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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 27, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> none of look in her of >> so i i think that will just be complex city to get through another of the motion. the process. >> now at 8 o'clock on the eve of this girl's mother's first court appearance, the family of this 8 year-old girl who was murdered is now anxiously awaiting answers to the unthinkable. thank you so much
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that has now been charged with murder in the death of her daughter, sophia mason. and police say the girl's body was found earlier this month at her mother's boyfriend's home in moore said kron four's man. harry is live with us here after speaking with sophia's family on the eve of this court appearance. but they're going to see her for the first time. how are they feeling tonight? they're going through a range of emotions right now. everything from anger. >> to sadness and they tell me they're going to be going to court, not in person, but over zoom is they will be getting to see her for the first time since the murder happened. >> none of us have looked in her eyes since all happened. melissa harris is samantha johnson's cousin. so be watching. johnson's arraignment live over zoom. police say she's being charged with murder and child abuse of her 8 year-old daughter, sophia mason, that this all was becoming very real devastatingly. she says they have very little contact with johnson over the last few
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months of sophia's life. and it's been difficult to hear what sophia was going through just. >> that she was kept in the and that she was treated in there that she during her month or so. it's it's left her family a range of count tonia to anger while johnson is in jail. her boyfriend dhante jackson. >> he's wanted by police in connection with the murder as well. but they have yet to find him. it's really frustrating to us, especially because the police have him the night, the apprehended. samantha in newark and they let him go because they didn't have probable caught. as harris says, she wishes more national news outlets would pay attention to sofia's case and broadcast jackson's photo to help find in the system doesn't care as about the deaths of little black and brown girls as it does, you know, girls and why harry let's i asked harris what she would say to her cousin if she could talk to her in court.
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first of all. i love you. you're my cousin right now. we part and understanding. >> why you did what you did it when you there. so many people that loved you and sophia would help both of you. >> harris tells me they're still waiting to find out exactly what happened to sophia. the coroner has not released a cause of death just yet justine. amanda harry, thank you so much. san jose police are investigating a murder after 2 separate shootings. police say the shootings happened one block apart from each other. one seen near east san carlos and south for streets unfolded at about 03:00am. police say the victim died at the scene and the suspect got away. the second shooting took place just a few feet away at the la victoria to korea. we see a cop. >> you know, we're living a good life just on the steps of the biggest risk aiming at the suspect. hi, i'm like just like a step or 2 for the door
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inside the door. and then all you hear is 3 shots site. the shooter and everyone to scattered. >> police say the suspect was pointing a gun at someone else. one officer shot at the suspect. they say the suspect is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries and police are still investigating both cases and looking for the person who pulled the trigger in that shooting near east san carlos and south 4th street. we're working to find out more information about the victim for you tonight, oakland police are asking for your help identifying this man here who they say along with another man are suspects in a february 18th homicide police are trying to solve the murder of robert crawford who was walking on 35th avenue when he was shot and killed and along with this person here, police are also looking for this vehicle that they say the suspects were driving a maroon 2007 honda crv with a roof rack. anyone who recognizes the person in that surveillance video or that vehicle there should call the oakland police department. an
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85 year-old man is recovering tonight after a stranger attacked him right in front of his home in daly city kron four's gayle ong spoke with the victim and his family to find out how they're doing. >> 85 year-old solomon hernandez was working on his front lawn when he was attacked by a stranger. he come around. get it. and do surveillance video capturing it all around 05:30pm, friday at his house on highgate street in daly city a broken hip. >> you know, i worse. they didn't have his 10. >> his daughter, diana crews called 9-1-1. we saw the video and how the >> person just came in him real hard and then ran away. why? we don't know if it's is it is a hate crime. you know that hate crime against elderly daly city police are investigating a spokesperson with the department says officers have gone door to door throughout the neighborhood trying to find additional video of the
