, so this morning, darya james, the killer is still on the loose. detectives say that they found a body on the road, but it's unclear what happened moments before they do say that they are investigating this shooting as a homicide.
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now it happened on taylor road and gloria terrace around 1 o'cldck in the afternoon yesterday. it's in the unincorporated area of lafayette and the victim of the shooting was found roughly one mile away from dinosaur hill park when deputies got to the scene, they found the covered body laying on the road near a car. investigators shut down the roads for about 5 hours as they went through the evidence. and they say that when they arrived, bystanders were trying to save the victim. investigators found that the victim had been shot, but he died at the scene and they do not know how the body ended up on the road. so there's still a lot of questions to this case started in j's and detectives are not releasing any details about the victim, but they are looking for the gunman. we have reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's office says this is an ongoing investigation. and of course, once we know more, we will update you for now. back to you. thanks a lot. camila. >> 6, 0, 8, is the time. and
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also happening today where president biden, he's actually in europe right now meeting with nato leaders and they're discussing the response to the russian invasion of ukraine. allison harris has details. >> but biden reveling in western resolve and solidarity as he arrives at nato in brussels, belgium this morning with the nato secretary general greeting world leaders ahead of a series of summits. we are determined to continue polls close on your show to bring about the end of this brutal award. president biden touching down in europe overnight marking one month since the start of the russian invasion. an unprecedented trip during an act of war as the u.s. makes the official declaration. >> that russia has committed war crimes we should clearly targeting innocent people, women and children in attacks on the theater and school marked as shelters. president biden announcing more severe sanctions on russian political heads and oligarchs today in
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lockstep with u.s. allies announcing 4 new combat units headed to the eastern flank. pull string defense forces for allies on the front lines while also working on how to wean europe off its dependence on russian natural gas. as the u.s. has banned all russian oil and gas imports. the president meeting with g 7 leaders and the european council before meeting tomorrow with the european commission. president. then traveling to poland to address the growing humanitarian crisis of millions of people crossing the polish border, fleeing russian attacks. leaders from the free world expected to discuss red lines that could trigger nato response, including the use ofe chemical or nuclear weapons. president biden addressing that concern leaving the white house >> i think it's a real >> 6.10, right now. and still
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ahead, the covid subvariants tell it's been found in wastewater in the east bay. we'll tell you what doctors have to say about the spread through the bay area. >> and the confirmation hearings for the first female black justice to sit on the supreme court. she's going through another day of questioning on capitol hill. >> and chile at the coast today, highs out there or only in the 50's whereas the rest of us will be in the 60's to 70's really comfortable sunny day for most of the bay area. i'm talking all the details. still to come. >> and waking up now maybe hit the roads. we have a few delays to tell you about. also building drive times. we'll have a look at that. once we get back from break.
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>> all right. 6.14, is the time and we've been looking at this video all morning long. this is aftermath of a tornado that ripped through down now near new orleans. one person so far has been confirmed killed by this tornado in the damage and destruction is just incredible to look at. you can see cars on their upside down. you can see trees knocked off their knocked over. as you can see here fact, entire homes. one instance of an entire home lifted off its foundation and taken and dropped into the middle of a street nearby. people took cover as the storm hit. obviously very scary situation. here's a quick interview with somebody who experienced it.
