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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news bp said when i saw those numbers. >> now at 9 from bad to worse, the number of homeless people dying has increased year over year in alameda county with more than 800 unhoused people dying there between 2018 2020. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis as a result of those rising numbers. >> the county's tracking and analyzing this data for the first time in hopes of preventing future deaths. that's the goal crowd for sale or the second has more now on what is causing some of these deaths and how the county plans to address the issue. according to a new report by the alameda health care
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services agency. >> 809 people have died while experiencing homelessness in alameda county between 2018 2020 with the largest increase in deaths in 2020 for the first time. the county is diving deeper into where and how these deaths are happening. when we expanded the scope >> portals where all those people come into the system and when they pass, that includes highland hospital some of our community clinics and other places, that number was much larger. and so i was really sad. alameda county board of supervisors, president keith carson says the county plans to double down on its efforts to prevent these deaths. we began about a year and a half ago. we in this case is the county and all 14 cities, including their mayors and their departments that focus on homelessness, the kind of come together and look at the resources we're providing and leverage those resources because we've had an explosion of homeless report found that roughly half or 403 of the homeless deaths. we're
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due to medical conditions led by heart disease and followed by cancer, liver disease, cerebral vascular disease, respiratory disease, and more. >> meanwhile, 25% of the deaths were caused by drug overdoses. unfortunately, it's expected. i expected those are going to be the numbers. and i looks like we're on track. >> to have the same numbers, if not worse. and in this coming year, jackie berlin with mothers against drug deaths has been a strong advocate for cracking down on fentanyl in the open air drug market in san francisco as she's personally seen the impact that it has on east bay family's my son who is an addict and streets and services go is telling me that younger and younger people are coming into the city to buy fentanyl. and he's really concerned about that because you kids as yet his high school coming in and buying sentinel reveals that most of those deaths, 56% happened in oakland, 10% in hayward, 7% in berkeley, followed by smaller percentages in 12 other cities. the county says it
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will release more information about this report on wednesday. >> i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news there have been 34 homicides so far this year in oakland and that's actually a 17% drop from the year before. >> today, oakland police chief leronne armstrong showed surveillance videos of a pair of recent shootings. one from april 10th on east lawn street near lockwood elementary school. and another video of the shooting from april 8 on hillside at richey street. the chief also made his first comments about a teenage girl who was shot dead over the weekend. >> first, i'd like to start by soon. my condolences for the death of 15 year-old come the ground. we as a city remain committed to protecting our children. and on saturday, we didn't do that. we failed. unfortunately, this young lady lost life. >> chief armstrong says there were several people present when the shooting happened. officers are checking out
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leads anyone with information is being asked to contact oakland police, sacramento police have identified another suspect in last weekend's mass shooting. police say 27 to la peyton appears to be among at least 5 shooters responsible for killing 6 people and injuring 12 others. he is currently wanted on a number of felony warrants, including domestic violence stemming from an incident on april. 2nd, that is the day before the mass shooting, which police believe was gang-related. the other 2 suspects have been identified as brothers, smiley and dandre martin. and at this time, police say they do not know where payton is. they are offering a reward of up to $1000 for information leading to his location. now to new york where the search continues tonight for a person of interest who police believe is somehow connected to today's shooting. >> on a new york city subway train as that thing pulled into the station in brooklyn, dozens of people were injured in the chaos. thankfully, no
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one was killed. shirley chan has the latest now from new york. >> mister james is just a person of interest. we know right now rented that u haul van in philadelphia. the keys to that u haul van found in the subway. you know, shoot his possessions. we don't know right now if mister james has any connection to the subway that's still under investigation, that u haul van was found in brooklyn this afternoon brought frank r james was not inside. >> the 62 year-old has addresses in philadelphia in wisconsin. now police are working to determine where he is and how he's connected to >> around 8.30, this morning, a man traveling in manhattan bound train, open smoke canisters in a subway car. he then shot multiple passengers as the train was pulling into the 36th street station in sunset park in brooklyn. the shooter fired at least 33
