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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, a richmond business owner is fed up with being the target of local thieves. what he's asking from the community tonight. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. a group of teenagers caught on surveillance video are accused of stealing an employee tip jar. local boba shop in richmond. >> and then taking off with the money. happened at took ot on sunday. one of the owners talk to kron 4 staters sacking tonight. she joins us now live from our newsroom with the
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story. taylor ken pam, that owner says of the teens also attempted to steal from one of the businesses next door. >> well, the owner filed a police report. he says they're not pressing charges he mainly just wants this to be a learning lesson that it's not ok to steal from the community. >> young richmond teens were caught red-handed running off with an employee tip jar on sunday from tokyo. tea boba shop on valley view road enrichment. it is discouraging to see what happened and they're you know, i hate to see owner of taco tia steve who didn't want use his last name for privacy reasons, says. >> the same group was also planning to steal from the nail salon next door. surveillance video shows the teens looking into the salon moments before they ran off with money from his shop. there are 2 what line do? plus standing in front of the now salons that i was 4. >> for kids in front of salons and also another for a group of 4 kids and the inside a
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local tea just hanging out and there and there definitely related we saw the videos of them took off together. steve says he filed a police report but has decided not to press charges mainly because the kids are so young. however, he says he still wants the teens to learn that it's not ok to steal from others. >> he says he's disappointed, especially since took ot, has become a community space for young students who live nearby a place everybody to come in. and now. >> for the kids to study, you know, this the location surrounded by school. many schools. >> you know, from elementary to high school yes, there was something very discouraging for me. steve says this is the second incident that happened at the business with in only 7 months of being open. >> and now he's playing to the community to do better. i do want. you know, our community to be better. you know, we have to come together to make it up to a safe place, a better place. sullivan.
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>> not just us, but for the future of our children. >> just about 5 months ago, steve says there was an unrelated drive-by shooting that happened near their shot that injured someone and cause damage their business. he says they're still recovering from those costs. live in the newsroom. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> new video tonight shows someone trying stop a man from shoplifting at a target store in coma. the coma police department says it's aware of videos of this confrontation circulating online. they say the man trying to stop a shoplifter is not a target employee. just a person who is apparently trying to stop a crime after police responded to the target they arrested. 28 year-old samuel about from san francisco. and police say they do want to thank them and for his help, but they want to warn people not to intervene in these kinds of situations. they say it's best to just call police right away. there were 4 killings during a
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recent four-day period in oakland, including this weekend shooting death of a 15 year-old girl. >> the president of the oakland police union says more needs to be done to keep violent criminals behind bars and to reduce gun violence in the city. kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >> a robbery victim shot after giving up his personal possessions, a deadly shooting victim found murdered in his vehicle and on duty. security guard shot to death on his lunch break and a 15 year-old girl found shot inside a house died the next day from her wounds at a local hospital. these are just 4 of the recent deadly shootings in the city of the court system is gone crazy. bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland is voicing frustration with violent criminals taking advantage of the state's 0 bill scheduled and acted during the pandemic by the california judicial council. 0 bill allows for most of the end is a misdemeanor and
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lower-level felonies, including illegal possession of a gun to be released after being arrested. the police catch them with the gun smoking and and they try to bring them to court. and the judges are letting them out this in points to the recent sacramento mass shooting as an example that sacramento fiasco. when you look at those guys that went by with the shootings. some of them had just gotten out of jail. the president of the oakland police union says he'd like to see the mayor and oakland city council push harder to keep perpetrators of gun violence behind bars. they got porsche. judges in the district attorney publicly. >> to keep people in jail for caught with firearm or shoot somebody in our city, not send them back to the streets are open. the da's office said prom for a statement that reads in part. >> well, far too many individuals who have been released under the emergency bill schedule continue to engage in criminal activity. we have seen escalation in the seriousness of the crimes