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suspect. my hernandez suffered injuries from his arms back and knee and says a similar incident happened him back in 2020 where he was attacked outside his home. and i don't know why. and so i want know. yeah, when it who is this guy? it won it. and. >> but for rest of my life. >> and the family is asking if anyone recognizes that person in the video to contact police reporting from daly city gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> the power is back on after party balloons tangled up some power lines in santa clara caused a major power outage. silicon valley power tweet it out. this photo of the balloon that caused more than 2000 homes and businesses to lose power for about an hour earlier this morning. the utility says balloons could be a fun way to celebrate, but they're no fun for your neighbors if they get loose and get tangled up in power lines. the advice that the utility gave was to weigh the balloons down. we definitely
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need to talk about the forecast right now as we take this live look outside at a slick shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. some raindrops there on the camera. windshield wipers on meteorologist dave spahr is here right now. tracking the storm. it's raining for a huge part of the bay area tonight about agree. yeah. finally, bring it on in. the great timing to get. we'll get you. the guy get done during the day and here comes the rain with us just about all night. a little bit for your morning commute as well. >> back to stormtracker 4 as justine was referencing just about the whole bay area still working in the east bay. now getting across all the carquinez strait. so it's not through there and that the delta just yet it has to moisten up the atmosphere a little bit as is just getting started. but as you can see where the line is, pretty much from livermore. concord points to the east. you are next on this wall of rain. now, the winds we have been coming in from the south. so it's kind of mild temperature wise there. another feature of this forecast with a wind advisory, more coverage area than we had earlier. now. some what of the
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valley in the south bay, you're technically not in that. also, county is not, but just about everyone else. you're in that with winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour, handing it back over to future cast for watching this rain. pretty good commitment of rain going on all overnight. rain heavy at times. then 8 o'clock looks like it's above done. skies open up. sun comes out and so forth. all that does is gives the atmosphere more energy to fire up potentially, although very isolated, maybe an isolated shower or thundershower as we go into the monday afternoon hours there, then finally in earnest that will start to clear out by monday night into tuesday. so this is how we're looking for tonight. we've got a stormy like weather with temperatures in the 50's same kind of deal for 03:00am and starts off at 06:00am. some leftover showers. but as we just showed you, it's just starting to depart at that. a look at the longer range ake - forecast which certainly can upstage this activity. justine. thanks, dave. the biden administration is now planning to offer a second
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covid booster shot for people older than the age of 50 reporter. gaynor hall explains how the white house plans to wrap up vaccinations. >> and she also takes a closer look at the state of the pandemic. >> americans over the age of 50 will be eligible for a second booster of either the pfizer or moderna vaccine. as first reported by the new york times, the fda possibly authorizing the boosters as soon as next just a good way to demarcate low-risk and high-risk because the virus. >> clearly has a predilection to cause severe disease. the older you are. >> doctor amish adalja, senior scholar at johns hopkins center for health security telling newsnation the plan to boost older americans again makes sense. but he and other doctors have stressed that for younger people, the vaccines and first booster still offer good protection from severe disease, hospitalization and death. i think it's really important that this be a targeted boost, not something that the general public needs, but one that's actually based
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upon where we see evidence of erosion of protection. >> so people above 50 would be one area where that could be the case. just last week, the white house told the public without more funding from congress, it won't have the money to provide all americans with a 4th shot. the booster plan for people over 50 reportedly aimed at protecting older americans ahead of any new potential wave. the cdc's director recently saying scientists were studying the evidence about a 4th dose. and so as we are following those daytime, we're also working within the fda and with our pharmaceutical partners, of course, to understand the benefit of that that 4th shot the timing of it and in whom it should be recommended. >> that was gaynor hall reporting for us tonight. up next, we do have a live report from hollywood as the 94th academy awards are underway right now. we're going to see all the glitz and glamour from one of the oscars after parties and president biden's
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approval rating has taken a hit. just ahead. the issues voters are most concerned about. >> also pushed to the limit. russia's invasion of ukraine is testing the country's military. the major city now dealing with heavy shelling from moscow's troops.