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>> all of it is popping just it just, know, you know, you knew it my maybe 10, second my in ukraine. >> wow. yeah. just rubble everywhere. louisiana has mobilized 300 national guard troops to help with the recovery efforts could be a lot of cleanup here. and then the days ahead. it's always so strange to see all those weather going on. well, here. >> calm, clear. maybe a breeze. wild fact today like john in the weather center right now, looks like we've got a cruise ship and boy, they timed it let's see what they yeah. they're think in san francisco's like this, all it is really nice for sure. we're getting spoiled. the people of the cruise ship getting a little spoiled to. of course, our hearts go out to people as were the country that are dealing with less than ideal weather. >> we are in for a really pleasant day today. first of all, we've got less fog than yesterday. so this morning is already working in our favor a little bit more so than
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yesterday. did north bay, you had a rough one with that fog yesterday. and today, not near as bad. just a couple of spots near the coastline and it coastal marine and sonoma counties. skies are going to be nice and mostly sunny today for at least most of the day. this cold front right here. it's really just skirting right past us. it's not doing anything except for weakening this high-pressure ridge a bit. that is also going to allow us to be a little less toasty. so less 80's. more 70's today. and that's the way we'll say to tomorrow and saturday to we've got 3 solid days. the 70's really beautiful stuff. a few clouds come the weekend, though, saturday, maybe at the 70's, but it will be mostly cloudy, overcast on sunday and cooler in the 60's and sunday night into monday, our chance of showers arrives to the bay area. this rain should be widespread through the evening sunday night leading into monday morning. expect a very slick driving to work to start your monday morning commute. now, as far as we go today, daytime highs 50's at the coastline. it's a cooler the
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coast. not a beach day 60's to 70's elsewhere. 60's along the bay shore for most of us, where is our inland areas? pretty solidly still in the 70's, san jose at 74 degrees. we've got signal at 71 hayward, a cool 67 oakland at 66. only one, 80 left on the map and vacaville right at 80 degrees where santa rosa falls into the 70's safer. dovato would say a whole the out to the 70's today. now tomorrow's temperatures remain the 70's as will also see the saturday sunday buddy or cooler days only of the 60's again, sunday night into monday. that's where the rainfall gets here and next week looks to stay cooler with highs in the low 70's into the middle of the week. >> re to all right. john got enjoy the sunshine while it's here. okay. a few delays out there like in castro valley southbound to 38 north of 5.80, west. we have an accident. so we are seeing some issues as you're traveling along there. same situation here in danville, southbound 6.80, north of diablo road. and you can see
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we are seeing that delay to back up about alamo. that area heading into the city. they have turned the metering lights on. still under 14 minutes. know to make that drive from the maze 2 that fremont's txa. so that's the good news here. san mateo bridge. 82 want to one about a 13 minute commute for you this morning. and let's go to the south. a check on one on one. 85 traveling into menlo park about 29 minutes to 18. 82 are both at the limit as well. 17 also moving pretty quickly this morning, richmond center fell bridge tolls to one o one about 8 minutes and dublin traveling down to fremont 14 minutes. you can 80 moving along pretty nicely as well. darya james, back to you. thanks, lauren. a. >> so happening today we have the 4th and final day of public confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee judge ketanji brown jackson. witnesses are going to be speaking for and against her in this confirmation. they're going to get to testify. basil, john has more on what happens today from capitol hill. between gobbles banging
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and senators yelling at each other was a very active day for judge ketanji brown jackson. as you continue to face questions, you allowed to answer the question, are you not want the american people to hear republicans came out swinging from the start during the final day of questioning for judge ketanji brown jackson. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham believes her sentencing record is a sign she soft on crime. i think you're doing it wrong. and every judge who does what you're doing is making it easier for the children to be exploited for every person in all of these charts and documents. i sent to jail. senator graham and texas senator ted cruz faced criticism from democrats for going over the allotted time and interrupting judge jackson's answers substantial supervision. just think it is a bigger deterrent for question. >> you can bang as loud as you want. i can just tell you it's some point you have to follow the rules. vermont senator patrick leahy says he was
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disappointed in graham's conduct to see the badgering of this woman. trying to test flight. >> was outraged. but democrats like illinois senator durbin see republican actions aren't enough to keep judge jackson off the court. >> america is ready for the supreme court glass ceiling to finally sugar. and you judge brown jackson, the person to do it. nobody is going to steal that. joy. >> you have earned this spot. you are worth e you are a great american reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> 6.20 right now and the first latina has been confirmed to serve on the california state supreme court justice patricia guerrero. she was approved tuesday by a 3 to 0 vote from the commission on just appointments. she's 50 years old and the daughter of mexican immigrants. she most recently was an appeals court judge in san diego. guerrero grew up in the imperial valley.
