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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  March 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 5, eolice are searching for the suspects involved in the shooting at a bowling alley that sent 2 people to the hospital. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis family fun at a popular bowling alley got interrupted by gunfire in the east bay. >> and tonight, police are asking for the community's help and finding the shooter conference. has made you new reports? it's it's just horrible. what happened yesterday. >> i am site. the people can on side. >> we're looking at a man in the driver's seat of a car
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that appears to have had its windows shattered during a shooting here at the amf, put no blades bowling alley in the city of kano. it happened sunday at around 08:15pm, according to witnesses, the incident started with an argument between 2 groups inside the bowling alley. that argument continued outside of the parking lot where pinole police investigators say the shooter fired multiple rounds striking to victims and several vehicles. first responders were called to the scene. the 2 shooting victims were taken to a local hospital for their injuries. they were both treated and later released multiple law enforcement agencies responded as well, including richmond pd the contra costa county sheriff's office and the california highway patrol. the rain was coming down as the police perimeter was set up to search for the gunmen who managed to get away before being located. but no may have
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been since. ali. me says he wants to reassure the public that despite the gun violence, his city is safe. >> it's not a reflection of what penalties. it's unfortunate to reflection of what the societies where we live in. you know, it's a safe community. and the case is being worked on. and we'll find people who are responsible for the shooting. investigators have a limited description of the shooter is only described as a man with a long ponytail wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> as the met you kron, 4 news >> hayward mother made her first appearance in court today to plead not guilty to the murder of her 8 year-old daughter samantha johnson was arrested 2 weeks ago after the body of her daughter, sophia mason, was discovered at johnson's boyfriend's home are set mason's grandmother reported the girl missing earlier this month after johnson claimed to have given her way. the boyfriends. dante jackson is now also wanted by
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police. police say johnson told them that she had kept the young girl in a metal shed in the backyard. and the jackson was physically and sexually abusing her. >> hearing that she was kept in the and that she was treated in there that she during her month or so. it's it's left or family range of how to anger. >> or said police have issued a $3,000 reward for information leading to jackson's arrest. >> what analysts say over the weekend, a pair of unrelated shootings less than 30 minutes apart. they happened early sunday morning off san carlos street near the san jose state campus in the first a man was shot and killed just before 03:00am. police say they did not know anything about the shooter other than that, they fled through campus after that attack a little after 03:00am.
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there was a second shooting when police confronted an armed man at a talker it down the street. that man was shot by police but is expected to be okay. >> 2 major incidents right around the corner from each other. within minutes into in my 24 years, i've never been a part of anything like that. certainly, you know, different parts of the city but mean, right around the corner, i mean, literally take 100 paces and you're in one scene to the other. >> police say they'll hold another press conference with the further details on the officer-involved shooting later on this week. >> now to our coronavirus coverage in any day this week, federal health officials are expected to move forward with plans to allow anybody 50 and older to get a second booster shot with waning immunity and the omicron subvariant spreading. some people certainly will jump at that chance while others will not. >> tonight, kron dan kerman has spoke with bay area doctors. you get their recommendations as to who should get it. and when. >> when the fda authorized a booster or 3rd shot for
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covid-19, it was a recommendation. what's expected this week is a bit different. they'll simply make a 4th shot available or permissible for those 50 and older who won this is kind of like, you know, a very gray area. >> it's different for different people. doctors say a 4th shot will strengthen your immunity, which is waned over time. but with the most recent surge over in case is currently down the decision to get a 4th chapter right away. may not be necessary. they say it depends on several factors. first of all, your age, i probably recommend it for people who older. so definitely over. 75 possibly over 65. >> the second thing that might prompt you to get a 4th chapter right now is if you plan to travel overseas or to an area where cases are higher than the bay area. if you're going to be circumstance where you're going to be at increased risk of exposure in your immunity is wearing because you're 5 or 6 months out. >> that would be.