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at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. >> the war in ukraine is now in its 32nd day. and it's been
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a weekend riddled with sounds of explosions and air raid sirens. and today we learned some new information. markie martin is reporting right now. the president zelinsky is accusing the west of cowardice as his country continues to fend off attacks. >> and partners need to step up assistance to ukraine. >> an exasperated plea from ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky sunday morning asking for more fighter jets and tanks as his country continues to fend off russian advances, particularly in the besieged port city of mariupol where residents are running out of basic supplies, including food and water. courtney's. >> i wish at least a percentage of their courage to those who have been thinking for 31 days, how to transfer a dozen or 2 planes or tanks on the weekend has been rife with attacks like this missile strike on a fuel storage facility in lviv. the russian defense ministry spokesman confirming russia used
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air-launched cruise missiles to hit the plant about 45 miles from the polish border. but the weekend also full of worldwide calls on the battle to end. >> here an antiwar rally in london. and today pope francis renewing his call for an end to the russian invasion. knowing me up i renew my appeal and now he fans stop it. that silence the arms. >> negotiate seriously for peace. >> ukraine and russia have agreed to hold a new round of in-person peace talks in turkey this week. but still the deadly fighting continues. another strike with sea launched missiles destroyed. a depot in plus sets key just west of kyiv where ukraine stores air defense missiles. the ukrainian prosecutor general's office said at least 139 children have been killed since the russian invasion of ukraine began on february. 24th another 205 children have
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been injured. britain's defense ministry said russian troops are trying to encircled ukrainian forces directly facing the 2 separate is-held areas in the country's east successfully doing so would cut the bulk of ukraine's military off from the rest of the country. that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. and the biden administration is walking back. the president's comments that vladimir putin quote, >> cannot remain in power. the u.s. secretary of state told reporters today there's no strategy of a regime change for russia or anywhere else. but republicans remain critical of the white house tonight. senator rick scott told fox news but the white house is not doing enough to help ukraine. >> what biden needs to stop doing is stop talking and start acting. from my standpoint, i'd like to see secondary sanctions on every bank in russia democrats point out that the united states has given ukraine billions of dollars in defense of aid. already, california congressman ro khanna says republican criticism of the
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president >> is unfair. >> easy to monday morning quarterback and say, oh, you could have done one more thing. but this president by life has been tough. free. >> president joe biden's job approval rating has now dropped to a record low. this is according to an nbc news poll. just 40% of those polled approve of his performance. according to the findings, an overwhelming majority are not satisfied with his handling of the economy and believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. 7 out of 10 are not confident in biden's ability to deal with the war in ukraine. the poll also looked way ahead to the midterm elections and found more people want republicans to control congress. let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside here to whet shot of the golden gate bridge slick on this. bridge tonight as well. the bay bridge was also seeing some rain. let's get right now to our meteorologist dave spahr. he's here with where the rain is tonight. how long it's going to last in some areas. again, a pretty good soaking just about everybody is at least getting something
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now except the far east bay. and you guys are going to get within, you know, an hour or so. so it's moving east and it's coming up from the south. so that's going to keep it around all night, which is good news there. >> and it will be with you in the morning commute as well. you can see all covered up the yellows, the more intensity rain such as right around san francisco, san leandro as well heading to the east where it's just starting to make way through antioch, discovery bay. remember, it's going to some little bit of dry air. so when rain sometimes start as the fight, that virga thing, that evaporation of rain, even though you see it on the radar, check out our winds. we talked about this before from the south as the flow pattern will be. they do start to subside, however, by 05:00am. and that's when the wind advisory does expire. but then in the day tomorrow, they start to pop up a little bit because we're going to see popping up showers and even potentially thunder showers all due to the fact of getting that daytime heating. a look ahead of what we've got going on. this is sfo, which is having a ground delay right now of about 94 minutes. that's expected to last at least until midnight and that can sometimes cause a little bit of a domino effect,
