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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  April 4, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> with us on a monday morning. i know you can hang around that. you've got to work. i'm darya operator. they just pop a little bit. yeah, a little taste. people often say, well, i i don't recognize you. i just know the voice because i'm busy in the morning. so let's see what we have to wear today. good morning, john. yes, today is a day for some layers for sure out. bring the light jacket with you as you're getting out there. not just because you'll need it this morning. >> but because it is breezy at times, you have a few clouds and temperatures today will be the coolest of the rest of the week. looking outside at san francisco. you can see some of the low gray raiders beat. a very generous right now for what's going on in solano county really is just some low cloud cover that we're seeing out there. rainfall is stashed well to the north. the bay area not going to be tapping into it today. now, as far as we go with our current temperatures, most of us are in the 50's. we are going to be spending the afternoon in
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the 60's to low 70's doesn't sound bad at all. we are about to get really warm, though in the coming days. i'll let you know how we're still ahead right now. john, thank you for that. yeah, it's going to be a hot week. definitely. we're looking at that traffic this morning about a 17 minute drive as you're traveling from the maze. >> to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and head over to the san mateo bridge where we do have high winds looking at about a 60 minute drive for you this morning. the richmond center fell bridge as you travel average across the words and or fail at about 13 minutes with also high gust and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls a 20 minute morning commute. it's 8, 0 one. and our top story is the mass shooting that happened in sacramento this morning. they're looking for. >> the shooter, 6 people were killed and his to tragedy there. police are asking for the public's help to try to find those shooters. kron four's will tran has been live in sacramento this morning and brings us the latest. good morning. well, >> good morning, rain and area so far, no arrests in the
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case. and this was a crime scene into the overnight hours. police officers finally leaving the area is just one block from the capitol building. this is at 10th and k if you are familiar with downtown sacramento, this is pretty much the heartbeat of sacramento's night life full of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. this all went down from saturday night into sunday morning at around 2 o'clock in the morning when they were dozens, if not hundreds of people outside the places we're letting out. there was a fight right before the shots ring out. we're hearing at least 70 shots. people ran for their lives. 6 people killed 12 others injured among the 12 include for people with life-threatening injuries. so hopefully they will survive. and that number of people killed remains at 6 this morning. now they are still searching for suspects. and despite all of those witnesses, there are still no descriptions of them and no
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motive. just a lot of tears and a lot of heartbreak right now. >> never heard gun shots like that. i mean, they were just going off. we just like donna. and but echoes and echo. so it kind of sounds like thunder. because it had just woken up. i'm just like half alert. some just getting up. i don't know what's going on. i look outside and that's when i see all the people running around police officers coming in with gun. >> and despite all this police officers running to the scene, they were not able to catch the suspects and that's why they need the public's help and they are getting a lot of attention. this being the nation's latest mass shooting. look at all the media right behind me. local media bay area, media, media, national media. >> here as well looking to cover this story. president joe biden has also chimed in on this as well, calling this a tragedy. we do know that police officers did recover a
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stolen handgun from the scene. did talk to a lot of people. they did get their hands on some video footage. this being downtown. they do have that footage right now, but not enough to pass along descriptions of the suspects. and again, no motive behind this. as far as the 6 people killed. we do know with certainty. one of them was a father, father of 3 kids. sacramento, unfortunately getting all too familiar with mass shootings because we do know last month a father went into a church, kill 3 of his daughters, including another person while they're still reeling from that, they have another mass shooting on their hands. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> sacramento police have made it easy for you to reach out to them with any information about the mass shootings. >> you can send it directly to this qr code. go ahead and scan this because they want you to provide them with any video or photos you might have that may help them catch the killers. >> new this morning, a new
