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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 30, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now at a an armed carjacking on the bay bridge and brings the afternoon commute to a grinding halt. tonight, investigators are still searching for the suspect. plus, a college athlete get shot by a police officer in san jose. why the man's attorney is calling his client a hero and how the desire to support ukraine is fueling the demand for that country's flag. >> thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news tonight at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the highway patrol is still
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searching for the man who stole a car at gunpoint earlier today on the bay bridge kron four's theresa joins us live now from the city with more on what happened. >> oh, well, can the dangerous crime started to unfold around noon on the eastbound section of the bay bridge? and it halted traffic for hours. take a look at this vehicle. california highway patrol says the owner of this chevy colorado, was held up at gunpoint wednesday. >> after a crash between 2 vehicles, a ford explorer and a toyota venza. here's a lieutenant ross angles with chp about this morning about 11, 40 just before responded to a two-vehicle accident eastbound on the bay bridge just before treasure island. >> prior to officers arriving on scene, one of the drivers in that got out of the vehicle and actually tried to steal the vehicle from the other involved driver the the suspect was on successful, not attempt. however, they were
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able to stop a passing motorist and not white. chevy colorado brandished a firearm and then they stole the chevy colorado lieutenant angle says the crash and the carjacking forced the closure of several lanes. >> as evidence was gathered, it took some time for investigators to get on scene and then the 2 vehicles that were left on scene. the ford explorer. that was initially the suspect vehicle is being processed evidence that was inside of it. >> to help us determine who was driving the the time of the accident. it took about 2 and a half hours to get the roadway cleared again. here is a picture of the vehicle taken by an armed suspect. >> it is a white chevy colorado license plate. number 9, 5, 2, 2, 2, p 2. and we put that information on kron 4 dot com so that you can look at it yourself. >> also, just a note, the california highway patrol saying if you do see the vehicle call 9-1-1, don't
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approach it because again, that suspect is considered armed and dangerous reporting in san francisco to recess to back to you guys free. so thank you for that. new from the south bay tonight, san jose police identified the person arrested in connection to a weekend fight inside a restaurant. >> 30 year-old brian carter is accused of bringing a gun to the fight. the incident also led to a police officer shooting a college athlete. and tonight that man's attorney tells kron 4 says it may june his client is a hero. >> yeah, he's a hero. mister green is a hero. you know, he is a person who himself was threatened attacked, battered a force to defend himself against not one person, but 3 people. and in the midst of all that was and threatened with a gun. >> that is how attorney adante pointer views what happened to his client can green a 20 year-old contra costa college football player who was shot by san jose police over the weekend as he appeared to be back in his way out of a
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violent broad side of a restaurant at the time. can green had a gun in his possession? that pointers says his client disarmed from someone else during the fight. it appears to me that at the time can is actually backing out of this restaurant. the police are just getting there and they're running up to the restaurant. a group of police officers. and when the door starts to open up, they stop. 2 seconds later. less than that, there's gunshots thinking mister green is hit. >> we're still looking into where he was shot. it looks like and a video that it was his back was towards us. again, that's something we have to take a look at. >> weiner says only one of the officers firing a gun is an important factor. in this case he was overreacting to what he saw front of them and the other officers did fire a single shot. so, you know, that means that that just means that that officers conduct was that much more unreasonable after being shot multiple times and
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hospitalized. pointer updates, the medical condition of his client. he was struck in his 2 times wants in his arm and once in his leg, he is said to hopefully be released from the hospital sometime maybe today or tomorrow, but he will be just moving too rehabilitation facility. has it made you cry on for news? >> time now for our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at san francisco airport. you see the back there behind the control tower. so at rain a couple days ago, but they're still a little stormy looking weather out there force. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. we've got a windy evening ahead. lion in might have a little bounce a little. my gosh. hold on. that's over 30 miles an hour. >> plus, like sfo. they tend to get the winds to blowing fairly strongly right through that san bruno gap out there this evening. beautiful sunset on the bay area. some high clouds up above. of course, those winds down below gusty