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>> enough of a reason for you to go and get a. 4th jab. otherwise doctors say there may be no reason to rush out right now for that second booster. and we'll talk this week is about that second booster. doctors point out. >> that there are still plenty of americans who have not yet received that first booster shot. and that is even more important in san francisco. dan kerman kron, 4 news. and statting this friday, san francisco will join the state in relaxing covid rules on april. 1st, the city and county will stop requiring proof of vaccination. >> or a negative test to and tour indoor mega events of 1000 people or more. however, city officials still recommends people get vaccinated and tested. if you have symptoms. >> california sending more than 14 million covid-19 tests to schools as students and staff return from spring break. the distribution is part of governor newsom's smarter plan which is the next phase of the state's pandemic response. the state also made
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personal protective equipment available to the schools. state officials say over 40 million masks have already been distributed to school since returning from winter break. >> a wet start to the week with a welcome sight. this was video from cupertino earlier this afternoon. rain started for much of the bay area last night. a nice steady soaker. it was real rain and what a delight. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about this. joyous yeah event. the most rain we've seen since the beginning of january, which is really amazing. and we're more about that in a moment. but yeah, out there now. the clouds rotating around night. now chance more thunderstorms popping up even around the bay area. lot of clouds filling back in. now. you've got that afternoon heating a look at all the thunderstorms around the state. you see the swirl in the atmosphere. now you get all the heating of the amateur and look at that. all those thunderstorms popping up across parts of the south, even to the north, then get those little swirl. little micro low. that's just off the
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coast of the bay area. the north. they're going to watch out very closely. that could factor into our weather for tonight. still, you see those storms rolling on by some snow up in the sierra nevada. well, the focus of the thunderstorms, the heavy rain moved further south today, but still, we've got some very unstable air overhead. so here's the very latest on the doppler. and you can see some of the rain popping up around the bay area right now. most that just some scattered light showers. but there's the opportunity that we could see some more thunderstorms popping up on them watching the cell right here in the north bay. that one has been looking very impressive there for a while now, beginning to claps a little bit. just turning to green here. so a lot of times you see these storm systems, the last about 10 minutes or so or a thunderstorm and then they start to fall apart rainout essentially from some of that stormy weather. but further north, you can see there's more up there and there's more thunderstorms a little further to the north up toward up. we'll let you can see some thunderstorms popping up in and around that location in the possibility of some more. so, hey, it's been a nice little rain. how about this? ben lowman had over 2 inches of rain. union city. yeah.
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almost 7.10, specific over half an inch of rain. san francisco, not as much. only 183600 ton oakland and 1900 says bunch of rain in san jose. thanks lourdes this year's oscars were certainly one to remember is will smith took home his first oscar? but of course, that is not what everyone is. >> talking about today, the day after know, it's that slap seen round the world. yeah. within the last hour, smith did apologize to chris rock for the first time entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier. >> is here to give us a behind the scenes scoop. kevin. >> grant, vicki, it's all that anyone is talking about. will smith slapping chris rock live on stage. but why do it? i'll tell you everything. we know. >> g i, jane to can't wait to see it. all right. >> no, that was not scripted.
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will follow the hit by yelling a chris from the crowd. the reason will attempted to sum it up afterwards during his best actor acceptance speech. >> being called on in my life. to love people. and to protect people. >> wills wife, jada has been very open about her struggles without pisa. that's why her head is shaved. as for an apology. i want to apologize to the academy. thank talking academy invites me back. he didn't apologize to chris rock on stage later we'll was seen at the vanity fair after party celebrating his win with family and friends. >> rapping along to his hit. summertime. >> goes to. >> okay. >> oscar underdog code had a big night winning 3 awards, including best picture which brought the audience to their
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feet, signing their applause for the deaf winners. troy kotsur also won for best supporting actor. he told us how much tonight meant to him. >> i feel like i'm receiving 5 honorary phd's tonight. it's just been too long and tough journey and it's such a blessing for me to be i really can't believe that that's just a tiny taste of our oscar coverage. tonight on e t we have interviews with all the winners, the red carpet couples, the fashion, the parties. plus the latest on will smith and celebrity reactions to the incident. >> we've got it all covered for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. yeah. and as we just mentioned moments ago, will smith issued an apology to chris rock for the incident that took place at last night's ceremony? >> his statement reads, quote, i would like to publicly apologize to you, chris. i was out of line and i am wrong. i was wrong. i am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of them. and i want to be there is no place for violence in a world of love and kindness and of court.
