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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> into very things suit experience. >> and a bay area business owner distressed after he says a group of teenagers stormed into a store, stole some money and then took off.
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>> following a recent string of murders in the east bay, a renewed push to keep violent criminals behind bars. >> there may also be a negative impact when it comes to client services because of the shortage of staffing. if a company like, hey, we don't want to pay overtime for the people who work the extra. they. >> and the challenges created by a four-day workweek as a proposal for just that makes progress at the state capitol. the news at 9 starts now. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> good evening, everybody. and welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. we begin this hour in the east bay where a group of teenagers seen on surveillance video. they're accused of stealing an employee tip jar at a local shop in richmond and then taking off with the money. >> it happened at took ot on
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sunday. one of the owner spoke to kron four's taylor bisacky tonight live. she joins us live from the newsroom with more taylor vicki grant. that owner says that he's also attempted to steal from one of the businesses next door. >> well, the owner filed a police report. he says they're not pressing charges and he mainly just wants this to be a learning lesson. and it's not ok to steal from the community. >> young richmond teens were caught red-handed running off with an employee tip jar on sunday from tokyo. tea boba shop on valley view road enrichment. it is discouraging to see what happened and they're you know, i hate to see it. co owner of taco t steve who didn't want use his last name for privacy reasons says the same group was also planning to steal from the nail salon next door. >> surveillance video shows the teens looking into the salon moments before they ran off with money from his shop. there are 2 what line do? plus standing in front of the now
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salons that i was 4. >> for kids in front of salons and also another for a group of kids and the inside a local tea just hanging out and there and there definitely related we saw the videos of them took off together. steve says he filed a police report but has decided not to press charges mainly because the kids are so young. however, he says he still wants the teens to learn that it's not ok to steal from others. >> he says he's disappointed, especially since took ot, has become a community space for young students who live nearby a place for everybody to come and hang out. >> for the kids to study, you know, this the location surrounded by school. many schools, you know, from elementary to high school. yes, there was something very and discarding for me. steve says this is the second incident that happened at the business with in only 7 months of being open. >> and now he's playing to the community to do better. i do want.
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>> you know, our community to be better. you know, we have to come together to make it up to a safe place, a better place for us live in not just us, for the future of children. >> now, just about 5 months ago, steve says there was an unrelated drive-by shooting that happened near their shop that injured someone and cause damage to their business. he says they're still recovering from those costs. live in the newsroom. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> a pretty dramatic scene here. this is new video shows somebody trying to stop a guy from stealing things that the target this is in coma on the peninsula. tacoma police department says it is aware of his video that's, you know, circulating online tonight. they say the guy trying to stop the shoplifter. he's not a target employee. just a person trying to stop a crime after police responded to the target, they say they arrested. 28 year-old samuel
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about from san francisco. and while officers thank this man for his help, they want to warn people tonight not to intervene themselves. if you see something like this happening and to instead call police. >> in the east bank, the chp is investigating a highway shooting that sent 2 people to the hospital. chp says several people were riding in a car on 5.80, in oakland just before 4 o'clock yesterday. and that's when another car pulled up next to them and fired several shots. chp says that the car then drove away as the car that was shot at pulled over. 2 people were taken to the hospital. they were treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries, according to police officers have not located the suspect's vehicle, but anyone with information about this is being asked to call the highway patrol. there were 4 murders during a recent four-day period in oakland, including this weekend's shooting death of a 15 year-old girl. the others were
