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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  March 30, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> tonight at 6, back up heading to the bay bridge is the highway patrol continues its search for a suspect was involved in an armed carjacking on the lower deck of the bridge. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the chp says a white pickup truck was taken at gunpoint earlier today on the bay bridge. >> and officials say the suspect is armed and dangerous as he gets right to cloud force re-assessed you who has the very latest from the bay bridge toll plaza to recent.
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>> well, hi, pam. and ken, what some frightening moments that took place on the bay bridge, as you're mentioning on the eastbound section of the bay bridge around noon today. a second some video that we got into the newsroom. you can see for yourself how this car was just taken. now, this all started to unfold around noon and that is when there was a car crash between 2 vehicles, a ford explorer and a toyota at the ends and then everything fell apart after that. that is when chp says that the driver of the ford explorer got out with the gun and then took another car, basically carjacking that vehicle. now, now they are looking for that. chevy colorado. take a look. and you can see the and the license plate that they are looking for. here is the chp talking about the situation and the backup that happened. >> thank goodness someone wasn't injured. if that guy had i mean, he brandished a gun. he showed a gun to the
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driver, right? yeah, for sure. so there is a gun was involved. a car crashes involved. freeway traffic was everybody involved is very lucky that nobody injured. and now we're still dealing with all of the traffic problems because of that. you guys had to have a couple of lanes shut down for a while. right? exactly. took some time for investigators to get on scene and then the 2 vehicles that were left on scene. the ford explorer. that was initially the suspect vehicle is being processed for evidence that was inside of it. >> to help us determine who was driving the the time of the accident. it took about 2 and a half hours to get the roadway cleared and we're still seeing residual traffic in city streets and on the approaches to the bridge. >> so the 2 takeaways, it was really fortunate that no one was injured in this carjacking. but again, they're looking for that white chevy colorado. they also say that it's really important that no one approached that vehicle if they see it, but to call
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9-1-1, immediately reporting live here next to the toll plaza. i'm theresa stasi. you back to you guys. said thank you for that san jose police meantime identified the person arrested in connection to a wild fight inside a restaurant over the weekend. >> he is 30 year-old brian carter, the san jose police officer shot another man who was also involved in the fight. reactions are coming in from those who know the man who was shot by police today kron four's haaziq mod-yoon talk to the athletic director of the school where the shooting victim was a standout freshman football player. >> everyone is basically because the and i was person on our campus and within our program. >> that is how the athletic director of contra costa college, john wade describes the initial reaction to learning that a member of the football team, 20 year-old qian green was shot by san jose police who responding to a violent altercation inside a talker area over the weekend. yes, well, i mean, first of all, obviously our thoughts prayers are with.
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>> mister green, we're concerned at this point for us. hello. >> san jose police say a gun and changed hands several times during a brawl inside the restaurant. and although it was last seen in key on greens possession, the gun was not is he was trying to stop someone from using a weapon in a safe people. >> from injury and deadly harm. and unfortunately, he was the subject a of a shooting been owns to him, the police were on the way to in the situation that was taking place. we're still looking into where he was shot. >> it looks like and a video that it was his back was towards us. again, that's something we have to take a look at. tell us about kind of the young man is. >> well, i mean, for a seat, i was a young man. we've got to call a climate oakland just don't want not only help out
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in our department, but help out. it's a too. students at the college was all the player for us. had an opportunity to get a scholarship. the forgiveness career after in play. when you're at this level to go to a four-year school that regulate there. we'll continue his academic and athletic journey. he says everyone at contra costa college is praying for key on green to have a full and complete recovery so he can continue to pursue his dreams of being an nfl athlete. so we're hoping you have a speedy recovery. >> kron. 4 news. >> and now to the war in ukraine. according to the united nations report, the number of refugees who have fled ukraine says russian troops invaded has now surpassed 4 million. this comes as bombings continue in areas where russia had pledged to ease military operations. earlier today, pentagon spokesman john kirby said