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>> we'll take a break here at 6.20. but coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the warriors responding after a loss earlier this week with a win on the road. so good news there. we'll have highlights coming up. and as we head to break, kron four's recognizing remarkable women all month long. every tuesday we're going to shine a spotlight on another amazing woman. we also have a section on our website kron 4 dot com. so if you missed any of our past features, you can check it out there and don't forget to tune in next tuesday as we recognize another. a remarkable woman.
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>> 6.24 right now and the worriers figured it out. >> the snapped their losing with a win on the road and they beat the miami heat and it was actually pretty solid wind to they rebounded with the help of well, they didn't have a klay thompson and draymond green. they were arresting. they were looking on the sidelines excuse or yeah. here are the highlights. so we have the rest of the team really step up. draymond's a fiery speech probably before the game did the trick andrew wiggins was there. jonathan coming guys stepped up. damian lee, all of them scoring at least 22 points. and the defense stepped up as well. so they were good on both sides of the ball and that, you know, you
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do that and you get a commanding when you see the score when 18 to one. 0, 4, john engel may get to what he's really been shining. his teammates were not shy to praise him after the game. >> he's he's nice. you know, his growth this year. amazing. it's been fast. you know, he's been, you know, they there soaking everything in a new year's great. that's great coaches. you know, great teammates have been improvement position, you know, to be successful. just understand that when pump fakes and the now he's in a statement when the defense collapses kick out, getting back to space cut. so, you know, you see his confidence going and growing every single game. so how about that given the spot? draymond it's good. yeah, it's good see. there's clay. there's great to see how good they love are i just like to see them all, you know, on the sidelines in >> but no, it's nice to see him winning 2 local. there's a little more than little better. it raise glasses, shark. yeah. all right. have another chance to hopefully
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get another win tomorrow they'll be facing the atlanta hawks again. still on the run plays jacket. it's a fashion show to be james. that's all. it is okay. how about a college basketball coming up, march madness comes to san francisco. it's been a million years or close to it and it's a big both for fun and sports fans and also for businesses will have that when we come back.
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>> 6.28 is the time and we're taking a look at the weather looking at another nice day. yeah, john, with details on that on this thursday morning edge on the hey guys. it is definitely a nice start. less foggy. not all that pretty inviting. looking out there. you're east bay hills view, still looking just as clear as it was earlier and a big the north bay. yesterday was a rough one for you. as far as visibility goes. >> this morning has been too terribly that now skies will stay dry for yet another day. we're in for some changes on the cooler side of things. but by be 70's sexually pretty comfortable 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. of the few 30's in the north bay, fairfax in petaluma each. check it out at 39 degrees. our chilliest spots this morning. reyna on. thank you for that. we do have a couple issues to tell you about. unfortunately.
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>> a hot spot here in castro valley. so southbound north of 5.80, west. and you can certainly see the delays building along to 38 heading into the city right now about a 15 minute drive maze to that fremont street exit. so definitely give yourself a little extra time out there. san mateo bridge traffic picking up just a bit. 80 to one o one about a 40 minute drive as you're traveling and the south bay one. 0 one. 85 to menlo park about 32 minutes for your drive. 2, 80 82 both at the limit. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot. are enough. >> 6.30, is the time and happening today. march madness is coming to san francisco with the chase center hosting what 2 games today for the sweet 16. nobody saying stop the madness. no, because the san francisco's first time hosting the event since 1939. and it's a big deal and that's a big little kids. they're so college kids. >> they're practicing. this is the first day of practice at the chase center. and then the first game is at 4 o'clock.