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times. 10 people were shot and police say 13 others were injured in the chaos. the gunman fled the scene, escaping in the crowd of passengers. we literally have hundreds of detective out the field right now poring through video. >> at train stations, he dresses. recovery sites of the vehicle. so we hope to have clear pictures of who we believe is the shooter. >> according to witnesses, the man was wearing a gas mask a hard hat and a construction vest. at this time. we still do not know the suspect's motivation. clearly this individual board the train and was intent on violence amongst the items left by the shooter in the train car, the u haul keys a handgun. several magazines and a hatchet. detectives also found gasoline and consumer grade fireworks. we are truly fortunate that this was not significantly worse than it is. >> and in response to that shooting in new york, bart
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police have increased their present its stations here in the bay area. kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with drivers or riders today about how they're feeling after the shooting. and if that increased presence is making them feel any safer. >> but writers i spoke to say they generally feel safe. riding public transit even after hearing about the mass shooting inside a brooklyn subway station, increased police presence and more than 4,000 security cameras helping to put people at ease. >> the cell phone camera footage captures the moment. subway riders ran from the smoke-filled train tuesday morning. police say a man opened fire shooting multiple people inside the train at on the brooklyn platform. bart increasing police presence throughout the day in response myself deputy to win 3 road trains out this morning to increase our presence and lead, by example, is put everybody out there, sunny, but we we get uniform and is out there this morning. those efforts by police work to put bart riders like shannon cairns that he's she felt safe riding the train from san francisco to lafayette tuesday to visit family, but says
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there's more that needs to be done politically. think that we need to do something about our gun laws. i wouldn't say that. i feel. >> we're concerned riding transit. i think things can happen anywhere that you are. you're probably more likely to get injured or killed in a car crash. then you are in transit. >> bart police were in direct contact with federal authorities and say there's no credible threat to californians following the shooting of 10 subway riders. the new york fire department reported 5 people in critical condition but none suffered life-threatening injuries. unfortunately, some situations with some buddies made their mind up to do something like that. it's going to be pretty difficult to stop a to prevent. >> the way we do it is through education and try to get people out to our system, asking riders to report suspicious activitr to bart police dispatch or by using the bart watch app. dave young ride public transit every day from his home in oakland. in his opinion, the majority of riders need to pay better attention to what's happening on the train so that if they see something they can say something. alright, po temptation. >> you've got the homeless.
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>> you've got people talking on a cell. you know, likes a backpack. you know what the carrot. >> it's not just police responding to emergencies at bart stations, bay area, rapid transit also has transit ambassadors and crisis prevention specialist trained to respond during crisis situations in lafayette. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news and in the south by the valley transportation authority. vta is also increasing patrol visibility. 2 bomb sniffing dogs are going to be patrolling the vta system randomly. >> throughout the week, officials are assuring the public that it is safe to ride the light rail system. former ufc champion cain velasquez is speaking publicly for the first time since he was arrested for attempted murder. >> he appeared in a santa clara county courtroom today. kron four's justin campbell was inside the courtroom and has the latest. >> supporters of cain velasquez showed up at court wearing free cain t-shirts support the family. the last
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kuz in court in his jail uniform represented by celebrity attorney mark geragos, geragos asking the judge to push his client's plea to may 6, which was granted also trying to get his client out of jail or file another motion. >> asking that he be released. we will do that between now and may 6. the judge previously denied blazquez bail. prosecutors say he took the law into his own hands. they've charged him with attempted murder for a high speed chase and shooting at a truck carrying harry de l'arc de a offender who allegedly molested one of alaska's relatives. but a judge let go larky out of jail. something the last kiss supporters don't understand and abusers can be with the family that the person that >> that try to protect his family, he can't have >> i don't i don't just make the system doesn't make sense. i played the c d. >> ask as released a statement on social media today thanking his supporters also saying to
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the true victims of this case, make god give you the strength to come forward. the former ufc champion used to fight in an octagon. now fighting attempted murder charges reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay, we now know the names of the mother and daughter killed in a san jose hit and run last week. the san jose medical examiner says 75 year-old now in her car and her 53 year-old daughter joji were hit by a red pickup truck while on their evening walk. the 2 women were in the crosswalk along ocala avenue at oakton court. san jose police are still searching for the driver who took off. if you see that red pickup truck we showed you you're asked to call san jose police in the north bay part of center boulevard and chanting tomo is closed indefinitely >> sinkhole that opened up yesterday afternoon public works and pg and e were both out there today trying to fix the problem. the closure is in