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victim found murdered in his vehicle. an on-duty security guard shot to death on his lunch break. law enforcement along with some city and community leaders say violent criminals taking advantage of the state's 0 bail schedule and acted during the pandemic by the california judicial council. 0 bail allows most offenders, a misdemeanor and lower-level felonies, including illegal possession of a gun to be released after being arrested. the president at the oakland police union says that the mayor and the oakland city council need to push harder for the courts to keep perpetrators of gun crimes behind bars. you got to push. >> judges in the district attorney publicly to keep people in jail for caught with firearm or shoot somebody in our city, not send them back to the streets are open. >> the alameda county district
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attorney's office sent kron 4 this statement, which reads far too many individuals who have been released under the emergency bail schedule continue to engage in criminal activity. we have seen an escalation in the seriousness of the crimes being committed after release without bail, end quote, oakland mayor libby shaft says those changes to the bail schedule have had unintended consequences and have not made our streets safer. we join da nancy o malley in urging the alameda courts to revise some of the covid emergency bail policies and in just the last few hours, oakland police chief leronne armstrong released this. >> like most major cities in america, oakland is experiencing alarming amount of gun violence and the growing presence of personally manufactured fire, commonly known as ghost guns last year. the city of oakland, the oakland police department recovered nearly 300 those guns in the city to ward a
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news conference release videos that show the impact of these ghost guns and the role they play in gun violence in the seattle. >> as chief just mentioned there, he will be holding a news conference on violence in oakland that's happening tomorrow. you can watch it live on kron on. and we will, of course, be bringing you everything you need to know from the presser here on kron. 4 news in prime time. >> speaking of ghost guns, president biden is trying to crack down on gun violence by taking aim at them. the president announcing legislation today that we'll make it easier for law enforcement to trace those illegal guns. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the federal law could make a difference with gun sales here in the bay area. according to mayor liccardo a quarter of the illegal gun seized by the san jose police department last year were ghost guns. he agrees with president biden that the new rules published by the justice department will save lives. >> this is >> president biden promised monday that if you commit a crime with a ghost gun, expect
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federal prosecution, the guns made with 3 d printers or sold as assembly kits have been a growing problem in cities all over the country, including san jose. we seize >> our police from finding these guns back in 2017 in the last year since being it went 2021. about 287 to san jose mayor sam liccardo was at the white house for president biden's announcement. >> saying gun kits purchased online must have serial numbers on all pieces. sellers will need to be federally licensed and run background checks before selling a homemade gun kit. they will also need to keep records on purchases for as long as they are in business selling guns to force. >> this particular area this this category of the industry into the light of day, it's a collections were background checks are performed. we're gun dealers are accountable. it's going to be critically important. >> the ghost gun rules have been making their way through the federal regulation process for nearly a year. biden says congress now needs to pass
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universal background checks and ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. one week after 6 people were shot and killed in downtown sacramento. >> think about the mass shootings. is a hunter rounds. so weapon war. >> it didn't take long for president biden's announcement to be met with opposition director of the gun owners of america says the group will be suing the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to halt the implementation of the new rule in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news and the national rifle association released this message in response to the new regulations saying in part, quote, >> an administration that's truly sincere and resolute about curbing violent crime rates would do one thing, take violent criminals off the streets immediately. adding that, however, today the president unveils yet another hollow plan that will not stop this violence is gun control actions will undoubtedly hart and his wealthy gun control supporters. but this action
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sends the wrong message to violent criminals because this ban will not affect that. >> a wind advisory should deny for the bay area has been lifted. but point you can see why was issued in the first place in this video from daly city captured by kron 4 morning meteorologist john shrable. it. you can just see how the how forceful those winds were. the national weather service recorded wind gusts ranging from 30 to 50 miles per hour today. and now let's get a check of 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at the conditions at the golden gate bridge. like home or yeah, thanks to kron, john for tweeting a video that >> it is blustery cold, like, really, really whip. and even had one gust to 60 miles per hour sfo. remains usually we're talking about the wind gusts over the tops them out of this is right where we live. and so that really affected everyone. you heard about people having some of the plants blown over. of course, some tree limbs coming down. there you go. supported by all those gusts. even the san francisco proper. a 49