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despite russia's plans to hold a texan parts of ukraine, there has been no evidence of de escalation. kirby said kiev is still under heavy artillery fire and very much under threat. air strikes are also going on in northern ukraine. and this is what many ukrainian families will face if they ever get to go back home. entire communities in ruins. this is a village near kiev where countless homes have been destroyed by russian shelling. >> back here in the bay area after her long journey to escape the ukrainian refugee who fled her country during the russian invasion is now staying on the peninsula. she talked to kron 4 sleep all about. i'm grateful she is just to be a life. >> this too close to 2 and a half for to escape her hometown of odessa, ukraine packed with just a few items. her cats, bruno and walter cross 5 borders through moldova to romania, where she finally caught a flight to the
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united states. so blue of the out some. >> does it very difficult journey, close family friend and fellow ukrainian michael lives in walnut creek with his wife and daughter helps translate during a story. she just so happened to have a valid visa, allowing her entry into the united states after visiting her parents along the peninsula in belmont in the winter shortly after the russians invaded ukraine on her 30th birthday, she hit the road. leon, i'm a >> the same and will not cut. i meanwhile, there were rockets. >> her friends joking they were fireworks for her by to get there new she felt protected by ukrainian forces, but she was never comfortable knowing seemingly call moments. >> could quickly turned violent. had to get to the border before the marshall
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looked sent us this image tonight last 6 and you cannot often. she was alone with her cats. and at times she was with friends and other family. a woman in romania housed her for a few days and helped connect her to a veterinarian. >> would minister the necessary vaccinations to bruno and walter. so they would be allowed to travel. finally arriving in the bay area. mid marciano did and convinced the relatively small size so ukraine compared to russia, he's going to be just because child of people, you might get call in to help people step up to the locations. but some i mean, just like she did by finding a way phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> congressman eric swalwell is also back home in the bay area. he recently led a bipartisan group of lawmakers on a five-day trip to eastern europe. >> where they spent time with refugees near the hungary, ukraine border. he said the
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people he met to the stories he heard were devastating, especially women and children who had to leave behind them in their family. congressman swalwell said he believes america could be doing more to help the people of ukraine. >> we could do more as far as economic sanctions. we can do more as far putting pressure on u.s. businesses that still conduct business in russia. we can send more weapons. we can give them the capability to operate their own no-fly zone by giving them the soviet-style planes that they can fly and antiaircraft missiles that we can put into the country. there's so much more that we can do. >> and they really are the line of scrimmage for democracy. >> follow says his office is ready to help anyone who has family in ukraine. it's seeking refuge and safety. if you need help, you can contact your local congress persons office. now to the coronavirus today, president biden received his second covid booster shot the u.s. food and drug administration says all americans age 50 and older who
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are at least 4 months out from their last stir are now eligible for a second one. >> and president biden used this occasion to ask congress to authorize more money for his covid response plan saying without additional funding that will not be enough vaccines available in the fall to provide boosters for everybody who is eligible today. kron four's dan kerman. talk to people getting that second booster in santa clara county. shirt sleeves for rolling up and coming down wednesday afternoon. this people filled the vaccine clinic in san jose, santa clara county fairgrounds for a second covid-19 booster >> one, do you know? make sure they don't get some point don't want to be have risk in my household for my my senior mother and myself as recently, we decided decided to get it so quickly right away. it's because i'm i'm traveling. >> to scotland tuesday, the fda and the cdc cleared the
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way for those 50 and over to get a 4th jab with a special emphasis on those with underlying conditions or age. 65 and older. this is the second booster and i figure i got all already. some might as well come get the last one. i feel good flu shots. >> since they i'm good to go. >> many showing up on this first full day that second boosters were available, seem pleased to get this extra protection from covid-19. >> this is important for me to be healthy in. but everybody knows everything's ok with. and i think now i think i'm about it's 75% less worried than i was before. if you've just become eligible for that second booster or you still need the first one. >> your best bet is to contact your primary care provider. first. otherwise you can check with your local pharmacy or one of the sites your county is operating like this one. in san jose. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> coming up, controversial
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opinion is cannabis smoke worse them secondhand tobacco smoke. there was also new survey by uc berkeley which may surprise you. the california reparations task force has decided who will be eligible for compensation from the state. so what comes next? according to economists. >> and clouds clear now we've got a lot of window showing up around the bay area. how long will that stick around forecast coming up next