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effect from bridge avenue to sand in avenue. people are being asked to avoid the area in commuters should allow a little extra time to get around the closure. i let's check in 4 zone. forecast is a live look at conditions out there right now in the golden gate bridge. very light traffic department. not much fog out there, not much fog, but oh, what a difference a week makes. remember this time? yeah, let's dig in the short sound. the t-shirts are getting feel like summer. i mean, i'm sure out there not a record breaking heat but today. yeah. what a different story. last couple of days. the weather completely changing. >> outside well now we've got that cold air making its way in from alaska. so bring in some much colder temperatures around the bay are actually running well below the average tonight. kind of chilly night out there right now. 49 in san jose. 46 in pacifica right now. 47 in livermore. 44 in fairfax, petaluma now down to 43 degrees. so some cold temperatures begin to show up outside. we're dropping off into the 30's overnight tonight as these winds begin
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to calm down. and you can see to our northeast speckle clouds. that's a good sign of some cold air moving in some showers. yeah. we've seen some of that to even some snow showers over the sierra nevada and also in the chest area as well. looks like we've got more of that on the way, but not for the bay area remain dry. and that's what's going to stay at least for now. now, tomorrow, that may be a different story. there's a slight chance we could see a few scattered showers in the north bay winds, though they've been howling from time to time, not as strong as yesterday, but today, still some 20 of some 30 mile an hour gusts outside. 25 mile an hour gusts of the west right now enrichment. 23 in the daly city. 23 in the pacifica, 20 of san belmont. 22 and burlingame get the idea. pretty blustery conditions around park. the bay area starting to calm down the south bay. right now there are little wind sheltered in the south bay as well. 22 in san lorenzo winds still blowing to 17 and toss 22 in lafayette. so yeah, blustery in spots out there. 25 mile an hour winds in benicia and 29 and chill bill. so these winds kicking
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up around the bay area, but they'll begin to calm down a bit overnight tonight. and that's when allow the temperatures to drop off your head out the door, grab a jacket, still breezy out there and the temperatures getting numbers as we head toward midnight down in the low 40's in some spots. in fact, as we head toward early tomorrow morning, probably talk about some of those starting out in the 30's early on tomorrow morning. some patchy frost out there the morning hours in the afternoon. some clouds begin to roll in slight chance of a few sprinkles in the north bay and some cool temperatures go along with that. highs are only expected to be the 50's and the low 60's by lawrence. a self-driving car has a run-in with the law in san francisco. this is the video that >> it's really been making the rounds on social media and you can understand why it shows the car up or aided by autonomous vehicle company. crews being pulled over by the sfpd. nobody behind the wheel. that's the thing. kron four's dan thorn shows us why it was stopped. it. what the company is now saying about this whole thing. >> it's a traffic stop. that's
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anything but routine. san francisco police pulling over a cruise vehicle in the city's richmond district because the headlights were off and nobody but they unexpectedly find the car empty after the officer tries to open the front door and then walks away, it looks as though the driverless car makes a run for it. cruz says that was not the case. a statement to kron. 4 news reads in part the ad did not have its headlights on because of the human error, which was the reason the sfpd approached it and we have fixed the issue that led to this the vehicle yielded to the police car, then pulled over across the intersection, which was the nearest safe location for the traffic situation causing some laps while giving us a closer look at driverless technology. this is all part of the process of everybody. both the developers of the vehicles of members of the public and people in law enforcement learning how to interact with each other. >> doctor steven slide over is
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a research engineer with uc berkeley's path program which works on intelligent transportation systems. he says there's still a lot to learn about. driverless technology and how to do it. well, that's why we're still in the prototype that stage of testing. these are not widely deployed in commercial service. cruz explains they work closely with sfpd on how to interact with their autonomous vehicles. avi companies are required to come up with the law enforcement plan before testing the technology sfpd confirmed there was no citation issued reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. >> kron, 4 news. all right. take a look at this. incredible surveillance video from hamlin. texas shows a sleeping driver just fly over the curb. >> just moments after 2 police dispatchers walk away the hammond police department says that the driver of the tesla fell asleep at the wheel. the car came to a stop. finally after hitting the corner of hamlin city hall building and then crashing into 5 awning
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pillars and held up several store front. but no injuries were reported. >> the biggest bay area transit agencies are about to get a pretty nice financial boost to try to help them recover from this low ridership. they've had during the pandemic. u.s. senator alex padilla was alongside san francisco. mayor london breed today announcing the delivery of 386 million dollars in federal funds headed to bart and muni. it is part of the recently passed infrastructure deal. the money will be used for things like staffing repairs and replacing escalators. ut says it will also use some of the money to fill nearly 1000 job openings. the statewide average for a gallon of gas is at 5.75. that is about $0.9 lower than this time last week here in the bay. napa still has the highest prices. 5.91 on average for a gallon of regular down $0.2 from last week in san francisco. it's 5.81. it's about $0.8 cheaper