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mile an hour gusts reported today. oakland, augusta, 54 pacifica and san carlos both getting a gust to 45 miles an hour. and even inside the bay. a 38 mile an hour gusts in san jose. so blustery where everyone today those winds begin to back off a little bit skies are still mostly clear. of course, we did have that cold front come through and that brought with it of some light showers. but the winds, the other continue the richmond district right now for a 31 mile an hour gusts there. 29 in daly city, 27 miles per hour. gusts in millbrae. 27 in burlingame. and 25 in san carlos, the south bay, things are backing off a little bit. still some gusts over 20 miles an hour there. then you look 26 mile hour gusts in san lorenzo. 24 in san leandro, the east bay. so some gusty winds over the mountain tops as well. and that's kind of the way it's played out today. it looks like things are beginning to wind down a little bit with the winds. but i think by tomorrow afternoon, again, likely to see some gusty winds over 30 miles an hour along the coastline. all rainfall
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fall totals, not a huge storm but not bad. over a 3rd of an inch of rain and timber on just under that in dublin, fremont over a 3rd of an inch of rain, san francisco, just 1100 ce a 10th of an inch of rain in oakland and union city over a quarter of an inch of rain. but over the mountain tops actually had a over an inch and a quarter, a mount tam and that is not bad at all. overnight lows will be chilly tonight in the 30's and 40's. maybe some patchy frost early on by day tomorrow. highs will be in the 50's and the 60's. turning now to the war in ukraine. president biden met virtually with the prime minister of india today in hopes of getting the world leader. >> to take a harder line against russia's aggression. meanwhile, ukraine continues to fend off attacks from the russian military. mike emanuel has the latest. >> i'm pleased to have this opportunity to speak to you today. virtually president biden holding a virtual discussion monday at the white house with india's prime minister primarily focused on the war in ukraine, the united
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states. and then we're going to continue our close consultation and how to manage the destabilizing effects of this russian war. the neutral stance taken by india in response to the invasion has alarmed top biden administration officials, india recently abstained from a vote to remove russia. >> from the un human rights council, it's also one of the world's biggest economies and he's still buying russian energy supplies. the president made clear that he's not believe that india's interest to accelerate or increase imports of russian energy for weeks. russian military attacks have left parts of ukraine on recognizable president. volodymyr zelensky is warning russia is preparing for a major assault on the eastern part of the country. zelensky says this week of fighting could be crucial and is making more pleas for military equipment from western countries. this is a very important time in this campaign. >> what we do in the next 2, 3 weeks could could really make a long-term difference.
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>> and that was mike emanuel reporting for us today the pentagon said that the u.s. is working with allies to help get more long-range air defense systems into ukraine. elon musk has teamed up with the u.s. agency to help ukraine with internet access. the partnership is allowed for 5,000 starlink internet terminals to be delivered to aid ukraine as the russia-ukraine ward estimates. infrastructure. the u.s. provided 15 million dollars and roughly 1300 terminals and along with logistic, help with musk giving the other approximately 3600 terminals. the terminals will connect to spacex, starlink satellites for internet access and work. even if ukraine fiber optic or cellular systems fail to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine. just go to kron 4 dot com. you can scan this qr code there and you'll be directed to our website. >> the latest covid numbers
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show a large number of people fully vaccinated and even boost it are still contracting new variants. however, their symptoms are not as severe. thanks to vaccines. a new study shows not only do the shots, reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalization. they also cut down on the length of the virus. how long you're sick. researchers say people who contracted the delta variant experienced symptoms for an average of 9 days. but people who had been boosted experienced symptoms for 7 with the more contagious omicron. it was 7 days for people who had 2 shots in 4 days on average. if you had received a booster. for the big holiday weekend. coming up, the city of philadelphia is reinstating its indoor mask mandate. the city's health department is citing a 50% increase in cases as the main reason for imposing the restrictions. kron four's dan thorn talked to the local health expert about the likelihood of mask mandates returning to the bay area.