6:31 am
top seeded gonzaga power plant, arkansas, god's agus here. and then right after that, you know, duke is here. >> facing texas tech duke's coach k is here back again. and lives in san francisco in 1971. when he was playing for all army back then he believes the bay area's going to be a great place for the tournament. >> try to tell my guys this. this area loves basketball. it then that just that the warriors, it's deep, it's deep, deep rooted and then in their gym at san francisco, you know, they have 3 3 national championships. cyber at the end, the practice. i brought them together. okay. 55. 56 was the best player and they all yelled out. bill russell. so i sup right now. i love this area. >> it. >> it really is part of the foundation of me becoming. a coach. >> can you coach k with bell
6:32 am
bottoms? yes. >> pretty cool stuff in winter. those 2 games. by the way, will go on to play in the elite 8 round on saturday? also at the chase center kron four's rob nesbitt has more on the money that this is bringing in. >> being a host city for 2 sweet 16 games. one elite 8 game is very well for san francisco. i would say it is the strongest we've seen since the shutdown director of the hotel council of sf kelly power says the 160 hotels that belong to the organization. we are seeing a huge increase in reservations for the week. not only are we seen that reservations from the teams. >> but we're also seeing it from the fans and also from the media, the robust media that's in town covering the games. power says that many hotel employees were out of work during covid are working limited hours. the ncaa games will help bring back those jobs to provide services to hotel guests. we're excited to finally when the demand increases and we can bring back those employees 2
6:33 am
full-time jobs with great benefits to college basketball fanatics are taking advantage of restaurant reservations before they even arrive to san francisco were already completely booked for saturday. laurie thomas owns 2 restaurants in the cow hollow neighborhood. it is also the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. she says restaurants not near the chase center will benefit the most during on game days. then you're seeing friday being really busy. and, you know, sunday being really busy. so i think in the long run, it's going to be a really for 5 days. coming up here. >> the teams of do texas tech gonzaga, arkansas and their fans. >> bringing their march madness. excitement to the chase center after the omicron surge brought tourism to a halt. and we have a really safe city were super vaccinated. were super boosted. i think we've done an excellent job with that in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> 6.33 is the time in contra costa county health officials there say that the covid sub variant ba 2.
6:34 am
>> sometimes called stealth omicron. it's now become the dominant strain of the virus and it is more contagious than the original omicron variant forcefully to go takes a closer look. >> contra costa health services tracks wastewater samples to monitor covid-19 infection levels through both the centers for disease control and prevention's national wastewater surveillance system and the program maintained by uc berkeley, although case rates continue to decrease from the height of omicron variant cases in january county, health officer doctor ori tzvieli says the decrease is starting to flatten and the subvariant ba 2 is becoming a growing concern. we are keeping a close eye on and it's very hard to predict what will happen. >> but recent wastewater sampling suggests variant is accounting for about half the cases in our county. >> so far and we're also doing hosting and as well to monitor
6:35 am
this situation. doctor, it's the ellie alerting the board of supervisors of this development during the board's virtual meeting tuesday week-over-week every week. it's a higher percentage of the cases. >> and we are concerned that this may lead to an increase in cases. hospitalizations are gun deaths in the coming weeks. the seven-day average of new covid-19 cases was 2,884 on january. 9th, but is now down significantly to about 52. the number of covid-19, related hospitalizations has also dropped dramatically in the same time frame from 291 to 32 still doctorates be ellie says, do not throw away your masks. it could be that we have a new surge, a new variant in the future. and we may recommend. >> or even require universal masking in indoor public spaces. again, nearly 81% of the county's eligible population is fully vaccinated. >> and half has been boosted
6:36 am
in contra costa county, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> 6.35 and for years people have been talking about waiting for a suicide barrier or net along the golden gate bridge. now it's finally happening. and as we look the san francisco part on the west end of the golden gate bridge, you can see well, you can see the netting hair is designed to protect prevent people from suicides and the steel that is about 2 years behind schedule. but it is taking shape and completion is expected next year. the bridge district estimates an average of 30 suicides happened here a year. they say that this net should really make a difference. >> the net is installed 20 feet below the sidewalk. it will extend 20 feet out from the bridge in all this suicide barrier will cover the equivalent of about 7 football fields. >> the net is made of a special steel and the design has been proven effective with tall buildings and bridges in
6:37 am
europe and in the u.s.. >> we're missing woman who san francisco police have been trying to find has now been identified as the woman who died in the crash near the carquinez bridge. the california highway patrol says 29 year-old madison, james was going the wrong way on eastbound interstate 80 early sunday morning. she's the one who ended up colliding head on with a tesla. both cars catching fire. both drivers dying at the scene. at this point. investigators say it's unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash, but they're still trying to look into it. in the south bay, friends and family are still searching for answers one year after matthew. sure reeva was shot and killed in east san jose. he was killed in a drive-by during the during the day proper. senator second has more on this on salt murder. >> people say it's going to be easier with him with time. it's not in a way. it's it's getting harder. it is getting harder.