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than last week. a similar drop in sandra fell where the average price is now 5.76. oakland sitting at 5.75. san jose bit lower at 5.73. >> president biden says he's doing everything in his power to bring down those gas prices gas and ethanol blend called e 15 will be cleared for sale during the summer. the epa banned it during the hot months. that's because it can contribute to air pollution when there are high temps, ethanol blended fuels are cheaper, though, than pure gasoline. >> it's not going to solve all our that's going to help some people. not committed to whatever i can to help. an extra or 2 in the pockets and they fill up. >> the white house says that the move could save drivers $0.10 a gallon. right now, the east 15 blend is mostly sold in the south. and the midwest. >> a group of local state lawmaker says in iceland right now of all places studying new ways to address climate change
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and the economy. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala spoke with officials who organized the trip in explains why iceland? >> for about a dozen california lawmakers spring break 2022 mean swapping out there. sunny coastal districts for a research trip to iceland. the group is spending the week studying how iceland is finding ways to be carbon as the atmosphere and lower emissions and its economy. the goal is to bring back ideas that could be used in california. lawmakers are not using any taxpayer dollars for the trip. the california foundation on the environment and the economy organized it. it's become clearer and clearer that the most urgent. >> and dire threat to california to its economy, to its live ability to its people. is climate change. and so almost all of our trips and all of our conferences here in the state of california focus at least in part, if not almost entirely on strategies and practices for the damage
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inflicted by climate change in iceland. their schedule is jam-packed with tours of renewable energy or carbon cutting facilities and meetings with government officials. on monday, the group visited iceland orca plant. it carbon out of the atmosphere and has it processed into liquid form to then be injected deep underground. officials note california's geology has the potential for similar projects. so that's one example of they get to see up close and personal. >> exactly how something like that could work in the state of california. >> and when you take, you know, a country all but cutting edges, iceland. and you think about we could take some of great technologies and they're great thinking on these matters and bring it to california where we have a much bigger society, much bigger population, significant resources. we can scale up. >> aside from studying solutions to cut down carbon, the group is also learning how iceland has successfully advanced opportunities for women assembly member lou city buses leading the delegation. in a statement, she said, quote, iceland is blazing a
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trail at the top of the world, whether it is their pioneering solutions for climate change or the remarkable success in promoting gender equality. iceland has critical and timely lessons to share with california leaders. the group of lawmakers will return to california saturday in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news coming up tonight at 9, a coach arrested on suspicion of rape. what we know about the incident, the police say. >> happened at a middle school more than a decade ago. >> then a traveling exhibit at a south bay university campus today focused on mental health as the school pushes to normalize students asking for help and a rare a display of bipartisanship on capitol hill. the new law aimed at protecting people from
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>> nurses and other health care workers at 15 center help hospitals across northern california. we're getting ready to walk out. 9 of them are here in the bay area. you have center hospital in santa rosa solano medical center in vallejo, tracy community hospital, both center campuses in san francisco. the santa cruz vna even medical center in castro valley, delta medical center in antioch mills peninsula center in burlingame and novato community hospital. the strike is scheduled to begin at 7 o'clock in the morning next monday. april 18th and last for 24 hours, nurses and healthcare workers are demanding safe staffing and
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health and safety protections. scientists at johns hopkins university say that artificial intelligence-based technology can predict if and when. >> someone will suffer a potentially fatal heart attack. the scientists say that the technology can predict significantly more accurately. then a doctor when a patient could die of cardiac arrest, sudden heart attacks account for as many as 20% of all deaths worldwide. some less than good news on the a% health front tonight has a new study says life expectancy in the u.s. dropped last year. of course, that was heavily impacted by the spread of covid-19 various surges that we saw over the last year or so, which means the average american lifespan in 2021. is now 76.6 years. that's down from 78.9 back in 2019, covid has remained among the top 3 causes of death in the u.s. over the past 2 years. >> still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 9, a heinous
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betrayal of trust as a south bay volunteer coaches arrested on suspicion of a child in 2009 police are saying there could be more victims. the steps the state is taking to try to better protect smell life than other indigenous animals from freeways and other human encroachment. and rising inflation rates might not be stopping anytime soon. when economists predict that things could actually start to level off.
