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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 30, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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leader and musician bright. thanks to both of you for being with us tonight. so >> mark, let's start with you. you've been thinking about this for a long while. what brought you to this moment tonight that you wanted to do this for the musicians? >> well, i mean, it is interesting during these challenging times i follow these musicians over the years for 25 30 years like on the iconic san francisco musicians. and i saw that they were not working. they're frustrated. so i came up with this event to go ahead. and as you say, kick start the restart 2022. to show everybody that they are here. they're available. they're excited to play. and also we invited the different influencers in san francisco of the different parts of the social environment to come experience the same things so they can go ahead and say, hey, let's get ready for 2022. and i want you at my event. >> tell us what's happening tonight. are all of the musicians on the list going to perform in the one that jumps out at me is buddy love. he's been kind of an institution in the city for 30 years. it seems at least are. are they
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all going to small sets and you're just going to move from artist artists. house are going to work. >> at the workers for? that's absolutely everyone's done 3, 4, songs. we have a fabulous. but he looked. carlos closed the know, griffin, lawn came. all these musicians are all my friends are throwing down gratis to celebrate the return of san francisco. it's going to be a pretty magical night. so to go ahead to about 3 songs, each. >> and this will be the first time. that they all play together and they have 3 special songs for city into the evening great a, you know, just tell us more about what it's been like the last couple years through covid and >> what this event means to you and the other musicians. well, it was pretty amazing all my friends and myself were pretty much out of work for a year and a so it's really exciting. and, you know, and we'll go into this business because we love music. you know, you don't get it to make money to do it because you love music. so it's very the
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musicians and this really exciting. it to be want to be with all these amazing musicians to just up celebration, san francisco's that it's really that. and thank you, mark, for putting this all together. >> absolutely. the other thing is i have 200 guests us tonight. and 20 noes. so popular ready? yeah. the role in twenty-twenty to talk about the venues to because not just musicians are out of work. the venues were closed. and, you know, the mark hopkins, obviously the top of the market is iconic. >> there's so many of clubs, an end and venues around the city. can you name some that, you know, are coming back and that some of these musicians, we can catch down the road. >> guys with clubs are coming the chapel's back you know, this great stuff. young jazz musician, mister temples cafe du nord. i mean, that is just it's all combat. >> there they are.
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>> you know, we're looking at some video now from one >> that is pre pandemic. but i still the net pare back haha. both of you talk about the importance of live music and what that means to that on not only the musicians, but you know, to the audience. >> and somebody once told me that music is the wallpaper of life. >> it was never forgotten. the. >> and it's it's. i think there's like that would you know? it's universal. my dad was a public school music teacher. not just music is such people don't feel that they don't think about it? but it's such a big part of everyone's life. so to have spent playing. it's it's really special. i couldn't be happier with all these guys tonight i get i have the backup and for a lot of these guys. but we have some amazing bands. we have one like behind us to, you know, so.
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>> talk the music that we're going to hear tonight. >> oh, my it's so diverse. we have some fabulous like swing singers got plenty low swings. great. pretty that this world music carlos reyes is i don't karl said he described the music too, walk the anyway. so it's going to it's going to be a variety show in the best possible light. >> you bet. dancy known than sing going on to their. >> well, art, that's your call. >> yes, we're going to open this up at the second set. i you know, we always after the second cocktail, the more you drink, the better we sow. >> well, we wish we could be there with you said you've got to give us a little sample. are you ready for that? >> well, as i said, one of the great fans, we've got mister for clerk. who does the world music thing better than anybody? hey, you guys that are subject give us a little bit to take us you go
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>> that's good we're going to
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talk to the zoo people and what they can do about their it sounds great, but i'm sure it sounds much, much better ever sent. >> i just wanted to say, mark, next time you do this event, get some women on that list of say of performers. we have a one or a plea on cnn. called the fitzgerald of the swing right. all right. good to see here on the list. i'm glad hear late entry. you're absolutely right. thank you mentioning. well, good luck and congratulations we know you're going to have a big night was at least 200 people showing up. and we all look forward to getting back to normal. we're glad the entertainers get back to doing what they do, which is entertain us because we all need to be entertained. and to my core you do like give us some time to do this. we we use issues. really appreciate appreciated. pam and wayne, thank you very much. good evening. and >> have that in tv. alright, mark, and thanks to you both.