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being committed after released without a bill unquote. oakland mayor libby shaft recently stated, quote, those changes to the bill schedule have had unintended consequences and has not made our streets safer. we join the district attorney nancy o'malley, energy in the alameda courts to revise some of the covid emergency bill policies unquote. but as the gun violence continues, bishop jackson says some folks have given up and are leaving oakland for their own safety. they seem like nobody's on the side of the community. >> nobody is on the side of the community. and that's what's so sad. >> haaziq kron. 4 news. the highway patrol is investigating a highway shooting that sent 2 people to the hospital. as chp says several people were riding in a car on 5.80, in oakland just before 4 yesterday afternoon. and they say another vehicle pulled up next to them and somebody inside that vehicle fired several shots. the chp says that vehicle drove away and as the as the car that was
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shot at pulled over to the side, 2 people were taken to hospital and treated for serious. but non life threatening injuries. that's according to police. officers say they have not located the suspect's vehicle. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the highway patrol just like many cities here in the bay area. president joe biden is trying to crack down on gun violence by taking aim at ghost guns. the president announced legislation today that will make it easier for law enforcement to trace the illegal firearms kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the federal law could make a difference with gun sales in the bay area. according to mayor liccardo, a quarter of the illegal gun seized by the san jose police department last year were ghost guns. he agrees with president biden that the new rules published by the justice department will save lives. >> this is >> president biden promised monday that if you commit a crime with a ghost gun, expect federal prosecution, the guns made with 3 d printers or sold as assembly kits have been a
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growing problem in cities all over the country, including san jose. we seize. >> our police from finding these guns back in 2017 in the last year since being 2020. 21, about 287 to san jose mayor sam liccardo was at the white house for president biden's announcement. >> saying gun kits purchased online must have serial numbers on all pieces. sellers will need to be federally licensed and run background checks before selling a homemade gun kit. they will also need to keep records on purchases for as long as they are in business selling guns to force. >> this particular area this this category of the industry into the light of day, it's a collections were background checks to perform. gun dealers are accountable. it's going to be critically important. >> the ghost gun rules have been making their way through the federal regulation process for nearly a year. biden says congress now needs to pass universal background checks and ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. one week after 6 people were shot and killed in downtown
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sacramento. >> think about the mass shootings. it's not as a hunter rounds. so weapon war. >> it didn't take long for president biden's announcement to be met with opposition director of the gun owners of america says the group will be suing the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to halt the implementation of the new rule in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> a law firm is being accused of taking advantage of small immigrant run businesses in california with baseless disability lawsuits. san francisco district attorney chase abou dane alongside los angeles, da george gascon own asked the judge today to put an end to these losses. they say the san diego based law firm called potter handy has recently started filing more lawsuits in the bay area with claimants from southern california. the da say most of the potter handy clients have never even visited the business. they are suing.
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>> these lawsuits have never been about disability rights or disability access. they've always been designed to shake down small businesses. >> some local dttorneys have been accused of doing the same thing again is also asking the judge to order the law firm to pay back millions of dollars in settlement and attorney fees that is taken from those small businesses. >> the coast guard responded to a cargo ship that went adrift over the weekend off the bay area coastline. it happened about 12 miles from point raise in marin county coast guard says the ship one high 17 was carrying more than 800 containers with 21 people aboard. it had engine trouble on friday. apparently couldn't property anchor on saturday. officials used 3 tugboats to bring a second anchor to that ship and get situated. so nobody got hurt and no cargo was lost. weather causing some road in the sierra today. this
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was the scene on interstate 80 at donner summit after a jeep crashed into a big rig. you can see it wedged under the trailer there. crash resulted in some minor injuries and cause traffic to come to a stop for several hours. the highway patrol says it dealt with a number of spinouts and crashes because of the snowy conditions in the sierra. a wind advisory issued for the greater bay area today has finally been lifted tonight. the video you're looking at there is from daly city captured by kron 4 morning meteorologist john trail. and you see just how forceful the winds are blowing the trees and grasses around on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, the national weather service recorded wind gusts ranging from 30 to 50 miles an hour today. but chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to tell us in some places getting a little bit stronger than that. yeah, very strong out there. and john, you can tell we live our weather here across. let's get out there and see what it's all about. especially this time of year. you're wondering if that might be the last rain event, but, >> yeah, the winds kind of stole the show from the rain.