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in spots this evening. in the you can see some low clouds rolling on by tonight. that's a weak cold front moving through the state. unfortunate strong enough to bring us any rain, but it has helped to kick up some of the winds outside. that's what made for some blustery conditions out there in for a closer look. now you can see that on shore flow continuing right now over northwesterly wind developing along the coastline. also, couple patches of fog developing out toward the beaches to but the winds that's kind of the major weather story for today of some of those gusts over 30 miles an hour there. and the data base, san francisco even kicking around with some gusts over 30 miles an hour to sfo to 22. so pretty breezy on shore flow right now. i think things are going to settle down a little bit, though, as we head in toward tomorrow, high pressure going to sneak in behind that cold front and that will tend to bring calmer winds to the bay area and some nice weather, too, remaining dry for the bay area tomorrow and changes are in the works after this week. cold front goes by. i think we start warming things up as early as tomorrow. temperatures running in the low 70's inland tomorrow. you're looking about 69 in san jose. 71 in the napa
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valley. still cool. cool coastal temperatures numbers mainly in the 50's and the next couple days. we're going to see warmer weather begin in april on friday with some warmer temperatures to cooling down a little bit this weekend, but really warming up in the middle of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. happening tomorrow, president biden is expected to announce a new step to control the skyrocketing gasoline prices. according to his administration officials, the president is preparing to order the release of up to 1 million barrels of oil every day from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. as part of his effort to control the spike in gasoline prices related to states sanctions on russia over its invasion of ukraine. according to the united nations report. by the way, the number of refugees who have fled ukraine since russian troops invaded has surpassed 4 million. this comes as bombings continue in areas where russia had pledged to ease military operations
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after her long journey to escape the violence. a ukrainian refugees now here in the bay area. >> arena only for had to leave her home on her 30th birthday during an almost 2 and a half weeks stretch. she traveled from odessa, ukraine to romania, where she eventually got onto a plane to california. she says she crossed 5 borders sometimes had to sleep in empty fields overnight. >> plus a cold so she couldn't stop the car. but fortunately, there were some volunteers bring some blanket, something so hot. he is undecided yet on the stay is just happy to be here. she is happy to be safe. she that she was able to us. simulate not her family and bring not but the heart there. all of her is now staying with her parents in belmont's along with her 2 cats. that also made that long journey from overseas. american military leaders are asking for more
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money for their budget to help ukraine because of the russian invasion as a war is now in its second month. >> pentagon has sent weapons and other resources into that war torn country. however, the leader said the their budget for the 2023 year was finalized before they knew about ukraine it had even happened. and so they did not build support into their budgets for it. earlier in the month, congress approved a 13 billion dollar emergency package for the year. but now the pentagon fears the money will run out before the invasion. the defense department's budget was set at 773 billion dollars. the money it is now asking for will be used to replace whatever has been sent to ukraine. well, probably seen them. ukrainian flags are flying off the shelves as american show their support for that country. fours justin campbell talked to a flex store owner trying to keep up with the demand. >> you're more than welcome. take care of yourself at judy's flag city in belmont
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that demand for the ukrainian flag is unbelievable and sometimes out of control, you know, actually hold on, hold on and they're fighting over there. let's not fighting him. we can accommodate everybody. owner judy shelton says she is getting a box delivered from her supplier every day. each box carries 144 ukrainian flags of different sizes. she says this wasn't the case just a month ago, literally ahead 9, i didn't even have one flag in here. >> we came by here a day ago, saw her flying 25 years. we thought it was cool. we want to get one. >> urban nicole mess back at the shop today to get a flag only to find the store closed for the day. i want to some support to the korean people that we. >> believe and what they are trying to stand up against and trying to stand up for their own country and their own liberty. >> it makes him feel good to put whatever it is outside something to let everybody else know that they're in supporting the show of support by waiving the very identity
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of a nation outside their doors reporting in belmont. >> and i feel like i give back to people more than i receive. justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> the marijuana smoke be more harmful than tobacco smoke on for investigation. new study from uc berkeley, we now know who will be eligible for reparations from california. what economists say will likely be the next steps. but first, an additional booster shot approved for some americans where you can go to get your 4th dose of covid vaccines.