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>> philadelphia becomes the first major u.s. city to bring back indoor masking. the move sparked by an increase in covid-19 cases that surpasses the city's self-imposed benchmarks. what food he's doing is actually not consistent with cdc guidance, ucsf professor and infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi says the return of masking in san francisco or the bay area is unlikely the region has seen cases go up but with high vaccination rates, hospitalizations are at the lowest point since the pandemic began. so we will likely follow the cdc guidance and not reimpose mask just for cases. it's been nearly 2 months since california drop its indoor mask mandate. local businesses have been allowed to be more restrictive than local health guidelines. and many are still choosing to be that way as people look to gather for the holiday weekend, there's a high risk of transmission of covid-19 and its new variants. and with that comes the strong possibility of an increase in
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cases. but doctor gandhi says right now there's less of a concern of severe cases are rates high vaccination and boosting. i'm going to keep us safe from those severe outcomes. >> and it is possible that get more cases. but our eyes on the ball, which is severe disease reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> the federal mask mandate for transportation may stick around the mandate which requires mask-wearing on airplanes, buses, trains and in airports. it supposed to expire next monday, but the white house is considering extending that just like it did in march. they say the cdc will make that decision in the next couple of days. several states have seen a recent rise in covid cases. but hospitalizations involving the latest variant do remain low. the work we could soon look very different. a new bill in the state legislature could reduce the work week from 40 down to 32 hours. lawmakers believe it would improve quality of life and even
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productivity. art torres and mata hari has reaction now from the co author of the bill as well as a labor, a law attorney about the possible ramifications of the changes. >> the type of things that workers are demanding it is flexibility, flexibility, flexibility, covid-19 has reshaped the american workplace. pew research shows that many people are choosing to work from home. >> simply because they prefer it. now, the california state assembly is proposing another change. >> i do sing the work week from 40 hours. 2.32, just have additional flexibility to live life. and that's what this conversation is about. assembly member evan low help co author the bill. he thinks it could be a win-win. he says when 32 hour weeks have been tested, it benefited both the employee and the employer. it's an increase in productivity, but a net drop pulaski partner at labor law firm fisher and philips believes the law may not be as beneficial as assembly member
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low makes its out. she says some employers may still need their employees 40 hours. then they'll have to pay them overtime for the additional 8 hours. on the flip side, it comes consumer to right. we're going to pay more if. >> if it costs more to produce, earned that and service that she also says cutting hours, even if the employee's salary remains the same. >> may negatively impact their mental well-being may also cause in employees. and i think that's something that people have and consider went. >> when talking about this bill, they may have less time be certain path. >> which may cause an increased stress level on employee assembly member. lowe's says that the bill is still in its beginning stages. >> and there may be some changes to it. amanda hari kron. 4 news, many apple workers return to the office today for the first time since covid began. the cupertino based company. >> as its workers in an office on a hybrid schedule currently mandating only one day per week in the office. by the end
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of the month. that will go up to today's phasing into 3 in office. stays by may 23rd. the some workers were unhappy with the return to the office. noting the company did not suffer financially from the transition to remote work. >> still to come, take a look at where the cleanup effort stand after those 2 massive fire started over the weekend. >> then pg and e will pay tens of billions of dollars for its role in the north bay wildfires with the sonoma county district attorney has to say about the deal that is generating some criticism and warning from police after several mountain lions were several mountain lions were spotted on the peninsula. i was injured in a car crash. several mountain lions were spotted on the peninsula. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers.
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>> for your health tonight, new research says that a sense of purpose in your life reduces the risk of dementia later on in your life. more than 60,000 older adults were part of the study at university college. london researchers say a sense of purpose reduces brain inflammation and cuts the risk of cognitive decline by but 20%, they add that overall well-being should be the priority instead of activities that temporarily boost your mood, people with a higher sense of purpose were also more likely to exercise and have better social lives. >> the study in the journal of personality and social psychology finds it being more extroverted and conscientious can keep mild cognitive impairment at bay longer. and those with a tendency to
9:25 pm
always be in a negative or anxious emotional state could have a higher risk of mental decline. scientists say worrying has been tied to smaller brain volumes and personality traits reflect patterns of thinking and behaving, which can impact your health. but they admit it's not known whether one causes the other they say pets look like their owners, but do they act like them too? well, according to dog owners, the answer is an overwhelming yes, a whopping 70% of dog owners say there, pat share their personality of the 2000 dog owners who took part in the survey. 71 1% say that their dog understands them as people respondents say their pets have distinct personalities, most common ones were the guardian, a family dog or the class nurse with class clown dog say they have to watch their belongings on tables and around the house. keys go missing a lot too right.
