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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to podcasts. thanks for being here. we'll see you next time. thanks so much. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> tonight at 5, one of the largest and arguably most powerful social media platforms might have a new owner. some soon, but how much would it take for elon musk to acquire the company? thank you for watching. kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan and for pam moore and i'm grant lotus billionaire and tesla ceo.
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>> among other companies, elon musk made an unsolicited bid to buy twitter musk whose fortune is valued at 265 billion dollars. now has offered 43 billion dollars for the social media platform and the kron four's dan kerman. he's been following this story all day. he joins us alive from the newsroom with more than well, you know, is in recent weeks when musk revealed he had been buying up shares of twitter to the tune of 9%. >> twitter responded by offering him a seat on the board and the condition he by no more than 14.9% of the company's outstanding stock. but 5 days later must declined the offer. now he's hoping to take control of the company. another way by buying it outright. >> tesla ceo elon musk has launched a hostile takeover bid of san francisco based twitter musk tweeted, i made an offer with a link to the sec filing race offering to buy 100% of twitter for $54.20. a share in cash. >> this is really a playbook.
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1980's core parade or that's what he's doing with twitter. dan ives is a tech analyst at wedbush securities. he's trying as the richest person in the world to basically on twitter. 43 billion jobs the only person a world that have access to that type of money. musk has been critical of twitter's restrictions on certain types of speech, which is lead to permanent fans of certain individuals, including former president donald trump by buying in taking the company private musk is portrayed himself as twitter's last hope to preserve free speech. free speech from his viewpoint. >> is everything that he agrees with should be free and widely circulated. he's not a fan of criticism or speech that goes against his or tech analyst. rob enderle lee with the end early group isn't buying it and he says musk's conservative views could ultimately sink the platform by expect it's going to be pretty dire. their ability retain talented acquired counted as a result for
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twitter's located and where its staff tends to be relatively liberal. and so that so the existing employee base >> could very well revolt. making this far messier than were then than we currently to say that the twitter board will now review the offer and some analysts believe they'll have a tough time saying no, clearly they don't want to be doing candlelight dinners us. >> but they have a fiduciary responsibility as board members. and i ultimately believe this is going to spark a in one form or another of twitter. >> but even if the twitter board doesn't reject the offer, others say the securities and exchange commission might step in. but musk has shown an inability to do it here, too. sec disclosure rules or to hear 2 rulings that have gone have gone against him. so the so the end result is the sec is be a fan of this. all. no musk is called this 43 billion dollar price tag is best and final offer. although he provided no details on financing. >> if he goes through with that all he could raise the
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money by borrowing billions using his stakes in tesla and spacex as collateral live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> thank you, dan. this morning, firefighters contained a massive fire at a food processing plant in salinas. the fire. you can see it. there caused thousands of residents to evacuate. the fire started around 7.15, yesterday evening at the taylor farms, food processing facility. the flames were under control by this morning and all shelter-in-place evacuation orders were lifted around noon today. authorities initially said they fear the fire could generate an explosion and a plume of hazardous ammonia. but now they're saying that was actually probably unlikely to happen. firefighters are still on scene dousing any hot spots. >> so as of right now, we're going to be transitioning into into a monitoring in cleanup, getting engaged back in firefighting will be able to get fire crews back in there to start to clean up hot
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spots. >> and secure the scene. >> people are produce for inside. the plant was closed for the season scheduled to reopen monday. in fact, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. federal agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are now helping investigate that large fire at a home depot over the weekend. >> the fire on blossom hill road and san jose forced people living nearby to shelter in place. san jose's fire chief says his department welcomes the federal help. it is too early to determine a cause. but officials have said they don't think this was arson. the man wanted for the shooting on a brooklyn subway train made his first court appearance today. 62 year-old frank james ordered to be held without bail. prosecutors say he terrified the entire city. he was arrested yesterday after being spotted by people in manhattan's east village