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>> the cdc is urging americans who received the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine to get a pfizer or moderna booster shot if they haven't already and even consider a second a booster, according to the latest federal data, those who received the single dose shot are less protected against serious illness and hospitalization than those who got the shots. the cdc says of the 17 million people who received the johnson and johnson vaccine more than 1.3 million have been boosted the recently approved booster shots for people. 50 and older are now available in the bay area. kron four's dan kerman was in santa clara county today and he talked with people about the decision to get that second dose. the vaccine clinic at san jose santa clara county fairgrounds saw a steady stream of people.
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>> seeking a second booster shot wednesday afternoon. i just want to make sure i'm healthy. we made our appointments right away because we're flying and i'm you know, i'm not really >> sure if it's going to be ok to do that. so we want to get our boosters. >> tuesday, the fda and the cdc cleared the way for anyone 50 and over to get the 4th jab with a special emphasis and those with underlying conditions or age. 65 and older. why is it important for you to get a second booster? well, because of all number one. >> i'm pretty i still pretty active on the out in the boat on people. so, you know, just take precaution, if not for me to somebody else may be on my wrist. band 68 years old. i wondered too because it's been ready had 4. didn't that go with it? also fall, those showing up on this first full day that second boosters were available. seem grateful to
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get the extra protection from covid-19. i feel better by doing this. you i know people who passed away already. >> not having any it works for me. it's because the pandemic is still running rampant. >> so to speak. and this will help out with them. hopefully no hospitalization. if happen to get a breakthrough, if you just become eligible for that second booster or you need to get that first, police to your first call should likely be to your primary care provider. >> otherwise, check with your local pharmacy or one of the sites like this. one near county is operating in san jose. dan kerman kron. 4 news, oakland unified school district is giving out take home covid tests kits to students and staff as they leave for spring break. >> each test kit contains to test the district is asking everybody to use it once during the break. friday, april, 8th and again before returning to school on sunday,
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april 10th, the white house has launched its website meant to be a one-stop shop for covid related information. >> covid dot gov. provides details on where you can get masks. vaccines tests and treatment. a key piece of the website is the inclusion of all test to treat locations. those are places where you can get a covid test and then immediately get treatment. if your results come back positive. the administration teased this last month when president biden announced additional free at-home testing. the website is available in a number of different languages limits to asylum seekers at the u.s. border put in place to curb the spread of covid are expected to be lifted in the coming weeks. the biden administration will likely lift the limits by may 23rd. >> the cdc extended the policy which is known as title. 42 in late january as a response to the rise in the omicron variant. now this week that law is up for renewal. the cdc said that is conducting a review of title. 42, which
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must be completed by sometime today waiting to change the policy until next month will allow homeland security time to prepare at the border in the north bay. students from town up as high school in marin county took today to honor cesar chavez about 100 students march from san anselmo to downtown sandra fell. it's the same route that chavez walks back in 1970, during a labor dispute. students have been studying. cesar chavez said his support of agricultural workers and they decided to get out of the classroom and actually go down there to show their support. but we're celebrating what he did and acknowledging the fight that for workers rights still exist. so we're taking initiative were taking part of an opportunity that we're able to ocso sand. >> because all these like farmlands and farmers went on strike around here. so i think it's really important that we take part in this. >> all of the students who took part in the march are enrolled in the social and environmental justice action