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strain of covid the world health organization is warning of a new variant called x e this strain of covid is more transmissible. then the others x ev was first detected in the uk in january. so far more than 600 cases have been reported. preliminary findings suggest it's about 10% more transmissible and the other variants. but a bay area infectious disease expert says he's not too concerned. >> people shouldn't. marty, good to go. if you've gotten bu said and the bay area in particular is is going to not see as many hospitalizations. we think you to any one of strains of covid, the nba to all at but we may see cases in the community and when those cases go up, you know, you have to the site how risky it is was sitting populations to around without protection. >> doctor peter chin-hong says the best thing you can do is make sure that you're fully up
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to date on your booster shots. students and staff at san francisco schools do not have to mask up starting today. the district lifted the mask mandate because they say the case loads our low enough. the change applies to elementary k through 8 and early education schools and they already have done this in the middle school and the high school level and also before spring break, they handed out tests show that everybody make sure when they return to class today that they don't have covid and spread it. >> happening today, thousands of google employees are going to be returning to the office because daria, they've been working from for about 2 years. yeah, it's a long time coming cover. sarah stinson is live at the google headquarters in mountain view. they got a lot of perks. so i'm sure there are good reasons that they'd like to go back to the office. sarah. >> i mean, you would think so. i would want to come back. i just saw one of the employees hop on a google bike, one of
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the mary. many fun things to do on campus. besides the work behind me is also a coffee shop. can come here. get your free coffee before you head to work. don't know about you, but that sounds amazing. but you know not everyone is excited to go back to the office. it's been 2 years of working from home. so google's trying to really ease this transition, giving them the option to come to work 3 days a week. most are going to be coming 3 days a week, but some will be staying home. more than that. some will be staying home less than that. most googlers will be making their own decision on. that depends on what kind of job. they have really know that things are starting to go back to normal. when you see tech companies returning to work in person, something these employees haven't done in so long. i mean, this must feel like the first day of school for them. nearby businesses will see a return of customers that they've missed and traffic in the mountain view area will be picking up as well. so keep in mind, your commute may be affected by this. it's not going to be everybody back on campus today. so it's going to be a slow roll out. but it's just a
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step in the right direction in reopening in this pandemic. google hopes that this their employees will transition into office life. well, making sure that they, you know, have that option to work from home. still. but again, it depends on what kind of job they have. the company tried to bring their with their employees several times but delayed last time in january. when omicron cases were surging. so today's the day, they're saying 3 days a week come back to campus it's probably a mix of emotions. people you know, after not being on campus are back in office for 2 full years. for now. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in google. back to you. thanks a lot, sarah. >> also happening today, dozens of nurses from stanford health care and lucile packard children's hospital will rally to demand better contracts were showing you video from there last protest. this was in march. the nurses say they are underpaid, they're overworked. they want change. they say they're experiencing burnout amid a shortage of health workers. so now they're
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demanding solutions. their contract with management expire march 31st. and the nurses say they were trying to reach an agreement before that and as jet fuel prices are going up. so are the prices for airfare for spring and summer trips? >> alex stokes takes a look at how much it'll cost you. >> there are more travelers who are looking to get out there this spring and summer. and that puts a lot of upward price pressure on airfare travel data tracking firm hopper says the other factor driving up costs is fuel jet fuel prices today are up more than 40% from where they were at the beginning of this year. and if we take a step back, jet fuel prices in 2022, were already much higher than they have been. you know, in previous summers, economist haley berg says that's translating to a 7% increase nationally compared to 2019 with cost averaging at about $330. cleveland for summer 2022. travel. we're seeing