6:38 am
>> not a day goes by the jonelle doesn't think about her best friend matthew cervera. she watched him take his last breath a year ago on march, 7th, she says to bureau was leaving a fundraiser for a friend when someone in a passing car shot him in east san jose that was walking back to his car, got his car. >> what i know that somebody walked up to the window and shot him point blank 4 times through the window. it was. like the world that said still, police released this video of the suspects car. >> showing the moments after the shooter pulled the trigger. your current million and mclaughlin jonelle says his friends and family have no idea how or why this happened and they remain desperate for answers. a lot of unanswered questions and it's been very frustrating. >> and heartbreaking. still friends like an outcue reminisce. winter bureau was here. just a great guy. i mean, if whatever you is there and hold on to hope that justice will be served.
6:39 am
>> it was in broad daylight. so i know somebody saw something i know somebody knows something to be your leaves behind 2 teenage sons, family and friends contributed to a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in 2 beers murder. they also created a gofundme page for additional reward funds. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> it's 6.39, in the north bay. the pedal in the fire department has a new chief interim chief jeff shaq has been promoted to fill the position. shaq has been working for the department for the past. 22 years, he replaces leonard thompson, who retired at the end of last year. shaq says his focus is going to be on building and enhancing the department's facilities equipment and staffing. at 6.39. will be back with more. still ahead, we remember madeleine albright. she just passed away. we're going to take a look back at her long career and politics. >> and today is still going to be a comfortable one, but not near as warm as we were.
6:40 am
daytime highs only rising into the 70's is still very comfortable inland. 60's 50's near the coast. so don't forget your jackets out that direction of more updates in your forecast after the break. >> and as traffic continues to pick up, we have to hot spots to tell you about one and danville, another one along highway 2.38. we'll have a look at that in your drive times. once we get back from break.
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>> 6.42 right now and take a look at this. a herd of goats. o is it from goats? ross? and i don't that's one of the companies. it does us. this in west sacramento, but they as we've seen around here in the bay area, clearing out high weeds and grass. i never get tired of watching the goats. they are so happy to help window wildfire protection. i love this is army of goats. yeah, it's i if you ever you've seen i always stop and look a lot of times or use, especially like hillsides that are really steep and it's hard to get like machinery up there to click, cut down the grass for players just difficult to access with machines. yeah. they just let them loose. homeland them all to get full bellies. we get. >> cleared out, you know, and look at the fuel for fire. we got to see that shot again of them over the grass. could they look kind of like a weird wave with it? and i write
6:44 am
write what watch when they hit the yeah. and like i've never okay. there was a guy mowing the lawn yesterday and i never stopped and marveled at him. you know, mean, i i mean, said thank you, right? but i didn't. it was like, oh, it's annoying. all was in my face now. but these goats, they do a good job of staying together ok, watch the king. watch the wave. we have a second last time, the way specially our look at that. it's a flood of goats. yeah. like a flood. they look like water but they're cool. well, we need either work extra hard this year it's been dry and we got fire season coming up and the weather doesn't seem to be helping on that front. let's see what got today, john. we sleep and goats, guys. they're the true heroes. they are the they get our gratitude to the there and then we've got to get more props for okay. i i want to get that had conditions this morning that are nice and clear. you can see downtown san francisco conditions this morning. a whole lot less foggy than they were yesterday.