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all those winds getting very gusty around the bay area. we had one gust of 60 miles per hour just after 3 o'clock this afternoon at sfo, san francisco downtown. 49 mile an hour gust gusting to 54 miles per hour in oakland, heard flower pots got knocked over there. according to pam moore. 45 miles per hour. gusts in pacifica, also in the san carlos. and 38 mile an hour gusts in san jose. so blustery around parts of the bay area up tonight. those winds are backing off just a little bit now, but still gusty in spots and packed all of this cold front dropping through and bringing with it. the showers out there. things begin to back off now. but the winds. yeah, they're continue. i think even tomorrow it's going to be blustery along the coastline, not as windy as today, but we're still going to see some winds out there. those winds are going to be gusty in 30 miles an hour or so in some spots right now, 20 mile an hour and gusts, daly, city. 29 right now in the richmond district. 26 in belmont. 29 in burlingame. 21
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redwood city. so the winds start to back off a little bit of a boy is still breezy out there in spots. these pay to 22 mile an hour gusts and lorenzo. 29 in newark. and as you head further inland, 20 mile an hour gusts in the blackhawk and 23 mile an hour gusts and toss a her o so yeah, windy in spots around the bay area. there's no getting around that. and i think tomorrow and the afternoon again, the winds are likely to pick up along the coastline, still gusting fairly strong across parts of the some 36 mile an hour gusts up toward the beach. meantime, rainfall amounts about that over a 3rd of an inch and timber on a double just over a quarter of an inch of rain over a 3rd of an inch in fremont, san francisco just over a 10th of an inch of rain. the 10th of an inch of rain in oakland right on the spot and union city over a quarter of an inch mount him, though, had over an inch and a quarter. so not a bad little system coming through. we've got more storm systems lining up out there and possibly to impact the bay area not only in the next few days, but maybe over the next 7 to 10 days. we'll have more on that and your 10 attempt coming up in a few minutes. thank you,
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lawrence. now to the south bay where crews are still on the scene at that home depot fire watching for hot spot. the roof collapsed after the building caught fire saturday afternoon. kron four's justin campbell is there on the fire's first broke out. >> and he's been on top of this story ever since and has the latest. >> flames shooting out of home depot is i was scared. one customer per alert over inside of the store at the vin doesn't speak english, but her son translated telling his mom story of what happened. >> yes, i mean, advice exceptions to the area. i told one of the ladies that she was supervisor that smells like smoke. we look, she looks have along with supervising which you see smoke and fire. coming up. we are just right. >> san jose fire department says all of the employees got out safely and no reported injuries. they evacuated 45 people from their homes due to heavy black smoke containing all types of toxic chemicals like paint plastic, fertilizer
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of burning inside the store was so fast. perla hernandez lives behind. home depot. hernandez saw the flames didn't grab any items, just her family and took off with one. but then we were in the corner waiting and how we got the didn't want to lose the house members. the house embers from the fire burned her trampoline charred. home depot cans flew into her yard when was >> so far, no cars on what sparked the fire customers like perla ovitz didn't get what they came to buy, but just happy to be alive. >> if you're driving in this area, you want to be careful. this road behind me is blocked off while they're still working to put out hot spots from this fire reporting in san jose. justin can run for >> and in the north bay, the cleanup also continues following a massive fire along the shoreline in benicia more than 48 hours since it broke out saturday afternoon near the benicia port terminal. crews were still on the scene. firefighters stayed on site
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overnight saturday and sunday to bring the blaze under control. there were no reported injuries from the blaze and the cause is still under investigation. but city officials want to assure everyone that despite the large amounts of smoke from that fire, their health was not at risk. >> really good engineers are working with a variety of agency. a large part will be led by the coast guard to determine the structural integrity to make sure that other ships can actually talk to the public can be rest assured that we did not have your toxic. a plume going into populated areas. >> even though those voters are still advised to avoid the area because there could still be some dangerous debris floating in the water in the area. >> pg will not face a criminal trial for its role in starting last year's massive dixie fire. and 29 teens can cade fire in sonoma county. instead, the utility has reached a settlement with the county will pay 55 million dollars, 20 million dollars, which will go to sonoma
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county. this kron four's dan kerman tells us not a single penny will help fire victims rebuild their homes. in 2019, the kincade fire started under a pg e transmission tower in the geysers. >> for 15 days it raced through sonoma county charring 77,000 acres and destroying hundreds of homes now pg and e will not face criminal charges for their role in that blaze. sonoma county in the utility have reached a settlement. >> these people spent a year bringing pg needed justice. and i believe that's what we did here. is it perfect? absolutely not where they'll be. there will always be critics no matter what we do as part of the agreement pg and e will pay 20 million dollars which will go to a variety of nonprofits as well as cover civil penalties and reimburse the da's office. i guess i'm not really that surprised that it kind of went like that. charlotte frankie owns the oakridge angus cattle ranch and nights valley. >> she lost 5 barnes in the facilities to keep that ranch
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going in the contained fire. you lose your home. >> your business, you know your vehicles. i mean, you know, you just year basically just the next day, you just get up and you have nothing and nowhere to live. no, where to, you know, just nothing left. she like hundreds of other victims that lost their homes and businesses get none of that 20 million dollars from the criminal settlement. >> the lonely see money if they win their civil lawsuits against pg and e and that could take another couple of years. i just want to pay for what i've had to span. >> to rebuild my cattle ranch and to attempt to, you know, get some semblance of order in my business as part of the contained fire settlement agreement pg and e will be subject to 5 years of oversight by sonoma county. >> and we'll have to meet certain benchmarks. sonoma county's da thinks that significant. i was not going to end up like mike ramsey up in butte county, listening to the ceo admit responsibility for 84 deaths.