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average round-trip domestic airfare about $246. and that's up 6% versus 2019. she says they considered 2019 the last normal year for travel, but also compared the cost to last year's prices. this year prices are about 26% higher than they were at this time last year. and she doesn't anticipate prices to go down anytime soon. we do expect those prices to continue to rise into june. probably it by about 10% more. however, international flights are actually more affordable than this time in 2019, for example, flights from cleveland to europe, berg says are averaging $980.20 1% down from 3 years ago. we're seeing less demand for international travel and we are for domestic travel. travelers are much more comfortable going to, you know, domestic u.s. city or areas in cancun and central america as hopper tracks, price trends going into summer bird does recommend booking by the first week of may for the
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most deals. there are still going to be great deals available. my biggest piece of advice is years. a price during tool so that your getting updates on the trip that you're planning and what the prices look like, you know, on a daily or weekly basis. that was alex stokes reporting for us this morning. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. 3 people are hurt during sideshows in san jose. what the city says. >> it will do to stop them from happening. plus, ukraine's president says russia has been executing ukrainians and leaving their bodies in the street here. the president's new plea for help from world leaders. >> and today we are starting off with partly cloudy skies. but in the little clear towards the afternoon and that will make those 60's 70's. we have to look for too feel pretty nice. i'll be talking much warmer temperatures than that later on in this forecast. still to come.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal
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to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. >> 14 right now and we're checking out the weather as we knowledge that is dry. we all know that and it's getting dryer. apparently this is the driest we've had for spring in decades. and they say if we don't get a lot of rain, it's going to worse. we'll though that's exactly what so we're at 39% now of average in the mountains. that's true is no spots in the sara lee tahoe or even worse than that around 28% of average and taco, i remember used to stand in front of this and then we
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would see the snow on these benches now says i we haven't seen snow on these benches for while. how long a long time marches done cleared out now really bring what we needed. that means january february and march. >> were historically at all. 3 of those up and guys, this is what we've got out there. as far as snow pack owes, which as i mentioned is around 28% where we should be about more sierra. so that's why it is so historically dey and why summer months could be rough for so a lot of yellow lines this summer. i think and maybe some dead plants to. unfortunately, no rain has been telling us about that central sierra and southern see around. 42 43% of average. now remember where we were before january first december was so great. we are at 150% of average across much of the sierra nevada city to be ending the season with your final snow survey like this is really an unfortunate change of pace where we were now. skies are little on the gray side this morning. showers are
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staying to our north up in lake county. we've had some light sprinkles up in the mountains. most of our rainfalls up towards humble del norte counties near the oregon border. that's where they're going to stay. and this is the closest rainfall even gets to us for the rest of this week's forecast is a high pressure. ridge firmly builds in shooting the jet stream well to the north and western canada. and keeping us dry now into next week, we will see starting to push in this little low pressure area could result in some light. snow showers up in the sierra. it's certainly not going catch us up to where we need to be and likely not going to be resulting in much of anything. now, as far as we go today, it will be breezy at times and that paired with temperatures only in the 50's and 60's at the coast in the 60's, really for a lot of the rest of us too, means that i would keep the jackets. the layers on hand throughout the course of the day. today is the coolest day of your forecast. now before that high pressure, ridge builds in. we are actually seeing a passing front. that's why we do have rain to our north up near oregon. that's going to
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quickly sweep out. so that means the 60's and 70's that you're seeing in your 4 zone forecast, something you want to enjoy if you want to take a hike. we're going on a long jog. this is the weather to do it come wednesday, thursday and friday, you'll be wanting to enjoy those morning hours and avoiding too much exposure during the afternoon as not just in wind but also right along the bay. we'll see highs climbing into the 80's and especially on thursday, the low 90's. it doesn't last for long, though. temperatures do cool into the weekend by sunday of next week. we're actually pretty close to where we're about to be today, which will be back to the 60's and 70's. >> reyna, john, thank you for that warm forecast. all right. let's go look at the traffic this morning. and once you do reach the maze because we are seeing some delays along 5, 18, 80, if you're traveling along there, it will be about 17 minutes to make it into the city this morning. let's check on the san mateo bridge headed across towards the peninsula. it will be a little under 14 minutes as you're traveling there. look at the richmond center fell bridge as you're