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program at tom wolf. highest high school. now our 4 zone forecast as we step outside with a nice view of quite tower on telegraph hill. and lawrence is here to talk about aurora borealis. yeah. how about that? we've had a solar flare on the sun and that could give rise to the aurora borealis. i've never had a chance to see it. >> i've heard they're spectacular. unfortunately, it's not going to be in the bay area, but maybe just a little further to the north. here's the forecast for this or or tonight you're likely going to see that as you make your well to the north. you get the montana minneapolis into chicago all the way into possibly new york. now a little further south, less of a chance, but it's certainly possible to right the country. the midsection into denver. also far, northern california may be up in crescent city in eureka. if you're lucky, there's a neally difficult to forecast. it's all about the amount of magnetism affecting the ionosphere out there for tonight. and it looks like it's going to be an active night. so once sunspots are tacked up like this, sometimes you can get multiple issues with that. and so far, we've heard about ham radio operators having some issues
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under the 30 megahertz, a level so could be history night tonight out there. if we can clear things out, the clouds begin to part around the bay area. not a bad night outside, although couple patches of fog likely to form high pressure is going to take over again. and that ridge will settle in to make for a nice day for tomorrow. we'll see a couple passing clouds otherwise should be nice. sunny and dry across most of the bay area. and the temperatures are going to start to warm up tonight. you have got a couple of patches of fog likely to form along the models, not paying that so well but will also submit the high level clouds moving off throughout the day tomorrow. not going to be as windy tomorrow. so that's some good news. so as that ridge begins to strengthen the temperatures are going to warm up a few degrees. i think start to see a few more 70's breaking out tomorrow in many of the interior spots. 71 in santa rosa. 71 also the napa valley. 72 in antioch and concord. in livermore about 72 degrees in morgan hill will stay cool. little breezy along the coastline. temperatures there in the 50's. thank you,
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lawrence. putting hundreds of dollars in the pocket. a very america. the new proposal to bring relief from the climbing gas prices. even action protection set to expire the last minute push to extend the ability prevent people from being removed from their homes.
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>> california's reparations task force is now working to figure out what compensation could look like for those who are eligible for restitution. >> the task force was created to study the effects of slavery and decide what reparations should be. the group officially decided this week restitution will go to direct descendants of either free blacks or in slave african-americans living in the united states by the end of the 19th century. but that is just the starting point. >> it's absolutely party tt us will see it. motion of harm and distress from from a system that has to be swayed strapped things and so damaging seems as if there might be it. here's system where. >> it's off for descendants is in safe people. you know that ending on if you are in the state of california longer you how we experience more harm. >> for compensation, the group agreed to use what economists call a state specific harms
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model. it will determine what specific harms the state should pay for, including on just taking of property housing discrimination on warrenton police, violence and labor discrimination to name a few. the group now faces questions. it will have to answer, including setting eligible timelines for the harm and who exactly qualifies as a california resident. the task force is expected to have a plan delivered to lawmakers by next summer. california's eviction protections are set to expire tomorrow, meaning hundreds of thousands of people could be hit with the. she notices. >> but state lawmakers say they're working to try to prevent that under the current protections. tenants cannot be evicted is on to save. applied for rental relief that law expires march 31st. in the meantime, you can still apply for renters assistance. critics say, though, that the state's relief program isn't getting people their money fast enough. >> we're still hearing that a lot of them that we've helped
8:26 pm