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perhaps for flights that are coming and going a little bit. so that may cause you some issues. if you know, people in that type situation, rain and winds for tonight, possibly a thunder shower. that's more likely the daytime heating tomorrow. scattered showers, variable clouds, not as windy in for this week. variable clouds, cool, 60's, lower 70's by thursday. and as we get into friday, so looking at the big board map that marches on through and then by wednesday, another week front drops south. we don't think there's going to be anything in it except clouds and reinforcing slightly cooler temperatures. the weekend looks to be somewhat an eventful because we're just not getting the juice from these things and then maybe upstream something into next week. let us hope will check the 4 zone forecast for you on your monday. we know by that point it's all going to be about the daytime heating, isolated or scattered showers, potentially thunder showers. 50's will cover. so the coast around 60 along the bay side. 62 foster city palo alto about 63 in the south bay. 65 santa clara, san jose
8:20 pm
about 63 on the east bay shoreline. lower 60's, lower 60's. also out to pleasanton and livermore. then 62 for brett would much cooler than it was today. 58 for berkeley, even though we have that southerly wind. but you have a lot of cloud cover to fight through and evaporation. 62 for valais. whoa. and 62 santa rosa. we'll check your 7 day coming up in a bit. justine. dave, thank you. we are tracking a major wildfire that's burning in colorado tonight. fire officials say they have made progress in containing the end car fire. that started yesterday afternoon. >> has burned 200 acres and is 21% contained? no injuries have been been reported. but thousands of people are under evacuation orders. the cause of the fire is unknown. but investigators say that it started south of the mess, a laboratory, which is a weather center and museum in that area. >> still ahead tonight, how much you need to earn to be part of the one percenters in part of the one percenters in california.
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takes to be a member of the top one percent wage earner club. according to the personal financm website, smart asset. the top one percent of earners. >> tend to be in the coastal states. so here we have a leg up there. but in connecticut, a one percenter must earn at least 896,400 and $90 in
8:24 pm
massachusetts. the pay falls in the $810,000 range, new york and new jersey round out the top 4 while california comes in at number 5 for a one percenter earns at least 745 $1000. 2 of california's largest metro areas are reporting major population drops. new census data showing san francisco last about 54,000 residents or nearly 7% of its population. la county lost about 160,000 residents between july of 2020 in july of 2021. that's about a one percent decrease as a whole california lost about 367,000 residents. experts say that a shrinking population can have major impacts on the economy leading to slower growth in the last skilled workforce. thousands of central and southern california grocery workers have voted to
8:25 pm
authorize their union to call a strike against several supermarket chains. an estimated 47,000 workers at hundreds of ralphs. albertsons and vons voted last week. and those results came in today. union officials say contract negotiations are set to resume this coming week. workers are asking for better wages, health and pension benefits. if that walkout does happen, it would involve grocery clerks, meat cutters and pharmacists. according to a study from the university of norway, baby boomers might be the generation most responsible for climate change. they found people over 60 accounted for. 25 1% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 and that in increased to about 33% by 2015. the study says seniors using well to maintain high consumption and emit more greenhouse gases. up next, we do have new details on the death of the foo fighters drummer taylor hawkins. >> the talks allergy report has been released by colombian
8:26 pm
officials. we're going to live to hollywood for an oscars party. and we also are going to have to talk about this moment will smith, chris rock. they got into it. oh, yeah. a live report next.