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>> and then simply paying a fine and walk away. that was not justice in my opinion in sonoma county. but attorney mike danko who represents wildfire victims across california is not optimistic that will make a difference. >> all the time that pg knee. >> was a. >> under probation. felony probation in connection with the san bruno fire. and that just finished serving their probation. there was a federal monitor watching everything that pg needed. and during that time, while the federal monitor was watching pg we have had the kincade fire. the lafayette fire is on fire and the dixie fire. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> other news tonight, the war in ukraine enters a volatile and dangerous new phase as new horrors are uncovered in the besieged city of mariupol. the mayor there says more than 10,000 civilians have died even as russian forces now
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under new command shift toward eastern offensive reporter christina pascucci is following key developments and has the latest. >> on monday, forensic experts continue their work in a mass grave to figure out how hundreds of ukrainians died and to identify them. what are those in andre and his 7 year-old mother had waited to hear whether his brother was amongst the dead. they told the associated press it took 3 days to recover his body and when they took him to the local morgue, it was full. there's a track record here before ukraine >> of russian brutality. the pentagon says russia has reported appointment of general alexander dvornikov known for his callousness in the syrian war. >> could mean a brutal new phase for the invasion in ukraine or whatever. >> their goals for this new commander are they're still going to have to reckon with a very stiff, very effective, very capable and quite frankly, of use this word before are very nimble. ukrainian defense. >> on monday, ukraini
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demolition team detonated land mines in kharkiv that they say were planted by russian forces in the courtyard of residential buildings. just another example of thousands of alleged russian war crimes, including the decimation of mariupol. the mayor there telling the associated press corpses are carpeted through the streets of the city and the death toll could be more than 20,000 morning. we have had a meeting with the general you to. >> well, international criminal court. how to make accountable on monday is newly released aerial footage shows crews continuing to look for bodies, bomb departments in a kyiv town. >> president biden met virtually with indian prime minister modi, urging him to take a tougher stance on russia is something we always encourage leaders to do, to speak out to be to ensure they on the right side of history. you as a military band joined residents to perform protest song written during world war
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one, the southern port city on edge as russia's reported focus efforts there next the same by pink floyd to released. >> that just days part of ukraine? it's been 7 million. >> to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine. just go to kron 4 dot com. you can scan the qr code on your screen and you will be directed to our website. still ahead on kron 4 news at 10, there's a push at the state level. the shorten the workweek to just 4 days. why critics of the idea say it would hurt both businesses and employees. state lawmakers trying to get bills, gas debit cards into the hands of californians, the issues as they try to decide just who should receive them. plus, it's a park was in a park. we're going to show you the newest national park to open in san francisco. >> on top of what was one of the city's busiest roadways set after the welcome
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back to kron. 4 news at 10 happening tomorrow. san francisco mayor london breed will be joined by a >> u.s. senator alex padilla to announce a nearly 400 million dollar investment in the public transportation in the bay area. the funds will be distributed to bart and san francisco municipal transportation agency. so far more than 1.6 billion dollars has been delivered to both agencies to support their operations during the
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pandemic. this comes as 80%. the bay area, employers say they plan to bring workers back to the office this month. >> california will soon and another national park destination. and this right here in the bay area, percy deal tunnel tops is set to open in july and san francisco within the presidio national park site is be built on top of the parkway tunnels with amazing golden gate views that you cannot find anywhere it will also feature trails and picnic areas nature play area for children. james corner field operations as the from designing the park. and that company is best known for designing new york's high line, which is also fabulous. the area will be free and accessible for all. and i can't wait open on the peninsula. san mateo police are warning residents about a pair of mountain lions. officials say a pair of big cats are making repeated appearances on king ridge tried. they urge you to keep
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an eye on your pants and your children. and they say never approach those animals next to 10 as most of the country tries to return life as it was before the pandemic. >> one major city is reversing course why officials in philadelphia are reinstating when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. >> before the holiday weekend, the city of philadelphia is reinstating its indoor mask mandate. the philadelphia