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9, a local high school softball coach has been arrested for allegedly a middle school student more than a decade ago. kron four's dan kerman reports and how after so many years this disgusting alleged acts finally came to light. sunnyvale. police have arrested. 61 year-old anthony phillips for allegedly a cupertino middle school student back when he was a teacher. there. >> in 2009, they say he admitted to a detective prior to his arrest. >> it's quite possible he may have been feeling remorseful for all those years. we just don't know. but sometimes to go and that to these things and, you know, you just don't police say the female victim first reported the case to police last thursday. >> after the incident came up in therapy. police say the assault occurred in a closet. in phillips, cupertino, middle school classroom. but they say there was inappropriate behavior prior to the
9:30 pm
incident. >> have been talking there had been texting going back and forth. there have been a deliberate effort to establish a relationship with this victim, which is very common in all these cases. it doesn't start off with a assault. typically starts off with what we call these grooming behaviors are having these conversations are talking to these young children about these behaviors which is inappropriate. police say phillips, retired from teaching 3 years ago. >> but he's been coaching women's softball at freeman high school in sunnyvale for several years. there were some deliberate and almost brazen actions by the suspect at the time when this crime occurred. >> that leads us to believe that this may not have been the first time or even the last time he committed such an act. phillips was arrested after softball practice monday night. >> the high school has sent a message to families and staff notifying them of the incidagaient. police are concerned there may be other
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victims if that's the case. police want to hear from you. at fremont high in sunnyvale. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> to the east bay now where an assistant working at a san pablo dental office has been charged with molesting a child under 10 years old. the contra costa county district attorney says, but there's multan otto. donna faces 4 charges of acts upon a child. the da's office says maldonado's out don allegedly molested the child on april 5th at town center, dental in the san pablo town center. 4 people are being charged with robbing a film crew and san francisco. this is a gunpoint. the alameda county district attorney says de leon miller, taurean king right now, jackson and teddy williams are facing several charges for that incident and several other robberies as well. that happened in san francisco and alameda counties. oakland police say they were able to connect the 3 to the robbery in san
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francisco after investigating one of the other incidents connect 3 of the 4. they say all 4 defendants have been arraigned. >> thousands of backpacks film on its san jose state university. each contains a personal story from a suicide survivor. someone who lost a and mere to them to suicide. well, today the school hosted an exhibit called send silence, packing to bring awareness to student mental health and suicide prevention services. university officials say that they want to reduce the stigma associated with mental health treatments and to make sure that students are aware of the resources available to them. school officials tell us that suicide is the second-leading cause of death by college students across the country and 2 thirds of students with anxiety or depression. do not seek treatment. where your money tonight, the rate of inflation has jumped more in the past year than it has in the past 40 years. the labor
9:33 pm
department says its consumer price index. >> just skyrocketed 8 and a half percent in the past 12 months. and we just, you know, just not keeping up. economists tell kron four's philippe call that inflation hasn't peaked either, but it could be coming down in the coming months. >> whether it's in the grocery aisle at the or their paychecks consumers just cannot seem to catch a break. it's horrible, frustrating. yes, all this dam inflation, the russian invasion of ukraine and the pandemic have led to disruptions to supply in the food and energy markets contributing to the labor department reporting inflation has jumped 8 and a half percent in the past year. and although economist and global strategist wells fargo investment institute in san francisco, gary schlossberg says we just are up 6% during that same period from they're still not keeping pace with inflation, but there was a glimmer out there. it's that to goods inflation merchandise, which is still rising at a very high rate.