months ago. but even earlier on are still waiting to receive those funds. both, you know, renter and the property owners are really, you know, dire need and the distribution those funds has been really, really slow. >> the state assembly has approved a bill that would extend the last through the end of june. and the state senate is expected to pass the bill tomorrow, sending it to governor gavin newsom's desk for his signature. >> next on kron, 4 news at 8 is cannabis smoke worse than secondhand tobacco smoke? the results of a new study by uc berkeley which may surprise you. plus, gasoline prices continuing to soar a plan to bring relief to the nation as congress works to prevent the oil companies from profiteering and from pick lines to picket lines. why
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>> a study uc berkeley is claiming that second-hand cannabis smoke is more harmful than secondhand tobacco smoke. it was conducted by a graduate student and a professor of the uc berkeley school of public health nas bit talked with them about this study. >> ties to and that. >> from the annual for 20 festival to their favorite dispensaries. marijuana enthusiasts are passionate about their smoking uc berkeley graduate patton when decided to dedicate his senior honors thesis to the topic of smoking. a lot of my peers in
8:30 pm
college. >> i feel like they have this preconceived notion that kind of a smoke might be safer or better alternative to cigarette smoke. when conducted a study during his senior year and continued it while he was a smoke and tobacco-free fellow at uc berkeley measuring the air quality of an undergrad students living room that was used to smoke a bong in a college student crew. >> separate from the study and independently invited folks over to smoke and we just have that opportunity to take measurements while they're smoking. the study was overseen by professor kathryn hammond who says it was not a controlled experiment, but rather a focus of what happens in real life, according to him and instrument was putting the students living room to measure the particles in the air. we let it just run during the entire smoking session and 4 between one and 12 hours the results of the study showed that cannabis smoke from the bomb produced 4 times. the amount of air matter that smoke produced by tobacco. if you recall the orange days of
8:31 pm
the wildfires a year and a half when the sky was orange, the concentrations of particles were 10 times higher than that him. and then when understand that their findings won't sit well with most marijuana enthusiasts, but they hope that their study will be considered when it comes to forming laws and public health policies. don't smoke understand that you could be affecting others and just be aware that there is a public health concern with funds looking in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. meanwhile, on capitol hill, the house is poised to pass legislation this week that would legalize marijuana across the country. it's called the marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expungement act. >> the bill has near uniform support among democrats. the legislation would eliminate criminal penalties associated with marijuana further establish a process to remove the convictions of nonviolent marijuana offenders and impose a federal tax on marijuana sales with the proceeds funding programs for substance misuse treatment and legal
8:32 pm
counseling right now, at least 37 states for territories and the district of columbia allow cannabis products for medical use. cannabis is also allowed for non-medical use in 18 states, 2 territories and washington, d.c.. california lawmakers are responding to the alarming surge of deadly fentanyl overdoses with a list of bills targeting the synthetic opioid one. such bill would strengthen punishment for distribution and possession of fentanyl, allowing prosecutors to pursue a sentence of 20 years to life. for those who distributed the drug that results in a deadly overdose. another bill aims to crack down on social media as a marketplace for buying and selling opioids. one of the more controversial measures would legalize so-called safe injection sites where adults can consume drugs in a supervised setting. the california department of public health reported almost 4,000 fentanyl involved deaths last year. >> as gasoline prices across the nation appear to be
8:33 pm
plateauing. the same cannot be said for gas prices in california, gas prices are still going up across the state and here in the bay area. according to today's triple a data, the state average is up to $5 and $0.91. that's $0.4 more than just last week here in the bay area. san francisco has the highest average of $5 and $0.94 a gallon. oakland, a sitting at $5.87, and san jose's up $0.2 to $5 and $0.86 a gallon a california democrat is proposing a national bill to bring relief to drivers dealing with high gas prices is called the putting gas money back in your pocket at it is passed. it would send $500 relief checks to taxpayers all across the country. dependent children 16 and older would also get $500 joint taxpayers would get $1000 and there's no income cap with this bill turlock. congressman josh harder says that the goal is to simplify