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traveling and of about a 13 minute commute for you. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 20 minute commute. let's talk about what's going on ukraine. now. the president there is saying what the russians are doing to his country is genocide. and he's asking for what leaders. >> to listen. this comes as the country shares and images dan ukrainian civilians in the streets. raquel martin has the latest. >> this is genocide sunday on cbs face the nation. the president of ukraine said russian president vladimir putin is out to destroy his country nation of the whole nation and the people. >> the comments come as ukraine shares new images of the executions of ukraine, civilians near kyiv. >> so he says despite russia's recent withdrawal of troops in the area, the violence is building up in other parts of the country. he says the u.s. and nato allies must do more to ensure ukraine's sovereignty because if tomorrow that will start again, only sanctions
8:19 am
introduced 12. that's about knots in the white house and nato allies stop short of outlining what specific steps will be taken at. russia continues to attack civilians. but friday, the pentagon didn't out that sending another 300 million dollars worth of military supplies to ukraine to help them fight back right now, russia is building its forces up in the northern and eastern region of ukraine. they may be regrouping on nbc's meet the press. secretary of state antony blinken said he believes russia isn't backing down. they may be focusing on the east, but let's keep in mind is still have the ability to wreak massive death and including in places like he with air power and missiles were focused on on what they're not what they're saying lindsay says he's keeping the door open to peace talks. if we don't want hundreds, thousands millions to die but says he wants 100% withdrawal of russian troops from ukraine. in washington, raquel martin. >> 8.19, is the time. and doctor martin luther king
8:20 am
junior's legacy is being remembered on this. the anniversary. >> of his death. today marks 54 years since doctor king was assassinated while in memphis, tennessee was standing on a balcony of the lorraine motel when he was shot. he was in memphis to march on behalf of striking sanitation workers. doctor king, as you know, champion nonviolence as he led the effort to secure equal rights for african-americans. he delivered his famous. i have a dream speech in washington, d.c., in 1963. well, judge ketanji brown jackson will likely be confirmed as the first black woman on the u.s. supreme court by the end of this week, the judiciary committee kicks off the process later this morning with a vote. and let's find out the latest now from washington, d.c., correspondent jessi turnure. good morning. >> today's vote in the evenly split committee is expected to delay jackson's confirmation, but not for long. >> after hours of hearings and
8:21 am
meetings with lawmakers had a great conversation with her judge ketanji brown jackson is on the brink of making history. the president certainly had every a good intention and every every right in the campaign to talk about putting the first black woman on the court. i think it's time for that to happen. but on abc's this week, missouri republican senator roy blunt says he will not be voting for jackson due to her judicial philosophy. i don't think she's the kind of judge that will really do the kind of work that i think needs to be done by the court. every republican on the senate judiciary committee is expected to oppose jackson today. i wish more republicans would look at the case here. look at the record and vote to confirm judge jackson a tie vote in the 11 republican 11 democrat committee would trigger an additional vote and debate in the senate. but democrats will have at least one gop vote on the floor for jackson, maine senator susan collins. she had the qualifications. >> the experience and the
8:22 am
credentials that we require of u.s. supreme court justices colin support likely saves democrats from having to use vice president harris's tie breaking vote to confirm president biden's nominee. but white house chief of staff ron klain says the administration was hoping for more bipartisan support. she will get enough votes to get confirmed in the end, i suppose that's the only thing that matters. all 50 democrats are expected to support jackson. but one notable moderate, arizona senator kyrsten sinema has yet to say how she will vote. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a new lawsuit has been filed against the oakland a's ballpark project. why one group is taking the a's and the city to court and after the break, make the right words to drive. how one startup companies paying drivers to display ads on their car doors. we'll be right back after this.
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meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text.