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and just moments before that, police say that a man claiming to be james called crime stoppers from a mcdonald's and i wanted to turn himself in. although when officers arrived, the man was gone as they drove around the neighborhood, looking for him. bystanders told police he was down the block. >> i mean, what is that guy? i want to be have bag and he's he was woken like this. a nice ball that he you know, buys he from him that maybe he's got muslim thing have what's more baggy, maybe have something inside gun. what about i know. >> he was taken into custody without a struggle. he is facing life in prison if convicted in the attack that left 10 people shot 19 others injured. >> here in the bay area, most people will to some light rain this morning in the spring storm is bringing some fresh powder to the sierra. look at that. interstate 80 there this morning insist grow grove, follow. the snowfall is creating. hazardous conditions for folks. others say they
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love it. >> just by me back to my childhood. to be honest, this has been a while and i feel good right now. that's all i can say. the roads are very wet and icy. and so you cannot be driving. you know, 65 miles per hour on i-80 the speed limit during chain controls 30 miles per hour. so the slowdown for the weather conditions. >> you're going to get to your destination safely enduring keep our employees safe on the road. >> good advice from caltrans. this latest storm is also keeping the slopes more open in viable northstar and heavenly still rolling this weekend. but we checked with some other places. donner, for instance, they are still closed for the season. so best to check this pacific resort. you want to visit before you actually had there. we're going to head outside here. this is a look at the top of palisades tahoe. the camera, of course, is all wet from the precept. but catherine, this is great to get a late season.
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storm is not a crime. first, erica cateray joins us now. i know you agree seeing this is terrific. >> yeah, it definitely is. it was really try specially in february. so we need the rain and the snow out there still going down, as you can see behind me out in the sierra getting some fresh snow. so elevations, a 5,000 to 7,000 got up to 18 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. excuse me had up to 18 inches of snow from that. and as you can see, it's still going down. it is a little windy in some places. we're seeing gusts up to 50 miles per hour. now, if you're thinking of heading out to the sierra for the weekend, i'd say tomorrow would be your best time to go because we will get a break from the rain and the snow out there before another storm will come saturday it does dry up in the afternoon. temperatures for daytime highs in the 40's sunday. it will be pretty nice out there. so i mean, hey, if
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you want to head out there tomorrow and then come back home sunday, looks like it will work out east are supposed to be pretty nice current satellite and radar here in the bay area. you can still see we are seeing some light showers and the east bay and parts of the peninsula south bay. you're going to see more rain moving through later tonight. as for our rainfall amounts that we've seen these last 24 point had over half an inch of rain. saint an inch and a half of precipitation and san francisco not too much. now, what can we expect for the weekend here in the bay area? have the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. back to you. thanks a lot, erica. >> the warriors, well, it's the update we've been waiting for, hoping for. it is looking more and more likely that steph curry will be able to play in saturday's round one playoff game and he's sounding a confident about this kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. >> joins us with the latest on this for a welcome update,
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kate. very welcome indeed. earlier this week, warriors head coach steve kerr told us that in order for steph to have a shot playing in saturday's game one against the denver nuggets. >> it would be absolutely essential that the superstar get a scrimmage an end today. great news curry was able to do. >> just that, steph has been able to shoot and do some conditioning drills for some time. now, this is some video of him at practice today. but there's nothing like a real scrimmage to assess game readiness. so his participation in today's team scrimmage really a big step in the right direction. steph hasn't played a game since march 16th. that's when he left mid game against the celtics with a sprained ligament in his left foot. now, chris said tuesday that stuff's availability for saturday's contest would likely be a game time decision. and that is still the case. but things are really trending in the right direction. and just a couple hours ago, steph explained what could go into that final decision. >> yes, a little bit of pain, but their discomfort. but
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there's, you know, you get cleared to play, you at that point, there's no real time to worry about. that is where you're team. when are you going to be and make an impact, do what you do? and i feel like the answer is yes. then that means i'm ready to play. >> right now things are looking good. his condition is good. good for him to get out there and play because you know the speed of the game, he's got to feel all that stuff. get some rust off. but good day overall. >> good day is a good thing. this is the first playoff game at chase center ever remember and potentially the first time that steph klay thompson and draymond green would be on the court together in the postseason since the 2019 nba final. so there is a lot of state a lot riding on this little ligament grant catherine. >> a strong little lakers, though, right? kay boy, a resilient little like a mentor. we hope so. let