8:34 pm
the process and get the money out as soon as possible. and democratic lawmakers are pushing legislation to stop big oil companies from profiteering during the crisis in ukraine. it would require the nation's largest companies to pay a tax on each barrel of oil they produce or import. the revenue raised of that tax would be sent directly to americans. anyone making less than $75,000 would get a check for the maximum amount which could be about $240 or so. >> this is time for us to hold big oil accountable. this legislation will hold the biggest. well, the oil companies accountable. we know that all americans are hit hard. by the increase in prices and the profiteering. >> smaller oil companies would not have to pay that tax bill is expected to face an uphill battle in the u.s. senate. now to our 4 zone forecast as we head out to to the top of
8:35 pm
mount tam, a pious to look down on the city and what looks almost like a black and white film does. >> lawrence is standing by with a long-term look at it. >> yeah, that's yeah. seeing any rain and not get on the short term. i think we've got a pretty good he wave next week. but in the real long-range, i'm looking at maybe something coming around the 12 to 14 could be a pretty good a pattern change. but right now, yeah, we've had the gusty front come through today, not leaving any rain for some clouds moving on by out there tonight. the winds continue to blow the long-range, though, as a cup, more cold fronts dropping in toward the bay area. you can see that next win again fall apart. most that energy up in the pacific northwest left high and dry just for the couple of clouds in the california. little more today with this next month. the coming in on monday that will bring with it a chance of rain in far northern california. keeping things dry here. and then after that talking about the heat boy, it is going to be something else i think next week there's that big dome of high pressure building in dc that nice clear slob across california that is going to
8:36 pm
send the temperatures soaring around the bay area 80's. maybe we start talking some 90's in the next week. temperatures for tomorrow will be cool to coast. a little breezy, but not as windy as today. 50's out toward the beaches about 54 pacifica. 56 in half moon bay inside the bay sunshine. some high clouds, 60 millbrae 62 degrees in burlingame. 64 degrees in foster city about 66. a nice day for our friends in mountain view and the south bay enjoying a mixed bag of 60's and some low 70's tomorrow afternoon, east bay, you'll see a lot of 70's after a cool start to the day overnight. lows dropping off into the upper 30's in parts of the bay area, especially inland temperatures. tomorrow, though, by the afternoon, looking good. 72 walnut creek, 72 in concord and about 69 degrees in hercules. 69 also benicia while back toward the coastline. keep you cooler in the 50's next few days. temperatures begin to warm up a little more so into saturday. coolly again on sunday. and then here come the 80's, the middle of next week.
8:37 pm
>> music is back as san francisco's mark hopkins hotel is a tribute and a post-covid restart of sorts for the old guard and the city's music scene. so many musicians have been out of work for such a long time because of covid. so right now at the top of them are some of those old guard artists are performing, get in their names back out there and preserving a piece of the city's music history on kron. 4 news tonight at 6. we talked with the event organizer. >> well, i mean, it is interesting during these challenging times i follow these musicians over the years for 25 30 years like on the iconic san francisco musicians. and i saw that they were not working. they're frustrated. so i came up with this event to go ahead. and as you say, kick start the restart 2022. to show everybody that they are here. they're available. they're excited to play. and also we've invited to different
8:38 pm
influencers in san francisco of the different parts of the social environment to come experience the same things so they can go ahead and say, hey, let's get ready for 2022. and i want you at my event. >> and that was mark corsi, the event organizer, the sold out event was also aimed at bringing in influencers in the city to build more support for the old guard musicians and for the places where they use to play. still ahead tonight, storms sweeping through the south. we're following the latest on a string of severe weather creating havoc in several states. and hank, the may be off the hook, but >> more bears may be out and about around lake tahoe. why there could be even more sightings this year.