6:45 am
>> at the coastline or inland. you're looking at some clear skies than we did see yesterday that we are in for another dry day today. and we're going to stay that way as we work into friday and saturday, too, a little bit of a change just around the corner, though, right now we're in the midst of a passing cold front. it's just enough to weaken this ridge of high pressure that had been in place, bringing us those record highs, especially on tuesday. temperatures yesterday were already a little cooler today. you'll notice that cool down even further today, tomorrow into saturday, some 70's free. a little bit more cloud cover into the weekend, but still really comfortable. sunday's going to be overcast and cooling into the 60's than sunday night into monday, bringing us some shower activity pushing right into the bay area making for a wet commute on into monday morning. as you're driving into work after that, it looks like we will dry out to tuesday and wednesday. so where will temperatures take us this afternoon at the coast? you'll want the jackets throughout the day highs only in the 50's out that way for a bayshore cities. mostly range of 60's burlingame at 66 in carlos at 68 mountain view at
6:46 am
71 in south bay. temperatures as warm as the mid 70's still. so by no means a cool day for our inland bayshore cities. just not as hot oakland, san leandro. 66 really nice. and only one, 80 left on the map. that's you in vacaville right at 80 degrees. santa rosa at 73 temperatures. your next 7 days remaining in the 70's, at least the next 3 days. we cool into sunday and monday easily. the coolest of your forecast only in the 60's evening. showers sunday night into monday and then mild and dry into tuesday and wednesday. john, thank you for that. ok in the roads today, we do have a few hot spots to tell you about this one in danville. >> southbound 6, a north of diablo road. multiple lanes are blocked there. and as you can see, all the way back to pass alamo, another hot spot we've been tracking is down in castro valley. so southbound 2.30, in or the 5.80, west here, several lanes blocked. there you have it. some issues getting around that this morning. that's because of that traffic collision. once
6:47 am
you get past that no major delays along 80 there heading into the city right now, 60 minutes, mace that fremont street exit still got another hot spot out of antioch, westbound highway 4 just east of somerville road there. 2 lanes are blocked. so traffic is a little slow. but once you get past that pittsburgh, no major issues there and leaving with a look at the san mateo bridge. 82 want to one 16 minutes for your drive. darya. james, back to you. thank that 6.47. a bill aimed at addressing hate crimes in california cleared a hurdle this week. the public safety committee unanimously approved ab 1947. that's the bill that would require all law enforcement agencies in the state to adopt an official hate crime policy such as considering the relevance of specific dates and phrases when recognizing with incident as a hate crime. the san francisco assemblymember phil ting, he wrote the bill and he says that would make it consistent with how authorities report and respond to these cases. the bill still needs approval from the full
6:48 am
assembly. >> well, members of the jewish community in sandra fell officials now are denouncing a recent increase in anti semitism. they say anti-semitic flyers have been distributed around the bay area and it makes community members feel unsafe and unwelcome and they're calling for support now for the jewish community. >> you don't need to be jewish to be affirmatively pro jewish and to be supportive of of the jewish community. just like any that we have that deserves all of them deserve representation to be able to live in their community free of terror and intimidation to be who they are, whatever their identity is. >> green, the light green brain that is assembly member mark levine says that they're also launching more events to fight anti semitism to spur sista, paid about it and get the details. just go to our website. >> well, as we recognize remarkable women all month long this morning. we want to take a moment to remember the
6:49 am
the incredible madeleine albright, the first female secretary of state here in the u.s. is a huge loss. she died of cancer yesterday at the age of 84, but she broke glass ceilings. >> throughout her long career in politics, kelli meyer takes a look back. >> at the age of 11, i sailed past the statue of liberty and started my life in the world's greatest democracy. >> madeleine albright always said she felt like her life began the day she moved to america. albright was born in prague, a daughter of an in master the world of politics following her across the atlantic from capitol hill to the white house from carter to clinton, albright stays in public service spanned ministrations. congratulations. >> leading to the pinnacle of u.s. diplomacy, america's chief diplomat, the first woman to become secretary of state albright held her own next to the male leaders of powerful countries throughout her global visits. she kept
6:50 am
her passion for human rights front and center. the purpose of my visit here this afternoon is to introduce myself. >> and to begin a dialogue that i hope will serve. well, the american people and those from around the where world who care about and are affected by what we do even after her time at the state department. albright continue to work towards peace around the world and encourage future generations to get involved in that effort. we want our children to live in peace, prosperity and freedom. >> former president barack obama remarked on albright's impact when he awarded her the presidential medal of freedom in 2012. >> as the first woman to serve as america's top diplomat, madeline's courage and toughness. help bring peace to the balkans and paved the way for progress in some of the most unstable corners of the world. >> but albright wasn't always tough and showed a comedic side and the scene from parks
6:51 am
and recreation opposite amy poehler. you're right once again natalie. alright, can have my pin back them? her pins a story in itself. alright had more than 200 of them, which she often used to communicate diplomatic messages. one of the cameras kind of zoomed in this as hawaii wearing that snake pit. >> i said because saddam hussein com, an unparalleled serpent of all the pins and accomplishments, albright will be remembered for her devotion to public service and breaking down barriers for generations to come. what is the story of this is a breaking the glass
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ ♪ i'm here for - your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble - reading? exactly. they sort of make me feel...