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like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. startup company name ad ways helping rideshare drivers and boost their income. maybe could drivers with. >> small projectors and attached to the side view mirrors and project ads on car doors. rich demuro has those details for us. >> between our screens, billboards and more. we are bombarded with ads, but one startup has found a new place to put them and it's helping rideshare drivers earn some extra cash. >> rideshare driver row such an is always looking for a way
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to boost your income by 2 o all into every. >> the 4 will coast, maybe for especially with these high gas prices. sometimes i don't shy, just because too expensive. for the past year, she's earned extra cash by turning her car into a moving billboard. so far, so good. signing up with a startup named ad way. >> when you driving couple smart projecting 2 ices that can easily thanks to the side near personal cars display well. sasha crow laws is ceo. he got the idea while out to dinner with his wife who saw a logo projected off a car door and the time was the one this plane just a logo. but she suggested that was trying to tell us something had ways proprietary projectors clipped to a side mirror and come to life at night, displaying right eye catching the zoo was a whiff of various sensors and tracker that include gps, wi-fi, bluetooth. the camera bluetooth inside counts. the
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number of unique cell phones here by so advertisers have an idea how many people might be seeing the rats. we typically a favor, though, drivers to drive the most about 60 drivers are using the technology, but many more are interested with 5,000 on a waiting list about a dozen are on board each month. the devices need some point become smaller writer, smart. a lot of people get come up to me. is that. >> a conversation starter and he did. i hey enough to, you know, payments. these ads are definitely eye-catching. i saw one of the cars driving around and decided to do this story. >> at way tells me the average driver makes about $250 a month. plus, there are opportunities to earn more through bonuses. if you want to learn more, you can go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> will tran live in downtown sacramento with the search
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continues for at least 2 shooters and mass shooting that took place 24 hours ago. in the meantime, you can see the memorial rose for the victim. have the details coming up in a
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>> 8.30, right now. and we're looking forward to lot of nice weather this week. i can't wait thursday. daria, you like a yeah. who's going to get out as inland areas for sure. but
8:31 am
honestly, not far behind along the bay. we've got some 90's right along the bay shore, too. >> i'd say on that day the charade loves the 90's had a little closer to the coastline. it will still be solid. upper 70's for many coastal areas. so that's definitely going to be scorcher of this forecast. we're seeing a little bit of cloud cover this morning. that cloud cover is not going to stick around all day, but is making for a greater looking start. as you can see across the bay area that faint glow of clouds here on radar. rainfall is staying well to the north today. so it looks like it could rain. so it's not going make its way. our direction today is going to the coolest of your forecast and keep the jackets with you right now. most of us are in the 50's that but one of our exceptions at 49 while oakland city at 51, john, thank you for that. let's take a look at a bridge is traveling across the bay bridge this morning about a 16 minute commute. >> to make it to the maze 2 that fremont street exit san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. you look at 16 minutes, forget drive and you got high winds there. high gusts also along the ridges center fell bridge will be
8:32 am
about a 13 minute commute for you as you're traveling right now. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 23 minute morning drive. thirty-one and in california's capital at deadly mass shooting, 6 people were killed. >> a dozen injured and they have find the they haven't found. the shooter ship actually it's been really tragic to hear all of the stories that are coming out of sacramento. homicide detectives are interviewing as many witnesses as possible to try to piece together what happened that's going kron four's will tran has been following this live all morning long. we'll looking tell us. >> as they continue to search for the shooters and at this point, no motive the heartbreak continues to grow. this is downtown sacramento. and you can see here is a memorial. the candles have not been let yet, but they spell out the word surge. he was one of the people killed 6 people altogether. you can see the candles burning on the other side. you see the balloon right there. this is as close
8:33 am
as a lot of people were able to get to because the crime scene stopped right here as the police officers shut down this area. in fact, the crime scene, the shooting took place at that intersection that fou see right there of the green light. that is where it all went down. at least 70 shots were fired on sunday at 2 o'clock in the morning. let me show you video of the scene. this went from saturday night into sunday morning. this is 10th in k the heart of the nightlife in sacramento with lots of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. people were getting out at the time. we're talking. dozens, if not hundreds of people were out there. we do know that according to investigators, there was a fight before the shots rang out. they're not sure if that fight was a direct result of them. all of a sudden started shooting at people. but we do know that 12 people are still in the hospital for them. life