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>> the soyuz m s 19 begins the journey home to complete a year long odyssey. >> the u.s. and russia working together to prove that space is bigger than all of us can imagine. as a record-setting mission comes to an end. >> and that wind kicking up around the bay area. what can we expect in the long range forecast? take a look at that coming up next.
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at sunday's oscars ceremony. actor will smith was asked to leave that event after slapping chris rock on live television. but he refused to do so. the statement released by the academy today says, quote, things unfold in a way we could not have anticipated while we would like to clarify that mister smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused. we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently. the statement does not give any specifics as to how they tried to remove smith. the academy also issued an apology to chris rock and to the oscar audience. this comes as the academy's board of governors is meeting tonight to talk about possible consequences for will smith. he could be suspended or expelled from the academy but will likely get to keep his oscar smith publicly apologized for the assault yesterday. chris rock is not pressing any charges. he did say today at a show in boston that he was still, quote, processing what happened. but he will talk soon in a more serious matter.
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>> stand by for a touchdown. touchdown. >> a nasa astronaut khan right back to earth. russian spacecraft today after a record-setting mission in space. marc vandehei and 2 russian cosmonauts undocked from the international space station around midnight. about 4 hours later, they landed back on earth and kazakhstan. political tensions between the u.s. and russia were cast aside for the space ferrer's return on a live nasa tv broadcast on havana russian counterparts said, quote, people have problem honors on orbit. we are one crew. it was van hise first time on solid ground and 355 days at is a nasa record. the previous record holder was retired astronaut scott kelly. he said broken records mean we're making progress. then high travel, more than 150 million miles in space during his mission as the same as more
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>> time now for our 4 zone forecast says we give you a shot of san francisco. looks some clouds moving in front of the cameras. sure it does. let's check in with our chief
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meteorologist to find out what's going on like yeah, that sea breeze has returned the fog rolling along the coastline and some changes coming our way. we're going to see more of the fog and we're going to see those winds kicking up outside. we've seen that for today. some winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. here's a long way. forecast. yeah, it looks like this. a frontal system is going make another approach on saturday. unfortunately, it's going to fall apart before it gets here, but not before leaving behind a few clouds overhead. maybe a little breeze behind that. another stronger system moves in a late on sunday into monday. that one creeps a little bit further south. still most that energy up the pacific northwest, kind of clipping far northern california. the bay area looks for the most part to remain dry. but after that high pressure really takes over, that ridge is going to be the dominant feature next week. we're talking 80's, maybe some temperatures getting close to 90 degrees by next wednesday and thursday. so a big change in the weather coming our way outside this evening. it's hazy out over san francisco. the winds will be kicking up along the coastline. temperatures today. right below the average there in san
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francisco. 58 degrees. 59 in oakland, 64 for a high in san jose. 61 degrees in lemore. 65 degrees in concord. and 66 degrees in santa rosa. if you're stepping outside right now, temperatures cool coast side highs there only in the 50's and we've got some blustery winds of 20 some 30 plus mile an hour gusts along the coast. so some 60's in the interior valleys. but overall looks we've got dry conditions around the state to some high clouds up above that patchy fog along the coastline. the winds. yeah, that's come. the big weather story today as we've seen some stronger gust developing this afternoon. we're going to see that continue tonight and then drop off by tomorrow. temperatures around the bay area, 15 60's in san francisco. just a gentle breeze tomorrow afternoon. cool on the coastline. still some low 50's in spots. 60 degrees in millbrae becoming mostly sunny. 64 degrees in palo alto, the south bay temperatures up in the 60's and the 70's in the east bay. we've got a 70's for the forecast for tomorrow afternoon into livermore pleasanton also to danville, about 69 in moraga, 68 degrees
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and lael about 69 degrees in benicia back toward the coastline. temperatures in the 50's 60's over the hills and your next few days. we've got some sunshine on tap for the bay area. some warmer weather through friday and saturday. then we'll cool off a bit come sunday, the much warmer toward the middle of next week. by the way, we've had a large solar flare. there's a chance that we could see that beautiful aurora borealis in far northern california. unfortunately, not here in the bay area. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> this isn't where the warriors wanted to be with just 6 games left in the season. losers of 6 of their last 7 games holding out hope for early post season return of steph curry. tonight's game with the sun should have been a battle for first place in the western conference for the early part of the season. golden state was hanging around with phoenix for first place in the conference. now the more your scene to be writing a wing and a prayer to stay in 3rd, most of golden state struggles of late can be chalked up to defense. a far
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cry from the way this team started the season. now they've already played the suns 3 times winning 2 of those matchups. and today steve kerr said that's the kind of play he wants this team to get back to. >> can we? be the team? we were the first few months of the season and i think we but we've been searching for that. and in recent weeks. without much success, so that. that's the main thing i'm looking for. see, just the energy continuity. you know, watching their earlier phoenix games. to prepare for this you know, we we haven't seen them in a while, obviously, but watching those 3 games. 2 different team. we looked like a different team defensively, but the challenge is getting getting back to being that team. so that's the goal. >> all right. how about some cactus league action? the giants taking on the royals. second inning. no score. one on for luke williams and he hits a deep drive to left.