6:54 am
like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪ ♪ 6.53. and take a look at this. get ready for some all the flavors of frosted flakes. now seriously truck. this is not the time for me to talk about frosted flakes. you know because i just did this whole thing about like sugary cereals and how bad they are for sorry, tony, the tiger, i'm not advertising for you today. what want take. you don't like cinnamon. this so horrible. i'm lookyng at this in a whole new way is in this terrible this story. i've just ruined the story for kellogg's. yeah. kellogg's thought they were getting a free commercial. and now i'm telling you how bad this is sugar sugars. not the best for kids with think we'll know that. i know yet. i didn't until and now i'm showing the new flavors like. >> cinnamon shocked the toes to count all you that, you
6:55 am
better cup writer, real on store shelves. yeah, got all kinds all anyway. all right. take a look at this eye-popping strip. the this is in tokyo, one of the busiest intersections. >> yeah, that's a double its a 3 d oh. that's cool at. oh, that's cool. oh, that's cool. and then 8 so would look like it's floating out so that's kind of cool isn't or shoe boxes you can see. and then it is the open first open and they take the latest air max shoe pops. that is seriously i would but here's another thing. what i may be looking at the wrong but could walk about what that, yes, that's the thing that is probably going to people. it's might even tempt the bumper car definitely eye-catching. i think it's what march. 26 the the shoes. i guess we're supposed to hit store shelves so they're putting they're putting it all out there in terms of the school marketing know we cannot wear maks. i'm just going to tell you right now that's not a dad sneaker. you your 10 line ankles. it looks weird 6.55, they're dirty angles. 36, 55 right
6:56 am
now. coming up, governor newsom announcing details were to get some money back for a pay for high gas. well, we'll tell you the plan that they're working on right now in a live report. >> and we have to follow the latest out of lafayette and body was found in the middle of the street to the police that the killer still on the loose. we have proper as camilla parker with more in a report force will visit with her. and also scott peterson is expected to be in court today as his hearing continues to determine if he's going to get a new trial will have the latest.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. just if it's the one time you stretch this morning at 7, just remember to do it right is doing it right now today. look your side right here. 7 o'clock. thanks for joining us. i'm darya and i'm james. let's get right to the weather and the traffic as well as but we'll start with you, john. good morning. nice shot. yeah, good morning to get out there this morning. maybe stretch before your jog because look at this. those bright skies overhead looking gorgeous from the embarcadero. >> much different than yesterday when it was just gray all morning long. it felt like near the coastline. now we are looking at some low cloud cover, but definitely not as widespread as yesterday. skies, nice and dry for yet another day. temperatures not all that cold. we're in the 40's to
7:00 am
50's. so light jacket will do you good as you're getting out there, oakland, san mateo and conquered egypt. 47 petaluma fairfax, santa rosa are spots in the 30's. definitely our colder areas in the north bay will be breaking down what this afternoon has in store for us the weekend as well. all still to come, rain t-at we've had a couple of issues. i know you're updating some hot spots. what's the latest? have another new one, john, out there and castro valley. let's go to that first in petaluma southbound one. 0, one south of put a little boulevard. we have an accident and a hot spot. multiple lanes are blocked there. so we're keeping a close eye on that. >> and then in castro valley, another one southbound to 38 north 5.80, west. so you are seeing delays as soon as you get past that, though, 8.80, you can see it's at the limit heading into the city right now about 60 minutes for your drive that fremont street exit. yet anotyer hot spot out an antioch westbound for just east of somerville road in pittsburgh and update you on a hot spot that just cleared this one out in danville. now, just residual delays.


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