8:34 am
threatening injuries. so as investigators continue to look for the suspects. sacramento once again dealing with another heartbreaking situation. >> the unfortunate part about when you're so careless has since this. why looks like this other people get hit, other people get hurt. and unfortunately no one deserves this hearts you know. >> great for the city of sacramento. pray that national stops. >> there's that memorial. again, this is as close as people could get to because this area was roped off by police officers. they finally left this area at around 2 or 3 o'clock monday morning. but there's still so much to do. they will look at surveillance footage asked the public for help as they try to be at the very least passed out descriptions of the shooters who they're still looking for this morning. this is so close. look at this beyond these trees. that's the
8:35 am
capitol building. so it's about a block and a half from that location. we do know the breakdown of the victims who were killed 3 men, 3 women, one of the victims was the father of 3. and i did mention that sacramento is dealing with another heartbreak because several weeks ago there was another mass shooting involving a father who went inside a church, kill 3 of his young daughters, including another person while they're still coping with that. all of a sudden we have another mass shooting that they have to deal with. >> even president joe biden chiming in on exactly what happened over the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. state lawmakers are trying to figure out what to do. they're condemning the deadly shootings. of course, many are calling for more laws to help deal with gun violence. california's attorney general rob bonta says that one of the main challenges of curbing gun violence is ghost guns. he says that type of gun wasn't even an issue 5 years ago. but now it's a much bigger
8:36 am
problem, money. and about a 3rd of guns seized in california are on traceable ghost guns. that addressed >> address ghost guns, including supporting federal regulations to address ghost guns and also >> a bill to hold manufacturers and distributors of guns accountable. >> if they don't use a reasonable controls and in their businesses. >> bonta says that he also would not mind seeing red flag laws in our state or a gun violence restraining orders. if they would help make cities safer. this is the second mass shooting in sacramento in just the last 5 weeks. it's also the 12 mass shooting in the state so far this year locally we saw one in 2021 at a vta railyard in san jose that included with the 49 other mass shootings we saw last year in california. 15 of those happened in the bay area. most of those are concentrated in oakland in total. 46 people were shot and 5 were killed. 3 people were
8:37 am
badly injured and multiple sideshows that happened in san jose on saturday night. >> 2 people were watching a sideshow on lundi avenue in congress drive. they were hit by 2 different cars and a 3rd person was hit and is in the hospital now with a brain injury and head trauma city council member david cohen, who represents one of the areas. it has had a lot of sideshow activity says that there needs to be something done to crack down, including laws that ban audiences and ban promoting sideshows on social media says those have helped. >> at least 8 people, if not more, were cited for being spectators, which is way of discouraging people from coming out to the sideshows. i know that multiple cars were impounded and any citations were made and there was at least one arrest. >> city leaders say they're working on changes to intersections as well. that would stop the illegal sideshows from being able to happen on those roads.
8:38 am
>> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. the warriors are coming off of a win. what this means for their place in the playoffs and sunday's grand was decorated. many of your favorite artists. we're going to show you one after the break. >> and today is going to be one of the cooler ones of your forecast. so if you like some 60 70's, this one's for you. if you like, the 80's and 90's if you like, the 80's and 90's will be patient. we got plenty ♪ feeling supported. ♪ ♪ bad vibes thwarted. ♪ ♪ new activia plus. ♪ ♪ c, d, zinc. no need to think. ♪ ♪ head over heels. get a+feels. ♪ new activia plus with nutrients to help support your immune system. start with activia. your gut is where it all begins. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing.
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>> the grammys wrapped up sunday to a night filled with the best music artists and their achievements. kristen casarez has a recap on the grammy winners. take a look. >> what an amazing sunday night in las vegas. the weather was perfect. the red carpet filled with the best dressed comedian trevor noah, host of the event. keeping the energy going all night long. but did i mention las vegas's newest residents? the silk sonic taking home one of the night. the >> music's biggest night have all eyes on las vegas, bruno mars and anderson pack of silk sonic taking home song of the year for leave the door open. we don't talk about going on ipto my you right and comedian trevor noah, host of the awards that it's catapulting careers like olivia rodrigo. she got the best new artist award as well as best pop vocal album. bts acts. billie eilish justin bieber and electrifying the crowd at the