9:34 pm
>> pete, in february, it was actually down a little bit march that may reflect the rotation of spending. now that the economy's reopening from a merchandise to back to service. the federal reserve is also expected to raise interest rates in the coming months to slow borrowing and spending to brent inflation in the year. inflation has reached this level. the cost of food has increased 10% and gas prices have soared. 48%. >> during the same period have to pick and choose what you get. >> not traveling this much. price of gas is 3 day keyless. i hear the horror stories from my grown kids. my neighbors and i know how the elderly are doing. it's horrible. schlossberg believes the rate of inflation will peak in the next few months and possibly dipped below 5% next the legion, all kron, 4 >> congress passed the no surprises lot with bipartisan support in an effort to protect consumers from surprise medical bills. but now that the laws taking effect several lawsuits have
9:35 pm
already been filed over it. various medical association say they're not challenging the portions that affect consumers out of pocket expenses. instead, they argue congress wrote the law to allow for an independent dispute resolution process too decide how much insurance company should pay. they say there's just one problem with that, though. the health and human services rules don't allow for that. >> when out of network providers charge whatever they want with no regard to a market value, then all consumers all insured consumers are paying. those added costs. >> well, the law is meant to protect americans from an anticipated out of network bills that can total thousands of dollars. there are concerns that consumers will pay higher premiums to pick up that cost. >> meanwhile, in the wake of president biden extending the pause on student loan payments for the 6th time. now, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pushing for a permanent solution. but as you
9:36 pm
might imagine, they're taking very different approaches to try to get their latest extension runs through august 31st. that means roughly 43 million americans are getting some extra breathing room before having to resume payments on at least 1.6 trillion dollars worth of collective debt. but instead of an extension on the moratorium, lawmakers on capitol hill are ramping up calls some of them for the government to completely cancel the debt. >> to say we're going to face up to this. we're going to cancel student loan debt for a lot of folks and get other people into repayment plans that they could manage. >> some critics say forgiving all student loans could give more affluent college graduates yet another economic advantage and widen the wealth gap but despite that, people close to the administration say the white house could still be toying around with the idea of canceling all student loan debt. still ahead tonight at 9, more advice for saving water is the state's
9:37 pm
drought continues. meanwhile, our neighbors to the north are getting some surprise snowstorms. >> so what we could use a little more rain around the bay area, not just one storm, but maybe for storms headed our way. >> timing up for you. coming up next. and in sports, steph curry is recovering from his foot injury, but will play in game one against the nuggets on saturday? >> sports director jason dumas has the latest coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> we are less than a week away from the warriors first playoff game since 2019 that that game it was june 13th, 2019, a tough, sobering ending to a 5 year finals. run. in fact, steph, klay draymond and andre, only played 11 minutes together since that game and staff. well, he hasn't been cleared since spraining his foot back on march. 16th, nasty injury. thanks, marcus. smart. but there is optimism in the hope is that he will be ready to go on saturday and the gang can finally get back together again. >> it's been a long time. you know. that feels feels great to to be back in this the first playoff game at which is exciting. you know, potentially getting everyone healthy is really tantalizing. you know, we've we've this
9:41 pm
year through a lot of adversity. lot injuries and absences and you know, if we could get staff back healthy and keep andre on the floor. they would be the first time all year. that you know, we'll have kind of are our main guys all healthy at the same time. and that's that's exciting because i think that means our our ceiling is it's higher than what we've shown so far. >> fingers crossed. now the a's the taking on the rays game 2 of their series, top of the 7th is down to to offer a chad pender. what clutch hit right there. warning track power. it gives down 2 runs. come in to score and just like that, the a's have tied it up. all right. let's go into extras. bottom of the 10th tied at a tampa bay's manuel margot smokes that one down the left-field line. that'll do it. here comes the game,
9:42 pm