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appreciate that. kate. still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 o'clock u.s. senator dianne feinstein is. >> rebuffing the latest report that she is not as sharp as she used to be what some of colleagues and staffers are safe. >> also, how firefighters got the driver out of a car that had smashed into a coffee shop. the trouble that drivers now face second. and it's a big problem statewide and locally would bay area police
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>> there is and has been for a police staffing crisis in california here in the bay area. some department say there are hundreds of openings they just can't fill today. kron 4 says he you spoke with the president of the california police chiefs association for some perspective. >> on the police staffing crisis last year was record breaking numbers for us with 86 leaving at this pace. we're looking at 100 by the end of the year recruitment. >> is low at this point. but we are trying to >> remedy that it costs $55 to take our written tests to get into the department's. it would be great if we could waive that fee for all applicants. so it's not my imagination. there is staffing crisis in the police departments in the state of california. >> this area, they're crisis
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>> staff staffing issue within the state. the current struggle to hire and retain officers is something the president of the california police chiefs association, chris cate run says he is hearing from the vast majority of the 300 police chiefs who are members throughout the state when it comes to northern california. he says the cost of housing is a primary deterrent force considering a career law even though their pain may be better in comparison to other agencies. when you look at that cost of living in particular, the cost of housing. and i think that makes it difficult abc's to staff the positions. another difficulty attracting higher educated candidates to be police officers people with education with is still are background. and so those people have a lot of opportunities outside of policing outside of law enforcement that they can choose from. community members
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demanding police accountability and the protesting what they feel like officers are not being held accountable is also impacting recruitment retention of the summer of 2020 after the george floyd murder mean the protests that ensued made the job less attractive. add to that veteran officers retiring at accelerated rates and officer resignations being on the rise. the staffing crisis becomes even more of a challenge. >> on the other for those interested in being a cop, now's a good time just about every police department in the bay area has opened in some more than others. in fact, alameda county sheriff her and says he has over 200 jobs that need to be filled. we have about 259 vacant slots. but every year we have about 40 people, a lever agency. so we're looking at about 300 potential new recruits for those who are interested. you can contact bay area law enforcement agencies to learn
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about incentives being offered for signing up. >> has it made you go for san jose police have arrested 3 people in connection to a shooting at the oakridge mall. this happened in december. >> police have released security video. it shows 2 men approaching neyland hobson plattner as he was walking in the mall with his girlfriend. this was december 20th after a brief confrontation. the video shows the 2 men backing away and that's when plattner pulled out a gun and began shooting. hundreds of shoppers were locked down on the mall for hours. authorities say it is very lucky. nobody was hurt. >> team around if you look at the video. looks like he fired the 15 rounds of the matter of seconds prior to the robbery. you can see how crowded the we have. nobody really knew what was happening until they heard the gunshots and people started running. so yes, very, very fortunate. >> police arrested hobson plattner on gun charges that a man who confronted him, they were arrested on robbery
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charges. >> take a look at these pictures from santa rosa police. a car smashed into a coffee shop there. happened along stony point road about one 30 this morning. the bad scene. police say the driver. we're now comb as was speeding along west 9th street when he jumped the coroner. the curb hit a tree, spun into the front of the coffee shop. firefighters had to use hydraulic tools to get him out. he was taken to a hospital and is facing dui charges. crews in mariposa county race to rescue a father and son after their car crashed hundreds of feet off a cliff. this was during a stormy weather. >> happened yesterday. police say the driver lost control while making a turn in the rain causing the car to flip several times and fall. i dove site into a ditch. a cal-fire driver, though, saw that there were road markers down and stopped and eventually spotted the car. a rescue team lifted the man to safety. they've