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>> sure thing coming up next, a fiery weekend. investigators now trying to figure out why a home depot and a port the message they have for folks tonight. plus a much pg and e paying to avoid court after 2 quitman started catastrophic local fires and why senator alex padilla will be in the bay area tomorrow. people who
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>> today trying to figure out
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what caused a fire filled weekend. we had 2 massive fires over the weekend. one in the north bay there and one here in the south bay, you have an entire home depot. so yes, in san jose. burned to the ground, crews were out there for hours before finally getting the fire out and the fire at the benicia. puerto gave firefighters some unique obstacles. >> the cleanup there continue today. more than 48 hours after it broke out saturday afternoon near the benicia port terminal. a firefighter stayed on site overnight saturday and sunday to bring this blaze under control. there are no reported injuries from the fire. the cause he's being investigated. >> really get engineers working with the agency. large part will be led by the coast guard to determine structural integrity to make sure that other ships can actually talk to the public can be rest assured that we did not have your toxic. a plume going into populated areas.
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>> voters are still advised to avoid this area because they say there could still be dangerous debris floating out there in the water. >> and out of the south bay where crews are still on the scene at that home depot fire watching for hot spots. the roof totally collapsed after catching fire saturday afternoon. first, justin campbell was there when the fire first broke out and he's been on top of this story for us ever since he has the latestodetails. >> flames shooting out of home depot is put. i was scared. one customer per alert over it inside of the store at the vin doesn't speak english, but her son translated telling his mom story of what happened. >> 5, 6, steps into the area. i told one of the ladies that she was supervisor that smells like smoke. we look, she looks have along with supervising which you see smoke and fire. coming up. we are just right. >> san jose fire department says all of the employees got out safely and no reported
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injuries. they evacuated 45 people from their homes due to heavy black smoke containing all types of toxic chemicals like paint plastic, fertilizer of burning inside the store was so fast. perla hernandez lives behind. home depot. hernandez saw the flames didn't grab any items, just her family and took off with one. but then we were in the corner waiting and how we got the didn't want to lose the house members. the house embers from the fire burned her trampoline charred. home depot cans flew into her yard when was terrible. >> so far, no cars on what sparked the fire customers like perla ovitz didn't get what they came to buy, but just happy to be alive. >> if you're driving in this area, you want to be careful. this road behind me is blocked off while they're still working to put out hot spots from this fire reporting in san jose. justin can run for >> pg and e will not face a criminal trial for its role in starting last year's massive
9:32 pm
dixie fire and the 2019 kincade fire's they were in sonoma county. instead, the utilities reached a settlement with the counties and will pay 55 million dollars. 20 million of which will go to sonoma county. but as kron four's dan kerman reports, not a single penny will help fire victims rebuild their hopes. in 2019. the kincade fire started under a pg e transmission tower in the geysers. >> for 15 days it raced through sonoma county charring 77,000 acres and destroying hundreds of homes now pg and e will not face criminal charges for their role in that blaze. sonoma county in the utility have reached a settlement. >> these people spent a year bringing pga needed justice. and i believe that's what we did here. is it perfect? absolutely not where they'll be. there will always be critics no matter what we do as part of the agreement pg and e will pay 20 million dollars which will go to a variety of nonprofits as well as cover civil penalties and
9:33 pm
reimburse the da's office. i guess i'm not really that surprised that it kind of went like that. charlotte frankie owns the oakridge angus cattle ranch and nights valley. >> she lost 5 barnes in the facilities to keep that ranch going in the contained fire. you lose your home. >> your business, you know your vehicles. i mean, you know, you just year basically just the next day, you just get up and you have nothing and nowhere to live. no, where to, you know, just nothing last. she like hundreds of other victims that lost their homes and businesses get none of that 20 million dollars from the criminal settlement. >> the lonely see money if they win their civil lawsuits against pg and e and that could take another couple of years. i just want to pay for what i've had to span. >> to rebuild my cattle ranch and to attempt to, you know, get some semblance of order in my business as part of the contained fire settlement agreement pg and e will be subject to 5 years of oversight by sonoma county. >> and we'll have to meet
9:34 pm