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>>hcoming up, kron four's rob nesbitt is speaking with local comedians and i would be she advocates on the shocking oscar confrontation generating strong reaction around the world. plus, governor newsom signs an executive order to bolster water conservation effort. how ofte
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>> everybody's talking about the slap in the face at last night's oscars. it's raising quite a few issues. one question is when a joke goes
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too far, kron four's rob nesbit spoke with a local comedian as well as the national alopecia foundation robert ports. now on how they're reacting to the oscars. most shocking. >> moment in many years. >> g i, jane to can't wait to see it. all right. >> it got a laugh from the audience. but chris rock's joke about jada pinkett smith sunday night, obviously did not sit well with her husband. will out no matter what rocks intentions were bay area comedian victor pacheco says a slap across the face was uncalled for. chris rock last night. >> was working. he doing anything but his job and his job is to make people laugh. >> he doesn't understand why security wasn't called in to remove smith from his front row seat and worries about what kind of free will others will take if they don't like a joke at a comedy show, it will can attack a comedian on stage for disrespecting his wife. anybody can. and that's
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horrible. the slap and strong language from came in defense of his wife who has been very open about her diagnosis with ala this is like a real >> spotlight worrying moment, according to the national ala area foundation. the disease affects around 147 million people worldwide communications director for the foundation, gary sherwood says alopecia is no joke. it's not a laughing matter, but unfortunately, it's still not uncommon for some people have this disease. >> to be ridiculed or even boy, sure would says that just 2 weeks ago, a 12 year-old girl in indiana with elop he should took her own life. it's why he says it's important to shine a positive light on people like jada pinkett smith. >> and not make them the of a joke showed that someone thought some about ensuring all fair game for the kill. >> and they're just not sure what says that violence is never the answer. and the academy agreed in their statement monday saying, quote, we have officially started a formal review around the incident and will explore
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further action and consequences in accordance with our bylaws standards of conduct. in california. law. >> in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron, 4 news >> over the last couple of weeks, gas prices have actually fallen the $0.6 nationwide. the average us price for a gallon of regular is $4.37 per gallon. the current prices nearly a $1.42 higher than it was a year ago. currently the cheapest gas you can find here in the bay area is in which is averaging $5. and $0.73 a gallon for regular. >> the clock is ticking for bay area tenants behind on rent because of the pandemic. the state's eviction moratorium expires march 31st. after that, landlords will be able to start filing eviction notices to renters who owe back rent san jose city leaders say close to 7,000 renters there are at risk of getting evicted because of this and some council members want san jose to extend the moratorium 6 more months and
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last week council members there voted 6 to 4 for the city to review the issue and returned with an answer in 2 weeks. but the moratorium, of course, will have already expired in 2 weeks. so it is unclear what if anything will happen in san jose for people facing eviction. >> the following recent round of rain, governor newsome today signed an executive order to step up, you know, water, saving efforts across the state. even in spite of the little bit of rain. we got that one storm is not going to change anything as california, of course, experiences its driest first 3 months of the year in recorded history. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains his action today. >> the latest round of wet weather across the state. still not enough to get california out of drought after having the 3 driest months in recorded history and most of the state in at least severe drought. governor gavin newsom signed an executive order monday to boost water conservation. the governor requesting state water regulators consider a ban on watering decorative grass at
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businesses and institutions. his administration estimates the action could save hundreds of thousands of acre feet worth of we're not out going for. >> our communities to, you know, try out their their parks or recreational bases or a lot under to to to the contrary. but we are suggesting that nonfunctional turf, in other words, turn the only time you ever ever walk-on is tomorrow. another part of the governor's executive order urges regulators to require urban water suppliers to move up a level in their water, saving efforts to stage to those levels and plans were established in tailored for each local water agency as a result of the state's last drought to prepare for water shortages, for example, level 2 for many communities includes reducing the number of days. residents can water outdoors a single confirmation target across the state doesn't make sense because >> communities have done absolutely everything they can. every county in california remains under a