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been hospitalized with injuries. >> all right. let's take a peek outside. talk about the weather. they're saying that's the view from mount tam a pious. yeah, it's going to say kind of chanted forest vibe. it's actually kind of pretty kron four's. erica cateray joins us now with what's happening. >> yeah, well, you can see over yeah. satellite and radar looking very colorful. it is going down on parts of the bay area. so if you happen to be running any errands these next few hours, you want to have your rain jacket or your umbrella. as you can see some light this system that we're seeing brought the most rain for the north bay. so they have the highest amounts so some places about an inch and a half of rain. rain. as i mentioned earlier, the south bay probably won't see too much in terms of precipitation totals. once this whole thing passes through the region so we can expect the rain to stay
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with us on and off for the rest of tonight. it starts to dry up in the north bay. early in the morning hours. this is around 2 o'clock when most of you all will be sleeping. you can see north bay's dry, but still seeing some areas of the light to even some moderate showers popping up for the east bay there and parts of the peninsula tomorrow morning. when you wake up, this is just before 8 o'clock. you can expect to see a little bit of patchy fog along the coast, but it does try up, as you can see. and actually it's going to be mostly sunny for a lot of the area tomorrow. this is around lunch time. however, we're not out of the woods yet. there's another storm system that will be approaching the bay area. and i'm going to talk more about that coming up. back to you. >> thank you, erica. still ahead, first of its kind covid test, how it works and where you can use it. and the latest on a
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>> just into the kron, 4 news room, students in california will not be required to get vaccinated against covid in order to go to school, at least for now, the bill, which was making its way through sacramento is being put on hold state senator richard pan, who was also a pediatrician, said, quote, until children's access to vaccination is greatly improved. i believe, but a statewide policy to require
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covid vaccination in schools is not the immediate priority, although it is still inappropriate safety policy for schools with good vaccine access and quote. the california department of corrections and rehabilitation spent the day taking public comment on a temporary policy that allows incarcerated people to earn more time off of their sentence. but technology problems during that hours long hearing overshadowed comments from both sides. >> some calling the hearing ineffective. ashley zavala explains. >> they have hold this is just a small sample of what was heard constantly for nearly 4 and a half hours during thursday's california department of corrections and rehabilitation teleconference hearing was meant to allow the public to weigh in on a temporary expansion of cdc arts did conduct credit program. it allows those incarcerated to earn even more time off of their sentences. the department is considering making it permanent of the comments that could be heard.
5:26 pm
clearly, there was an even mix of supporters and opponents. supporters included members of anti per citizen groups. some formerly incarcerated people and family members of prisoners and benefits for provide hope loved ones and our family. opponents included local district attorneys and crime victims, but calls for and against the program were drowned out by an muted background noise. cdcr could not control can't violate the cover of sports right on it, including coughs, cheddar and the sound of commercials. it was frustrating just there. there was no rhyme or reason for order for high talk. democratic assemblyman jim cooper was the only state lawmaker to dial into the hearing. he urged the cdcr to not move forward with making the policy permanent. he pointed to suspects in the sacramento shooting that were out of prison early because they were considered nonviolent and earning good conduct credits. he wants to change that definition. so i'm going to read you right now. what is considered a nonviolent crime in california to fill any? but it's by. >> sot a deadly weapon in foot. corporal injury a child
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domestic violence, rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking of a child hate crimes. those are considered nonviolent crimes. and if you go to prison, these are these are. crimes go prison for you get released early, which is insane attorney general rob bonta and governor gavin newsome have not commented on the program. assemblyman james gallagher who also opposes the measure says governor newsom should be taking action to dc are even even reference. gavin newsom's executive order. >> about reducing prison population response to covid-19 when they issued these emergency regulations. so they are definitely been responsive to the governor. he's been a champion of these policies and he needs to take responsibility. cdcr did not take any action in the hearing is expected to make a decision on the policy in the near future in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> coming up to combat the supply chain issues. president biden today urged congress to boost made in america
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>> today a new report says that some democratic lawmakers are concerned that california senator


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