winning run rays. walk it off 9 to 8. oakland will try to salvage that series tomorrow down at the trop. nba play in tournament clippers taking on the timberwolves. this game was phenomenal. he was down by one late in the 4th d'angelo russell. that's the former warrior right there. he nails the 3, the target center just going nuts. 29 points for russell now. just a couple of minutes later, anthony edwards puts the finishing touches on this one. i had a nice exclusive interview with him a couple months ago. he told me he wants to be the face of the leave within 5 years could be quicker than that. if he keeps playing like that. t wolves win one o 9 one. 0, 4, they will take on the grizzlies in round one on saturday. let's head out to brooklyn now. this was the first plane game. the nets hosting the cavs in the playing tournament 3rd quarter. that's where income and kyrie irving put some up
9:43 pm
20 kyree 34 12 assists some other day in office for him. under a minute to go, though, made this one a game, darius garland, beautiful finish. 34 points for him. 6 point game. but next, cleveland possession or should i say next, brooklyn possession. bruce brown gets the dagger 18 points for brown. brooklyn wins it. they will take on the celtics in round one. that series starts round one. that series starts on sunday. all righty. when that car hit my motorcycle, round one. that series starts on sunday. all righty. insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> wildlife agencies all across the state are building better environments for animals that live near rural roads and highways. hundreds of mountain lions were killed in recent years. crossing freeways, which is why these new under and over passes are such a big priority. shelby nelson reports on theft or protect one of california's iconic and native species. >> we need >> more than a we see them. sometimes in unlikely places. >> my life descending on to urban areas in crossing heavily trafficked roads and freeways like this mountain lion that was killed after being hit by a car while crossing pch in malibu last month. >> human beings did not exist. they would carry on. they are
9:47 pm
dependent on all's are dependent on to maintain lifecycle. paul gonzales is a wildlife biologist. he says it's critical to maintain biodiversity. despite more development, encroaching on wildlife habitat. >> now, many projects are emerging to help prevent wildlife deaths in the gore hill is a groundbreaking is scheduled this month for the liberty canyon wildlife crossing, which will allow animals to safely get from one side of the freeway to the other. it's vital that how safe passage from the north to the 100 mile territory. and so they they need to be able to probables, say play between areas to the east. in riverside county. crews have been working to widen the 60 freeway which snakes through the badlands. >> a vast area with multiple species, the multimillion dollar project included building to under crossings. it opened about a year ago while roadwork is still in
9:48 pm
progress, there are 20 feet high. >> 20 feet wide allows natural light. and so the animals will actually go in there. we've built 2 under crossings for for wildlife, bobcats and coyotes have been using it. scientists say it's long overdue. >> hopefully new safe crossings along dangerous roadways will be the answer. that was shelby nelson reporting for us tonight. wildlife officials say they have seen cases of inbreeding among state mountain lions increasing in recent years. >> which they say happens when the animals just can't get to new areas and find new mate. hopefully these kinds projects can fix that. let's hope so. >> and oakland based organization says californians could reduce their water use by at least 30% on average. the pacific institute released a list several different strategies, including replacing old washing machines and other appliances like toilets and shower heads with
9:49 pm
higher efficiency models. also replacing your grass with drought friendly plants or materials that can help you reduce water and save money on that water bill. >> what we saw a little bit of rain. >> and some high winds here in the bay area to start this week. boy was cold. the pacific northwest has been dealing with snow flurries and parts of the midwest could be next in line for more severe weather will nunley is watching it all. >> a rare winter snowstorm blanketing the west coast. northern california up through washington state. all feeling the effects of the cold front. temperatures feeling more like january than april. i saw that it had a chance of snow. i thought just going to be rain, especially with the warm weather last week. this is a complete surprise. >> all that heavy wet snow ranging from a couple of inches up to a foot in some areas. >> knocking down tree branches on the roads and causing widespread power >> i heard a big noise which
9:50 pm
was the tree falling on the power lines. and then a little while later that transformer blew. while the weather may have been the source of headaches for homeowners and drivers. not everyone was unhappy about the unexpected winter wonderland. >> kids in portland got the day off from school. others in washington taking advantage of the opportunity for some late season sledding pack. the lines. >> brought the soccer are. we're prepared. >> we have like a four-day weekend. >> and then there it started. signs are like, we have a friday we can now blizzard conditions could soon move into the midwest. meteorologist warned that more tornadoes like this one seen in arkansas could threaten the region within the next few days. well, it's just looking. yeah, you know, you know what, tornado or not this. >> this is it's just stuff this time of year with some of that year. the hot and cold weather, those tornadoes got some family. they're dealing with them. it's really scary. lawrence is here. fortunately, that's not a soup. yeah, it really ever is. maybe towards