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drought-related emergency declaration. state officials say they're trying to conserve water early before the drought intensifies in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> a little bit ironic. that comes on day when we actually get rain. but such as life as we take a live look outside. i'm going to assume this is our oh, look at that. some things clearing up the on sutro tower and there's a whole lot of cloud cover may shun. yeah, are. those clouds going to spill anything? are they just for looks not those ones. those are just for looks right there. but there's one. so that's fog someone's up above, though. they still contain some raindrops. and yeah, this is been an incredible season. every season is different. this one for the records, though, the driest in 170 years that get you back to 18. 49. >> during that period that stretch between january and march. really, that is the heart of our rain season. we only have an inch and a 3rd of for that entire period. now the old record was set actually back in 2015 at an
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inch and a half. so you can see that's not that long ago. what we're in now is what's called a mega drought. this drought has been going on for 20 years now. and so we could be a longer cycle. something we've got to watch out for. no more rain is in the forecast before the end of the month of, though, of course, expect a few rain showers overnight tonight. so that may change things a little bit. if we get a thunderstorm rolling right through san francisco right now, it looks like maybe the driest we've seen in 170 ypars outside right now got a really interesting evening on tap for the bay area. we've got that cold air that has moved in on the backside of the storm system. you get all the heating from the sun shine and now we've got those thunderstorms popping up outside. more of that to come. in fact, more thunderstorms, a possibility tonight. could we soon see some more rain will talk about that in a few minutes. i lawrence. still ahead. it was a historic day in sacramento will introduce you to the first
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ >> this is one most qualified nominees ever nominee for the supreme court. in every respect. in terms for disposition. relection capacity. her experience and background. a woman who is totally thoroughly qualify. totally through week off. it will be a great addition to the court. >> today president biden reiterated his support for jackson a tie vote in the 11 republican 11 democrat could committee next to monday is likely and that would trigger an additional vote and debate in the senate. vice president
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kamala harris serves as the tie breaker. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter the duties upon which i'm about to enter. congratulations. >> history being made in sacramento today. justice patricia guerrero was sworn in as the first latina justice to serve on the california supreme court newsom called her the best in her class. she has written opinions protecting consumer and individual rights while upholding the constitutional rights of criminal defendant. today, she thanked her parents who immigrated from mexico for paving the way for her success. >> the idea. everybody every single person can achieve a better life regardless of whire you started out. that my story and story of my parents will serve as an example of that.
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>> guerrero most recently served as an appeals court judge in san diego. but she graduated from uc berkeley and stanford law school and kron four's recognizing remarkable women all month long. every tuesday we're going to highlight another amazing woman. we also have a section on our website at kron 4 dot com where you can see the past winners and nominees. >> new details tonight on the unexpected death of foo fighters. drummer taylor hawkins who was on tour in bogota, colombia friday night, a preliminary toxicology report, they say shows he is to 10 drugs in his system at the time of his death. the attorney general of columbia listed marijuana, antidepressants and opioids among the substances in him. one report from a colombian magazine said hawkins heart was enlarged and could also be a factor in the 50 year olds. death hawkins is survived by his wife and their 3 children.
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coming up, terrifying moments for a mom and young child inside their apartment. >> as they were held up at gunpoint. and president biden unveils his new budget. why he's targeting one group with a tax hike. >> and the white house is going to cleanup mode after president biden says what he thinks should happen to russia's leader. but biden, he's not backing away. today,
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president biden addressed his comments from saturday when he said russian president vladimir putin, quote. >> cannot remain in power in the white house. spent today's walking back. the president's comments is some fear that it could escalate tensions between russia and ukraine. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki has more. >> i'm not walking anything back. president joe biden says he's standing by his comments on saturday in poland that russian president vladimir putin, quote, cannot remain in power, wasn't than norm right now, particularly the policy change. >> i was expressing more outrage and i feel i make no apologies for the president says his comments were personal, not policy, stressing that he was not calling for a regime. change was expressing my outrage. she should remain in power. >> just like, you know, that people shouldn't continue to do bad things. meanwhile, diplomats from russia and ukraine met on monday in turkey, resuming peace talks for the first time in 2 weeks. we choose just pull at the fact that ibe


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