8:42 am
mgm grand garden arena. while lady gaga performing a tribute to tony benn the the recording academy raising awareness on the war with talents from leslie olsen junior and rachel zegler among others. the years of music celebration happening in las vegas for the first time after a spike in covid move the grammys from la for las vegas native became that decision was even more special. some sort of magic that, you know, vegas is just all of us and host of the grammys. and i'm from here and i got my first one here. chris stapleton sweeping the best country album category while being back in front of the fence was fantastic feeling. a lot of what we do this forward because we like only really it is no musician will trevor noah did make a slight comment about last week's incident with will smith in chris rock's saying. >> this is a concert where we will give out awards and we will do our best to keep people's names out of our
8:43 am
mouths reporting from the mgm grand in las vegas. i'm cristian there is nothing like dairy milk stop trying to replace it it's not gonna happen wow it happened if you love milk, this is your nextmilk ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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th create a seasonilk full of curiosity. your happiest spring starts at lowe's. >> 8.45 and was actually i took and yesterday and i made a point of waking up and moving inside because you don't want to nap in the sun and get a sense you when you lay and that could happen this week for sure. john. ashley
8:46 am
yet the sunscreen full force this week, no naps outside, especially thursday because that is going to be the hottest one of this forecast today, the coolest of the forecast. so if you do enjoy the cool field, some 60 70's, good one for you today. low 70's later today in san jose which is sitting under that lincoln of high clouds that we're seeing faintly across the bay here on radar had a couple of sprinkles up in lake county, mostly in those upper elevations, north of clear lake itself. then when you zoom out across the region, we are seeing some widespread showers. once you get up to humble del norte say and trinity counties way up there towards oregon. that's the way showers are going to stay today to our north and high pressure building in for the remainder of this forecast is only going to send him further and further north through the rest of the week. and as that happens, we'll temperatures are going to rise swiftly next week could bring a big change of pace with cooler weather. maybe even a few light snow flurries to the sierra into early next week. but until we get there, just going to feel like full-fledged summer. so we're going to be breezy, especially towards the coast
8:47 am
today, but not excessively windy day. no advisories because of it. it is enough, though, paired with some 50's and 60's at the coast to keep the jackets with you. and then for the rest of the bay, some 60's and 70's will be comfortably cool as long as you keep moving, you'll feel pretty good. but i'd keep those layers in the pack with you as you're leaving the house today, as you usually do here in the bay area anyways, with those cool conditions with the clouds move over and the warmer feel when they part concord, walnut creek and danville in the low 70's. well, valais, whoa. it's an old among our spots in the upper 60's. same for you from santa rosa down to mill valley. i mention today's the coolest one of the rest of the weekend. yes. see why tomorrow is going to be a pretty perfect one. honestly, with solid 70's, then it starts to get a little hotter than perfect wednesday will be in the 80's inland and by the bay and some 90's by thursday, not just inland, but also right up along the bay shore friday is going to be a warm start to the weekend before we get a lot more comfortable towards saturday and sunday rain. all
8:48 am
right, john, bring on the warm weather there. >> hey, if you're traveling this morning, heading into the city right now, a little under 15 minutes for you to make it from the maze to that 3 months to exit the san mateo bridge where we still have some high winds about a 15 minute commute for you traveling across towards the peninsula out of richmond. seen a lot of improvement. look at that. a little under 10 minutes for your drive this morning. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 23 minute drive. it is a big day for college basketball because the championship game between and north carolina. >> is tonight for them and the women that's done south carolina. want your alma mater, you and there's plenty of bay area sports to kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has the latest for us. >> the warriors were coming off one of their biggest wins of the season. they 21 point deficit against the utah jazz. but not much time to revel in victory. got to get a win in set because the mavericks are right on their tail in the western conference standings, of course, a somber mood in
8:49 am
the capital city for obvious reasons. just another mass shooting. unfathomable stuff. that's the comes to comments now early on in the game, andrew wiggins, he got going quick turnaround jumper there by 9. now we can about the road, which double wiggins. he kicks it out to jonathan coming, who knocks down the tray at the top of the key football score after one. 28 14 how about a belly highlight? he's our producer's favorite dup. billy had 19, 12 in 6 doubles were up 20 at the half. now they're just having fun at this point. check out the springs in john. nothing coming late. he gets up so quick, don't so effortlessly a double puff reverse layup. you've got to be excited about future. all more for wiggins, not 25 5, 5 for him on that night. if he gets going down