certain benchmarks. sonoma county's da thinks that significant. i was not going to end up like mike ramsey up in butte county, listening to the ceo admit responsibility for 84 deaths. >> and then simply paying a fine and walk away. that was not justice in my opinion in sonoma county. but attorney mike danko who represents wildfire victims across california is not optimistic that will make a difference. >> all the time that pg knee. >> was a under probation felony probation in connection with the san bruno fire. and that just finished serving their probation. there was a federal monitor watching everything that pg needed. and during that time, while the federal monitor was watching pg we have had the kincade fire. the lafayette fire is on
9:35 pm
the question. tesla ceo elon musk tweeted ahead of us. shocking decision not to join twitter's board of directors and the despite recently becoming its largest shareholder and for saying he would join the board. after a majority of his followers of the social media network was on the decline. >> musk did a quick about-face and is now saying he will not join the san francisco based company's board. twitter announced musk would not be on the board last night causing the site's stock futures to drop more than 8% overnight. >> i think he's trying to figure out how we can have big serve the most influence over twitter and as he continued to weigh the pros and cons, i think he figured out that he could actually we'll have more influence over twitter without being a board member absolutely sure their strategy behind his decision as every great business person does. he's got something going on behind the scenes. does he want more? will we? we won't
9:36 pm
know until he makes a change and we'll probably hear it on twitter. first. >> invitation to the twitter board did have a stipulation in it that musk could not own more than 14% of the company. but since he declined the offer, he is free now to buy as much stake in the company as he wants. >> still ahead, what's being done to try to get more self-driving commercial trucks on u.s.? roads? >> well, we never had a march miracle. bill. what about an awesome april? we've got a series of storms line up possibly headed our way. we'll look at that coming up next. >> and in sports, the giants going to keep their momentum going. we got the nod raise in town. some of the greatest catches of the season. the ballpark tonight, jason dumas says highlights.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants took 2 of 3 to the marlins. now they are hosting the padres, one of their rivals who all the experts said will finish in front of them in the nl west. let's go out to oracle park, gabe kaplan receiving his manager of the year award. well deserve a team record. 107 wins last year. very well deserved. obviously top of the 4 guys that well, meyers, he pops it up. look at the grab a mic use trump's key slide. your makes that spectacular catch in foul ground. alex wood, he loved it. go to the
9:40 pm
bottom of the 6 to one padre. white pitch right here. gets away from the catcher. josh peterson comes on in to score and just like that, the giants tie it up. let's go to the bottom of the 7th 3, 2 padres, one on for darren ruff. me and nick, up in the newsroom thinking we're about to have a tie game at the least. but look at that catch jurickson profar. that is game saving. catch. he prevents at least the tying run and that's where we stand right now. it is a 3 to 2 game and the bottom of the the a's in tampa bay taking on the rays. we've got fans who travel. they haven't. good fan because a lot of them have jump ship at this point. top of the that 5 visit 2 for this address. i love when he gets to go deep i can say my corny line. elvis has left the
9:41 pm
building. all now, how about this one? this is the this was a position picture. that's why don't put position guys on the bus because major leaguers tend to take them out of the park. that was a grand slam. got all of that one and the 8th. they left. no doubt in this one. they win 13 to 2 game 2 tomorrow. >> with the 6, in the 2022. wnba draft. the indiana fever select lexi hall. stanford university. >> there you have it after a tremendous senior season where she averaged about 13 5. stanford senior lexi hall with pick 6th overall by the indiana fever. >> hall was a 3 time all-pac 12 selection and she was a huge piece to stanford's twenty-twenty one national championship. she was
9:42 pm
surrounded by family friends, teammates in downtown palo alto when she was drafted today. >> hall spoke exclusively with kron 4 sports in her first ever interview as a wnba basketball player. >> definitely didn't really have an idea of where when i get packed and it's just exciting to watch the job. when i heard my name, i was like in shock as so excited and everyone around me was so excited for me. so definitely a special it's been, you know, a big part of my life forever and what does. so still to play in the next one. i'm super excited in the past week has been absolutely crazy with my final 4 and then thrown into this it's not a lot when passed i'm so so excited to get your votes. lex is just an outstanding young it so special for everyone is just so happy for and you know, she has her work cut out for it, you know, to play the next level. but she'll do it. she's a just everything that you
9:43 pm
look for in a teammate. it's the day in day for and determination and commitment. she's pushed me to be a better basketball player. and so i think that that's all of this is very evident in everything she's put into it. so it's super exciting have the gym today. so i think she's actually commit excited to see where it takes >> the niners made a move today at wide receiver san francisco signed x cowboys wide receiver malik turner turner didn't get much playing time in a crowded wide out room in dallas. but when he did play, he produced he actually played pretty well. he had a breakout 2nd half of the season last year and he looks to have a more expanded role in san francisco and deebo samuel, not happy in san francisco. there might be a wide open boy that needs filling. all righty.