9:51 pm
sacramento. you can get a couple tornadoes here and there. but but mostly we're clear if that, yeah, nothing like they get in other parts of the u.s.. but you get these cold impulses. >> this late in the year and that heads eastward before, you know it having to deal with major we're watching that very closely. fact, an active night out there again for tonight. but here's your long range forecast for us to notice. a kind of 2 storms begin to merge as we get into wednesday. bring with it a chance of showers, mainly scattered light showers over the north bay. as we head throughout the day tomorrow, then kind of picking up tomorrow night into thursday. you can see kind of sliding on through bringing more rain. the focus, northern california, further south. yeah, not much, but we could see a couple of sprinkles along the peninsula elsewhere. but i as we get into friday, things begin to shift gears again and watch this guy at the coastline. this a warmer system coming our way. lot more moisture associated with it. and there it goes. roll right in the bay area friday night into saturday morning that likely to be bring more significant rain. but we're not done there just yet. in fact, as we get in the holiday
9:52 pm
weekend, things mostly dry and then we get this storm system rolling in as we head in toward tuesday. that one going to be a fairly weak storm system. but then behind that, guess what? yet another storm system late in the week that one lot of juice here may be more substantial rainfall moving in as we head in toward friday. so the storm doors open, at least for the next couple weeks tomorrow, a cool day plan on temperatures generally in the 50's around much of the bay area. 60's in the warmer spots in them. but these temperatures going to stay down now for tomorrow. then we're going to watch things bump up just a little bit of chance of showers on thursday, warmer on friday. but by saturday, i think that will be more significant storm system. but it's so strange. look at how the storm doors wide open as the season was supposed to come into so did it start earlier, too. what's october? we have that amazing rain in october. in fact, we have the probably the bulk of all of our rain actually came at the end of very interesting. thank we'll take it we'll be right back.
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
>> on this date in 1945, arguably one of the most significant presidents in u.s. history. franklin delano roosevelt died of a brain hemorrhage. fdr who helped america through the great depression and into and through world war. 2 was the only president to win 4 elections. his death brought
9:56 pm
the longest presidency in u.s. history to a sudden end. it also came as a shock to the nation as fdr's declining health said largely been kept a secret. and 61 years ago today, russian cosmonaut yuri guard became the first human being to fly in space and the boss stock one capsule. he completed one full orbit of the earth before safely returning to earth. this marked the latest accomplishment in the space race between the soviet union and the u.s. the soviets had already beating the u.s. in launching the first satellite with sputnik. but the u.s. would then sprint ahead in the coming years before beating the ussr to the moon in 1969. >> and meet the newest resident at the toronto this is the moment the zoo's new baby born last friday. you can see monitors scooping up a little guy and instantly snuggling in kissing her new baby. those motherly instincts just, you know, kicks it. kick
9:57 pm
in right away. zoo keepers were able to get up close to the newborn. think and determined that it is a boy. sweet music because a lot of it that when you first started reading that i was half pay attention. i thought that the >> the mom was the baby. wow, that's a big a lot of hair on it. but now i see i see the little call like it's just a little doll there. it just adorable. there have been named for the little guy yet so we can come up with moms and she's watching and don't mess with the red. think. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. be with us for this past hour. i'll be back for kron. 4 news at 10 with that's right. you will be and vicki, thanks to you both. >> coming up next, at 10 o'clock. the search continues tonight for this man. he is named as a person of interest in today's subway shooting in new york city. but we're learning tonight about him and how bay area transit agencies are increasing security here.
9:58 pm
a grim trend in the east bay data show the number of homeless people dine in alameda county is going up year over year. how the county is now trying to change that. plus, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the series of storms kron. 4 news at 10 is next. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes.
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let ouri was hit by a car help yoand needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watchin


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