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department of public health is citing a 50% increase in covid cases as the reason for reimposing the restriction kron four's. dan thorn talked with the bay area health expert on the likelihood of masking coming back to san francisco. >> philadelphia becomes the first major u.s. city to bring back indoor masking. the move sparked by an increase in covid-19 cases that surpasses the city's self-imposed benchmarks. what food he's doing is actually not consistent with cdc guidance, ucsf professor and infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi says the return of masking in san francisco or the bay area is unlikely the region has seen cases go up but with high vaccination rates, hospitalizations are at the lowest point since the pandemic began. so we will likely follow the cdc guidance and not reimpose mask just for cases. it's been nearly 2 months since california drop its indoor mask mandate. local businesses have been allowed to be more restrictive than
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local health guidelines. and many are still choosing to be that way as people look to gather for the holiday weekend, there's a high risk of transmission of covid-19 and its new variants. and with that comes the strong possibility of an increase in cases. but doctor gandhi says right now there's less of a concern of severe cases are rates high vaccination and boosting. >> i think going to keep us safe from those severe outcomes and it is possible that get more cases. but our eyes on the ball, which is severe disease reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> many apple workers return to the office today for the first time since the pandemic began. the cupertino based company has its workers in the office on a hybrid schedule office on a hybrid schedule currentl day per week in the office, but by the end of the month, that will go up to today's facing up to 3 days in office by may. 23rd. some workers were unhappy with the return to the office noting that the
10:33 pm
company did not suffer financially from the transition to remote work. the work week itself could soon look a lot different to new bill in the state legislature could reduce the work week from 40 hours a week to 32 lawmakers say they believe it would improve the quality of life and even productivity out of people like this idea. kron four's amanda hari has reaction from a co author of the bill as well as a labor law attorney about the possible ramifications. >> the type of things that workers are demanding it is flexibility, flexibility, flexibility, covid-19 has reshaped the american workplace. pew research shows that many people are choosing to work from home. >> simply because they prefer it. now, the california state assembly is proposing another change. >> reducing the work week from 40 hours. 2.32, just have additional flexibility. >> to live life. and that's what this conversation is about. assembly member evan low helped co author the bill. he thinks it could be a win-win. he says when 32 hour
10:34 pm
weeks have been tested, it benefited both the employee and the employer. it's an increase in productivity, but a net drop pulaski partner at labor law firm fisher and philips believes the law may not be as beneficial as assembly member low makes its out. she says some employers may still need their employees 40 hours. then they'll have to pay them overtime for the additional 8 hours. on the flip side, it comes consumer to right. we're going to pay more if. >> if it costs more to produce, earned that and service that she also says cutting hours, even if the employee's salary remains the same. >> may negatively impact their mental well-being may also cause stress on employees. and i think that's something that people have and consider went. >> when talking about this bill, they may have less time be certain path. >> which may cause an increased stress level on employee assembly member. lowe's says that the bill is still in its beginning stages. >> and there may be some changes to it. amanda hari
10:35 pm
kron. 4 news. >> well, normally friday, april, the 15th would be the last day to file your taxes. but given this year's extended deadline is now a full week away next monday, april, the 18th is the new deadline to file your taxes this year. all unemployment support is taxable unlike last year when there were special tax breaks, financial advisers say delays are expected because of an irs worker shortage. also filing online allows you to get a refund. they say within 21 days you can also still file your tax extension if you need it, which would push your new deadline to october. >> march was a record-breaking month for twisters with the highest number of tornadoes in that month in u.s. history. at least 218 tornadoes occurred just in march with many happening toward the end of the month of march, 30th 8 states in the south and
10:36 pm
midwest. we're under a tornado watch earlier in the month. more than 60 tornadoes occurred across 5 southeastern states. more severe weather that could trigger tornadoes is expected in the southeast over the next several days. now to the 4 zone forecast as we step outside, it almost kind of felt like so much. but here's how the city looks right now. yeah, lawrence is standing by to give us a local forecast but also more on those tornadoes. yeah, i things kind of setting up almost textbook like to see. >> not only tornadoes, but may be large tornadoes across the great plains, right in tornado alley. so we're going to be watching that the next couple days. in fact of the weather, the makes his way through california, eventually that heads eastward and that's where we're seeing the impact. and we may see some of this more cold air rotating on through and cause some issues and make its way across the country. we're watching the storm system wind down. here is a long-range forecast. we take you through time as we get through tonight. still some showers in far northern california. and then another impulse comes in. all right.