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>> well, chaos was breaking out during hollywood's biggest night. will smith slaps it slapped chris rock was on stage. could believe it. watch that happen. thought it was fake. it's not fake. rock made a joke about jada pinkett smith. that's well as wife about her shaved head, which didn't appear to go over well with will smith there. and then he started swearing. there's a lot to get to tonight. the stars, though, did get a chance to return to the red carpet. a lot of fanfare during the 94th academy awards following last year's a pandemic limited ceremony. chris wolfe with our los angeles station, ktla is live for us now at an after party. chris, we want to talk about what people are wearing the winners, but what happened with chris rock and will smith. i thought it was fake. first, but he really slapped him. and then all waiting. >> yes, he we all thought it was fake. another hollywood publicity stunt. maybe a ratings grab for the oscars, justine, but this appears to
8:30 pm
be 100% real impulse reaction to what he saw as as a grave insult against his wife. jada chris rock talked about yes, as you said, her shaved head or bald head. she apparently suffers from a chronic disease which involves hair loss called alopecia. chris rock made some joke about her will smith was not having any of that walked up on stage and slapped him across the face to everyone initially thought that it was a it was a planned stone, some kind of a gag. but everything that happened afterwards and continues to happen suggest this was absolutely will smith started to curse and swear it? chris rock when he took his table again after walking up on stage, tyler perry and denzel washington went over to comfort will smith afterwards. all these hollywood agents went over to talk with will smith. and then as we just saw, will smith in his acceptance speech for best actor. he said that denzel washington told him, quote, be careful. you're at your
8:31 pm
highest. that's when the devil comes for. you. and then will smith proceeded to apologize for his actions, saying something to the effect of love makes you do crazy things. but i can tell you, i first of all, i'm very honored and thrilled that will smith won best actor for his role in king richard playing richard williams, father of venus and serena williams. i had the privilege and honor of being a part of that film. i play a role at scene with will smith. i work with him. he was very calm, very, very intense, very dedicated, committed to his craft on set. the director did all the yelling will smith was was very low key. he was consume with that character. he embody that character during during the entire shoot. he was often off by himself thinking about the character, thinking about how we was going to perform his scenes and deliver the lines. the director and other members of the crew did all the screaming, yelling, quiet onset. get out of here. if you're not covid compliant, move, all that kind of stuff and will was in his own world.
8:32 pm
just thinking about what he had to do when the director yelled action. so i i met a very kind and quiet and and reserved actor when i was there. and this this really comes as as a shock. but again, you don't mess with someone's wife, apparently. and that's will smith said. chris rock, did he cross the line, cross the boundary and now this is the takeaway from the 2022 academy awards without a doubt. >> want to talk to you about the the close, the with the winners, the all the pandemic protocols. but this is certainly kind of blown all of that out of the water tonight. do you have more time to talk or we're going to see you at 9.30. >> i believe i believe we have more time. okay? do. we have more time to talk. we do. we a little bit about the other like what's the scene like at the party since there haven't been any and people are now back. does it feel safe? does it feel fun? does it feel like everyone is going to be covid tomorrow? now 100%. i can tell
8:33 pm
you the energy. >> the the joy, the happiness here is greater than i've seen it in years. we are emerging from that severe awful grip of the covid pandemic during the last 2 years and people are smiling from ear to ear tonight. they are thrilled to be out and about again at the typical location for this party. the elton john oscar viewing party to benefit his aids foundation. same goes for the atmosphere down at the dolby theater just a couple miles down the street from us in hollywood where the actual ceremony is taking place. a much lighter, happier mood overall. people are thrilled to be emerging from covid. finally, we did have to follow. some protocol is getting tested prior to today. we had to show proof of vaccination and booster shots. we had that once you get over those hurdles that it was time to kick back, relax and just have fun and celebrate one of the most prestigious award
8:34 pm