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that one is way out of here on to the grass. giants lead to nothing. couple batters later, alex blandino try this one high and deep to straightaway center and that one is gone center and that one is gone all part of a six-run second they'll face the rockies tomorrow. but if the giants feel the need to bolster their pitching rotation, well, they may want to take a look at the former all-star former red sox bill lee. better known by space man. he took the mound at a minor league game. the savannah bananas and proceeded to strike a guy out now. did i mention lee is 75 years old? still got it by the looks of it. and by the way, he's got a strong barry, a connection to he's a graduate of marin's terra, linda high school, where, of course, he started on the baseball team. and finally more evidence that women's sports are on the rise today. a new record was set for fan attendance at a women's pro soccer match.
6:52 pm
91,000 553 fans on hand to watch barcelona beat real madrid, earning a spot in the u e f a semifinals for the women's champions league. the previous record of just over 90,000 had stood since 1999. that was actually stateside at the rose bowl back when usa china in the world cup finals. so a lot of pretty cool stuff. today. warriors game is coming up in just a few minutes. they tip off about 7 and of course, we'll have highlights and all that good stuff here on kron. 4 news throughout the night. >> all right. mind to talk about a terra linda high. right. to the roster now. haha. that's exciting stuff. 75 and his motive down. looks to worry about the warriors tonight. >> you you know, i think they're hanging on to 3rd. that's the best they can hope for. steve kerr said he's not worried about where their postseason seeding is going to fall. so yeah, we're going to try to not worry there and see him get rattled and thrown out of the game. the other night, though, that was never like to see that. but he does still have the passion. haha. okay.
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thanks. okay. we'll be right back.
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our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> check this out. amazon will ask people in california to test prime air drone delivery. the company ultimately wants to open 145 drone launch pads
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and deliver 500 million packages by drone every year. prime air was announced back in 2013 but has met delays and some roadblocks and getting off the ground. >> new at 6 tonight, dog lovers are known to go to great lengths for their pets. but just how far are you willing to go to get the pup of your dreams of bakersfield woman camped outside of a shelter overnight just to be able to adopt a 4 year-old should too. jeanne plant took drastic measures because the day she tried to adopt the dog, the dog wasn't available and a lot of people are interested. >> i was determined to be the first to the door. might put still left the door. second, sit on it if anybody approaches me. haha. >> this ready plant is 80 years old. she waited 9 hours by that door in her car with her niece. she says it was worth it because she went home with the dog of her dreams, which she named. >> lily, that was going to get a lot of love shelter. dogs
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are the best. because lot of stories on them. and of course, we know they appreciate it. you can you can tell they actually appreciate. yeah. they kn.w when they're not in a cage anymore. that's for sure. >> well, that wraps kron. 4 news tonight at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock. >> and good night. have a good night. everybody.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: bruce willis' shocking diagnosis. >> deborah: the serious medical condition forcing him to step away from acting from acting. >> announcer: and here he is. chris rock. >> it's first stage appearance since this lapsing around the world. >> is the board of governors meet in an emergency decision to decide will smith's fate. >> announcer: and what they are saying today. amy schumer. wanda sykes. joe rogan. billy crystal. even o.j. simpson. >> if i would have done that, they would have given me life. >> announcer: plus anger management. to speak of the steps you can take to


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