10:37 pm
on about the late wednesday wednesday night into thursday, bringing another chance of rain mainly north of the golden gate bridge. you see it's a little for the south as we get into thursday. so chance of showers, then if you head up across the area, be prepared, you might run into some snow in that direction. you take an i-5 up there as we head toward the middle the week. so watch out for that. and behind that may be more impressive system. developing that one coming in late on friday into saturday. so that's 2 storms rotating in the bay area. how about that? let's go for number 3. and there you go. maybe another one rotating in by tuesday of next week. now none of these storms looks like a and of drought type storms. but they will bring some much needed rain. in fact, the storm door kind of stays open. you see another one developing off the coastline as we head into late next week. all right. all that being said tonight, kind of quieting down as far as rain is concerned, not as far as the wind so far still whipping around parts of bexar and that's holding these temperatures up a little bit. still a cold, 40 degrees right now in fairfax. 41 in petaluma
10:38 pm
and 45 degrees in the napa valley. some of these temperatures for overnight lows dropping down into the mid 30's. so temperatures by day, though, is going to be a brisk day along the coastline. again, feel that cool air and the winds kind of whipping outside around the bay area. so these temperatures probably going to stay mainly in the 50's some low 60's. and that is about as warm as it's going to get. but it will be a dry day. it will be cooler brisk, though, toward the afternoon with those winds kind of kicking up outside and over the next few days. here we go. your tenant. as we get into the holiday to, we're going to see another chance of showers on thursday saturday. another chance, some rain easter sunday looks dry and maybe more rain. the following tuesday. thank you, lawrence. >> for your money tonight, prices at the gas pump dropped about $0.8 over the past weekend. $0.13 in the last 2 weeks nationwide. aaa puts the country's average of $4.11 a gallon. california is higher at $5.76 a gallon here in the bay area. we are averaging about $5.86. a gallon for
10:39 pm
regular. that's down $0.12 from a week ago. orange county's average is $5 and $0.82 a gallon. that's down more than $0.10 from a week ago. the drop comes after the united states and other countries announced that they would release additional oil from their reserves. and we are learning more tonight about the governor's proposal to send those debit cards full of cash to california vehicle owners. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala dug into the documents released today and explains some of the fine print. >> first we should note state lawmakers are on spring break this week and governor newsom returns from his vacation this tuesday. so the possibility of any rebate hitting your wallet is at the very least weeks away. i read through new budget documents from governor newsom's department of finance which outlined this plan. these documents left some lawmakers with more questions than answers. >> new documents from the state's department of finance provide a closer look into governor gavin newsom's push to send hundreds of dollars
10:40 pm
and debit cards to california car owners. the budget bill documents shedding light on who will not qualify for the money, including drivers who did not register their vehicles in california by april, 6th of this year. and those any fees, penalties or other requirements to the dmv. the governor is proposing transferring money from the general fund into a tax relief and to send out the money doing. this will require a two-thirds vote from the legislature. but the bill also has a few blanks likely because they will be negotiation points with the legislature. those blanks include total cost of the program, total payment amounts and the cap on the value of vehicles eligible in the state. critics have pointed out under the program has proposed by the governor and individual who owns a luxury vehicle and an electric car would be eligible for the money. another point of criticism, the bill would allow the money to be processed by the vendor of the governor's choice with a no-bid contract. republicans say this is concerning and we've seen how that's working men. that's, you know, lending government waste. >> you know these contracts