ceremonies on the planet. >> look so good. you look good in your talks, chris. thank you so much. thank you, justine. pleasure. we'll see you at 9.30. we do need talk about our forecast right now. a live look here. >> at the cemetery, that is the san mateo bridge could even tell there with all the rain. san mateo bridge raining there. dave spahr here, we're rain. what's what i like? what's going on? what is going on? i think we have to collect the substance and find out what it is. but i think sign up before we just haven't seen that much. what that's true tonight. it's what it's what it is tonight. it's rain night is what we've got going on just about all night. >> tomorrow morning will be around to we've got kind of a southerly flow going on. here's another juicy line out to sea. but now closing in on where we see most of the activity right now from line. nice wrote line from richmond all the way down to oakland, san leandro and the final line, which is the kind of leading edge out to the east
8:35 pm
bay making a discovery bay antioch in livermore. so almost the whole bays involved in this folks in the east bay wait up. it's coming your way and it will be with us all night. as you can see the intensity of times, it's going pop into some heavy rain at times. breaking up, as you can see by tomorrow morning. all is that is that it's an comes out a little bit. well, yes, but it only gives the atmosphere more energy to work with to produce this. we may get some claps of thunder, potentially some hail with that because you got cold air aloft that low that's producing all of that sneaks on out towards our east. how much we collecting this is if you empty the rain bucket. now. out to about 10:30am, an estimation on this to these numbers are not as lofty as what we saw from before, more than half of an inch over the entire bay area. that is good. napa getting over an inch there. wait a minute. we get the daytime heating. remember not a whole lot more to add to that, but they'll be some barking going on potentially and it will be cosmetic to at least see another dose of some scattered rain showers with all of that has that for a seven-day shape up for all of
8:36 pm
this. we have the clouds kind of coming and going as we have systems wednesday into thursday, passing by re correcting temperatures back to the 60's. so we never get a were showing you earlier into early next week for now, it looks like the pattern remain dry on that justine. >> dave, thank you. the biden administration says the u.s. will accept up to 100,000 ukrainian refugees and among those helping them. this is san francisco based immigration attorney, alex, to a just got back from the u.s. mexico border where he's been for the past couple of days, helping refugees with documents and placement. the attorney says he's doing this work in partnership with a nonprofit that based in san diego. >> we actually have people who, 24 7, that they're in tijuana airport with the huge sign that says ukraine refugees. so when somebody comes there, these approach, our our guys. >> barrett says that along with ukrainian refugees, he
8:37 pm
was also heartbroken by the number of russians. also trying to get into the united states because they do not believe in the war attempts that he says were not successful to various says in those cases they were turned away. >> these people approach to approach the border and they were turned down and because the officers, you know, they seem to be compassionate. but this but the same time maybe slip that they said, look, you know, fortunately camp, we you know, we have to follow protocols. >> he says he and others will continue to head to the border on the weekends for as long as it takes to help those fleeing war torn ukraine. tonight, we're learning new details about the death of food farmers, drummer taylor hawkins, the 50 year-old. it's a rock and roll hall of famer. ernie was found dead in a hotel room on friday night in columbia where the band was about to perform. yesterday, the attorney general of columbia tweeted out the results of a toxicology report stating that hawkins had 10 drugs in his system at the time of his death. the report,
8:38 pm
though, stop short of calling it a drug overdose. >> still ahead, another sign of global warming and arctic shelf has collapsed after a heat spell in that area. what scientists are saying about this major environmental disaster. plus spring break. crowds are getting out of control in florida. how businesses are dealing with this problem.
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>> so it appears that spring break is getting out of hand in florida and panama city. several businesses had to close their doors early last night after a heavy police presence was called to the area for traffic and crowd control. you can see some of the chaos from this video right here. they're trying to have fun, but it's going the wrong direction. reporter jake holster has the story. >> how do you see in the shooting? but people are talking but i did hear about it. everybody was we're getting rained over by people. there are pushing at fanduel's because when we see whole group of people on it were about our rowdy crowds gathered in large numbers throughout panama city beach last night, prompting many businesses to close their doors. local fine-dining establishment firefly closed 3 hours early saturday night. tell people that either. >> anniversary dinner, their birthday dinner. you know, schedule of, you know, 8 o'clock legislation. always say, guys, we got it. you know
8:42 pm