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>> despite all the excitement we usually see whenever a new one is released, it turns out self-driving trucks just really aren't hitting the roads in record numbers. but the experts expect any way. chris dimino tells us why the commercial use of autonomous vehicles is hitting some roadblocks. >> the nation continues experiencing a record shortage of roughly 80,000 truck drivers. something autonomous vehicle companies hoped would spark demand for their driverless technology. but the process of getting self-driving trucks to go mainstream is proving to be a long and winding road. i want
9:47 pm
be a cull startups like to simple aurora waymo and others say their driverless technology has already undergone extensive testing. it's still being perfected. adding many delivery companies that could benefit from their services aren't jumping at the opportunity to ink permanent contracts with them just yet. currently keeping self-driving trucks from being used on a widespread commercial basis. partner with. >> and that comes out. it's not you know, who has the best technology. it was a clear path to commercialization logistics company, dhl supply chain. >> note the abundance of competitors and are closely monitoring which company can help them get the most bang for their buck. >> but ultimately, they believe self-driving trucks will give them a competitive edge in the future. >> we can run a truck continuously one major city to another and reduce transit times, move product faster. >> those, chris, to reporting tonight, even though the relationship between driverless truck companies and potential clients is rolling
9:48 pm
out slowly, researchers project the worldwide driverless truck industries market value will spike over the next decade. u.s. coast guard responded to a cargo ship that when a drift over the weekend it was just off the coast. here happened about 12 miles from point, raise off the marine county coast. coast guard says the ship was carrying more than 800 containers had 21 people on board. and had engine trouble friday. but then would really presented a problem is that they couldn't properly anchor on saturday. so they were getting closer and closer to land in no way to change it. officials used 3 tugboats, the coast guard did to eventually get that thing properly anchored and then they could help get it back working. fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> happening tomorrow, san francisco mayor london breed will be joined by senator alex padilla to announce a nearly 400 million dollar investment
9:49 pm
in public transportation here in the bay area. the funds are going to be distributed to bart and the san francisco municipal transportation agency. and so far more than 1.6 billion dollars been delivered to both organizations to support their operations during the pandemic. this comes as 80% of bay area. employers said that they plan to bring workers back to the office this month. san mateo police are warning residents about a pair of mountain lions. officials say that a pair of big cats are making repeat appearances on king ridge drive in the urge you to keep an eye out for your small pets and children and never approached the animals. the oakland zoo releasing images of a rescued mountain lion cub. there. rose's 4 or 5 months old. she was found very thin when just under 9 pounds while a healthy cub that age is supposed to be 30 pounds, but staff says rose is getting better and is expected to make a full recovery. let's get a final
9:50 pm
check of the 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside on this monday night. san francisco here, the view from sutro tower. >> but you can't tell it seems like a still night, but boy, was it. was it windy earlier today, lawrence? yeah. bite in the air to right. i mean that cold wind with it in right off of the all that air coming right down to the gulf of alaska and rolling through the bay area after that cold front moving through a slow rain forecast model. want to show you rub down with rain just yet. so far this season. >> and looks like this is going to continue for a while. kind of on off. so put this into motion. here you'll see is what's going to see the system roll on through as we get in toward the next couple of days. this kind of lines on out moves out of the bay area and then we get into late wednesday night and in early on thursday, a chance of rain moving into parts of the north bay. more snow across parts of northern california across the a shot there. if you're heading that direction, be prepared, likely to see some of wintry weather continuing impact. you see as we move
9:51 pm