8:50 am
really good for the warriors and what the warriors highlight without jordan pulled in here. now to in that the right hand on the left side, he is so filthy. he's been best players and has been out. 22 points for him. he got 4 years when one, 0, 9, to 90. if their 50th win of the season, they've won 50 games and 7 of the last 9 seasons. 3 more games left with steve kerr knows they are all important. >> we needed and we're playing for for seeding at this point after clinching last night and and we we really want to is high as we can in the standings. and and so this became a really important game and missing some key guys. >> alright, ncaa women's championship game. hey, both of them are from the philly area. dawn staley from philly. geno from norristown. you know, i got a shot that out. all righty today. game. it was
8:51 am
mostly all south carolina. up 9 aliyah boston with the block gets it ahead to destiny. henderson, she finishes with the layup she had. 26 south carolina wins its second national championship since 2017 aliyah boston. she was your final 4. most outstanding player. >> and that was jason dumas reporting. the warriors will play the lakers on thursday. new developments in an ongoing effort to build a new ballpark for the oakland a's to a lawsuit has been filed claiming certain protocols were not followed with the project's environmental impact report. a spokesman for the east oakland stadium alliance as the a's and the city did not adequately disclose the negative affects the project will have on the existing waterfront. he's president dave kaval rejects those claims. it says that the new ballpark would be better for the environment. >> it's so many 134 you get to the north this project, 12 billion dollar project privately financed stadium.
8:52 am
and we're really just at the point we need to know one way or the other. it could happen or not. and getting a lawsuit is never a good part of trying to get to that determination. i think we need the political approval of the city council this summer period like that's absolutely needed. if the litigation takes a little longer, i think we could, you know, fight that with the city council, but we can't can't have these continued delays on the project. lawsuits voting next year, referendums, whatever it into the. >> campbell says the a's are still actively making offers on land. sites in las vegas will be right back after the break. meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van!
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is one of my favorite story of the tar you skateboarding name is chowder and he's a bulldog. and you would think, as you know, he's like really stocky i would expect a chihuahua to be doing stuff all light i look at look at that that her many lean right. and they've been doing this for 4 years and he's a pro. and you can see just how skilled he is trying out different boards. find that perfect fit. i just i don't like that. he is a poor example for the kids because he needs a helmet. but that have hit that smiley critique of his form is you need a helmet is not do as check this out. this is the biggest cast iron skillet in the world. and i love how they shipped on this giant truck
8:56 am
up. what like, you know, straight up. so you can really see it. and it's actually on display in a museum in tennessee because i guess this is something is a world record kind of thing. it's 18 feet. >> 14,000 pounds and it could fry 650 eggs. that sounds like a lit a large, brian, i would say is what that this exhibit is celebrate 125 years of cast iron cooking history. pretty interesting. there. >> well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, a new omicron variant has been detected in the u k. we get insight from the bay area doctor on how we can prepare for when it shows that the air. google welcome back. employees its headquarters starting today. we are live in mountain view as workers return after 2 years of working from home. plus, we are also live in sacramento following the latest on the mass shooting that killed 6 people and injured several others will be right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. at 9 o'clock. the finest hour on a monday which is already fined because europe, let's check the weather before we get rolling here with john. good morning, daria. it is a nice one to be getting back outside today. >> we have a little bit of cloud cover this morning. but
9:00 am
that's not going to last all day long. in fact, it grows clearer and clearer as the day goes by and temperatures will get a little warmer too. >> golden gate bridge on the greater side this morning. and you can see that think gray hay out all across the bay area. this will be the closest passage of any rainfall to the bay today, but you can't even see it on radar here locally. it's held up to the north right up near the oregon border of the state. now, as far as temperatures go, we are in the midst of 50's for most of us, although we do have a 60 on the map now, nevada, the first spot to get there at 61 degrees hasn't been the worst morning as far as the roads of gun, which is certainly been nice. you can see that's guys are getting a little brighter as the commute gets a little easier at the bay bridge. let's look at the san mateo bridge. things out there moving at the limit, despite still some pretty good traffic rolling either east or westbound and looking at the richmond center fell bridge. you can see that, hey, things are going to go through the toll plaza there already showed you the golden gate bridge from a different perspective. but here's what it's like at the road.


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