10:41 pm
and essentially have no oversight >> and that's a big red flag for me. >> newsom's proposal is one of several circulating through the state capital to offset rising gas prices. others include a suspension of the state's gas tax and direct checks to california taxpayers new actions the government will take to help americans who are dealing with medical debt. americans hold between 9200 billion dollars of medical debt. today, vice president kamala harris announced the department of health and human services will evaluate medical providers and debt collectors and hold them accountable for harmful practices. the administration also wants to reduce the effect medical debt can have on some buddies credit score. >> credit reports are now being used as a weapon to coerce people into paying bills that they don't for too many families. some tooth that 2 thirds of debtors medical
10:42 pm
issues, medical challenges and medical debt contribute. to personal bankruptcy. >> the biden administration also has ongoing efforts to try to help ease or even eliminate medical debt for veterans who are va patients and qualify. adding that getting sick or taking care of loved ones who are sick should not be a financial hardship. >> still ahead at 10, a change of tune from elan musk following his big investment in twitter. the space x founder has changed his mind about twitter's board of directors. and as far as the giants looking to keep their momentum going as they host the padres sports director, jason dumas, us here in the studi (music throughout)
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants won 2 of 3 against the marlins to open up the season. but this was their first big test of the super young season. a three-game set with a team that most experts picked to finish just above them in the nl west giants padres. let's go. gabe kepler. he received his manager of the year wore a record 107 wins. 4 last year. look at this tyler and taylor rogers, the twins exchanging lineup cards. top of the 4 up one. and you look at catch by mike yastrzemski.
10:46 pm
yeah, he's really become a fan favorite for doing things like that. what a great grab. all righty. let's go to the bottom of the 6 is to one padres. and a wild pitch right here. get away from the catcher. joc pederson comes into score and just like that, the giants tie it up. let's go to the bottom of the 7th now. it's 3 to 2 padres. one offer darin ruf. he's had some bad luck. rough has hit this ball so hard. all year. he had looked like that jurickson profar makes the game saving. catch. prevent the tying run. rough can just look in shock. yes, one of those one of those games, top of the 9th. now 2 on for jake cronenworth in. he's going to line that one into left field. the left fielder traps it
10:47 pm
coming into school and a run comes into score. the padres extend that lead to bottom of the frame. taylor rogers in for the clothes and when the game. elliott ramos swinging. i felt that breeze from here. rodgers gets the loft taylor rogers get this a padres win. 42 their 4th straight win. game 2 of the series tomorrow down at 3rd and king. the a's in tampa taking on the rays. i love to see some a's fans traveling. they're loyal people organization and made it easy to jump ship. all right here, my guy, elvis andrus, elvis has left. >> the building folks. that's the second three-run home run of the night for oakland. it's 8, nothing top of the 9th a position player on the bump. this is why don't put position players on the bump because a major league hitter. you want to knock it out. the park, sheldon noisy did just that.
10:48 pm
just that. the a's win this one big 13 to 2. >> game 2 of that series tomorrow. >> with the 6, in the 2022. wnba draft. the indiana fever select lexi hall. stanford university. >> there you have it after a tremendous senior season where she averaged about 13 points and 5 rebounds. lexi hall was picked 6th overall by the indiana fever. all 3 time pac, 12 selection. it. she was a huge part of that national championship. stanford won in 2021. she was surrounded by family friends, teammates look live over there. good for her. out in palo alto, celebrating. and guess what whooe spoke exclusively with kron. 4 sports. they're very first interview as a wnba player.