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>> second-hand cannabis smoke is more harmful than secondhand tobacco smoke. that is the finding of a new study from uc berkeley. it was conducted by a graduate student and a professor of the uc berkeley school of public health kron four's rob nesbitt. talk to the pair about the study and has more t from their findings. the study that measured the air quality of a smokers living room found that there isn't just a health concern during smoking, but that the quality of the air stays dangerous for up to 12 hours after ties to and that. >> from the annual for 20 festival to their favorite dispensaries. marijuana enthusiasts are passionate about their smoking. >> uc berkeley graduate patton when decided to dedicate his senior honors thesis to the topic of smoking. a lot of my peers in college. >> i feel like they have this preconceived notion that kind of a smoke might be safer or better alternative to cigarette smoke. when conducted a study during his senior year and continued it while he was a smoke and
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tobacco-free fellow at uc berkeley measuring the air quality of an undergrad students living room that was used to smoke a bong in a college student crew >> separate from the study and independently invited folks over to smoke and we just have that opportunity to take measurements while they're smoking. the study was overseen by professor kathryn hammond who says it was not a controlled experiment, but rather a focus of what happens in real life, according to him and instrument was put in the students living room to measure the particles in the air. we let it just run during the entire smoking session and 4 between one and 12 hours the results of the study showed that cannabis smoke from the bomb produced 4 times. the amount of air matter that smoke produced by tobacco. if you recall the orange days of the wildfires a year and a half when the sky was orange, the concentrations of articles were 10 times higher than that him again. when understand that their findings won't sit well with most marijuana enthusiasts since that was also the case with cigarette
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smokers. when the professor for study the effects of secondhand tobacco smoke more than 30 years ago, one's right to smoke cigarettes. >> that's fine. just as you write us, smoke up on this fine. well, the problem is when impact somebody else, when it comes to changes around smoking cannabis, when hopes that the study will be considered when it comes to forming laws and public health policies don't smoke understand that you could be affecting others. >> and just be aware that there is a public health concern with funds looking in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron, 4 news in the north bay. students from tell pius high school in marin county took today to honor cesar chavez about 100 students march from san anselmo. >> to downtown sandra fell. it's the same route that the seizures stopped. chavez walked back in 1970, during a labor dispute. students have been studying. chavez says support of agricultural workers and you decide to get out of the classroom and actually go down to show their support. but we're celebrating
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what he did and acknowledging the fight that for workers rights still exist. so we're taking initiative were taking part of an opportunity that we're able to access and >> because all these like farmlands, informers went on strike around here. so i think it's really important that we take part in this. >> all of the students who took part in the march turn rolled in the social and environmental justice action program at tampa, pius high california's reparations task force is now working to figure out. >> what compensation could look like for those who are eligible for restitution on tuesday. as we reported, the task force decided those eligible must direct descendants of either free or enslaved african americans living in the united staes by the end of the 19th century. but as ashley zavala explains tonight, compensating the group is going to be complicated. >> it does. we've kind of arrived something not as if
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he's a beginning of a california's reparations task force met again wednesday, guiding a group of economists figuring out how eligible black californians can be compensated for harms rooted in slavery. the task force was created to study the effects of slavery and decide what reparations should be. the group officially decided this week restitution will go to direct descendants of either free blacks or enslaved african americans living in the united states by the end of the 19th century. but that's just the starting point points. chalk to use it us will see it. >> motion of harm and distress from from a system that has been strapped things and so damaging for compensation. the group agreed to use what economists called a state specific harms model that would determine what specific harms the state to pay for, including unjust property, taking. >> housing discrimination, unwarranted police, violence and labor discrimination to name a few seems as if there might be it. >> tier system where it's off for this and it says in safe
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people. you know, depending on if you are in the state of california longer you how we experience more harm. >> the task force ultimately decided not to use what economists call the national model for reparations. that model calculates in amount due to those eligible and divides that number among the group, economists urged against using this noting that is compensation that addressing the wealth gap between black and white americans. each eligible person could be owed more than $300,000. that would cost the state about 670 billion dollars money. california does not have this year's entire state budget is estimated to be less than half of that. but with the model, the group is moving forward with the group faces questions. it will have to answer, including setting eligible timelines for the harm and who exactly qualifies as a california resident. i think the more information we get. >> complexity of this becomes a. >> the task force is expected to have a plan delivered to