into thursday to that starts to drop a little further to the south released a chance of showers. the bay area doesn't look like a big deal. the one behind it that could be a bigger deal. that one rolling in late on friday night into saturday. now the core low coming through that one, maybe a little bit closer and that may just ramp up the rain a little bit. so nice. little soaker into early on saturday morning behind that little bit of a break. and then here we go again. yet another storm system possibly coming through the following tuesday and then staying open. i don't see a big dome of high pressure building in. so for now, we're just gonna keep the storm door open here. and that is some good news. not that any of these looks like a major rainmaker. it's going to certainly help that he's keeping mountains little bit on the green side for a little bit longer. the meantime, though, you can see up in the high country, we do still have a winter weather advisory up there through 70 valley further south. now, as we're going to see nice bit of a snow up there, they recount maybe 8, maybe 15 inches in parts of the southern sierra nevada around the bay area, though the temperatures cooling off. it's going to be a cold night across much of the bay area. 44 degrees right
9:52 pm
now in pacifica. 41 in fairfax. 43 in petaluma. 43 is saying the lena 48 degrees in the napa valley. i think some places the north bay and parts of the east bay may wake up to a little frost early on tomorrow morning. so yeah, nice looking. a little storm came through to provide a ton of rain about a quarter of an issue. a 3rd or so around much of the bay area. some places not as much as kind of spotty as it moved on through temperatures today. remember last week when we're talking about the mid 90's, the record-breaking heat today we're topping out in the 50's and the well below the average for this time of year. i think that we're going to sit for tomorrow. they're going to keep these temperatures way down. plan on the numbers generally in the 50's in the san francisco, a cool 50's out along the coastline. blustery in spots and looks like that is going to stick probably some blustery conditions by the afternoon least along the coastline for tomorrow. the next few days. it's a chance of rain returning the bay area. these temperatures staying down down a little bit. the maybe some 70's on friday before chance, more rain over the heat rain that
9:53 pm
great. no of the most active. i've seen it since. you know, early and late december, i should say so good for us to use it. the high country. thanks we'll be right back.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> it was today in 18, 14 french emperor, napoleon bonaparte abdicated his throne. for the first time it was banished to the mediterranean island of elba a
9:56 pm
year later in march of 18, 15. now he escaped his exile and return to paris where he regain supporters and reclaim his throne as a bird. but just a few months later following his defeat at the battle of waterloo, he advocated for second time and was exiled to the remote island of saint where he lived out the rest of his days. and 52 years ago today, the apollo 13 mission launched from cape canaveral in florida. it was nasa's 3rd manned mission to the moon. but as was made famous in the ron howard film starring the east bay's own tom hanks. the mission was cut short after an explosion on board the ship force them to improvise a new device to filter co 2 out of the ship. they safely returned to earth. and of course, today in 1960, a new era of american music began as bob dylan performs his first major live
9:57 pm
performance. see open for john lee at gerds folks city the most prolific folk music venue in new york city at the time at just 19 years old. dylan was too young to obtain the necessary union card and cabaret license needed to perform. but one of the club's owners wanted to get the kid on the bill. so he signed on as dylan's guardian, helping set the young folk singer on his road to becoming. it says the greatest songwriter of all time the it gets arguably, yeah. you want open for john lee that's some big time. >> learned a lot that professor lotus. haha. that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but our primetime coverage does continue at the top of the hour. >> thank you for coming to my ted here all week candor here now with a look ahead. >> to kron 4 news at 10 and the bay area's own joan baez spent a lot of time with bob dylan and they're kind of an
9:58 pm
item for a little but did in both very talented. that's all right. thank you, guys. you bet. coming up on kron, 4 news at 10 addressing a growing concern across america. new rules announced by. >> the president's regulate go scott and south bay area officials are responding of bay area. business owner is in distress after he says a group of teenagers stormed his store, stole money and took off. >> but that those stories and much more just ahead. stay with us. kron. 4 news at 10. it's just after this break.
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