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>> take a look at this. the san jose fire department is opening up a new station near the airport. the city says major developments in north san jose have increased the need for firefighting coverage in this area. the station will not only serve the city fire station. 20 will also work to keep airport travelers safe. the new facility, but ground back in september of 2020 and it covers 18,300 square feet. it includes 10 firefighter, dormitories, kitchen laundry and training rooms. nurses in daly city are walking the picket lines outside of seton medical center. the strikers demands include salary and staffing increases. >> we talked to a woman who's worked at the hospital for almost 2 decades. she says
8:42 pm
nurses are handling too many patients and have to perform to these well outside of their job descriptions. >> we are short of for not only the nurses but our ancillary staff, house keepers. so we are doing the duties of the staff members. the bottom line is we need to have the staff here to be able to take care of our patients. >> hospital administrators say they've hired 189 new staff members over the past year, including 75 registered nurses, but they say they cannot meet the union's demand of a 15% pay increase over the next 2 years. coming up in sports, we're going to have a warriors update for us. >> and this guy, 75 year-old space. manly sandra fell native schooling. some youngsters in a minor league baseball game. kate rooney has that coming up. >> and kron 4 has been recognizing remarkable women in the bay area all month long. if you want to see story
8:43 pm
similar 2 days, we have a section on our website kron 4 dot com where you can see the past winners and the no
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>> new video shows the damage left what could have been a tornado tore through central mississippi hasn't been confirmed but serious weather there. the national weather service issued a tornado warning for that area today. and that system is still on the move heading east. and let's take a live look now.
8:46 pm
this is a picture from memphis, tennessee, problems there to our sister station. there is reporting. >> that at least one tornado touched down particular tornado hit in arkansas. extensive damage is being reported with a number of power lines down. that's leaving thousands of people in the dark. that bridge actually crosses the mississippi river. arkansas is right on the other side. so right next week. and you know, with that weather system affecting both states. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with more on what's happening another big system that's rolling parts of the south tonight. >> very scary weather out. there are huge storm system rolling on through. look at that line of storms all the way down across parts of the deep south, bringing severe weather all along that boundary right now on. we're continue to see that a very scary night out there as the heavy thunderstorms, that squall line of storms really stretching all the way from parts of the south all the way up and actually places like chicago. so this is a big storm system. you can see all the tornado watch is up in yellow right now across much of that area through alabama.
8:47 pm
scary night. there and all the activity out there as well. numerous tornadoes have been reported on the ground. you can see all the in red with a tornado simple. you can see just numerous reports of tornadoes all throughout this area and they continue to see that activity tonight. the areas shaded in red. now we're looking at toward current tornado warnings on the ground right now for the possibility right through ran bay immobile, a possibility of some tornadoes touching down there. we're starting to see a signature and some rotation in some of the clouds there that could lead to some of that tornado activity and more that continuing a little further to the just to the north, the west of selma. you can see that latest a tornado box in effect there as well. and this storm system a scary one. it is going to continue to work its way toward the eastern seaboard. i don't think it will be as strong tomorrow. so after tonight after a very scary night, things going to start to settle down. back here, though, on the eastern seaboard. here we go. we have more stormy weather, possibly severe weather by tomorrow
8:48 pm
afternoon. again. thank you, lawrence. wildlife officials are warning lake tahoe area residents to be on the lookout for bears and an increase in bear activity. >> their hibernation period is coming to an end and bears will be out there hungry looking for food. so to get ready for any unwanted visitors, officials are asking business owners and residents to lock up their trash cans. take down bird feeders and fix any broken doors or windows. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the warriors recent struggles have bay area hoops fans a little down in the dumps right now. hard to know which version of this team we can expect to see in the postseason. but right now pretty good battle with the best team in the west. the phoenix suns, despite getting down early in the game, the world to back. they've just taken the lead in the 3rd quarter. we'll have highlights in the 9 o'clock show of this game. let's go. dogs. all
8:49 pm
right. how about some baseball cactus league action? the giants taking on the royals. second inning here. no score one on for luke williams and he hits a deep drive to left that one way out of there on to the grass giants lead to nothing. couple batters later, alex blandino drives one high and deep to straightaway center. and that one is gone all part of a six-run second inning. giants win. 95. they will face the rockies tomorrow. well, if the giants feel the need to bolster their pitching rotation head, they might want to take a look at a former all-star one time red sox pitcher bill lee better known by some as space man. he took the mound at a minor league and the savannah bananas and then proceeded. >> to strike a guy out. did i mention that? lee is 75 years old? still got it. and by the way, lee has got a strong, very connections. he's a graduate marin's terra, linda high school, where, of course he start on the baseball team.