that that burden ever really come 2 years. so it's a you've got people that came into town for those decisions are taken lightly. but then the day got to be concerned about, you know, public safety in and the 50 just just after the manager of the pink pelican ice cream bar says they had a poor the any business saturday night because of the crowds last there is just mayhem. there is people all over the enough to where people could be. >> freely walk through the sidewalk. some were concerned when word spread that walmart and waffle house had closed early. you've got more houses you see when you have, you know, don't ever shut down shut down. you know, there's a problem. but they went to walmart missing a wal-mart. so that part is messed up about. it came down here in. >> cause a wreck is because we just can't have fun. not to miss a way everybody had going because it was to lay. people still have laws that ended today. the panama city beach police department released a statement saying, quote, we are aware of the social media videos that are circulating and like you, we believe the
8:43 pm
behavior of the people in these videos is reprehensible. with that said what you don't see in those videos is the response to those incidents and the efforts we took and are taking in an attempt to hold criminals accountable. at the same time they came down this was their first the panama city beach. >> to walk away thinking this is this is the norm. it's not, you know, also that ms while we try to get a handle on this as quick as possible because it can get into the open. >> that was jay coulter reporting for us tonight. coming up in sports, the stanford women's basketball team is back in the final 4 sports director jason dumas has the highlights. >> and we need some cheerleaders here. look at this storm tracker. 4 is all lit up. it's going to be a wet night ahead with rain. sometimes a little intense and we have a wind advisory that's also in place to get a check that forecast
8:44 pm
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8:46 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, the warriors are free, falling with no end in sight. the stanford cardinal find themselves back in familiar territory for the second straight season. stanford will be playing in the final 4. let's head to spokane and see how it all went down. stanford looking to invent an early season loss to texas and haley jones. she had it going early on here. she
8:47 pm
knocks down the jumper right there at the 1st quarter buzzer. great moment there now. 2nd quarter key moment here, cameron brink. she picks up her second foul. she's a huge part of stanford's success. but guess what? fran believe he steps up in cameron's place. she was all over the floor there. she gets the layin to cut the lead to one 2nd quarter. stanford. takes the lead on this lexi hall she been so good this season playing in her hometown of spokane, washington. now more from haley jones. stanford doesn't by committee, but hey, leave really makes this team go. stanford up 3 at the half. now, fran, in cam, they're on court together. she gets offensive rebound, takes it out to cameron and she knocks down the wing tray all 3 of those 10, 6, 6, for the pac, 12 defensive player of
8:48 pm
the year. then it became the hannah and cam and i'm sorry, haley alexi show they scored every single point in the 4th quarter there. you saw 3 here. you see haley get the defender on her hit. she's just too big right there. and how how about the icing on the cake right here? lexi gets in the lane. 3 points. the hard way she is pumped up. stanford goes on to win. 59 to 50. so. just 2 more wins and they're going back to back national champions. let's head out to spokane back out to spokane. i should say. that is where we find kron. 4 contributor aj mccord, aj. we know. lacey and lexi. they had about 100 guests in town and then cameron brink. she's only by 5 hour drive from that stadium. was it a pro stanford crowd in there?
8:49 pm
>> it was the entire regional was a pro stanford crowd. but going back to the game against maryland. now, the interesting thing right is that texas is no stranger to trying to beat the cardinal on a home court environment because that's what they did back in november. but today, that home crowd absolutely playing a part in the stanford win over texas to punch their ticket to back-to-back final fours. >> thank you. a j. appreciate that. >> great coverage from aj mccord out in spokane. all right. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after know we're we're going to get some warriors highlights into the warriors. they're struggling to form an
8:50 pm
identity right now, which is kind of concerning given the fact that we're just 2 weeks out of the some of it is because of injuries. klay comes back. draymond gets hurt. during my comes back, staff gets hurt. there's just no continuity. but there also has to be some accountability over a warrior's way because staff isn't going to fix everything when he gets back. the does were in our nation's capital, taking on the wizards today and they've already lost to the magic on this road trip, a loss to the wizards will be really tough. >> 1st quarter gdp to he's 6, 3 kristaps porzingis is 7, 3, it doesn't matter. that's what gp 2 does. the defense is rewarded good offense. he knocks down the 3 and it is a 4 point game. now late in the first jordan poole even have a great shooting night. but he didn't make this play filthy right there. spinning into the lay in now early 3rd quarter, draymond green leading his