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lawmakers by next summer in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> hope for haiti. a bay area nonprofit wants to highlight a new challenge for the public is called hike for haiti. the challenge is asking people to sign up online and do virtual hikes in solidarity with haitian students. the proceeds will go to public health and education programs on the small island nation. the group tells us some haitians, schoolchildren and of hiking the equivalent of about 200 flights of stairs every day just to get to school. >> after walk, it's a 3 hour hike up mountain. not easy to get to and it gets sort of become this rite of passage for anybody who joins our team, members of our community who come and visit us in haiti. we hike up the mountain and then we get to, you know, do that in solidarity with schoolchildren were trying to access education. >> so far the fundraising campaign has raised about $36,000. hope for haiti is aiming to reach their first
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milestone at $100,000. and let's hope they do now to our 4 zone forecast as we step outside and get the view from the top of mount tam pius looking down at the city in the bank is hump day. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with little windy out there today. do i mean those winds really kind of kicking this afternoon, especially some of those gusts over 30 miles an hour along the coastline. >> still beautiful out there. and most parts of the bay area got some sunshine out of the golden gate bridge. couple high clouds up above weak cold front, kind of sliding through town. here you see a little jet stream. watch this little area. the atmosphere see a little white spot there. yeah, a little jet stream moving on by. but down below, it's been all about the really the wind really kicking up this afternoon. still a couple of patches of fog are hanging in along the coastline of san mateo county coastline. and that wind, yeah, that's been kicking up outside some of those gusts over 30 miles an hour and a san francisco to see the 32 35 miles per hour. but they could pay over 30 miles an hour. so blustery in spots special on the coastline, breezy elsewhere
6:23 pm
around the bay area will continue through the evening hours this week, cold front, unfortunately, not strong enough to bring us any rain. just a few clouds and help to kick up that wind tomorrow. high pressure starts to build in and here we go looks like we're entering a dry and much warmer period over the next rouple days. but i think next week we're talking about some of these temperatures. well in the 80's may be getting closer to 90 degrees stepping outside this evening. beautiful night out there, a grab a windbreaker. if you're headed out, especially near the coastline, you've got some partly cloudy skies out there that patchy fog along the coast line. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's around the bay area. now cooling off ever so slowly for the 9 o'clock hour tomorrow, we'll see a little more sunshine, a little less wind and some warmer temperatures to go along with that 71 degrees in the napa valley. 71 also in sunny in santa rosa about 67 degrees in fremont. thank you, lawrence. coming up, tiktok users think they figured out a way to cure snoring. doctors so aren't so sure it's safe. >> we'll talk about mouth
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what counts. >> well, it's pretty safe to say that most people just don't like mondays. and a new study reveals that there's a very good reason for that. it turns out monday evening is when women reach peak stress. during their week, researchers found american women are the most stressed out on mondays
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and tuesdays at 7 in the evening. as for men, they actually face the most stress on friday nights. the study also shows that on average women a 5% more stress than men. women, though, still fall asleep about 10% faster than men and also get an additional 21 minutes of sleep each night. according to this study, louisiana, nevada and new mexico topped the list of the most stressed out states are they know the exact time. 7 that's really amazing. millions of americans suffer from a variety of >> sleep related problems such as snoring waking up with a dry and sore throat and sleep apnea. and some people are turning to a self-help treatment called mouth taping. now taping has actually been around for a while. but it's experiencing a resurgence on tiktok doctor michael breus who is known as the sleep doctor, says mouse taping if done right, can help people struggling with problems related to sleeping.
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>> addition, it can cause a wind tunnel and pull your talking backwards and potentially cause sleep apnea. so there's a lot of reasons why we want to keep our mouth why we want to keep our mouth closed while we sleep. the take that shot? >> to learn more about how to improve your sleep. we have information on our website. kron 4 dot. but i you know, i have nights where i have trouble falling asleep, but i just don't think i'd feel comfortable doing that. >> do you? i mean, i you know, i guess if you have sleep apnea, some more serious illness. but and then if your nose gets blocked by your pillow or something, would you get to breathe through right? i don't know it's you know, try it. if the doctor says you can do it, then. okay, we'll move on. and coming up, a live interview on a speciat event for some music legends of san francisco. how they're getting back into the swing of things tonight in the city.
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