8:50 pm
all right. some usl soccer action. one of the newest teams in the bay area here, oakland roots at new mexico, united 7th minute. charlie dennis. snakes in the goal with a left foot zone with some one nil we go to the 90th minute now. it's 2 one new mexico time running but tara scores the equalizer seems the night for the oakland lie. >> they're happy to settle for a 2 to tie. they host the tampa bay rowdies at laney college in oakland on saturday. and finally, some good news for the u.s. men's national team. they have qualified for the 2022. world cup in today's match with coaster rica. all the u.s. had to do was avoid losing by 6 goals and they did it manage that they lost to nil. but with that, they still punched their ticket to the world cup. so some redemption for a club that missed qualifying in 2018. so hey, good news for the u.s. men's national soccer team and pretty good news because the dubs just took an even bigger lead. 68 61 right
8:51 pm
now they're showing it center. yeah. as phoenix is really good. it goes to show that they can show the miami heat last week. so we've got >> all thanks. it is a slap. >> heard round the world. and now chris rock is sharing his thoughts. what he had to say at a show in boston tonight. that's next. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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8:54 pm
>> actor bruce willis stepping back from acting after being diagnosed with a serious condition that's linked to brain damage. well, as his family announced, he's been diagnosed with aphasia, aphasia affects one's ability to communicate. his family says the 67 year-old has been experiencing some cognitive impairment in a statement on social media, they went on to say that it's been a very challenging time for the family and they say they're appreciative of all the love and support. bruce willis, of course, catapulted to stardom when he starred as john mcclane back in the old tv was that something moon? and of course, the die hard franchise. big success. >> and an update now to the chaos at sunday's academy awards ceremony. actor will smith was asked to leave the event after slapping chris rock on live television. but he refused to leave the
8:55 pm
statement released by the academy today says, quote, thanks unfold in a way we could not have anticipated while we would like to clarify that mister smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused. we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently. the statement does not give any specifics as to how they tried to remove smith. the academy also issued an apology to chris rock and to the oscar audience. this comes as the academy's board of governors met tonight to talk about possible consequences for will smith. he could be suspended or expelled from the academy but will likely get to keep his oscar smith publicly apologize for the assault yesterday. chris rock is not pressing charges. he said today at a show in boston that he is still, quote, processing what happened but says he will talk soon i, a more serious manner. movie fans are getting excited. the san international
8:56 pm
film festival is releasing its lineup for next month's. >> big soiree. it's entering its 65th year. s f i f f as it's known as the longest-running film festival in the country, the festival will be in person this year with more than 100 films from around the world shown in some of the bay area's biggest theaters. there will also be a celebration of actor jenny slate with a special tribute. the 2022 festival will run from april. 21st to may first. so get a chance to go and see good movie. absolutely. >> all right. that wraps kron 4 news tonight at 8. but our primetime coverage just getting started on this wednesday night. victim granted this lee went haha. >> thank you. and thank you, ken. next at 9 time is running out for tenants were behind on their the deadline that they need to meet to avoid being evicted and what state
8:57 pm
lawmakers are doing right now to extend protections for renters. also, president biden is expected to address the nation tomorrow from the white house's next plan of action to try to control skyrocketing gas prices across the country. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 9 is next. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. (music throughout)
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
9:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at night, time is running out for california tenants behind on rent payments as eviction protections are set to end this month. that's friday. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis, california. renters must apply for the state's covid-19 rent relief program by tomorrow. >> to avoid being evicted, our first taylor bisacky has more. >> it's a sad day when our state government the 17 million tenants across the state in this way, especially in san francisco, tenants behind on rent across the bay area. >> could face eviction on friday if they don't apply for the state's covid-19 rent relief program before thursday's deadline. eviction protections are set to expire on march 31st. shanti singh with tenants together explains that under those protections, tenants cannot be evicted as long as they have an application pending for rental


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