10:49 pm
>> definitely didn't really have an idea of where when i get packed and it's just exciting to watch the job. when i heard my name, i was like in shock as so excited and everyone around me was so excited for me. so definitely a special it's been, you know, a big part of my life forever and what does. so still the plan. the next one. i'm super excited in the past week has been absolutely crazy with my final 4 and then thrown into this it's not a lot pass time. so so excited to get your votes. lex is just an outstanding young it so special for everyone is just so happy for aid you know, she has her work cut out for it, you know, to play the next level. but she'll do it. she's a just everything that you look for in a teammate. it's the day in day for and determination and commitment. she's pushed me to be a better basketball player. and so i think that that's all of this is very evident in everything
10:50 pm
she's put into it. so it's super exciting the gym today. so i think she's actually commit excited to see where it takes >> all righty.
10:51 pm
after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth.
10:52 pm
so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> despite becoming largest shareholder, elan musk will not be joining twitter's board of directors. the company ceo made the announcement last night causing twitter stock futures to drop more than 8% overnight earlier this month must purchase more than 9%
10:53 pm
stake in twitter and the enjoin. the twitter's board. he would not been it. if you enjoyed it, he would not have been able to acquire more than 14.9% of twitter shares. now there's speculation online that he may try to take over twitter and rebuild it. the seasonal costume prop store spirit. halloween is getting its own movie. the store, his team with several studios and production companies feature lane family movie called what else spirit halloween? the project stars back to the future's christopher lloyd. and she's all that star. rachael leigh cook. the film follows 3 middle schoolers who make a dare to spend the night inside the store on halloween night and soon they find out that the animatronic decorations come to life. spirit. halloween is amy for what else? and october 2022 guess he's going to be doing its spirits. stores is halloween. camping out. huge
10:54 pm
announcement from britney spears today. she's pregnant. one thing, spears mention dinner. >> conservatorship testimony is that she wanted kids and now she's posted on instagram that what she thought was what she called a food baby is actually a real human baby. she joked in the post that she should. she just ate too much on the trip to maui. that's what she thought. but pregnancy test came back positive. she posted the news in a photo with her fiance. this will be spears. 3rd child coachella returns this weekend after a two-year break. more than 100 artists will perform on 7 different stages over 2 weekends. this is at the empire polo club in indio coachella valley headliners include harry styles, billie eilish and the weekend was swedish house mafia tickets are sold out, but there are some available plenty actually on the resale market. if you can afford it, if you can't make it to the festival, the show will be live streamed on coachella's youtube channel. and today is national pet day. so we wanted to show off a few
10:55 pm
of our furry friends here that folks of the crime found family keep company. absolutely. pets, of course, are really big part of our lives. and national institutes of health says the. >> they contribute to better cardiovascular health in humans by helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. that's because they have such a chilling effect on everybody, you know, just to kind of mellow out with the dog and they love you so much. as you know. yeah, i thought you know what your i thought i was getting a chihuahua. well, about 20 pounds turned out to be a different type rescue dog love them so much and his picture was among those in the. >> so the family keep check on i mean, on your toes all the time. but what a great time, guys. one last check of the for tonight. night. want kind of snuggle up with those dog. it's going to be a cold one out there for tonight. temperatures cooling off the winds beginning to calm down a little bit. now, still blustery in spots. but temperatures begin to drop
10:56 pm
off. it's 45 degrees in the napa valley. 44 right now in santa rosa, 48 in san jose. 47 degrees in fremont. now. 44 in livermore. >> the idea it's going to be a chilly start to the day tomorrow with maybe some patchy frost early on in the morning in some of the north and the east bay valleys. so kind of regime setting up for the week ahead, at least part of it anyway, temperatures tomorrow going to be topping out only in the 50's some low 60's. but the winds are also going to be kicking up around the bay early, blustery from time to time outside. so be prepared, especially along the coastline. those winds will start within the 30 plus miles an hour late in the day, out toward the beaches. again, kind of that brisk wind outside next few days, not a big ridge building in so a couple more clouds coming our way. then late in the day on wednesday, chance of showers developing in the north bay. and then a chance continuing into thursday, spreading a little further to the south as we get into the holiday weekend. i think maybe another more substantial storm system moving in on saturday. easter sunday right now looks dry and warmer but maybe some more
10:57 pm
rain next week. so kind of interesting. you know, we're going through the better part of winter. and i mean, i could not find a storm in the forecast. now things are winding down. looks like things are actually winding up. let's hope so. yeah, it continues. i thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. everybody have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow night. tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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