8:51 pm
frustrations, get the best of him dre. hit with a flagrant foul, but maybe it will wake up the team. no next possession scores right on draymond and is found. he picked up 3,001 possession dream on. so let's go down 15. all righty. 4th quarter now, draymond. trying to make amends. he gets the steal, goes all the way down. the court finishes through the contact. he would hit the free, be seeing 9 point game. later in the 4th during gets another steal and he's on the other and looking for the layin. he misses it probably got fouled right there. he lists the ref know about it. and guess what? dream on picks up. the tech does just losing momentum in. this right here was the kill shot. corey kispert called damion lee sleeping, knocks down the tray dobbs, lose one. 23 to one 15 after the game. draymond
8:52 pm
green. he took this l on the chin, took some ownership. >> i've never been on a team that gets for that com where we are right now. some days i can correct. some things will come with time. calm is what it is. but we're work from for an arrest for sure. >> dream. i never want to bite his tongue, but we've got to talk about stanford. real quick. yes, back to back. final forced. they're heading to minneapolis. they play off friday and they will play the winner of uconn nc state. those 2 schools will play tomorrow. yeah, just 2 more it's nice to have a bay area team to root for. exactly. i mean, we had the warriors but not giving us much to root for right seriously. thanks, jason. thank you. >> all right. more talk about the weather because if you're looking outside right now your window and it's raining. yes,
8:53 pm
that's what that actually is coming from the sky. and if it's not raining now, probably will later on tonight. our meteorologist dave spahr joining us now with a look here at the conditions. there's the san mateo bridge slick out there, dave. yeah, the pretty big a storm cell moving through radar is very much involved. we have a nice juicy lying right out to see here. but first we have one on the east bay shoreline from hayward up to about richmond and almost fillet and the for this to its made it out starting to see the at least the echoes we can see. >> out to discovery bay, antioch, in livermore. some of this may be evaporating before reaching the ground, but that will be accomplished pretty quickly for tonight. here's the big total beast. as you can see, this is the rain we're getting overnight. this low is going to drive the afternoon showers. maybe a thunder shower, pop corn variety are scattered will call it tomorrow afternoon with all these holes in here to allow the daytime heating and all the moisture at the ground. yeah. the recipe you need for that going back to future cast for you can actually see it from this perspective. opening up the skies. there's the low moving
8:54 pm
heating from the sun and then boom popping up some showers and some thunder showers potentially going be short-lived. once we lose the daytime heating at all breaks up pretty much. we also get a lot of winds with all of this, too. it looks like with that wind advisory that's in place until 05:00am tomorrow. winds coming strongly out of the south by 5.30, looks like it's pretty much donald, though. those pop up scattered thunder showers will drive some winds for tomorrow afternoon. wake-up planner is rain in breezy. that will be pretty quick, though. later commuters. you probably see some decent to activity by then the sun poking out here possible thunder shower by noon. developing, mostly cloudy and mild as we get to about 03:00pm or so into the afternoon. however, things evening, rather, things will clear out in earnest for the balance of the week. justine. >> dave, thank you. and an arctic ice shelf the size of los angeles collapsed after heat spell the area. satellite images captured the dramatic
8:55 pm
and of the conqueror ice shelf. scientists believe the region was stable and relatively untouched by climate change. but temperatures soared to more than 70 degrees hotter than usual last week. the ice shelf, which is about 460 square miles wide. finally splintered between march 14th and march 16th. it marks the first time in human history that east antarctica has seen a complete ice shelf collapse. >> coming up, a total of 24 oscars have been handed out to the winners of this year's academy awards. but how much is that trophy actually cost? is that trophy actually cost? and was it really made out? okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline.
8:56 pm
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i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. >> the academy awards just wrapped up a did you know that the symbol of the ceremony that oscar statue is only worth one buck? that's because when someone wins one, they have to sign a contract with the academy controlling the statue's future. the contract says that if the winner or their heirs wants to sell that statue, they must first be offering it back to the academy for just one dollar. the idea here is to keep the statues from winding up in the hands of collectors or the general public. thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 8 kron. 4 news at 9 starts right after this break. stay with us.
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